• May 27, 2022

Eagles Must Establish Their Running Game To Protect Sam Bradford

DeMarcoMurray101The Eagles offensive line must play better today than they did on Monday night, but there are some troubling issues confronting the guys upfront.  The Eagles offense is a “run first” offense.  If the Eagles can’t run the football,  they aren’t very good at protecting their quarterback.

Sam Bradford got hit far too many times on Monday night.  If he continues to get pounded like that he’s going to get hurt again.

Bradford had x-rays taken of his ankles after the game against Falcons because he got hit so much.  The quarterback doesn’t have a body that will hold up against the pounding, so the Birds need to establish their running game against the Cowboys.  They need to give the Dallas pass rushers something to worry about, so they can’t tee off on Bradford.

The one-dimensional offense the Eagles were playing against the Falcons won’t work.  They were throwing the football on every play in the second half and Bradford was getting hit each time he released the football.

I think Chip Kelly gave up on the running game too soon.  He abandoned the ground attack because the Birds offensive line had some problems with a defensive line stunt in the first half of the Atlanta game.

As expected, the two new guards, Allen Barbre and Andrew Gardner are taking some time to get in sync with Jason Kelce, Jason Peters and Lane Johnson.

The Eagles must be able to run the football today against the Dallas Cowboys.  They’re going to have some growing pains, but they must stay with the running game as they go through this adjustment process with the new guards.

“I don’t know,” Kelce said. “Obviously we’re still trying to build a little bit of chemistry up front with two new guys being in there. We knew what they were going to do before the game; we knew what was going on. They really didn’t play too much differently than we expected them to do. We just got beat.”

“We couldn’t really get much movement on their defensive line,” Chip Kelly said about the Atlanta Falcons game. “They are a one-gap penetrating line, getting up the field, and they did a good job.”

The Dallas defense may come and run some of the same stunts to see if the Birds offensive line can deal with them. This is one of the problems that goes with bringing in new people.  Offensive linemen have to get used to playing with each other.

We talked all offseason about how replacing right guard Evan Mathis would take some time because the linemen would need to get used to playing with each other.  Well, it’s not out of the question to reason that the linemen needing time to get used to playing with each other cost the Eagles the first of their season against Atlanta.

The Falcons ran a simple stunt and the Birds offensive line wasn’t able to handle it.  Would they have been able to handle it, if Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans were still the guards?  I don’t know but it’s a good question to ask.


Chip Kelly and the Eagles offense had better be able to run the football.  If they can’t run the football, today, they could find themselves, 0-2 and sitting in last place in the NFC East.



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  • The guard play was horrible Monday night and it really concerns me. I’m looking for 1 simple thing to happen today on each play from the guards, hit somebody. They were clueless Monday, running around in space not blocking anybody. That 1 play Kelce got out wide and Gardner didn’t get past the tackle was a joke. If the game is too fast for them, get them out. Bradford doesn’t have much time left if they are that overmatched.

  • I think acquiring RB D Murray was a mistake…
    He is not an outside to the edges type of Runner… And with the suspect Interior of OL Play, Murray will struggle running out of the Shotgun with the Eagles
    Chip Kelly’s Game Plan’s and Running Plays are too horizontal for my liking ..
    Eagles would have been better off Signing a Guard in Free-Agency like Clint Boling or James Carpenter…
    Eagles have too much $$$$ tied up at RB and probably could have done just as well with RB’s Tucker, Mostert to go along with Ryan Matthews & Sproles

    • Or how about the Eagles taking advantage of an extremely deep offensive line draft like many other teams did this past off-season. My god Paulman did you see how deep the draft was in o-linemen no need to go into free-agency with that much depth.

  • The Eagles OL better account for Cowboys DT T Crawford or it will be a long day for them trying to establish a running game…

  • Game Day,
    It’s the sport of kings better than diamond rings…
    F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you ready for some Football?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Go EAGLES !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biggest let down from Monday night was the Birds inability to run the football.

    • WR Dez Bryant is now likely out for the Season now as most expected…
      Cowboys will be dumping a lot of underneath passes to their RB’s Vaughn & Randle
      IfEaglesBlitz a lot, then Cowboy RB’s won’t b able to go out for many passes as they will stay in to block.. This will be the story of the Game

      • He is not out for the season fool

  • Seems like a lot of angst this week in Philly for the Cowboy Game..
    Haven’t read about a Home Opener with so much reservation and breath holding in a while…
    Kelly/Eagles better get the W or this Season is in jeopardy

    • especially if Foles beats the Redskins today and Bradford can’t deliver a home victory.

  • Key Players IOut for Today’s Games

    Cowboys WR D Bryant (Foot)
    Panthers MLB L Kuechley (Concussion)
    Packers LT Brian Bualga (Knee)
    49ers Scat RB Reggie Bush (Leg/Hamstring)
    Colts DE Robert Mathis (still recovering fromAchilles)
    Jets CB A Cromartie (knee)
    Giants WR V Cruz (Lower Calf injury)

  • Does Marcus Smith make game day roster ? I want to see the kid the play. He got snaps in the 1st preseason game a month ago and has disappeared. Taylor hart had 2 tackles last week for the birds in 19 snaps from his draft class.

  • One last time…Kelly did not “Abandon” the run. You can’t “abandon” something that never began in the first place.

    The Eagles opened with 8 passes to 2 runs. Those runs went nowhere….but neither did the passes.

    The Eagles planed to pass all day, and continued that call game. Kelly continued, he did not abandon.

    What should be questioned is why he went into a game with a plan to throw 60x with a QB who hadn’t played in 2 years and only had half of pre-season play. That’s just dumb.

  • Kelly & Eagles have lost 4 of 5 last Games…

  • Why is Demeco Ryans in the game?!!!

    Chips No huddle offense is worthless!

  • Chips offense is boring. They run 3 different plays. No creativity. Should of saved that 40 million on a dime a dozen back and gave Maclin the extra million. If your name isn’t AP you shouldn’t be signing no 40 million dollar contract at the RB position.

    • WTF!!!!!!!!!

      Where’s cigar now?! This team is crap! An NFL team needs to set its tempo and rhythm. You can’t do that running college no huddle offense. This horrible to watch as an Eagles fan. It’s like we are cursed as a fan base. If it’s not an incompetent coach we get a coach that gets to the super bowl but chokes. Will we ever get our RING?! I’m in pure disbelief

  • Kiko is,out with a knee injury smh

  • Now kendricks is out wow stuck with demeco

  • If we drive a Dolorean 88 mph is there any way to go back in time and get Gus Bradley instead?

  • Not being able to run the ball is killing us. Great idea to release Mathis because a grown ass man can’t deal with “strong minded” players that know what they want.


  • We really gave the Rams Foles AND a 2nd Round pick for Bradford? Didn’t get it than and this game is exhibit A.

    • You keep forgetting that the plan wasn’t to have Bradford play, but to engineer a trad for Mariota. That failed.

      So we have what we have.

      • Chip was an idiot for thinking a trade that involved Bradford for Mariota would work no matter who else you would offer. This team isn’t playing for anyone they aren’t a cohesive unit. This is what Chip has created by releasing and/or trading STAR players. How do you play for a coach that doesn’t have your back and wants to treat you like a child.

        GCOBB please plead or strike against this COACH. We can’t win with him.

        Another interception!!!!!!!!!!

        • Absolutely. Chip got f-ing slammed where the sun don;t shine over that debacle.

          It was all about Mariotta, but Chip got played by both Cleveland (feigning interest) and Tenny (no interest)

          Chip still has their spunk dripping out his sphincter after that mess.

          Foles AND a 2nd.

          • The 2nd Round Pick will now likely be inthat40thRange

            • In the 40th Range I meant… Jeff Fisher laughing his ass off at Chip Kelly

              • Mr Mediocre ain’t laughing at nobody after that Redskin game today, luckily the NFC East will be shit again this year so at 0-2 they still gotta chance.

  • Bradford wasn’t perfect, but the recv corp has been beyond awful. These guys that we were sold as adequate to better replacements for Jackson and Maclin are nice guys, but have no passion, drive, nor heart. Ertz has been given every opportunity to show he’s that guy and has given us nothing but horrible routes and more dropped passes.

    • Receiver OL QB Offensive play calling two straight weeks of being unprepared. This is worst, no adjustment at all.

  • Glad the Eagles are paying Matthews $15 million.

  • Surprised that after only 2 games, EVERYTHING that was promised, has not delivered: Bradford – simply awful, Maxwell – burned every play, Murray – Mr. Negative Yards, Alonzo – hurt, Kendricks – hurt, Agholor – non-existent, new improved offensive line – swiss cheese, Parkey – inconsistent, 3-headed running game??? I think we need to bring back Pete Liske!

  • Its week 2….R E L A X

    • Forget that it’s Week 2… But in week 2 this team is not WELL coached. The schemes are horrible. Preparation is even worse. This line is making youth football mistakes such as not getting in a three point stance. Not firing off the ball and being the first ones to put their hands on the guy across from them

      Defensively they are one of the worst tacking teams I’ve seen in awhile. Some of these plays that the Cowboys ran should have never even gained one yard but do the poor tackling they were not only moving the ball but converting first downs. It feels hopeless at this point.

      Did we really think that this is idiot of a coach could have taken us to the promise land? How do you convince an NFL owner that Bill Davis is your answer to DC? How? Chip should be a used cars salesmen because he must have delivered a hell of a pitch to Lurie to pull this off. At this point Chip is playing Madden 16 with this team the trying to do blockbuster trades with first round busts.

      There’s no excuse for this team and this point Chip owes us the FANS. An explanation. His dry and emotionless press conferences should not be tolerated. Someone needs to hold this clown accountable

  • its really simple…the offensive line has never been this bad…never this dismal..we got a serious problem at guard

    • Is Kelce better than Molk? Yes
      Is Johnson better than Tobin? Yes

      STFU you putz. The oline was worse for the first 8 games of lat year, yet the birds went 6-2. Explain that you apologist puss.

  • The offensive line is god awful, that goes for Kelce, Barbre, and Gardner. The wide receiving corp is weak, plain and simple. Please no one ever mention Josh Huff again as a talent, his talent does not translate onto the professional football field. The dinking and dunking and interceptions, giving up x plays etc. is glaring. The key to defending Chip’s offense this year is basic and simple. This finesse stuff is a laugher. The Eagles problem is execution because they do not possess the talent to execute the plays. Funny thing was Chip kept running the same plays, dearth of talent, coaching, creativity and execution. I have not seen an Eagles game that bad since Dana Bible was here. Chip is far from a genius, today he did not even look like a qualified NFL coach.

    • I believe I mentioned all these things last Weekas Concerns for this 2015 Team…Why get Murray if your going to have Backup Guards play..
      ChipF’d Up I not addressing the OL for the 2nd Draft & Off-Season besides bring in Players from the streets (Moffitt & Wheeler)
      Chip should have spent the $$$ on the OL

  • Worst game I have watched as far back as I can remember. I am thankful we didn’t sign Bradford long term before the season. Imagine if he just signed a 4 year deal a few weeks back. That is the only silver lining I can come up with from today besides the great defense.

  • Good post EHL, there is no compete with a lot of these guys either. They don’t look hungry to win with the exception of Murray. Bradford looked like a child trying to catch a butterfly after the botched snap. Dive down on the football. Guys missing assignments, dropping balls, getting burned in coverage and you just don’t sense any urgency. Its like we as fans care more than they do, which is probably true, but you hate to visibly see it on the field.

  • I don’t included Maxwell any way in the great defense comment.

  • Like a child trying to catch a butterfly, everz you sir made me laugh during these depressing times

  • To think I made this exodus to watch this slop ,is as disheartening as it gets.Thelast time I felt this bad ,rich kotite was the coach,and imo.he outclassed chip.Theres a smug arrogance at the core of this,and I’m not going to pile on today,as that’s way too easy.Weve been told Chips a genius ,for certain that tag ,has been removed .Hes been exposed ,and he’s in as tight a spot as he’s ever faced ,adversity wise.He picked the team,he made the expulsions ,and he created,this mess.Im not going to dismiss any notion ,that he may very well lose the locker room ..I sta

    • He already has a disgruntled RB in Murray..
      Why Pass on that 1st & Goal Play ??
      Shades of Andy Reid and as I stated the worse thing is that Chip Kelly does not hold himself accountable like he does for everyone else..
      Eagles were snookered in the Sam Bradfor Deal
      Foles was in last year of a cheap one deal so address the other needs while you have a QB on the cheap and let the 2015 Season Play out..
      Big-Priced Free-Agents rarely work out and the Eagles way overrated and overpaid Byron Maxwell who cashed in at a great time for CB in Free Agency
      Signing Downhill runner D Murray makes little sense since Chip & OL Strength are running outside the hashes and pull, screens and sweeps which is not D Murray’s strength.. This Coaching Staff continues to perplex.. Allure ad is how good the OL Coach Jeff Stoutdland is? I haven’t seen it to be honest and his prized pupil in Matt Tobin couldn’t even beat out Andrew Gardner

      • Paulman I thought you were in the Shady needed to be moved crowd because of his running style, I told everyone Murray wasn’t an upgrade it was too much money invested in the running backs. Especially if you don’t upgrade the offensive line. Told you guys over and over LLCB had NO PLAN.

        • the Problem is the Scheme.. Chip Kelly talks about having a downhill Rushing Attack but doesn’t have the horses up front to execute it.. It wouldn’t matter if Earl Campbellwas in the Backfield..
          I am not a big fan Murray as he also cashed in running behind a great OL with the Cowboys..
          As far as Shady, I liked him as a Player but not as.person and we have seen RB’s who have speed and a wiggle have success like Bryce Brown, Matt Tucker, Ryan Mostert as examples.. DeMarco has a completely different running style which does not mesh with the Playcallsand Kelly’s “Horizontal Schemes”

          • I had no problem with trading Shady but Chip Kellys still left a decent Draft Pick on the Table.. Alonso had only 1 full season in the NFL which is not enough for LeSean McCoy .. Kelly snookered again..
            I am not a Chip Kelly Fan as a GM at all and have stated so many times.. Hell, I don’t like Kelly as Head Coach..

        • LLCB’s plan was to get Mariota.

          When that didn’t happen he didn’t have a plan B.

          Not drafting lineman for a couple years was definitely a bad decision.

          Letting go of all your talented players was all a bad decision.

          We can talk scheme…but it first starts with talent…and we just don’t have much.

  • I stated all along that he got played into the Sam deal by Jeff Fischer.He can’t have possibly given up a NON conditional 2 ,which as things appear is a very ripe pick,for a heartless gimp,with a record that preceded his arrival.Im certain he was duped into believing Mariotta was his after the Bradford deal.He rushed like a two minute drill into trading shady ,and he did the same in trading Foles.His desire to move known quantities for damaged unknown quantities ,is at the moment a giant bite in his ass.Lets see whopoints fingers in the next few days ,because taht will implode his last assertion that culture trumps talent.Than hell truly have a warm pile of proverbial at his webbed feet..A few certainties from tofday ..Bill Davis brought his A game ..I’m discounting the late score ..parkey made a kick ..times yours after that …

    • I agreethatDC Bill Davis had probably highest gameplay but Byron Maxwell is just notgoodenough to be out on an island..
      Take Maxwell out andtheDefense played about as good as it an with ILB out

      Alonso isSeason-Ending with Knee Injury to his Left-Knee
      Kendricks out for 2-3Weeks with torn Hamstring

      Hicks played pretty well and MSII will now get the chance to be Active on game days

  • Last year before foles got hurt he hid the deficiencies of a worst online last year and a bad coach

    Without foles the Eagles defiiciencies on offense and coaching are fully exposed

    Coaching is bad, but it’s time to play Sanchez

  • Wonder what the Eagles record would be with foles, shady, maclin, Mathis , djax

  • Stop it with the Foles bullcrap…did you see him today against Washington? He has a better offensive line and better playmakers with the Rams… and all day he was overthrowing, underthrowing…holding the ball…indecisive…face it…he sucks
    We saw the key drops, receivers blanketed…and no running game…

    • You started the BS with Eagles oline being worse than last year’s line at the start of the season…..

      Now you are pimping the STL Oline and WRs??

      You are soooo fucking desperate.

      An entire year pimping Bradford has come crashing down all around you. Just stop now before you say something really stupid….wait…impossible.

      So….you trade Foles and a second for Bradford now?

      You thought it was the deal of the century a month ago….how about now?

  • Murray- 13 carries-2yards

    tackled behind the line of scrimmage repeatedly

    No Quarterback can win with that…

    Bradford is not Tom Brady…

    but this is beyond terrible

  • Vinniedafoolass…we all know how desperate you are…but no Eagles team since 1961 has had running stats has bad has this Eagle team.
    Getting rid of Foles was an easy call…he showed why with his pathetic performance against Washington today…he had all day to throw and was simply missing wide open receivers…
    Bradford had receivers dropping passes all day
    Foles had open receivers that he underthrew and overthrew
    Bradford had no open receivers
    Foles had time in the pocket and a decent running game to help him
    Bradford had no time in the pocket and absolutely no running game at all

    Getting rid of bum ass Foles was not the problem today at all

    • It really doesn’t , the team stinks period!!!!

      • It really doesn’t matter

    • Dude, it was a donut game for the Rams today. I know you can’t quite grasp that concept because you are 13, but one day you will understand.

      You backed a puss. Deal with it.

  • Somewhere Howie Roseman is laughing his ass off telling Lurie…so, about that GM position! He is just biding his time.

    • EHL, in addition to Howie, the entire NFL is laughing right now.

  • Vinniedaloserass…bullshit…Foles stunk terribly…he lost the game for the Rams who had receivers running open all day but Foles couldn’t hit them…the Rams win easy if Foles was partially effective…
    Bottom line…getting rid of Foles is not the problem…the problem is the offensive line and absolutely no running game
    I dont care who the Quarterback is…you are not going to beat anyone in the NFL getting your ass kicked in the trenches like the Eagles Offensive line has been getting their butts kicked….all of the offensive lineman on the Eagles are even admitting that…

  • Sam Bradford – 2 TD, 4 interceptions, 1 Fumble – ( 2 TD to 5 turnover)
    Sam Bradford was only sacked once in 2 games for a loss of 5 yards.

  • Just don’t understand what the hell is going on. We play well in the preseason, then look like the bad news bears when the games really matter. I wouldn’t hit the panic button yet, but it’s definitely alarming. I wouldn’t put all the blame on Bradford and Murray. The line didn’t exactly look all that peachy. And what’s up with our prized free agent Byron Maxwell? He was molested once again by a #2 WR. This has Asomugha written all over it..

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