• January 23, 2022

Drew Brees Is Limited But Still Capable of Picking the Eagles Apart

DrewBrees1Despite having the same name, Saints star Drew Brees isn’t the same quarterback who led New Orleans to a Super Bowl title earlier in his career.   He injured the rotator cuff in his arm earlier this season and he’s not able to easily make the deep throws like he has in the past.  This has forced Brees to take the underneath throw more often and made him a “Check Down Charlie” until his shoulder heals.

Brees is still very dangerous.  He led the Saints to victory over the Cowboys despite his limitations because he’s got thorough knowledge of where each of his five receivers is, during each play.  He’s going to put pressure on each linebacker and player in the secondary to do his job and be sure tacklers in the open field.

On the second play in Overtime of the Cowboys game, Brees hit running back C.J. Spiller with a short throw and the linebacker missed the tackle on him and Spiller took the pass 80-yards for a game-clinching touchdown.

In the Cowboys game, Brees completed over 80% of his passes, while throwing for 359 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.  The Birds can’t afford to let the outstanding Saints quarterback have this type of game.

The Eagles defensive line will need to be patient and persistent because Brees will get the ball out of his hands very quickly.  Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan and whomever will be playing at the other defensive end position must do everything they can to get to Brees.   The Eagles secondary can’t afford to give Brees too much time with the ball in his hands.  They’ve got to keep the pressure on him.

Despite the fact that Brees is limited in his arm strength with the rotator cuff injury, but the Eagles safeties can’t make the mistake of giving him the chance to connect on a deep throw to speedster, Brandin Cook, who reminds many of DeSean Jackson. You can be confident that Brees is going to take a few shots deep, he’s probably do it off of play action pass.

The Birds corners, Byron Maxwell and Nolan Carroll, as well the safeties  Malcom Jenkins and Walter Thurmond, must be on top of their assignments, ready to make one-on-one open field tackles and always be alert for Brees to get the ball to any of his receivers at any time.   He always knows where each of receivers is during the play.

Sure open-field tackling is a must this week.


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  • If Eagles can’t knock Brees around and get him off his spot, then they will be in for a long afternoon and will lose to the Saints meaning their 2015 Season is basically over..
    If Billy Davis Scheme and Game Plan isn’t bringing the kitchen sink after Brees right from the get go and allow him to get comfortable and in a rhythm,
    then F Billy Davis, F Chip Kelly & this 2015 Season…

  • the only pass rush the birds sustained was Brandon Bair swatting passes on Fitzpatrick.

  • Eagles vs Saints…two bad teams…who will want it more? Neither of these teams are good, but one has to win. Both o lines are injured and not good, both defenses struggle, and both offenses struggle. I will give the Eagles the edge on ST’s and the Saints the edge at QB. The Eagles offense is going to have to start out fast, no more of the 3 and outs all throughout the first half, however, until I see the Eagles do this it is hard for me to pick them to win.
    Saints 23
    Eagles 20
    This is one time I will be happy to be wrong.

  • I am going out Hiking on this Beautiful Weather…

  • Nice throw Bradford… JC wtf is he doing?

  • Hicks in space ,.lost in space

    • Blown coverage, call time out

  • Matthews is a better runner at the moment ..set up play action

  • Agholor has huff n mouth disease?

  • Ummm, I will say it again, the WR’s stink. Agholor is a penalty waiting to happen, and now Matthews can’t catch a cold.

  • Two red zone ints…ouch

  • And another interception by Bradford….repetitive accuracy to the Saints defensive backs.

  • Sam Bradford, upside, talent, upgrade… Sorry but I call bull shit!

  • Now bill Davis will spit the bit and sink this ship ?.i can’t take this

  • .BIG play biggers

  • I guess it’s Chip Kellys fault for all the dropped passes and stupidbone headed penalties. Missing Extra Points and critical 40 yard fgs is also his scheme that is putting his players into position to lose. Dropping 2 pick sixes in the ATL and allowing a 3rd and 18 draw for a first was also his fault…

    Enough of this Stupid shit..This team proves to have the talent on Special Teams, Defense, and shows elite flashes on Offense. This falls completely on the players. The Coach does’nt play the game at the end of the day, the players need to stop with this stupid ass shit. They are literally shooting themselves in the foot. They have this Saints defense looking like what they are, a pile of shit.

  • On a positive, I believe I just saw MSII get pressure on Brees on that 3rd down play.

  • We literally keep tripping over the finish line

    • That’s an indication of a team trying too hard..I don’t fault them for that ..just settle down …

  • Huff the magic dragon!

  • A huff TD…never thought I’d see it

  • Finally a TD. Nice catch and run Huff.

    • No more flipping into the end zone Huff, that is not culture appropriate.

  • Great catch by Ertz

  • Nick Foles so far today 3-28 yards, 2 interceptions.

    • Defense playing lights out…kudos

    • Playing GB in GB… Still in the game. Our QB has two RZ int!
      Malcolm Jenkins has been an excellent pick up

  • I love the enthusiasm on 4th down chip ..but make it ..please ..we do have a punter on the roster correct?

  • Agholor on the trainers table due to left ankle injury. Miles Austin and Riley Cooper are the two outside WR’s….seriously..lol. What is up with Huff that Austin gets the call before him. This WR corp is reminiscent of Charles Johnson and Torrance Smalls.

    • What ever happened to Vinnie Curry?

  • Wait…

    Bradford threw 2 INTs?



  • Bullshit PI call on Matthews

    • Cooper …has to obviously catch everything thrown his way …that’s awful

  • Jordan Matthews is getting worse. He looks like he has regressed.

  • Nice catch Cooper…uh..ohh…never mind.

  • God the Eagles are boring…Kelly has really fucked this offense up!

  • In the last few drives Matthews rushing the ball has disappeared …why?

  • The offense isn’t fucked up…the players are

    • I simply mean the way it looks. It’s a crappy product regardless.

  • Man this offense should have 28 points that 1st was half just terrible. And the offense is bad because of the ridiculous personnel the GM has put out there.

  • True. I can defend chip as a coach but as a gm this mess is all on him

  • Anything but 3 and out…now please

  • Ha. Rob Ryan having a Yotes moment with Sean…

  • Fletcher Cox is just beasting!!!!

    • Whatever fletcher cox..is drinking..bottle it!

  • Fletcher cox!

  • That was a good play call and execution. Kill shot…keep foot on throat.
    Sturgis blows!

  • He missed it smh

  • The first half malaise has to stop.

    Seems like after half-time everyone wakes up.


  • I thought Murray was suppose to be a one cut runner? My goodness he keeps trying to bounce it.

  • Hicks is the truth

  • Marcus smith..huff…sighting game ..nuff said

  • Marcus smith with the pressure!

    • Marcus Smith made a little noise yesterday….You can’t get comfortable or get better watching from the sidelines. 22 snaps yesterday…What he was able to do should be a good confidence booster for him moving forward.

  • MSII making a play. I would give him more time as he has gotten close to Brees twice today. That’s more than I can say for Graham.

  • I hate the way graham rushes the passer. He was no moves at all and doesn’t have a quick burst

  • Glad I was wrong on my prediction, a win is a win. Nice to see the Eagles not play down to the Saints and blow out a bad team. The next two games are the real games to see where this season goes. Honestly, I still do not see the Eagles as a good team, but they did beat a very bad team in the Saints so that is a positive…also their MO.

  • A blowout for the Eagles…A character WIN…beating a great QB in Drew Brees!
    If we keep getting play like this out of the offensive line….look out!!!!

  • After a solid game there is very little positive comments. More excuses for a win then positives. It wasn’t perfect and the saints are bad, but this is a game to build ofF of.

    This comment board is everything that is wrong with our fan base. Thank goodness the commentors and radio callers make up such a small portion of this fan base.

  • two teams needing a win….two teams desperate for a win….one team imposes it’s will on the other and dominates….EAGLES!!!!

    The defense was solid…Cox dominated

    The offensive line dominated

    Win in the trenches and you will win the game

    Bradford has to play better…no doubt…but once again he bounced back and started hitting receivers in stride..took advantage of the good running game

  • A Great Team Win, even though I didn’t see the Game…
    It appears that the Rushing Attack was very strong today and I like how the TE’s were finically utilized which then frees up things for the outside Receivers..
    Bradford after another shaky start with 2 Int’s in the Eagles ownRed Zone bounced back for a strong 2nd Half..
    Brees and Saints Offense was listless throughout and committed 4 Turnovers in the 2nd Half which the Eagles took advantage of…
    Defense Played Well…
    A good Team Win now onto the NY Giants for big NFC East Game next week
    This Saints Win is only meaningful if the Eagles beat the Giants to get back to 3-3 .. A setback against a Division Foe next week only means a bigger hole to climb out of with less games to play…
    Redskins lost, now need the Cowboys & Giants to lose this afternoon..

  • Saints are an example of the curse of a $20 million QB….
    Solid win, great D overcoming some shoddy QB play early. Sam I am is showing a glimmer of hope.
    Much maligned bully d is just fine at DC…. Team really takes away the ball. Jordan hicks is the real deal

  • Very little traffic on this board. I can only chalk it up to people not buying into a victory over a dreadful team. The fact is we have seen this before, a win over a pathetic team, but, that does not translate into the Eagles being a contender. I think the Washington loss took a lot out of people, then the two early int’s by Bradford only compounded the problem. A win is a win, but as I stated I think people are not pumped because we beat a very bad team, which does not inspire the hope and expectation established during the preseason. Some on here are probably cautiously optimistic Same act, different cast and awaiting a very familiar end result. From my standpoint, the Eagles are not a very good team, so although I root for them to win, the truth is for me, I believe this season will not result in a play off appearance… Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…Oh well, on to the Giants.

    • Bull-Eagleshaslanded…the Washington loss gave the whiners and flip-floppers like you reason to do your flips…but now that the team pulls out a convincing win…you find it hard to do another flip!!

      This wasn’t a tight win over a bad team…it was a blow out…over a Drew Brees team that needed a win desperately

      I dont wanna hear the BS about how bad they are

      BULL…any team with a high quality QB like Brees is dangerous!

      The Eagles just like I predicted…stepped up!

      The reality is that the naysayers have little to say…I called this win and as I have clearly stated: The Eagles are getting better.

      They have timing issues, new QB who hasn’t played in 2 years, new players on the team.

      Its starting to come together…Bradford is slowly getting into rhymth with his receivers…and the running game is getting better…the Offensive Line dominated-so what do we get…a blow out!

      • Koolbreeze, yeah yeah, yeah, If this was Foles behind center you would be ripping the QB play, saying how it was not a legit win due to inferior competition so on and so forth, you have a double standard and are a double jive talking bullshit artist. You were right about Foles overall, I gave you that, but you are jock riding the Eagles due to Foles not being here…that is it. You predicted the Eagles would beat the skins last week too, what happened. Not to difficult to say I was right when you keep picking the Eagles. Come talk to me after the Panthers game kid! As far as flip flopping, you are the flip flopping fish out of water king! Last year everytime Foles beat a team you predicted he would lose against last year, you would say that was not the real test, the real test comes against this or that team. How is that medicine tasting. Bradford is ok..nothing special, average, a game manager. Deal with it!

      • Oh and Kool, like I said the board is quiet because fans are not buying in …to your disbelief and dismay it is true like it or not. Why is the board quiet after a blow out win…tell me?
        2-3 beat a very bad team, seen this before…yawn, tired act.

        • No the real reason why the ‘board’ is quiet is because most of you are lames who have declared the season over, that the Eagles were dead, that Chip Kelly should be run out of town, that Bradford sucks…

          Most of the ‘board’ should be quiet…including you, EHL!

          Some of you were hedging your bets…called for the Eagles to eek out a close win…and when Bradford threw the picks…there were some who were gleeful, happy and thought the Eagles were done and this was the nail in the coffin.

          Yeah…the “Board” should be real silent and quiet…

          Like I said…the Eagles are getting better! The run is coming…and the “board” that predicted the Eagles demise should shut the hell up!

          • Lol, keep living in your dream world. You were the king of doom and gloom in 2013 and 2014. …your hypocrisy is hilarious, go back and read your post from the previous 2 seasons, then let’s have that conversation.

          • What are you talking about? Nobody was even really on the board during the game, just me and a few others, hell I was questioning why it was so quiet as it was an anomaly, even after the game ended it was still crickets. Kool…Even you was quiet..no cheer leading from you…hmm.

    • I just got home from the game EHL.

      I have to say that the only thing that gives me hope is knowing that Kelly has been running a stright-up pro offense 80% of the time with Bradford. When Kelly pulls an option play out now and again things look a lot better overall. Today I actually saw Bradford pull the ball out of Matthews hands and pass it.

      If Kelly calls a good game and the players do their job the Eagles could get better, but they are not the Packers. I think most people know that we need more talent on the offensive line. And – if Huff could play like he did today it would help..

  • Good solid win against the Saints today. For sure the skins game hurt the fan base, people have little hope. I’m sticking it out. The oline is a major problem but we held it together today. This team in my opinion is still a talented bunch that can get the job dobedone. Sam needs to take of the ball and the WRs need to stop with the drops. The D is looking better each week and because this division is so poor… We are for sure still in this. I say they compete for the div.

  • The loss to da skins killed my hope for this team but this win was good for chip, I think we can still win thos division but we gotta keep it going

  • I never bought into the gloom and doom analysis that so many on here are willing to adopt. I saw a team with a rusty QB, new players on offense, a shaky offensive line, and new players on defense…but a team that wasn’t getting blown out…wasn’t overwhelmed and terribly over-matched…
    Slow starts happen in the NFL at times…but good teams with talent and teams with sound coaching eventually get their act together…

    • There’s a razor thin line between most teams. And then there are the packers..and the saints..to fill out the spectrum of contenders and pretenders..our win is welcome; especially at home..but..let’s not for one moment get all giddy..I was hoping for a win..anything less at home would have been wretched vs.this squad..

  • Looking at our schedule the only team left on our schedule that will beat us is the patriots everyone else we can beat

    • I don’t like the Eagles Matchups vs the Giants,Panthers,Cardinals, Bills & Patriots to be honest…

      • I agree Pman…Not saying the Eagles will lose those games…But I am concerned about the Bills and Cardinals games.Those may be the best defensive teams we play in regular season. If the O line struggles just a little bit, it could be a long day!

        • Yes RT777,
          I am not saying they will lose those games either, but they will likely Struggle Offensively vs the Panthers,Cardinals,Patriots, Bills & Redskins
          Defensively the Eagles will struggle vs the Giants,Patriots & Cardinals who know have a Running Game to go along with the Deep Passing Of Carson Palmer who is probably the Best QB for the Deep Ball in the NFL right now with Big Ben out..
          Each Week presents Challenges..

  • The Eagles match up well with every team they play for the rest of the year…they wont be overmatched with anyone as long as the defense and running game remains consistent. If our offensive line plays like they played today, a lot of teams are going to have problems with the Chip Kelly offense!

  • Pman carolina has no one but cam

    • Panthers have a Solid Defense, with very active DT’s & LB’s and very physical CB’s and a good Pass-Rush
      Cardinals have a strong Rush Defense and a greatSecondary
      Bills have a strong Defense
      Patriots have Brady & Bellicheck…
      Giants still have a decent Pass-Rush and explosive Offense

  • Cardinals are good but we can beat them, bills d is good but offense enemic, and giants really struggle against us, but pman did you see what we did to carolina last year with b fletch and cary toast williams, not worried about carolina, even though cardinals always beat us I believe they are playing good too early and will be brought back down to earth soon

    • Cardinals now have a Balances Offense with both Running and Passing
      (RB’s Chris Johnson, Andre Ellington & David Johnson are a legitmate 3 Headed Monster)
      Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is the X Factor for the Bills and the Eagles typically struggle with mobile QB’s
      The Panthers are a entirely different Team now as opposed to when the Eagles played them last Octobers… They are 9-1 in their last 10 Games dating back to Dec 2014 and are a much improved Team than the one they played a year ago…
      Eagles always split with the Giants who beat the Eagles in Philly and the Eagles Beat the Giants in the Meadowlands…

    • Yea we can beat them Z,no doubt…but that all depends on what Eagles team shows up. The team we witnessed the first 4 weeks of this season won’t get it done against those squads. The O Line has to be solid, Chip has to be on his job, calling a good game keeping those defenses off balance…Davis needs to allow his DB’s to remain physical and provide help where needed.

  • Well im hoping that we get thru the season and gel then really hit our stride in nov and dec, Im willing to chalk this crap we displayed in first quarter of season to all the new faces and sam being off 2 yrs, but we cannot regress

  • The problem with paulman, desert, and others…is that they can only the team is static terms. They fail to see a developing team coming together under cohesively. Thus, their predictions are always clouded with doom. paulman said the team was finished, that it was impossible for the Eagles to recover…and now that we see the resurgence of the Offensive line and QB position…he moves the bar…now we cant beat Arizona, the Bills, or the Panthers!
    The team is beginning to shape up…beginning to understand each other. We moving in the right direction…slowly but surely.

  • Kool. I share everyone’s enthusiasm after a win ,I really do.It makes Monday mornings birds sound better for me .However beating the 30th ranked defense ,and being a pragmatist ,doesn’t buoy me to your analysis ,that th O line miraculously turned the corner.One in a row ,isn’t a trend ..That’s not gloom my man ,that’s just a dosage of week to week in the razor slim NFL..So many variables are put into the blender ,each game ..For me the constant I look for in my team ,is consistency ..We witnessed the emergence of Huff yesterday ,that’s a positive ,in that ,I felt he wasn’t playing with his head on straight.He needs chill on the acrobatics when scoring ,but I do love his enthusiasm..and athleticism.Murray seemingly came alive after watching matthews run effectively ..that inner competition was good to see ..Channel that ,and its value can’t be measured..The receivers still have drops issues and that’s on them..The QB was as we’ve all agreed too careless in the RZ..and usually a two. Turnovers trip would doom the team..That’s a negative turning into a positive.The kicker CANT miss extra points …that usually USA behind biter as we all know ..His depth on kickoffs also took that part of our game away ..I understand in every game there are things to improve upon and things to be excited about ..COX emerged and is BEAST mode ..The defensive front needs feed off that and continue to create havoc.Chips T.OP. Matters most to this and any defense …Every gloom from the Washington game will still be in the blender as will the feel good feelings from yesterday …making the sixth week taste consistently more like this past week is always the goal.

  • I’m not in the camp that were running the table .ive stated from the start that 9-7 to 11-5. Dependent how things (injuries) fall for ourselves and our opponents matter most..The Giants last night got fortunate ,the skins still have cousins ,and the cowgirls are all beaten up.Win the division and the deal with the mt.rushmores . Of the NFC

  • PAulman’s NFC POwer Rankings after 5 Weeks

    1) Packers (5-0) – Rodgers and & Co keep rolling despite their OL issues and Depth Issues at WR & TE.. No Excuses, Just keep playing and winning

    2) Falcons (5-0) – Falcons are 4-0 against a crappy NFC East, and have really developed a strong Rushing Attack with RB D Freeman controlling some Clock and Line of Scrimmage to help their thin Defense out, though their Defense and especially Secondary has played well

    3) Cardinals (4-1) – Cardinals finally have a legitmate Rushing Attack with RB’s Chris Johnson, Andre Ellington and Rookie David Johnson playing as a 3-Head Monster with Speed, Size and Athleticism which allows Carson Palmer to be even more effective with Play-Action Passes to Fitz, John Brown, M Floyd & Co… The Cardinals probably have the Best Secondary in the NFC with Peterson, Matheiu, Powers, Buchannon, Jackson, etc,etc

    4) Panthers (4-0) – Bye Week as it comes at the good time.. LB Kuechly has missed the last 3 Games, Their Defensive Secondary has been Strong with the additions of CB C Tillman and yes, Safety Kurt Coleman to go along with DB’s Roman Harper, Josh Norman, Bene Bienwerkie & Tre Boston and have just added Pass-Rusher Jared Allen who played well in his first game
    Panthers get Pass-Rushers Charles Johnson back in a few weeks and Cam Newton has played his best ball of his Career as has TE Greg Olson…

    5) NY Giants (3-2) – Winners of 3 Games in a Row after a horrendous 0-2 Start in which they coulda,shoulda, woulda Won… Eli is playing at a High Level and their OL is improved as is their RB Corps…
    NY Giants Vs Eagles is a Big NFC East Match-up next Week

    The Best of the Rest are all 2-2 or 2-3
    Vikings (2-2) Seahawks, Redskins,Cowboys,Eagles,Rams TB Bucs & Bears are all 2-3

    Teams that are 1-4 or Worse and Basically Out of the Post-Season Running
    Detroit Lions, SF 49ers, NO Saints

  • This convincing blow out win against a desperate and talented New Orleans Saints team led by Drew Brees is a strong, confidence building step for the Eagles. We have a very good problem because when Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks return…they are going to have to come off the bench!
    I’m not taking Jordan Hicks off the field! He’s taken the job!
    Demeco Ryans is playing better so our linebackers are solid
    Our secondary is clearly improved we havent seen safety play like this in years…does anyone remember Nate Allen?
    On offense, its becoming clear that Ryan Matthews may have earned the right to more carries than Demarco Murray!
    Slowly but surely, Ertz and Bradford are developing some rhythm..Ertz missing much of the preseason clearly impacted the offensive…as Bradford gets more comfort with him and continues to work with Matthews and the rookie Agholor..the explosiveness to the passing game that we saw in the preseason will return. We should still pick up another receiver…Riley Cooper should be waived…he is just not productive enough plus his histrionics are a serious distraction from the harmony of the team! Getting rid of him would be addition by subtraction!

    • A talented New Orleans Saints team that is god awful on the road…lol…ok…now I have heard it all, who…where…you are the only one who thinks that! Who are their WR’s, TE’s, DT’s, O linemen? Please don’t say Colston at WR as he is a shell of his former self and has an eye on retirement. Snead is a good up and comer but here you go with the hype machine! The Saints are putrid and Who Dat Nation is ready to bring out the brown paper bags again! Rob Ryan is a joke!

      • Saints are having all kinds of issues on and off the Football FIeld for anyone who pays attention..
        Once Sean Payton served that 1 Year Suspension, then QB Drew Brees held out for a New Deal and then Jimmy Graham held out last Year and got a new Deal and was then was Traded this Off-Season much to the chagrin of GM Mickey Loomis ..
        GM Loomis & Sean Payton have not been on the same page the last couple of Seasons and its coming to a head..
        Reports are Payton wants out of his Contract and will pursue a HC Vacancy back home in te Midwest in Indianapolis and also reports that Miami is willing to give him full authority to Run the Dolphins ..
        It’s every Player and Coach on their Own in New Orleans this Year as they will be some House Cleaning done after the 2015 Season..

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