• June 27, 2022

Sam Bradford Leads Eagles To Overtime Victory

SamBradfordvsCowboys1It was a season-saving victory last night.  The Eagles season hung in the balance as the Birds went to overtime against the Dallas Cowboys.  If the Birds had lost last night’s game, there’s no telling how bad the atmosphere would have gotten when they returned to Philly.  Thankfully, they found a way to get the win as Birds quarterback Sam Bradford got the ball to wide receiver Jordan Matthews on the first drive in overtime for the game-sealing touchdown.

Before the play Bradford told Matthews, he was coming his way.  “Hey, I’m coming to you,” Bradford said. “Win right here.”

On the route, Matthews faked like he was going to run a  crossing route, then he cut back the other way.  He was wide open when he cut back as Cowboys rookie defensive back Byron Jones slipped to the ground, as Matthews raced into the end zone to end the game.

I could hear a big sigh of relief throughout the Delaware Valley because the Eagles had to win last night game or their playoff chances were just about over.

This was the first of nine games, which ultimately decide whether Chip Kelly and the Eagles commit to Bradford as their long-term franchise quarterback.

The quarterback played well last night.  He was on target with his throws.  He made good sound decisions in the pocket.  Bradford finished the night 25 for 36 for 295 yards with one touchdown and most importantly, no interceptions.

He made a great throw to DeMarco Murray on a wheel route down the side lines. He was in sync last night and showed some of the promise that keep the Eagles hopes for the playoffs alive.

The running game loosened things up for Bradford as the team ran for 172 yards with DeMarco Murray contributing 83 yards on 18 carries.  Ryan Mathews added 67 yards on 11 carries with a touchdown and Darren Sproles chipped in with 23 yards on 5 carries.

A lot of credit needs to go the Birds offensive line which was playing without Jason Peters.  Greg Hardy got one sack and some quarterback hurries, but for the most part, the Cowboys defensive line was handled.

There were more dropped passes last night, but they caught enough of them to come with the victory.

Matthews had a big night with 9 catches for 133 yards.  Murray had six catches for 76 yards. Tight end Zach Ertz pulled down five throws for 44 yards.

We should all be concerned about the lack of production from the outside wide receivers.  Miles Austin had only one catch for 27 yards and Josh Huff contributed two catches for 10 yards.  He also made a terrible mistake when he dropped a sure touch down pass and the ball ricocheted high in the air, but wasn’t intercepted.   It happened in the red zone and nearly cost the Eagles a touchdown.


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  • Big win last night!!

  • Big time win, clutch performance by the QB…

  • The Next 3 Weeks will decide the Eagles Fate as they need to beat the
    Dolphins,TB Bucs & the Lions to get to 7-4 Overall and to improve to 5-4
    in the NFC Conference and be rolling for when their Tough Stretch of 5 Remaining Games that Follow with the Pats,Bills,Cardinals,Redskins and The Giants with 3 NFC Conference Games to Finish which will determine
    whether they make the Playoffs– Eagles need to win every NFC Game in my opinion to make it and then Win 1 of the 3 AFC Games to finish at 10-6…
    Last evening’s Win over the Cowboys just makes Next Week’s Game Relevant versus the Dolphins and pretty much ends the Cowboys Season

  • Was NOT a big win.

    Who thought they were going to lose?

    I’ll wait…

    You don’t give up 3TD and 300 yards to Matt Freaking Cassel.


    • It was a big win!

      Division game

      Hated Dallas Cowboys

      Revenge for an embarrassing loss

      A loss in this situation would have been devastating

      A Game with critical implications has to be considered a big game…if the Eagles would have lost the game the bashing would have been merciless

      Stop it…the game was a good one

  • For the third time this year, Sam Bradford played a good second half.

    OK then. I thought he showed promise on the one throw to Ertz down the sideline. First time this year he’s done what good NFL QBs do. Identify a one-on-one matchup and give his guy a chance.

    As for the final drive?? A 2 yrd drop off to Murray. A Screen for 1 yard. A screen for -2 yrds. a short pass in the flat for 2….and then….he hit a wide open matthews on a crosser – admitting after that it was his one and only read. He told matthews he was coming to him, stared him down and delivered it.

    Is that going to work against a team that isn’t down to its 4th and 5th string defenders?

    Colour me skeptical.

    Bradford was dreadful in the first, good in the second.

    BTW – anyone watch what happened right after the TD. You should watch the film again, I found it interesting.

    • cant look past 1 position. Sad really.

  • Tsj that was a big win, cassel or whoever cowboys wanted that game badly

  • I think Bradford played better last light than he has in most other games – But there was still plenty to be critical about Sam’s performance.

    For one thing, Sam continues to throw to players that are not past the first down marker on 3rd down. When will he get it into his head that on 3rd down you don’t throw to a receiver (or RB) that is 2 yards down-field and blanketed by a defender when you need 11 yards for a first down…

    For another thing, Sam continues to setup pass receivers to get crushed by defenders… It’s no wonder these guys have a lot of drops – they always have one eye looking for a defender…. Every DB looks like Kam Chancellor when they play the Eagles.

    On the positive side, it’s good to see Sam come up big at crunch time. Some guys play well until the big moment comes, and then they fail… Hopefully Sam is a guy that steps up at the right time… We’ll see.

    • Ridiculous, Irish Eagle…Bradford is not getting the receivers killed at all. What are you looking at?

      The receivers need to run better pass patterns and get separation…they are getting killed because they dont get open, they dont create space…

      Bradford is completing passes to receivers that are not getting open…not getting separation…the Eagles run a lot of crossing routes…so of course they are going to get hit…

      They need to start breaking tackles and getting yards after the catch!

      Bradford is not like Nick Foles..he’s not going to hold the ball all day confused and wait for the rush to kill him…he’s not going to fade away from the pocket and throw it off of his back foot in mortal fear of the pass rush…he’s getting rid of the ball, not taking sacks…now as he becomes more and more comfortable with the offense receivers are going to be able to get YAC by breaking tackles, getting the ball in stride like that game winning pass Bradford hit Matthews with…in rhythm and excellent route that took angles away from the defenders….with a ball delivered in stride on the money with Hardy bearing down on him

      I called the shot…I told you Bradford would be better…..he’s proving me right!

      So now its a matter of who should take the hits….the QB or the Wideouts?

      The Eagles passing game uses West Coast pass pattern concepts…so there is more inside running which is why the Eagles put an emphasis on big receivers they have to be sharp and precise with their patterns to avoid big licks…and they have to be able to take a hit…they are not speed guys so they have to catch the ball in traffic it comes with the territory..

      Blaming Bradford is ridiculous

  • Agree 100 irish sam has been getting these receivers killed, buy he has been pretty clutch, irish u been on point man, keep it up

  • Once again Vinniedaloser can’t buy a clue

    Vinnie says: “Colour me skeptical”

    Nah…we’ll just “colour you stupid” with the egg of embarrassment all over your face over Sam Bradford

    A Clutch, Money performance with a “walk-off” game winner in OT is what we had with Bradford yesterday.

    Now our former QB-Nick Foles was in the exact same situation yesterday with the Vikings…OT big game on the line.

    We can do a fair comparison..

    The Vikings win the toss and give the ball to Foles

    They saw this guy missing wide open receivers all day-

    They knew he hasn’t been over 200 yards passing for 7 straight games

    So when we compare where we are to where we would be with Nick Foles who writers in St Louis are now calling “flimsy and fallible” the reality is obvious!

    We are in good shape with Bradford who as I predicted is getting better, who is improving..stepping up in the pocket, taking leadership of the team, making strong and accurate throws to receivers that dont get much separation at all and who still drop easy passes.

    As Bradford improves game by game we will continue to see that getting rid of Foles was the right move

    Once again …Vinniedaloser a soreass who will refuse to acknowledge the obvious in his groans and gripes about the Qb

    Wrong, over and over again Vinniedafool….wrong yet again


    All we have to do is make a clear comparison to what we would have had if we followed your suggestion…lets look down at your man in St Louis…who

    • Except that the Dallas D is terrible. Their secondary is brutal, with only 1 int on the year. And on top of that, their best defender left early and his replacement also went down.

      Other QBs against the Cowboys this year:

      19 of 30 for 219 1td 0 int
      33 of 41 for 359 2td 0int
      20 of 27 for 275 2td oint
      24 of 36 for 285 2td 0int

      At the end of Reg Bradford was 20 of 31 for 243 0 and 0.


      That’s worse than just about everyone else that’s faced the Dallas D.

      With 5 more passes in OT Bradford begins to approach those other guys with 25 of 36 for 295 and 1

      So please.

      Bradford, compared to other QBs who have faced the shitty Cowboys D (minus even more players) was decidedly average.

      Again…the throw to Ertz was a $$ throw. NFL caliber. Was good to see that from Bradford.

      But as for the rest of your hyperbole…..well….that’s all it is.

      I’ll wait now while you google hyperbole.

      • Dude…Vinny why don’t you list the QBs associated with those numbers. So your saying Bradford is in line with brady, wilson, brees, Ryan? Sounds good to me.

        You sound just as redic as you claim Kool sounds just on the opposite extreme.

        Guy has played two solif games in a row. Week by week improvement is all we can hopr for as eagles FANS. We are strating to see that with Sam whether u like it or not. He isn’t perfect but he is improving which is the most important thing for this season.

        Get off your agenda for once and be happy.

    • Rams replaced their Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer this off season with an in house hire the QB coach Frank Cignetti. Really the QB for the Rams was promoted. What he did to deserve that job God only knows. But for some unexplained reason they love Jeff Fisher. This is 4 years in a row of boring offense and the Owner loves him for it.

  • Vinnie didnt cowboys miss their best rusher, aka greg hardy in those games

    • He was missing in 2 of those.

      I didn’t put in the numbers for Eli or game 1 Bradford either.

      Bradford played well in 2nd half yesterday. (But this after Lee (LB), Jones DB, and Lawrence (DE) had all left the game).

  • Offensive line really stepped-up; kudos to them for getting it together!

    Sam (again) had a lower QB rating than his opponent, which he’s done now for 6 out of 8 games (the exceptions are weeks 3 and 4 against the Jets and Skins).

    He’s going to play well enough to get a contract, but is that a good thing?

  • Jones played he was just tired because of eagles pace

  • Paulman’s NFC Power Rankings

    1) Carolina Panthers (8-0) Built a 37-14 4th Quarter Lead over the Packers and hung on to win 37-29 even though the Refs tried to make the Packers Win Panthers have won 12 Regular Season Games in a Row dating back to least early December.. They are Playing with Confidence, are very Physical, Well-Coached and even have a little swagger about their game and play as a Team as it appears the Road to the NFC Championship may now go thru Charlotte and not Green Bay or Seattle ..
    Panthers just came off a tough stretch of 4 Games where they beat the Seahawks, Eagles, Colts and Packers in a Row which is impressive and now have the Titans,Redskins & Cowboys on their Schedule

    2) Minnesota Vikings (6-2) – Winners of 4 Straight Games and Playing some good ball with Youngster Bridgewater, Diggs, and Adrian Peters close to 100% in terms of Football shape..The Vikings Visit the Raiders, Host the Packers and then Visit the Falcons the next 3 Weeks so we will see how good they really are.

    3) Arizona Cardinals (6-2) Winners of 2 Straight Games and Have the Most Explosive Offense in the NFC and among the Best Secondaries in the NFL
    My Man, WR John Brown Jr who I wanted the Eagles to get to replace D-Jax’s Speed 2 Drafts Ago is making Big Plays for this Offense..
    Arizona Visits the Seahawks, then Host the Bengals and Play at the 49ers

    4) GB Packers (6-2) – Losers of 2 Games in a Row where their Defense has been shredded for 3 Games in a Row, where RB E Lacy is running soft and is a shell of himself by carrying around 20 more lbs.. With QB Aaron Rodgers still playing at a High Level, you cannot count the Packers out who Play the Lions, Vikings & Bears the next 3 Weeks who they have dominated in recent Years..

    5) NY Giants (5-4) – Yes, the NFC Is so weak and up for Grabs that I have the NFC Least Division Leaders, the NY Giants at #5.. The Giants have Won 5 of their last 7 Games but have one of most difficult schedules in the 2nd half of the Season and have the Patriots, Redskins & Jets coming up

    Other Notable NFC Teams

    **Falcons are 6-3 but have lost 3 of their last 4 Games, QB Matt Ryan has cooled way down to “Ice” Levels, W J Jones has struggled with nagging leg,hamstring, ankle issues and has lost his explosion lately
    (Falcons are 4-0 versus the Crappy NFC East and 2-3 against everyone else..) Falcons have the Colts, Vikings and TB Bucs their next 3 Games

    **Seahawks (4-4) and Winners of 2 in a Row and coming off their Bye Week to Host the Arizona Cardinals next Sunday Night which is a must Win if they want to repeat as Winners of the NFC West and then face the 49ers and Steelers

    **St Louis Rams (4-4) Up and Down QB play with Nick Foles has them look good 1 Week and not so good the next which is a lot like the Eagles…
    Host the Bears and then travel to the Ravens and Bengals the next 3 Games

    **EAGLES (4-4) QB Sam Bradford is playing better and better even if its in small increments, but he’s seeing the field better, is more accurate and playing with more confidence… The Running Game has Improved and the OL after a poor start of the Season is playing pretty well right now as are the RB’s.. If they can get more consistency from their Receiving Corp they should be able to make a Run here in the 2nd Half and have the Dolphins,TB Bucs and Lions up the next 3 Games

  • Jordan Hicks out for the year –
    Injured Reserve list – pectoral muscle

    • Damn, it didn’t look good when he left the field as I expected it may be his Pectoral Muscle.. He’s been the Eagles Best LB this Season and has a Bright Future, no Doubt about it … (Ryans,Kendrinkcs & Kiko Alonso will need to pick-up the Pace)

  • Well, that stinks.

  • Really tough break for the Defense…the kid was playing at an All-Pro level…smh…damm!!

  • Big loss… Guy was gonna be ROY on D. Guy makes huge plays

  • Huge loss but great thing we have depth there, kiko and kendricks should be able to shoulder the load with ryans and najee helping out

  • If we ca, beat our next three opponents we should be able to take the division due to our weak schedule

  • A Couple of Unsung Players from Last Evening

    Offense – LG Alan Barbree, who quietly is having a very nice Season,
    and RT Dennis Kelly, who was killing on on those Right End Power Sweeps..
    I always liked Kelly and wondered why he didn’t play more often
    Lane Johnson after a shaky start, more than held up his own, playing that LT
    Position in place of Peters…

    Defense – DE Cedric Thornton I thought had one of his better games
    and CB Byron Maxwell had a strong Game ..

  • A few observations after watching the game again..the lack of penalties by the offensive line was a huge improvement ,over previous games.Noticed the usual fans of Sam I am ,were lauding his play..I agree ..but not in the first half ..I wrote during the game to adjust to a two tight end set ,and happily that was an adjustment that enabled the defense to get a well needed blow , set up play action ,and took the. Pressure off the QB ..The red zone play calling was still a head scratcher ,passing twice ,and thankfully converting on a 4th down rush for a T.D. In the beginning of the season we all assumed th Birds would have a personality of a lunch pale running team .Thats who they are ,and that’s when they’re at there best ..Staying true to who you are is so critical..I was heightened and applaud ( Bill Davis) making adjustments with Biggers in the slot ..hoping this eradicates that constant Achilles ..the Kicker was money ,the O line money and Sam I Am ..was Sam I can..great to see..

    • A couple of us have been looking for that 2 TE Sets all Season Desert
      , I wonder if the Injury to WR Riley Cooper had any impact of running more Double TE’s for additional Blocking since Huff,Austin are not very good downfield Blockers though Huff had a great block on Matthews TD Reception in OT that prevented Cowboys CB Brandon Carr a path to tackle Matthews
      Game should be replayed by NFL Network this week..

      • Interesting observation about cooper ,and his omission as an able blocker .Sometimes you find out more about what your personality is as a football team ,when facing adversity..Hoping that they continue to put Sam in his comfort zone with this approach .It enables the defense to get much needed rest ,it puts Ertz more into the focus of opposing defenses and most importantly ,it sets up play action.One thing I did yesterday in rewatching the game ,was set a stopwatch on Sam during two tight end sets ..He seemed to survey the field an additional second (s) ..fascinating ..

  • Not shocking to see a victory when players actually catch the ball in critical situations. If this happens against Washington and Carolina (games Sam played well enough to win in) were having a different conversation and were sitting with 5 wins and 2 losses. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a post where someone states “You think Bradford is just going to MAGICALLY start playing good when he has sucked his whole career?” So much ignorance in that statement is pathetic. He has played two good games in a row now, and also played very solid in the Saints game after those early first QTR ints. His one and only int came off the hands off another WR in the Carolina game. 10 touchdowns and 10 ints with 8 games left. I feel like his numbers will double in touchdowns and his ints will cut in half leaving him at 26-30 tds with 14-16 ints for the year. Chip resigns him, if healthy and he comes back for year 2 with the same team, system, getting in more in synch wiith his weapons. You can see with your own eyes if you watch closely his confidence is increasing, which is helping his ability in the pocket, and his scrambling ability, which is underrated by most.
    Going to be a great week knowing we have Tampa and Miami coming up at home, and dallas has them on the road with Carolina and GB coming up as well. There season is done. Washington will surely implode as the season goes on with Desean back, and the giants are the most untrustworthy team in the NFL with there defense and coaching.

    All these cowboys stating “if only we had Romo” is hilarious. Nobody was saying that shit when he lost our starter last year. Matt Cassel even played better against us then Romo did in week 2. Romo is so overrated its sad. All the talent he has had his whole career, and he has done nothing with it. Demarco leaves and he cant even last 2 games LMFAO

    • Interesting stat on drops ..last year maclin,played 1043 snaps 85 rec.1318 yds..15.5 / yards per reception 10tds..72 long. Drumroll 1 drop.. Jordan Matthews 779 snaps 67 rec.876 yds 13.1 avg.8tds.44 long 5 drops ..josh huff 210 snaps 8rec.98 yds 12.3 avg.0 tds.4 drops 1 fumble.. Riley cooper 980 snaps 55 rec.573 yds 10.4/avg.3 tds.3 drops 1 fumble

    • Before last nights game the Eagles had 309 targets and 18 drops

    • Excellent and insightful comments CSharp! The Bradford bashing on this site has been persistent and overwhelming. The “Bradford Sucks” mantra was repeated and confirmed by almost all of the posters here Deserteagle, Paulman, and of course the Foles fans like Vinniedaloser and havablunt…not to mention even sound and balanced posters like tsjohnson and Big Lion joined in on the Bradford Sucks action.
      They are all wrong.
      4 of Bradford’s ten interceptions are on passes that bounced off of receivers hands. The Atlanta game, the Carolina game, the Washington game all consisted of key third down drops. Like any QB who misses 2 years of action and comes back to a running game that can only muster up 7 yards (Dallas game) and have receivers lead the league in drops-he struggled a bit
      The Bradford bashers didn’t want to look at that….but again, Bradford was growing in the offense getting better…and now we see the rust is off and Bradford delivered a crunch time performance that goes down in Eagle/Dallas lore…a walk out TD in OT!

      Sam Bradford is the Quarterback for this team!

      • Kool…I didn’t realize stand up comedy was your avocation.Sams performance was great in the second half ..awful in the first ..we won a Dallas game ,which always feels like a multiple win ..I’ll grant you that ..BUT ..putting Sam I am on Mt.Rushmore ,speaking of great Dallas wins in eagle lore ,certifying him as the Eagle QB of the future..lets win back to back games ,let’s play well for two halves back to back..It’s something to build upon ,but let’s not start carving his bust in stone ,just yet …

        • Yaaawn!!…yeah, yeah, deserteagle i understand

          Ya dead wrong, busted

          He was “awful” in the first half?

          Really? How many interceptions did he throw? Was he missing wide open receivers?
          None and No…Bradford wasn’t playing badly in the first half at all…he played better in the second half and hit the walk off touchdown in OT to put a dagger to our hated rivals the Dallas Cowboys.

          Sam Bradford was good in the first half and excellent in the second half and money in the overtime.
          We understand when ya busted and caught dead wrong…you have a kinda sheepish “opps” feeling that says…”hmm, maybe koolbreeze was right…maybe he is getting better”

          LOL…no I’m not a comedian deserteagle…but you guys a clearly a joke!

          • The run game ,was more integral,than Sam ..Two tight ends ,more impactful than Sam.By the way ,His whole body of work in the last two games ,has been on an ascent.Ive acknowledged that ,and I hope it continues.Im not a Sam hater ,he’s my QB..I wish him ,well..It’s a win ,win and although unlike you ,I’m not erecting his bust on Mt.Rushmore ,I’m agreeable to acknowledge ,not only is he doing better of late ,he’s making strides ..

            • The run game is supposed to be integral to this offense and stop it…LMAO…you guys a such a joke! You were all over Bradford, you are verifiable “Sam I am” haters He was being bashed with extreme venom, I am one of the only guys on record supporting the guy. You, Vinniedaloser, paulman, haveablunt, and so many others are all over this forum with nothing but massive Sam Bradford hate.
              Bradford comes through in a big time clutch game and suddenly…presto…Sam Bradford becomes you guy…lmao…”.Im not a Sam hater ,he’s my QB..I wish him ,well…bullshit deserteagle…LOL!!
              As to your other shift about the Coach being wrong for not getting him acclaimated…the Coach biggest concern early was getting the kid healthy…it was much better for Kelly to err on the side of caution, not play him as much in the preseason given the fact that the guy was coming off of two knee surgeries.
              Man up! Lets face it..you guys were way off…Sam Bradford is not Tom Brady…I never said he was but he was the best available QB we can get and he is damm sure a lot better than what we had…we have seen enough to make that determination easy!

  • So we are on pace for 36 for the season? Lol had only 18 last year by our core group of guys at the wide out position. People are going to call me stupid. But if we are anywhere close to being as healthy against patriots as we are today this week, we stand a shot with this running game and defense. Patriots just lost Dion Lewis for the year and are having major Oline problems when ours is just hitting its stride. Dallas got like 5 sacks on them correct? I really hope NE is undefeated when he play them because I really dont think they will go undefeated. We could be that game where brady is a bit off and we put the pressure on his ass. Drop passes will be crucial stat for that game. If I’m mistaken we have 10 days rest before that game, and NE has Denver the week before.

  • NFL News
    SL Rams WR Stedman Bailey has been suspended for 4 Games for his 2nd Offense in the NFL Drug & Banned Substance Program
    The Rams signed Veteran Free-Agent Wes Welker to help with their passing attack
    Denver Broncos CB A Talib Suspended 1 Game for poking Colts TE Dwayne Allen in the eye purposely after a Play was over..

    NE Pats Lost RB Dion Lewis for the Season for a Torn ACL as CT mentioned above

    Eagles Place ILB Jordan Hicks on Season-ending IR List

    NY Giants Placed ILB on Injured Reserve
    Detroit Lions Placed DT A Fluellen on Injured Reserve

    Colts Released CB Tony Carter and Placed DL Henry Anderson on Injured Reserve

    NY Jets Released OL Jarvis Harrison (Eagles may want to give him a workout and check him out.. Played Guard at Texas A&M)

    Titans Release RB Terrance West (From Towson)

  • I look at the season in quarters. Eagles were 1-3 in first quarter and that sucked. 2nd Q a 3-1 record is a great improvement. If they can go 3-1 in each of the next two quarters, that is probably enough to win Division. They have to play better, start faster and somehow figure out how to stretch the field on offense. Kiko has to step up now that Hicks is gone. Need to get a WR deep and open up underneath stuff more. Bradford must continue to get better – the promising thing is that he has improved. If he can consistently perform as well as the 2nd half Sun night, he can be a franchise QB. Hopefully, we are seeing the rust being knocked off and he can be “that guy” the rest of the season.

  • Emmanuel Acho is resigned to replace Jordan Hicks. The Chipper sure does go through a lot of ILB.

    • Acho had a great Summer Camp & Pre-Season and hopefully has been staying in great Shape.. He can play all LB Positions and will likely see more Reps
      in the Passing Game than Ryans and may even up playing a lot more due to
      Alonso’s, Kendricks and Ryan’s Injury History..
      Kendricks needs to step up and start earning his new Contract $$$

  • Post game news conference Sam Bradford said Jordan Matthews took every snap in practice and every scout team snap trying to right his dropping the football problem. Not for a lack of effort. What was Josh Huff doing during that same time ? because his drop problem is still a problem.

    • Hopefully this was just a confidence thing and now the ship is righted. Mathews needs to really step up and lead here. No one else in the WR Corps is capable of doing it.

  • We all have to keep in perspective that the GM put a huge amount of pressure on #81. I never lost sight that he was stripped of his #1 receiver of last year in Maclin.Hes admitted he’d mentored him .He really had multiple issues ..a new QB ..an anemic Corp of receivers surrounding him ,and a new run game ,that only lately has started to emerge.Have to hope he can avoid the obvious double teams he’ll be seeing,and that he can continue this uptrend..he’s a valued player for sure

  • Huge win on Sunday night. I dont care if people think they should have won by a million…. it was a great game and the birds fought hard.

    *Cassel is better than the simpleton thinks. He destroyed us in MN (I was there) basically single handedly. Most remember that game as the Djax flipping out on his coaches game… I remember that day as the day a QB picked apart our D with basically no weapons to speak of. On Sunday he played well… and had LOTS of weapons. Dez was back to mostly normal and whats his face was killing us with his speed underneath. Say what you want but….. he played well.

    * Drops are an issue on this team. That is not to say that Bradford is great or any of that. Personally I dont care who the qb is… i leave that to those who dont know much about the game…. but drops are causing us problems. A few years ago we had a similar issue when guys like Avant were dropping balls and they were bouncing into the air for CBs to snag. Our team flat out stalls when guys cant pull it in. Some of you will call this an excuse (because you only care about what our qb and our former qb are doing)… Ill call it like it is…. bad for our TEAM. Desert posted some stats on this and they are rock solid.

    * Run game!! The run game was a problem for Dallas on Sunday and it opened everything up. Ive been waiting to see more TE sets and finally it has come. In Oregon Chip used the RO as a way to get D’s to over commit. He even let D’s know what play he was running (Inside Zone Read and Outside Zone read) in hopes that they would over persue… this kind of happened on Sunday as well.

    In all… a great win for our TEAM (qb included), hopefully this is the start of something.

    In other news….. the playcalling was a bit stupid on Sunday. Chip needs to not think so much.

    • Good Summary Stevo..
      A Win us a Win is a Win and they way the EAgles have started and played in 2015, We should be grateful as Fans that they are back in the hunt at 4-4..
      A loss would have been devastating for a Post-Season chance, now they get a 3 Game Stretch where they likely will be favored and can get on a roll versus the Dolphins, TB Bucs and Detroit Lions… But as we all know, Life and Games in the NFL are not played on Paper or by the Bookies.. You prepare, and play hard and keep grinding.. That’s what this 2015 Eagles Team is all about.. They are starting to find their identity a bit which is to hold the Game Close for the 1st Half and play Conservatively and Smart, than attempt to Win it in the 4th Quarter with Better Conditioning and Execution..
      I have a feeling we will see this “Blue Print” for the Remainder of the Season as it limits mistakes,turnovers and predictable play calling…

      • Giants are in my estimation our main and only competition (other than beating ourselves) the remaining schedule ..patriots @deadskins-jets-@dolphins–panthers@vikingsand head to head Mano vs Mano vs Eagles …interesting

    • Let’s all not lose sight of our noses ,which are too close on our faces to see the obvious.Our off-season was a tumultuous two minute drill .We all predicted ,and the coach spoke of the very fact in his PC yesterday ..It takes time to integrate all the new moving parts .For whatever his reasons Chip miscalculated the importance of putting Sam in for more live bullets action in pre season.Perhaps the knee rehab was dictating that decision making.Now that the new pieces are not only functioning better ,the integration of Sam surrounded by a run game ,has him emboldened to utilize play action .Keeping the opposition defenses off balance is the whole key as Stevo said so well.Two tight end sets allows Sam a leak option in Ertz who I believe will emerge and play at a pro bowl level .Having a safety blanket is so vital .The coach needs also catch up to the new moving parts ,he seemingly feels his way around ,especially early in ball games .That is a double edge sword ,as it takes so much energy to fight uphill ,and from behind ,Ned he gasses his defense and puts

  • That trio of December NFC games will be a huge gauntlet for the G men.And is brutal ..all the teams remaining on there December slate will be battling for seedlings and all 3 coaches will be trying to outwit the senior citizen coughlin ..who can’t manage time and strategies ..Minny Carolina and philly …

  • Contrasted our task…dolphins bucs. @lions@pats–bills -cards-dead skins -@gmen

  • Obviously pats are a key game to focus .theyre coming off a night game vs Denver the week prior and then of no consequence they’re at Houston after the Eagles..

  • Phillys schedule definatley plays out light years better than anyone else in our division. Atlanta, Carolina, Ny jets are out of the way, along with Dallas. We got Washington, buffalo, arizona, all at home towards the end, and then we head to Metlife for the 3rd time this year. These next three weeks will feel good knowing our offense wont be playing good and improved defenses like earlier in the year. Giants and cOwboys have some tough games coming up especially the Giants. Philly should be 7-4 at best and 6-5 at worse going into thanksgiving. These next three winnable games are crucial! If we run through Miami Tampa and Detroit, it gives us much more breathing room in December. That NE Arizona Buffalo stretch will be tough, but we very will can go 2-1

    • We are in pretty good shape CT….I’m a little worried about the loss of Hicks, I’m hoping that Kiko Alonso can stay on the field and make an impact and we can get Demarco back.

  • cowboys have both their hands on Ertz 10 -12 yards down the field but if a pinky touches Witten’s hand towel they are throwing a flag. I suspect if Witten played in Tennessee his career would of ended 6 years ago.

  • any word on Peters, Ryans and Agholor for next week?

  • Btw ..we glossed over this ..but why didn’t chip challenge the td by sproles ..having to go on 4th down ,he made it ,but that could have been critical blunder ,especially ,because as. I see it .It was a score .Nobodys brought that up in PC.last year we screwed the pooch on goal line vs cards ..lets shine the pressure light on that proverbial “guy upstairs”

  • Also…maybe the Offensive Line that everyone cried and bitched about and blasted Kelly about is not exactly as bad as we initially believed. Maybe the Coach knew something about the O-line players like Dennis Kelly who did a good job at right tackle against Hardy when Dallas put him over there. Maybe Alan Barbre aint has bad as some insisted.
    Stop ducking and own up…come out and be honest…you can’t blast the Coach and everyone, bitch, moan and complain…and then when it looks like things may work out a little differently from what you predicted–act as if you were on board all the time…that my friends is pure hypocrisy!

    • I can only view what’s in game to game..unlike you I’m not a football cevant..your genius is only exceeded by your petulance.

      • KB flexing his Torso for a 4-4 Eagles Team that just Beat the Cowboys, who have lost 6 Games in a Row.. Relax KB, the Eagles have a long ways to go..
        This Season comes down to a 3 Week Stretch when the Eagles Face the Patriots, Buffalo and Arizona who all appear to be Playoff Teams..
        Lets see how it all shakes out, but the Eagles cannot lose another NFC Conference Game this Season or the Playoffs are History..
        They have 5 NFC Games left vs the TB Bucs,Lions,Cardinals,Redskins and Giants and if they win all 5 of these plus 1 of the 3 AFC Match-ups, they will be in at 10-6.. They have to Win their NFC Contests

        • and this would have them Finish 8-4 in their 12 NFC Conference Games
          by winning their final 5 NFC Games…
          Finishing 10-6 but only 7-5 or 6-6 in their 12 NFC COnference Games would not be good enough as they would lose Tie-Breakers to other NFC Teams unless they the NFC East Outright…

          Right now after 9 Weeks – The Eagles have 9 NFC Teams With Better NFC Conference Records than the Eagles Current 3-4 Conference Record
          (Giants, Redskins,Vikings, Packers,Panthers, Falcons,Cardinals, Rams & Seahawks)

      • Your not a football cevant, deserteagle?? Really? Could have fooled me with all of the gloom and doom-the bitching and moan-the whining and crying you were doing about the team.

        And you got the unmitigated gall to call me “petulant”


        You and paulman do the same crap…’game by game’ where you harp insistently on every negative. Then after your bitch and moan session you are proven wrong…you dont own up, man up…. you play hide and go seek like you never said a thing

        Bullshit and I’m calling you guys out on it.

        The Eagles are 4-4 but not 4-12…

        Chip Kelly made a lot of changes to the team…most of them were based on sound football decisions. Its not surprising that the team had a rough start…all of the games have been close and the team has not hit its stride yet…but the Quarterback is getting better…the defense is improved from last year, the offensive line is not as bad as you naysayers predicted.

        So you and paulman’s “game by game” bitch and moan sessions are simply ridiculous. When you are wrong you have to take your medicine…eat your crow like a man and own up to what you said…

        • C’mon Kool, Kelly has made a lot of idiotic decisions. Like cutting D-Jax, letting Maclin go, and getting rid of Mathis. These weren’t sound football decisions, these were the decisions of a guy with a Napoleon complex trying to get rid of anyone who didn’t worship the ground he walks on.

          Moving on from Nick Foles was obvious to anybody with football sense, which is sorely lacking around here. Bradford has been getting a bad rap, cuz too many people tie wins and losses to the how well the qb is playing.

          But there’s no need to act like Kelly has been flawless in his decision making. He could have made the changes he made on defense without getting rid of so many good players. If D-Jax, Maclin, and Mathis were on this team, we’d be hands down the best team in the conference.

          As it is, while I’m confident in Bradford and still like our chances to do some damage in the playoffs, this season has been much harder than it should’ve been.

          • Skayne, I’m not saying that Chip Kelly is beyond reproach. I have blasted him really good on the DJax move…I was never really all that big on Maclin because he stayed hurt and for as big as he is…he’s not that tough.
            The other moves are not that bad…I love Shady but can you really argue with the replacements we got for him? Mathis is older and in decline and we are now seeing that the guard play is not that bad now at all. And I dont have to go into the QB position…that’s the biggest and most important move Kelly has made. We are seeing that Bradford was worth a second round pick and Foles was merely a throw in!
            Kelly improved the defense, at least we are not giving up big play after big play…
            I honest dont get the ‘arrogance’ that others see to me, for the most part- Kelly is pretty honest and straight-forward. I never judge a guy based on his press conferences..and I dont see a Coach who is inflexible…he adjusts, adapts and attempts to play to players strength.
            Is he perfect? No…but we all know that the bulk of the criticism levelled against Kelly is because of his decisions regarding the Qb…and most of this is clearly unfair and wrong

  • I think this game was a major confidence builder for Bradford and Mathews. These guys are not great players, but they have not been playing to their ability and I think now in the second half they will at least do that. The running game and O line are getting better every week. The Eagles have very quietly crept into the top ten on offense. That FG was big for Sturgis as well. The D really needs to pick it up as they have steadily regressed the last two weeks. You cannot let the Cole Beasleys and Ted Ginns of the league look unstoppable. And you cannot give up 100 yard rushers every week. They miss Ryans badly. I think if he can stop tweaking his hammy, Kendricks will be Kendricks by December when we need him most. Alonso isn’t giving you anything this year. Hicks is a tremendous downer of a loss. The kid could have been DROY. We need Ryans back to sure up that run defense because the running game is killing us now and setting QBs up to succeed with play action. It is so frustrating that it seems whenever we fix something (offense), something else breaks (defense).
    We have a bad habit of flattening out after big wins. We need to beat Miami on Sunday and not rest on our laurels like we seem to do so regularly. These next three games we need to take care of business. The fourth quarter of the schedule is brutal and I don’t think enough fans realize this. Three of those teams are fighting for playoff spots and the Skins are always a problem. It doesn’t help to have three straight at home because we have one of the most insignificant home field advantages in the league. We really don’t want to NEED that game in NY to win the division. The Giants have Minn, NE, Carolina and NYJ. They should split those four at best. If they win three they deserve the division. Miami and Wash are definite wins for them. That puts them at 9-6. We need to get to 7-4 and then take care of Buf and either the Pats or Cards. If we can’t beat either of those teams, we should kneel down to the Giants and admit their superiority. I AM SICK OF LOSING TO EVERY PLAYOFF TEAM!! We need to show we deserve to win the division and that means we need to beat a quality team or two. Even winning one of those games makes us 10-5 and still required to win the final game. I can’t see any way it doesn’t come down to that. And Dallas will finish 8-8/9-7 so do not think they are finished. Truth be told they are the best team in the NFC. Injuries have crushed their season. I fully expect them to finish 7-1 and scare the hell out of a lot of people in Philly and NY over the holidays.

  • Midseason playoff predictions:

    1) Carolina
    2) GB
    3) Sea
    4) NYG
    5) Ariz
    6) Minn

    Yes Seattle will still win that division. Their second half schedule is cake and Ariz has a lot tougher slate. Cards are over rated. And yes Atl will choke. They are taking on water like the Titanic.

    1) Den
    2) NE
    3) Cin
    4) Ind
    5) NYJ
    6) Pit

    I think Buf suffers as a result of the Cowboys and Eagles needing those games late in the year. Their inability to beat the NFCE will ruin their playoff chances. I think Den beats NE and Cin for the tie breakers. Cin might be 13-3 and get the three seed. Crazy!!

    For the first time since 1999 there will two teams in the SB that have never won one. So sad for us desperate Eagles fans as the pool of losers shrinks to twelve come February 7th. Bengals over Panthers in the Battle of the Big Cats.

    • I don’t see Dalton beating Brady or Manning in the playoffs.

  • We didnt get rid of maclin, jesus people stop adding him to your argument, he left for more money

    • zilents, they will never get this, dont bother.

  • What I want to see from the O moving forward,,,,, Ive heard over and again how solid our weapons are. We supposedly have speed and these playmakers are no worse than what we have had… I am not disagreeing with that assessment, but i want to actually see this to be true.

    *I do believe that Bradford has the arm to make any throw.
    * I do believe guys like Sproles and Huff have the speed to stretch the field in such a way that causes problems.
    * I do believe the Oline is getting better.
    * I do believe D. Mur can pound it up the middle.
    * I do believe Mathews is the better back and can get around the end.

    Instead of utilizing the flats as much as they do, I would like to see Bradford take more shots deep… while having sproles run short routes out of the backfield and across the middle. Also, get guys like Mathews out on the end creating room. Overall…. we need more space, and we need WR’s to make the grab.

  • Maybe, just maybe, there is separation being created between the current Eagles quarterback and the former Eagles quarterback.

    Perhaps it’s starting to become clearer why Eagles head coach and personnel czar Chip Kelly traded Nick Foles and a 2016 second-round pick to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford.

    Here’s all you need to know about the kind of season Foles is having in St. Louis: On Sunday, when the Minnesota Vikings won the coin toss at the start of overtime, they gave the ball to Foles. Imagine that.

    “I was telling the boys — ‘Are they serious, do they really want to give us the ball?'” Rams receiver Kenny Britt said.

    Yup, they did.

    The Rams went three-and-out (Foles completed a pass for no gain and threw an incompletion), and the Vikings drove to the game-winning field goal in the 21-18 victory.

    That left Foles open again to criticism by the local media, which is starting to realize that maybe the Rams got fleeced by Kelly in the offseason QB swap.

    “I put a lot on myself, and I just have to keep playing better and growing as a quarterback,” Foles said.

    But in St. Louis, they thought they were getting a franchise quarterback, not someone who is still growing into the position.

    Meanwhile, on Sunday night, Bradford played his best game with the Eagles while keeping their season alive with a 33-27 overtime win on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. Bradford’s 41-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews clinched the win.

    Here is a look at the stats of the two QBs:


    Bradford (33-27 win): 25-for-36, 295 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int, 103.4 rating.

    Foles (18-15 loss): 18-for-33, 168 yards, 0 TD, 0 Int, 68.8 rating.

    Season (Eagles and Rams are 4-4)

    Bradford: 195-for-310 (63 percent), 2,061 yards, 10 TDs, 10 Ints, 79.5 rating.

    Foles: 128-for-220 (58 percent), 1,478 yards, 7 TDs, 5 Ints, 79.7 rating.

    • Note to Songs…. Nobody around here gives two shits about Foles. In case you haven’t heard, Foles has no effect on the Eagle’s record.

      It seems like Foles continues to be a bee in your bonnet, Songs….. Let it go man. Put your RG3 jersey on and watch your Redskins with Cousins under center…

    • The numbers dont tell the whole story…The Rams have loss two games directly because of Nick Foles…the Green Bay and Pittsburgh losses is directly due back breaking interceptions at critical times in the games that cost the Rams wins. Foles has not thrown over 200 yards in seven games…pathetic!
      Of course, the Foles supporters dont want us to look at this now that Bradford is turning the corner…but when they were bashing Bradford and with Bradford Sucks movement and calling for him to be benched…Kelly was roasted for giving up Nick Foles and that second round pick.

      Now we are seeing that we really traded our second round pick for Bradford…Foles was the throw in for the deal that the Rams thought would give them the better of the deal…

      They are starting to see why Kelly bailed on Foles! He stinks

  • A few lose ends..

    I read your comments on the Vinnie Curry post, though I wont comment there cause it’s basically trash….

    Pman rooting for Kelly to be gone at seasons end only further highlights how far rooted in their own system/their own QB people have become.

    Ill go on record and say that I believe it’s still too early to make a final call on Kelly. He wanted his rookie QB… he tried to get him. If he had gotten him i bet we would have been pretty good here. Our D is bigger, faster and stronger… this was something I had been crying for since the Dawk days. That ALONE to me makes me like Kelly. And for those like Pman calling for Roseman to come back as GM…….. no flipping thanks.

  • Speaking of numbers.

    We all do realize that this “improvement” from Bradford has come against a litany of the league’s worst pass defenses right?

    Eagles have played 1 “top 10” defense this year. The Jets. But, if you have been following football at all, you know what happens to teams before travelling to the stupid London game. They mentally check out and don’t try. They always get killed. **

    As for the other teams the Birds have played:

    Atl 23rd overall 19th pass
    Dallas15th overall 10th pass
    Skins 21st overall t 9th pass
    Saints 31st overall 30th pass
    Giants 32nd overall 31st vs pass
    Panthers 13th overall 12th pass
    Dallas 15th overall 10th pass…

    Also remember that both the Skins and Dallas were playing their games with multiple defensive injuries.

    Despite playing a litany of low ranked defenses….the Eagles O has been “average”. And the QB with 10 and 10 against these scrubs?

    Well, he better be improving.

    **In case you don’t believe the “pre-London” collapse I speak of….teams heading to London are 1-5 this year.

    The one win…..against the Vick led Steelers…so that’s pretty much a free win.

    The 5 losses….teams gave up an average of 32/game. Every loss by double digits.

    The London game is stupid, and guarantees a double digit wipeout the week before as teams spend the week making travel plans etc.

    In fact, the Eagles scoring only 24 up against a pre-London team was the second worst performance by an offence, after Vick of course.

    • You do realize that you ONLY use this kind of language when we are speaking against the QB’s you dont like. When Foles and Kolb were the guys, you went on about how you can only play whos next on your schedule.

      We get it Vinnie…. the Eagles do not start the QBs you prefer… Kolb/Foles. Instead, they have moved on. You should too.

      • Stevo why do you even try to talk this fool, he has been on foles nutz since day 1, he will never let foles go, its a shame to, hes a terrible eagles fan

        • yes.. well aware. That is why he is the simplest simpleton… Im actually not sure why this appeared under his comment… was supposed to be for the entire group. He outed himself years ago when he hitched his little red wagon to Kolb and then bet his appearance on this site that Foles would beat out -you know who- for the starter position. We all know how that went and yet… he is still here.

          • Which speaks directly to his lack of integrity.

  • Vinnie, I realize that Bradford is not the second coming of Montana, I realize he has yet to play a really good 4 quarters, I understand his ‘upside former number 1 isn’t never going to come into play…however, he is our qb, he is I guess average in a terrible qb league. Numbers can be bent in a lot of different ways for whatever point you want to make. For example I thought fisher coached like a scared rabbit on Sunday… What a puss. He was playing not to lose…is that because A. He was playing it by the book? B. he had no confidence in his terrible WR or C. Is he afraid of Foles? D. Without bridge water he felt the vikes had no chance…probably E. All of the above… But there are many ways to round out an argument. If you are a fan you need to be wrong about sam I am… He isn’t great but he is our only shot

    • haveablunt…the answer is C…afraid of Foles…he has no confidence in a QB who has thrown for less than 200 yards in each of his last 7 games!

      How he is keeping his job is a mystery to me…

      Fisher has seen Foles in tough situations turn the ball over…miss open receivers…how come Vinniedaloser wont talk about this “stat”:
      “Rams’ current third-down conversion rate (23.7%) is the worst by an NFL team since STATS LLC began officially tracking the stat in 1972.”

      Since the Rams bye week Foles and the Rams have converted only 4 of 37 third downs…that is epic incompetence and brutal!

      Vinniedaloser talked about the Vick led Steelers…but guess who Vick did manage to beat…Nick Foles Rams with Foles overshooting an open receiver for an interception to seal the game.

      Sam Bradford’s improvement is obvious…we are seeing with our eyes accurate throws, clutch plays, confidence,and leadership that gives us as Eagles fans hope..

      We can all sense after a performance like that where the QB hits the walkoff game-winning touchdown with an accurate on time pass while a pass rush is bearing down on him…we dont need stats to see…we are on to something with Sam Bradford!

      Sorry you just cant enjoy it Vinniedaloser…too bad!

  • Once again, Vinniedaloser with more meaningless and stupid stats

    Now we have the “pre-London” collapse where Vinniedafool engages in a psycho-babbling analysis of teams “mentally checking” out to belittle and Eagles win.


    Of course, Vinniedaloser never referred to such desperate and lame stats when he was looking at his man-crush Nick Foles…the defensive rankings of teams Foles beat was never apart of his analytical framework at all…so we can see that Vinniedaloser’s references are once again hypocritical, irrelevant, and downright foolish!

    The kind of stats that Vinnie consistently refers to never tells you what the matches are…who was hurt, who was playing well, did it involve divisional opponents, did a team have a particularly bad game that lowers their rankings, was the team in a position like Dallas fighting for their survival…none of that is considered in Vinniedalosers “stats’ that he disingenuously turns too when reality is starting to hit him in the face.

    In this case, the reality is that Sam Bradford after not playing for two years is beginning to get his timing and feel for the game back…we saw it last week, and we saw it this week in his excellent performance against our most hated rival-the Dallas Cowboys!

    Trying to find backhanded ways to bash Bradford after a spectacular, crunch time performance in a critical game against a division rival is just so lame..

    You are really desperate and pathetic Vinniedaloser.

    • Hey fucknut,

      Call it psycho-babble all you want, but the pre-London collapse has more $$ than you have ever seen into my play fund.

      ‘Cause it exists.

      But I understand why a 16 yr old living on the lower bunk and who has never seen nor earned real $$ in his life wouldn’t understand.

      Oh….Every single QB who has ever played in Chip Kelly’s, what is your line…”QB friendly system” has IMPROVED over his career numbers.

      Vick was better than his averages
      Foles was better than his averages
      Sanchez was better than his averages

      Bradford is worse.

      Despite playing a litany of #20-30 ranked defenses he has a:
      higher comp % (there we go)
      lower TD%
      lower yrds/comp
      lower yrds/catch
      higher int%

      This line is fantastc:
      “was the team in a position like Dallas fighting for their survival…”

      LOL. It was a in-fighting on 5 game losing streak just cut their starting RB and are trying to rely on Darren McFadden while down to a just off the street 3rd string QB and enjoying their best defender leaving the game with injury team.

      They were and are finished.

      And to have to scrape and claw, passing for 70 yrds in the first half and getting to the end of the game at 20 of 30 for 230 and no tds??

      Pretty damn pathetic I think.

      Oh, but he stared at 1 wr who he told pre snap it was coming to him and “hitting” him 15 yrds wide open because the 3rd string defender had fallen down?


      Come talking to me espousing how great Bradford is when he drops 7 (not 1) on a completely depleted and dejected team like the Cowboys.

      • Nick Foles has been indefensible in his recent games ..plenty of this game is between the ear holes..For Sam I Am ,he needed to get the jabeezies..out of his head ..a twice destroyed knee ,a QB killer of a coach in Fischer ,and lest we forget “rust.”…now he’s had a trending upward sign ,and renewed confidences ,complete the cycle and show consistency .Premature excitement is a bummer in the bedroom and on the grid iron..lets enjoy the next game and evaluate what we see …through the prism of reality .

      • smh…desperate, bewildered…its all falling apart for you Vinniedafool

        psycho-babble, ridiculous claims, wild assertions-historical stats from years past-irrelevant, ignorant and meaningless.

        but the reality is that anyone with eyes can see…Bradford after some early and understandable struggles for a guy with receivers dropping passes at a record pace, poor offensive line, no running game early in the year AND having not played in 2 years-in the last two games. We are seeing the signs of life from him-we are seeing a guy with inner character and strength. When everyone has been bashing him, criticizing him, writing him off….in the heat of Philadelphia pressure–Bradford in a pressure game and situation answered the call! He stepped up in the face of being bashed all around the city…and turned in his best performance!!

        Stats be dammed…the character of Bradford stepping up when being bashed shows you something about the Quarterback.

        We are seeing a guy deliver accurate on the money passes under pressure, in the past two games one turnover against defenses that have played well recently, stepping up into the pocket, confident…leading the team…we have seen Bradford call the team together…taking ownership…showing much needed leadership.
        Bradford’s performance has no inspired the team…Matthews proclaimed that we “know we have a championship Quarterback in Bradford”
        The play, the dagger shot Bradford told Matthews, “I’m coming to you” and hit him on the money in stride! The team is energized and inspired.
        Who on this Eagles team is missing Nick Foles? Who is saying “boy we wish we still had Nick”?

        What about the confidence Nick Foles is inspiring in St. Louis?

        What did Foles do…first we see how much respect he gets from other teams in the league…the Vikings win the coin toss for overtime and elects to give the ball to Foles…telling Foles…”take your shot to beat us because we dont believe you can”…a direct smack in the face!

        What does Foles do after such an insult…instead of rising to the occasion and answering the call…he goes out with a whimper…three and out and the Vikings win the game.

        Foles has had 3rd down and 11 and Fisher runs the ball to Gurley.

        These facts are better than your stats from years ago Vinniedafool, better than your weird constructs, and QB ratings for two years…

        The overtime games told us all we needed to know about the two Quarterbacks…Foles and Bradford both on the road…in a tough situation.
        One quarterback delivers the dagger to our hated rivals the Cowboys putting a very important nail in their coffin for the season. The other wilts under the pressure and here is some psychological analysis for you…what do you think Nick Foles teammates think of him, after seeing the Vikings give him the ball first in overtime?

        Vinniedafoolass….you can continue your babbling, your stat citations…I’ll stick to the reality that we see with our eyes….the growing confidence of the team…the improving play of our QB that is tangible and with the big time game sealing, clutch win in his pocket…the reality is obvious…Bradford like I predicted when everyone else said the opposite….is getting better!

        • Kook 15 yds and loss of down ..excessive piling on..

          • LMAO…i know desertdork..it hurts bad…but dont worry you’ll get used to it over the next few weeks as Bradford continues to get better and if you are a real Eagles fan…you will eat your crow with dignity and stop bellyaching, bitching, making up lame ass stats, ducking, and wimping out…

  • The long and short of it is this – It’s all about winning football games….

    Sam Bradford had a 50% winning percentage with the Rams and he has a 50% winning percentage with the Eagles.

    Nick Foles had a 55% winning percentage with the Eagles and a 50% winning percentage with the Rams.

    Sam Bradford has some catching up to do before he will equal what Foles did as an Eagle. I hope he leaves Foles in the dust…. but as of right now the Bradford trade is a win for the Rams… koolbreeze can spout off all he wants – Sam has to be better.

  • Bottom line…. we won on Sunday and we are moving in the right direction. You guys can tout the rams qb all you want…. it’s silly really but… if it helps you cope.. thats fine.

    For the Eagle fans out there…. Lets hope this is the start of something. if 81 can catch the ball like that every week we are only going to get better. Im worried about ilb’s and Im worried about the OL but…. we should be ok moving forward.

  • Lbs should be fine i like najae as a fourth lb, we wilk be fine

    • zilents we were getting All-Pro play from Hicks! He was balling…I think we will be okay…but damm it hurts losing that kid. Alonso will have to step up and earn his keep we traded Shady for him…he needs to play like it was worth it

  • Irish Eagle your wrong…its not about simply winning football games its about winning playoff football games…its about having a Quarterback that gives you a chance to win playoff games.

    Foles is 0-1 in those games!

    Stop denying the obvious…throw away the meaniingless stats, throw away what Foles did with the unique talents of Djax to carry him…look at Sam Bradford’s game…the accurate passes, the growing confidence in the pocket, the smart plays…

    Once again we are looking at a Quarterback that has not played in 2 years on an Eagles team with LESS talented receivers than Foles played with here.
    But the eye test tells us all the story…everyone who watches Bradford, and thinks back to Foles sees that Bradford has more talent, he is more accurate, he is smarter than Foles…he’s a better Quarterback…and you are lying to yourself if you believe that we would have a better chance to win anything with Nick Foles. His dismal play in St Louis only affirms we had NO CHANCE to win with Foles.
    You look at Bradford especially after this last game and you see a QB on the rise that gives us hope!

    Admit it!

    • I’m happy to admit that…

      There’s nobody who wants Bradford to excel more than me… I’m rooting for Bradford to be great. But he’s not there now…

    • Hot air, you have comments on here pre game of the 2013 playoff game stating the importance of the eagles running game, you mentioned OL and shady… Talking bout how important they were…yet they gained 80 yards… So afterwards you blamed Foles, before hand it was about the running game…. Interesting

  • I have never seen a 3rd rd pick get blasted like hicks did on this site, mostly because of need for oline, but damn he shut us up real quick, that shows you never draft for need but best value on board

  • Yes I called the assholes (oh no I used a bad word) out about the hicks pick on draft day… Specifically Fraudman .
    Hot air you answered C only out I’d predjudice ..

    • Hot air… Remind me again what Bradford’s playoff record is? It escapes me

    • haveablunt your all smoked out…C was the correct option that YOU made available…the Vikings chose C too…when they won the coin flip and elected to give Foles the ball…they were in effect saying ….”Take your shot Foles…the game is on the line…we dont believe you can beat us”
      Nothing more damming than that haveablunt…even your smoked out ass can see that!
      Look at some of the passes that Bradford is completing…did you see the pass to Ertz who was covered like a blanket…the pin-point pass that he dropped in the basket to Murray…the money pass that he hit Matthews with a pass rush bearing down on him, releasing the ball before Matthews made his break in stride so that he could run after the catch.
      Anyone who writes this game off as a meaningless win against an inferior opponent is ridiculous and simply does not want to give Bradford and the Eagles the credit he deserves while more than willing to viciously bash and blame him for the losses.
      Why the hypocritical double standards?

      • Actually there was a major debate about the wind.
        Please respond to the question about SAMs playoff record

  • We just beat Dallas and we are chasing down the Giants… and yet we are still talking about Nick Foles.. smh.

    Desert… please… start a convo to get us away from this stupidity… please!!

    • Stevo..like the rest of us ..I can’t stand looking in the rear view mirror..I’m finally excited to watch my birds Sunday…I honestly had no hope or buzz Going into the Dallas game …all I want is to be relevant at Xmas..I can’t stand comparing two different players ,in two different systems ,let alone a guy who no longer wears the right laundry…

      • yeah, yeah…i understand deserteagle…you dont want to see all that baggage you left behind…so dont look in the rear view mirror. Funny, when you all were bashing the hell out of Bradford none of you had any problems looking behind then.
        Suddenly…”presto” we dont want to talk about Foles
        I have no problem dealing with the reality of now…I was forward looking when I predicted that Sam Bradford was going to play a lot better.

        I was looking forward when I told you that he was rusty from not playing 2 years, playing in a new system, with receivers that frankly are not nearly as good as the receivers we had over the last two years!

        I was looking forward when I told all of you this…you guys were talking about Sam with the Rams and how he never did anything there, you guys was telling me about Foles 27-2 and how many games he won as an Eagle…you guys were all bashing Bradford as the worst QB that ever played here…calling for Sanchez and saying he should be benched.

        Now you dont want to compare..what a bunch of lames and hypocrites! LOL

        Now we dont even want to look at the last game

        • Sorry, I didn’t see SAMs playoff record? Did I miss it

  • All too comical

    When foles played in Kelly’s system he was the most productive of any

    He’s in a different system with different coaches.

    Meanwhile, Bradford is in the most friendly of systems for qbs, regardless of personnel, a system under which every qb that’s played under has had career stats, and he’s at the bottom

    Use logic,..

    Stay smart my friends

    • jakdog…your back with more of the lame ass analysis that you guys are trying to cover your asses with in denial about Nick Foles

      If he was so productive why did Chip Kelly get rid of him?

      The answer has nothing to do with ‘system’…

      Its a guy that couldn’t read defenses, throwing off of his backfoot, inaccurate,slow as hell mentally and physically

      Bradford playing in a brand new system with new players, after not playing in two years is just getting comfortable he’s just getting warmed up…

      Dont worry about his ‘stats’ up until now…look at what he does in the next games…

      Another point is that we wont be pass happy…

      The Eagles are going to run the ball…we got three good running backs we will use them and when Sam throws the ball he wont be missing wide open receivers, throwing inaccurate passes, making stupid mistakes, and turning the ball over…

      The Sam Bradford that we have seen over the last two games is the Bradford we will see for the rest of the season only better…and that Bradford is much better than Nick Foles who we are seeing doing the same thing with the Rams that he did last year with the Eagles…different systems but the same damm Qb…

      Get smart jakdog…Get smart!

  • Here’s the thing

    Foles is struggling with a piss poor offensive coordinator, young o line, and no playmakers, but he is in every game except green bay, and if pussy , psycho consult bradford took that beating with the pack he’d be either dead or out of football and back talking to his psychologist, that weak kneed pussy mother fucker

    Bradford will show his true self again and trust me that foles, great qb, great young man , will lead the rams to the playoffs

    • Jake? Did the piss poor offensive coordinator make Foles over throw a wide open receiver on 3rd down in overtime?

      3 & out….Keep in mind the Vikings chose to put the ball in Foles hands in overtime.

      Was that the coordinator’s fault on 3rd down?

      Answer that.

  • You are a funny koolbreeze, entertainment for sure. But you will be wrong again

  • Part of it must be you don’t have a feel for the game, what it takes to play at college or the pros, you completely discount or are unaware of presence, leadership. Not stats. But toughness, Perseverance.

    That is why it will be foles and the rams in the playoffs and Bradford and the eagles will not. But with bradford on the coach again

  • round and round we go…… same simpletons different year.

    Foles looked good… very good at times.. and other times.. not good at all. If you watch the all 22 you can see that he missed a ton. It is what it is. Now he seems like a good young man but he isnt what the head coach wanted. Everyone assumed that Chip wants a fast RO kind of guy…. but thats not what he traded for. The OC wanted Bradford and apparently it wasnt a hard sell for Chip. We dont know how Chip really feels right now…. the proof will come at the end of the season when they do or dont resign him. But we know what he thought of Foles. And it’s time you all move on.

  • Just woke up here in the desert..I find it complete irony to have watched a republican political debate ,and contrast that to Foles vs Sam I am..hysterical..if we are going to have all of the posters ver for this holiday meal ,I’d sit Vinnie jake Pman and myself away from the crazy uncle (Kool) ..lets get back on looking forward to examine the here and now ..history and revisionist history is nay of import if you make the same mistakes over and over and don’t learn from it.

    • Amen!!!!

      So…. leaving the fools in the dust.. Desert, this week I think we focus on the little things;

      1) Spread em out and pound the rock.
      2) Mix in 2 TE sets here and there, I havent seen enough TE streaks up the middle from like a single back ace this year.
      3) On D, send em at the QB and make him beat us. I expect 2 picks this week.

      • What a breath of fresh air…Xs and Os..Stevo…lets have Pman break the film down ..and get ready to eat some fish !

        • This Dolphin Game is pretty easy to Break Down…

          1) Rushing the Ball
          The Dolphins Defense Ranks #31st in the NFL giving up 142 Yards Rushing Per Game while the Eagles Rushing Attack Ranks 10th and Averages 122 Yards Per Game after a slow start in their first 2 Games..
          I Expect Eagles to get 175 Yards + Rushing in this Game

          2) Turnover Battle
          Eagles have Created 20 Turnovers which leads teh NFL and a Overall + 5 in the Give/Take-Away Stat while the Dolphins have only Created 8 Turnovers are a – 4 for the Season which gives the Eagles a huge Advantage

          Bottom Line, If Bradford and Eagles Offense minimize Turnovers and can Run the Ball, they should Win this Game though Dolphins QB Tannehill will likely make some big plays and has a great young Playmaker in WR Jarvis Landry who is having a great Sophomore Season and Player i was very high on in the 2014 Draft and thought he would be perfect in this Eagles Offense… (Odell Beckham Jr gets all the Press, but I believed then as I do now, that Landry may have the longer and more productive NFL Career as they both came out of LSU in that Great WR class of 2014)

          • Good work Pman.

          • Running game has really picked up over the last 4 games. Might as well keep up with what is working and work the play action off of that. Still like to see more targets for Ertz/Celek and for Sproles to. As Real mentioned above, Sproles is such a great reciever that he needs to be worked into the passing offense more to compliment if J Mathews starts to take off.

  • News..Jenkins going through concussion protocol ..peters practicing

    • did’t notice Jenkins getting injured. I noticed him being spun in a circle a couple times by Cole Beasley, maybe he is still dizzy.
      Eagles probably dodged a bullet with Peters absence still fearful with Dennis Kelly out there as I was last year with David Molk and Nate Allen.

      • Jenkins being tested for whiplash

  • Bwaah!!!…the blind, deaf, and dumb crew with some “X and O” talk…spare me

    Like or not the evaluation of the Qb and the comparison between Foles and Bradford is a part of the legitimate assessment of Kelly as the GM.

    It was the biggest move of the oft-season…so of course it is a legitimate discourse and fair part of what we do here in fighting it out about the team.

    If you lame asses dont like what’s discussed go to another thread or forum or simply stay silent like other people do when they dont feel like talking..stop with the sanctimonious, stuffy ass bull Stevo and desertdork !

    When you were bashing Kelly and Bradford over and over again…wearing everyone out with crying and whining, bitching and moaning…the tiresome chicken-little sky is falling bs….a few of us was tired of that crap coming in droves from , desertdork and paulman in abundance.
    Now when it looks like the team is moving in a positive direction after a big win…suddenly you lames want to fraudulently posit yourselves as objective ‘X and O’ guys and berate people for what they choose to talk about!!
    when you were falling apart with shrill crying and whining that all was lost the Eagles were done, bench Bradford and bashing Kelly to no end for the deal…you couldn’t get enough…now suddenly…’presto’ flip-flop we are back to ‘sound football X and O talk…
    You guys are corny as hell and full of crap!

    • Kool you make a fair point. I’ve been grown tired of how the vinnies, jakedogs, and pman’s spamming bs is somehow considered digestible. I don’t always agree with every point you or songs make, but as I’ve stated before I KNOW WHY you do especially in regards to the qb saga over the years. I’m on record with stating that Kolb was garbage and never passed the eye test. I’m on record with stating that though I liked his toughness and felt he passed the eye test, Foles wasn’t better than Vick and he’d eventually come back down to earth. He did last year and continues to show this year he was never the answer. I defended Bradford with same line of reasoning i gave Foles when he has his very bad performances. Like Foles he passed my eye test. I also believe he’s much better than Foles. Do I believe he’s the answer for this team? No. I believe we’ll never see how explosive this offense can be until it features a qb with the prerequisite mobility to pose the threat that it brings. But I’m riding with Sam just like I did Foles until such transition takes place. I still believe that Chip overplayed his hand in regards to key personnel moves. Not impressed with Chip the GM.

  • Lol kool u a trip man

    • zilents man i just call it like I see it

  • It was the biggest move of the oft-season…so of course it is a legitimate discourse and fair part of what we do here in fighting it out about the team.

    I’m surprised to see that you consider the Foles/Bradford trade the biggest move of the off-season.

    To me and many others there’s not a big difference at the quarterback position since Bradford replaced Foles – Maybe a small drop-off….

    The bigger, more significant effect is being felt at the WR position with the loss of Jeremy Maclin…

    • Symbolically it was the biggest move of the off-season. Practically its been one big….what does TS say? “Shrug”

    • Give the kid Agholor a shot a fair chance..he’s been hurt…I like many other thought that he would eventually develop into a good replacement for Maclin. Its way too early to call the kid a bust.
      As to the Quarterback, IrishEagle you and many others were simply wrong.
      Throw out the ‘stats’ …stats dont tell the story at all, and even when you look at stats Bradford worst stat is the 10 interceptions-4 of them where dropped passes by receivers into the hands of defenders!
      Remove the massive drops and even Bradford’s stats looks a lot better.
      There is a very big difference that is demonstrated in the intangibles that we can properly assess and gauge.
      Two Quarterbacks in important, pressure games for their respective teams…Bradford is being bashed, criticized, fans calling for Sanchez, bashing Chip Kelly bringing the pressure that the Philadelphia fan base brings to Quarterbacks.
      Foles in the soft and laid back St.Louis is only feeling the pressure of his dismal failures on 3rd downs, his inability to throw for over 200 yards in 7 straight games..
      The Vikings having seen Foles the entire game wins the toss for overtime and gives him the ball.
      A slap in the face…the gauntlet is thrown down-“Beat us-your ball first”
      Does Foles come out determined, insulted…does he rise to the occasion, rally his team to the win…”
      Nope…he goes out with a whimper 3 and out
      Bradford on the other hand rises to the occasion…he had played well in the game in the face of pressure…now this was the big test we all wanted to see..could he come through in the clutch?
      Bradford gathered the team together, showing leadership and determination and then didn’t just talk the talk…he hit Matthews with a strike-r the dagger shot on the money with the defensive lineman Hardy bearing down on him.
      We have the much better Quarterback…who in these last two games has shown improvement, knocking off the rust of not playing for two years and now is ready to put the naysayers and haters in their place.
      We got the better QB in the deal IrishEagle…no doubt in my mind at all! Its not even close!

      • Not one person has called Agholor a bust…so why are you screaming about that like you scream about everything else?

        Agholor is a rookie, and the vast majority of Rookies have difficult first seasons.

        What IE has simply stated is Maclin’ departure has had a greater impact on the team than anything else on O as no-onee has adequately replaced him.

        Statistically, Bradford is still performing at a lower level than either Qb that played last year, so the trade has been one big pile of nothing.

        And why do you keep bringing up the Rams? Are they the Eagles. If you want to compare old QBs to knew then compare results on the Eagles to results on the Eagles. And there has been absolutely no improvement for the Eagles at the QB position this year…in fact, every single QB stat is lower this year than last. End of story.

      • If you are going to bring up Foles and the game vs. the Vikings at least be accurate…. The Vikings took the wind rather than the ball because Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein had already missed a 48-yard field goal due to high winds…

        They knew there would be no return because the kickoff was going deep into the endzone with the wind, and neither QB could get the ball downfield to receivers against the wind.

        It had nothing at all to do with Foles…. Stop making shit up.

        • I haven’t even considered engaging him on the whole Rams business. There’s no point comparing QBs on different team…makes no sense in the first place.

          If you want to compare…compare the two on the same team.

          But it is difficult not to engage when its such completely made up horseshit.So ridiculous.

          The 30 MPH wind? Irrelevant.
          That they have the #2 D in the league that was tearing through the Rams OL like swiss cheese? Irrelevant.
          The fact that they were down to their own backup QB . Irrelevant.

          Does Koolbreeze know the Vikes had 3 drives that had totaled -6 yards in the 4th.

          I’ll let that sink in.


          Niether team was moving the ball, but Minn coaches had no evidence that they would be able to move the ball at all in OT…in fact were probably going to move backwards as they had all 4th.

          The only logical move in that situation is to take the wind. Kick to the opposition. Lean on your #2 defense, and the wind to hold the opposition, and pick up good field position after the punt…knowing at that point all they’d need is 20 yards to get into fg range with the wind.

          Very good coaching. Playing to your strengths (defense), ignoring your weaknesses (offense) and factoring the weather.

          Does anyone ever remember the Eagles/Carolina game from about 10 years ago. Heavy heavy winds at the link and Reid called McNabb to pass 50x (completely inept in the wind) and Carolina did nothing but run and won 10-6 or something like that….remember that bad coaching.

          This was the opposite of that.

          • You haven’t engaged Kool on the Rams? That’s because you can’t, Foles Gold has been complete garbage. Your silence is you not having any leg to stand on because he’s been terrible, and you’ve had to admit it to yourself. As usual, you’re full of shit, Vinniedamoron.

            You were quick to come on this site and crow after the Rams beat the Seahawks at home. You were also moaning about how good you thought Foles was playing and about how much better the Eagles would be with him after the Rams beat the Cardinals. You opened your big mouth to soon, now you have to STFU about Foles for the moment because he’s garbage. You’ll be quick to talk about him during the next blue moon when Foles has a good game.

            That’s why you should STFU period. You get on this site all the time and jump the gun. Maybe instead of being in a rush to spout your moronic opinions you should let things play out a little, instead of coming out guns blazing when you believe you have the momentary upper hand.

            • Excellent!!

            • this is dead on. You did jump the gun… you are kind of getting what you deserve. And remember…. you did the same thing and lost a bet to even be here.

          • as for the wind…. I agree with you. I watched the game (I live in MN) and can tell you that the wind was an issue the entire game. The FG’s were insane. For sure…. they could have killed the distance record if they could have figured out the odd pockets of movement. MN picked wind in the direction they wanted.. nothing more to see here. and remember…. this is coming from a guy that you idiots have pegged as an “anti Foles” guy.

            as for comparing teams and such….. The 2015 Eagles is as different from 2014 Eagles as could be imagined. Let it play out….. let go of your bias… you will feel so much better.

      • No-one is calling rook a bust…. no-one.

        Currently Bradford around 14th in yards and Foles is 30th…. neither had played well enough to say 1 is a rock star and the other a goat. I tend to think we got the better of the deal but that is assuming the health of ours stays the same. Neither has a playoff win, neither has earned the money they are getting this year.. all of this makes me wonder why you guys are so in love with either. That said… ill repeat… I believe we have the better QB.. jury is still out though.

        Losing Jmak hurt us.. i do believe that the drops of our WR’s are hurting our team. Those that want to deny this are only protecting their bias. The O seemed to gel more during the last game… i pray this continues. I believe it does continue throughout the year and that they will get better and better.

        The O line has to continue… they have looked better as of late but I still think this is a major weakness for our team, cutting our starting G before the start of the season was a silly move IMO.

        Our D is much improved, it is GREAT to finally see this happen. 31 stepped up this past week and showed signs of what we paid him for.

        • As I stated several days ago, I am not as convinced that the Eagles defense is as improved as people think it is. I think the litany of terrible QB/offenses they’ve faced has inflated their numbers pretty significantly.

        • Great post Stevo

  • Jeremy mac left for money he wasnt worth what he got

    • That might be true Z, but it sure has created a hole in our WR corps that has not been filled.

      • Agreed. The team was significantly weakened at O line (which may have righted itself a bit) and at WR. Before this week for Mathews they had zero weapons at WR. Even if Mathews can build on last week, they still only have 1 decent WR.

  • Bradford loves to throw 3 yard passes on 3rd and 7.

    • FYI- as bad as Bradford has been on 3rd down, the Foles led Rams are dead last in this category, are actually 8% worse than the birds and currently setting records (the bad kind) historically. You may want to find another point.

      • Jeff Fisher grounded Air McNair. He had a top 5 QB and turned him into a hand off machine. His time is coming to an end soon.

  • Jeff fisher the qb killer

  • Stevo, dumb ass

    • It continues… The idiots cannot contain themselves. We are now at the point that 1 is talking about post London stats, another is blaming not only the coach that traded him but also the coach that traded for him. Idiot #3 has no response to my balanced comments (remember, I don’t hate foles) but to call me “dumbass”.

      Don’t you people understand?? Oh wait… No you don’t.

  • You cannot compare what foles is doing in st. Louis to what bradford is doing here. Compare foles numbers as the qb here to Bradford s here, otherwise it’s apples to oranges

    Kelly’s system has elevated every qb to career numbers except one,

    want to guess who that is stevo

    Except the last game and a half in atlanta, Bradford has stunk, yet we have to hear on a daily basis from the three blind mice how great the Bradford for Foles, plus draft picks, plus millions

    I said it st yhe beginning of the season and I’ll be back at the end proclaim ing myself correct

    this trade will be the end of kelly

    • squeeze that bias a little tighter bud…..

      This is the question .. isnt it? What stats exactly do you want to use for this comparison? Is it wins? Are wins the only thing that matters? Or Td’s/Int’s? or playoff wins? We cant compare eagles and rams… its not the same team, right? But we can compare 2015 Eagles to 2014 Eagles…. that what can do… even though we have 2/5ths of a new Oline, 2 new Rb’s and we lost our best WR. We cant talk about Bradford being out of the game for 2 years.. thats not an excuse… right? And we cant compare Foles first 8 games in Philly because he was a rook (Bradford is a Vet!!) But we can talk about Wins and Losses in Philly because “thats all that matters” but we cant talk about the fact that Bradford had ziltch around him. Does all this sound about right?

      Whats funny to me is that same people that talked about Kelly being “fleeced” by Fisher over the summer (implying that Fisher is a REAL NFL coach compared to our clown), are now using Fisher as the reason Nick is back to looking like Nick.

      Bottom line…. it’s toooooo early!! The guy was off for 2 years and has a new system and a new team around him.

      I will say the same thing I said when Vick was the Qb….. and when Foles was the QB…. and now that Bradford is the Qb…. THIS IS A TEAM SPORT. You idiots focus on 1 player year after year!!! And you know what…. I’m an idiot for trying to explain the game of football to you!! I am breaking this down like I do my 7 year old and still…… nothing sticks.

      • Excellent points Stevo, I agree 100%….it is a team sport.

        I have never denied or refused to look at this aspect. however on a sports forum like this all kinds of points will be battled out…my ongoing battle with Vinniedafool and others have to be contextualized as an argument with them and a response to their insistent attacks on me.
        My approach has been objective look at the circumstances surrounding the team from the start. People believed that the sole reason I liked Mike Vick because he is black and an athletic QB. They ignored my arguments that he was the best QB available and that he proved objectively in a head to head battle to be better than Nick Foles. When Nick Foles went 27-2, people ignore that fact that I didn’t pursue an agenda to keep Vick on the team…I said repeatedly Nick deserved a chance to prove himself to be the franchised QB in the upcoming year…Vick got hurt tough break time to move on!
        Foles had his shot, he failed. Chip Kelly who wants to win, who is smart, who has seen Foles more than any of us decided to get rid of him. Foles had no value on his own, so we had to give up a second rounder with him
        Like I said…its a gamble but a very intelligent one and I’m seeing signs of the payoff starting with a clutch time, money performance against the team I hate the most…the Cowboys.

        Again I have argued that Bradford is a gamble, a very intelligent and worthwhile gamble-but still a gamble. In order to win in the NFL you have to take some gambles. While Football is a team sport you need a Franchise Quarterback to win unless you have a shut down hall of fame defense…the Eagles dont have a shut down defense so they got the best, most talented Quarterback available to the Eagles for this season- Sam Bradford.

        I wish Tom Brady was the QB here and we would have nothing to fight about…unfortunately Brady, Rodgers, Wilson, or no other top flight Qb’s were available to the Eagles.
        I have repeatedly asked the critics of Chip Kelly’s acquisition of Bradford in an objective manner…guys who I am not feuding with like Big Lion…I asked them repeatedly-what move should Chip Kelly have made at the QB position? What could he do?
        Never got a response from any of you guys…so while it is easy to bitch, whine and complain….objective analysis of the Eagles requires more than that..when I get intelligent and objective responses instead of agenda driven, bashing…I’ll be very surprised!

  • Roger Goodell has to go – this league is a joke.
    those uniforms were ridiculous yesterday on Thursday Night football. Read an article where fans who are color blind had couldn’t tell who was who last night. Nike has 2 more ridiculous uniforms planned for next thursday’s game too. They have 2 franchises being run by 90 year old widow women who are terminated on the field coaches leaving 2 NFL franchises in shambles ( Detroit and Tennessee)

  • shady mccoy went off yesterday for 159 yards for Rex Ryan’s revenge game against the Jets. You know he has that Eagle game circled and Rex will give him every opportunity to stick it to the birds.

  • Stevo loves Sam

    • Show me where ive said this… or how you come up with this idea?

      Because Im balanced in my thinking? Because im not crying about Foles? The guy was a 3rd round pick who had a good stretch of games and no playoff win to speak of. You guys talk about him like he is a HOFer.

      Truth be told… im not convinced we have the Future Eagles QB on our team currently. I think Chip was trying to get #8 and came up short. I would have loved that idea… not sure I would have liked what it cost us but…. thats a diff story. I think he drafts a guy…. but im open to Sam being the guy, just like I was with Vick and Foles. Ill back the guy… root for him… and i will be open minded about his performance. I wont use some stats to prove he is the next best thing and I wont ignore stats that challenge that idea. I wont go “all in” on “my guy” and double down by betting to post in this site ever again. I wont hold my breath until the coach is gone…. i wont make snip up like you all do.
      Im an eagles fan…. i root for the team and Im not delusional enough to think im the next GM.

      • The plan was to get his guy Mm. We all addressed it at the draft .It didnt happen ,and he was left with plan B.We are in week 9 on the schedule lets talk about the guy wearing the green laundry and forgive and forget..

        • yep,
          time to start talking Dolphins –
          looking forward to getting back into the stands.
          Little worried about Alonzo replacing Hicks. He isn’t as fast on the field as I thought he was. He actually looks kind of slow. I think Demeco looks faster than him too.
          Billy Davis made a nice in game adjustment assigning Biggers to Beasley, eventually. Wonder who gets first chance in the nickle against Dolphins. The safety Maragos or the CB Biggers?

          • Agreed on biggers 0superb..it’s always amazing how an injury (hicks) or a guys inability to cover the slot allows for changes .Biggers..Giving B Davis love (can’t believe I’m doing this) as he’s shown ,unlike last or past seasons an ability to make changes and adjustments ..kudos Bill

  • Goddamn stevo u on a goddamn roll. I agree with all of that, eagles fan not fan of player, and skayne u set that fool vinnie right perfect post man. Bias fans never will understand the game of football

    • It’s funny, Stevo and skayne are just as obsessed with Nick Foles as they claim Vinnie is….. They can rattle off all Foles stats and it sounds like they follow him pretty close. Nick Foles continues to be a bee in the bonnet of all the haters as well as his supporters.

      I’m happy to say that Nick Foles means no more to me than Jay Cutler…. Lol

      • Good call… fully agree Irish. In my attempt to get them to move on, I find myself arguing a little too hard. I let them pull me back in. Thanks for the reminder that haters guna hate. You cant fix stupid and Im stupid for trying.

        • Its the exact same. Go take a look. Never once to I begin a thread about the old Qb. I only every respons, and I admit its always against Kooltwit….but only after he creates his ridiculous completely invented stories….about imaginary 3rd down conversions called back, dozens of mystery ints that all went through wrs hands, irrational arguements about fantasy coaching decisions etc.

          I get pulled in and feel compelled to straighten the kid out.

          On another note however….you must all realize its what drives the board. I, and others constantly post about other topics. Crickets.

          Twice this week I made posts (I felt would garner some response) about how the “improved” Eagles D might be a complete mirage inflated by the inferior offenses and QBs they’ve faced.


          That’s rather dull isn’t it?

      • I don’t care about Foles at all. If you want to call me obsessed, I am tireless in pointing out how much Vinny is full of shit, cuz he’s been full of shit since he’s been coming to this site.

        And you’re one of the people who cosign his bullshit.

        He’s a know nothing blowhard, that stupidly made a bet about leaving this site if Foles lost the qb competition two years ago. That bet didn’t convince him of anything other than his own genius in recognizing qb talent, so he reneged on his bet to continue posting asinine evaluations on qbs.

        Forget Foles. he’s wrong on everybody from Cam, to Russell Wilson, and many more. Pointing out how garbage Foles is is just fun cuz he might have to burn that shrine to him in the basement.

        And let’s be honest, it secretly burns you too, Irish, which is why you were quick to jump on the Bradford is garbage bandwagon. You were a Foles fanboy too, so stop trying to hide your ulterior motive.

        • And let’s be honest, it secretly burns you too, Irish, which is why you were quick to jump on the Bradford is garbage bandwagon. You were a Foles fanboy too, so stop trying to hide your ulterior motive.

          I was absolutely a Foles fan – When He Was An Eagle! . I was a DJax fan too, and a McCoy fan, and a Maclin fan, until they left. I have no use for any of them now.

          It seems like it’s okay with you and koolbreeze if fans criticize Kelly for moving on from those guys, but it burns your ass to hear anybody be critical of the Bradford trade… Wonder why that is….

          • Burns my ass if anybody criticizes the Bradford trade? Where have you been? I’ve said from the beginning that it was idiotic of Kelly to trade a 2nd and pay Bradford the 13 million for this season. The trade, from a value perspective, was stupid.

            But I was all for trading Foles straight up for Bradford, because he has way more potential.

            I’ve defended Bradford because there have been too many issues around him to claim he was the problem on offense. Too many of you don’t have a reasonable or balanced opinion when It comes to evaluating qbs. If we win, the qb’s great, if we lose he sucks. You have to evaluate the qb based on his responsibilities and the circumstances surrounding him. That’s why I knew Foles was a mirage, and why I believed Bradford was capable if given time.

            But this site isn’t for balanced opinion. Stevo, I would like to have a nuanced, balanced discussion, but that train has already left the station.

            • If you rank a QB based on his responsibilities, what does it say about Bradford that the coaching staff has spent the last 3 weeks cutting swaths out of the offensive playbook?

              • You think they didn’t cut large swaths of the playbook for Foles?

                That’s why Chip Kelly joking called his offense the See Coast offense. Whatever you see the qb is comfortable with, or complements his abilities, you run those plays and deemphasize others he isn’t as comfortable with. That’s the problem with the NFL, too many of these dime a dozen coaches are all about the system and not about the abilities of the qb.

                Ability being very important, of course. Some have way more than others (Bradford>Foles)

            • You have to evaluate the qb based on his responsibilities and the circumstances surrounding him.

              Let me preface my remarks by saying that I want Sam Bradford to be the best QB that ever played in Philadelphia. I’m rooting for Sam to succeed, because I want the Eagles to win. Plus, Sam seems like a good guy…

              Now as far as evaluating QBs – For you to say that Bradford has potential, you must be clairvoyant or something. Here’s why – first, I would guess that you saw Sam Bradford play less than 5 full games in his 5 year career before coming here.. Second, he has never put together a stretch of good solid games in his career.

              Let’s be honest – you like Sam because he’s not Foles… which is fine. But don’t peddle that ‘ QB evaluation’ shit. Because, by any evaluation Sam has look like terrible for much of his career, which is why he’s not in St Louis anymore.

              • Yes IrishEagle, your right I like Sam because he’s not Foles:

                Foles is not a quality starting QB in this league, we were not going to win anything with him, and no one was going to give you anything in a trade for Nick Foles.

                This is why we had to put a second rounder with him to get Bradford!

                Sam Bradford was the No#1 Overall Pick-I liked him and the offensive he ran at Oklahoma which is where I first saw him. ….When I first heard about the trade my reaction was immediate-a talent upgrade from what we currently have. I see a lot of NFL games IrishEagle, with the Rams, Bradford had absolutely nothing as far as talent with the Rams…poor offensive line, and no real talent at wide receiver. He’s not a Cam Newton or Russell Wilson that can carry a team offensively due to the additional ability to run the ball. But unlike Foles, he can read a defense, he is a much more accurate passer than Foles will ever be…
                He gets rid of the ball quicker, he’s not like Foles where he will hold the ball and allow the pass rush to get to himwhat I saw of him was a smart Qb who under a lot of pressure didn’t throw a lot of picks for the Rams

                His main problem has not been the quality of his play but the quantity…he has been hurt to much.

                Bradford is a gamble…I have repeated that over and over again…but to truly be fair I keep asking….what should the Eagles have done? Sit tight with a QB they knew in their assessment of him-had no chance of winning or being a championship caliber QB…or take a shot with a guy who the coaches (Pat Shumur) had some detailed understanding about his game, who is obviously a very talented passer.

                Is he Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?…NO

                Was he the best option available? I say YES

                We put ourselves in a good position…we are not tied to the guy long term, his talent makes him worth a one year gamble..Chip Kelly made the smart move…talent-wise, Nick Foles and Sanchez are on the same level…so Chip secured Sanchez for the backup role and is rolling the dice with Bradford.
                If the gamble pays off it is well worth the second rounder we gave up and we have a franchise QB…if it doesn’t we are on the same level we were last year with Foles/Sanchez

              • I have grown tired of this conversation – Let’s just agree that Sam is the quarterback we have to root for if we want the Eagles to win.

          • “It seems like it’s okay with you and koolbreeze if fans criticize Kelly for moving on from those guys, but it burns your ass to hear anybody be critical of the Bradford trade… Wonder why that is….”

            You know why IrishEagle, you are extremely selective in your reading and you make too many assumptions. I have defended the McCoy move because they replaced him with two very good running backs. I have never really liked Maclin that much…he had a good year last year but I have always considered him a bit soft for his size…plus we drafted Agholor as a first round pick who everyone believed would be an adequate replacement.
            The move that I have bashed Kelly for was the DJax move and I said it at the time of the move.. it is the height of stupidity to get rid of All-Pro talent at the top of his game and get absolutely nothing in return.
            The criticism of the Bradford trade centers around the loss of Nick Foles and once again…I have repeatedly asked the question- what were the Eagles options? If you dont like the trade you have to offer a reasonable option. While I was hoping against hope that we would somehow get Mariota I knew that this was highly unlikely…I knew that Sanchez and Foles are back-ups…we didnt have a franchise QB and their were none available…
            Bradford is the best deal we could have made…a gamble but a gamble that’s worth it…and if he fails miserably we are not stuck with him long term and we have what we started with in Sanchez- a back up QB.

  • The confirmation and affirmation of being a football savant ,seemingly supersedes intelligent conversation.The constant soap box mentality ,looking for attention to yourself ,is a 2015 phenomenon ..I enjoy the football talk ,and the social commentary at times ..but the ad nauseum of one guys merits vs another ..is truly boring and old..we have a playoff push to focus on ..we are aware the Gmen play new eng..lets get.
    Our destiny back in our hands

    • Yes. And I apologize for allowing myself to be distracted from that. This is why I pretty much seek to engage you only here anymore. Pman can be a rockstar at times… and then, not so much. So yes, lets focus on the fins.

  • Some more Stats on the Dolphins/Eagles Match-Up which is a very close and interesting one and one where many Eagles Fans, including myself, are just not that familiar with or see the Dolphins that much…

    Eagles Ranked #15th – 366 Yds Per Game, 244 Passing & 122 Rushing
    and Score 24 Pts Per Game
    Dolphins Ranked #17 – 358 Yds Per Game, 255 Passing & 103 Rushing
    and Score 21 Pts Per Game

    Eagles are Ranked 17th – Give up 367 Yards Per Game – 254 Passing & 113 Yards Rushing and Allow 21 Points Per Game
    Dolphins are Ranked 21st – Give up 385 Yards Per Game – 242 Yards Passing & 142 Yards Rushing which Eagles need to exploit…

    Take-Away/Give-Away Stats
    Eagles have Created 20 Takeaways and Committed 15 Turnovers for a + 5
    Dolphins only have 8 Takeaways and Committed 12 Turnovers for a – 4

    Key Dolphin Players Stats
    QB Tannehill – 64 % Rate – 2,237 Yds Passing, 13 Td’s & 9 INt’s
    Hes been Sacked 23 Times and has an Overall QB Passer Rating of 89%

    Key Rushers
    RB Lamar Miller – 91 Carries – 478 Yards for 5.3 Yards Average
    RB Jonas Gray – 31 Carries – 122 Yards for 4.0 Yard Average

    Key Receivers
    WR Jarvis Landry – 53 Receptions – 535 Yds 10.1 Yd Avg – 2 TD’s
    WR Rishard Matthews – 37 Receptions – 554 Yds 15.0 Yd Avg – 4 TD’s
    WR Kenny Stills – 16 Receptions – 279 Yds 17.4 Yd Avg – 1 TD
    TE Jordan Cameron – 20 Recpetions – 263 Yds – 13.2 Yd Avg – 1 TD
    RB Lamar Miller – 27 Receptions – 269 Yds – 10.0 Yd Avg – 1 TD

    The Dolphins & Tannehill are making some Big Plays in the Passing Game
    and have 30 Passing Plays of more than 20 + Yards so their YAC on the Bubble Routes to Jarvis Landry or Screens to Lamar Miller have been effective
    WR Rishard Matthews has kind of flown under the Radar and has impressed with that 15 Yards Per Catch Average as well as Stills with his 17,4 Yards per catch Average.. The Eagles CB’s and Secondary will be challenged more than I originally thought.. The Key as usual, is pressure in Tannehill’s face where he doesn’t get comfortable and in a rhythm..
    When Playing at Home with a Hostile and Rowdy Crowd to start a Game, I always like to see my DC apply heavy pressure early and often to get a Young QB on his heels a bit, I hate seeing a DC allow a Young QB to ease himself into a game and then get comfortable..
    Eagles DC Billy Davis needs to Blitz, Dial up some different Looks and get Tannehill thing about where Graham,Curry,Kendricks,Alonso or Barwin are coming from

    This will be a very Physical, Close Game with Turnovers, Special Teams and the Kicking Game Huge factors in determining the Winner
    Also Note that the Dolphins are in similar standing at 3-5 in their Own Division and Must Win to stay within 1 game of the NY Jets/Bills who are both 5-4 in the AFC East.. This is a do or die type of Game for both Teams
    and should have both Teams playing with a sense of Urgency and Passion

    I like the Eagles Over the Dolphins 27-23 which goes right down to the end

  • Also note that Dolphins OC Bill Lazor returns to Philly and would love to show his Former Boss in Chip Kelly that he’s an Innovative Coach as well..

  • 2 Rookie Players for the Dolphins who have not done much this Season due to Injuries are getting healthy may also see some Action in RB Jay Ajayi and WR Davante Parker … I really liked WR Parker coming out of Louisville in last Years Draft Class but has only played in limited action..

  • Skayne and koolbreeze are trolls

    They are little white pussies posting as blacks

    Trust me on this one

    I have been around here for a while

    They are navy eagle or Schiller

    Two pathetic suck up white pussies

    • Ah…I see old crusty, grumbling jakdog is back

      With more venom and racist comments that is mostly accepted because it’s directed at me and skayne!

      Dont worry jakdog..we know you cant help but to express your pathetic, racist rants every so often…its a poison tearing you up on the inside

      You are truly pathetic!

  • And they might also be dave spedaro

  • I understand Irish Eagle…get some rest, cool out a little bit

    Tell the rest of the guys who were bitching, moaning, jumping off the Eagles’ bandwagon, abandoning the team with predictions of gloom, despair and doom…tell them to take a break with you too.

    Sam Bradford is getting better and this team will make the playoffs!

    Book it! Put it down and remember who called it!

    • Sam Bradford is getting better ..”Book it” remember who called it…Kool …how canst we forget …Shakespeare..you repeat it more than a stuttering fool..

      • Well thank you desertdork! Your quotations of Shakespeare brings such an eloquent literary touch to our rough and rugged football discourse here.
        Maybe you should do us a favor and spend a little more time in a chat room about Shakespeare’s Hamlet with the prevailing sense of doom and gloom that you like to convey.

        • Koolidiot instantly recognizing and acknowledging the Shakespeare reference…..

          Makes sense, most high schools cover the bard in grade 10.

          • Kool” e tu …taj Boyd”

          • Vinniedafool do you ever recognize anything instantly, or does it take months, years, or decades to figure it out? Skayne summed it up a lot better than I could when he nailed ya ass right here:
            “He’s a know nothing blowhard, that stupidly made a bet about leaving this site if Foles lost the qb competition two years ago. That bet didn’t convince him of anything other than his own genius in recognizing qb talent, so he reneged on his bet to continue posting asinine evaluations on qbs.

            Forget Foles. he’s wrong on everybody from Cam, to Russell Wilson, and many more.”
            Could not have put it better…

  • Grade 10….lol…..canada is a trip

  • On a another note…Big congratulations to Holly Holm who knocked out the arrogant and very much overrated Ronda Rousey! She thought that she could intimidate her opponent and get an easy win…refused to touch gloves before the fight, it turns out she couldn’t handle Holm’s stand-up boxing. She was tired,out of shape and got knocked on her arrogant ass…
    I hope this ends the talk about her being the “greatest’ female athlete..HA!

  • Yes i was so glad she got knocked cocky arrogant ass

  • Ronda Rousey was like Apollo Creed in the original Rockie movie, should of avoided the left handed counter puncher. Holms looked about 15 pounds heavier than Rousey after re-hydrating during the fight. Rousey performed like Denver in that Seahawk superbowl game. Vicious sport UFC.

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