• July 4, 2022

Eagles-Bills Preview

Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) runs with the ball during the first half against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) runs with the ball during the first half against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) runs with the ball during the first half against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
LeSean “Shady” McCoy is making his return to Philadelphia with intentions of doing big things against the Eagles defense.

If only the game to be played could be the focus heading into week 14; there are simply too many storylines stealing the attention.

From the Chip and McCoy relationship and whether handshakes or words will be exchanged to the DeMarco Murray situation, the drama is quite tiring for the fan base. The real question is what to expect from the Eagles who at 5-7 have been handed yet another opportunity to control their path and crawl into the playoff conversation.

On offense the Eagles are still a question mark with absolutely no identity. There is nothing exciting about the play-calling; it’s rare to see any throw go down field, and the Bills defensive coordinator knows this.

Bills head coach Rex Ryan has been known to be aggressive with quarterbacks that are below average, which is the case that could be made with Sam Bradford.

With the Eagles offense, I don’t anticipate the short throws in the flat to running backs to gain additional yards.

I don’t expect the running game to pick up big plays. That translates into Sam Bradford needing to be better on third down and long situations, and for the wide receivers to step up this week.

The Bills do a nice job against tight-ends, but moving a guy like Ertz in motion or flanking him outside in a receiver like role could be a great matchup win for the Eagles offense. Seldom used Trey Burton has yet to have the opportunity given to him in the preseason, and why not this week?

The Eagles receive nothing from their 2015 first round selection and Huff plays cat and mouse with his contributions on a weekly basis.

The Bills offense has an identity; they run, run and run the football. Tyrod Taylor has exceeded everyone’s predictions with how he has performed this season, and has shown over the last few weeks an electric connection with second year wide-out Sammy Watkins. Watkins is a playmaker, and surrounded by McCoy at running back, Woods at the other receiver position and Clay at tight-end, it’s an athletic arsenal of weapons that Taylor has to pick from. Taylor is also a threat to run, or at the very least extend plays with his athleticism which poses a challenge to the Eagles defense.

Kendricks and Alonso who were counted on to step up to excel against this style of quarterback have struggled against bigger offensive lines in the NFL this year, which the Bills certainly have to their advantage.

On defense, both the Eagles and Bills have underachieved with their streaky play so far this season.

Ryan has not improved the Bills defense which experts predicted to be in the top three in the league, and their secondary is suspect. They also struggle when the opposition puts players in motion and crossing patterns, an area that the Eagles offense can certainly attack with how they like to utilize their receiving core.

The Eagles defense must find a way to get pressure on Taylor and force him into throws and not allow things to set up. McCoy must be accounted for as both a running back and a receiver, with also seeing snaps in the wildcat formation. Watkins should be double teamed throughout the game or at the very least some type of game plan by Billy Davis that shows he understands how to slow down the top playmaker on the other team.

Trying to outline how this game will unfold is difficult, I simply can’t figure out what and who this Eagles team is all about.

I honestly see Rex Ryan doing his best to get McCoy thirty total touches in this game, giving him every opportunity to take it to the team that traded him.

I’m still unimpressed with that I see from Bradford, but he has shown enough improvements that I do feel like he has what it takes to outplay Taylor in this game.

I think the Eagles find a way to win this football game with perhaps another score coming from the defense, a possible scoop and run fumble for a touchdown by former Bill Kiko Alonso.

Eagles 27 Bills 24

Jeff Kolsky

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  • According to Bleeding Green Nation, DeMarco Murray has been demoted to 4th in the running back rotation. Great scheme fit Chip…what a bonehead acquisition.

  • I would expect that D Murray won’t even be Active today ..

    • He’s active today.How would it look on Chip if Murray was a healthy scratch against the Bills who will feature McCoy.

  • Can you imagine the damage this guy has done to future FA RBS?

    Also to the draft stock of college RBs?

    I mean the position was already being downgraded (a trend Kelly obv missed) before this….but now its loud and clear…..no one is going to spend on RBs. Complete waste of time.

  • Riley being Riley…nice pass by Bradford though!

  • Good damn drive right there!

  • Our receivers are such an obvious liability ..drops ..and Agholor a freaking drive killer

  • Good defense Maxwell!

  • Looks like the desert weather has invaded philly..GO BIRDS


  • Defending the birds passing game is simple… Don’t worry bout a deep ball… Watch the flats and 10 yards over the middle.

  • Bradford to Agholor…nice pass nice grab…nice TD!

  • Hac that’s only because of the qb. He only chooses to throw there. Chip doesn’t just call short routes. Bradford is just a checkdown Charlie and every team knows it. I’m surprised he just threw downfield

  • So deflating after we score ,for the defense ,to not stand stout …cmon …Dee

  • This defense is looking soft. Billy Davis needs to be more aggressive with the play calling

  • Byron Maxwell wants no parts of tackling. He is a disgrace.

  • Seeing more deep balls today ,nice to see ..Sam can actually throw deep with accuracy ,if only he’d allow that more times ,he’d loosen up the defenses ,who almost predictably play underneath vs him..could open up play action with sproles …and keep box clear …

    • yawn

  • Every week the QB on the other team is better than ours… Every stinking week

    • Not if we played the Rams. Lol Oh yeah Foles is benched maybe your right lmao.

  • Game not on down here, caught some highlights on Red-Zone..
    Bradford & Offense look pretty good.. The Bills have both Starting CB’s out today with injuries to S Gilmore & Brooks so keep attacking their outside CB’s

  • Was a nice Drive by Bradford to get the 3 points before Half to go up 7 points and now get the ball to open the 2nd Half and can really take control of the game Posted

  • Paulman go to goatd.net to watch the game. Just block out the pop ups

  • Huff wide open down field but Bradford won’t throw it. That’s chips and the offenses fault right?

  • Bears Tie Redskins 21-21
    Panthers whitewash over the Falcons 31-0 (Panthers with 225 Yards of Offense in the 1st Quarter to put the Game away 21-0, Cam with 3 TD Passes)

  • Rams 14-7 over the Lions
    Saints 24-10 over the TB Bucs
    Seahawks 21-6 over the offensively challenged Ravens who have no QB (Flacco) no RB (Forsett) and No WR (Steve Smith) and would stay away from the Ravens the remainder of the Season as they will struggle to Score 14-17 Points a game

  • Kiko is great lol

    • Kiko means whiff …the dude looks like a twig..up his sport science juice ..

      • Kiko Alonso stops the Roids and now gets blown-up at the point of contact

  • AFC Scores

    Jags whooping up on Colts 30-16
    Steelers 23-10 over the Bengals
    Jets over the Titans 27-8

    Redskins back up 24-21

    Eagles are inTrouble now as the momentum is all favoring the Bills
    The 4th Quarter will really demonstrate if Chip Kelly is cut out for the NFL
    A collapse, blown 10 point lead at home with a loss will basically end the Eagles chances emotionally in my opinion..

  • Panthers up 38-0
    Minor Injuries to RB Stewart, TE Olsen & LB Kuechley who were all removed from the Game and won’t be returning.. Cam Newton probably next to come out

  • An early 2016 Prediction
    Panthers vs Jaguars Matchup for Super Bowl 51

  • Wow.. The Eagles & SamBradford are snake-bitten..
    Celek makes that grab 9 out 10 times and now ends up as a Int inthe Red-Zone which is Bradford’s 5th Int inthe RedZone this Season.. Just Brutal

    • Look like it hit the ground. out of 11 interceptions this season how many of them are Sam Bradfords fault

      • Probably about half of them..Eagles Receivers have not helped their QB’s all Season

      • That time the defense and Carroll in particular earned there dough..our Agholor sightings NG was soo. Long ago? Where is that again? What I’m hoping for

  • Eagles on Red-Zone, Holding on Bills OL against Vinny Curry on that 3rd Down

  • Receivers are not “executing” in chips vernacular..catch the ball ..it’s legal to do so..very tough when you’re a one and can’t hold onto a sure first down …not seeing guys step up for the QB

  • Chiefs hang on and beat the Chargers to go to 10-3 to go to 8-5 for the Season

  • Huff looking like an injured neck..
    Hiuge catch and run by Ertz, Eagles need to Run,Run,Run, eat the Clock and kick a FG

  • Bears miss FG to Tie the Game and the Redskins get out with a 24-21 Win and hang onto 1st Place in the NFC East

  • Seriously,


  • Eagles WR’s are not strong enough to compete at the NFL Level, they collectively can’t fight thru contact, nor not the ball when needed..

    • Pivotal ..Sam. Throw the damn ball you’re outside the pocket

  • Kicking and scratching and struggling against a pathetic, undisciplined Bills team,

    Well well…4 “deep” throws. Bradford looks 48 yrs old throwing them, putting his entire effort into those…and every one a little short and contested.

    Great win.

    • perhaps I spoke too soon.

  • Gotta love Bradford man

  • Dumb Play by Bradford, save the yards and throw it out of bounds..
    2 minute warning was coming after the play regardless so why give up 15 yards of field position which may make a huge difference for a Buffalo FG attempt ..

  • There we go. Super, super impressive win.

  • Reynolds aluminum….wrap it up!

  • Game over!

  • Why not keep running Ed Reynolds??
    A fumbled snap, who knows..

    Another Win, but Eagles will have to play a lot better versus the Arizona Cardinals for 60 minutes than they did today…

  • Nice pick by Ed Reynolds, nice to see him and Rowe playing meaningful snaps. This team is completely unpredictable…a win is a win!

  • Hmm…

    Needed the Skins to lose.

    On to next week. This division will come down to the wire.

  • Very good win all the way around, like al davis said just win baby

  • The skins won against the bears not a win like we have done

  • They still in first place tho…a win is a win

  • Chip almost blew the game by continuing to feed Murray. I guess Sproles was having to much success early in the game. SMH

    • Offence sooo much better when Sproles in.

      Bradford was having his best game in 1st half…actually looked like an NFL QB for a bit……..and then just reverted to his old check-down self in second half. Yawn.

      (honestly….does he ever inspire any confidence??????)

      Bills are terrible. 15 accepted penalties + 2 turnovers from a .500 team and Eagles still scratching out 3 pt wins?????????????

      Almost 40 yrs in and I’ve never been more bored watching an Eagles team. There’s nothing to hand your hat on.

      Offence? Blech.
      QB? Yawn.
      RB? Yuck
      WRs Whatever

      D: Sometimes
      DL: Cox is fun
      LB: Invisible
      S: Like Jenkins
      DB: Nameless

      Remember even in the old days….1992 or whenever…we KNEW the O couldnt move the ball, but at least the D would come in and concuss someone…..

      What do we have to hang our hat on here??

      Mediocrity everywhere….its boring.

      • The wonderful thing about it is you dont have to watch the game. You dont like it dont watch. Its really a simple solution for you.

  • Good win! The defense came up big slowed down Shady…Cox is a monster and he is dominating on the inside. The Special teams came up with a turnover and the Quarterback is providing leadership and sound play…no bad errant throws, protecting the ball-not turning it over…solid play.

    • “Quarterback is providing leadership and sound play…no bad errant throws, protecting the ball-not turning it over…solid play.”

      Oh for God’s sakes.

      We’re watching Mike Tomczak.

      Go ahead….google it.

      • Smh..Vinniedaloser…you simply refuse to face the facts

        The Quarterback With no real dynamic playmakers

        A poor running game today

        Sub-par offensive line play where the Quarterback got hit constantly

        Receivers who still drops the ball way too often

        But still leads the team to yet another win

        We saw Bradford stand in the pocket, make precise, accurate throws

        His interception was a bad call the corner who made an excellent play by taking ball out of Celek hands-but didnt catch the ball and it hit the ground.

        The team that was falling apart when he was out has come together, plays with more confidence…

        We are watching an improving, competent Quarterback, leading the team, inspiring them with confidence…

        Sam Bradford is the Quarterback of this team and is proving that he is worthy of keeping the job!

        The confidence has come back with the return of the Quarterback-Sam Bradford!

        • LOL you are funny.

  • Whoever Wins the NFC East will be Seeded 4th and Host the 5th Seeded Seattle Seahawks in the Wild-Card Round
    The Packers/Vikings will be the other Wild-Card Matchup between 3rd Seed & the 6th Seed .. They play next week with the Winner likely winning the NFC North and the loser being the 6th Seed
    The TB Bucs/Bears losing today hurt their chances. Only the NFC East Winner is making the Post-Season

  • Shady is a passive aggressive asshole… What an immature little boy

    • Shady is the all time leading runner for the Eagles…

      His play on the field speaks for itself

      One of the greatest Eagles to play

      A great player

      • LOL.

        Tell us more about how great Mesean, Lesean, Sanchez, Vick and Taj Boyd are.

  • Game turned (in Eagles favour) when refs didn’t call intentional grounding on Bradford at 4:59 of 4th. In pocket. Threw left to no-one to avoid sack.

    No call saved the game.

    • Game turned in the Eagles favor when the Bradford hit Ertz with a 41 yard completion to put them in field goal range for the winning score!

      Once again…Vinniedafool is bitter and grumbling. The improved play of Sam Bradford in leading this team back from the abyss is destroying him. He’s anguished and hurt that now it is being proven that we have seriously upgraded the Quarterback position.

      Sam Bradford is our Quarterback….get used to it!

      • “hit Ertz with a 41 yard completion ”


        Is that what happened. Not a 3 yrd pass where Ertz broke a bunch of tackles.

        A “41 yrd completion”

        Kooltwit fantasy world.

        • “seriously upgraded”


          60% 1 and 1 against a shit ass Buffalo team.

          7 of 17 and an int in the second half.

          Beautiful job taking the 15 yrd sack late.


          That is soooo great. very impressive. Upgrade indeed.

          • LOL…I know it hurts bad Vinniedaloser

            However, that is exactly what it is…a serious upgrade,

            The proof of how big of a upgrade we have at Quarterback is easy to see

            All we have to do is look down there at St Louis where your man-Nick Foles is carrying a clipboard…sitting on the bench..

            While Bradford is getting better, inspiring the team, demonstrating leadership, increasing the confidence of the team

            Nick Foles is sitting on the bench, a backup to Casey Keenum…

            How humiliating….

            We kept the momentum, beat a desperate team that needed the win for playoff implications and wanted to win for Shady

            They hit Bradford over and over again…

            But Bradford stood tall in the pocket and made plays

            So yes…its a serious upgrade…as bad as this season as gone…we still got a shot…We all see that if we would have kept Foles we would have been done without even a chance to make the playoffs…

            So I know how bad your hurt…ass sore, humiliated …Vinniedafool

  • Vinnie we won man why i alwayz gotta be negative

    • I am sorry….were you impressed?

    • Its simple zilents

      Vinnie’s a loser and a fool

      He just cant enjoy the wins because Nick Foles is not leading the team and Bradford is proving that he was wrong. Vinnie needed Bradford

      And its worst now that Foles has been exposed and banished to the bench-twice. Vinnie is still after all this time traumatized and broke….so Eagles wins dont hold any joy for him.

      Bradford has come back from his shoulder injury and given the team life…an upset win over New England and now a win over a good Buffalo team.

      So Zilents…we are going to have to enjoy the win AND enjoy the misery of Vinniedafool….

      Bah Humbug Vinniedafool…lmao!

      Eagles Win!

  • “good Buffalo team.”


    Keep rollin’…want to keep my laugh count up.

  • Eagles have to Run the Table vesrses their NFC Foes,
    They are 12th in the NFC with a 3-6 NFC Conference Record so they must Win the NFC East outright for they lose all tie-breakers to the many Teams ahead of them for any Wild-Card Berth..
    At 6-7, they still have a chance which is about all you can ask for at this point of the Season
    Any Fan expecting or demanding Impressive or dominant Wins by this 2015 Team has not been paying attention for they are not that kind ofTeam this Year,
    So why complain about how the Team Wins after 12-13 Games is irrelevant..

    • They really only have to won last two. Do that and they will won the tie breakers over washington and giants.

      • 8-8 with a 5-7 NFC Conference Record will not Win the Division in my opinion..
        Both Redskins/Giants have better NFC Records than Eagles so if the Eagles Finish at 8-8, then they aren’t making it ..

  • Packers go up 21-7 over the Cowboys who will fall to 4-9 and basically be eliminated from the Post-Season with 3 Games left…

  • Vinnie bulla are a good team, lots of talent, u got too much hate in your heart

    • Bills……with 33 wins and 44 since 2011…… losers of 3 of their last 4 with 45 accepted penalties and 5 turnovers. Their only win outside their division against the Titans.

      They are a mess led by a blowhard mess of a coach.

      “Good” indeed.


      • Rex Ryan’s Record versus Teams .500 or Better has been ad the last few Seasons.. The Bills are just like the Eagleswhenyou think about it..
        Up and Downfrom Week to Week, both have some big name Players and hyped up Coach’s with few Results.. What has Rex Ryan Won the last 3-4 Years…
        Look at the Jets this Year at 8-5 with him gone.. Rex is a Blowhard, Whining HC

  • This is a strange year for the NFL, there are no teams you look at and say they are totally unbeatable…even the undefeated Carolina Panthers! A lot of teams are in the same position as the Eagles-Buffalo was fighting today for their playoff lives…the Eagles gutted out a tough, hard fought victory over a Buffalo team that has good talent on offense and defense.
    We bashed the Eagles for losses…we have to be fair and give them credit for tough wins! We were wrong…Chip Kelly has not lost the locker room…has not lost the team…the biggest difference between these wins and the three straight losses is the steady play at the Quarterback position which has obviously inspired the team!

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