• July 3, 2022

The Pederson Plan: Running Back

DeMarcoMurrayNO1Chip Kelly left behind plenty of roster holes that Doug Pederson will need to patch up. The biggest dagger may have been to the running back position. Not necessarily because of the depth with the talent at the position group but with the financial burden. There is a large percentage of the 2016 salary cap devoted to the backfield.

On the positive side of things, Pederson is coming from an organization that liked to run the football.

The Chiefs were able to find success with the likes of Charcandrick West, Spencer Ware and Knile Davis when superstar Jamaal Charles was lost for the season after he tore his ACL in week 5. This is a great sign for the Eagles who went into the 2015 season with tremendous promise for how their trio of running backs would produce. Although there were moments when all three shined, it was certainly not at the level that met expectations.

The Eagles have plenty of talent in DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles, arguably the deepest trio in the entire league. This is also an expensive group; they all rank in the top 12 for the highest paid running backs for the 2016 season and account for 16.5 million against the cap. Whether or not Pederson does enough with his scheme and improving the offensive line is to be determined, but I will shed some light on the situation.

Sproles becomes a free agent after the 2016 season and Mathews could be released in the offseason for a small hit to the salary cap. As for Murray, he could be released after the conclusion of the 2017 season, only resulting in a 2 million cap hit. I would be fine with this course of action, and it’s actually one that I foresee Pederson taking.

I envision Pederson look to add a running back in the upcoming draft. It may seem outrageous with all of the other needs on this team, but with the action plan I discussed in this article, the Eagles could completely overhaul the running back position in the next two seasons.

Paul Perkins out of UCLA could be a name to keep an eye on if he is available for the Eagles to draft in round four. He is a three down player who has the size and ability to catch the football that Pederson looks for in a running back.

Would I support this decision? I would understand it, but taking a young kind this season would be difficult for reps in training camp and touches throughout the preseason. With a guy like Kenyon Barner still on the roster, there is more than enough diversity with the running backs for Pederson to pick from.

If I’m Pederson, 2017 would be the year to add a running in the draft. In 2015, David Johnson and Matt Jones were both third round selections, talent is available beyond the early rounds and teams are deploying a tandems at running backs, the days of a true “lead” back is quickly fading.

I’m excited to see how Pederson draws up plays to both involve all of the running backs and actually run plays that support their strengths instead of exposing their weaknesses.

Relying on the run, grinding out the clock will be the perfect complement to help whoever the starting quarterback is.

Expectations for how good the Eagles could be are completely unknown. The one area besides the defensive line that should be dominant is the trio of running backs, a group of players that any NFL team wish they had at their disposal.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Cut Ryan Matthews and his $4.5 Million 2016 Salary..
    He’s too unreliable, misses too many games and practices and just cannot be counted on
    Sproles is in his final Contract Year at $4.5 Million and still is productive and could possibly be extended for 1-2 Seasons to bring down his annual Salary
    I believe Pederson & Reich can utilize Sproles better than what Chip Kelly

    Draft RB Kenneth Dixon from NE Louisiana who can Run & Catch and is solid at 5-10, 210 LB’s and can also contribute on Special Teams
    I also like RB Alex Collins of Arkansas who is another thumper built low to the ground at 5-10″, 216 LB’s and hard to bring down..
    Both these guys should still be around come the 3rd/4th Rounds

    • Paul, Dixon would be a nice choice….nice call there. I think he is underrated.

      I would also take a flier later on in the 6th or 7th Rounds on James Connor RB Pitt, and stash him as he continues to recover from his injury, and maladies.

      • Its a real shame about Pitt’s RB James Connor. who was probably going to be an All-American and maybe even in the Heisman Race in 2015..He’s a Big Dude and a load to bring down, I thought he was returning for the 2016 Season to Pitt ? Is he entering the Draft ?

  • Pman the running back Collins has very quick feet. I think he’s going to be a good one. Good call

  • Check out Jonathan Williams/Arkansas could be a sleeper

  • We will have to find a way to make Murray work. I really thought after the Shady trade that Kelly was going to draft a RB. Once he signed Murray and Matthews well…

    I think that the way the Backfield looks will be determined post Draft. I believe they will try to move 1 or 2 of the backs during the draft to teams that are wanting to move around the draft board. IE if someone wants to come up to 13 from 24 (or so) you move back for the 24th,their 2nd, a (negotiated) pick next year and they take Player X also as either a sweetener if interested or a closer to get us to move if they want the pick and we want to move on.

  • Arkansas knows how to groom RB’s , especially now that Coach Beliema from Wisconsin is Coaching the Razorbacks and just loves that Power Rushing Game ..
    Look for Good OL & TE & RB’s from Arkansas the new few Drafts

  • Remember Cuts can be made post draft and prior to the July 1 deadline that changes the money format. Also if you get a guy you like in the draft and need cap space you make a sacrifice of a cap casualty prior to camp.

    The eagles have a bunch of guys that are good players that may have to go in order to sign the CORE players (Bradford, Cox, Ertz, Johnson, Curry ect..)

    • Yes RE, you do see some Cuts early Junefor Cap Relief, or needs and talent level changes due to who you Drafted and signed in Free-Agency in March/April
      And Undrafted Free-Agents..
      Typically with Roseman at the helm, if the Eagles feel that can’t committ
      to a Player, then they usually Cut them early, so they can hook up with other Teams instead of the late surprise Cuts.. They rarely drag players along for Salary Cap reasons or benefit…

      Jason Peters will be an interesting Case on how they handle,
      Remember that Chip Kelly just extended his Deal last year and got him longer years at a lower Annual $$$ amount than what he had previously, so I doubt Peters will be interested in moving off his Current Deal

      Brent Celek & DeMeco Ryans will likely have to re-structure their Current Deals or will probably be Released..Celek is due $5 Million n 2016 with no Cap Hit so it would cost the Eagles zippo to Release him, but maybe they can offer him a new 3 Year Deal at $11 Million with a $2 Million Bonus meaning you can have him for the next 2 Seasons at $8 Million Total ($2 Million as a Bonus with Yearly Salaries of $3 Million each in 2016 & 2017) and then look to replace him by 2018..

      • I guess my point is that if you end up with a RB you expect to be a starter in a year or so then you can cut a Matthews or a Sproles. Also you may be able to move a guy on draft day so the old policy of cutting before free agency can only apply to guys you don’t want Period.

  • Here’s a FB from Marshall, Devon “Rockhead” Johnson who goes
    6-1 & 243Lbs and loves to Block and has very good hands coming out of the backfield… He Played RB, FB, TE while at Marshall but projects as a FB

  • There isn’t one RB in the NFL that is worthy of a more than 2 million a year now that father time has started knocking on AP door. I can go from J Charles who had 2 backups do the same damn thing. To Beastmode who had 2 backups do the same damn thing. To Shady who had Williams do the same damn thing if he stayed healthy RBs are a dime a dozen. Kenyon Barner would get 1000 yards if you played him. To give Murray that contract is a act of terrorism to Philly point blank. You must release Ryan Matthews because of this colossal fuck up.

  • Release Ryan Matthews take the cap hit and try to trade Sproles for a 4th round pick. Sproles is a accessory piece a luxury give Barner his role. There are plenty of playoff teams that would love to have Sproles to boost there special teams. You maybe able to fleece a team and there 3rd round pick for him. Then you go with Murray and Barner and have 3 third round picks.

  • Rumors are that Lane Johnson may be extended by the end of the week. Theres a deal in place for Vinny Curry who is mulling over to sign it or not, they are negotiating with Logan and Jenkins for extensions. Howie Roseman is a master at the cap and will have our cap back in shape in 1 more year.

    • They are also negotiating with Cox at this time

  • One more rumor I’m hearing Eagles fans is that it was no coincidence that Jaworski helped with the coach search. I don’t know what it would take to pry him away from ESPN but rumors are that he is the one they want for head of player personnel.

  • **NFL News***
    The NE Patriots Fire OL Coach Dave DeGuglielmo,who was in his 1st Year as OL Coach, after replacing long-time OL Coach Dante Scarnecchia who Retired after last Season..

    • Correction – Coach DeGuglielmo just completed his 2nd Year as Patriots OL Coach…

  • Troy Aikman was on WIP this morning and was asked by Angelo Cataldi if he was the GM of the Eagles would he pay Sam Bradford 20 million to keep him here. Without hesitation Aikman said “No”. He further stated that he liked Sam but as a QB you have to win (implying Sam does not win enough) Aikman was not offering excuses about o lines, receivers etc.).He went on stating that Sam Bradford is not a guy you would franchise because you have not seen enough of him. My interpretation..not enough wins, plus the injuries, mediocre/average career at best.
    Enlightening information from a HOF QB and balanced NFL analyst who knows QB play, a football guy!!!

    • Basically what some of us have been saying since that Trade was announced last Year for Sam Bradford… He is simply nothing Special and not worth the kind of $$ he’s looking for nor is he worth releasing 3-4-5 Current Veteran Players to make Cap Space for.. Eagles have a New Coaching Staff with New Systems and time to Rebuild this Team Correctly and Sam Bradford is not part of the Future with the Eagles

    • Aikman is correct, in my opinion. There’s nothing more important than winning, which is the one thing that many Foles haters never understood. Foles had a 14-4 record under Chip Kelly…. Bradford had 4 loses in his first 7 starts.

      Foles is long gone and may never win another NFL game, but he was a better quarterback for us than Bradford. Bradford should go out the same door Foles went out, only faster.

      You don’t give big contracts to a career 25-37 quarterback.

  • BGN is reporting that the Eagles are in contract negotiations to extend Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry and Benny Logan and Malcom Jenkins. No contract negotiations have taken place for Sam Bradford. The more money the Eagles continue to spend the less will be left for Sleevie Wonder(Bradford). I personally do not think the Eagles FO is interested in Bradford for the price he is looking for. You can’t look for franchise money when you have never even lead your team to a playoff game and had a mediocre season 17 td’s 15 ints, 5-9 overall record. Franchise money?!?!..delusional!

    • I heard they are extending Malcolm’s Jenkins Deal a few Years and will get a lower Annual Salary per year by doing so..
      Jenkins was Due $7.166 Million in Salary & Bonus’s for 2016 and then would hit Free-Agency after the 2016 Season..
      Expect a new 3-4 Year Deal in $18-22 million Range for Jenkins

  • Jameis Winston has been named to the pro bowl in place of Tom Brady. Good for the rook!

  • Jameis Winston did two thing as a rookie that Sam Bradford has never done – threw for 4000 yards and 22 TDs.

  • New regime, new coaches, new quarterback. Its the way of things.

    • Never a doubt, I would not be surprised to see both Bradford & Sanchez Gone
      and Pederson get Chase Daniels or Matt Moore and then Draft a QB to start Grooming while Daniels/Moore run his System in 2016

      • We will be Cleveland the Texans and every other team that wins 3-6 games a year. So enjoy

      • Paulman you act like its so fucking easy. Get Chase Daniels or Moore. LMAO and draft a QB and presto you have a QB. Are you fucking kidding me? Teams have tried that for 20 fucking years. Do you just think you draft a marginal prospect in the draft and groom him and that shit works? That SHIT doesn’t work. My god.

        • Dag, you make it sound like Bradford is more than he is. I and a lot of others are not comfortable with spending that much of the cap on a guy that is slightly above average with a horrendous injury history. $20 million on this dude? No way.

          • I understand that and no he may not work out. But hes a #1 pick with pedigree who seemed to get better. The chances that he works out our slim but I fucking know one thing from the Cleveland Browns of the world is that reaching for some low rated QB in college DEFINETLY wont work. So I will roll the dice with the former # 1 pick and cross my fingers that we surround him better

            • Dag, all of the #1 pick and pedigree is out of the window as he has a NFL history of 6 years now with nothing to show for it but a losing W-L record and injury history. Plenty of QB’s with pedigrees drafted #1 overall have been mediocre like Bradford. All of a sudden he is not going to presto chango turn into a great QB worthy of franchise money or a tag. Bradford does not have “IT”. He has some good skills, but he lacks the intangibles to carry a team. How is it that Kurt Cousins lead the skins to a playoff in his 3rd year and Bradford has never done so?…Let’s be real the skins are not a good team either, but Cousins got them there. I get your point, drafting a rookie does not guarantee anything, but, Bradford is a vet who never won anything in the NFL, his past does not project anything bright for the future. It’s not like the Eagles or Rams have won anything with Bradford so signing him does not guarantee winning either. If they were stupid enough to give him the money he is looking for the Eagles would be guaranteed to lose as they would not have money to invest in other players and would have to cut guys. You can’t be afraid to rol the dice Bradford is Stafford…lots of hype, can make some good throws but never wins. You can’t play this game afraid on the field, nor off…giving Bradford franchise money due to fear of losing him would not be wise..and honestly..what are you losing in Bradford….a 5-9 starting record 17 td’s (a few of them in garbage time as the Eagles were losing and the opponent was in the prevent) and 15 picks, 70% of passes going 10 yards or less and a 29th ranking among all NFL starting QB’s with passes of +20 yards. If you can sign Bradford for 12-13 mil..do it..no more than that as he is not worth it..his history and play says that.

              • Whoa whoa whoa whoa didn’t we establish that the agles had no oline? Or that doesn’t count. Ask Brady how much a oline helps(he looked worst than Bradford with oline). Who whoa who didn’t we establish that Josh Huff, Aglohar and Cooper suck with Matthews dropping a lot of passess himself or that doesn’t count? Whoa whoa whoa didnt we establish that Bradford wasn’t aloud to audible out of bad plays? Who whoa whoa didn’t we confirm that defenses actually new the plays? Whoa whoa who didn’t we establish that playing hurry up all the time was stupid? So lets be fair and report both sides of the coin.

              • Brady has still gotten it done with average at best receivers and o linemen. Pats just fired their o line coach but they still made it to AFC East championship…Let’s not put Bradford and Brady’s name in the same story.
                Bradford is simply average..nothing special..We can talk about him in the same sentence with Mathew Stafford. You do not pay him franchise money. The same receivers and majority of o linemen will be here next year, and we saw how Bradford lead the team..5-9. As far as the system, Bradford had some of his best numbers in Chip’s system so it’s hard to argue the system when Bradford played well in it..although it was just average.

              • No you cant compare him even to Matt Stafford. He couldnt hold Staffords socks. the only thing they both have in common is they both lose. otherwise stafford stays health throws for way more tds and yards and has a far superior skill set

                i cant wait until they let this scrub walk… its not even debatable unless you think sam is going to miraculously turn into something he has never been he always gonna play like shit, lose, do nothing meaningful ever

          • Bugsy trust me if we were in position to get the kid out of Clemson or ND or a Andrew Luck type then hell yeah see ya Bradford. But fans are like “we will just get Chase Daniels or some 6 3 kid out of South Dakota State” are you fucking kidding me? That shit don’t work. Theres not one guy in the draft that is remotely highly rated. Blake Bortles would be the # 1 pick in the draft this year by far and rated higher than any QB this year and his team wins 6 games in 2 years. Now your telling me to draft some fucking kid from Witchita ST and groom him lol. It doesn’t work

            • Chase Daniels would just be a stop gap until the new QB was groomed to take over ala Pederson and McNabb. I never watched Chase Daniels play so I do not know what he brings to the table, but I understand what pman is saying.

              • “daggolden
                January 26, 2016 – 12:06 pm
                We will be Cleveland the Texans and every other team that wins 3-6 games a year. So enjoy”

                is this if we sign or dont sign bradford? im confused…

                bradford has had a pretty consistent career so far of being an awful qb when healthy or injured. pass

                the 1 thing that now scares me is cam, the guy was awful and a loser for years now presto he is an absolute savage. cam is absolutely unreal will subpar talent this year. and the best thing is he out there having a freaking ball, getting little kids involved and hype and doing amazing things in the community… incredible to see

                unsure how omaha gonna do anything against the panthers with them highschool cheerleader throws… maybe he will get back on that juice for 2 weeks

              • build the D
                cut bradford and sanchez
                sign chase or any other modern day doug pederson
                winless for watson

        • I didn’t say it’s easy, but starting a new Coaching Regime and Era with Sam Bradford ? Really ?? What has this Guy ever Won ? Why would a new Coaching Regime hook their trailer to Sam Bradford.. and to Overpay for him to boot, is just downright Robbery..
          The Chip Kelly Experiment along with Sam Bradford Tried and Failed
          Time to move on with a fresh slate with the Coaching Staff (Which has been done) and now at QB (Which is about to be done and will be a work in progress, meanwhile fixz the OL< get the Cap and Contracts under control which is exactly what Howie Roseman is doing and best at..
          He's made the Eagles more Financially Healthy in 1 Week more than what Chip Kelly/Marynowitz did in a Year ..

  • All Eagle fans are hilarious. You really believe drafting some QB in the 3rd round out of a San Diego State or some QB out of Cheney University in the 5 th round and just “GROOM” him. hahahahahahahaha. That shit doesn’t working. You have a 20% chance on hitting on a bonafide prospect in the top 10 let alone some reaches and prospects from fucking schools in the Big Sky Conference. Give me a break. YOU CANT WIN no matter how many fucking Fletcher Coxs you sign without a QB. We will just pick one up in the 3rd round and groom him. Hes 6 6 250 and can throw hard, we will be ok. Yeah watch how that’s going to work out.

    • If you don’t hit on your QB the first year, then you draft another one the next year… until you get a franchise QB.

      Just like the Panthers did – took a chance on Jimmy Clausen in 2010 – got their man, Cam Newton in 2011.

      Or the Bucs – Drafted Mike Glennon in 2013 – got their guy Jameis Winston in 2015….

      Or maybe you get lucky like the Seahawks and get your guy in the third round.

  • The Eagles will be the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has better receivers, better oline, better pass rush, better LBs, better secondary and better kicker than the Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys won 3 games with journeymen QBs and grooming that young QB. So go ahead and sign Cox, Jenkins, Ertz etc and stick some fucking Chase Daniels or QB from Appalachian ST and enjoy our 3 wins. Good grief. It doesn’t work

    • Bradford “doesn’t” work

      A Rookie QB “probably” won’t work….but its still the only way. Because they occasiionally DO work. And the Eagles NEED that 10 year superstar guy.

      They NEED him. And one of these kids, this year or next, IS him. That guy is NOT Bradford. There is a chance the Eagles can get that next guy. That next HoF QB (who is out there in college right now) and we can watch the Eagles Patrioting it up for the next 10-15 years challenging for the prize every year.

      And that’s better. There is a chance it will work, and if it doesn’t….then they roll into next year’s draft with the #1 or #2 draft (supposedly better for QBs).

      Again, my position all along is that this firing came a year too early, that they should have hit rock bottom after next year and began again…once they fired Kelly it was IMPERATIVE thet they lose the final game, but they stupidly won (and wouldn’t the #9 pick look better now than the 13??)

      And if they don’t think the guy they want is there…they take the best tackle avail and head into the draft top 5 next to get a new guy.


      I mean….seriously……for God’s sakes.

    • The Kids Name from Appalachian State is QB Tyler Lamb who will be a Junior in 2016 and not ready for the NFL… He’s a very good and smart College QB
      and a Winner but lacks an NFL Arm…

  • Well heres 1 more stupid comment we make. Well since he played in a shitty system in St Louis and didn’t succeed it is totally out of the realm that he could possibly play in another shitty system and not succeed. Why is that? Why couldn’t he play for 2 coaches that sucked and he had no talent? Who made the rules the Eagle fans? Yes he played with no talent with the rams who offense sucked again this year even with Slick Nick then he came to the Eagles whose receivers sucked and oline sucked. So yeah he didn’t succeed with those circumstances. Whats so hard to believe?

    • I been watching football a long time and I can count on one hand the quarterbacks that failed in one system then excelled in another… There’s even fewer that excelled in year 7…

      A victory to Sam Bradford is playing 14 games in a season… winning is beside the fact for Sam.

      • Seriously.

        Please name me the QB with a .390 winning percentage after 6 seasons that SUDDENLY TURNED IT ON after switching teams and won the Superbowl?

        Which one?

        So this idea that its “too much of a crapshoot” to draft a QB when the other option is guaranteed nothingness is silly.

        • The only guy close would be Jim Plunkett…

          • and maybe Trent Dilfer

  • celek reupped 3 years 16 mill. wow

    • They seem to be clearing money for sure. Good move. Cap hit is not yet reflected but I’m anxious to see the savings based on the way Howie structured the deal.

      Also heard another interesting thing – Cox, while the best defensive player on the team, does not necessarily need to be extended right now. He is already signed this year and then they can franchise him for 2017. The tag for DL is around 11 – 12 mil which is less than they would actually be paying him.

      His deal will likely come next year when we can ride ourselves of the Maxwell deal (if we want) and the Murray deal (if we want). Again, plenty of cap space with more moves to come. This is where the value of Howie Roseman comes into play big time.

      • Paulman Rumor #115
        Eagles Clearing Cap Space and will make a Run at Peyton Manning for 2016
        You heard it here first..

  • Breaking News…Eagles and Brent Celek reach a 3 year deal…13 million..6 million guaranteed. Salary cap benefit I imagine.

    • Maybe they will move him to guard lol

      • lol, move Jason Kelce to fullback. Seriously, just a better cap move as well as keeping some veteran leadership around. They are just throwing the money around, will be interesting to see what they do with Sam.

        • Well I disagree that manipulating the Cap meant nothing. Because when they were doing that They went to the NFC Championship game 5 times.

          That’s certainly better than an under .500 team that’s throwing 20% of their cap at runningbacks isn’t it?

          And when did we make that run? After drafting a QB with a top pick.

          The Eagles are going to be able to get the #2 or #3 ranked QB in this draft right? Can they dit back and wait and hope that they might get a better shot at a QB some other time? If they sign Brdford, obv they’re not taking a QB at 13, because if they do, he’s going to be starting by next year. SO bradford means no QB in the draft for a couple more seasons (probably 3). (Other than some 4th or 5th round nobody)

          Like I have said 1000x….if you’re down for 3 years of 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 with Bradford missing 2/3 games every year and with every week 17 game against the Giants or Cowboys to squeak to the NFC East tital and getting the doors blown off the following week…..well then:

          Go Sam Bradford!!

          I want no part of it.

          • 7-9 is probably his upside

  • Vinny you may be right but heres my thinking. I don’t care about money lets put that to the side us fans have manipulated the cap for the last 25 years and its meant nothing. This is the bottom line. If you can name me one QB coming out of college this year or 1 FA that is better than Bradford that we can get please name them. Just 1. Don’t tell me about next years draft unless you can guarantee me that we get one of the top QBs(projected) then I will say ok lets do it. What happens if we pick 6 next year with the Texans or Cleveland or some other teams ahead of us? What if one of them QBs gets hurt? You cant run a team hoping next year gives us the Clemson QB. Your core group is getting signed now how long are we going to wait? History shows me teams with no QB wait 5-10 years to get lucky. We are stuck with gambling on Bradford IMO. Sign him frontload his contract that we can get out of it in 2 years and still sign a QB in the future for insurance. In no means am I saying this is a slam dunk but gambling with no hope is a worst option then gambling with a sliver of hope IMO.

  • The best the Eagles can hope to be with Sam Bradford is mediocre.

    I would rather suck with College Joe this coming season – with the possibility that he could improve, or at least lose enough for us to draft a franchise guy in 2017

    • Agrreed.

      • Zach Ertz doesn’t agree and he is actually relevant to the situation. How does that work?

    • Says who you Irish? That’s just your opinion right? Unless you have some magical powers that can forsee the future. I guess its possible. I don’t know that. If you say someone cant improve their craft at 27 years old I guess its so. Hell maybe you should make all the Eagles decisions. You have a gift.

      • Enough with the hyperbole. Irish is just looking at past accomplishments and using that as a guide.

        Guys in the NFL are who they are by year 6. Did you not know Carson Palmer was going to shit the bed in the playoffs? I did. Do you knnow why I knew? Not because I have a “gift” of “magical powers”. Because he’s spent the past decade shitting the bed in every big game he’s ever played in, especially on the road.

        And he did again….suprise suprise.

        That’s Bradford. He’s spent 6 years being a nobody QB, and he’s going to spend the next 6 years being a nobody QB. Hopefully for someone other than the Eagles.

      • Totally correct Dag…That’s my opinion based on what I have seen work for teams in the past…

        I have seen many Joe Montana’s replace stop-gap Steve Deburg’s…..

        I’ve seen many 1st round Cam Newton’s replace failed 2nd round Jimmy Clausen’s….

        But the only time I saw a situation like Sam Bradford work was one time in the last 40 years, with Jim Plunkett…

        But that don’t make me right…. Maybe you’re right…

      • Drew Brees and Kurt Warner are two guys that turned it around late in their careers. Drew had one good season in San Diego with 4-12, 8-8, and 9-7 seasons mixed in before he went to NO and became a top 5 QB. Kurt, as everyone knows, was playing it the CFL or where ever for years before he went to the NFL and had success.

        I’m not saying it happens all the time, but there is definitely at least some precedent that says a 28 year old QB can refine his craft.

        • Rich Gannon won the MVP award and started off much like Alex Smith & Bradford. Although I have no confidence in Bradford, too frail for my liking. Like Hackenberg & Cardale Jones in the 3rd.

        • Drew Brees was a pro bowl quarterback who had taken the Charger to the playoffs for the first time in 10 years when he was traded.

          Kurt Warner was brought in as a backup to Trent Green. When Green was injured Warner got his shot… He never failed as a QB…. when he played in NFL Europe he was the best QB in the league.

          Rich Gannon was a career backup who the Vikings drafted to convert to a RB. When he got a chance with the Vikings he did well, but he got injured. He never was given a chance with the Skins or Chief… When he got a chance with the Raiders he became a pro bowler.

          Bradford is habitual loser… He has the mindset of a loser.. He is almost happy to lose if he can make it through the game without injury…

          • Those comparisons make absolutely no sence. At all.

            Brees was over .500 and had 2 seasons where he was ripping it. Gannon was also over .500 for his career before the Raiders. Warner came in off the bench, signed a deal with the Devil and set offensive records.

            Bradford has a .390 winning percentage.

            I mean seriously…..he’s under .400 AND in a passing league has never his what is it….21 tds? 22? Whatever. Its bad.

            This isn’t just going to magically change. Hoping it is is plain silly.

            There is much more hope that a rookie can come in and be a much better QB 2 or 3 years for now.

            As for the “win now!!!!” Arguement. Honestly, who cares.

            Who here would prefer the next 3 years at 8-8 over a season of 4-12, then 6-10, then 10-6 knowing you have a young QB developing into a perrenial Pro Bowler.

            I will take 2 every single time. Am I assured it will happen?? Absolutely not. But I am sure its not happening with Bradford..

            • Vinnie – in this town 2-3 years of those records would not fly. Maybe from afar you would be willing to wait, but the vocal fans and scum media would have the pitchforks out with back to back losing seasons.

              It is just the nature of this town man, no other way to explain it.

              As for the experts talking about Bradford, they have absolutely no idea what management is really thinking:

              Dawkins isn’t connected
              Kurt was voicing his opinion and has no idea what the Eagles as thinking
              Sal Pal is the least connected media member out there.

              I have no idea if they will sign him. But based on their public comments and all the cap space they are clearing it seems like they may want to sign him.

              • Trust me I completely understand the Philly media (and to some extent the fanbase) and have been railing against the toxic environment they create.

                It is why I think Pederson made a major mistake in his first PC folding to their pestering and announcing they expect to win the NFC East and make the playoffs next year. Wrong, wrong and wrong.

                He should have been honest. That there will be changes. That they will build properly through the draft. That this will be a slow process but will be designed to create long term success.

                I think if he had said that he would have earned a little leeway. Also, if he had been honest and Eaglefan could actually see/understand what they were doing they’d be more forgiving.

                They were patient enough with McNabb were they not? They were able to handle a terrible season because they saw there was some hope.

                There is no patience for a clown who goes “all-in” trading picks for wash-out QBs, spend a gazillion on 500 carry backs, proclaim this was to put the team “over the hump” and watch that disastrous mix of mercenaries fall apart.

                I have to believe (hope) they’d be more patient if they actually saw/believed in the long term vision and witnessed slow but steady improvement along the continuum.

          • (Bradford would have owned ,NFL Europe also.
            He has only played 4 years and has shown character I. Coming back for on 2 ACL (not his fault) and then toughness to play with a seperated shoulder behind Swiss cheese with butterfingers and fumble dumpkin

  • wow, I thought Celek was a goner.
    I guess new Head Coach isn’t going to use a FB after all. Having 2 expensive veteran TEs must mean he is going with a 2 TE set, single back, & no slot. Jordan Matthews must be moving outside.

    • Maybe we can use Trey Button at Fb?? That’s what I do in madden lol. He is big enough and has the speed and athleticism.

      Another good move by the Eagles by saving a little cap space and retaining a leader that will keep the locker room happy. It also won’t hurt Ertz development.

      Hilarious on some of the ignorance on this site about people getting upset with Zach Ertz contract. He has been a bust for the last 2.5 3 years? He has been in the veterans shadow since he has came into the league. Brent Celek his rookie year played 75% of the snaps and played 70% of the snaps last season. 2015 was the first season Brent Celek had a major dip in playing time at 50%. So how could this be a bus when he has not had any major significant playing time except this season?

      Chip Kelly baby his way into the system only given him a limited amount of packages in his first few years.

      Some of you need to open up your eyes and learn a thing or two before you start shouting stuff out

      • Rueban Frank wrote Ertz is 13 all time for receptions and yardage for a TE after his first 3 years in the league. That guy comes up with some good stuff, entertaining journalist.

  • I would have Never brought back Andy Reid’s playbook ( Doug Pederson Hire) with the Wide Nine. I have to come to terms with it and start cheering for the birds again. I do however like Howie Roseman.

  • Birds are going to get a really good player in the NFL draft this year.
    There are 4 pretty good CBs ( Ramsey, Hargreaves, Alexander, Apple ) available and a couple OTs ( Tunsil, Stanley), I like. I would be happy with any of those six players.

    • Tunsil, Hargreaves, Stanley will be gone by the time the Eagles pick. I like those three guys too though. I am not high enough on Alexander to take him at 13, Apple is a good prospect. If Laquan Treadwell is available I take him, if not I take Clemson DE Kevin Dodd..Assuming Wentz is off the board. Jared Goff is my number 1 choice but he will either go second or seventh.

    • Chances are – Both Top OT’s (Tunsil & Stanley are Going early – Top 6)
      Also both Ramsey and Hargreaves are probably going Top 10.. Ramsey just may be the most Athletic DB that I have ever seen.. He’ll probably end up at Safety but he can do it all…

      CB’s Alexander and Apple will likely be there at #13

      I like the DT’s in this Draft –
      A’Shawn Robinson, Andrew Billings, Robert Nkemidiche, Jaran Reed, Kenny Clark are all 1st Round Talents and most of these Players will be there at #13

      Robert Nkemidiche was a Top 5 Pick before his Off-the Field Issues..
      Whoever gets this kid will definitely have to do their Homework and probably babysit him for a while, but in terms of Playing, he may end up as a Great DT and I think playing along Fletcher Cox, Benny Logan, V Curry and Coached by Jim Schwartz could give the Eagles a Fearsome Foursome
      Some have compared Nkemdiche to a young N Suh who played and blossomed under Schwartz…
      Eagles may be hard pressed to pass on Nkemdiche at #13 and would give Schwartz another DL (along with Fletcher Cox) that can play up and down the Line… If Eagles figure out and address their QB Position in Free-Agency or by Trade.. Drafting Nkemdiche at #13 may be their Best Pick in my Opinion..

      • pman, I would not bother with Nkimdeche, he just did not produce enough for me, that coupled with his off the field and on field issues ..no thanks. Check out kevin Dodd..automatic QB pressure and sacks with this Eagles DLine!!!

        • I like Kevin Dodd also and just think the Eagles need to address DT more so than DE since they have OLB’s Graham,Barwin and even MS2 that can play some DE in passing Situations…
          I believe the Strength of the First Round in this Draft is the Def Line by far.. The Eagles would be smart to Select from the Strength of the Draft
          The OL is Good & Deep, but not Great by any stretch..
          The CB’s are a Good Group, The WR Class is Average
          TE Group is Strong but since Eagles Extended both Ertz & Celek, they obviously won’t be looking at many TE’s
          RB group is Good but not as Deep as last Years Class
          The QB Class is Average to Below
          The LB Class is Average
          The Safety Class is Average

          Top 3 Positions Groups (DL,CB & OL)
          The Eagles should use most of their Picks among these 3 Positions and maybe an early Pick on a QB & WR
          RB & LB’s can be added after the Draft as Undrafted Free-Agents

  • Listening to Sal Paolantonio on 97.5, he says he is hearing from people in the Eagles organization that they are not going to over pay for Bradford, but they would re-sign him at a discounted price (exactly what I have been saying). Also, Pederson is looking to draft a QB to groom and build with.

    • Wait….what?? Sal Pal said the Egles would sign Bradford if they can get him cheap and will also draft a QB??

      Wow. What great insight he provides.

      Bradford is toast.

      • Yep, but no big money long term deal…Brian Dawkins was on with Mike Miss today, he also stated he likes Bradford, but would not give him the big money, so Dawkins, Troy Aikman, and Kurt Warner all agree that Bradford has not done enough to earn the big money contract and none of them would give him a big contract…all football guys. appears the Eagles feel the same way.

        • Koolbreeze will be in here expressing his displeasure with the opinion of most football people, but it’s a fact that Sam would still be with the Rams if he was a winner.

          • Awwe…he will be ok…lmao. His post will start off with “Bull”

            • Yeah… Sad really…. Koolbreezed feel right in love with Sam at first glance.

              I could never understand what koolbreeze sees in Sam… First off, he’s cross-eyed…. Second, he spits when he talks…. And lastly, he’s a mama’s boy!

              • **fell**

              • lol

  • Another Strong Group outside of DT & CB in the Mid 1st Round are the DE’s

    DE Joey Bosa – Ohio State 6-5 275lbs (Top 3 Pick)
    DE DeForest Buckner – Oregon 6-7 290lbs (Top 10 Pick)
    DE Shaq Lawson – Clemson 6-3 270lbs (Top 15 Pick)
    DE John Bullard – Florida 6-3 283lbs (Mid/Late 1st Round Pick)
    DE Emmanuel Ogbah – Oklahoma St 6-3 275lbs (Mid/Late 1st Rd)
    DE Kevin Dodd – Clemson 6-4 275lbs (Mid/Late 1st Rd – Early 2nd)

    • I just do not see anything special about Deforest Buckner, I like Joey Bosa. Kevin Dodd is the defensive lineman I take if I can’t get Wentz, Stanley, or Treadwell

      • Buckner will be a very good NFL Player, He’s Coachable , has a High Motor and an Athletic Freak.. I am not Sure the System they use at Oregon (that 3-4 Bend but don’t break scheme, utilized his Talents/skills as well as it could have) He was asked to clog up and contain the edge which he did very well, I would like to see him in an attacking, aggressive style of Defense if he gets with the right Team and Def.Coordinator… I see him becoming a JPP, Greg Hardy, Julius Peppers Type with the right Team..
        Buckner may be one of the few Oregon Players who actually lives up to his Hype as there has not been many (besides Mariota)

        • I am not a Deforest Buckner fan at all. I like DT’s Chris Jones from Miss St and Vernon Butler from Louisiana Tech…I can get one of them in the 3rd.

          • DT Chris Jones is an excellent Pick in the 3rd Round

      • A Homerun would be trading back from #13 to a Team in the Early 20’s
        and securing a 2nd Round Pick for doing so
        I look at Teams like the Jets at #20 or the Texans at #22 who may want to come down to #13 to get their QB or even a Team like the Cardinals at #29 who are always aggressive looking to move up..

        Jets have #20 & #52
        Texans have #22 & #54
        Cardinals have #29 & #61 and maybe get their 4th/5th Rounder too to move that far up in the First Round..

        Would having 2 Picks in the Top 54 Selections be Worth the #13 Selection
        I think it would be if QB Carson Wenz/PaxtonLynch are both off the Board

        I would Go with the Best DL on the Board in the Early 20’s (DE Kevin Dodd)
        and then Select the Best OL with that 2nd Round Pick (OT/Guard Vadal Alexander) and then use the 3rd Rounder’s on OL/DB (OT John Theus & CB Delondre Hall)

        This would be a very nice Draft with these 4 Players
        1) Kevin Dodd would play DE and Rotate with Vinny Curry/B Graham his First Season and then become a Starter by 2017 over Graham
        2) Vadal Alexander would be a Starting RG/LG Starter from Day 1

        3) John Theus would be a Starting RT for when Lane Johnson switches to LT for Peters and can also play Guard early in his career
        4) Delondre Hall would be a Nickle Back/Special Teamer in 2016 and be groomed to become a Safety and play opposite of Malcolm Jenkins by 2017

        2017 Eagles Defense

        Curry, Cox, Logan and Dodd

        Barwin,Hicks & Kendricks

        Rowe,Maxwell, Jenkins & Hall
        (Shepard pushing Maxwell and playing the Slot CB)

  • I want will fuller in this draft, I think he can round out the Eagles young receiver core.

    • Will Fuller will be drafted in the 2nd round, the Eagles will not be able to draft him unless they find a way to get a 2nd rounder.

      • Dam we need to make that happen then eagle, he will fit the eagles real nice.

      • Will Fuller from NOtre Dame?
        He plays a little too soft for my liking as the Eagles could really use a bigger more Physical WR as Agholor, Huff get pushed around as it is..

        There’s a big, strong WR kid at U-Mass whose name escapes me right now who would look good in Eagles Green…

  • Wait I just remembered he is a philly boy, I don’t know now might be too much distraction here for him.

  • 49ers hire Jim O’Niel as their DC. He was on Mike Petine’s staff prior to Cleveland firing him (Petine).

    Missouri QB Matty Mauk has been suspended for alleged cocaine use which he was recorded snorting lines. Not good!!! It can be viewed on NFL.com

    • Missouri Footfall is a mess – rapes, boycotts and now cocaine.

    • I read that footage is from a couple years back, but Mauck has had many issues since he stepped on Campus.. I think he’s been suspended 3 times by his own Coaching Staff

      • He was just suspended due to that footage. An investigation is taking place.

  • Cardale Jones in the 3rd.

  • Fools!

    Not a single one of you can name a QB that is now available to the Eagles that is better than Sam Bradford…

    Funny how his teammates are coming out and saying

    “We want Sam”

    The New Coach Pederson has said:

    “He’s a top-notch” Quarterback

    Those are all the experts I need…

    The Eagles would be extremely foolish to resign all of these players and then have Mark Sanchez, or waste the 13th pick on one of these long shot QB’s, or bring in some career backup…Dumb, foolish, and stupid

    Bradford should not be allowed to leave town…lock him in…franchise him but don’t let him leave…it would be totally foolish not to give the Coach what he needs to win…stability at the QB spot!!

    • Jordan Matthews has stated “he has to be the guy”

      Zach ertz has also said he thinks sam is “excited and expects him to be back”

      The head coach endorsed him as a top notch qb who can flourish in his system.

      Sam has also stated he wants to be back in philly because he is tired of learning new systems and personnell. He’s gonna have to learn a new system so he might has well make it a little easier and stay and play with some of the same players from last year.

      Sam has already made a shit ton of money off his rookie contract which was before the new Cba. He is 28 years old and it should be all about winning for him at this stage in his career. Not money. He has made a shit ton off football and outside of football. He can still sign a 13-16 mill a season contract, make some damn good money again in his 2nd contract.

      If he goes somewhere else, we know he is a greedy phony. I personally think he wants some to be here because he doesn’t want to be known as a player that plays on a whole bunch of teams. I also believe he’s tired of learning new players and systems and wants to be with these group of guys that he was with last year


      • “He is 28 years old and it should be all about winning for him at this stage in his career. ”

        Maybe if it had been about winning earlier in his career this wouldn;t be an issue.


        • He wasn’t winning a damn thing with two acl tears and on that STL team in that divison with multiple head coaches and offensive coordinators is my point. Obviously it should be all about winning from the start but the fact of the matter is he has not won due to alot of bad luck and certain circumstances. And in this certain situation he should not care about getting 20 million dollars a year when he is already made one of the richest contract in NFL history before the CBA. Focus on staying with a talented defense and offense of weapons for the first time in your career in back-to-back seasons instead of going somewhere else and learning a whole new system and personnel top to bottom

  • I don’t know why anyone engages this fool.. He’s just bitter, he’s watched his 2 favorite players get exposed after being sent packing.

    I think Sam stays… No real options out there. I’m meh either way.

    Not sure we use FB a ton, Coach believes in throwing the ball. He’s not as bad as Bombs away Andy but hopefully he, like Andy has learned you need to run.

  • “”Sam’s a good player.”

    “We hear from his teammates as we met with them that they liked him as well. That all kind of factors into it but it’s still early in the offseason, so we’ve got a lot of decisions to make and that will be part of the process.”

    Goodbye Sam.

  • What current Teammate of any Player is not going to compliment and say how much they like playing with xxxx.. I’ve never heard a Current NFL Player ever say.. “Such and such stinks, I hope the Team lets him walk or trades hid ass out of Town”.
    What does anyone expect for any Current Teammate or Coaching Staff to say about their Current Roster or pending Free-Agents when asked about them ?
    Reading anything into any of their public comments is meaningless

    • they can say nothing at all when the QB stinks
      but when they start talking continuity, and what the other players on the team also want…Obviously Ertz, Matthews and others want Bradford back on the team

      • Bradford publicly stated that he wanted Pat Schurmer back…be it head coach, OC or QB coach. The Eagles dismissed Schurmer. He is now the TE coach for the Vikings. My point being is that it does not matter what the players want. Bradford staying or going will come down to money and the Eagles long term vision. The Eagles are not going to pay Bradford money that is commensurate with contracts for Brady, Rodgers, Flacco or Brees, nor does he deserve it. 12-14 mil a year..tops.

  • That was Roseman who said it.

    Ummm…..Sam’s a good player….but….um….its early in the offseason……ummmm….we’ve got a lot of decisions to make….so….ummm……that will be part of the process……”



    • Howard eskin is reporting that he sees no way they let bradford walk out of there with at least a franchise tag. The qbs in the draft and free agents are no where near as good sam, especially with the top 2 qbs to go in the top 10 to teams like Dallas Cleveland or San Francisco etc. Philly has so limited amount of options this year. Who will the qb be? Chase danielz? Sanchez? Thad lewis?? Philly, along with the rest of the football world knows how important it is to have a qb. U keep your best option and hope the former number one overall pick can improve his game at his young age. 69% 10 tds and 4 ints at the 2nd half of the season isn’t to shabby. Especially when 2 for those ints weren’t on Sam at all.

      Franchise him and improve his oline and wr play and give the man a chance coming off his injury. He’s not as awful as some of u make him out to be.

      Underrated mobility, great size, arm and iq and mind for the game.
      Doug stated that he expects to contend next season. U don’t do that by grooming a rookie or sanchez or chase daniels.

      Sam will be back. Just cause Howie said “it’s January and teams are still playing, so it’s still early and we have time to evaluate” does not mean that we won’t resign sam.

      • “69% 10 tds and 4 ints at the 2nd half of the season isn’t to shabby. Especially when 2 for those ints weren’t on Sam at all. ”

        CT 10 TDs in 8 games is pathetic… that extrapolates to 20 tds in a year which doesnt cut it or win football games any more.

        5 of those 10 tds came in the last 3 games, in those games
        1 of those 5 tds was against the cards which tied the game meaningful td
        1 of those 5 were again against the cards in dogshit time losing 37-10 and it was a 78 yard td when the game was over- meaningless td
        1 of them were against the redskins in a blowout with 4 minutes left losing 38-17 – meaningless td
        2 of them were in a meaningless, no pressure game against the giants..

        so i chose to look at his 2nd half like this ill toss the giants game, toss 2 meaningless tds in blowouts against the skins and cards and say he had 6 tds in the final 7 games (omitting the giants game), which is pathetic and doesnt cut it. thats what sam does tho he gives you little to no meaningful plays, loses and isnt good enough and doesnt compete… the guy is worth 7 mill a year max. i dont want him on my team at any price as he aint winning a division title or playoff game or superbowl, hes just not. sam bradford is what he has always been. not good enough.. id prefer to tank for watson or sign a better qb – ryan fitzpatrick?

        • “Underrated mobility, great size, arm and iq and mind for the game.
          Doug stated that he expects to contend next season.”

          hmmm sam isnt mobile at all, maybe u mean underrated pocket footwork? i guess i can say ok to that…

          great arm? say what?

          great iq? says who? there was reports he didnt get chips plays and by all acccounts there werent many of them and chips system was dubbed most qb friendly in the league.

          mind for the game? where you get that from? can you give me facts about that?

          regarding doug whats he gonna see i think we gonna suck? i dont think we are gonna compete?

          not trying to give you a hard time ct i just dont see what youre selling. help my understand your pov

    • I love how you guys take Howie Roseman’s comments as gospel but dispel Teammates and Coach’s words as BS. Roseman is playing poker. If he gushed over Bradford, the agent would be seeing dollar signs.

      I am not saying they are going to sign him at all costs, but they are sure going to make a push for it. If he wants 20 mil, then no way. But if he is willing to take 17-18, I think they pull the trigger.

      • Ertz doesn’t sign the checks.

        BTW – Roseman was gushing over Cox and Curry.

        Let me spell it out for you this way…

        Ertz on Foles: “He’s a great Qb. I love playing with him. I look forward to playing more and developing chemistry”
        Ertz on Bradford: “He’s a great Qb. I love playing with him. I look forward to playing more and developing chemistry”
        Ertz on Daniels: “I’m excited. He’s obviously going to give us a new look, but I love what I’ve seen so far in camp. I look forward to playing more and developing chemistry”
        Ertz on rookie: “I’m excited. Right away you know why he was drafted. he’s got all the tools. I look forward to playing more and developing chemistry”

        • Ertz on Prospects of RG3 – “Everyone hates the Guy and Hope he’s not our QB” …

      • Canttakeit, 18 was reportedly on the table and that number was rebuffed. Bradford’s agent put 25 out there…they will have to work their way back in order for the Eagles to re-sign him. I think Bradford will be on another team next year. Honestly, if he had lead the Eagles to a playoff win this year, ok, I give him the money, but, he came nowhere close as he had a 5-9 record. Even if he would have won the two games he missed that is only 7-9, Bradford’s history is that…7-9, 8-8 records no play off appearances with the Rams or Eagles. Not worthy of 18 mil.

        • Vinnie – Understand context my man. When Roseman made the comments on Curry the offer was on the table. Negotiations were over. At this point it is take it or leave it for him. As for Cox, they haven’t even thought about negotiations with him yet as he is under contract next year and they can franchise him at a reasonable number in 2017. There is no rush there.

          As for Bradford – That is where Roseman needs to keep it as close to the vest as possible because with Bradford that is where the team and the Player’s agent are the furthest apart.

          Eagles – With respect to the offer made to Bradford, you have no idea of the structure of that offer. Maybe the per year was 18 but the guaranteed was low like Kap’s deal. The 25 mill offer was thrown out there at time when it made absolutely no sense for Bradford to actually sign. If you are going to sign in a time like that you might as well try to swing for the fences which is what his agent was doing.

          Given the past deals with this agent, I can see him taking 18 mil.

          • Can’t you are correct, I have no idea how the 18 was structured. I do know this, Sam has done nothing to show me that he is worth 18 mil per year. I have stated I am fine with Bradford at the right price, 12-14 mil per, but that is it. Knowing Bradford’s agents history, he looks to get the biggest deal. I do not believe the eagles are going to go out of their way to over pay for an average QB who does not possess the ability to put a team on his back and will them to win…25-37 overall record is putrid!

          • except all reports state they are trying to get cox done now :

            The Eagles have opened contract negotiations with DE Fletcher Cox.
            Cox is under contract in 2016 after the Eagles picked up his fifth-year option last offseason. All of his $7.799 million salary counts on the cap, however, and Philadelphia would probably like to lower his cap hit to make room for Sam Bradford and Vinny Curry. Cox recorded 9.5 sacks and was one of the best 3-4 defensive ends in the league last season. He should be used all along the line in new DC Jim Schwartz’s attacking 4-3 scheme. Jan 26 – 10:43 AM

          • Y. They are currently negoriation with both Cox and Curry and ROseman is heaping praise.

            You know who they’re not negotiating with. Sam Bradford.

            But that’s just “part of the process”

            • Mhenski – This is the beauty of you guys, you take pieces of a report as truth when it supports you point and leave out other parts when it doesn’t. That exact same report your quote says they are clearing space for Bradford….did you miss that?

              Last I heard they weren’t negotiating with Cox, but I am not in the know. So I will take the report you quote as truth. Regardless, they have leverage with Cox (i.e. next year under contract and 2017 franchise) so Howie doesn’t have to be as careful there. They have no leverage with Bradford which is why, in my opinion, they are keeping praise close to the vest. As for CUrry, last I heard the offer was on the table and negotiations are complete. Its now up to him if he wants to sign. At that point, it only helps our position to heap praise on Curry to entice him to sign.

              I negotiate for a living and this is just my interpretation of everything I’ve heard. But again, I could be completely wrong here that is just my take on the situation.

              I see them clearly cap space left and right. Celek lowered his number. Ertz 2016 number is low. There are reports that Lane Johnson will sign soon which will likely lower his 2016 number. There are also reports that Jenkins may restructure to lower his numbers. In my opinion, you don’t do all of that unless you have a target in mind.

              The only other high priced positions of need we currently have that match the free agent market is WR and LT. There really aren’t any LTs in this years crop and the only WR is Alshon Jeffery. I doubt they are clearing space for him which leads me to believe they are clearing space for Bradford.

              I don’t think they will break the bank but I think they want to clear enough space to make a good faith offer in the 18 mil range.

              You guys also need to be realistic with the QB market….average to above average QBs earn 17 mil a year. Even first round rookies will be in the 10-13 range. If we can get Bradford in the 17-18 range that is a good deal for the team and in line with the market.

              • canttakeit..Ertz cap hit for 2016 went up on his new contract. His rookie cap hit was going to be $1,711,563. His new contract cap hit is $3,311,563. Not really clearing space there, it may average out with Celek’s number being lowered….a wash at most. I think Bradford is a plan B…Howie says that they have time to decide on Bradford, for Cox, Curry, and Ertz he said he wanted to get young talented Eagles locked up. I think that it is pretty clear that Sam is on the back burner and not considered an essential part of the Eagles future. If so, the QB would be priority…not a “we have time to decide on him guy”. Who knows…maybe it’s all a smoke screen and heavy negotiations with Bradford is taking place.

              • Eagles – You are correct that Ertz 2016 cap hit went up slightly. However, it is not just about 2016. By extending Ertz this year you sign a projected talent to a multiyear contract before other big name tight ends sign. Watch, in years 2017-2019, Ertz’s deal will look like a steal when guys like Travis Kelce and Jordan Reed sign. The strategy with Ertz was to get him locked in a lower number for multi years than you would have had to sign him at next year.

                While it seems to not be a cap clearing move based on 2016, it really is one for 2017 and beyond based on some big name tight ends that are about the set the market.

                If you sign Bradford you need to consider more than just 2016s cap, which is why I think the Ertz move could be related.

              • no i didnt miss that at all. lets break down this report

                The Eagles have opened contract negotiations with DE Fletcher Cox. (THE EAGLES HAVE – meaning the writer knows this for a fact)

                All of his $7.799 million salary counts on the cap, however, and Philadelphia would probably like to lower his cap hit to make room for Sam Bradford and Vinny Curry. ( WOULD PROBABLY LIKE TO – the writer is guessing…)

                i operate on facts.

                could they resign him – sure. do i want them to no… the point of the my prior post was to tell you that you were wrong and they both have thought about it are negotiating with cox now

  • Just watched Howies press conference. Sam is gone.lol, He might as well just came out and said it. They are not paying Bradford. That was perfectly clear listening to Howie speak. Early in the process my ass. lol

  • Everyone keeps on saying “Franchise Bradford”
    Do you realize the Eagles do not Franchise Players thst they feel they can’t come to a long term agreement with? They just don’t do it and especially Howie Roseman for he knows it’s not good business sense to do so
    Also the Franchise Tag for a QB in 2016 jumps to $24 Million with some of the crazy extended backloaded deals for QB like Brees,Flacco, Romo that are ballooning in 2016 which gas inflated the 2016 Salary Levelof the Top 5 QB’s

    Bradford is a goner, does anyone realistically see Howie Roseman working hard and reshuffling the Roster for Chip Kelly’s Guy, Sam Bradford..
    They will go with a nobody first for 2016 and build the rest of the a Roster first before Franchising Bradford for a 1 Year Rental Deal which naked no sense
    Roseman is going about fixing what Kelly F’d Up last Off-Season and is not going to make matters worse by blowing up the Roster to make Cap Space for Sam Bradford… It’s not happening for the umpteeth time..

    • Agree 100%, spot on, paulman.

      • Sorry for the mis-spelling’s… I’m brutal in the am..

        Here is the List of the Top 5 QB’s by Salaries in 2016

        1) Drew Brees – NO Saints ($30 Million)
        2) Joe Flacoo – Ravens ($28.55 Million)
        3) Eli Manning – NY GIants ($24.2 Million)
        4) Big Ben – Steelers ($23.950 Million)
        5) Matt Ryan – FAlcons ($23.750 Million)

        To Franchise Sam Bradford for the 2016 Season, His Franchise Tag Amount would be the Average of these above 5 QB Salaries which comes out to $26.09 Million. It’s not Happening, No Way, No How..

        and just to agree and expound on what HAC stated… Notice how 4 of the Top 5 QB’s on this Salary List play for Teams that failed to even make the Playoffs, with 3 of the Teams Playing Below .500 for the 2015 Season…

        #6) Matt Stafford (Lions – $22.5 Million – No Playoffs)
        #7) Peyton Manning (Broncos – $21.5 Million)
        #8) Phil Rivers (Chargers – $21 Million – No Playoffs)
        #9) Tony Romo (Cowboys – $20,83 Million – Injured and No Playoffs)
        #10) Cam Newton (Panthers – $19,50 Million)

        So 3 of the Top 10 QB’s in Salary made the Post-Season while 7 QB/Teams did not…

        • I just read this post…wow, just wow..

  • I rarely talk about athletes salaries because as I have said a million times its just funny money BUT, I have also said that a $20 QB in the NFL is a serious problem– it can decimate a team. So that $20 million man better be a damn good player that can take a team of nobodies and make them better- that has not been sam’s MO– he is absolutely not a $20 QB- He is just not-

  • At the End of the Day for 2015

    Sam Bradford was the 18th Overall Rated QB in the NFL (Out of 32 QB’s)
    Sam Bradford’s Salary at $13,000 Ranked 16th in QB Pay for 2015

    He Is what Most of Us have Stated He Is, which is Average.. No More, No Less .. Moving Forward with a New Direction, Vision with New Coach’s, Staff & Scheme’s… Why would Doug Pederson hook his wagon and his Future with his First Opportunity as a NFL HC, to Sam Bradford ?
    Can anyone explain to me why he would want this, and please don’t say because Pederson said “Sam Bradford is Top-Notch QB” in his Press Conference… Good Grief ….

  • Carson Wentz stated that he has a meeting scheduled with the Eagles today. It may be due diligence. However, the Eagles have drafted the most players who have participated in the senior bowl than any other NFL team. The Eagles are interested in this kid, make no mistake about it.

    • crazy this kid is being talked about as an early first round pick… kid must have a lot of tools

      • So glad Bradford saved his best for that meaningless last game of the season and Eagles won. Why would anyone want the 9th pick when you could have the 13th??

    • SOme of the Mocks have Carson Wentz going to the EAgles at #13

      Most Have the Top Rated QB Jared Goff going #2 to the Browns
      and then the 49ers going with WR Laquon Treadwell at #7 which is their biggest need with Kaepernick back in play with Chip Kelly
      I don’t see the Cowboys at #4 addressing the QB Position, maybe in the 2nd Round,but I see them more likely obtaining RG3/Johhny Football in the Off-Season to be their back-up to Tony Romo

      The Next Teams Looking at QB’s would be Rams at #15, Jets at #20
      and the Texans at #22

      I still see the Houston Texans looking to Trade Up to get QB Wenz or Lynch
      I could see them Offering their #22nd Pick , DE Jadeveon Clowney and a Mid-Round Pick to move up to get their QB..

  • Roseman on Cox and Curry:

    “It’s hard to talk individually about any player, but when you’re talking about good, young players, we want to keep our good young players. It’s important for our football team, it’s important for our coaching staff, it’s important for our organization. Obviously when you’re talking about high-character, talented players, the priority is to try to keep those guys first.”

    Roseman on Bradford:
    ” it’s still early in the offseason, so we’ve got a lot of decisions to make and that will be part of the process.”

    “part of the process”

    Man, that is the best line ever.

    Bradford….ummmm….ya….ummm…you know its…ummm….early in the offseason…..but he’s part of the process you know……”

    Sam “part of the process” Bradford.


    • i take it the same way, just hope it pans out like that

    • I understand everyone of your guys POV perfectly. You all have solid reasons to have the perspective that you all have regarding sam bradford.

      But I have seen Paul man state several time this season that the wr, oline, and rb play did not help the quarterback back out very much at all this season. And this being a team sport, ur going to need them to look decent..sam did throw 10 tds in the 2nd half which isn’t special and some were in garbage time in some situations. But he did have over half his ints bounce off the hands of his wr hands. He did have a 5-6 dropped touchdowns and another 3-4 called back on him because of bone headed penalties.

      Sam wasn’t Perfect but neither was the team and coaching around him. It’s pretty clear he could of had a night and day stat sheet if the play sound him was better and not with 9 drops in the carolina game and 3 dropped tds in the jets game etc.
      Leading the NFL in drops is not helping quarterback coming off two acls.

      It’s not a stretch or crazy statement to say that a 28 year old qb who has missed 2 seasons cannot improve his game. This is not a wr,rb, we’re talking about herr. Qbs can hit there prime at age 30-36 because it is a more cerebral position than any position in the game. If he stays with Jordan and zach and gets a better oline, and we cut the drops in half I can see bradford throwing for 26-30 tds this season IF he stays.

      His arm str is night and day compared to sanchize and so is his mobility. Nick Foles and mark did not run 4.75 forties at the combine and when Sam did take off the few times this season he possesses some speed that could rush for a first down here and there if need be. Nick Foles had decent mobility as well and he is alot slower and heavier then Sam

      • CT- If Eagles blow their Cap Space on Re-Signing Bradford, then how do they go about upgrading the OL,WR which are blow average ..Rely on Rookies or Castaways from other Teams..
        To me, 2016 is about rebuilding the Defense with the New Staff and New Schemes with mostly the same players,
        but the Offense needs a re-tooling along the OL, WR and QB which will take 2 Years to accomplish..
        New HC Doug Pederson will have some rope to operate in 2016 even if they take a step back in the Win Total for a longer-term solution at QB and for the Offense as a whole, more balanced attack, utilize the RB’s and TE’s more,
        etc,etc .. think of “Strategic Planning” that Lurie’s likes to call it for long-term improvement and stability which is what Lurie is seeking after the Kelly Era…
        Sam Bradford does not represent the Future for Doug Pederson or the Eagles, It is what it is, You have to let him go, just like Vinnie had to let go of Foles and Kolb and Koolbreeze had to let go of M Vick…
        Its the NFL, Not For Long, if you do not produce.. Sam Bradford has not Won at the NFL level in 6 Years.. His Time has Past in terms of being though of as a “Franchise QB” regardless of being Drafted #1 Overall in 2010 which is light years in the NFL
        Heck, RG3 was Rookie of the Year and even led the Redskins to the Playoffs in 2013 and is now going to struggle becoming a Back-up in the NFL for another Team..
        Time waits for no one and the Sam Bradford Ship has Set Sail…

      • anyone else disappointed we going back to the wide 9 and 4-3?

        seems like the best defenses are mostly 3-4.. matter of fact all the top 9 defenses are 3-4 except carolina… seattle and the pats list their based d as 4-3 but unless im missing something those 2 teams run 3-4 more than 4-3

        • What Jim schwartz said was a beautiful thing. He doesn’t want to put labels on his defense because he runs a little bit of everything. And what he said was correct, there is not a team in the nfl that does not run the wide-9 at some point of another.

          I can see philly using a 4-3 as its base and actuallying playing some 3-4 here and there with the lbs we have

          • Wouldn’t most of u say that a 43 will play more to the str of our personnell? Vinny brandon and alot of others played in a 43 in college

            • idk. we have ends and linebackers for a 3-4, just no awesome nt. brandon graham is so uninspiring he doesnt even exist to me

              • According to PFF Brandon Graham was rated as our best pass rusher by a mile. His stats might not blown up away but he always seems to be getting pressure and getting better in run defense. In a 3-4 it is more of a collaborative effort on the dline. Switching to a 4-3 just might be the best move for graham yet

              • I don’t see it. The players that they have are much better suited for a 4-3 defense.

              • CT, Brandon Graham stinks; If that is the best we have we better start drafting better DE options.

                Graham stunk it up the last time we played a 4-3. so what makes you think he’ll be any better this time??

                Dude he stinks…

              • Hey CLiffman..
                Who are some of the DE’s You like in this Draft Class..
                Here’s the Top 10 or so

                Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
                Shaq Lawson (Clemson)
                DeForest Buckner (Oregon)
                Jonathon Bullard (Florida)
                Emmanulel Ogbah (Oklahoma State)
                Kevin Dodd (Clemson)
                Shilique Calhoun (Mich State)
                Carl Nassib (Penn State)
                Bronson Kaufusi (BYU)
                Shawn Oakman (Baylor)
                Aziz Shittu (Stanford)

              • often called “his guys”, “impact list” and “better than most”

              • I like the both Kaufusi (BYU) and Oakman (Baylor) Kids as 3 Rrounders if they are still around ..

              • Hey Paul, I mentioned Ogbah before the end of last year. I like his potential.

                I also like Noah Spence, Shawn Oakman, and Yannick Ngorue.

                I also wouldn’t mind seeing DT/NT Vernon Butler….

              • Spence, and Ngakoue Ngakoue can also play OLB in some defensive sets.

                They have better Pass rushing potential than Graham, and Barwin.

  • Brandon graham was a back up behind Trent Cole for the majority of his career. Add on top of that with changing systems every season and torn acl it slowed him down. He didn’t play great in a 4-3 back then because of those reasons and because that defense was atrocious back in those days. Jim Schwartz should make it interesting this season with Brandon and vinny curry

    • No he didn’t play well because he sucks, and Jim Johnson never started him because of that fact……

      But Chip gave him more money, and an extension…How’d that turn out??

      No change he still sucks 3-4, 4-3 doesn’t matter,….he is a back up in the NFL, but he will only start for a desperate Eagles team who is just lacking anything better in talent……Straight up sad, and pitiful…..

  • The Brandon Graham / Vinnie Curry questions/arguements are interesting.

    I am constantly being told how good they are. I am constantly being told we’re about to see a breakout. I am constantly being told they’re misused and all that…..

    But are we sure??

    Curry had 9 tackles and 3.5 sacks this year. You know who else did? Ryan Davis of Jacksonville.

    I bring up Ryan Davis because you have never heard of him. And you shouldn’t have. He has 11 sacks over 3 seasons.

    Curry has 16.5 sacks and 52 tackles over 4 seasons. That’s an average of 4 sacks and a paltry 13 tackles a year.

    Ummmmm….his numbers are almost identical to players like Karl Klug and Andre branch.

    And why do I bring up Klug and Branch? Because you’ve never heard of them either.

    I could say the same about Graham and find a whole bunch of scrubs with his numbers.

    I know they might be in the “wrong system” but eventually if you are good….and as good as I am constantly being told these guys are….well there’s got to be some production doesn’t there?

    I am not entirely sold of these 2.

    • Wasn’t Karl Klug the great Nephew of Jack Klugman from the Odd Couple ?

  • Top OLB’s Rankings

    1) Myles Jack – UCLA – (6-1 245lbs) Knee Surgery in October
    2) Leonard Floyd – Georgia (6-3 235lbs)
    3) Jaylon Smith – Notre Dame (6-3 240lbs) Knee Surgery 3-4 Weeks ago
    4) Darron Lee – Ohio State (6-1 235lbs) Late 1st/Early 2nd
    5) Noah Spence – Eastern Kentucky (6-3 254lbs) Late 1st/Early 2nd
    6) Joshua Perry – Ohio State (6-4 255lbs) Projected 2nd
    7) Kyler Fackrell – Utah State (6-5 244lbs) Projected 2nd/3rd
    8) Jordan Jenkins – Georgia (6-3 257lbs) Projected 3rd/4th
    9) Kamalel Correa – Boise State (6-3 245lbs) Projected 3rd/4th
    10) Joe Shobert – WIsconsin (6-2 247lbs) Projected 4th/5th
    11) Dadl Lhomme Nicolas – Va Tech (6-3 235lbs) – Projected 5th
    12) Victor Ochi – Stony Brook (6-1 245lbs) – Projected 5th/6th.
    13) De’Vondre Campbell – Minnesota (6-4 235lbs) – Projected 5th/6th
    14) Yannick Ngakoue – Maryland (6-2 250lbs) – Projected 6th Rounder
    15) Antwoine Williams – Ga Southern (6-3 247lbs) – Projected 6th/7th

  • BGN reporting the Eagles are interviewing Pittsburg Steelers Pro Personnel Coordinator Brandon Hunt for their Pro Personnel Director position.

    • Just read that also, He’s a young guy in his 30’s who has been working with the Steelers since 2010 and is from Western Pa..
      He worked for the Texans from 2007 thru 2010 as a Scout before joining the Steelers in 2010
      He has a Master Degree in Business Administration from Indiana Universirty of Pennsylvania where Tom Modrak and Tom Donahue also went to School..

  • sounds like a young man who has worked his way up the ranks…not just handed a job and presto…is suddenly the GM in charge of personnel…the Eagles need to hire a football guy! Keep Howie with contracts!

    • 8 years experience and he worked his way up the ranks. Yet Howie who got the same job with 8 years of experience before he got the vp of player personnel and was networking with NFL top dogs in high school some how didn’t. He has a business degree and is a football guy yet Howie has a law degree and is an accountant in your hand. This is a game you play right ? Gary pays you to Act this retarded to get clicks on this site right? I find it hard to believe there are people out there that are truly this dumb.

      • In your head…

        • Was going to say the same thing. I mean this guy got his first FO job in 2010. That’s like yesterday.

          I am not saying he’ll be good or bad. I LOVE the fact that the Eagles are looking at the Steelers – its what I said months ago I wanted the Eagles to do.

          But it is quite interesting how quickly Kooltwit is preaching about “football guy – working his way up – not handed a job” when he’s young 30s and been in a FO for about 17 seconds.

          • first fo job in 2010, so he has 5 years fo experience and howie had 8 when he got the same job… now i see how he paid his dues and howie didnt.

            god damn this homey gets dumber by the day

            • Brandon Hunt started out with the Texans in 2007 as a Scout and it appears that’s where maybe his strength is.. I doubt the Eagles are Hiring anyone in the Front Office that will be Howie’s Supervisor .. It will be a younger up and coming Front Office type who hopefully is strong in Talent Evaluation/Scouting while Howie can Focus on the Contracts/Salary Cap, Financial Aspects and maybe work on some Trades, Waiver Wire Pick-ups, to help Upgrade that 53 Man Roster for these are things that Roseman is good at.. .. If this Guy can bring in some better Evaluation Process’s in from what he learned during his 5 Years with the Steelers, then so much the better… The Steelers Draft after Draft, do a very good Job of Selecting Players that fit their schemes and style of Play…
              The Key start is having an identity, which hopefully will begin with Pederson,Schwarts,Reich, Defilippo & Company …

              I love the Hiring of DL Coach Chris Wilson who Coached Fletcher Cox at Miss State and also Coach Leonard Williams at USC
              Chris Wilson Coached at Colorado from 2000-2004 when they were a Good Defense, then Coached Oklahoma from 2005-2009 where he Coached Defensive Ends and Special Teams. then moved to Miss State from 2010-2012, to U Of Georgia in 2013 to USC 2014-2015

              Putting Chris Wilson with Phillip Daniels under DC Jim Schwartz is going to be huge where this Eagles DL will become an attacking unit again like we are used to having instead of this 2 Gap, Read and React crap… Attack, Attack, Attack is what this Eagles Front 7 will become and that’s what I’m most excited about this Off-Season so far.. Fix the Defense and the OL and
              even an Average QB can lead the Eagles to the NFC East Crown in 2016..
              Draft and develop a Young QB for Pederson,Reich & DeFilippo to work with and then we’ll see if the Eagles can get to the next Level..
              Fix the Foundation and Line of Scrimmage First …

      • Howie and Lurie will never be accepted by most all of the semi and hard core Phila fans .Total blue collar town with a very small Jewish following, No matter what title Howie uses or used he still studied under Joe Banner the 1 st capologist in the New type N.F. L. Howie is proving where he belongs, $$$ part. But a guy like Lurie, Banner. Howie will never fit, in a rough. tough.,Philly type town.That’s the it it always has been and mostly will be for a long, long , time,

        • Lurie won’t be accepted? He is the most successful owner in modern eagles history… He has a vision , spends a lot of money and has been successful…. Not the ultimate prize yet but… Not accepted…. Anyone who doesn’t accept him is a flat out asshole and since you mentioned Jewish that of course makes them racists

          • For the record H.A.C. I am a fan of Luries, and Roseman ,and even Joe Banner, cept Joe always struck me as a guy with a nasty streak in him..But a wizard at the $$$ mark . Howie was buried by all of the Philly papers for years,Just recently there have many positive anecdotes about Howie , The writers in this town are just guys who write what they feel like, and a few months later the whole total story does a 180..What kind of professional writer does that?Where were the positive stories about Howie then .? Like the agent wrote Howie was the guy who signed the player ,We were all told it was chip.And I’m 100% irish , so Roseman, Lurie, Banner do not hang out with my crowd of rowdy musicians,Just like to keep it fair , And hope you enjoy the up coming season.

            • This organization whether they are Jewish, Irish or whatever…this is totally irrelevant….they are failures this is the only way to assess them.

              Every other team in our division has a championship except the Eagles…and until Lurie gets that done he is a failure as a football owner

              Has he made plenty of money? Sure that is because of an extremely supportive fan base. The Fans has supported this team well beyond any reasonable expectation and what have we got to show for it?

              This organization deserves the skepticism, the doubts, the complaints, and the frustration it has received from the loyal fans that have been there for them.

              Now we are told to have ‘patience’, wait again for a few more years down the road to win a championship…we are told that they have gotten it right with this Coaches hire and now everything will be Ok…


  • The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane reports the Eagles and RT Lane Johnson are “putting the finishing touches” on a contract extension.
    The Eagles have already signed TEs Zach Ertz and Brent Celek to extensions since the season ended, and now they appear to be wrapping one up with Johnson. The former No. 4 overall pick profiles as the left tackle of the future in Philadelphia, and that “future” may come as soon as 2016 depending on what happens with LT Jason Peters. Johnson is still just 25.
    Source: Jeff McLane on Twitter
    Jan 29 – 9:32 A

  • ESPN’s Adam Caplan reports the Eagles have signed RT Lane Johnson to a five-year extension through 2021.
    “GM” Howie Roseman has been working diligently since the season ended to lock up the young nucleus in Philadelphia. After both Zach Ertz and Brent Celek got extensions earlier this week, Johnson was next on the board. With all three of them sewn up with long-term deals, Roseman can now focus on trying to woo impending free agent DE Vinny Curry before he hits the open market in March. Incumbent LT Jason Peters has a $9.738 million cap charge for 2016 and could be on the way out, which would then shift Johnson to left tackle. Either way, Johnson’s future is on the blind side in Philadelphia.
    Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter
    Jan 29 – 10:48 AM

  • All of that money given to Lane and Ertz is pushing up against the cap, plus still looking to do a deal with Curry. Looks like the writing is on the wall..and it reads Goodbye Sam..unless he takes a home town discounted deal. Clearly they are not all that excited about trying to bring Sam back, these moves which is drying up the money demonstrate that.

    • they saying cox deal close!

    • You got it backwards…signing players to long term deals actually lessen the salary cap’s impact for upcoming season. The most sensible play with the moves being made is to resign Bradford…not throw a back up or draft a long-shot project with the hope that he is your franchise QB

      • Lol…that is on a case by case basis. Take a look at the cap hit on both Ertz and Johnson’s new deal for 2016 as opposed to the old deal for 2016. The hit has increased. 61.5 mil guaranteed to two players and nothing being discussed with Bradford except we are not sure if we are going to resign Bradford. We are still evaluating that position. Money has not been cleared from the cap…it has been added…look at the numbers they are public. Fact is the QB is the most important position…we can both agree on that. It stands to reason if the Eagles were high on Bradford they would be prioritizing getting a deal done with Bradford. Instead they have identified the priority players to extend and Bradford..the qb…the most important position on the field has been left out in the cold and not identified as a priority. That is not how a franchise qb is handled..hmmmm.

  • We’ll never ,of course for certain ,but it’s provocative ,to wonder with the Eagles organization ,swiftly ,signing there own,that which Chip would have done .Ilke the decisiveness and locking up valued assets.The Chip Kelly philosophy was very cool nitration,as many assets walked out the door,or were traded with little regard for “good value.” I think the continuity and plan ,and vision ,organizationally has been compromised ,and they’re responding in kind..

  • I can’t wait to see what the money on a Cox deal would be like..this is HOWIE roll!!!

    • johnson got 25 guaranteed, cox will get at least $50 guaranteed, not sure what johnson got… ba bye sammy

      • 35.5 guaranteed for lane

  • DT Geno Atkins (27 years Old) signed a 5 Year $53 Million with $15 Million in Guaranteed in 2014 with the Bengals
    DE/DT Derek Wolfe (25 Years Old) just Signed a 4 Year – $36 Million with $17.5 Million in Guaranteed $$$ with the Bronco’s a couple of weeks back

    The Top 4 Contracts for DT’s

    1) N Suh ($114 Million with $60 in Guaranteed $$ – Dolphins)
    2) Marcel Dareus ($95 Million with $43 Million in Guaranteed $$$ – Bills)
    3) Gerald McCoy ($95 Million with $15 Million in Guaranteed $$$ – Bucs)
    4) H Ngata ($61 Million with $25 Million in Guaranteed $$$ – Signed with Ravens and is now with the Lions)

    Geno Atkins is the 5th Highest Paid …

    Chances are that Fletcher Cox is between #3 & #5 in Total Value
    My Guess is a 5 year – $75 Million Deal with about $30 In Guaranteed $$$

    • my guess $45-50– guarantee– he is generally regarded as the best defensive player in the nfc east—he changes games and is a nicer human being than suh– lock him up! but again….. bu bye sam!

  • I think they HAVE to get Cox done now…and I think I see the plan (Koolidiot will not like it).

    They’re loading up on these young guys right now. And Howie is frontloading these deals. He wants manageable cap numbers for the 208/2019/2020 seasons.

    When those guys are hitting their primes at 27, 28 there will be Cap space to add a FA or 2 to push the Eagles over the top (if close)

    This is exciting and something that should have happened when kelly arrived. Build a nuculeus of drafted young players that will grow together and be competitive after a few years.

    This clearly indicates they’re going young at QB. They’re going to build a guy over the next 3-4 seasons and hope for a good long run a couple years down the road.

    Again, isn’t this exciting. Just imagine if the QB hits and in 2018 we roll into the season with a 26 yr old QB entering his prime with 2 26 yr old WRs, a 27 yr old TE, a 28 yr old LT…….

    Have promise and hope returned????

    • Its the Joe Flacco plan

    • The other big thing is that Howie Knows he is under the Gun and has to Perform… Accountability is the One Word Owner Lurie has mentioned many times over this Off-Season, and this pertains for the Front Office, to the Coach’s and the Players… Howie is fixing the Financial Mess that Chip Kelly left behind and Roseman is going to take care of the Core Players that he trusts and that he was involved with in becoming Eagles in the first place whether he was part of Drafting them or Signing them as Free-Agents…
      I have to admit, Howie kept up with his Notes, the Core Players and Market Value and has been very active and keep the Eagles Core together and give the Coach Pederson the best possible chance for success and another positive is the Good Vibe that probably is flowing thru NovaCare by the Players that if you work hard, remain loyal to your Teammates and Represent what being an Eagle is on and off the Field, that the Front Office and Organization will take care of you which is a big difference than the impersonal, going to work atmosphere that was under Chip Kelly…

      Once these Deals/Contracts are settled with the Core Group, then we will have a better idea of how much is left over to Re-Sign Current Eagle Free-Agents or who to target in Free-Agency and then its onto the Draft

      There is always the unexpected Release of a Player or Two and maybe this year, more players, who don’t fit the Vision for Pederson and Company….
      Could it be Mark Sanchez, Riley Cooper, Josh Huff, Barner from the Offense
      and a Chris Maragos, Bryan Braman, Demeco Ryans, Taylor Hart or MSII from the Defense o rdo you keep as many Players intact (especially those still within their Rookie Contracts for they are relatively inexpensive and you may as well see what you have in them before releasing them)

      • Releasing any of those players would not be shocking

      • paulman here you go again with the pie in the sky, dreamy crap about “organizational harmony”


        The Eagles organization has failed repeatedly and should be seen as such…every team in our division has a Super Bowl win except us. The ‘success’ of the ‘organization’ has been from a business standpoint…Jeff Lurie has made plenty of money but from a fan’s viewpoint they have been utter failures.

        You bashed Chip Kelly….fine…who hired him? It was the Eagles organization…they did the interviews, they reviewed the candidates and sold us on Chip Kelly…now everyone wants to resolve them of that responsibility, bash Chip Kelly who wasn’t on the streets very long before he was re-hired.


        How many years during the Donovan McNabb era, the best Quarterback in Eagles history, did we beg and plead for them to get competent wide receivers…loss after loss in the playoffs…then they finally got TO only to screw him over the next year after his valiant return for the Super Bowl…

        The simple fact is that this is not an organization that deserves a pat on the back for years of mediocrity. This is a second rate organization and that’s determined by the product they have put on the field…who cares about the ‘harmony’ of the organization when it doesn’t lead to wins and championships?

        • I like the Coaching Staff that Pederson has surrounded himself with,
          I like how Roseman is locking up the Core Young Players and extending a few Veterans to allow for more Cap Space…
          What’s happening this Off-Season has nothing to do with the Disappointments
          of Previous Years with different Coach & Players so why should I bother to
          Harp on something from 2-5-10 Years ago…
          I feel a lot better about the Current Eagles Direction right now than I have in quite some time, so I will have to see how things play out with Rest of the Off-Season, Free-Agency, the Draft and then OTA’s and Summer Camp before complaining or bitching about the past…
          I am more concerned about the here and now and to be honest, I like what I’m hearing, seeing and reading about our Eagles…

    • “Have Promise and Hope Returned”

      I dont know about ‘promise’ and ‘hope’ but your stupidity will never leave us

      Vinniedafool this sums up why you are simply a fool

      Football games are not won on ‘hope’ and ‘promises’ made by a failed, power hunger accountant who is the sole cause of the organization collapse. While fools like you want to blame Chip Kelly, the real reason for Kelly’s failures was Howie Roseman who in a greedy power grab fired Tom Gamble…a very sound and intelligent football man. This led to Chip Kelly over extending himself and his unreasonable firing.

      So be it…but what do we have now.

      I hear that Jeff Lurie was down at the Senior Bowl…looking at players

      The Owner seems to be getting a bit more involved…

      Is that a good thing…we have another Jerry Jones type Owner but with less football experience than Jerry Jones!

      Jeffrey Lurie the ‘involved” Owner with Howie the Accountant calling the personnel shots!

      You want to dive into the unknown with ‘hope’ and ‘promises’…Howie promises you “trust me”, I’ll find us a franchise Qb and fools like you believe him and ‘hope’ he isn’t lying. So now you say hey let “Chase Daniels’, Mark Sanchez, or even worse lets spend our 13th pick on a QB we ‘hope’ can be a franchise player even though most of the QB’s that are available in this draft are better projected as back ups…none of them are rated as high as Mariotta or Winston who you, Paulman, GM Cliff, and others said would be flops last year!

      The ‘hope’ that you can find a franchise QB in this draft or even next year’s draft is a foolish one. The ‘promise’ of Howie the Accountant are bogus.

      Signing these players to long term contracts tells me that you are not trying to rebuild for years down the road…but that you are trying to win next year…Pederson said they would be competitive this year, win the weak NFC East division and go far in the playoffs…

      You better get the right QB,you better draft the right players, you better get the right free agents…the ‘promise’ that Howie can do all of this is ridiculous and only a fool would believe Howie Roseman.

      With signing these “core players’ you dont get to push this year off as a ‘rebuild’ year…signing Brett Celek or other vets dont give you that luxury…

      They need a GM with experience for the draft, a football guy who knows the free agents…let Howie deal with the salary cap…we are used to celebrating all the money we had under the cap for years…we have already won the ‘save money-salary cap’ championship….we can have ‘hope’ and ‘promise’ that Howie will do a good job on the salary cap…but for winning some football games and the playoffs…no hope at all!!


  • Clown. You know what htis is? Its Howie cleaning up Kellys disasterous mess.

    Remember last offseason? It went like this:

    Rumours are Cox will be traded. Rumours are Kendricks going to be traded. Looks like Kendricks Cox and 17 picks for Mariotta. Looks like Johnson, FOles, COx and 2 firsts to Tenny. Looks like Bradford and Kendricks and McCoy and COk to Tenny for Mariotta;;;;looks like looks like looks like.

    I said this was “toxic” You said it was Kelly doing great things.

    I questioned how these players were ever going to play together as their names were being dragged through the mud every day. You said Kelly was building a “win now” championship team and that all the moves (imagined or happened) were great.

    I was right. The atmosphere was toxic all year. Kelly created that starting in the off-season. Then he did make stupid trades. Then he made stupid signings.

    Now Howie (who you hate of course) is cleaning up 2 messes. FIrstly, he’s obviously cleaning up the financial mess Kelly created in one year (this will take 2 years to fix) and secondly he’s changing the atmosphere….making the players feel wanted. Nothing but dozens of happy tweets from players as they are being made to feel like they are part of something.

    Look around, there is a little mojo going on. Some hope and excitement completely different than the negativity of last off-season (that you loved)

    Once this is done the team will go about approaching the biggest albatross in the room, and that is that they do not have a winning QB on their roster at the moment and will have to draft one because it sure as hell isn’t.

    BTW love this line:

    “Signing these players to long term contracts tells me that you are not trying to rebuild for years down the road…but that you are trying to win next year…”


    “Signing these players to long term contracts tells me you are not trying to rebuild for years down the road….”


    ” long term contracts tells me you are not trying to rebuild for years down the road”


    ” long term contracts….not for years down the road…”


    Long term deals…not for long term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holy fuck seriously….I can;t take the stupidity.

    Eagles sign 2 25 year old players to long term deals so they’ll be around in their prime (27-32) and Koolbreeze yells that this is for next year “win now”

    Eagles offering long term contracts to 2 other 25 year old players to ensure they’ll be around for their primes (27-32) and Koolbreeze yells that this is for next year “win now”

    You’re losing it buddy.

    I think you are really going to jump the shark when your hero Jay Bradford, or is is Sam Cutler? Matt Bradford???? Fuck I can never differentiate between all these losers….anyway…..I think you are really going to go off the rails when they let Sam Cassel leave.

  • It’s also worth noting that the players that are being inked to these long term extensions because they are young building block players (sans celek) are all players that rose man drafted. I find it somewhat ironic that I see rose man being praised as a “money guy” and disparaged as a “football guy” or “talent evaluator” when he is getting Kelly disaster fixing deals done with the very building block block players he is responsible for drafting. Look, all gm’s miss on players, it’s the nature of evaluating human beings as athletes, but if your being honest and not automatically dismissing rose man because he is an accountant, or didn’t get along with other people that threatened his own job title (so says the media who need stories to keep people interested during an abysmal season), rose man has been pretty good at talent evaluation imo.

  • I’ll state it once again,the eagle organizationally ,has no reason to negotiate vs.itself..Why would it b befit them to address Sam I am ? They have the only hammer left in the toolbox,a tag that can be easily affixed ,this ,is the damocles sword in dealing with the agent ,and other suitors… economy wise they can make decisions on unwanted players to clear that needed space ,at that time ass well.This is exactly what Howie is stating.There is no clock in this negotiating process,and there needs be no perception ,of wanting Sam ,or not ..only the preventative measure that needs be taken at the opportune time to either walk away ,or protect his asset ,based upon another suitor Williams NG to trade ,(based upon Sam renegotiating his deal ) we all sometimes lose sight lines ..This is a business at the end of the day ,and we have a toolbox still with ,the leverage needed ..I’m hoping they are enabled in doing so to observe the options at QB and then make an intelligent ,decision ..Even if they chose to stay the course ,they’ve strengthened there negotiating position ,and if they cut bait ,they have observed the low hanging fruit availed to them ..Today the only clarity ,is they wield the “hammer.” Why would they feint an insecurity to rush to the table and embolden SAMs agent ? They’d be succinctly ,repeating chips willy Nilly style of footballnomics ..

    • Finally…some that makes a little bit of sense from you deserteagle…

      I believe the Eagles are doing all that they can to drive Bradford’s price down

      They are trying to set an environment that will convince Bradford that they are willing to move on…

      The problem is that I dont think Tom Condon will be fazed at all.

      Its pretty obvious that the Eagles best option for QB is Sam Bradford

      In all of the bash-Bradford posts here…the alternatives are downright scary.

      It looks good to sign all of these ‘core players’ but to then do all of that and then have Mark Sanchez or Chase Daniels as your starting QB is ridiculous…

      Drafting a QB at 13 is dumb…

      Hoping that you can pick up a franchise QB from ‘somewhere’ is foolish

      The Eagles should do all they can to try and get Sam at the cheapest possible rate…no problem there…but the bottom line is that they better keep him!

      He is the best available QB…he’s not Tom Brady…but he aint Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez…

      You get the best available QB!

      • Kool you’re misrepresenting my words .Im not a Sam fan ,however,I’m not letting an asset walk through the door ..either..we have the ability to potent our asset ,and even though Pman and others dont see a trade and tag..I do..we are already down a 2nd round pick ,and letting Sam walk would compound that matrix.im hoping they find a team (Houston) that will offer us a 2nd round pick for a Sam Bradford ,who in the tagged state ,will be forced to renegotiate his deal with a suitor..when was the last time a 20 something first round pick was a free agent in the league ? In this league his value is high..trade him..but only after securing a likely replacement ..my perfect scenario would be to pry aj. mcCarron from cincy..

        • 1. What makes you think AJ McCarron is going to be available and what will you have to give up to get him from Cincy. He signed a 4 year deal headed into the 2014 season…Cincy is not going to simply hand him over

          2. He’s not a franchise QB and he’s not better than Bradford

          3. Why is Sam Bradford’s value so high since he stinks so badly?

          So many of you are just not making sense…your ‘dislike’ for Bradford says lets get rid of him and have someone else play QB. You throw AJ McCarron out there like Cincy will give him up, others says “Oh lets draft ‘a guy” and ‘develop’ him like that is such a easy thing to do.

          When will we learn that the biggest mistakes of the Chip Kelly era was to let talent walk out the door so easily…with the biggest mistake being getting rid of DJax…which was a big factor in causing Nick Foles game to fall completely apart!
          You cant let talent go without being absolutely certain that you get equal or better talent–especially at the Quarterback position…the key position for the success of your team…this throw anyone in at QB and let him ‘develop’ is bullshit…


  • The Eagles are signing the players that are important to the franchise.

    Bradford is not a priority or he would be in negotiations with the Eagles right now.

    Here’s a question for koolbreeze – last year you correctly stated that teams don’t normally let their quarterback go into their contract year without offering them a extension… That was you position on why the Eagles were not planing to re-sign Foles… How can you think Bradford is in the Eagles plans when they have not talked to him at this late date?

    • Good points Irish,
      Also note for the record that Bradford already turned down an Eagles Offer
      late last Summer and even though Chip Kelly/Ed Marynowitz are gone, don’t you think Owner Lurie feels a little jilted by Bradford & His Agent
      Believe me, Howie Roseman wants nothing to do with keeping Sam Bradford
      In Philly.. Signing Sam Bradford this year would be a validation of Chip Kellys GM/Roster Management Ability that was taken away from Roseman in January of 2015.. I see a 0 % Chance that Bradford remains an Eagle.. He’s out the Door along with the men that brought him here (Kelly/Marynowitz) in the first place..

    • “last year you correctly stated that teams don’t normally let their quarterback go into their contract year without offering them a extension… That was you position on why the Eagles were not planing to re-sign Foles… How can you think Bradford is in the Eagles plans when they have not talked to him at this late date?”
      When we were talking about Foles we were talking about a QB that was drafted by the Eagles, a guy they had full knowledge of his work habits, his whole career had been as an Eagle…and they didn’t let him go into his last contract year…they got rid of him.
      We all knew that there was considerable doubts within the franchise about Foles talent level and him being a franchise QB. Our doubts were proven true this year when he stunk ass.
      We are also talking about teams with competent front office personnel making decisions. The Eagles front office is still a major mess. The guy making decisions for the Eagles now is Howie Roseman who has bumped heads with so many competent football people its ridiculous.
      If the Eagles do not resign Bradford that would simply tell us that they are incompetent as a front office. They have not proven themselves in any way. I am hoping that they are simply doing all that they can to drive Bradford’s price down with the realization that they have to sign him.

      None of you are offering us any options that are better than Bradford…none of the QB’s in the draft are projected that high. The QB’s that you would bring in are all backups, and if you stuck with Sanchez you know you are sticking with a backup QB.

      We also can use a very objective standard. If the Eagles dont resign Bradford, he will be snatched up and be offered a significant contract by other QB needy teams.
      Let’s suppose the Rams release Foles? Who is giving him anything significant over the veteran’s minimum if he is signed at all?
      Lastly Irish, we have reasonable information that suggests that the Eagles did try to resign Bradford but his agent, Tom Condon, has done what he is supposed to do…ask for the big bucks. Again, I believe if the Eagles are trying to drive the price down…I dont believe that they think any of the QB’s in the draft are good enough to risk drafting them and hoping they can develop into a franchise QB

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