• July 3, 2022

Eagles Stay Or Go: Running Backs

DeMarcoMurrayvsPats1DeMarco Murray : Stay

Murray was a disaster under Chip Kelly, but the vast majority of the blame for that situation falls on the shoulders of the former head coach.

Kelly’s handling of Murray was completely asinine, but it may well turn out to be a blessing in disguise. With Murray taking a very limited workload in 2015, he hasn’t gained much additional tread on his tires, and should come back very fresh and primed for a bounce-back year in 2016.

A more reasonable offensive system that doesn’t call for Murray to be running every play out of the shotgun, or stretch plays that don’t suit him should also benefit the former rushing champion. I’d be excited to see what Murray can do out traditional formations and running in front of a fullback again.

Oh, and there’s also that poorly constructed contract that calls for a cap hit of $13 million if Murray is released this year. Thanks, Chip.

Ryan Mathews : GO

Yes, Mathews was probably the team’s most consistent offensive last season.

However, I don’t think his presence is necessary.

The Eagles don’t need to have three high-priced veterans on the roster. And with salary cap room an issue for the Birds this off-season, they may need to part with either Mathews or Darren Sproles to free up a little extra space.

Between the two, its not even a question, I’m keeping Sproles ahead of Mathews.

Mathews just doesn’t bring as much to the table, and there are limitations and problems within his game. He can’t provide a spark to the special teams like Sproles does, and he’s not nearly as potent a receiver. In fact, Mathews is one of the poorer pass-catchers that the Eagles have had at the running back position in recent memory, with several inexcusable drops this season.

Mathews’ durability is also an issue. He missed several games with a concussion, and also sustained a groin injury that limited his effectiveness in the final games of the season. He’s struggled staying healthy his entire career, having only a played a full 16 games once.

He’s a fine running back, but I think the Eagles would be better off trying to find a trade here and adding a young running back through the draft.

Darren Sproles: Stay

Sproles still has some good football left in his tank, and I’m excited to see what he can bring to this team in a non-gimmicky offense that doesn’t misuse his talents like Chip Kelly did.

Sproles was such a receiving weapon for the Saints, averaging over 70 catches per year his three seasons in New Orleans. And in two seasons under Chip Kelly, he only caught a combined 95 balls. He’d also go long stretches without being involved in the offense at all, and this season it got so bad that Sproles had to publicly complain about his role.

Sproles is one of the few game-breakers that are left on the roster, and the Eagles should certainly keep him around for another year.

Kenjon Barner: GO

Not a fan of Barner’s game in the least.

When he was given opportunities to play late in the season, he squandered them. Most notably, Barner fumbled a ball with the game on the line in New England, offering the Patriots one more opportunity to come from behind in the game’s final minute.

In the final weeks of the season, he showed a lack of concentration, dropping some easy passes out of the backfield.

There’s a spot for Barner somewhere in the NFL as a return man, and if nothing else, Chip Kelly will always have a place on his team for former Ducks, but there’s nothing here worth holding on to for a second season.

What I Expect To Happen

The running back position could play out in a number of different ways.

Its not a position that the Eagles necessarily need to address or do anything with, but I think the possibility is there that we could see a tweak to this group. Again, I don’t think its necessary, nor economically feasible for an NFL team to have as much money allocated to the running back position as the Birds currently do.

I certainly don’t expect the Eagles to carry four tailbacks next season, but I could easily see all three top veterans coming back for another year.

One thing that I think is a certainty is that the Eagles will add a traditional fullback to their roster, which will be to the benefit of DeMarco Murray.

Denny Basens

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  • The Eagles would have to eat $3 million if they were to release Ryan Mathews, and only save $1 million against the cap.

    After the 2016 season, I completely agree, pack him up and thank him for his two years of service as an Eagle, releasing Mathews after 2016 would only force the Eagles to eat $1 million.

    I get Mathews has his injury history, but so does Murray. It’s a mess, salary wise that Chip put the Eagles in with running backs, but after the upcoming season it will look a lot better, and after 2017, Murray and his cap heavy contract can also be parted with for a small cap hit.

    • You are Correct Jeff,
      Both Murray and Matthews are Eagles for 2016 for too much of a Cap Hit
      to release them for 2016

      Darren Sproles is Due $4.5 Million in Salary & Bonus and would only be a $1 Million Cap Hit if he were to be released so if there was a RB to move, it could be him, which is very doubtful..
      Sproles will be a Free-Agent after the 2016 Season

      Ryan Matthews is Due $4 Million in Salary & Bonus in 2016 with a $3 Million Cap Hit if Released
      Matthews is Due $5 Million in Salary & Bonus for 2017 with a $1 Million Cap Hit…

      DeMarco Murray is Due $8 Million in Salary & Bonus in 2016 with a $13 Million Cap Hit if Released in 2016
      Murray is Due $9 Million in Salary & Bonus for 2017 with a $5 Million Cap Hit
      Murray is Due $9 Million in Salary & Bonus for 2018 with a $2 Million Cap Hit

  • No way Barner makes this team again, Howie will clear the fringe NFL “Chip guys” himself.
    Jeff Lurie is at the Senior Bowl, he usually only scouts first round franchise QBs. Must want to talk to Carson Wentz personally. Last time I remember him scouting was Geno Smith at West Virginia.

  • Eagles Position Review: Sam Bradford didn’t show enough to be Philadelphia’s franchise quarterback.
    By Brandon Lee Gowton…Bleeding Green Nation

    The 2016 NFL offseason has begun for the Philadelphia Eagles, which means Howie Roseman and new head coach Doug Pederson will spend the next couple of weeks evaluating the 2015 roster. The team went 7-9 last season and improvement is clearly needed. By the time NFL free agency starts on March 9, the Eagles will have a good idea of which players they’ll want to bring back for the 2016 season. Today we’ll start this offseason review series by looking at the quarterback position.

    The Players


    Numbers: 1018 snaps, 14 games started, 7-7 record, 346/532 (65%), 19 TD, 14 INT, 3725 yards, 7.0 Y/A, 86.4 rating, 39 rush yards, 10 fumbles

    Review: The common narrative on Bradford is that he struggled to start to season but played well down the stretch. His defenders argue that he was negatively impacted by an unreliable running game, poor pass protection, and a high number of drops from his pass catchers. There’s some truth to all of this. As was often the case when he was in St. Louis, Bradford did not find himself in an ideal position in Philadelphia.

    With that said, the quarterback still needs to be held accountable for his performance. There are plenty of examples when Bradford struggled independent of the situation around him. He majorly struggled with accuracy and ball placement at times. His overthrown pass to a wide open Zach Ertz in Week 16 sticks out as a notable example. Some of his passes in the Saints game and the first Giants game were downright atrocious.

    Bradford’s stats aren’t great. He ranks 11th in completion percentage, 25th in yards per attempt, tied for 33rd in TD/INT ratio, and tied for 26th in passer rating. Most advanced metrics do him no favors, either. Bradford ranks 34th by ESPN’s QBR stat. Football Outsiders has him at 24th in their DVOA and DYAR metrics. Pro Football Focus is more positive on Bradford. He’s their 12th best rated quarterback from the 2015 season. But when a PFF grade is the best thing you can point to about a player, that’s not very encouraging.

    A lot is made how well Bradford played down the stretch. There’s no question he finished the season on a high note. But just how good was he really? Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice points out that Bradford’s good stretch is basically comparable to how Brandon Weeden (!) performed in 2015. That’s not a good thing.

    Some will insist Bradford was doomed to failure because of the offensive line. For as much as Eagles blockers struggled in 2015, there were 20 more quarterbacks who faced a higher percent of pressure on their dropbacks. Football Outsiders indicates the Eagles were tied for the 19th best pass protection. That’s obviously below average, but it’s not insurmountable. Excuses being made for Bradford can only go so far.

    Speaking of excuses, let’s talk more about the drops. I already took a look at Bradford’s stats would look like without ANY drops. Obviously that’s unrealistic. Drops are part of the game. And while Bradford had the highest percentage of drops, he did not have the most number of drops. Tom Brady and Derek Carr both had 44, which is two more than Bradford had. They both played significantly better than Bradford. Brady threw for 35 touchdowns to 11 interceptions and had the fourth best passer rating in the league. Carr had 32 touchdowns to 19 interceptions and the 19th best passer rating.

    As I’ve said before, I don’t consider myself to be pro-Bradford or anti-Bradford. I’m on the fence. But when I look at these poor stats and I think about what it’s going to cost for the Eagles to re-sign him, I think the team might be best off by moving on. He seems to be average at best. He’s not going to elevate the team around him. The Eagles shouldn’t merely settle on a franchise quarterback, which is exactly what I said last year when some thought Nick Foles was “good enough.”


    Numbers: 173 snaps, 2 games started, 0-2 record, 59/91 (64.8%), 4 TD, 4 INT, 616 yards, 6.8 Y/A, 80.7 rating, 22 rush yards, 1 fumble

    Review: Sanchez didn’t really show any progress in his second year in the scheme. He struggled during the summer and he didn’t play well when forced into action during the regular season. The Eagles had two of their worst games of the season with Sanchez starting. Part of that was because the defense collapsed but it was also because the offense couldn’t stay on the field with him running the show.


    Numbers: N/A

    Review: Lewis spent most of the season as the team’s third string quarterback. He never played a snap and was only kept on the active game day roster when Bradford missed two games due to injury.

    Who Could Leave

    It’s not unrealistic to say that all three quarterbacks currently on the roster could be gone.

    Bradford is a free agent and there will be a big market for him. Signing him to a contract extension will not be cheap. The Eagles might opt to franchise tag him and keep him for one more year. They could also tag and trade him, which is the most preferable option since they’d be getting something back in return.

    Sanchez can be cut to save $3.5 milllion. There are worse backup quarterback options out there than Sanchez, but the money he’s due could be used better elsewhere.

    Lewis, like Bradford, will be an unrestricted free agent. I’m guessing he won’t be back.

    Who Could Sign

    Chiefs quarterback Chase Daniel is the name that makes the most sense in free agency. The 29-year-old passer has been a backup for most of his career. He’s never really had the chance to start and Doug Pederson, his former offensive coordinator, could offer him that in Philadelphia. Daniel could be a placeholder type guy while the Eagles develop a rookie behind him. And if by some chance Daniel plays well in the meantime, that’s a bonus.

  • According to Eliot Schorr Parks…Doug Pederson says that the Eagles have not decided whether they want Sam Bradford back next season. They are still deciding.

    According to Tim McNanus…Pederson says Sam Bradford would love to be back her.

    • If you “haven’t decided”

      Well……you’ve decided…….

  • Eagles hire Fletcher Cox’s Defensive Line coach Chris Wilson to coach D Line..last coached at USC. He has an impressive resume.

    • year too late,
      If Chris Wilson was here last year maybe Cox’s buddy Preston Smith would have been drafted. He abused Jason Peters for the Redskins in the 2nd game for all the marbles.

      • I liked Preston Smith alot out of Miss State a lot in last Years Draft ..
        Long and Lean at 6-5′ 275lbs and a perfect fit for a 4-3 DE
        I think he went early in the 2nd Round to the Redskins (around the 40th Selection or so)
        They got a very Good Player for the next 6-8 Years at one side..

  • Players eagles have shown interest in at the Senior Bowl:

    QB Carson Wentz – North Dakota State
    DE Carl Nassib Penn State
    G Cody Whitehair Kansas State
    ILB Jared Norris Utah
    DB Deandre Houston-Carson W&M
    WR Paul McRoberts Southeast Misouri
    TE/FB Glenn Gronkowski Kansas State
    DB James Bradberry Samford
    ILB Nick Kwiatkosky WVU
    G Josh Garnett Stanford
    OL Joe Dahl Washington State

    • Some good Prospects on this List..


    Coach Doug Pederson said impending free agent Sam Bradford would “love to be back” with the Eagles next season.
    Bradford has not spoken publically on the issue likely in an attempt to gain some leverage in negotiations, so this revelation will not play well in the Bradford camp. Pederson was less certain about the team’s desire to have Bradford around next season. “That’s a thing we have to continue to look at,” Pederson said. “I think he is a kid that would definitely fit the kind of offensive structure that I’ll bring.” Philadelphia has already invested a lot of money into Zach Ertz and will be shelling out big contracts to Lane Johnson, Vinny Curry and perhaps Fletcher Cox in the near future. There may not be enough money left to give Bradford the deal he is after.
    Source: NJ Advance Media
    Jan 27 – 4:27 P

    • So who plays QB? I guess its Sanchez because theres on 1 QB worthy of a 1st round grade I’m hearing and that Wentz who sure wont be available at 13. So give me the name of the Eagles QB this year? What if the Eagles go 6-10 next year and you pick 9th. Then who do you draft if theres only 2 QBs worthy of a 1st round pick and 3 teams ahead of you need QBs? Then what? Brian Hoyer?

      • QB Jared Goff has a higher grade than Wentz and will be drafted in the top 10. I would love for him to take an Aaron Rodgers slide to scoop him up but that will not happen. Wentz draft position will determine how well he plays at the senior bowl and his combine results. I snatch him up if he is there at 13 and Goff is gone. I do not settle for Bradford paying him more money than he is worth with the concern of what the QB of the future may be…I can’t let fear rule my plans like that if I am Howie, Doug or Jeff. I think Howie wants a dynamic QB and Bradford is not that..just average at best…remember Howie did not think Foles was a dynamic QB and was ready to move on from him too.

        • Wentz’s draft position will be determined…
          GCOBB needs an edit tab!

        • That’s not true. I’m hearing Wentz iss the only 1st round QB not Goff. Goff has been called dynamic? Ive never heard that. I have seen numerous shows and scouting reports and Goff isn’t given a 1st round grade so that’s not true. But I will humor you again what if Goff and Wentz are off the board before the Eagles pick then what? Ummmmm Ummmm then what?

          • daggolden you are clearly not following the draft prospects then. Every mock draft has Goff as a top 10 pick between 2-7. That’s not even debatable you can go look for yourself. Please show me a credible mock draft that has Goff falling into the 2nd round or a article saying Goff is a 2nd rounder.
            Go to CBSmock draft, Walterfootball mock draft, NFL.com mock draft. All have Goff going no lower than # 7 overall.

            • I just watched a show that said Wentz is the only 1st round worthy QB. Goff may be taken in the 1st round like Christian Ponder a reach because teams are so stupid and QB needy. Goff, Ponder, Manziel, Sanchez, the list goes on and on.

              • daggolden please give me the name of the show..I need to see who it is and what he said.

              • EHL I may have jumped the gun. It was on Comcast Sportsnet and was Derrick Gunn who is at the Senior Bowl and scouts and GMs told him that Wentz was the ony NFL QB on the field and was the best QB by far. This was just the senior QBs which didn’t include underclassmen. They did say he would still be the # 1 QB by the time the draft rolled around. I am pretty sure they also said no other QB in the draft was worthy of a # 1 grade.but some teams may reach but I’m not positive on Goff.

          • Eagle fans making shit up. This QB class has been reported to suck. Its terrible. But Eagle fans are pretending like there is a franchise QB in it. GTFOH. Goff or Wentz lmao. Are you kidding me. Fucking Luck the cant miss QB struggled last year and your trying to sell me on some Goff or Wentz lol.

          • Jared Good is the Top Rated QB of this Draft Class,
            Some Scouts are not sold on his smallish frame and playing in that wide open Cal Spread Offense.. He has a very quick release, but not a very strong down the field arm….
            I kind of compare his Mechanics & Passing Style & Arm Strength to
            a Blaine Gabbert type when he came out ..Goff does have a very High Football IQ and Solid Leadership/Huddle Skills that Gabbert never displayed as a Pro.. ..

          • Whether Goff and or Wentz is off the board or not is inconsequential, the fact is the Bradford issue will be resolved before the draft, whether they re-sign him or grab a stop gap QB until they get their guy. But just to humor you, I would rather take a shot on RG3 than Bradford if re-signing Bradford means paying him a long term big money contract…at least he has been to a play off game. I do not think it will come to that though.

        • Problem is, you have to make a decision on Bradford BEFORE the draft. OK, you let Bradford walk and pick up a career back-up like Chase Daniels. Who do you draft? How do you know your guy will be there? Now what do you do? Go 4-12 and hope for a good draft next year then wait 2 years for that kid to boom or bust. Congratulations you just became the Browns!
          Why not resign Bradford, draft a young QB this year or next and develop him and not throw him into the fire before he is ready.

    • So Mhinski what your saying is we can never sign any QB. We have no money even if Aaron Rogers became available. So whats the point. We will never win anything.We might as well not even play. So we will have a team of 159 million dollar players and a 100,000 qb because we have no money. I thought the QB was the most important position in sports so how can you win with a 100,000 qb young reach QB? Hows that work?

      • We have money and will have more in the future. U don’t get good qbs via free agency u draft them 9 times out of 10. I don’t have the answer nobody does you just have to try things until something works whether it be signing a competent vet or u get lucky in the draft.

        All I know is Sam ain’t winning ever anywhere and I can support mostly anything for a year or 3 while we mop up Kelly’s mess

  • Pederson states that he definitely wants Jason Peters back in 2016.

    • this translates to

      yea i know i said i wanted him but i looked into him and he is shit and dont want him anymore for any amount over 5 mill per year


      yea i know i said i wanted him but ive been told by howie he aint coming back b/c he sucks so i gotta put this out there so it doesnt seem like myself and the front office are on different pages when his ass walks

  • I hear all Eagle fans saying no Sam Bradford but no names of who is going to be the Eagles QB? I don’t really want Bradford either but who is playing QB?

    • If I am Doug Pederson, I let Sam Bradford Walk and Release Mark Sanchez

      Then I look at 2 QB’s to look at for the 2016 Season

      QB Chase Daniels and QB Matt Moore — Both are a Poor Man’s Alex Smith type with mobility and smarts being their best assets.. They get rid of the ball quickly and are accurate with sound fundamentals but do not have big NFL, Down the Field Arms..

      You can get Daniel’s for $4-5 Million and Moore for Probably less
      Chase Daniels obviously knows Pederson well for time together in KC and would have a head start on verbage, formations, and what Pederson is looking for more than any other QB that’s out there..
      Matt Moore could compete as Starter or at least be a capable Back-up for the next 2 Seasons..

      Use the Draft and Cap Space to Solidify the OL & DL in 2016 and then look to Draft QB early in 2017 in which potentially has a better and deeper QB Class

      • Ridiculous…both of those guys stink!

        You guys make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

        A team can fall into an abyss of futility with the wrong move at QB

        Even if you argue that Bradford is nothing more than an average QB, you have to know that the QB you are replacing your average QB with is better.

        Stop with the Wentz and Goff bullshit.

        The same fools on here were predicting that Mariotta and Winston were going to be busts as QB’s last year and now want to tell us that the Eagles should place there eggs in the basket of Wentz, Goff, or Lynch….QB’s that are no were near the rating of Mariotta or Winston last year…

        These guys are on the level of last year QB’s like Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty, and Garrett Grayson!

        They are huge gambles to spend a first round pick on period, much less designating theses guys as your franchise QB’s for the future!

        Wake up…smell the coffee….

        Back up QB’s, Rookies from a weak QB class wont cut it…

        Do whatever you need to do

        But sign Bradford!

        • “Stop with the Wentz and Goff bullshit.”

          Says the guy who was Jizzing “Taj Boyd! Johnny Manziel and Geno Smith!!!!!!” all over the Gcobb boards.

    • Dunno that answer dag but Sam isn’t making any team competitive, let alone getting to playoffs or titles. Sam was outperformed by career stiffs Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh mccown for gods sake. In addition to dudes I never Heard of prior to this year like Tyrod Taylor.

      Sam just can’t compete at an elite level and rarely makes any meaningful plays. Guy never threw a wr open in his life.


  • Sign me up for some of that Paulman, never played in pro offense doesn’t throw down the field etc etc etc. Sounds like a University of Houston QB or a Baylor QB good grief. Wentz has turned heads at the Senior Bowl and is catapulting up the charts and is expected to be the #1 QB after the combine. If hes available then I would roll the dice on him but he wont be available at 13 and if by some reason Goff is still highly rated he wont be available so who plays QB?

    • Sorry Dag, but I am in a ABB Camp… (Anyone But Bradford)
      He’s tied to Chip Kelly and I want nothing to do with him..

      • Ridiculous are the foolish anti-Bradford comments here…the Eagles would simply be stupid to sign the aging Celek, keep Peters, and then get rid of Bradford for a rookie Qb or one of the lame backups or Sanchez.
        If you are rebuilding why sign Celek…for what?
        The notion that Howie Roseman can “rebuild” the Eagles is ludicrous. It’s simple…Is Bradford A Tom Brady….No…he is the best and most skilled Qb available. The options are simple
        A. Keep Bradford resign, keep the vets like Celek and go for a playoff run next year.
        B. Get rid of Bradford, and take the vets with him cut Peters, cut Celek, tear it down and get young new players
        C. Try to completely sucker the fans…keep aging players, let Howie run the draft instead of getting a GM…get rid of Bradford and try to win with Sanchez, a rookie, or some other bum ass Qb…this would be a disaster
        Most of you are taken the sucker route…this Eagle team is not competitive with a quality QB and Sam is the best available- sign him or completely tear it down with a real GM NOT Howie…otherwise it makes no sense

        • Ummm…here’s a thought, twit. Perhaps you’d want to put your rookie QB behind an offensive line with a little experience for his first year?

          Perhaps it’d be better having Peters protect the rooks blindside than a 3rd rounder (best Eagles could get as you know so well they traded away that 2 for Sam “part of the process” Bradford).

          You know….so the rook would’t head out there and get annihilated with some overwhelmed 3rd rounder whiffing on edge rushers.

          Just a thought.

          Jason Peters (under contract) has NOTHING to do with who the QB will be meathead. And trying to make that pathetic connection is just you grasping at straws.

          • Fool!

            As usual Vinniedafool you flip-flop into irrational and stupidity again

            First you called for Eagles management to “clean house”…start fresh

            Of course, you wanted Howie the Accountant to pick the talent..


            Now you want the Eagles to keep older players for a rookie QB who you dont have a clue as to who they would get and how realistic it will be to expect a rookie to come in and start for the team…


            It makes no sense to keep a older, oft-injured, and declining offensive lineman pay him a bunch of money…to protect some rookie QB who wont take you to the playoffs. If you are rebuilding the team you cut Peters and put Lane Johnson over there next year and give him more opportunities to develop…and you draft a rookie right tackle to replace Johnson to give your rebuilt offensive line a full year for continuity

            The smart play if you are trying to squeeze more out of Peters is to keep Bradford and if you draft a rookie you find out in training camp and throughout the season if the kid can play!

            • Just to review Koolidiots beyond insane ideas.

              Cleveland is about to draft a QB in the first round. SO they should cut their starting left tackle.

              SF is about to draft a QB in the first round. They should cut their starting left tackle.

              Lots of rumours about the Cowboys drafting a QB in the first round. They should cut their starting left tackle.

              You are an idiot.

        • Kool…you keep Celek and Peters because they are leaders on the team..good sound decision by Howie…right? as far as Bradford is concerned…get rid of the bum…is that a strong enough position bruh?! I will build through the draft.

          • EHL…it is only a good decision if the team isn’t rebuilding

            What are they doing…rebuilding or trying to win next year!

            “Leadership”…that so damm overrated in the NFL…

            Leadership shows on the field by making some damm plays

            When defensive lineman start blowing by you, when your too slow to cover as a linebacker…your “leadership’ is meaningless

            Celek and Peters are both old…you may be able to squeeze one more year out of them.

            If you are rebuilding and counting on building the team through the draft…and your getting a new QB through the draft…what’s wrong with getting a new right tackle-(your switching Johnson to the left side anyway-and bringing in another, younger tight end to back Ertz up?

            There are enough vets on the team why is ‘leadership’ needed from Celek or Peters?


            Who is the QB you are ‘rebuilding’ through the draft?

            Where is the qualified GM that can pick the talent?

            You guys are simply clueless!

            • SO insane.

              Hey idiot. Peters is UNDER CONTRACT. They haven’t re-signed him. They haven;t extended. He is on the roster. Why the hell would they just release him?

              In no scenario on any team would that make any sense.

              So that leaves you with Celek. Gee they signed a guy who has been a warrior for the team for a decade to a pretty mediocre contract. A 31 year old guy to what amounts to a 2 year deal.

              Gee wow. OMG!!!!!

              And you are screaming “Why would they do that!?!?!?!?!? It must be for Bradford!?!?!?”

              You are fucking completely losing it.

            • koolbeeze, for Christ sake I’ve already repeatedly laid out what my plan is (like it or not it’s my plan). If Jared Goff is off the board I take Carson Wentz. If neither are there I go after RG3 to see if he can be salvaged, or at least as a stop gap that would be considerably cheaper. I would rather roll the dice with a rookie with potential than a washed up injury prone average at best QB with a losing record of 25-37. Sam Bradford has never won anything , yet you want to invest big money and a long term contract in this guy…for who? for what?…more mediocrity. Answer this question without making excuses….What has Sam Bradford won, or have done in the NFL? He’s done nothing, he has more excuses than success. A franchise QB is a winner…Sam Bradford is a loser as it relates to wins and losses, sorry, I am not willing to invest money into that caliber a player. Bradford is the physical embodiment of mediocrity, nothing special to keep hyping him up about. 70% of passes are 10 yards or less..Check down Charlie. All of the things you hated about Foles Sam possesses, Check downs, turn overs, excuses of lack of success i.e., the o line.
              Here, I will start your response for you
              Bull, Bull, Bull, Bull..bullshit…bullshiiiiiit… lmao!!!

              Once again, what has Sam Bradford done in this league..what has he won…do not drop excuses to address the question. he is no better than Bryan Hoyer, hell ,Hoyer got the Texans to a playoff, Sam never, ever has been able to lead his team to a playoff game…hell, even Foles did that.

  • dag..nobody has to make shit up..we are all projecting..even the so called experts.
    We know what Sleevie Wonder is..nothing special. It would be different if Bradford was a playoff winning QB..but he has won the same amount of playoff games as Goff and Wentz..matter of fact…they have been to the same amount of playoff games..0 so Bradford brings nothing special to the table.

  • Cardale Jones in the 3rd.

  • Paulman, you still want Chase Daniels? Do you really think KC would let him go if he was any good? Matt Moore – seriously? I hated the Bradford trade, but imo he is the best option we have at this time. Just think how dumb you are going to feel if Bradford leaves and takes Houston to the Super Bowl? Better chance of that happening than Chase Daniels or Matt Moore.

    • These would be 1-2 Year Stop Gaps without going overboard with a crazy $18-20 Million a Year Player who has never gotten a Team closer to the Playoffs than Chase Daniels or Matt Moore has..
      Chase Daniels is a Backup to Alex Smith, Chase Daniels is a Free-Agent and can choose where to sign ad play and why would he follow Coach Pederson to For a chance to Start, that’s why.. Sign him to a 2-3 Year $11-$12 MillionDeal and he would jump at the chance to be a Starter
      Are the Chiefs going to overpay for him to be their Back-Up QB to Alex Smith? That’s very unlikely
      Matt Moore is also a Free-Agent who would be a Stop-Gap QB like he was for Ryan Tannehill.. He’s a serviceable QB while a Draft Pick learns the ropes..

      • Are you kidding…

        Chase Daniels

        Matt Moore

        All of the rookie QB’s in this draft


        These guys are not quality NFL Quarterbacks and the ‘stop gap’ plan is a foolish and dangerous contention. You can put yourself in a position where you cant get a quality QB for a whole decade. Look at the Raiders, the Browns, the Jets, and a host of other teams that went long stretches of time without finding a quality or even average QB.

        This year’s draft none of the QB’s are sure shot franchise QB’s…none of them! All of them have bust written all over them.

        Jacoby Brissett, Dak Prescott, Wentz…spare me…

        If these guys develop into backups your lucky!

        You want to take a plunge, take a dive with the hope of survival where the bigger odds speak to the likelihood that you will plunge into purgatory…the place that teams end up without a quality QB…like the Rams last year…good defense, good running game, but no QB…

        So they lost…big time

        The smart move is to play the percentages…and grab the best QB available..

        Sam Bradford the Eagles leader in completion percentage despite the Eagles leading the league in drops.

        Who cares about the money or if it prevents you from signing someone this year…

        You can eventually replace other positions much easier than you can the QB position.

        If you mess up there…you are in big trouble…

        • Wait…Koolbreeze….did you just say this is your plan?

          “The smart move is to play the percentages…and grab the best QB available..”

          Isn’t that Ryan Fitzpartick?


          How about this….choose the “best available” between these 3 free agent QBs

          Player 1:
          18W 35L (.340) 1159 of 1954 (59.2%) 12931 yrds 58tds 63ints 75.5 rating
          Player 2:
          35W 44L (.440) 1516 of 2574 (59%) 17003 yrds 101tds 77ints 79.3 rating
          Player 3
          25W 37L (.390) 1379 for 2292 (60%) 14790yrds 78tds 52 ints 81 rating

          do you know which is which?? ‘Cause one is your hero…….

          …..the other two………

          Chad Fucking Henne. And Matt Journeymanloser Cassel


          “THE BEST AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

          Keep screaming Bradford is “best available” because I need a daily laugh.

          • Fool!
            We all know that you know nothing about Qbs
            Left to you we would be stuck with bum ass Foles
            Desperate and Dumb
            If we take your course we stink for ages beginning next year!
            Dumb ass… So what Peters is under contract! If you are rebuilding you cut old aging expensive players

            • “Left to you we would be stuck with bum ass Foles”

              Hey – bringing up Foles again. Good job!!

              But to yout “point” You are, as usual, completely wrong.

              I said (2 years ago) to sign Foles to a Krapernick type team friendly deal.

              Those were my exact words putz. And you know this because you repeated them 50,000x.

              If they had done that – and it wouldn;t have been quite as high as Krapernick as he had been to the SB…….and he sucked as bad as Bradford did last year leading the team to a POS record…then they’d easily be able to cut him. Sans heavy penalty to the “dead cap”

              They’d be out from under the contract by now. They would have – if they had done what I said – have been able to easily wash their hands of Foles this off season if he had shit the bed as badly as Bradford.

              They’d be able to move on, just like they are about to move on…..

              …….BUT…….and here’s the rub……..

              ………………they’d still have a 2nd round pick.

              The Eagles would be better off right now than they are.

              Your celebration of Padmystatsford and the pathetic deal that brought him to Philly was stupid. You know it, but you are in too deep now to back out.

              And BTW – I said to sign Foles to a Kap deal – one that could easily be dropped if he stunk.

              You are calling for the Eagles to “do wwhatever it takes” to sign Bradford.

              My idea was to take a shot with a kid that went 14-4 with Kelly, setting records doing so….a shot that could easily be ended at any time with a Krapernick deal……..

              While your idea is to “do whatever it takes” to sign a .390 loser with worse stats than Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Cassel.


              • “My idea was to take a shot with a kid that went 14-4 with Kelly, setting records doing so….a shot that could easily be ended at any time with a Krapernick deal…”

                LMAO!!! Bullshit

                You wanted Foles to be the franchise QB and you wanted to sign him to the big, massive money deal AFTER he stunk 2014.

                Are you kidding me…everyone on here knows how obsessed you was with keeping Nick Foles…you turned on the team when they got rid of him. And you know, like I know that if he went to the Rams and played well we would still be hearing about Nick Foles from you everyday!

                He stunk so bad now you want to try and distance yourself from your mancrush while secretly hoping beyond hope that just like Howie has been brought back…maybe, just maybe they will bring Nick Foles back…maybe the Rams will cut him and discard him…

                You went on about Foles, begging and pleading about the kid. You even stooped to telling us about how Foles’ “family” was “hurt” by the negative comments about him.

                Stop the bullshit Vinnie! cut it out!

                Lame ass fool!

                Nick Foles and Kevin Kolb were your answers for the Eagles at QB…

              • I reply full of lies. Not surprising

              • So true. Its pretty pathetic isn’t it Mhenski? The guy is delusional. We could all go back and find a plethora (I’ll wait till Koolidiot hits Dictionary.com) of examples where I said “Krapernick type deal” and Kooltwit screeching about how I wanted Foles to get “Money like Kaepernick!!!”

                I certainly did. I wanted the Eagles to sign Foles to a Kapernick-type deal. Have never backed away from that.

                I thought it would be a prudent move. And it would have.

                Eagles would (at worst) be in the same boat there are in now ready to move on PLUS a second round pick OR things could have worked out and they’d have a young QB.

                Why is this a problem? Why is this an issue for this clown? Why is this a problem? (Because he is mad his 2nd hero is about to be tossed)

                As for the “family” comments – We also all know they were in context to me railing against the toxic Philly Media. The same Philly media who attempted to rip the seat out from under Pederson at his first PC (you were the second choice!!!) Several members of the Philly Media take a gleeful pleasure in ripping and undermining and I think its a toxic environment and hurts development…..I said it was hurting Foles development and wondered why he (and his family) would stay in an area that constantly ripped hi,…..I say the same thing about Pederson….Howie….McNabb…..just about anyone.

                I dunno….Kooltwit just butthurt and delusional at this point.

              • But I am excited for him to repeat that it is essential the Eagles immediately resign at “whatever it takes” the “best QB available!!!!!

                Best available. One of either:

                Sam Fitzpatrick
                Ryan Bradford
                Sam Stanton
                Chad Bradford
                Sam Schaub.

                Choose the “best available!!!!!”

        • Exactly

  • I say Dak Prescott in the 4th rd. People want to call this kid Tim Tebow 2.0…GTFOH!! Some like Jacoby..and while i do too..I watched the last bowl game that they played in…and Mississippi State killed N.C. state. Prescott had a good game..and Jacoby was eh…In my honest opinion Dak reminds me of a young Mcnabb. Call me crazy but i watched this kid the past 2 yrs. He has made such a huge stride with his throwing. 29 td passess …thats more than Cardale and Jacoby. I just dont see Cardale turning out good in the pros

    • Rhino, I agree with you that Jacoby Brissett did not have his best game against Mississippi State. That being said Dak Prescott had his share of bad games as well – all year.

      Unfortunately, football is a team sport, and NC State as a team didn’t play well. But that takes nothing away from what Brissett has accomplished all year,

      and although Prescott threw for more TD’s – He is just as much a work in progress – perhaps even more, with his lack of accuracy. That’s why some scouts compare him to Tebow, who looked good in College but found out against NFL competition he didn’t measure up…

      We’ll wait, and see, I compare his game more to a shorter Brett Hundley, who is about average.

      I like Jacoby’s overall consistency in being a duel threat with his legs, his accuracy , and his pedigree for not making bad decisions – most of his interception in the last 2 years have been tipped balls by defenders, or his own receivers

      I am here with you on Cardale Jones. I don’t see an NFL QB

      • Looking back at it all i have to admit you are right…I honestly wouldnt mind if they selected either of them. Just please stay away from Cardale..unless we can get him as an UDFA.

  • I for one do not like Bradford one bit. But if he takes a deal for 15-17 million i would give him a 2 yr deal..and let Prescott be our future in waiting.

  • Look at our sixers baby..growing before our eyes.

    If..and it’s a decent chance, but if we get simmons this team will be well on its way. Hinkie will be remembered as a hero

  • The only way to move on from Bradford efficiently would require:

    Tag and trade Bradford and the13th and one of our 3rds to Cleveland for the 2, and their second rounder. Then you select one of the Top 2 guys.

    Must be able to move up to ensure you get your guy. Must have 2 guys as Tenn may look to trade down opening someone getting your guy at 1

    • I am ok with that

    • The Tag Amount is approx $25 Million for Bradford, No Team, let me repeat, No Team is Trading for Bradford at that amount plus additional assets/picks to boot..
      You guys are becoming delusional about Sam Bradford Value and Worth..
      Also a Note that when a Team Trades a Player in the NFL the receiving Team just be able to fit that Contract under their Cap before any long-term extensions can be worked out…
      Sam Bradford is not a good Trade Chip for any Team as he’s overpaid for average production with a history of injuries, everyone knows this around the NFL except for Chip Kelly

  • This board has me all wrong. I don’t love Bradford I’m just scared to death with the alternatives. Chip put us in this predicament tAll I’m saying is if I had to roll the dice on any available QB it would be him.unless you could guarantee me we get a stud QB next draft and I’m not comfortable on that gamble. But if you gave me one option out of what we know(we don’t know who in the draft we are guaranteed to get) I’m just not comfortable taking that chance.

  • Howie Roseman is the best thing that happened this offseason. Howie has been demoted, promoted, demoted and promoted. This guy knows the fans hate him, he knows this is his last opportunity. He will work his ass off for this team. He wont let one popular Eagle leave. He wont make one (Marcus Smith) reach in the draft. He knows he is on a short leash. He will make solid safe decisions from here on out. His livelihood depends on it. The fans own him.

  • Wenz apparently haveing a very very nice week at the Senior Bowl. Scouts raving about his arm, footwork, decision making……

    Eagles, clearly with interest, have met with him twice.

    Of course, in typical Eagles’ fashion he’ll be drafted at #9, exactly where the Eagles would have been had they not actually tried and won the meaningless last game of the season.

    Bradford’s final legacy, going 30 of 38 for 300+ and 2 tds against a team that wasn’t trying to drop Eagles to 13. Koolbreeze of course screaming pre-game that it was a MUST WIN.

    Wrong as usual, as the game was a MUST LOSE.

    • Paulman’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft (Version #7)

      #1 – Titans – OT Laramy Tunsill (Ole MIss)
      #2 – Browns – QB Jared Goff (Cal)
      #3 – SD Chargers – DE Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
      #4 – Cowboys – QB Carson Wentz (North Dakota St)
      #5 – Jaguars – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State)
      #6 – Ravens – WR Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss)
      #7 – 49ers – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
      #8 – Dolphins – LB Myles Jack (UCLA)
      #9 – TB Bucs – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson)
      #10 – Giants – CB Vernon Hargrasves (Florida)
      #11 – Bears – DE DeForest Buckner (Oregon)
      #12- Saints – CB Mackensie Alexander (Clemson)
      #13 – EAGLES – Trade Back to the Jets at #20 who Select QB Paxton Lynch – (The Eagles get the Jets 2nd Round Pick (#50) for Trading back
      7 Positions)

      Eagles #20 – OT Tyler Decker (Ohio State 6-7 315lbs)
      Eagles #50 – OLB Joshua Perry (Ohio State 6-4 255lbs)
      Eagles #77 – DB Delondre’ Hall (Northern Iowa 6-2 195lbs)
      Eagles #80 – DT Chris Jones (Miss 6-5 310lbs)
      Eagles #114 – Guard Sebastian Tretola (Arkansas 6-4 320lbs)

      A Good Start/Draft to the Doug Pederson/Jim Schwartz Era..

      • Paul that draft sucks bruh…..That’s not a good start….what are you talking about?

        Do not trust any prospect from Ohio State.

        I hear the fools speaking highly of The QB from Clemson – He is NOT an NFL QB, Cardale Jones, Joey Bosa, and Braxton Miller. Don’t you guys know fools gold when you see it??……

        Many said the same things about Devon Smith last year. He isn’t going to impact any team ever in his career; Just another overhyped prospect from Ohio State.

        Many are still wiping the egg off their face about EJ Manuel. Just because they performed on a high level in College, does not guarantee success in the NFL.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles trade back, but not for that garbage.

        • I like OLB Joshua Perry and think he will be a very Good NFL Player

          • okay bruh,…we’ll see…

  • Paulman is assuming the Eagles will use the EXCLUSiVe Tag. I suspect they might use the less expensive NON- EXCLUSIVE or TRANSITIONAL tag. Big difference. I believe they will use one of the latter tags and then draft and groom a younger QB. Personally, I don’t want to sit in my seat at the LINC and watch a career back-up butcher another season.

    • The Exclusive Tag is Average of Top 5 Salaries at QB (Approx $25 Million)
      Transitional Tag is Average of Top 10 Salaries at QB (Approx $23 Million)

      Not a Big Difference and Eagles Do Not apply Franchise Tags anyways
      Howie Roseman as was Joe Banner are simply not a Fan of using the Tags as they know its bad business to do so..

  • The more I pay attention and watch tape on Carson Wentz the more I love the guy. 6’5 230lbs very good size and Cam Newton type athleticism. He is damn fast, has played under center and has crisp footwork. Makes all the throws possible all over the field with his strong arm and can throw on the run.

    He is definitely the dark horse of the draft at the qb position. Very possible that 3 qbs go in top 10, which will give philly a great pick at another position and leave more options open.

    However, if Carson does fall to 13th, Philly should take the gamble if Sam is not the guy.

    • Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan are Coaching Carson Wentz at the Senior Bowl and just love this kid too.. It appears he will be Selected 4th by the Cowboys as they look to Groom Wentz behind Romo and have him hit the ground running by 2018 as Romo doesn’t have much time left

      • Paul listening to Jerry Jones yesterday, I don’t think they are looking to draft a QB in the first..could be a smoke screen though. I think they are going linebacker first then QB in the later rounds.

        • Romo cannot be cut (for cap reasons) for at least 2 more seasons. And probably 3. Teams don’t take a pick at 4 and sit him on the bench for 3 seasons.

        • If Notre Dame’s OLB Jaylon Smith did not tear his knee up in that Bowl Game,
          He probably would have been their Pick at #4, But LB Smith may end up missing 2016 Season, Myles Jack from UCLA is another you see Mocked to the Cowboys often, but he is coming off a Knee Injury.Surgery also..
          If they were smart, they should and may still take DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State) who is probably the most athletic player out of the entire Draft and Pair him with last Years #1 Pick DB Byron Jones for a Kick-Ass Secondary
          Do remember the Cowboys did get 3 1st Round Talents last Year with
          Byron Jones, Randy Gregory and La’el Collins so if they want to reach for the Future, CB Carson Wentz is not a Bad way to go for them.. Romo has 2 Years left at Tops ..

    • CT, the Eagles have met with Carson Wentz twice now… they have interest, Doug and Howie has spoken highly of him too.

      • everyone been saying cowboys are drafting a qb for 4+ years now

        jerry jones dont think long term dont like that

  • I’ve jumped on the bandwagon over the past week. This kids could be a Ryan Tannehill on crack.

    In terms of making all the throws this kid can literally do it all. The timing routes and holding up strong in the pocket is something that stands out to me when I watch him play first and foremost. He is everything u want in a qb. Makes reads at the LOS, and comes from a traditional pro “attack” offense which is what Coach Pederson has stated he will be running. His history of working with mobile qbs only helps Carson’s case because he is just as fast, if not probably faster then Alex Smith and aaron Rodgers.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he runs a 4.5 forty this February.

    Senior bowl can’t come soon enough this weekend

    • Ya…well…the Eagles stupidly won their last game and have pick 13 to show for it. The hype machine for the kid is ramping up and he’s not going to be around when the Birds pick.

      Eagles also don’t have a 2nd round pick to move up to get him either. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up/

      • Unfortunately you are going to be right Vinnie. If he does go before the 13th, it will be Dallas, San fran, or cleveland. Maybe Paxton or Goff go before him. But with that being said, it would not have mattered if Philly won that ny Giants week 17 game or not. We still wouldn’t have got him more then likely.

        • Then again, maybe Dallas, San fran, or cleveland look to free agency this offseason to get their qb ex sam bradford or a rg3. And then use their top pick to upgrade there team elsewhere

          If not, and three quarterbacks to go in the top 10, as I stated above Philly will have a lot more players on the board that can be a great contributor at 13

          • Cleveland Browns are Drafting a QB at #2 as their New Face of the Franchise. They will release/trade Johnny Football and still have Josh McCown Under Contract to help groom a Jared Goff or Carson Wentz
            and a HC in Hue Jackson who specializes in QB Development

            The 49ers are not in the Market for a QB at #7, which is why Chip Kelly was Hired in the first place, which is to fix Colin Kaepernick and they have Blaine Gabbert to fall back on if Kapernick is slow to pick-up the System
            (Gabbert played at Missouri with great success which mirrors Oregon’s/Chip Kelly’s System)
            Reports that 49ers are very Interested in OT Ronnie Stanly and or WR Laquon Treadwell and DB Jalen Ramsey… Do Note, its GM Trent Baalke will be calling the Shots on who they Draft, with imput from Kelly, but its Baalke’s Call in the End adn they have needs all over their Offense at OL and WR and hope that Kelly can straighten out Kapernick

            Teams needing a QB
            Top QB Prospects available after the Browns Take Goff at #2
            (Wentz,Lynch, Cook)

            Eagles at #13
            Rams at #15
            Jets at #20
            Texans at #22

            I see the Texans Trading Up for a QB (Lynch or Cook) and have former #1 Pick DE Jadeveon Clowney to dangle as a Trade Piece.. Clowney has been a complete disappointment for the Texans who want him gone and out of their Organization..

            Would the Eagles Send #13 Pick to the Texans for #22 & DE Clowney?

            I bet the Chicago Bears at #11 would in a Heartbeat as John Fox loves DL .. or even the TB Bucs at #9 who need Pass-Rushers if the Texans added another Mid-Round Pick …

            • And you know that whatever QB the Browns draft, he is gonna stink given their track record.

              • Paul you are omitting the Bears. For all intents and purposes this next season is Jay Cutler’s last. They need a QB in a bad way.

              • The Bears will wait another Year before Drafting a QB as John Fox does not like to play Young QB’s and Jay Cutler had one of his Best Seasons last Year…
                But the Bears will likely lose RB Matt Forte (they have Jeremy Langford to pick-up the slack) and WR Alshon Jeffrey wants out (they have WR Kevin White)

              • Ih he doesn’t like to play young QBs (as you speculate) then that’s ever more the reason to draft a QB this year, so he can have a good chunk of the year to get ready with Cutler (who is leaving the following year) as the starter.

                Then you get a 2nd year guy and not a pure rook starting in 2017.

                BTW – I am almost as tired of hearing about Cutler’s “best year” as I am about Bradford’s “amazing 2nd half”

                They are both myths.

  • Senior Bowl Players Having a Good Week per Rob Rang of CBS Sports

    QB – Carson Wentz (N Dakota State 6-4 235lbs)
    DT – Sheldon Rankins (Lousiville 6-2 305lbs)
    DT – DJ Reader (Clemson 6-3 340lbs)
    OLB – Noah Spence (Eastern Ky 6-3 255lbs)
    WR – Jay Lee (Baylor 6-2 215lbs)
    DT – Vernon Butler (Louisiana Tech 6-4 325lbs)
    DT – Jihad Ward (Illinois 6-5 296lbs)
    OT – Jason Spriggs (Indiana 6-6 305lbs)
    OT – Kyle Murphy (Stanford 6-6 300lbs)
    WR – Leonto Carroo (Rutgers 6-0 217lbs)
    Safety – Miles Killebrew (Southern Utah 6-2 219lbs)
    DT – Aldolphus Washington (Ohio State 6-4 300lbs)
    DT – Austin Johnson (Penn State 6-4 323lbs)
    DE – Carl Nassib (Penn State 6-7 275lbs)

    • Wish list to be gone forever: Molk, Dennis Kelly, Ed Reynolds, Maragos.
      Wish list not to resign: Bradford and Curry.
      Want OT – Tunsil or Stanley.
      Will settle for a CB with the #13th pick,
      then Cardale Jones in the 3rd round followed by what they didn’t draft in the first round ( OT or CB) for their other 3rd round pick.

  • CB – Tayvon Young (Temple – 5-9′ 180lbs) has impressed playing Slot CB
    OT – Joe Haeg (North Dakota State 6-6 307lbs)

    The DL has gotten the better of the OL per CBS Sports on the 1 on 1 Drills as well as the Team Drills per Rob Rang

    • Just got done watching the body bag game vs Washington and Philly. I really hope we go back to our old school kelly green uniforms with a new modern look to them. I can’t stand what Nike has done to our uniforms in terms of what the green looks like. The all white uniforms and all black alternate uniforms are dirty along with the white on green. I don’t mind those uniforms at all cuz I think they look awesome but I would prefer to us to go back to that lime green look

      • nike didnt do that, lurie and his wife did.

        my addition by subtraction wish list in order this year:

        1. get rid of the fight song – its awful, its for women and little kids at best, just an embarrassing jingle, this song makes the fans and eagles sound soft and really takes the wind out of the team. nothing more embarrassing than losing 30-0 then scoring a td in the 4th quarter and have that dumb song come on in the stadium. C-O-R-N-Y

        2. Bradford – weve been over this

        3. cooper

        4. matt tobin

        5. the ugly feminne uniforms chosen by luries ex wife… wouldve been cool to bring back kelly green with chip kelly but now any green will do other than kelly

  • I wonder what this guy Rang’s credentials are to make a sweeping nonsensical statement proclaiming certain players are having a good week? I assume he is up in the stands? jotting down names he’s read on a program? if in fact he happens to be looking at that players group when the guy actually performs a skill? then of course he is in the stands and isn’t looking at intracecies such as footwork, nor is he in the classroom…. Just very difficult when you consider at any given time there are about 10 position groups going on at one time… guy must have eyes in the back of his head.

    • Rang heads up the DraftScouts.com Page for CBS Sports and has 4-5 Regular Contributors like Dana Brugler, David Kirwin, Pete Prisco and others who follow, watch and write about NFL Prospects all year round… Its what these people do and they are pretty good at it .. These Guys interview Coaches & Players Video and Watch Drills Live, etc,etc…

      • thats pretty good then– like i said there is so much crap going on and you really have to understand the game… maybe these guys do… great way to make a living…. watch some kids play, make predictions on who will be good and have zero accountability….

        • it is their job to introduce the fans to the incoming players. The ESPN draft guru for Basketball, Chad ford, says his mock drafts are mostly based on Gm and scout conversations not his personal beliefs.

  • Not to beat a dead horse here, but I finally got a chance to listen to the FULL Peterson interview on my drive home last night, not just the quotes that the media and posters pulled to support their positions on guys.

    It is a funny aspect of human nature where two difference people can listen to the same comments and glean different things from what is being said. All I saw on this board and in tweats from the media is that Peterson is gun hoe on having Jason Peters back but very luke warm when it comes to Bradford.

    That is hilarious to me because the comments as to both were nearly identical and Peters is even under contract which means the comments as to a contracted player v. a pending free agent are always going to differ to at least some degree.

    Peterson literally said that he “looks forward to working with Sam” which was left out of every quote and tweat from posters and media who are in the anti-Bradford camp. Of course he needs to temper those comments by saying that no decisions are made yet on whether to pull the trigger on Bradford because he is a pending free agent.

    Compared to the comments on Peters where doug said, “he has a lot of good years left in him.” So from those comments people are saying Peterson definitely wants Peters here but is wishy washy on Bradford. I know it is human nature but just interesting to see first hand when you read analysis of the comments before listening to the comments themselves.

    • “Hi Yo Silver!!!”
      Anything that a New Head Coach is going to say in his Introductory Press Conference is just that.. Take little stock either way… Pederson has a lot on his Plate as he’s getting a Staff Together, Moving His Family, etc,etc and will have plenty of time to do his Roster Evaluation with his Staff (Which is probably what they are doing now that his Staff is about complete) but 2 Weeks ago after getting Hired and just after finishing the Playoffs with Chiefs, I’m sure Doug Pederson has been on a whirlwind with a lot of things going on Professionally and Personally where he’s just espousing niceties for about everyone and isn’t prepared to go into any Specifics about anything just yet in his initial PC ..
      Remember this entire Process is new to Doug Pederson as well so I would not expect a lot of ‘being completely honest” until he has some time under his belt to get his staff, evaluations,and imput and game plan together in terms of Player Personnel, Schemes, etc,etc

      • lol – Good one Paul. Little chuckles during lunch make the day go faster.

        I mostly agree with that but was actually talking about the comments made down at the senior bowl, not the introductory conference.

        Regardless, just an interesting observation of human nature. People tend to hear what they want to hear when it matches their projections or own beliefs. Saw it first hand yesterday reading about his comments made down at the senior bowl all day and then actually listening to the comments on my drive home first hand.

        Honestly, I’ll get behind either move they make (which is more than most people on this board can say). Do I personally think Bradford should be signed – yes, if the cost is reasonable. But will I be devastated if they decide to go younger and take a risk with a Wentz or someone like that – No.

        I’m a rational, even keeled fan which is more than a lot on here can say.
        Cough – Vinnie – cough.

        • I thought Pederson was pretty well prepared in his PC and his answers were thought out and explained (like his first response about Bradford) but when
          he was later asked about Bradford and Murray/Peters & other Players specifically again later in the PC, he seemed to stumble a bit and go off the top of his head a little more..
          I did not hear or read the complete Comments made from the Senior Bowl and thought you meant the PC.. I’ll check those out ..

          • yea he said he looks forward to sam but needs time to continue evaluating to make a decision one way or the other… the point is/was his comments yesterday were drastically different than what he said day 1… at this point all we have is tea leaves as fans…

            regarding peters he is under contract, some reporters think its possible he goes (there is 0% chance he goes), so doug said he has good years left b/c he is here and staying. i dont understand the correlation.

            • Y he started off fine in the PC, but clearly got flustered after being pestered with the completely ridiculous “you weren’t the first choice how do you feel” statements…I mean questions….followed by the “last drive” questions…..and he then got off message a bit with his “win now” and Bradford comments late.

              I think he felt he needed to defend himself a bit….not sure how that plays out. DId he get rattled by those editorials…I mean questions….and if so…..how will he handle higher pressure situations than that?

              But you are right mhenski….his comments from a couple days ago certainly meant to “dial down” the bradford/winning expectations.

              And then of course Howie just put a dagger through Koolbreeze’s heart with the whol….”good player…but its early….part of the process…Goodbye Bradford” comments.

              Of course Koolidiot is claiming he hates Howie, so when Bradford is left to go he’ll have someone to rail about for the next year every time the rook (or whomever else) throws an incompletion.

              BTW – I still don’t get how this works for Kooltwit.

              Right now:
              “Howie sucks howie sucks howie sucks howie sucks”

              IF Bradford released:
              “Howie sucks howie sucks howie sucks howie sucks”

              If Bradford resigned:
              “Howie sucks howie sucks howie….oh snap…howie’s great howie’s great howie’s great!!!”

              • yea it went from

                foles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucksfoles sucks foles sucks


                sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god sam bradford is god


                howie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountanthowie the accountant

                howie the accountant is his new thing i fear for the next few years as he has been raked over the coals for too long regarding qbs, he may be transitioning to the safer invisible man thing… which is good news for us eagles fans because if he hating on howie you have to think howie is about to turn everything he touches to gold… this is a good thing…

                btw howie never was anything close to an accountant so i really dont get it… at least go howie the lawyer

              • mhenski the degenerate, racist pervert!

                When you have an original thought it will be your first

                Vinniedafool…you have told the Taj Boyd lie so long you cant figure anything out…your simply dumbstruck!

                You simply make no sense at all. Only a fool wants Chase Daniels or Mark Sanchez to be the QB next year …your options suck bad and then you want to waste a high first rounder on one of these unproven QB’s-Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook…all players that last year would not rank as high as Bryce Petty, Sean Mannion (who may put Foles out of a job this upcoming season as a back up) or Brett Hundley…the Eagles moves make no sense if they dont keep Bradford…simply doesn’t..

                When you rebuild you dont keep vets like Celek-they can get ‘leadership’ and more importantly production from Ertz…why keep Peters an additional year for all of that money when you have made Johnson the highest paid right tackle in football and you plan on eventually switching him to the left side anyway?
                Cutting Peters would save you 6 million and hasten the development of a younger player that you can get to play like a Ronnie Stanley out of ND.

                If you are going young it makes absolutely no sense to hold on to older vets…it only makes sense if you are keeping quality at the QB position and it is ludicrous to think a back up or any of the QB’s in this year’s draft are anything more than potential back ups!

                None of these QB’s in this year’s draft are that good…simple as that

                You are out of your mind Vinniedafool…you and the pervert-racist, Mhenski..

                What team! Fools!

              • LoL

                Still at it

                “it only makes sense if you are keeping quality at the QB position”

                And he means Sam Fitzpatrick…I mean Ryan Bradford…I mean I mean Chad Bradford or is is Sam Henne?

                Fuck…all these “quality” QBs I can;t keep track.

                Maybe its Sam Boyd or Taj Bradford…..perhaps Mark Bradford or Sam Sanchez.

                All the same loser and Kooltwit loves them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • The difference between Sam Bradford and a quarterback like Carson Wentz is that one is proven and one is unproven – koolbreeze is correct about that much….

                Bradford has proven over 7 years that he is not a winner. We still don’t know about Wentz.

  • easiest spots for a rookie draft pick to start in 2016 for the Eagles are interior offensive line and secondary. That is where I think the #13th pick could make an immediate contribution this year.
    (Tunsil, Stanley, Ramsey, Hargreaves, Apple, Alexander)

    • DT is another Good Spot to rotate in a Top Pick with Cox/Logan..
      Look at the Good Defenses and they are rotating their Big DT’s to stay fresh during games and down the stretch of the Season …The DT Draft Class is very strong so good ones shuold still be on the board in the 3rd Round
      Logan kinda of disappeared after about Week #10 this Year… Eagles do need to get Strong,Bigger, More athletic up the Middle too..
      CB is probably the hardest adjustment from College to the Pro’s, besides the QB & WR Positions .. CB’s rarely step in and Start.. But this Draft Class with Ramsey,Hargreaves,Alexander and Apple is a very Talented Group and I can definitely see a couple of these Players contributing right away..

      The Top 2 OL (Tunsil/Stanley are very likely gone in the Top 6-8 Picks)
      but there will be at least 2 of these DB’s on the Board at #13 (Hargreaves & Apple i’m thinking)

  • by the way for peeps that say howie isnt a football guy (CHIP included) lets compare chip vs howie

    chip has 25 years experience in football and is 52. first got in to coaching at college level at age 27

    howie has 17 years experience in football all in the nfl and is 40… when howie is chips age if he lasts he will have 29 years experience.

    point is if howie aint a football guy, a lot of nfl personnel guys arent football guys including the snake oil salesman himself

    roseman has

    • I agree with that point. These fake ‘talent evaluators ‘ on this site have said on numerous occasions they could do as good, even better than most GM’s. Then, they sit from their living room on a blog and say Howie and Jeff aren’t football guys…yet they have lived, ate and breathed football for 20 years. They have spent countless hours in conversation with football lifers… They get the terminology, they understand what to look for…to quote them ‘it’s not rocket science’ …well maybe not ..I mentioned on here they should spend a couple of years in a system, learn SOMETHING….anything…then come on gcobb… These guys are hilarious

      • what i wrote was more addressing some of the radio hosts, beat writers, chip kelly more so than gcobb posters… i mean kool gonna kool

        roseman career looking bright with that stuff kool spitting about him

  • Look I’m not a Howie guy by any stretch… His draft results have been below average…but really drafting is a crap shoot ..especially until you get your QB… Seems that teams without a qb miss more than they hit in the draft… Funny that way. As for hot air….dude would pay sam $24! Yikes.

    • Howie was the architect of 2012 2013 and 2014 – 1st 5 rounds

      Dennis kelly

      Bennie Logan
      Early Wolff

      Hit first 3 rounds into. Barkley was a calculated risk in the 4th round and Wolff is whatever

      Marcus smith
      Jordan Matthews
      tAylor hart

      2012 & 2013 were solid as fuck imo. 2014 had that cancer all up in it…

      I’d say he did above average 2 of 3 years with the 3rd year almost being a complete pass…

      I’m fine with him until he proves he is dumb

      2013 was solid and 2014 was disgusting but chip by all accounts had his hands all over 2014 as he wanted Matthews round 1 and hart round 3. Gotta believe hart and huff were all chip at minimum

  • Henski, I agree that 2014 draft has Kelly DNA all over it. Of the drafts we know rose man was responsible for that were solid. I don’t really have a problem with the guy to be honest. I’m actually ok with most of what’s gone on so far since Kelly was fired. Crappy players make good coaches and I really like the Schwartz hire with the talent we have. Bradford is a middling player with injury history and I can’t support paying him franchise money to come back. That said, I like Wentz, than heavy o-line and 2ndary. Resign curry and Thurmond. Run the ball out of the I with a fullback and play-action pass with solid defense. Pittsburgh went to the Super Bowl doing just that the year after they drafted a toolsy qb out of a small time college program in 2005.

    • He was also on watch with the Danny Watkins draft…. However, he was the guy with the smallest pecker in the room and could have bullied by Howard MUDD with Andy’s backing…if you remember AR brought in MUDD and he may have promised him a new toy to draft… Still truth is Howie is part of it.
      That was always one of my biggest concerns with the eagles draft…. When it’s collaborative guys end up getting blamed even tho we know absolutely nothing about the process.

      • My best guess says Andy called all those shots…

  • I like Howie but I think he should have to win the division if he keeps Bradford. The shenanigans he pulled against Heckert, Banner, Reid, Gamble, Marynowitz, & Kelly to be the man, 2nd place is unacceptable. A starting Rookie QB would be the only reason for the Birds not winning the division for Howie to remain.

    • I don’t get what ur talking about. What shenanigans ? Kelly is the biggest fraud in NFL history maybe he killed himself with his own sword. Reid was done the game over here. He did nothing to banner Lurie did. Don’t know what u speak on with everyone else.

      • Kelly took a 4-12 last place football team and won the division and finished 2nd twice. If finishing 2nd isn’t good enough to remain for Gamble, then finishing 2nd wasn’t good enough for Marynowitz & Kelly to remain, then Howie cannot finish 2nd or 3rd or 4th in the division and remain.

        • And then Kelly built on that success how… the team got much worse in his 3rd year especially when you look at some of the personnel moves include not filling in huge gaps left by players. I understand that you want to hold Howie accountable. I think that we all want to do that, but you seem to be beating a dead horse here.

  • What a deal for Lane. Haven’t seen breakdown yet but if you are paying a guy that kind of money there is no way he is not your LT. Based on contracts alone it looks like Peters either needs to be open to a pay cut or will be cut regardless of comments made by Pederson.

  • Eagles have finalized a 5 year extension for Lane Johnson. Details will emerge soon about the contact and guaranteed money. Word is that Johnson is receiving a deal to be paid like a solid LT, not a great RT. This is a smart move as he is a future anchor of the left side of the offensive line, and this may be a sign that if Peters doesn’t take a pay cut, he might be on his way out of town. I would probably be smart for him to take a pay cut and stay because I dont think there is a great market for 34 year old LT with declining skills and a degenerative back issue.

  • The deal is worth “up to” $63 million and includes $35.5 million guaranteed. Great deal for us. Top LT make much more than that and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Lane became a top-tier player.

    • Actually considering the Guarantees, which is what these contracts are all about, Lane is now the top paid offensive linemen in the NFL. Writing is on the wall for Jason Peters. Take less money or you are cut.

    • ***Paulman Rumor***
      I would not be surprised to see a Deal that sends LT Jason Peters back
      to the Buffalo Bills for DE Mario Williams, who is on the outs with HC Rex Ryan and has publicly stated that he wants out… Mario Williams played great under Jim Schwartz 4-3 Scheme and the Bills will likely need a LT
      to Replace Gordy Glenn who is a Free-Agent and would cost them a lot of $$ to resign where with Peters, you kind of know what your getting….

      This could be a Deal where both Teams make out …

      • I don’t know Paul – You see Mario’s cap hit for the next two years? Something like 20 mil next year and 17 mil in 2017. That would be way too much money along that Defensive line once the reach a deal with Cox.

        • peters not goin anywhere. stop

          • So the I guess you assume the Eagles are prepared to pay a Right Tackle more than any team in the league pays a Left Tackle. Makes complete sense.

            Only way Peters is staying is if he takes a pay cut.

            • the market is changing.. caps gone up i believe something like 25% in the last 3 years and projected to go up more than 25% over the next 3 years.. its a good time to be a young vet.

              last year kc center got 5 years 45 mill

              the only comp deal out there was buluga but that man got ripped the fuck off (but had leg injuries(acl))…

              point is the money is not indicative of the position. im sure lane gonna be lt eventually just not this year. who they gonna start if they get rid of peters?

              good young LT – lane
              Shit lg
              ok solid center
              shit rg
              shit rookie or journeyman rt?

              dont see them letting peters go

              eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek on 2nd thought they should can save a lot of scratch if they cut him after june… they can save 7+mill. uhhhhhhhh i think you may be right

        • There would definitely have to be an understanding and agreement for a Re-Structure for Mario Williams Contract before making a Deal ..
          If he wants out of Buffalo bad enough and wants rejoin his Old Coach Jim Schwartz where he had Career Numbers, than he will have to consider all these things..

  • Back a few posts ago I was saying how signing Ertz when we did was actually a cap saving move despite the fact that his 2016 cap number increased. Now that Kelce signed you can see what I was saying. Kelce’s guaranteed money is 20.5mil versus 13 for Ertz. That is a big difference and will help up big time when signing any other players to long term deals.

    Howie may be a lot of things, but when it comes to the cap, he is the one I want guiding this ship.

    • ertz isnt half the tight end kelce is…

      joe banner was going nuts on twitter saying how bad howie ripped off ertz, i dont see it but ill take his word for it

      • I agree to an extent. However, you have to consider the systems they were playing in and the fact that Ertz had a pretty significant injury which lingered for the first 4 weeks of 2015.

        Ertz ended on a tear and in the right system, who knows. The key was locking him up before the potential breakout (which I know everyone keeps saying is coming).

        Bottom line is 13 mil in guarantees is nothing for a quality TE in this league given what Charles Clay and Julius Thomas had just received. Howie got Ertz to agree to a contract that is more in line with what they were signing in 2012-2013. That is what Howie did and what banner was talking about.

      • I guess you are talking about the eye test comparing Kelce and Ertz because there stats are pretty damn close except for tds

        Kelce: 72 catches, 875 yds, 5 tds, 12.2 yds/catch
        Ertz: 75 catches, 853, 2tds, 11.4 yds/catch

        Looking at Ertz’ last 4 games, I think that Pederson thinks that he has another Kelce here.

        • yes the eye test… kelce is a difference maker every game he plays and is consistent for 2 years. ertz not even close to consistent. hasnt started and was pretty close to invisible for 2.5 years – yea he has some numbers but im talking about impacting games…

          hopefully those last 4 games was ertz emerging and from the deal he got it sure looks like our fo thinks thats the case

  • per elliot shorr parks – who the eagles met with at senior bowl

    Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

    Josh Garnett, OL, Stanford

    Jason Spriggs, OL, Indiana

    Cody Whitehair, OG, Kansas State

    Darian Thompson, S, Boise State

    Kyler Fackrell, OLB, Utah State

    Paul McRoberts, WR, Southern Mississippi

    DeAndre Houston-Carson, DS, William and Mary

    Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

    Darian Thompson, S, Boise State

    Glenn Gronkowski, TE/FB, Kent State

    James Bradberry, CB, Samford

    Nick Kwiatkoski, ILB, West Virginia (report)

    Joe Dahl, OL, Washington State (report)

    Jared Norris, LB, Utah (report)

    • Ertz played behind Celek for a significant amount his rookie year with Celek playing 75% of snaps in 2013 and 70% in 2014. Last season was the first year celek had a tremendous drop in playing time which dropped to 50% of the snaps.

      Kelly babied ertz into playing time by openly stating he only gave Ertz a few packages his rookie year. Working with celek and Tony Gonzalez this offseason to improve his blocking really paid off.

      With doug pederson running a more of a “attack” scheme look for him to utilize his tight ends more the way we thought Chip was going to.

      Fletcher is reportedly close to having his deal done along with vinny curry.
      Cendric Thornton is more then likely a goner.

      In a perfect world we will find a way to resign Walter thurmond

  • Not that this comes as a surprise or shock either, but DC Jim schwartz confirms we will be a 4-3 stating he “wants to take the haNDcuffs off these guys and let them attack.”

    • I love everything about that statement.

      For all the focus we fans are putting on the offense with pending issues along the line, at WR and at QB, this defense is going to blow our minds. The defense is going to win us some ball games next year regardless of what happens on the other side of the ball.

      • Cantakeitanymore

        Same here my man. Because that is exactly what a 3-4 does. It holds the men upfront back asking them to open things up for the lbs to get pressure and keeping them clean.

        One of the pros for that system is that you can give a defense many different looks, and try to confuse the qb on who is coming. Will it be the Sam or Will?

        In the 4-3 it is going to allow guys like branDon and vinny to cUT lose and others. Can’t wait to see what this D has in store for us this season.

        • Seriously….with guys like Curry, Graham, and Cox doing what they were meant to do this could be a scary pass rush. I mean, who do you double cause you can’t double everyone?

          • One of the Things I like about this Coaching Staff is that Pederson has surrounded himself with Hungry Coach’s that are all Teachers, Which is fundamentally what all Good Coach’s really are…

            But You Have DC Jim Schwartz, who was an NFL Coach for 4 Seasons with the Lions and wishes to get another opportunity.. Schwartz is from Baltimore and understands the Passion of Northeast Football Fans and understand that Good, Physical Football at the point of attack is what Wins games later in the Season when the weather Changes… Schwartz knows that if he turns around this Eagles Defense after the last 4-5 Crappy Years that the Eagles Defense has had, that his chances of returning as a HC Candidate gets elevated big time… He’s a passionate Coach who sometimes get scaught up in the moment and working with Frank Reich/Doug Pederson should be a good blend for all of them.

            Frank Reich – Offensive Coordinator and who many NFL people think, has the right Make-up, Personality and XO’s Knowledge and Communicative Skills to make a HC someday in the NFL has Played and Coached with many good Coach’s like Marv Levy, Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell in Indianapolis, Coached and Worked with Peyton Manning at the height of his Career and then went out to San Diego to work with Ken Wisenhut and Mike McCoy…

            John DeFilippo QB Coach – Is an up and coming OC in the making and has experience in working with young QB’s. While at Oakland he Worked with Tyrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin and improved their Games and Production ,then worked with Derek Carr during his Rookie Season before moving onto Cleveland with the hopes to help Johnny Football improve into a NFL Caliber QB.. This John DeFilippo has a very bright Future in the NFL as a Future OC and maybe even a HC down the road per a lot of NFL People

            Dino Vasso – Asst Secondary Coach – Vasso had the privilege of learning under one of the Best All-Time Secondary Coach’s in Emmitt Thomas out in Kansas City for the last 3 Seasons as well as CB Coach Al Harris in Kansas City… He’s going to fit in well with Tim Hauck and Gary Undlin and relate well to the Young Players

            Eugene Chung – Asst OL Coach/TE’s/Running Game Coordinator – An 8 Year NFL Player after being a 1st Round Pick of the of the Patriots after a great College Career at Virginia Tech.. Very Bright, Hard Working and big on Technique & Versatility ..

            DL Coach’s Chris Wilson and Phillip Daniels – Ex Players, Hungry and Energetic Coach’s

            This Current Staff reminds me a lot of the Early Andy Reid Staffs with a great mix of Veteran NFL Coach’s who are still Rising mixed in with young up and coming Coaches who bring energy.. Keep an eye on a couple of these Young Coach’s as they progress…

            • Completely agree. I really like this staff a whole lot. The only downside is you have a lot of guys with HC aspirations that could possibility be in the running for some HC positions in 2-3 years depending on what happens here. Then, the issue will be can Pederson continue to replenish his staff with quality guys.

              Honestly, as much as I like Schwartz he is nothing like Jim Johnson who was content at being a lifetime DC. If Schwartz turns this defense around (which I fully expect him to do) he will likely be gone in 2-3 years,

              • Which is where the Young Coach’s come in play

                I can See DeFilippo becoming OC is Reich becomes a HC
                I can see Kevin Lajole becoming DC if Schwartz moves on
                Eugene Chung replacing OL Jeff Stoutland
                Hauck Replacing Undlin, Vasso moving up to assume Hauck’s duties, etc..

                If you Notice Doug Pederson brought Coach’s that he knows in case
                the leftover from Kelly’s State (Stoutland,Undlin & Fipp) take off after a Year ..

  • Top 5 Players at Senior Week per CBS Sports

    1) QB Carson Wentz – N Dakota St (6-5 235lbs) – Heads and Above the other QB’s Participating….

    2) OLB Noah Spence – Eastern Kentucky (6-3 254lbs) – Explosive, Disruptive Force all Week, some Scouts compared him to Khalil Mack in Terms of getting to the Backfield and just blowing Plays up…

    3) DT Sheldon Rankins – Louisville (6-2 304lbs) – A Bowling Ball of Disruption, Built Low to the Ground, Great Hands and Feet, a Penetrator who had a Great Week though he sustained a Knee Strain Thursday and may not be able to the Play in Saturday’s Game..

    4) WR Braxton Miller – Ohio State (6-1 204lbs) – Great Athleticism with the Best Route Running, Body Control & Hands shown all Week per many Scouts.. Now that he’s Full-Time Committed to being a WR, Scouts are Impressed for how well he understands the nuances of the Position
    In a relatively Weak and Thin WR Draft Class, Miller may move up to the later part of the 1st Round

    5) DT Vernon Butler – Louisiana Tech (6-4 325lbs) – A Big, Immovable Player all Week.. Shows Quick Feet and High Motor on all Drills, Scrimmages and just dominated everyone in the 1 on 1 Drills… Went from a Mid to Late Pick
    to probably a 2nd/3rd Rounder

  • Top 5 Disappointments at Senior Week per CBS Sports

    1) The Other QB’s – Cody Kessler, Dak Prescott,Jake Coker just did not take advantage of their Opportunities this Week…

    2) DE – Shawn Oakman – Baylor (6-7 270lbs) – Looked Stiff, Poor Instincts
    and No Explosion for a Player who looks like Superman until the Ball is Snapped.. Said One Veteran Scout “Looks like Tarzan, Plays like Jane” …

    3) RB Kenyan Drake – Alabama (6-1 210lbs) – Has great Speed & Size and was mostly a Back-Up at Alabama but did very poor in Pass Receiving, Pass Blocking and Learning Assignments throughout the Week..

    4) WR Jordan Payton – UCLA (6-1 215lbs) – Lacks Speed and Quickness to get any separation from DB’s… “Knows his Routes Well, Blocked Well but couldn’t get Open” said One Scout

    5) OT John Theus – Georgia (6-7 315lbs) – Had Trouble all week with Speed Rushers, showed Poor Techniques and Leverage coming from a Big Program like Georgia some Scouts said.. Lacked Foot Speed and Hand Skills to combat oncoming Rushers and driven right back into the QB many times this week for having his pad-level too high and showing a lack of Bending of the Knees & Agility..

  • will Jordan Hicks look as good in a 4-3 as he did in the 3-4?

  • I like Ertz and Johnson hope Howie resigns Cox and Logan too.
    Little surprised by the lack urgency with Secondary UFAs Carrol and Thurmond thus far.

    • I think Hicks will look even better as a MLB in Schwartz’s attacking,downhill 4-3 Scheme’s

      I believe Nolan Carroll will move on as he will be looking for Starter’s CB’s Salary which he likely won’t get returning to the Eagles and will get solid Offers from other Teams..

      I believe the Eagles pursue Thurmond but he won’t be doing looking to sign anything until Free-Agency hits.. Both He and Carroll have bounced around the NFL and this very next Contract, could very well be their last one for both of them, so they will likely wait it out until then and then pull the trigger on their best Deal giving them their best security & $$$ with a Chance to Start and I think both Players will be in demand so they are not in a hurry.
      I am hoping both Malcolm Jenkins and Maxwell are talking to Thurmond and push him to remain with the Eagles as they could build a Good Defensive Unit under Schwartz & Company..

      • Wha if they get carol at the right price.. Move Rowe to S.

        • That would be a good move..

          Carroll/Maxwell as Ouside CB’s
          Jenkins/Rowe at Safety
          Shepard as a Nickel/Slot CB
          Watkins/Rice battle for Back-Up CB
          Reynolds/Couplin battle as Back-Up Safety

          Add a Draft Pick DB to compete with these 9 Players

          • Yes sir

  • Catching the Senoir Bowl where the DL on both sides have dominated
    QB Wenz has not looked very good and the WR’s on both sides just cannot get any separation and when they do, they cannot catch the Ball…
    This 2016 Draft may have the weakest WR Class we have seen in a while after a few strong WR Classes in a row..

  • Check this Safety Miles Killebrew out of Southern Utah…
    He reminds me, dare I say, Brian Dawkins with the way he plays but is bigger and goes 6-3 230lbs and plays very aggressively like a Kam Chancellor
    Everything he hits goes backwards..

  • ***NFL News***
    KC Chiefs extend TE Travis Kelce with a 5 Year $46.5 Million Deal with
    $20.5 Million in Guaranteed Money ..

    • Over a day late. This was discussed here. U drunk ?

  • What’s your poison Paulman Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey or 151 I know you slammed a ton of that shit at about 8:00 in the morning. You like it on the rocks or straight followed up with a pack of Newports or are you a Marlboro man.

    • I obviously missed the Kelce Signing News yesterday and saw the headline while watching the Senior Bowl this afternoon…

      To Mac – Today is my 1 Year Anniversary of choosing not to Drink Alcohol, Smoke Cigarettes or have Caffeine (Coffee) after 35 Years of usage..
      I was a Beer Drinker (Stella Artois and Craft Beers) and used to enjoy my Bourbon & 7 or Straight over Ice (Wild Turkey 101, Jim Beam) but that about 10-12 Years ago..
      Marlboro Lights 100’s were my Brand of Cigarettes and smoked a Pack a Day
      and Drank 3-4-5 Cups of Coffee a Day…

      I did these Cold Turkey and am glad I stopped and had a lot of support from Family/Friends during those first few weeks, month when the urge is still very strong.. If I can do it, anyone can do it, if they want it bad enough.. I feel 100% better and have become more active again which I needed..

  • SG Buddy Hield is a flat out stud and deserves to be player of the year

    If we can get Simmons and Hield in the draft.. Win Win

    I just need Simmons to be more aggressive

    • Guard Hield has some kind of range and is having a Hell of a Season..
      He’s a Senior and probably a Top 5 Pick in the Draft and at 6-4, 215lbs has the Length to shoot over Defenders…
      With 76ers getting Forward Saric into action next Season and hopefully F/C Embiid on the Frontline for next Season, then
      SG Hield is that outside sharp-shooter that they can really use …

      If 76ers do get that #1 Pick and Take Simmons then they will have to move some Players as there will be a logjam at Forward/Center with still no real Sharp-Shooter from Downtown outside of Covington who’s been a little up & down ..
      They will have lots of options either way, which is a good thing…

  • Heild is nice, but do not sleep on Providence PG Kriss Dunn. If the Sixers can find a way to get Ben Simmons and Hield or Dunn, that would put them in immediate playoff contention.

  • I want to applaud my Sixers tonight. What a damn good game they played against the Warriors

    They showed heart and toughness. They battled down to the end and nearly escaped with a W, Brett ya cant call a double on Curry so high up near the logo. Curry wasn’t going to shoot that. And you had a foul to give! Very frustrating.. but a overall well played game..

    The defense, execution offensively, the energy, tenacity, all of it made for an exciting game

    I wish they didn’t allow the Warriors to build a 24 point cushion, but thats easier said than done, the Warriors do this to every team

    What I loved to see was how the Sixers didn’t just lay down and die, they didn’t allow Chef Curry, Draymond, Thompson etc to take the 4th q rest that they usually can take after they blow teams out in 3qs, just taking the other teams heart, no, they fought and showed guts

    My god, Ish Smith is a freaking monster. If they don’t sign him after this season they’re stupid. He should be our starting PG for years to come, he makes this team go! I’ve been saying this forever!

    Side note… As I mentioned on here a few weeks ago, it’s going to come down to Okafor or Noel on who’s going to be traded… I’m starting to think it’ll be Okafor.. here’s why, he’s athletically challenged. If you saw in the 4th q where was he at? On the bench..

    Hes starting to look like a guy that’s no longer a fit here

    Them trading him on draft night wouldn’t surprise me

    Then they’ll go with Noel and Embiid. Snatch up Simmons 1st overall if possible, looks like the Lakers are staying put standings wise and will end up with a top 3 pick regardless, so we won’t be seeing that pick this year

    Gotta hope for the Kings to keep losing. Right now they’re 10th in the west coming off a few losses. Let’s hope they continue to lose

    The Sixers have certainly set themselves up going into the draft with a bevy of options.. I can envision trades definitely taking place I just don’t know for who or what but this team will be totally different next year

    When 16′-17′ season tickets go on sale I will be purchasing


    #ShowYaLuv Philly!!!

    • Stop it Jeff…just stop it!

      Trade Okafor would be the height of stupidity

      This young guy is oozing with talent…they have to get some more talent around him some shooters…

      Let the young man develop into what he can be…one of the best low post scores in the league…build around him.

      Get off the Henkie plan and get some vets around the kid…

      • I’m not Jeff, Kool, but let me ask you this…

        If trading Okafor meant that we’d get Ben Simmons, would you do it?!

        Listen I like Okafors skill set too, he has tremendous talent/upside… But he doesnt have Ben Simmons talent

        And also Ben Simmons has the ability to dominate from the paint and take guys off the dribble and finish. We’ve yet to see his shot consistently but I’m told he does have a jumper and the reason he doesn’t shoot it is because he feels no one can stop his drive to the basket, and clearly he’s been right..

        He gets his teammates involved, makes them better. Too many positives.

        This league has changed. You must be athletic at all 5 spots. You look at Demarcus Cousins, Karl Anthony Towns etc, all athletic bigs that dominate

        I love Okafor, but admittedly, he’s limited

        They’re getting Embiid back, they have Noel, and if they get Simmons that’s three guys 6’10 or taller in your starting lineup

        Id love to Keep Okafor, but he may be a key piece in getting Simmons..

        • It looks like Okafor needs to get in better shape, but if I would take athletically challenged Okafor over basketball challenged Noel any day of the week.

        • I wouldn’t trade Okafor period not even for Simmons you can’t compare two players who play completely different positions..The Sixers have a shot at getting Simmons with just their draft pick alone. No need to trade for Simmons when they can still end up with a good player in the top 5 or even Simmons himself. Big men in the NBA are scant, and when teams get their hands on one they rarely ever just up and trade them without huge compensation. Simmons is very talented, and could very well become a star in the NBA, but the talent Okafor has, and his position makes him more important than even Simmons.

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