• August 19, 2022

Jordan Hicks Will Be Running The Eagles Defense

JordanHicksvsJets1I’m currently at  the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and earlier today, I was thinking back to last year’s group of linebackers that were here.   One of my duties on behalf of the NFL was to give a talk to all of the young linebackers about what it takes to be a quality NFL player both on the field and off.  During my three days with the young backers, I got to know them as they were getting to know me.  There were certain guys amongst the group who stood out to me right away. It was an impressive group.

I already had a connection with then UCLA linebacker Eric Kendricks because I already knew his brother Mychal, who is with the Eagles. He showed all the signs that he was going to be a good one. Young Kendricks was a very good athlete with great football intelligence and tremendous drive.

I had to get a nervous Carolina Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson to relax. He was concerned because he didn’t know whether he should work out as a linebacker, safety or as a running back. Bud Dupree stood out because he was just an amazing combination of size and speed.  Kwon Alexander was impressive as an athlete, but the guy who I had no idea would be so good in his rookie year was the Eagles Jordan Hicks.

The young man was playing on a Pro Bowl level in the 2015 season, when he got hurt against Dallas.   He was playing with passion and making plays all over the field, but the most amazing aspect of his game was the number of big plays he was making. When I say big plays, I’m talking about turnovers, which make all of the difference in winning and losing in the NFL.  The Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl Champions because of the turnovers they forced in the playoffs and Super Bowl.

In only eight games, Hicks had a hand in six turnovers, which is amazing, especially for a rookie, who wasn’t even supposed to be playing the linebacker position last year. In a half of a season, Hicks contributed 54 tackles, three fumble recoveries and one forced fumble. Those stats tell you that he was staying around the football and making tackles like a one-man wrecking crew.

Let me say it again, this young man was playing as well as any inside linebacker in the National Football League.

The one sack he had, involved slamming Cowboys quarterbackTony Romo on the Lincoln Financial Field turf, and it all but ended the season for Dallas. That’s another huge play to his credit.

His return of an interception for a touchdown in the second Dallas game was a huge play in that game. It was a very smart play because Cowboys running back Darren McFadden ran a poor out route because he didn’t stem into the route. He just ran the route in a lazy “I don’t care” fashion.

Hicks read it and cut underneath him, picked off the pass and took it to the house.   It was a great smart play that you don’t normally see from rookies.

Of course everything came to an end, when he tore his left pectoral muscle on a play shortly after the interception return.

The Eagles say Hicks is coming along very well in his recovery, so you expect to see him out there at one of the linebacker positions in the new 4-3 alignment. They’re going to definitely need Hicks’ playmaking ability when they jump into that wide 9,

Hicks played so well in his rookie year, that it was no surprise to anyone, when the Birds decided to release veteran middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans. Ryans struggled a year ago as he was coming back from the Achilles tendon tear. Another Eagles inside backer, who struggled a year ago is Kiko Alonso. He will probably be moved outside with Kendricks.

There’s no question that Mr. Hicks will be in the middle and he will be running the Eagles defense. The youngster from the University of Texas has set a very high standard to live up to. If he keeps playing the way he did a year ago, he won’t be battling for just a job on the Eagles defense, Hicks will be competing for a spot on the Pro Bowl roster.


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  • Hicks proved indispensable easily out shined the team captain Demeco Ryans, the 29 million dollar man Mychal Kendricks and Defensive ROY Kiko Alonzo.
    Ryans is gone and Alonzo might be joining him. If his 2016 training camp looks anything like his 2015 regular season Kiko very possibly could get beat out by any long shot camp body for a roster spot.
    Very curious where Jim Schwartz plays Barwin on 3rd down?

  • Hicks is someone we can really look forward to…but can he stay healthy? My biggest concern is can he stay on the field?

    • Hot air is concerned that hicks may get injured…yet there are 93,435 posts championing Sammy sideways who to the best of my knowledge hasn’t completed a full season since his sophomore season in college which was about 15 years ago… Interesting analysis

      • Lol…my god….how is that even possible to make that statement.

        • You can’t make this shit up.

      • haveablunt…Hicks is a good player just like Bradford is a good player

        I want both of them on the field and hope both of them stay healthy

        Both of them have had injury problems…

        So lets apply your stupid arguments about Bradford to Hicks too

        Lets be consistent- you Bradford Bashers want to get rid of Bradford cause he gets hurt…so applying your logic we should get rid of Hicks too he got hurt in college…and his first year as a pro…so lets dump him too

        Fools and Idiots

  • No way! Dcar and GMCliff clearly stated that Hicks unequivocally sucks before he ever took a snap. How is this possible? You mean once he got a chance to actually play that he was good? Gtfoh! Who knew?

    • No we didn’t E0S….

      We stated, he could have been drafted in the 4th or possibly the 5th, never stated anything about his abilities; We felt they should have drafted OG La’al Collins………

      Shut up, stop lying, and putting words in our mouth. It’s not like you know anything about talent, so stop talking like you do. Leave the talent evaluation to those who know what they’re talking about.

      • Cliff I’ve told you many time… And the proof is in the pudding that Collins WAS NOT on the draft board of 32 nfl teams… There are circumstances out if people’s control and that is one of them… He was hands off on draft day…for everyone…. OBVIOUSLY

        • LOL, everyone slaps that dingbat Cliff around –
          I’m sure that is the truth on Collins, every NFL team black listed Collins in the draft because of that tragic murder and the unknown suspicion of his involvement but Collins also put his own poison pill in his draft rights too. Collins told every team after he wasn’t selected in round one that f he wasn’t drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round he would re-enter the draft in 2016 which is his right not to sign. ( Bo Jackson was redrafted) NFL rules don’t allow non drafted players to re-enter the draft the next year for obvious reasons. NFL also denied his request to pull out of the draft and enter the supplemental draft.

          • Cliff doesn’t deal well with reality..,he is a kook…he thinks teams should make trades that benefit his teams and gut their own teams…he is a member of a fringe religion that has goofy beliefs… He is a kook.

            • Regardless of whether Collins was someone’s board or not is irrelevant to this conversation. We – myself and DCar – felt Hicks could have been had in the 4th, or 5th rounds because of his injury history.

              BTW, I will never be – in anyway – be ashamed of being in God’s true Organization no matter the apathy of those who don’t know any better.

              – But thank you for the complement 🙂

              • You brought Collins into the conversation so he obviously is relevant…. He was not in the draft therefore could not be drafted… Kook

              • He was mentioned in response to the Jordan Hicks comment, not whether he was draftable or not – have you always been this disabled in your reading, and understanding, or did it take years of practice

                – and by the way he was in the draft, but teams shied away until they got clear evidence of his innocence. Afterward, every team in the league was interested – including the Eagles.

                Had any of them drafted him in the 5th. 6th, or 7th round, they would have still owned his rights, and been able to negotiate with him on a reasonable contract, instead of him becoming a free agent and he deciding where he wanted to sign…..

                Moot point to me, however in reference to Jordan Hicks…..

                Get some help Ciggy. I got my 7 month old abcmouse.com, maybe you’ll find in to be helpful with your issues……

                Again, only Kooks lack reading comprehension.

        • His availability isn’t the topic of conversation Ciggy. You’re too anxious just to be critical just for the heck of it……

          your position on this conversation has no value…It’s not about Collins

          E0S claim was that myself , and DCar spoke negatively about Jordan Hicks abilities – which never came up

          reading is fundamental bruh…….

          I would think a kook has poor reading comprehension bruh FYI….

          • Cliff, cut it out. I’m not EOS. Stop hiding behind that bs. I’m not talking about where u said he should be drafted. You and Dcar flat out said that he couldn’t play. That he was strictly a backup/ST player. You were wrong.

            • Give it a rest, that’s been proven over, and over again…..no one is going to play stupid for you just because that’s what you want E0S..

              Sense you are so sure, then post where we said that…..Best to you with that

              You won’t find it because that’s what some were saying because we didn’t like where he was selected; We didn’t say that, some of you did…..

  • Dingbat I will explain one last time… He was undraftable…. Meaning the eagles or anyone else could NOT draft him. Get that through that mindless head of yours… A group of 32 billionaires made an agreement that he would not be drafted…why? Duh to protect their multimillion dollar machine..,if he was indicted but undrafted the headlines read, “LSU star arrested”, if he is drafted by the nfl it says ‘Another nfl scumbag arrested”…

    • Sense you want to belabor the point, please cut, and paste this agreement by the billionaire owners, or a credible reference to this agreement in your reply…..

      anyone was welcomed to draft him if they chose to….fact

      Like I said before, Had any of them drafted him in the 5th. 6th, or 7th round, they would have still owned his rights, and been able to negotiate with him on a reasonable contract, instead of him becoming a free agent and he deciding where he wanted to sign…..

      Feel free to make a fool of yourself trying to post your personal, make believe
      opinion of what the situation was….

      We’ll all be waiting Ciggy, you’re all mouth brother…..

      • If you have no reference….then please do us all a favor, and just shut up…..

        • cliff i’m a few billion shy of the club and would not have access– proof is in the pudding— a first round talent that doesn’t get drafted by anyone — you are just not very bright cliff

          • Yet, I am smart enough to ask the right questions, as to whether what your stating is indeed fact, or just your assumed opinion…..So you have no proof??!!

            Then please shut up…..This brings this conversation finally to some closure…

            Just shut up…

            • cliff you lack common sense…
              hey on another note can you put in a word to make me one of the 144,000 chosen ones? that would be cool.

              • It would be, but unfortunately that decision belongs to God himself. They are described as higher than angels – because none of those individuals will be angels.

                The Apostle Paul, being one of the 144,000, knew this when he stated at 1 Corinthians 6:3. ‘Do you not know that we will judge angels?”

                Those of the 144,000, will be higher than angels, and they already serve as Judges currently supporting Christ.

                Heaven isn’t the goal for the living, or the dead according to the Bible.

                I know you’re being sarcastic, but that isn’t what you want. Jehovah has something better in store for you Ciggy.

  • Well- they upped the offer for Bradford, lets hope this thing gets done today. I am hopeful it will. IF that happens…. I hope these things take place….

    1) Cox deal gets done right away.
    2) We draft a QB within the first 3 rounds to groom for the future.
    3) We cut Sanchez to save cash. Maybe even resign for a smaller deal.
    4) Find us some OLmen.

    Who’s with me on this pan?

    • Do it. Go birds

  • One thing is for sure DT is the easy position to fill in the NFL. The NFL is littered with good DT from Minn to KC to Denver. This years draft class is loaded at DT. I will say it again Cox is a stud at DT but to pay him QB, LT or v Von Miller money is just ridiculous. for the production at DT. Hell its the 2nd least important position behind guard in todays NFL.. I know he will be signed. Mayock has 8 DT that should go in round 1. and another 3-5 that will go in the top 50.

    • Think of it as 3DEs and 1 does really well against the run too. Profootball focus had Cox ranked 5th in pass rush and something like 7th against the run at DE last year. All this while playing DE in a 3-4 where his job is to just hold a guy up. He is only getting better AND they are moving him back to his natural position. Ask any coach and they will tell you that pressure on the qb from the middle is the most disruptive because it gets in the qbs head AND it crushes the pocket. We will be able to do this WITHOUT blitzing lbs in the A gaps each time. This is HUGE!!! The front 7 will be slamming.

      • Stevo trust me I understand. My point is there are Fletchers coming out on a yearly basis. Like Mayock put it at the combine its a position that every year that has evolved and and that there are a lot of big, strong, nasty, physical DT coming throughJust look around the league from Shariff to Wilkerson to Suh and so on. Its a position that you don’t need to spend 100 million on. That’s my point. Just my opinion. If you want to spend 100 million on a DT who will have 40 tackles 13 hurries and 9 sacks be my guest. All I know is Carolina, Seattle, NE, Denver aren’t spending 100 million on DT., Teams like Miami and Buffalo do that.

      • Stevo one more thing. The Eagles defense in the last 3 years was historically bad vs the pass with the GREAT Fletcher Cox. There pass rush sucked with the GREAT Fletcher Cox. I know I know they are switching to the 4-3 and magically they will be the 85 Bears. Hell if he is worth 100 million Luke Kuechly should make 200 million. For as great as Cox was it equaled them getting blown the fuck out multiple times last year with no pass rush. That’s what 100 million may give you. Check out Suh.

  • Here is the play on Sammy Sideways… Make him a ‘better’ offer, show the fans you are ‘trying ” to sign him… When he walks for 37 cents more say, ‘hey we made a fair offer, he chose someplace else, we wish him good luck”… Bye bye mr. Sideways

    • If they “upped” their original lowball offer…and I still think that’s a big “if” (I think its a big “if” if they’ve even made an offer)…..but some completely unsubstantiated report about upping an offer is out there, so it must be true right?

      Anyway, if an offer was upped….must not have been upped enough, because its still crickets in terms of real signing news.

      Unless the Eagles blow the guy away, there’s no way he would sign at this point. Why would he? He’s allegedly got an offer from the Birds….so in a week he’ll pass that # around to other teams and tell them to beat it.

      Multiple things can then happen:.

      1 – He’ll get a better offer and sign somewhere else.

      2 – He won’t get a better offer. His agent will call the Eagles lying that he got a better offer from another team and they better step up….

      3. Eagles will decide whether or not they can call the bluff, or hold with what is clearly a lowball offer.

      No matter what…if the Eagles get Sam Bradford, its because no one else in the league wants the guy.

      Good times.

      Be a sad day for Birds fans. We’ll have this discussion again in 2019. Anyone have a look at who’s coming out that year?

      • If sam decides to stay in philly it’s because he’s sick of changing teams and learning new personnell every year. He believes this team gives him the best chance to win and still Make some damn good money.

        If cleveland, dallas, San Francisco, or Houston doesn’t take him it’s because

        1. There qb is already on the roster
        2. The want to address the qb position with their draft picks.
        3. Free agency. A rg3 or manziel?

        If the knee injuries never happen to sam then he might not have been traded..who knows?

        The Rams thought it would be best to go a separate route with all the bad shit that happened to sam and give him a fresh city and team.

        • 2015 philadelphia eagle’s drops HD.

          Go to YouTube and watch the video. 10 minutes long worth of drops. Worth over 1000 yards and helluva lot of first downs.
          Chip lost his job because of dropped balls..and when u lose in Philly, u have lost the locker room. Lol

          • Turned the vid off after watching 3 of the first 4 sial high to wide open WRs.

            Eagles credited with 42 drops. Other teams had more. League average is 30 drops. The Eagles were 12 drops above average.


            (again, I know this is difficult to understand – but every team drops the ball)

  • Fair point.

  • Nah.. Watch the whole video to get a full understanding of what went on. Look at the clock and the situation when the drops happened week after week. Or you can continue to be straight biased against Sam.

    Teams do drop the ball. Your right. But not at the rate Sam has had his whole career in Stl and Philly. His teams lead the league in drops every season. Cut the drops in half and Philly is in the playoffs this year. Im not saying DONT EVER DROP A PASS. They cannot continue to happen at this ridiciulous rate in crunch time situations.

    The ATL game, both Washington games, the Carolina game was just ridiculous. Your not going to look like a pro bowler and make your teammates better when your team leads the league in drops every season.

    Go back, and look at the throws Sam was putting on the money. Some of them were unreal throws with accuracy that would make anybody go “wow”.

    This man would have had well over 4000 thousand yards, above 65 percent completion percentage, and 25 touchdowns area. Considering half of his ints came off the hands of his own teammates as well. And this was a guy in a new system, two torn acls, leading league in drops and had nothing but a Roookie WR, rILEY cooper, Jjosh Huff, and A decent Jordan Matthews catching the passes.

    Did I MENTION that the run game was non existent for over half the season?

  • LOL. The passes sailed over wide open wr??? The video is a compilation of drops. Not poor thrown balls. Not one of those passes were over thrown to a wr. Every single one hit the intended Wr, rb or TE hands.. They make millions of dollars to catch a football. If it hits your hands, you catch the damn ball.

    • I need to respond to 3 things and then I will move on from this:

      “But not at the rate Sam has had his whole career in Stl and Philly. His teams lead the league in drops every season.”

      Interesting isn’t it. When the exact same thing keeps happening to the exact same guy over and over again in different situations with different people around him…..don’t you think its prudent to actually look at the guy who is always at the centre of the problem, and not the changing parts around him?? Could it be the constant that’s the problem and not the variables? Does that not even begin to register as a possibility? That maybe he’s a little late on the throws? That they’re expecting the ball a second earlier, or later? That they aren’t (often) just a little high and behind (and several of those crossing patterns were.

      Is it not even remotely possible that Bradford’s teams led the leage in drops over and over and over and over because of Bradford??? I mean….how silly right…to see the same thing happening over and over to the same guy and perhaps consider it actually has something to do with that guy??

      “Cut the drops in half and Philly is in the playoffs this year.”

      You could say that about every team in the league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Cutting the drops in half would be a completely unreasonable expectation. I completely expect the Eagles to regress to the mean this coming year and have less drops. I expect them to be in the 25-35 range (league average). Again, those 12 drops aren’t going to change much.

      Go back, and look at the throws Sam was putting on the money. Some of them were unreal throws with accuracy that would make anybody go “wow”.

      The only thing that makes me go “wow” is seeing how much voracity and effort Bradford apologists like yourself put in to defending a guy who has a .390 win %age.

      • “The only thing that makes me go “wow” is seeing how much voracity and effort Bradford apologists like yourself put in to defending a guy who has a .390 win %age.”

        Fool ass!

        What makes me go wild is that you keep forgetting that the game is called “Football” and it is a team sport…idiot.
        Its not tennis, boxing, or mixed martial arts….its a Team game.
        Bradford’s ‘win percentage’ is what it should be given that the Rams sucked with no defense, no offense line, no quality receivers.
        Bradford got the same thing in his first year with the Eagles
        No defense, poor offensive line play with no guards, no quality outside receivers…not one…inconsistent to poor running game!
        When your team sucks you wont win many games Fool!

  • Oh…and speaking of “crunch time situations”


  • Round and round they go;

    The extremes of both sides make me smile. Its always been this way…. Mike Vick, Bradford, Kolb and even Hoying…. people take such extreme positions to prop up their own ego/point.

    Did the Eagles have a ton of drops? Yes. Did the young receivers contribute to the problems the Eagles O had? Yes. But CT…. there were indeed a couple of bad passes in that video as well. I watched the first half of the video and counted 3 bad passes. 2 of them were on third down and even if completed would have come up short. That said… Vinnie is, as always, clueless. 3 of the drops led to INT’s and the Birds WR’s dropped a ton on 3rd down. Many times they were wide open and he hit them in stride. To cast this aside as meaningless only proves your ignorance more. why would one choose to ignore facts, on either side?

    :Lay all the facts out on the table.. including drops, including win %, including cast around him, including injuries, including system, including coaches… all of it. If a guy has been in the league as long as Sam has,,,,, you bring ALL of it to the table for discussion.

    When you put it all together, here is my take….

    Sam B shows moments of greatness but they are few and far between. Clearly shows the ability to read the D better then most in the league. I would put him in the top 10 in this category. However, his injuries have prevented him from establishing any kind of rhythm with his WR’s. Furthermore, though he can make any pass, I question his ability to get the kind of zip on the ball that is often needed. He lacks the fire we like to see in our qb’s, but what do we know… his team seems to think he is a good leader. The reasons i want him back are simple…. the play-calling was vanilla last year, even the eagles players have talked about that. We had NO run game to speak of and we had young WR’s. Ill be honest, i wish he could run a bit. I dont want a running QB but one who could get a fewyears from time to time.

    My expectations if they bring him back would be that they ALSO draft a young QB who can learn. I do not want a Christian Ponder situation here because it fails more times than not. I think Bradford COULD lead this team to the playoffs and from there…. we shall see. We are in QB hell my friends and a Bradford/draft pick duo provides the best chance of getting out. All of this is my opinion and i dont need to do the Savior Bradford or Sammy sideways silly talk to prove my point of view… it only make you all look biased and well…. simple.

    • Beautiful post Stevo.
      It’s hard to get in rythmy when u have brandon Gibson, Cooper, and huff and your primary targets throughout ur career. That’s why u have drops. Drops will kill a season, just like it did ours. I just rewatched the video. 98 percent of those throws were catchable. Some were high. Correct.

      Sam was abysmal in the first half. He looked like a guy who was in a new system and tore his acl twice.

      Second half of atl, washingtington, jets game and carolina game however he played good enought to win those games. That carolina game was sad

      • We’re not in qb as hell as most would think. Draft the future this year or next and let him develope behind Sammy for 2 years..Bring in Daniels to compete and we’re better then most teams. Run the football and play smash mouth, methodical football. Cut these drops in half and the east is ours.

        • Yeah that way works. Draft a QB let him sit and then we have our QB. Why havent teams thought of that? Sounds so easy.

    • Great post Stevo and I completely agree with everything you said. I think you and I are in the middle with Bradford but we tend to argue towards the pro-Bradford extreme because nut jobs like Vinnie ignore certain facts and stats that counter their points. Their ignorance makes us look like the most pro-Bradford people in the world because we are constantly calling them out on it.

      Honestly, I kinda hope that don’t sign Bradford, just so Vinnie is satisfied. I don’t think I can take much more of him on this topic and unlike him, I think most of us would actually be ok if the opted to go in a different direction from that which we are supporting (i.e. keep Bradford and draft a guy).

    • The extremism comes from Vinniedafool and the Bradford Bashers…no one who supports Sam Bradford has stated that this guy is Tom Brady.
      Bradford completed 65% of his passes to receivers that everyone acknowledges are below average. All that says to me that the guy can be a competent to good QB that does not lose games for you..What we saw last year was improvement as the year went on.

      I assess our QB situation strictly as it relates to the Eagles and who we can obtain. Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers are not available. Not a single one of the Qb’s that we are talking about in the draft or as an alternative to Bradford are objectively as good as Bradford…bottom line…so we should keep Bradford, dont reach for a QB with the 13th pick, and draft a QB
      Does this mean that Bradford is perfect….NO…..did he miss some passes and have some bad passes of course he did…EVERY QB misses passes and has bad passes

      What we saw from Bradford especially in the last 7 games was solid, competent QB play where we can see that if you give the guy a few weapons and a running game…we can win the division and have a shot in the playoffs.
      But we are in a dangerous situation…it is much more likely that the Qb we draft will not be an NFL caliber player, the back up we bring in, like a Chase Daniels, is not good enough to be a starter…trading for Nick Foles is a disaster, and making Mark Sanchez the starter is dumb.
      The options are just not there…the best move is keep Bradford

      • I agree with that assessment koolbreeze if you sit back, and look at the picture logically the Eagles really don’t have many legit of options at QB. They also have many holes on this roster that they simply will not be able to fill this off-season. QB is a hole that I don’t think the Eagles want to go into this season having to worry about. Signing Bradford gives the Eagles much needed flexibility to address some of these holes on their roster.

        • I agree Mac Dolo…and they should try hard to get Bradford as cheap as possible…give him a raise from last year’s $13 million…try to sell him on the need for the Eagles to pick up an Oline man in free agency to protect his ass…Condon should wait until the last possible second before accepting any deal…he and Bradford should get the best possible offer that they can…If I’m the Eagles I’d tag him if necessary but lets be clear…there are no real second options…the Eagles need Sam Bradford

  • Mike Garafolo who initially reported that the Eagles upped their offer to Sam Bradford had this to say on the Fan 97.5 this morning.
    Garafolo says the Eagles believe they sweetened the offer enough to where it’s comparable to what he’ll likely get on the market. And what price range might Bradford fall in?

    “You’re talking in the $12-15 [million per year] range,” he said.

    Now, if Bradford’s agent Tom Condon rejected an offer from the Eagles (Chip Kelly) last year of a reported 18 mil for for years, how are the Eagles seriously interested in re-signing Bradford. This is either a joke or an insult to the Bradford camp. However, it is right where I said the offer should be. I stated 14 million tops, if the increased the offer significantly, it must have been an original offer of 12-4 million, keep in mind Bradford made 13 million last year.


    • There is no way Condon can accept an offer like that for his client. He would look like a damn fool and a dunce of an agent after rejecting 18 per for four years.

      • well sam aint getting 18 anywhere

      • comes down to the guaranteed money IMO–
        are the eagles playing chicken? do they really want him? will anyone offer more $$?– gonna get interesting…

  • lurie on record saying better than 90% chance we resign bradfraud. so who we tanking for? please tell me we going oline, oline, oline first 3 picks. stink with sam than get watson

    • Birds currently have half their starting secondary unsigned ( Carroll & Thurmond) At pick #13 the best available might be DB not OL. We will get an idea after the Free Agency signings whether Howie is looking at OL or DB at pick 13.

  • Djax and Maclin both had greats years ( 80 catches 1300 yards 10 TD) playing the same position with Foles but that connection completely disappeared with Bradford and Agholor ( 23 catches 283 yards 1TD). Some one is to blame. If the Eagles are negotiating with Bradford to return then Howie must blame Agholor? Interestily if Bradford returns then the plays that Maclin ran in KC for 85 catches 1000 yards 8 TDs will probably be the same plays that Jordan Matthews uses in 2016 outside. So Maclin’s numbers should transfer to Matthews using the same plays. Additionally the Bradford and Matthew connection connected for 87 catches 1000 yards 8 TD last year in the slot. After 4 games in 2016 if Matthews numbers don’t transfer to outside from the slot and match KC Maclin’s stats then Bradford would have to be benched.

    • Foles regressed each year…his best year was with DJax and it was all down hill when he lost him…and this year while he had an excellent running game, and a very good defense, and average receivers but none as good as Maclin…he completely fell apart!

      • Bradford to Matthews – 87 catches for 1000yards 8 TD in 2015 in the slot.
        now Jordan Matthews moves outside playing these plays:
        Smith – Maclin 85 catches for 1000 yards 8 TD in 2015.
        If after 4 games in 2016 Jordan Matthews doesn’t have at least 21 catches for 250 yards and 2TD then Bradford won’t throw outside & has to be benched.

  • Eagles interviewed Paxton Lynch. There are tons of rumours out6 there, and you can be sure all the NFL agents are much more dialed in to what teams are doing.

    So…..2 questions.

    1 – Knowing Paxton Lynch is a probable draft choice for the Eagles. Does that make the Eagles less attractive to Bradford? “We love you Bradford, but we’re picking a new QB at 13 because…well…you know….” Does Bradford want to sign with a team that is picking his successor just as he is signing his FA cxontract.

    2 – If the Eagles do like Lynch – and it appears they do – Can they really offer big money to Bradford knowing they’re picking their QB of the future at 13? How do you sign a guy to whatever millions he wants at the same moment you are drafting his replacement. This isn’t a 2nd round pick, nor a 3rd….if its Lynch, then that’s #13. And you don’t sit #13 picks on the bench for 3-4 years. You just don’t. the #13 pick plays sooner rather than later….maybe a year, but that’s it…..

    (and no, this isn’t a GB/Rogers moment. They had no plans to take a qb, but when Rodgers fell to the 30s, there was just too much value there to pass him up.

    • I think Browns 2, Cowboys 4, 49ers 7 all draft QBs in top 10 ( Wentz, Goff, Lynch)
      Chargers are offering the #3 pick to the league to get in front of Dallas too. Rams and Texans might hop Eagles #13 pick even if Lynch gets by 49ers #7 or Bears at #11 with the Saints #12 pick in play.

      • Y I think with the Romo news that really puts the Cowboys in play for a QB at the draft…which is why I am on the phone with Jerry trying to figure out a Murray/Bradford to the Cowboys deal poste haste.

  • with the resigning of bradford imminent I got the following predictions for next year

    eagles go 3-5 at home. beating the giants vikings and browns and losing to the falcons, steelers, cowboys, skins, and packers

    go 2-6 on the road beating the bears and lions and losing to cowboys, skins, giants, bengals, seahawks, & ravens.

    they get a top 8 draft pick but despite lots of chatter cant make a play for watson

    roseman gets fired

    bradfraud is retained for 2017-2018 season which will be his last season in the nfl.


    • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

      they gonna give him 45 mill guaranteed. oh man what an epic flop this is gonna be

    • You forgot, that if this happens and Eagles are sitting with a top 10 pick, they won’t be able to draft and start a new QB because they’ll be trapped with Sammy Sevens on the payroll for another 3 years!

      Ask the Bears, Chargers, Dolphins and a host of other teams how terrible it is to be sitting with a shitty QB eating up huge chunks of cap space. Can’t draft a new guy ’cause you are paying the other.

      Sign Bradford and Eagles are trapped with him until 2019.

  • Yes…Bradford…I can’t wait for the great 7 wins he garners and look forward to the injuries and garbage time stats….bad move if this is done….can’t wait for the excuses either to justify Bradford’s losses…the drops..the o line…getting used to the system…shaking off the rust of the new system. Lmao…what a joke!

  • Notice the sky is falling type people here. Sounds like he might take a team friendly deal and we still may draft a QB… but thats not good enough. They would rather start the rook or grab a 30 year old backup in hopes of tanking. You idiots make me laugh, your desire to be correct is greater than your being a fan of the Eagles.

    • “Sounds like he might take a team friendly deal and we still may draft a QB…”

      Where? Where does this “sound” come from? Allegedly (and I mean really allegedly as its only one report from one guy at Fox)…anyway allegedly the Eagles have offered 13-14 million and its crickets.

      Has Bradford signed? Did I miss something?

      With one week to go, with a team that has been, at best, lukewarm to resigning him…you think he’s charging into Howie’s office with a pen in his hand?

      Eagles have been dragging their feet with the guy and have now reduced last year’s offer of 18 to 14.

      Wow. We love you Sam….here’s 20% less than we offered you last year!!

      So he tests the market next week and 2 things happen.

      1 – he leaves for another team
      2 – Eagles sign a guy no one else in the league has any interest in.

      Good times.

    • the sky ain’t falling that sky fell already when that dumb fuck kelly duped that dumb fuck lurie into allowing him to be gm and destroying this team for years to come. That dumb fuck lurie allowed jelly to give up a draft pick for a bottom 5-10 qb get rid of the best rb in Eagles history Mathis maclin and so on with no checks and balances

      Now the clean up process begins with the loser Bradford in a pathetic attempt to act like we r trying to win now. I’d rather see them win 2-4 games with some noname and get Watson next year then go 5-7 wins with Sam and pick closer to 10 than 1.

      Sad times ahead unless bradfraud goes full bust this year. Hopefully we can rebuild that o line this draft and Sam plays like he always does but a little worse than 390, so we can get a rea qb.

      • I dont disagree with your take on Chip- letting guys like Jackson, Jmak and McCoy go for sure hurt us.

        As for Bradford… well…. we shall see it seems.

  • “lukewarm”?? Where? Cause you think so? The reports are that they have been aggressive both publicly and with their offer. Your minions are crying about the sky falling and they haven’t even signed him yet. The reports are all over the place reporting a sub 15 million deal. This is good!

    • Ya. Lukewarm

      An offer 30% less than last year. “Lukewarm”

      Then a meeting at the combine where they “upped” it to an alleged $14 million. That number would put him 20th in the league – with only rookies and backups lower than him.


      I mean seriously….they’re offering a deal that is, for veteran starters – the lowest in the league.

      And that isn’t “lukewarm”????

      Lowest paid veteran starter in the league actually makes sense for Sammy Sevens.

  • “Sign Bradford and Eagles are trapped with him until 2019.”

    Fool ass!

    Who says that the Eagles cant sign him to a team friendly deal that favorable to him and the team? Who says that they will be bound to him until 2019?

    It is obvious now that they have wisely rejected the Vinniedafool’s crew of Sam Bradford haters and have decided to aggressively pursue signing Bradford to a deal. This is obvious.

    A ‘team-friendly’ deal may be one that simply leaves them space under the cap to sign other players. A very reasonable argument can be made to Bradford that says…”hey we need a veteran wide receiver and offensive lineman to help you out a bit…our cap space is here…lets work out a deal that lets us make

    The Eagles need to get it done…Sam is the best option going forward…bottom line

    • “aggressively pursue signing Bradford to a deal.”


      They’re allegedly offering him 14 mill. That would put him 20th in the league. He would be the lowest paid veteran starter in the league (Dalton makes 13.5).

      The only guys lower than him would be guys on rookie deals and backups.

      “Aggressivly” by offering him the worst veteran starter $$ in the league!!

      “We love you Bradford – here’s the worst veteran starter contract in the league”


      • Makes perfect sense since he would be the worst veteran starter in the league…

        • Clearly he don’t know what aggressively or reasonable means. Never has never will

      • “They’re allegedly offering him 14 mill. That would put him 20th in the league. He would be the lowest paid veteran starter in the league (Dalton makes 13.5).”

        Really? where is your source? How do you know how much is being offered and what the contract details are Vinniedafool?

        • The source is Mike Garafollo, the same source that put out the story that the Eagles upped their offer, if you believe the Eagles upped the offer because Garafollo reported it, then you have to believe the whole report which he stated that they upped it to from between 12-15 million. You can’t pick and choose what is legit and not legit based off of what you like, it’s all from the same source.

  • I don’t want Ben Simmons, call me crazy but give me a guard that can shoot and create off the dribble

    • Then brandon Ingram is your guy pdiddy.
      Reminds me of a long carmelo Anthony.

      Simmons is young however and coaching is very suspect during his time at lsu.

      • For the love of God vinny. Ur really gonna compare sam to cutler? Stop it!! He won’t get anywhere near that type of deal here in Philly. And I believe sam is light years ahead of cutler. Cutler has been healthy his whole career and has had elite wr around him..he’s just trash. Exact what the Chicago organization has turned into.
        If Howie can get sam and resign Walter the dude is a genius

        • Cutler is 500 with a playoff win…. Sam is 12 games under 500, on,y plays in half his teams games … What in the hell leads you to believe he is light years ahead of cutler? How on this earth can you believe that? If cutler is trash then, to coin a term used by a past poster then Bradford is trash truck juice on a hot July day…

        • Not about what he’s going to “get” its about what he will accept.

          Right now the Eagles are offering $14 million.

          2nd Lowest veteran starter $$ in the league. (Dalton 1/2 mill lower)

          We love you Bradford….here is our offer:

          Lowest veteran starter in the league. What do you think??? Good offer eh? We really love you – that’s why you will be the lowest paid veteran starter by 2017.

          Com-on now Sammy boy – sign the deal.

          LOL. Eagles clearly LOVE the guy.

          • well there ya go… he wont sign that silly deal and it leaves room for them to go get Kolb or Foles. Rest assured.. right Simpy?

            • Kolb foles bradfraud Vick Ryan Fitzpatrick Josh mccown jay cutler. Wtf does it matter they all the same. They all are losers and can’t win a Super Bowl.

            • Get the same results without being trapped in a 4-5 year 18 million dollar deal??? I am in!!!

              I have said all along, Eagles can easily get 19 tds and 7 wins our of just about any $4million $$ QB.

              Daniels, Fitzpatrick, Hoyer….hell even Foles….who cares? Each and every one can throw 19 and win 7 games.


              And they can all do it for 1/3 the cap space.

              Trapping themselves in some stupid 4-5 year $18 million deal for a loers is insane.

              Eagles have offered (allegedly) $14 million…which would make Bradford the 2nd lowest paid veteran starter.

              No damn way he accepts that – especially if they offered him 18 6 months ago. “Hey Bradford – you were great!! – You were amazing in the second half!! – Here’s a 20% reduction in our offer!!!”


              So he won’t take 14. They’ll have to up it to 18 (suicide for 3 years) or he’s going to be a FA.

              • “Daniels, Fitzpatrick, Hoyer….hell even Foles….who cares? Each and every one can throw 19 and win 7 games.”

                LMAO!!!! Its finally out….”who cares” says Vinniedafoolass

                YOU care Vinnie…it finally slipped out…what you always wanted!!!

                Vinniedafool finally admits that he wants his old mancrush back!!

                “hell even Foles”

                Here lies the real reason vinniedafoolass is so desperately against Bradford

                His secret deep seated desire for the return of Nicky Foles


                Pathetic, Desperate….but at least you are no longer in denial….

                We watched Nick Foles get benched twice last year

                We saw a broken, scared, and humiliated QB totally wreck his team’s chances to win because the Rams had a good defense and an excellent running game…they had receivers…the sole reason for the Rams demise was Quarterback play—Nick Foles.

                Yet, Vinniedafoolass wants to bring this guy back here…

                He bashes Bradford who completed 65% of his passes for a guy who only completed 56% of his passes.. had a measly 7 td’s in 11 games with 10 interceptions…interceptions coming at critical moments in games the Rams had a chance to win like Pittsburgh and Green Bay….
                The guy stanked so bad he was benched…twice…and now they are talking about cutting his ass and he probably wont have a job…who would sign him even as a backup…he stank that bad…

                Vinniedafoolass wants him as a starter for us next year!

                Pathetic, Weak, Lame, and so Desperate…

    • I like Hields CT. I know Simmons has the ability to do it, all but the heart and killer mentality is not there right now.

  • Do you really even need an ELITE qb to win a superbowl? Nope. The QB position is important Yes. But it is overrated by the media. Pure straight up marketing strategy. Perception is reality nowadays, and the people will listen.

    Defense wins championships. Period. It is proven year after year, and every single decade since pro football has been around.

    Alexander out of Clemson. I pray that man is there when Philly picks. Adding him with a young Rowe, Maxwell, Shepperd, Jenkins, Wallter? Nolan? would be dangerous the this front 7. Keep adding pass rushers and make this defense the greatest we have seen in Philly in years and Sam Bradford will not have to be Tom Brady.

    Quit hating on Sam so hard. Its pathetic and the argument holds no water. Let him grow and develop with some Nfl Caliber players for once in his career and then lets judge him. He is 28. Not 38.

    • “Do you really even need an ELITE qb to win a superbowl? Nope.”

      hmmmmmmm lets look at the last 10 super bowl winners

      2016 – peyton – granted he was the worst qb in the nfl last year but he still peyton
      2015 – brady – elite
      2014 – wilson – elite
      2013 – flacco – not elite but a top 10 qb
      2012 – Eli – not elite imo but produces. guy can put up 30 tds a season, thast above average for sure
      2011 – rodgers- elite
      2010 – brees – elite
      2009 – big ben – elite
      2008 – eli – see above
      2007 – peyton – elite

      lets go a little further
      2006- big ben- elite
      2005 – brady – elite
      2004- brady – elite
      2003 – tampa – brad johnson – poop
      2002- – brady – elite
      2001 – ravens – dilfer – poop
      2000- st louis – warner – elite

      sure seems like elite qbs win more often than not and when theyre not elite theyre mostly above average qbs

      does D win the game? does D infuence who wins and loses? no freaking doubt. but you aint getting to the super bowls and or winning without above average to elite qbs

      now lets look at defenses and see if the team that won the bowl had an elite D

      2016 – den – no doubt
      2015 – ne – not elite not top 10 D
      2014 – sea – elite
      2013 – bal – not elite – not top 10 D
      2012- NYG – not elite – not top 10 D
      2011 – GB – not even close to elite
      2010- NO- not elite but was top 10
      2009 – Pitt – not elite not top 10
      2008 – NYG – was elite and a top 5 D
      2007 – indy – was elite best D in nfl

      i think you need an elite above average qb to get you to the bowl and to win, D plays a part but especially in todays NFL your qb needs to be a stud. if you think that sam is competent enough to win a super bowl as long as we have a good D, that D better be every bit as good as seattles the past few years and denvers this year. otherwise no shot and realistically our D just doesnt have the playmakers and skillsets that the seahawks and broncos D have had

      • 2006 Big Ben and 2014 Russell Wilson were not even close to elite.

        • didnt go and look at stats from each year e0s, but sitting here today we know they are both elite. may not have performed at an elite level in the early years of their careers but they were indeed elite just at that time it wasnt fact

          • When analyzing what is required to win a superbowl (which is what your post was directed at) it is irrelevant how the QBs ended up. All that matters is how they performed in the year when their team won the Superbowl. Given that analysis, 4 of the last 5 teams to win the Superbowl had QBs that were not performing at the “elite” level.

      • Mhenski – The NFL works in trends. The current trend as you noted above is that the superbowl winning teams did not have an “elite” QB. When Peyton and Wilson won their respective Superbowls they were not performing at the “elite” level. Wilson is elite now but he wasn’t when Seattle won. Peyton used to be elite but wasn’t this year. As such, 4 of the last 5 superbowl winning quarterbacks were not at that “elite” level.

        Current trend tells us to build defense and get a QB that can perform in that top 10-12 range.

        • Exactly canttakeit.

          Wilson, eli (2), johnson, dilfer, flacco, big Ben 2006 were not even close to elite at that time.

          Every single twant that won the sb had a top 10 defense. They were either elite, or forced alot of turnovers and got sacks and forced teams to 3 week after week.

          Sam Bradford with an improved d, can be a top 12 qb. Go defense what that top pick, then address the oline for the next 2-3 picks. Even in fa.

          I pray we find a way to sign walter or nolan. Atleast one.

          • CT – If they want to, they will be able to sign one. Bradford’s deal (if one materializes) will probably cost about 15 mil in cap space. Cox’s deal will probably up his current cap number by about 4 million. That means Howie will still have 11 mil to work with. Then they can cut Sanchez to save another 3.5 making their cap space about 14.5 million. 5-6 goes to rookies which laves enough room for either Carrol or Thurmond and an guard in free agency.

          • Jeff Lurie’s ship is sinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Vinny Curry,Brandon Graham, & Byron Maxwell are below average starters.
            Demarco Murray and Jason Peters might never return to past glory.
            A lot of money on sub par talent.
            Add a
            Wide Nine,
            Pederson, &
            a Bradford extension OMG, SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • if cox’s value is sue money his cap hit is going up like 8+ mill not 4

              • regarding sinking ship…

                this is the most pessimistic ive ever been about an eagles team.

                id give anything to have that senior citizen, washed up, former 1st pick bust mike vick over this cowardly weakling bust

              • First, Cox is not getting Suh money. Suh was a Free Agent and the dolphins had no leverage. They were just trying to outbid everyone. If Cox wants that kind of deal he will have to risk it and wait another three years. The Eagles have him locked up next year and can franchise him at a reasonable number the year after. They would never want to go down that path but the truth of the matter is that Cox doesn’t have the leverage Suh had even though Cox is just as talented.

                A contract to look at the Gerald McCoy deal as the situation is similar. Within the confines of that deal you can take the “big year” cap hit whenever you want. For example, Suh’s first year the cap hit was only 6.2 mil. Given that the Murray and Maxwell deals will expire next year, I’m sure Howie will make cox’s big cap hit year 2018.

                As such, his 2016 cap hit will likely only increase slightly as I originally stated.

              • The offense will improve next year because I think Howie will upgrade those OG spots and switch Matthew’s and Huff’s positions. Huff will be a better player in the slot than he was outside and Matthew will be better than Cooper. Have no idea why the Chipper didn’t have Huff in the slot from day one?

  • The Philadelphia Daily News’ Les Bowen reports the Eagles “are making a serious effort” to re-sign impending free agent Sam Bradford.
    The franchise tag deadline is Tuesday afternoon. It appears unlikely the Eagles will apply the tag to Bradford, but the spectre of the tag could prompt action. The Eagles reportedly increased their offer at the Combine, and Bowen reports there is “buzz” a deal is close. It would not be surprising if the two sides announced an agreement this week.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Mar 1 – 10:39 AM




  • 2 YEAR friendly deal!! We have our QB for the 2016 season! Now use that pick that can actually help this team win a 13!
    Oline or Alexander!!

  • LoL at Vinnie because he HATE Sam Bradford! Now I’ll get some popcorn and read the back and forth that Vinnie and Koolbreeze will get into.


      • dunno if its really team friendly. i mean the years are friendly but not the cap hit or guaranteed money.

        more i think about it howie was desperate here and he will ultimately pay when bradfraud pulls a bradfraud… they bid against themselves, bradfrauds camp inked that deal the second the tag deadline past because they knew they wouldnt get anything close to that in the open market.

        oh well im ok with it, this season will play out the same with him as it wouldve without him.

        now lets go with CT plan and build that O Line. I prefer to trade back from 13

  • $26 million guaranteed for Sam Bradford —

  • What a FN Disaster. 26 Million guaranteed, 2 years of this mess at 18 million a year. A frigging holding pattern. Our future begins in 2 years. Go to hell Sooners with your shit QB and RB.

  • Place holder status. I said 14 per..he got 13…plus incentives that can escalate the cost.


    Sign Walter or Nolan to make this offseason one of the best in recent memory!

    nd take care of Cox next offseason as priority number !

  • No reasonable fan of football and the eagles can possibly be upset with this contract. This literally satisfies both sides of the debate.

    Limited commitment while we see if the guy continues developing. Howie has probably had the best offseason of any GM in recent eagles history.

    • LOL, Howie blamed Demeco, Cooper, Kelly and Marynowitz — and has given everyone else raises.
      Howie better win the division. Anything less gets a Gamble fired or a Marynowitz fired.

      • Sup guys been waiting for this QB deal to be over with finally can move on, the deal is team friendly don’t like the guaranteed but its a QB league and they gonna get paid, with that being said let’s move onto the draft, and free agency,I only want two free agents, Jeff Allen and safety George iiloka, in draft gotta get two olinemen at least, but I don’t want conklin, gotta go bpa, and I think Treadwell will fall to us, and gotta take him there, then draft two olinemen in 3rd,then trade barwin for best deal u can get because he is a luxury at this point, then rest of draft ID go defense since it’s deep defense Wise

        • Also we will save money by cutting Sanchez and trading barwin

  • This is the only Move they had with the 13th pick.
    Prove it to a new coach and be here or we replace him.

    Now a trade back for an OL or DB and a 2

    • I am very open to trading back to recoup that 2nd rounder, and I’d take a Connor cook in second to develop

      • I think a sleeper in 4th Rd would be Sean Davis from MD, big kid who loves to hit and has speed, and he’s very smart, not the best hips but 6 1 and 205 good prospect at future safety spot

        • I’m gonna say this i love Paxton lynch but he’s gonna need at least 3 years to develop, he is super raw but his natural ability is off the charts, plus he has some shoulder problems but nothing major, some floaties

  • Happy to see the Eagles lock up Bradford for 2 more yrs..good move. Now we either trade out of the #13 spot and get an additional pick, or stand pat and take the best player available. OL, QB, DB..whatever works. I’m kinda liking the idea of drafting Elliott if he is available at #13.

    • Dman Elliot is testing great at combine, smart, great interviews, great agility on drills, and his knowledge of the game is impressing a lot of GM’s, but Murray’s contract has us by the balls

  • Sammy sideways signed a very good deal…for him! I never begrudge a man his money, obviously Lurie can afford it and I do trust that Howie I understands the cap. Now I just want him to play his way into the HOF…. That simple…win some fucking games, make your team better, win some fucking games….zero excuses, none! It’s his second huge contract and it’s time to win some games.

    • The only thing I require from Sammy is to get rid of his wizard robe and wear a real jersey, Jesus is the guy requesting them to be tailored this way

  • We cutting Sanchez?

    Now I wanna know who will be playing qb for the Eagles when Sam gets his annual ouchie.

    Winless for Watson!

    • Some retread who is cheaper then buttfumble,

      • But what do you want in draft mhenski no need to keep talking Sammy we know that’s a done deal

        • Trade crack from 13.

          Get a tackle that can play guard for now another guard a center a dt a de a safety. As long as we get 3 oline man I’m cool

  • The silence from Kool can be explained as following

    He working the grave shift
    His flip phone doesn’t have data
    He has no friends to call or text him the news

    • Lol yea 3 olinemen sounds good we need depth but I’ll take two if we sign Jeff allen

    • I agree. No more excuses. If he gets a major injury again it wasn’t meant to be. If he comes out and plays awful after being with the same personnell or 3 years at the end of this deal it’s over. These next 2 season will define his legacy and if he’s the long term answer or not for philly.

      Bottom line is we have to make sure. We can’t keep switching qbs every year like the Browns do. Let the man finally get his shot at age 28 like warner, rich Gannon, Warren moon and a few others did.

      Brady has a better winning percentage In his 30s then 20s. The sky is the limitt for Sam. Let’s get behind our Qb and stop this debate please!! We’re all fans of the same team and we all have one goal!! To fucking win baby!!

      U can’t help but root for someone like Sam. Tearing your ACL twice and coming back man that takes guts. A lot of guys would have just called it quits what does dude won’t take no for answer

      • Well maybe he likes all the money QBs make, either way I’m with the robe wearing down syndrome looking mofo

      • “Let the man finally get his shot at age 28 like warner, rich Gannon, Warren moon and a few others did.”

        Bradford will be 29 next year.

        Warner threw 41 tds in his first year in the NFL.
        Warren Moon won 5 straight Grey Cup championships, twice won the Grey Cup MVP award, Was the CFL’s most outstanding player and was the first professional QB to ever throw for 5000 yards. The only reason he had to come to Canada was because….well…….

        How could you possible compare Sammy Sevens to those 2 hall of famers??

      • CT…you have to take off the rose colored glasses bro

        The Bradford Bashers wont rally around the team…they are bitter and mad

        They will hate on Bradford all season….even if he is successful and plays well…they will try to diminish anything he does

        Some of them was hoping beyond hope that Nick Foles returned, LMAO

        For us real Eagles fans:

        GO EAGLES!

  • Ian Rappaport is reporting that the Eagles had interest in Kirk Cousins and was waiting to see what happened with him before they proceeded with Sam Bradford..translation, the Eagles would have made a move for Cousins, Bradford, option A 2.

    • Sam Bradford is the QB equivalent of going to a bar and paying $14 for a Michelob Ultra because it was the only thing available….

      (Stolen from twitter)

    • Yeah, yeah…sure EHL…throw that rumor in with all of the rest of the rumors, the Nick Foles, Chase Daniels..whoever…

      The Eagles got the guy they wanted…Sam Bradford in a very team friendly deal that works out for both parties.

      Sam gets a chance to further prove himself and push himself up into the top 10 Qb’s for bigger money when the 2 years is up

      The team can now grab some rookie Qb they may like in the third round, see if he develops.

      They can still sign free agents to make key improvements on the offensive line due to the cap space they still have…

      The Players are happy-Twitter is blowing up with players saying ‘YES’ to Sam

      The Coaches are happy that they can implement their system with a smart QB with some talent

      Smart fans are happy because we have something to look forward to…no untested rookie, no Mark Sanchez starting, no Chase Daniels, no Nicky Foles…(sorry Vinniedafoolass!!! LMAO)

      Now lets get O-line help, another good receiver, and safety…

      GO EAGLES!!!

      • Awww what’s wrong kool..unsettling? It was also reported on the NFL network…lol…relax. You got what you wanted. I think?!…two years ! Meanwhile they will draft a QB for the future..which he isn’t.

        • LMAO…its just what I wanted EHL

          Which was the exact opposite of what you wanted!!!


          I was ok with them franchising Bradford at 19 million …what they did was smart

          They guaranteed him 22 million which is more than what he would have gotten to be capped-good for Bradford

          It gives him a chance to prove that he can stay healthy and be a top flight QB…and if he does that we can sign him to a bigger contract…again- good for Bradford

          We can draft a guy in the third round…if he stinks we can take another shot next year with a guy…with Bradford in our back pocket- good for the Team

          We keep the cap room to build players around Bradford make the defense better…good for the Team

          For next year we have the best available QB and instead of watching your guy Chase Daniels-a bum…or Vinniedafool’s guy…Nick Foles-a complete bum ass…we have what I wanted…the best available QB! -great for the team

          Its a Win for everyone except you Bradford haters and bashers!


          • Kool, ya damn right it’s the exact opposite of what I wanted, more 7-9, injuries..ctfu. I wanted Bradfraud gone, but I will have to wait two years IF he does not get injured and plays up to Pederson’s expectations. No shame in my game, I am a bradfraud basher and hater and proud of it and take pleasure in it…just like you were a Manziel and Boyd lover…but you deny them now..at least I stick to my guns!
            Once the season start I will root for my Eagles, but I already know what to expect from Mr. Wide Eyes shut….think about it!

          • Kool.. for the record, I repeatedly said I wanted RG3 to come in for Sham, so, I am not sure where you are getting I wanted Chase Daniels, just making shit up again like when you said I liked the Danny Watkins and MSII pick..lol. When you can’t prove you are right, you lie and make it up. Check the archives archive checker, check the archives.

  • NOw this is over we can talk free agency… I would love to talk draft…but doesnt really make sense till free agency has come and gone. My dream free agency would be Brooks/Allen and Gipson/Branch/iloka

    • U can compare them because they all became great very late in their careers. Kurt was getting cut left and right andirection was bagging groceries

      • Ct for a guy that said “no more excuses” (after using every excuse for SAMs poor performance) you still are making apologetic statements… He’s signed, I and most eagles fans want the guy to lead us to multiple Super Bowls

  • I have no real problem with this deal. Money might be a little high for someone who has achieved as little as Sam, but it’s the best available option at this time. The Eagles have not tied themselves to a mediocre qb for a long period of time, he’s just a stop gap until something better comes along or can be developed. He has two years to prove he deserves a big contract, if he doesn’t play well they move on easily. Fix the O-line, get the running game going, rely on an improved defense, and you can certainly win with a mediocre qb like Bradford. That’s what he is until he proves otherwise, an average mediocre qb! Who else is out there right now? I don’t really see where they had any better options for this year. One thing is for sure, we will know who’s right or wrong about him at the end of this deal. Time will tell!

  • OK. NFL network is reporting this is really a one year deal that the Eagles will be able to easily get out of after this year. (I;ll have to confirm that on Sportrac when they post the cap hit/dead money values in a couple hours).

    So…then fine…Bradford, Daniels, Fitzpatrick…they’re all the same guy. If Howie wants to spend Lurie’s $$ on Bradford rather than a lot less on some other guy who would be able to do the same….well whatever….

    So if its really just a one year deal then we’ll have to endure Ole Slumpy for about 12, maybe 14 games next year rather than 18 over 2 years. That’s not excruciatingly bad.

    That being said, if its all front loaded to ensure the Birds can bail after the season to avoid a dead cap hit…..what does that mean about an extension for Cox?

    • I have no issues with this deal. If he gets hurt or sucks we cut him for $4 million. I have to give howie credit for this one. He semi Deebo’d tom condon! Now all we need to do is trade back into the 20s, recoup that 2nd rd pick and use those first two picks on OL and QB. Unless of course somebody drops that u can’t pass up on.

    • “If Howie wants to spend Lurie’s $$ on Bradford rather than a lot less on some other guy who would be able to do the same….well whatever….”

      LMAO @Vinniedafoolass

      After weeks of desperate postings-demanding, begging and pleading for the Eagles to get rid of Sam Bradford because he didn’t deserve the money…how does Vinniedafoolass try to bail out…

      “If Howie wants to spend Lurie’s $$ on Bradford rather than a lot less on some other guy who would be able to do the same….well whatever….”

      LMAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! You are soooooo laaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!!

      Vinniedafoolass…was anxiously awaiting the 4oclock deadline for the tag…he was overjoyed when the hour passed and no tag was placed on Bradford….he was ready to pounce on here with his joy..he saw the light that would lead him back to his beloved…Nick Foles!

      Only to have the door shut and slammed in his face when the Eagles announced the deal for Bradford had been done!!!!!


      Vinniedafool…once again you are simply an embarrassment..

      The Eagles teased you a bit…made you think they was going to bite for the Foles chesse..and dumped you…spoiled your plan…ruined it for you…

      Now your mancrush may be cut and who would pick that trash up…smh!!

      Like I said to you before Vinnie…Fall back Fool!!!

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  • Sam Bradford’s new two-year contract officially includes $22 million fully guaranteed.
    Initial reports had Bradford bringing home $26 million guaranteed. It’s still a staggering sum for the inconsistent and injury-prone quarterback. Essentially, the 28-year-old quarterback is getting his umpteenth chance to prove himself in 2016.
    Source: Profootballtalk on NBCSports.com

  • Bail out?

    They signed your hero to a one year deal that makes him the 16th paid QB.

    A pathetic one year deal. There was absolutely no market out there for your hero and he had to grovel for this embarrassment.

    16th paid QB on a one year deal. Nice effort Sammy Sevens.

    The only thing that got him this weak deal was his “ist pick!!!” pedigree which often (see: Vick, Mike) blinds morons into believing a guy is good when all evidence shows the opposite.

    A one year deal (no way he’s on the roster next year on this contract at a 24 million cap hit)

    And so that’s all this deal is – a one year deal. Wow. Exciting. Again, I have no idea why they did this because Bradford is good enough to lose a high first round pick, but not good enough to do anything else.

    A one year 22 million dollar deal…..so eagles tossed in another 2.1 million to control his rights the following year so they can trade him off for a 6th rounder to some desperate team as they start the rookie they’re drafting this year.

    Is a sixth round pick worth 2.1 million? Seems a little steep but whatever.

    We get to watch Sammy for 11 or 12 games…win 6 or 7 of them and then see our drafted QB take over in 2017. I dunno…..I just figure they could have done this with a $4 million scrub rather than this bust.

    • LOL….poor Vinnie

      Embarrassed, Bewildered, and Dumb…proved wrong yet once again…

      LMAO…Vinnie you told us:

      “Oh, “officially” they have until March 1st. But symbolically they have until today to announce that he’s the guy they want.
      You know that isn’t going to happen. Perhaps they are still “evaluating”. Perhaps this is still “part of the process”
      If you’re “part of the process”, you’re not part of the process.
      Eagles arent’ tagging him. They’re not interested in making sure he stays. Teams don’t let players they like hit free agency. And by not tagging, that’s where he is headed. And so he’s headed to Houston, or Denver, or whereever else to miss 4 games to injury, sulk around and win 7 games.
      You know it…..so you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”


      Or dont you remember Vinnie when you insisted:

      “Don’t worry. There are only 3 guys on the planet with any interest/optimism about Sam Bradford. Strangely enough, they all seem to post on Gcobb.
      Bradford is already on the next bus outta town.”

      Oh…well maybe what you said today will stimulate your memory a little bit…LOL…how about this great quote here:

      March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
      Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

      “Its 4:30
      Do you know where your franchise tag is?
      Crickets. No deal.
      Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days. (I’m sure he’s already had “nudge nudge wink wink” negotiations already)
      He hasn’t signed the Eagles “upped” offer (if there ever was one) and will test the market and there’s no reason why he would accept an Eagles Deal now before March 7th. What would be the point.
      He must feel great too. The Eagles want him back so much, they reduced the offer they made to him last year by 30%.
      “We love you Sam! You were great over your last 7 games! He’s our new offer….We know you will agree that paying you 14 mill, the lowest of any veteran QB not named Dalton or Fitzpatrick is fair don’t you think? We love you so much, we’re offering you an embarassingly low starter offer! You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less! See how much we think of you Sammy Baby! How could you not sogn. Forget testing the market in 6 days buddy…oh, and don’t forget….this fanbase LOVES you! They are extremely excited of the prospect of you leading the Birds next year. They’re The enthusiasm is ozzing from their pores. Wait till you hear the ovation you get next year! And don’t worry, they will be very very forgiving when toss an early pick and spend the rest of the game throwing 2 yrd curls on 3rd and 8.”
      He’s testing the market now.”


      Its Embarrassing….as usual you missed the boat again Vinniedafoolass!!

      Dumb ass…

      • What boat did I miss?

        The one where your hero, knowing no one in the league wanted signed a pathetic one year deal to be the place holder for the guy the Eagles are about to draft.

        Wow. You must be excited.

        Sam Bradford here on a one-year placeholder deal. Only problem with it is that Bradford is good enough to keep the Eagles out of a high draft pick next year, but not good enough to do anything else.

        Anyway, enjoy the guy’s 12 games next year. I’m sure they’ll be memorable.

        • Vinnie…you always miss the boat and drown in the process!

          LMAO…I know reading gets a little difficult for you when you get upset…

          But your own statements shows where you missed the boat, Fool…like when you say here:

          “You know it…..so you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

          Bradford is still here Fool-Strike 1-…or when you say:
          “Don’t worry. There are only 3 guys on the planet with any interest/optimism about Sam Bradford. Strangely enough, they all seem to post on Gcobb.
          Bradford is already on the next bus outta town.”

          Idiot…Bradford didn’t get on that bus! Strike 2 But the whopper was what you were rambling about in complete ignorance:

          March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
          Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

          “Its 4:30
          Do you know where your franchise tag is?
          Crickets. No deal.
          Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days. (I’m sure he’s already had “nudge nudge wink wink” negotiations already)
          He hasn’t signed the Eagles “upped” offer (if there ever was one) and will test the market and there’s no reason why he would accept an Eagles Deal now before March 7th. What would be the point.
          He must feel great too. The Eagles want him back so much, they reduced the offer they made to him last year by 30%.
          “We love you Sam! You were great over your last 7 games! He’s our new offer….We know you will agree that paying you 14 mill, the lowest of any veteran QB not named Dalton or Fitzpatrick is fair don’t you think? We love you so much, we’re offering you an embarassingly low starter offer! You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less! See how much we think of you Sammy Baby! How could you not sogn”

          The time sequence is a classic, while you were rambling incoherently, spouting off about Bradford not being here…elated at the thought that your mancrush…Nick Foles…would somehow be dragged back here
          ““Daniels, Fitzpatrick, Hoyer….hell even Foles….who cares?”

          LMAO…oh this is a classic…i’d pay money to see the dumb look struck your face when you got the word that the Eagles signed him…right after you typed that dumb gibberish you were rambling about…

          LMAO!!! Swing batta, batta Swing!! Opps!!!!!

          Strike Three you are fucking out Fool!!!

      • Nah.. Still doesn’t beat the time he bet on this site that his obsession Mike Vick wouldn’t beat out Nick Foles in camp or he would never post again. Lol. Always wrong and never true to his word.

  • Just to stir the pot. If Howie can trade Murray for Foles in a move that helps both teams get out from under bad contracts they could then cut Sanchez or trade him for a doughnut and net 3.5 mil back.

    How nice would a Bradford, Foles, Rookie QB stable look for a year. Then cut restructure either, or both Foles and Bradford (wont because he -7-will earn a 5 year deal this year I think)

    • Don’t be stupid!

      • It’s not my theory. It was out in the beginning of Feb.

        I would prefer this to Sanchez ever playing another down.

  • Heath Evans “What Sam can do spinning the football..Kirk can’t”

    Hater turned Supporter. No more Kelly = Increased faith in Bradford.

  • A home team discount ..howie ,had a strong hand ,obviously ,with tepid demand from other teams of need at QB .This is a win win ,it’s not deniable that ,I’ve stated ,he’s not the exciting flavor of the month type of QB ,I’d prefer ,but I do think he had a couple of shackles ,some,more mental than physical.We all know that he had that “rust” period ,the dropped passes ,the usual injury,the Coach who made him into Helen Keller ,and didn’t allow his genius to audible on any plays ..and add in that. His disgruntled roommate D Murray .the soap opera was definitely there ..Where was he going in reality ..San Fran ? Not likely he’d subject himself to that again..Cleveland ..next question .Houston wants to start young ,not at 29 with twice torn ACLs ..They didn’t let another asset walk ,without compensation.Theyd rediculously forfeited a second round pick ,and they did the best they could to make a bad situation better .Now protect the guy ,run the Rock and get him another tried and true receiver who can run past people ..draft the back end and release guys who offer nothing like .Sanchez ,to recoup some money ..The precision of the draft will determine the direction of free agency ..it’s a plan ,being methodically executed vs willy Nilly…that’s a step forward ..ill take it

    • desert it’s really not a ‘home team’ discount…its an extremely fair and balanced deal for both sides..with a guaranteed $22million Bradford does well…with plenty of incentives to even make more. So if Sam plays really well, takes the team to the playoffs….he can earn his way into a long term massive contract. .For the Eagles, it buys them time…there is no pressure to sign a QB high in the draft this year. They can grab a guy in the third round with no pressure, let him develop learn the offense…If Sam is shaky, gets hurt again…they can let the kid compete for a job in 2017…but it gives them time and enables them to position themselves better
      With the guaranteed money spread out over two seasons they leave themselves some cap room to grab a guard in Free Agency…maybe pick up a vet receiver.
      I was for franchising him…they took a better step!

      You put it well here..”it’s a plan ,being methodically executed vs willy Nilly”

      Exactly…which is what I’ve been calling for all along…the team has continuity, the Players are comfortable and like Bradford’s leadership, the New Coach has a smart, experienced Starting Qb that the Players respect and have confidence in…instead of some back up who would not command the respect of the locker room, or some rookie thrown to the wolves. ..

      Good move by the Eagles now lets fix the offensive line, get a safety, and grab a good wide receiver who can catch the ball or maybe someone with a little speed that can stretch the field…

      • Kool. A home team discount is exactly what this is ..As far as duration ,and minimal dollars .Remember a 20 million tag amount was another option.Here they got two years vs one year if the organization ,so chooses.The remaining dollars to spend are critical for SAMs future valuation.Im certain he understands that ,the Eagles could of over reached and done what you ascribed “pay him anything he wants” and he could have been a sitting duck behind a pedestrian line ..His value potentially soars ,going forward ,if he’s indeed protected from harms way.Thats why when we throw phraseology ,like “I don’t care what it costs ” It’s really not the vision the organization has ,or for that matter this QB..If the Murray deal can be done ,bringing back a second , this will be an executive game plan of how to reassemble the titanic,and putting it back on course in a weak NFC east..Much credit will go to howie and Lurie for the conviction of there vision.Sam will have an opportunity to integrate into a run first system ,and a dominant defense and special teams ,and they will have gotten much younger ..pretty good job on the organizational front on paper ..

        • Desert, the 26million guaranteed with a potential for him to make up 36 million over 2 years is hardly a hometown discount…its a little more than fair value for Sam Bradford. Plenty of money over a short period of time, where it benefits the Eagles is that they are not handcuffed to Bradford and if he gets hurt and misses significant time…they are tied to him for years to come:
          Fair deal for both-Bradford gets big bucks and the Eagles are not handcuffed.

          Lets contextualize things properly here…the Eagles had no options, as a fan I dont care how much money the organization spent on Bradford…It doesn’t take much vision to see that getting rid of Bradford at this point was almost assuring that 2016 would be a disaster. All the organization has done is provide some stability, it has given the brand new Coach a fair chance and the team some hope going into 2016.
          But Howie and Lurie do not deserve any great pats on the back just yet…good job in getting the best Quarterback available as opposed to what you and others recommended in of getting “Chase Daniels” or some other stiff to start.
          That would clearly have been a disaster. But before we praise the “great visions of Howie and Lurie–lets see what other talent they bring in to support Bradford. We have to see how they handle this year’s draft. They have to upgrade the talent around Bradford on the Offensive Line and Wide Receiver- this is a critical point. We now have to see some good coaching of the talent they have here…will Agholor pick up his game and give Bradford a decent outside wide receiver? Will they be able to run the ball…they need competent Guards and maybe a new Center!
          I care nothing about the ‘fiscal sanity’ of the organization…if you lose football games and are not making the playoffs-financial stability is irrelevant to me. If they draft a bunch of busts as they have in the past and have a bunch of stiffs on the offensive line who cant protect the Quarterback-Bradford will be either ineffective or hurt again and now you dont look so ‘visionary’.
          They have to skillfully handle the draft and get some key talent around here to give the Quarterback and Coach a fair chance.
          Speaking of the Coach, that’s another reason to hold up on praising Howie and Lurie too much…we have to see that this guy can do the job….can he Coach?
          So Howie and Lurie ‘organizational’ vision means little right now…we will not know that until the season starts

          • So a couple of things here.
            1. This is a good deal for the organization in my eyes as it is not a long term commitment to a guy who has never won anything with an extensive injury history. Yes, he was probably the best QB available, but that is not saying much with this group of FAs and the realistic draft possibilities for them given where they are picking in the draft and the fact that they have no 2nd round pick.
            2. You should care how much money is given to Bradford and the fiscal sanity of the organization. Not the fact that they get so much money, but the fact that he will be getting a large portion of the salary cap number which could make it difficult/impossible to sign other players to fill other needs. Cox, 2 OGs, a safety or CB depending on what they want to do with Rowe, and another outside WR. If they commit money recklessly, then it will be difficult to fill out a roster. Fiscal Sanity, to use your term is pretty important. Though you don’t love Howie (and you are not alone in that sentiment), his role in managing the cap is pretty important. That being said, I don’t want them sitting on huge amounts of money every year unless they have a plan as to where it will be committed in the long run.

            • Bugs. Good concise points,that I made and fly over kools head at times..and Kool..I stated Daniels or …my preference ,a. Home team discount (not a 100 million ) or for that matter a tag and trade ..even making the point if I tag him ,I retain control of his asset. ,vs..letting the door hit him on its. Way out..if he’s on a shorter, deal I’ve factored in his injury ..quotient..All was pragmatically approached by both sides..I’m not anointing Howie and Lurie any platitudes as they created things by blinking , and giving Chip control of the franchise ..that’s on both there resumes as shit poor judgement ..

            • Bugsy, my view was to slap the franchise tag on Bradford. When I say I dont care about the money what I meant was that I didn’t care if they had to overspend to keep Bradford in terms of competing with other teams….in terms of the market. We never got to see what the market would bear…everyone is saying Houston and other teams didn’t have any interest…it may have been a bluff to snatch him up off of the market…turns out the Eagles did overpay a bit but with the short term deal it works out for Bradford and the team.
              It also now obvious that Bradford wanted to be here…so he played his cards right and extracted the best he could get out of the Eagles. Good deal for both parties
              The bottom line that Desert and others consistently miss is that the circumstances for this upcoming year made it extremely important to sign Bradford and not go with Daniels or any other backup…your trying to give the brand new head coach a fighting chance. It was clear from the door that the Coach wanted Bradford, and the Players on the team wanted Bradford.
              Desert and so many others consistently missed that very important point in this process…so while everyone continually talks about “developing” a young QB…the Eagles have not proven that they can draft or develop talent. With Bradford, we have some objective evidence that he can be a very good QB and more importantly his teammates believe in him. Later for what Vinnie, mhenski or other guys think…his teammates see him as a leader and a good QB.
              We have no clue about the unknown, undrafted young guy who could be the next Aaron Rodgers…but the possibility is greater that he would be the next Matt Barkley and then your franchise with all the ‘salary cap management’ turns into the Cleveland Browns…another team that’s not all that bad at managing the cap!
              The Eagles took a good, solid first step….signing Bradford…now we have to see if they can finish the job

              • “The Eagles took a good, solid first step….signing Bradford”..
                How, it’s essentially a one year deal. If Bradford does something he has never done, win 8 games, get to a wild card play off game and win it while staying healthy and playing every game, maybe he will be around for the 2nd year (2017). That contract would be restructured because there is no way the Eagles will take a 23.5 million cap hit in 2017, so either the contract gets restructured or he gets cut. We are Cleveland because we still do not have an answer at QB for the long term. Multiple QB’s since McNabb’s departure and still no concrete answer at that position, that is the Browns….The Philadelphia Browns. Bradford gets a 7th year to try to show his potential and live up to a first round selection. Effectively the Eagles rolling with a stop gap QB, then we will be wondering what is going to happen next year. ZZZZZZZZZ…..Sigh.

              • EHL…its over…your side lost and Sam is the QB of the team…

                Its time for the Bradford-Bashing Crew to face the clear facts that the deal reveals on the Eagles position:

                The bottom line is simple…The Coaches and Players on the team dont accept your view of Sam Bradford and think they can win with him..

                They got rid of Riley Cooper….so they now need to add a solid receiver who can catch the ball, get better coaching, improved play from Agholor, a better offensive line….and then…has Pederson has stated…he believes they can go deep in the playoffs with Sam Bradford….its a two year deal for $36 million with a whopping $26 million guaranteed…
                And due to Bradford’s injury history….the Eagles have wisely left themselves options that also gives Bradford the opportunity to make even more money if he stays healthy and wins. Its a win for the team and a win from Bradford…and a win for the fans who rejected your Nick Foles, Chase Daniels, or some unproven rookie options.
                What is apparent and very obvious is that the two Coaches on the team who were former QB’s and the rest of the Eagles staff didn’t see anything in the draft at the QB position that is worthy of taking a significant risk for as a Franchise QB

                The Eagles actions speak for themselves…

                With the amount of money they have given Sam its obvious that they believe that he is a Franchise QB…they are not impressed with Chase Daniels, Sanchez, Nick Foles, or any of those bums…and they dont see a Franchise QB at 13 that is worthy of the risk. If their evaluation led them to believe that there was a QB that they believed in and could get at 13…(where most project that Lynch will be available)…then they could have simply gotten rid of Bradford and go with Sanchez or get Daniels.

                Its obvious they dont see a Player in the draft that they can get who they are confident can be a Franchise QB…they just dont see it EHL! They are not going against their own evaluation and think like you…’fuck it, we’ll get any rookie to to step in there”…they don’t see anyone worthy of the risk EHL

                So Let it go EHL…its’ over…Bradford is the Eagles Franchise QB and he’s been paid that way! The battle is over and you Bradford Bashers have lost fair and square. Its time to rally around the team and hope some good pick-ups in the draft and free agancy.

              • Jesus Kool can you cut down on writing the chapter books, it should not take that much for you to put forth an argument or express your opinions. Everything you wrote can be written in 2 paragraphs. Seriously by midway through reading your diatribes I get bored, lose interest and move on.

                Kool, yes Sam is the QB for the next year, not the foreseeable future, that is yet to be determined. Did I lose? as long as they did not sign him long term I can survive it I guess, as opposed to you who wanted Sam to be signed to a long term deal with a big contract…did you get that?..Nope..so did you really win? partially..I have never seen a QB get so many prove it to me contracts . As I stated once the season start I will be rooting on the Eagles regardless of who is under center. Did I want Sam back? Nope, is he back? Yep…ok my life goes on and at the end of next season we will see who the real winners and losers are…No Excuses for Sam…I don’t want to hear about receivers, o line, Doug’s scheme etc. If the Eagles win with Sam, I was wrong and great we have a winning team. If we lose with Sam, well it will be no different than last year.
                26 million over 2 years is not whopping, it is 13 mil per year…we will see if Sam can meet the incentives such as getting to the playoffs(first time for everything).
                As it stands now I do not believe in Dam, nor am I a fan, however, as an Eagles fan I will get behind him and the team when the first snap takes place in 2016.

              • EHL.. Kool is self absorbed ,and unfulfilled ,I’d assume in many aspects of his life.It seems important to compensate for these maladies by receiving “confirmation” of his self worth on a fans blog..Sadly he takes out of context mine as well as others statements and bends and distorts them ,to empower his arguments.The bottom line is ,we got a “home team ” discount ,not a six figure wagon hitched to him.lets agree he’s the guy and move on to other reparations,still needed..in the words of Pman…Geez..

              • EHL…I understand….reading is a difficult mental task for you.

                However it was not difficult for me to read your persistent crap that you that you spewed daily about Sam Bradford…boring as hell but not difficult. It was simply the same tired and lame cliches about Quarterbacks, the same foolish understandings about Football and the inability to think outside of the lame cliches and mind-numbing babble that is so often cited here.

                So I understand how embarrassing it must be for you,deserteagle, and a few others to see the Eagles turn right around and reject your persistent whines about Bradford and sign him to a 36 million dollar contract with 26 million guaranteed.
                The reality is that Sam Bradford as I predicted and called for is the QB for the Eagles which is clearly in line with what the Coaches wanted and what the Players wanted…something that none of you and deserteagle wanted to take into account..You all want to drift off in to the land of the unknown…where Chase Daniels, Mark Sanchez or some other bum would be a ‘transitional’ QB to ….who knows…?
                Of course, none of you have any clear notions that would justify such a leap into the realm of the unknown…and since it is so unknown…you are able to cover your ass, fearful of making a call…and when you make a call…like deserteagle did in calling for Chase Daniels to be the QB…you are full of backtracking, flips and turns to disavow any responsibility…

                Yawnnnnn!! Lames

              • Hot air… I would like to defend EHL’s reading ability- he and I have had heated wars but reading is not an issue for him as he does it quite well. You on the other hand have a view of bradford that is almost as blind as your vick view…
                As you know I supported signing sam all the way back to january 15th or so when i first proclaimed it. Reason for me: 1. I don’t care about the money– its not mine and howie is a good accountant as you know. 2. He is a decent BRIDGE qb (Which is what his contract indicates)- as a bridge qb if the stars align he MAY be good enough to take a ride in the playoffs- led by a defense, some breaks and no significant injuries 3. as a BRIDGE qb he is easy to get rid of– getting him was like paying for a medium priced hooker for a long weekend in vegas.
                As for deserts plan and others– they are viable plans- you may not agree, probably because of your man crush on bradford- but they are viable–

              • Koolbreeze…No…your long run on drivel is simply not worth reading…see how I got straight to the point. You harangue the same argument with nothing to back it up with but your wanting to be right. Simply put so you will understand, your constant babbling is nothing but nonsense. Instead of lying about taking your son to the circus and acting as if you have a life, how about learning how to spare everybody with your boring chapters of empty thoughts.
                Hey Kool…how was watching the SB alone and looking to find company on gcobb…lol..how pathetic…loser!

              • Koolbreeze…I have stated who I would bring in and repeatedly stated my plan and not once have I backed off of that. It was made clear five times I would have brought in RG 3 as a cheaper more accomplished alternative to Bradfraud…It is ok Kool..I know you have difficulty with comprehension and phonemic awareness. Go work on your word recognition son!

              • Ho…hum…

                Getting a bit tired and desperate EHL…smh

                When you start riding off of m-thepervertracist-henski lines about me be ‘alone for the Super Bowl…then I’m certain you are running out of gas!

                I totally forgot that you wanted RG3 …but don’t worry…I wont forget as the season goes along…I got you Bradford Bashers all lined up:

                Vinniedafoolass – ‘bring back Nick Foles’

                deserteagle- ‘bring in Chase Daniels’

                EHL-‘lets go for RG3’

                m-pervertracist-henski- ‘get anybody but Sam Bradford’

                Ignorant, Dumb, Stupid, and downright ridiculous moves…to go along with ‘lets draft a Qb…we don’t know if he is any good…but just develop one that can take us to a Super Bowl.

                These past few weeks have been some of the dumbest analysis that I have read since being on GCobb…

                EHL, you have been one of the leaders of the Dumb and Dumber pack…with the incessant drivel about the Eagles getting rid of Bradford. Well it didn’t happen…the Eagles have rejected the Bash-Bradford crowd and signed him to a good deal.

                Fall back EHL…you are shot out…the battle is over…you and your cronies have lost-Bradford is the QB…time to move on…to Free Agency…the Draft…and when the season starts and RG3 is sitting on the bench some…and Bradford is starting and playing well…I be sure to remind you of your fumbling incoherent notions about bring RG3 here!

              • koolbreeze..
                zzzzzzzzzzzz…honestly I did not even read what you wrote, it’s not worthy of my time anymore. I just find you trite and boring…zzzzzz
                it’s like…huh uhh umm, what, what,…what did you say?(as I wipe the coles out of my eyes from the deep sleep your last post put me in)..uhhh….zzzzzzzzz. Who needs ZzzQuil or Unisom when all I have to do is read your redundant ridiculous boring garbage.

    • Desert!! Thank God youre here.. I can’t handle the nonsense. Great post and logical thinking.

  • Kool. You’re way off on what I said..I’m not volleying. Amy longer…on setting priorities Sam was the tallest midget in this weak questions market..and his pay is reflective of that..you are not running the fiscal side of any dialogue ..you need understand this is afans pprerogative but it’s a big business first and firemost..we all hope Sam .given another year away from surgery..given a grass of his family it of personnel can take and make strides..given the history we can only hope ..what the league thinks ..based upon the market or apparent market ..suggests. show me. Than I’ll pay..win .win..

    • Tallest midget? Love it.

    • Desert…stop it…the bottom line was clear…I asked you for a QB to lead the team you said Chase Daniels..sure you had other scenarios…franchising Bradford and trading him to get the pick back …but the bottom line comes down to the guy you wanted under center for next year and that was Chase Daniels….
      As to projections about the money, its all speculation because Bradford didn’t hit the free agent market…maybe a team like Houston was ready to snatch him up for a significant amount…maybe what it comes down to is Bradford wanting to play here, the Eagles wanting him to play here…so they signed him to a Team AND Bradford friendly deal….$36 million with 26 mil guaranteed and its a short make good deal that does not handicap us for the future, nor does it handicap us from signing free agents this year…I’m hearing they still have $18-20 mil under the cap…enough loot to get a guard or wideout in free agency!

  • I’m shocked that we are still debating this… no really… im shocked.

    Eagle- I dont disagree with you that we still need the future QB. We most likely do not have him right now BUT…. what we do have is the ability to let a young QB work on learning the playbook and learning the speed of the game. The team, the coach, the owner and clearly the majority of the fans wanted to see him back for this year. NONE of the rook QB’s should start day 1… none. So lets see if a QB is there to draft at 13 or round 3 or wherever, or… we can use the pick to draft a DB or OT or whatever BPA is there. By doing this… we open up options. THAT is a good thing. I do not expect Bradford to be the next Tom Brady.. but i KNOW he is better than a Nick Foles or Chase D. and THOSE were are only other options.

  • “but i KNOW he is better than a Nick Foles or Chase D. and THOSE were are only other options.”

    What, in Bradford’s pitiful professional history, in his meagre menagerie of pathetic stats, in his tiny sample of winning games, or in his dreadful physical demeanor on the field, has in any way shape or form allowed anyone, anywhere to KNOW that about Sammy Sideways?

    • they know bradturd better than foles and daniels because he has upside and and was drafted 1st overall. lmfao

  • man when this contract up bradford will have earned 113,045,000 THATS AMAZING

    per foxsports he earns:

    1 million per touchdown pass: In six seasons, Bradford has thrown 78 touchdown passes. Based on simple arithmetic, that works out to be $1 million per passing touchdown. By comparison, most quarterbacks make about half that. Peyton Manning has made $248.7 million in his career and has thrown 539 touchdown passes — or $461,469 per touchdown. Tom Brady’s career earnings are $162.8 million, and he’s thrown 428 touchdowns — netting him $380,326 for each score through the air. Heck, Bradford’s teammate, Mark Sanchez has made less per touchdown ($803,982). No quarterback among the top-32 career earners in the NFL makes more money per touchdown than Bradford.

    $3.12 million per win: As noted above, Bradford has won fewer games than every quarterback to start at least 60 games since he came into the league. His career record sits at 25-37-1, netting him slightly more than $3 million per win. Brady has made under $1 million per win in his career, having won 172 regular-season games. That number dips when one includes his 22 postseason victories. Manning has made about $1.34 million per win in his career. Most quarterbacks make just north of $1 million for each victory, which Bradford clearly trumps.

    $56,603 per completion: Every time Bradford has dropped back and completed a pass, he’s earned himself $56,603 — or the amount some people earn in one year. That’s not a bad rate for a guy who’s completed 60.1 percent of his throws in his career. Philip Rivers, by comparison, has made $43,879 per completion. Joe Flacco, by the same token, has made $34,610 per completed pass.

    $1.2 million per start: Bradford has started 63 games, or about 10 per season. Those games, however, have been kind to his bank account. For each time he’s taken the field as a starter, he’s made himself $1.2 million. While that number is on par with most quarterbacks, guys like Alex Smith ($652,686) and Russell Wilson ($529,657) have made significantly less per start.

    $5,277 per passing yard: Bradford’s 14,790 career passing yards are nothing to applaud, given his average of 234.8 yards per game. That number was higher this season (266.1) in Chip Kelly’s offense, but he won’t have the benefit of running that up-tempo offense this season. Instead, he’ll work under head coach Doug Pederson and offensive coordinator Frank Reich. Pederson didn’t have the highest-powered offense last year with the Chiefs, so Bradford’s numbers could dip a bit.

    $6.5 million for every 300-yard game: Bradford has thrown for more than 300 yards 12 times. In 127 starts, Tony Romo has eclipsed 300 yards 46 times, earning $2.6 million for each of those games. Carson Palmer has 43 such games in 159 starts, which comes out to $3.2 million per 300-yard performance.

    Bradford still has plenty of years left in him given the fact that he came into the league in 2010. But he’s going to need to post better numbers in the next few seasons to justify the money he’s been paid. If he remains on the Eagles roster for the next two seasons and makes another $36 million, he’ll have career earnings north of $114 million.

    A playoff appearance or two would certainly help his case, as would a season with 25-plus touchdown passes and more than seven wins — two things he’s never accomplished. Bradford’s book is still being written, but if he never wins a playoff game, it will only affect his legacy, not his bank account. The Eagles are paying him like a franchise quarterback whether they like it.


    • Time to earn your money mr. Sideways… Remember kool proposed a 5 year $100 million contract damn if we extrapolate those numbers… Sammy might be the biggest third in American history

      • Your a lying ass haveablunt

        I never called for a 100 million contract for Bradford

        I simply said that I was willing to franchise him if necessary…

        • He’s actually right Haveacigar. He never said 100 million.

          He said “whatever it takes”

          He woulda gone to 120, 150, hell 200….whatever it took to get his hero in Midnight green.

          Well, he’s got him, though not quite at the dollars he would have tossed out for the 12 games he’s going to suit up for next year, but he’s still got him.

          • Pathetic…Desperate…and so lame…

            The bottom line is the Eagles got it done…they did ‘whatever it took’

            $36 million with $26 million guaranteed…

            That’s what it took Fools!!

            Now we all know your predictions Vinniedafoolass…we knew you had the “inside track-the clear scoop”

            Look at your laser sharp and accurate predictions of what the Eagles would do regarding Sam Bradford-Vinniedafoolass..LMAO!!

            “You know it…..so you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

            Or how about this gem of an insight that you made right before the franchise tag deadline:

            March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
            Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

            “Its 4:30
            Do you know where your franchise tag is?
            Crickets. No deal.
            Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days. (I’m sure he’s already had “nudge nudge wink wink” negotiations already)
            He hasn’t signed the Eagles “upped” offer (if there ever was one) and will test the market and there’s no reason why he would accept an Eagles Deal now before March 7th. What would be the point.
            He must feel great too. The Eagles want him back so much, they reduced the offer they made to him last year by 30%.
            “We love you Sam! You were great over your last 7 games! He’s our new offer….We know you will agree that paying you 14 mill, the lowest of any veteran QB not named Dalton or Fitzpatrick is fair don’t you think? We love you so much, we’re offering you an embarassingly low starter offer! You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less! See how much we think of you Sammy Baby! How could you not sogn”

            Sharp, expert analysis by Vinniedafool!

            Wrong again….the Eagles did ‘whatever it took’…

            I’m right….you were wrong…smh…fall back Vinniedafool…fall back…LMAO!!

        • except for when you said this you idiot!

          “Sign Sam Bradford, Franchise him, sign him to 5years 100 mill, I dont care about how much money or years, he is the best option. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SIGN SAM”

  • It’s 90 and Cactus League baseball has started ,so my apologies ,but any word as to what happened to the chimp yet?is there any way to confirm his well being..it’s a huge void ,not seeing him on here …

    • All is fine here in Boone,NC Deserteagle and other Posters… Just taking some time off to clear my head and more importantly to get some things done around the house.. Completed our Taxes and received our Federal Refunds already, Completed Our FASFA Forms as we have 3 in our Family who will be attending College come Fall.. The Big Project is that we got Hardwood Floors installed on our entire First Floor and they came out fantastic with includes new Vinyl Tile Flooring in both our Bathrooms…and Since I had most of the Rooms cleared out, I decided to Paint the Interior of the House after the floors were installed.. So Far, I’ve Painted the 3 BR’s, both Bathrooms, the Main Hallway and all the Closets…. Now it’s time for the Family,Dining & Kitchen and Foyer Rooms left to do which I am starting on this evening and hope to finish by the next 2 Weekends…

      It’s amazing that you can be gone for a month or so and not really miss much of anything here on GCobb in terms of Eagles Talk… Not many new Articles, of course I did follow the Bradford story and was not surprised with the Signing as the Eagles really didn’t have a lot of options with only QB Sanchez under Contract and the since the Top QB’s in the Draft are going to need some time before leading any Teams to success, the wise move was to re-sign Bradford and I think its a fair Deal for him and the Team moving Forward..
      I followed the Combine and think the Defensive Line, LB’s, DB’s & OL are the Deepest Positions of the Draft while the other Positions are not very strong at all (QB,RB,TE,WR)

      I have some thoughts about the Upcoming Free-Agency Period as we’ve already seen some quality Players Released around the NFL due to Salary Cap Reasons which will increase the Free-Agency pool of Players.. After Free Agency, We’ll be able to have a better understanding of what the Eagles will be looking for come Draft Time but as of now, Its OL,CB,Safety & WR that all need upgrading heading into Free-Agency

      I Hope all are doing well … Go Eagles…

      • Good to hear from you paulman. I thought you were sick…
        Now of course, I’ll be attacking your weak positions next week…but glad to know you are well

      • Pman should we go after your boy John Brown, he is tendered at a low 1.67 mill a yr deal I would pay 5 if not 6 a year for him right now and we don’t lose any picks for him

      • Pman so good to see the chimp lives!I kept looking at the base of the Empire State Building for lil..Kong …seriously ..great to hear Alls well ..welcome back man..

      • pman, those FASFA forms are a handful, I hated filling them out, now I hate paying back my loans. When you get finish painting those rooms you can hook up my basement, I will spring for the pizza and pepsi…lol. Seriously, glad to see you’re ok. Look forward to talking to you about talent as the draft approaches.

      • Jeez Paul….. You had the whole board in a panic. We thought you were under the wheels of a bus, or something…

        Good to see you are back! And just in time to celebrate the signing of Sam (The Man) Bradford.

        I was very much opposed to the idea of signing Sam to a new contract.. But now that it has settled in, I’m going to throw all my support behind our starting QB… I’ll be rooting hard for Sam despite my low expectations.

  • fraudman, i chalked your absence up to your catholic upbringing you giving us up for lent– pretty honorable of your nemesis hac!!! others had you arrested in a male prostitute house, in jail, dead and buried and mrs. paulmans basement- we all google mapped your house and read the Boone obits!
    as for FAFSA– dudes…I paid a financial aid guy $300– he did fafsa, college apps, found scholarships I knew nothing of and set up a great savings plan to pay off college–

    • The return of the chimp ,now completes our front office organization.We need concentrate on safety..I love the dude from west va..and he because of injury will fall .. A late second or 3rd round ,O line upgrades ..a wide out who ,I’m hoping can ,put Matthew and Agholor ,more at ease ,and carry the burden of being a true one..id still like maneuver and be flexible by saving $$ and cutting more dead weight ..and trying to somehow bamboozle a second rounder ,possibly. Houstons for a malcontent in Murray ..send him to Texas ,but don’t ,enable Dallas ..when you think of all the turmoil ,if they can ,accomplish getting still a talent evaluator,and allow howie to do his fiscal thing ,it would be a remarkable metamorphosis in a short period of time ..Hearing the Boone zoo has lines around the block..and selling the “chimp is back” tee shirts ..a boom for the Boone economy

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