• August 15, 2022

Report: Eagles Acquire Wide Receiver Dorial Green-Beckham From Tennessee

Rams Titans FootballWith growing concerns about the wide receiver position, the Philadelphia Eagles have made a move to add some talent to the position.

The Birds have reportedly acquired Tennessee Titans wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham in exchange for reserve offensive lineman Dennis Kelly.

Green-Beckham was selected with the 40th overall pick in last year’s NFL draft. The Titans hoped he would take over the starting job this season, but issues with his work ethic had caused him to fall out of favor with the coaching staff.

Acquiring a guy with Green-Beckham’s upside in exchange for a lineman like Kelly, who couldn’t start on a bad offensive line, is a major steal for the Eagles. Credit Howie Roseman for putting together a low-risk, potentially high reward for a team that desperately needed to find some additional offensive punch.

From a Titans’ perspective, why would they make such a move? I can understand that Green-Beckham had fallen out of favor and they wanted to move on, but if all they could fetch in return was a stiff like Dennis Kelly? Jeez, I would have just let things play out and see if things couldn’t have worked out.

Denny Basens

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  • DGB seems like another huff agholor to me but moving kelly for him is a no brainer. we for sure got the better end of this deal but im not expecting much from him especially with bradturd throwing

    • Yeah, it does have the feel of one of those things that is too good to be true. If the Titans were willing to give him away after just one season for an offensive lineman with no upside, there’s certainly some red flags there.

      But I’m much more excited about him than I am for Agholor or Randle.

  • Hopefully this trade will wake DGB up and help him understand that he can play his way out of the league. Sometimes players need this type of move to make them realize that just because you’re drafted…high in his case, it does not guarantee anything. Perhaps this lights a fire under him. Sometimes players need a change of scenery and a fresh start. It worked wonders for Chris Carter.

    If DGB can get himself to play hard every snap this trade was not only a steal,but, it upgrades the Eagles WR position tremendously…instantaneously.

  • Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 8m8 minutes ago

    The classic “trade for a big WR that has known name and is also controversial to distract people from the Lane Johnson drama” move


  • from Elliot Shorr Parks:

    1. Top recruit: Green-Beckham was the No. 1 player in the entire 2012 recruiting class according to Rivals.com, and was the first wide receiver to be named USA Today Offensive Player of the Year during his high-school career since Andre Hastings in 1989. Green-Beckham caught a total of 75 touchdowns in four seasons in high school.

    2. College: After coming to Missouri with high expectations, Green-Beckham’s college career was a disappointment, as he totaled just 87 catches for 1,278 yards and 17 touchdowns in two seasons.

    3. Off-The-Field: Green-Beckham’s off-the-field issues are the main reason he dropped to the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, and with good reason.

    In 2012, Green-Beckham was arrested, along with two of his teammates, for possession of marijuana. The three were suspended one game, and Green-Beckham entered a guilty plea to a reduced charge of trespassing. The receiver was arrested again in 2014 for possession of marijuana, but it was later found that the drugs belonged to a passenger in the car with Green-Beckham. KID LOVES THEM GREENS!

    4. Dismissed: Green-Beckham was dismissed from the football team in 2014, missing the entire season due to an incident on campus.

    Here is what allegedly happened, per ESPN:

    “An 18-year-old Missouri student said Green-Beckham forced open her apartment door at 2:30 a.m. while trying to see his girlfriend, a friend of the victim.

    The woman said Green-Beckham pushed her down at least four stairs.

    Another roommate told police the 6-foot-6, 225-pound athlete pushed the first woman with two hands to the chest.”

    No charges were pressed as, according to ESPN, “because of reluctant witnesses who fear retaliation and harassment for bringing a criminal complaint.”

    5. NFL: Green-Beckham was drafted by the Titans with the 40th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. He ran a 4.39 40-yard dash, and would have been a first-round pick if not for off-the-field issues.

    Green-Beckham had a productive rookie season, finishing with 32 catches for 549 yards and four touchdowns.

  • I just watched his highlights from last year and was blown away. dude is an animal when he gets the rock, feel bad for corners/safeties trying to hit him… he needs that cannon armed wentz throwing him the rock!

  • I dont get it… i thought all teams lead the league in drops last year. Lol.

    This is a good pickup, hes not fast but is big with good hands. Someone needs to step up in this crowd.

    • Steve..DGB ran a 4.49 40 time at 6’5″ 237. That’s,plenty fast enough with that size.
      Just to give it some perspective…Josh Gordon ran 4.52….

      • of note is the fact that the eagles removed him from their draft board in 2015… considering everything chip did as a gm was idiotic maybe this is good!

        • Agreed

          • Ha, if Chip Kelly scratched him off of his draft board, that’s good enough for me to get excited!

  • Titans have Plenty of WR’s and DGB was struggling this Summer Camp and Coach’s were questioning his Condition and Work Ethic ..
    The Kid has a lot of natural ability with a large Catching Radius, Size and Strength and should be a real good fit for Doug Pederson’s between the Numbers and Intermediate Passing Schemes that he likes to run..
    Think of a younger, bigger Reuben Randle and thats about what you have in DGB.. Looks Great one play and then loses his Focus the next play..

    This could turn out to be a Steal but he has a far way of becoming more consistent and mature as the Football Player before any of this occur’s

    This should also send out a loud and clear message to the Current WR’s on the Eagles who are simply not getting it down… Agholor, Huff, Randle, Givens

    Titans Signed Rishard Matthews, Andre Johnson this Off-Season to Go Along with Veteran Harry Douglass along with Young WR’s Tre McBride, Ben Roberts & Reece Horn that the Titans all feel good about

    New Titans GM Jon Robinson is sending a Strong Message to the Titans Locker Room, Commit to being the Best Player that you can and learn the Playbook and Compete .. Apparently DGB did not fit their Future Plans ..
    Dennis Kelly will be a Back-Up Swing OT which was a position of need for the Titans

    • Overlooked 3 Other Young WR’s the Titans have on their Roster in Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter & Tajae Sharpe to go along with the others above…

      • awesome information paul! where did you find the titans depth chart at? thats pretty sweet information.

        • check this info out!!!!

          Browns CB K’Waun Williams and Jamar Taylor are battling for nickel duties.

  • Cliff, wasn’t DGB one of the guys you wanted the Eagles to take?

    Well..under your boy Howie they got him. We all get to see this talent develop…DGB’s issue is not physical…it’s attitude, desire and character.

    • Yes he was Eagle….

  • Congratulations to Brian Dawkins for being hired full time by the Eagles. Good move by the Eagles!

  • Potentially a great trade. All about the tighter changing his stripes. Dude has been dumped or suspended from 3 teams over the past 4 years. So hopefully he’ll finally “wake up”….(though I must say history says that’s doubtful)…we’ll see.

    Eagles gave up nothing for the guy, so they certainly can’t lose the trade, and there is a chance they could win big, Roseman made the right move here taking the chance on DGB. It a freebie.

  • Tiger

  • On a Side Note — Keep an Eye on NY Giants Rookie WR Sterling Shepard..
    The Kid has looked very good in Summer Camp/Pre-Season thus Far..
    He will probably take the #2 Spot from Victor Cruz, who has never fully recovered from his Injuries, and play Opposite of Odell Beckham for the next
    6-8 Seasons

    • NYGIANTSdotCOM. go there

      • No Need for Me to go there Asshole, I Go and Post what I want and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it …So go learn about some Football and what’s going on around the NFL…
        This Trade was for 2 Players who were not going to make each other’s Current Teams Roster in 2016 .. Your Garbage for My Garbage… Nothing More to it…

        • nice let that north carolina white trash trucker come out paul. its okay be yourself

          when you say learn about football, should i read the headlines and then summarize them here like you do? should i post about useless guys on other teams besides the eagles ? would this qualify as learning? should i always say this guy is getting traded to or signing with his hometown team? should i flip flop on every position i make? should i go to a blog about say the san diego chargers since i watch them play 2-3 times a year like you watch the eagles?

          i need you to show me how i can learn these things, will you teach me? can you tell me where i find all of this meaningful information? I really really really really want to post information on a eagles site about the san francisco 49ers WR competition! help me please!!

          how do you find that information like you did on demarco murray and derrick henry? its very impressive that you found that a week after the game was played. very useful information here. did you just pick your friday newspaper up today while on a nature walk down the driveway?

          • Paul is this how you do it?:

            Dolphins coach Adam Gase said TE Jordan Cameron is going through “growing pains.”
            Despite a great opportunity in an offense which has traditionally favored tight ends, Cameron has had an extremely quiet camp. Gase’s comments suggest issues with the playbook or scheme could be to blame. Coming off a disappointing first season in Miami, Cameron is nothing more than a flier in deep leagues

            Am I learning now?

            Am I supposed to post information like this on gcobb dot com then a dolphins site to or just here?

            • I am reading there is 0% chance Dennis Kelly wouldve been cut but the guy in North Carolina that doesnt even watch Philadelphia sports teams play is telling me he wouldve been cut. I am not sure who I should trust.

            • I could give a Rats Ass on what you think or Henski to be honest …
              If you don’t like what I post, fine, then stop commenting on it, is about all I can say…

              Dennis Kelly was not making Eagles Roster
              DBG was not making the Titans Roster…

              What can’t you comprehend…

              • It’s ok Paul. I know you don’t give a rats ass but I also know you could give a squirrels right eye about what I think. I’ll take your word for it about Dennis kelly considering you’re so plugged into everything Eagles, so much so that you know everything about the team and don’t even have to watch the games.

        • pman you summed it up best. garbage for garbage unless DGB some how decides he wants to be a pro

  • Pre-Season News

    Titans RB DeMarco Murray returns back to his old fine Running ways as he had 6 Carries for 93 Yards in a Quarter of Action with a TD Run of 71 Yards
    Then Top Draft Pick RB Derrick Henry comes in and gains 74 Yards on 10 Carries.. You Put this Tandem with a Mobile QB in Mariota to run a lot of Bootlegs and Misdirection and all of the sudden, the Titans may have some life in the wide-open AFC South…
    The Jaguars are much Improved also..

    • Holy shit Titans are idiots we gave them a turnstile, for dgb, guys this guy’s potential was in Randy Moss territory or Andre Johnson, he has speed and if he gets his mind right this could be the fleece of century. Thns Robinson

  • Agholor and Huff are so frigg’in unskilled it’s a disgrace we drafted these boblers
    with horrible patters running and inability to get off the line,. Ever other NFL team has better receivers than the Birds (dodos)

    • And Howie got his second rd pick from last yr which is dgb is who he wanted to draft anyway

  • Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 20m20 minutes ago

    Green-Beckham has a very close relationship with Nelson Agholor. Also knows Jordan Matthews. #Eagles

  • DGB & Agholor share the same Player Agency — Relatively Sports — which just changed it’s to Independent Sports & Entertainment (ISE) — They were in same Draft Class and worked out together often leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft…

    • yea but what they have for dinner last night? do they wear the same brand of shoes? sativa or indica?

  • It’s funny that tenny a year to late in the Mariotta talks is now a willing trade partner ..The ashes of chip and the black box of his transgressions will be finally wiped clean by the coroner ,after Sam I am ,departs ..when. In sequence we break down the skeletal remnants of the Chip Kelly ear ,it’s stark in contrast to where we are today ,with a new seasons fate awaiting us..we jettisoned and traded and cajoled our way back to square one ..Etch a sketching away the piss poor Desean decision and the planted stories of gang ties ,the acquiring of Sam Bradford for a high second round pick,the dismissing of super bowl guard Mathis ,the relating on retaining another receiver in Jeremy maclin..the trading of shady for a gimp ,causing the signing of Dallas Murray and trying to put a square peg in a round hole..the drafting of Agholor ..adding in the arrogance ,bafoonery and power grab vs howie it’s no small fete to be where we are after this latest. trade …that’s a big heap of trash we hauled and transformational you have to admit they have a prayer of a young franchise QB ,they’ve improved with just the dismissal of Billy Davis ,and a 4/3 scheme that seemingly again puts a round peg in a round hole ,technique wise ..the personnel matches the scheme ..they’re thin where it matters most ,offensively ..upfront ..and that doesn’t allow for pedestrian like manipulation..They have an true need to get that fixed ..but ,otherwise they’re on the imperceptible ascent ..

    • Yeah, yeah…blame it all on Chip…

      if it was oh so easy…

      The only thing that looks noticeably improved maybe the defense…Fletcher Cox is a beast..but can Hicks play in this 4-3? Or will he get hurt again? Do we have depth at linebacker? Do we have the corners?

      The ‘ascent’ assumes that Pederson can Coach…

      I’m not ready to say that yet…they are already making a huge blunder in the development of the QB. The failure to ship Sam Bradford out does nothing but hinder the growth of Wentz who is taking ‘mental’ reps but who greatly needs ‘physical’ reps against NFL competition as opposed to sitting on the bench. Next year when Wentz starts will he be able to handle the pressure, will he be able to handle the blunders that come with playing in his first year?

      The fans will say…”Hey you said the kid needed to sit the bench for a year and that he would be ready”

      Like you said the Offensive Line is thin…will they be even thinner next year with no first round pick…and if the Eagles fall apart this year how nice will it be to see a high first round pick going to Cleveland?

      The possibilities for “descent” is greater than this ‘ascent’ you are talking about desert…As an Eagle fan, in my heart I hope I’m wrong…but my mind is telling me we are in big trouble!!

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