• January 25, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Steelers

wentzWentz, Eagles Shock Steelers To Roll To 3-0

It’s not just the Cleveland Browns or the Chicago Bears anymore.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not only defeated a legitimate contender, but they thoroughly dismantled them.

A 34-3 blowout of the Pittsburgh Steelers has the Eagles sitting in sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

Read that sentence a couple times, and let it really sink in.

Not only are we talking about an Eagles team that is undefeated, but an Eagles team that just routed a Super Bowl Champion head coach and quarterback, one of the most successful and stable franchises in the league.

That’s something to be proud of.

Carson Wentz was spectacular once again, completing 23/31 passes for over 300 yards and two touchdowns, and once again, did not turn the football over at all. Wentz was surgical and efficient. He continues to show great awareness, and seems to be a step ahead of defenses.

Wentz’s best moment came on the team’s first drive of the second half. On the 73-yard touchdown pass to Darren Sproles, Wentz rolled away from pressure, but never took his eyes off of the play downfield. As soon as he had drawn the Steeler defense in tight, he launched the ball and connected perfectly with Sproles for the long score.

Wentz had another really nice moment earlier in the game. Jason Kelce fired yet another bad snap behind Wentz, but he was able to remain calm, picked up the ball, and quickly delivered a strike to Darren Sproles, taking a play that could have been a loss or even a turnover, and turning it into a short gain.

Wentz looks like he’s been in the league for five years. Not a single thing about his performance through three weeks would indicate he’s a rookie.

Pederson And Schwartz Compliment Each Other Perfectly

Once again, the coaching staff has just done a tremendous job.

Doug Pederson has had the Eagles well-prepared and ready to play for each of their opponents thus far. The Eagles’ gameplans have been different and had variety in them week to week. They don’t rely on the same stale plays as Chip Kelly did. This is what an NFL offense should look like.

Meanwhile, Jim Schwartz continues to do a masterful job with the defense. Despite missing Leodis McKelvin in the secondary, to only give up three points to an offense as prolific as the Pittsburgh Steelers is nothing short of remarkable.

The coaching staff is the complete opposite of what we saw in the Kelly era.

When Billy Davis would leave Eric Rowe on an island to fend for himself against Calvin Johnson, Schwartz successfully incorporates rookie Jalen Mills into the gameplan, and the defenses survives without it being much of a liability.

Quick Thoughts


  • Wendell Smallwood took over the backfield today, rushing for 79 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries.
  • Kenjon Barner was also mixed in, with eight touches for 42 yards and a score of his own.
  • Regular starter Ryan Mathews took just two carries, and is apparently dealing with an ankle injury.
  • Darren Sproles went off today for six catches for 128 yards, including the 73-yard score.
  • Brent Celek was used more in the passing game, coming down with three catches for 61 yards.
  • Each week, Dorial Green-Beckham becomes a little more involved in the offense. Today he caught three passes for 33 yards, including a key third-down reception that extended a drive, and nearly came down with his first touchdown of the season.


  • I haven’t been the biggest Brandon Graham fan, but the man has been lights-out this season. Graham picked up another sack today, and has at least one in every game this year.
  • Two sacks for Fletcher Cox, who played his strongest game of the season to date.
  • Rodney McLeod came down with an interception in the second half.
  • Mychal Kendricks was almost completely invisible, recording only one tackle.
  • Ditto for Vinny Curry, who hasn’t made an impact yet this season.

Special Teams

  • If there’s any doubt that the Eagles made the right call keeping Caleb Sturgis as their kicker, Cody Parkey missed three kicks for the Cleveland Browns today.
  • Bennie Logan blocked a field goal in the first quarter that swung momentum the Eagles’ way.

Final Thoughts

The way the Eagles have been playing through weeks, I think its now fair to expect them to win the NFC East.

If 10 wins is enough to win this division, is it not unreasonable to believe that this team can go 7-6 the rest of the way? With the way Carson Wentz has been playing, coupled with the coaching of Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz, the sky’s the limit.

Enjoy the ride.

Denny Basens

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  • E A G L E S…..Eagles. Get healthy, learn playbook (newer guys) and in two weeks avenge last years choke against the lions.

  • What’s the excuse now. 1st it was only Cleveland then it was only Chicago and then we were supposed to be overmatched by Pittsburgh. Please tell me what happened. I’ll tell you, we’re 3-0 that’s what. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a legit football team and we have a franchise qb. E.A.G.L.E.S!!!!!!!

  • 3 words..Wentz, Pederson and Schwartz. These 3 amigos are the reason for why we are 3-0. Wentz reminds me of a young Aaron Rodgers..poised in the pocket like he has been playing in the NFL for years. Now let’s hope Lane Johnson’s appeal goes in his in his favor. Would suck big time if he gets the 10 game suspension..

  • Im not quite sure what the deal is with Vinny Curry but he has not done a thing this year. Just imagine if we get him going the opposite side of Graham. with Cox and Logan up the middle. One more pass rusher and the corners dont have to be great. Dont be surprised if Hicks is moved outside permanently and Tulloch (the thumper) takes over inside. Kendricks is being fased out.

  • We have a 4 year window with a QB making peanuts starting now to load up to dominate while Wentz is on his rookie contract. Add playmakers at CB or WR. next offseason. Seattle, Baltimore, GB all won there SB before they had to pay there QBs.

    • Completely agree here. Must win before the $100 million QB contract criples the cap.

      • I believe that the eagles and Wentz will have one of those relationships that make it workable– a la brady, flacco– not like Breeze… anyway thats my hope.

  • It’s friggin’ hilarious…….suddenly the Stillers aren’t so good now that the Eagles manhandled them.

  • What the defense is doing here is remarkable.

    Pittsburgh was #3 in total offence last year, and #4 in scoring offence. Elite.

    This year Pitt dropped 38 on Washinton and 24 on Cinci.

    They come in to Philly and muster 3?????? Wow.

    I(‘ll temper the enthusiasm a bit knowing it was a bit of a donut game for the Steelers going out of conference after their big win over Cinci and before a big Sunday nighter against KC….but still.

    8 carries for 21 yards?? 54% passing with an int?? 3 points?? That’s crazy.

    • Stephen a Smith is pissing me off he is saying the Steelers didn’t show up, how bout we fucked them so bad they couldn’t show up

      • The Steelers showed up and got their ass whupped. Stephen A. is a Steelers fan and was hyping them up Friday. He’s in save face mode. I will watch First Take when I get home. Smith needs to simply give the Eagles their props, get over it and move on. That’s ok, let the doubters doubt and the haters hate. As long as we Eagles fans know..nothing else matters and no one else counts!

        • There is no doubt that before the game the eagles were the dog- they stood toe to toe with a team that is in the top 4 vegas odds to make the super bowl, they punched them in the mouth.
          The wentz mania is real– the guy is the real deal– kudos to them for finding him, having balls to get him– we have a future, actually the future might be now.

        • Given the fact that this team was always prepared for there opportunity in games one .through three ,they clearly,wont now be taken lightly and sneak up on anyone.This lofty perch these birds now occupy,hasnt been part of the narrative in a long while..we as fans,myself included,need understand ,others dismissive attempts to undermine our aspirations are ….jealous..we have organizationally watched the jock counter,recognize,his priorities and had willing partners drop the future of the franchise in his lap..we all can agree after a month of football that we have a once in a young franchise opportunity to kick in the door …and as hard as it may be,stay at the top of the league for a decade..or more..tomorrow I turn 64,and I feel blessed …

  • 4th Q


    God, how great is it to have the 3rd straight boring grind it out 4th Q????

  • Stephen a is a dumbass, ehl he is going off on Ryan Clark because Ryan believes it was more great eagles then bad Steelers, that tells u he knows nothing about football, ehl why do u want ts to be on the wagon, she clearly has agenda comparing Wentz to likes of tannehill and rg3 which is stupid because Wentz is more like a rod and luck combined when he reads defenses, it’s utter lunacy she is a fraud eagles fan and u know it

    • Z44, I’m not worried about the Wentz band wagon… band wagons are for tepid fans. I know who the real die hard Wentz and Eagles supporters and fans are. I also know who the trolls are. All of the I have to wait and see nonsense is just people being nervous and trying to play it safe or trolling. Either you’re with Wentz and the Eagles or you’re not. I know where I stand, and it’s well documented in the archives!

      • I just hate phony fans man and TS never commits to anything just stays in the I never said that department, but she doesn’t have to because we as real eagles fans see right through her bs, I’m well documented for getting on Vinnie for his pass agendas so I will do the same with ts, I’m a die hard eagles fan, and I’ve been critical of team in past, and given props when they did great, but never acted like a half in fan like ts , it just pisses me off to see fake eagles fans

    • I made it clear that I believe this youngster is the real deal. But I also can respect another fan/poster’s right to temper their enthusiasm while a very young season plays itself out. Not going all in on Wentzmania is reasonable considering how easy and often this fanbase will fall in and out of love with a player. I call bullshyt on placing qualifiers on TS’s loyalty to the team. Some of you have watched a small cabal of poster’s shyt on certain qbs; constantly spam the bard with antagonistic statements about certain “types” of qbs etc etc. TS is guilty for noy following the herd and having the balls (sorry TS) to call out bullshyt that has been prevalent on this site for awhile. There’s no one type of fan.

  • after 3 games Howie is executive of the year –
    in hindsight can you believe Fletcher Cox just played 3 consecutive years as a 5 technique shield so bad inside linebackers could make plays (Ryans, Kendricks, Kiko, Acho and Casey Matthews) ? That is like telling Shaquille O’Neal to set picks all game so Scott Skilles can shoot.

    • E0S, that buddy is a great point, sometimes it’s that simple.

    • I agree, good point.

  • Next test for Wentz is life without Lane Johnson at Right Tackle

    • Johnson has played really well this year and will be missed– i’m trying to look at it like its an injury and next man up– will change some dynamics for sure- universally, people are saying johnson is our best OL right now and the OL has been very good…so next man up.

  • No doubt that this team and fanbase have been here before, 3-0 and getting a ton of praise from the media and the bandwagon getting full. Just a couple of years ago Chip had the team at 3-0, but there is a big difference…..hell, we even beat the Patriots last year, so it isn’t even beating an elite team.

    The difference is that we have a new set of coaches (Pederson, Schwartz, Reich, Fipp) who are providing sound and inventive game plans that are putting these players in positions to make plays (sorry, I regressed to Reid-speak). We have a rookie QB who is about as grounded a person as I have seen in many years. He has mentors on this coaching staff that are helping groom him, and he appears driven to be great. Even at his young age, the leadership pours out of him naturally.

    This is something different Bird fans. Are we SB bound…well the true Eagles fan in me will not let me go there, and no doubt there will be bumps in the road, but we have got something special here. We have something that we can build around. Waiting 2 weeks until the next game sucks, but it is great to have that feeling on game day that something special will happen. Players making plays on both sides of the ball…..GO BIRDS!!!!!

  • Well said Greenfan. This time it passes the eye test for me, from QB to coachin staff. There are no gimmicks this time, I’m watching our guys mentally and physically beat the guy in front of them and really, that’s all football really is. Is this team SB bound? Not likely, but certainly I’m comfortable saying we’re in the playoff hunt this year and in contention for the title going forward. It’s finally fun again.

  • Funny how Mcnabb stated that the Eagles made a huge mistake by mortgaging the future to move up in the draft to take Wentz..how are you feeling about that now buddy? Lol

    • Dman, there were plenty of pundits and fans alike (myself being one of them), who either felt it was an outright reach or were very leary of the pick. We can all rejoice in the fact that we have what appears to be the next Rogers on our team. But lets not be silly and pretend that moving up that far by mortgaging current and future picks have this outstanding track record. It doesn’t.










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    • Love your post henski gets me excited everytime

    • You mean he’s not Blake Bortles???? too funny!

      • This is conclusive..the taj boyd debate has ended…

  • For the first time in along time… I felt really good getting up and coming into work this morning. Living in Wash.D.C. now that’s all these clowns down here are talking about is the eagles rout over Pitt. It feels really good……..

    • Yo summup I live here too man 15 mins away from FedEx field they now we are hands down better already talking wild card

  • My only concern is there was a certain amount of giddiness in chips first year. It was fresh, it was new, it was fast and it got us ramped– I bought in… i didn’t like the hire but then it took off and was electric–
    I really feel like this is different, this is built on solid fundamentals and a potentially out of this world QB.

    • Because what were witnessing is based on sound eye test and proven football fundamentals and not smoke and mirrors and used car fast talk like you got from Kelly. Wentz’s obvious talent COMPLIMENTS excellent coaching from Pederson. The Shady’s, Djaxs and Maclin were talents that masked Chip’s bs culture and system. It’s simple, we eagle fans love bumping our gums about how real, tough, and knowledgeable we are, but fail to recognize gullible we can be as well. We looked like a bunch of suckers falling all over LLCB.

      • Not me

        • True that Big. You were one of the first to call bs on Kelly. Far too many on this site liked him when his actions shipped out a player they didn’t like or started a qb they all anointed as the second coming of Montana. Was it you that coined the term little lying chubby bastard (LLCB)? Either way, many on this site, in the media, and call ins were all Chipped up and he could do no wrong. Meanwhile Doug who actually coached in the NFL was belittled and clowned.

          • LLCB– top 5 line in Gcobb history… without a doubt–
            I predict that kelly and Balke are gone after this year– when you watch Pederson et al with Wentz and understand its a QB league and that you have to develop a QB– A HC has to attach at the hip with a QB and kelly refuses to do so. just look at the longest tenured HC’s in the league its not rocket science.

  • I like the “SLO MO” comment, but for me….it seems like when he has the ball the field looks bigger.

    When I watched Osweiller the other night, the feild looked smaller. Everything was tight. Every WR the ball went through had a guy draped all over him. This is what we have been used to seeing for a long time.

    Everyone…ok, not everyone, but most seem to think that this was because of the shitty WRs not getting separation…and it is to an extent. But as I have said over and over…there is someone “open” on almost every play. But most often, the Qbs don’t make the right read pre-snap, or son’t see the guy post snap.

    Wentz does both. He is clearly making the right reads pre-snap and when the play happens, it just seems like there’s more space out there. Like he’s playing on a frikkin’ CFL field.

    He’s hitting that right guy most of the time. Or he’s throwing that ball right at that moment when the guy is most open.

    And when he doesn’t right away? Well then its a little movement here or there to give those guys that extra 1/2 sec to find some space.

    I keep thinking that at some point these teams will start shoing more false fronts and bait him into making a mistake….but (crossing fingers) it hasn’t happened yet.

    • Vinnie I don’t think it matters what they do anymore he will read it and destroy it, the guy sees everything, he’s unworldly. when he throws his first pick it will be such a sigh of relief, but when he has the ball I don’t think he ever makes the wrong decision, I feel like we have Aaron Rodgers at qb

    • however you describe it he is the type of guy that makes others better…. he can turn good players into HOF players…

  • Some good videos coming out on Eagles twitter of the team. The guys embracing coach post game, coach embracing the guys (notably Jenkins) , Eagles seemed to have a locker room chant like the saints have with Brees. Doug stressing team… after the speech it was 1,23 “family” after

  • although i am a huge eagles fan I dont’ post here very often but man i can’t resist today. A lot of the wentz haters are pretty quite. I know it is only 3 games but this dude looks very good. But as good as he is the coaching is what is really impressing me. I obviously don’t watch other teams like I watch this one but they way they have been including everyone is unreal. I love how no player is featured every game all game. No need to force the ball to one guy. I think the coaching staff has DC’s guessing what is coming. I hope Johnson can somehow escape suspension because the line is working great together. The future looks bright here, lets hope it keeps going!

  • Henski and other sixers trust the process dudes…trouble in paradise, Noel poignantly let it be known someone put together a team with 3 30 minute centers but there aren’t 90 minutes available

    • Don’t care he’s irrelevant to me. Sixers future is

      Joel embiid
      Our lotto pick this year
      Our lotto pick next year

      Noel isn’t worth a piss. It’s his last year here and he knows he’s not getting an extension here so he’s lashing out.

      • And by lotto pick nexT year I mean the lakers. We in the playoffs next year

        • But cmon hac everything’s bright now. No need to hate on a day like today

          • Well, the sixers had their media day in the day after a huge eagles win

  • Eagles are the highest scoring team in the NFL and have allowed the least amount of points.

    • you were watching espn first take

  • Impressive win for the Eagles!!

    I continue to be very impressed by Doug Pederson, and his coaching staff. Wentz is obviously the truth, but a lot of credit has to go to Pederson, and his game planning. The Steelers didn’t know what hit’em.

    • Cliff I know you watch games with only one eye but have you noticed, especially late in the game that Johnson was collapsing the entire left side of the steelers line…and of course graham is making impactful plays now that he’s in a 43

      • Ciggy Graham has always made plays from time to time. What he has never been is consistent game in game out – whether in a 4-3, or a 3-4. He is an energy player who generally wears down towards the end of the season.

        Yes, he has played well, but I still don’t think very highly of him, or Lame

        I saw the play that you are referring to, and you’re exaggerating about him collapsing the entire left side – He isn’t that type of dominating player. That was the running play Wendell Smallwood had the nice run – They all had their men going the opposite direction. Lame didn’t do anything special.

        The entire O-Line as a unit, has been cohesive. Brandon Brooks is on that left side as well, and he his play has been equally impressive.

        The Coaching staff is doing what we could only dream Chip, or Andy could do. This performance yesterday was beautiful.

        Pederson’s play calling, creative formations, and misdirections are things I haven’t seen in Philadelphia ever. No negativity today. Kudos to the entire staff, and roster.

        • No gmcliffe..

          Do not forget that Brandon was switching defensive cordinators very early in his career multiple times.

          He even had a Acl tear and missed some time. He barely had the chance or playing time to play in a 4-3.

          Chip having him drop into coverage a lot was not what he was brought in to do. The 4-3, being healthy and the players around him on that dline has Brandon playing like a fucking maniac.

          Been calling his breakout year for a while now with a lot of other people. It finally happened. He didn’t even play awful
          Last year.

          • CT, his break out has been called out since many on here felt he would lead the league in sacks based upon his sack totals against his snap count. That was wishful thinking – He didn’t come close. Brandon Graham is just okay, and is playing well.

            He is closer to a DE, than a LB, but he is just a guy that’s doing okay right now. Great for the team, but I have never seen Graham dominant, or consistant game in game out, with Chip or Andy.

            • Brandon Graham is playing very good right now. Not just pressure wise, but producing sacks and playing the run….to say he is just playing ok right now is a serious understatement and his stats dispute that claim. If Graham’s just playing okay then Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack are playing poor right now.
              Graham has been inconsistent throughout his career, however there are reasons. Playing in a rotation part time, the defenses and coordinators have been inconsistent, and B. Davis was just a poor coordinator. Graham had no business playing 34 LB, he’s a prototypical 43 DE. Graham’s career has been marred and impacted by injuries, defensive schemes and poor defensive coordination philosophy.
              Right now we are seeing Brandon Graham play up to his potential. He’s averaging a sack per game. So far this season he has caused a fumble, strip and recovered a fumble in last weeks game. We will see if he can keep up his level of play as the season goes forward, but as of right now he’s playing just as well as any 43 defensive end in the league. The question is can he maintain that level of production. Time will tell, but as of now Graham is making meaningful impact plays and has been more consistent than he has been throughout his career. It’s only been 3 games, but you can see the talent and production which has not been bad for just “a guy”.

              • He wont acknowledge that.

              • I can acknowledge that I’ve seen this before from him, and I disagree. I think his potential is minimal at best.

                If you are asking me is he playing well right now??…Yes, but to me overall he is an average football player at best – who you will see give good effort, and play over his head, but will never be consistent enough to be considered one of the better players in the league.

                but, that’s just my opinion. We’ll see if he lives up to your opinion of him.

              • Eagle is it also possible his career hasn’t been what it potentially could have been – at least the potential that some feel he has – because he just isn’t that good of a player???…..

                That’s what I think, and have seen.

              • Cliff..I am curious to see not only graham but others,as they not only transform themselves ,but work in tandem ,with there brethren.I was very vocal of my dislike for bill davis,having seen cardinals players seemingly overnight become egfective under bowles ..were witnessing great communication and coaching.,on all facets of this team. You cant discount a players commitment,when he believes in a schemes and not being pushed in minutes like a rented mule..if you scheme to defeat your opponent,players are energized and flying around..There will be a few players who will emerge as considerations for the pro bowl ,which adreesses an element guys love..more coin..and dont discount the money cox got ,others may want theirs too..

              • I’m not touting him as a HOF player– I’m saying he is a contributing NFL player that does his job pretty well– to you that is a knock against a guy– i don’t think many on here consider him a special player but a good player- a solid player- not a bust, a reach or a dud– a solid nfl player– At his position with the birds rotation 10-12 sacks, some forced fumbles, many hurries, run tackles behind the LOS– he will make those contributions which is excellent.

              • Cliff, we’ll enjoy this season and allow Graham’s play to continue to unfold as this season goes on. At the end we can revisit it.

                I see you like Carson Wentz though!!!

                Stud Franchise QB

              • Silly Silly this cliff is.

                Graham has been desired in trade for FOREVER…. why? Its because he has been misused forever and 4-3 teams know what he can bring. His injury in his rookie year (i believe) slowed him for a while but he is now playing in the kind of D he was made for. I know I dont have a parks and rec degree but it’s clear he is a very good DE. I expect a solid year the rest of the way.

              • I don’t see it as silly at all. I base my opinion on his performance over the course of his career – and for me it’s underwhelming. But, that’s my opinion, and it isn’t going to change.

                Second of all, he has NOT been desired in any trade discussions at all, in fact he was almost allowed to walk before he received his new contract, based upon his underwhelming play, and production – but the Eagles couldn’t attract another DE that was any better.

                There is nothing special about Brandon Graham.

              • Stevo, I don’t have a Parks, and Recreation Degree either, but you don’t need one to see Graham has been nothing short of underwhelming.

                It’s nice that you want to be optimistic,but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong in my opinion. Would you be as anxious to admit you were wrong if he doesn’t have the season you expect??????……

                Most on here probably would. So let’s see how it turns out. I say some things never change. Kudos to his effort these last three games, but I’m not holding my breath it’ll last.

              • In a mock draft article cliff said there are no franchise QBs in last years draft

              • Pull it up Ciggy.

                I believe that was Paulman. I was very high on Jacoby Brissett, – and had been for 2 years before he was drafted, and never wavered, or flip flopped on that.

                I never said that.

              • sorry cliff– i know the lies are tough to keep track of… sorry man
                April 5, 2016 – 10:47 pm
                Profile photo of gmcliff
                I can’t argue with you on that Jeff – There are no franchise QB’s in this draft.

              • And ‘gm’ you also said this…. oops

                It’s not worth it to trade up to get either one of them. They should trade down for more draft picks, and get their developmental QB later in the draft.

              • Sure!!! Unlike you and vinnie and others, I have no problem admitting when Im wrong. I expect like 8-12 sacks this year from him and will admit if im wrong.

              • That’s not a lie Ciggy. I just didn’t recall saying that. I was mistaken.
                Most in this draft I saw as developmental QB’s with the potential to be starters – including my guy Brissett

                Are you saying that you knew there were franchise QB’s in this draft???

                ….or is this a case of hindsight being 20/20, and you pretending that you could see Wentz’s advancement – and claiming you’re smarter than you really are??

                and Stevo, that’s good – because I will see to it that you’re reminded….

              • I don’t know about cigar, but I said there were two franchise QB’s in this draft, both Goff and Wentz. I still believe Goff will be once he gets his mind right…gotta catch up to the speed of the game and pro offense.

                However, I nailed Wentz.

              • I do recall you did do that Eagle.

                But Most of the so called experts also felt these QB’s needed some time – Some had the talent, but they didn’t think they were ready day 1.

                So no one can say they really knew this for sure.

              • Nope, never said that gm fake …. I have said from day one that the amount of film, games a person would have to watch to evaluate hundreds of college players is impossible. I can’t do it and neither can you. At draft time I always say I hope the professionals for the eagles pick the right players. I do read some of the same online scouting reports which I assume you do since you don’t watch much.
                I point out your contradiction because it’s what you do. You make things up, act pompous and I think in your version of reality think that you really think you are qualified to be a GM…. It’s delusional and I like to point that out.

              • But in reality you haven’t pointed anything out.

                I’m still very much qualified – whether you feel so or not, and I know more about the evaluation process than you do – like it or not, believe it or not.

                I don’t feel inferior just because Haveacigar says so – LOL!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??

                You have plenty of players I’ve evaluated that have been more successful; a lot of them Pro Bowlers – There is nothing you can do to change that. So carry on if you must.

                That’s fine – who cares – Just as long as you, and I know while you rant, and criticize everyone else’s opinions, and comments that YOU don’t have any legitimate insight of your own for others to criticize – and you’re real careful not to put yourself out there.

                – No problem, what else would you expect from a coward???

              • DesertEagle, don’t get me wrong. I’m not minimizing the success of the TEAM. I’m just rejecting the notion that one player is playing above the level of everyone else on the team.

                The only players I see playing close to a Pro Bowl level on the Eagles are: Wentz. M.Jenkins, and Fletcher Cox……everyone else is contributing nicely to their position core.

                I’m very excited about the progress of the team.

              • Cliff I offer opinions daily.
                Right you know about evaluation from your masters in recreation and sports management… The one where I published the course catalog and it was strongly focused on the recreation part. There were no talent eval courses. At a from the official course catalog….
                You continue to lie and embellish….you continue to demonstrate an inability to distinguish between reality and the reality in your little head.

              • Stop “gm” ( wink wink) cliff everyone who has watched a minute of the eagles would include Graham and Johnson on that list without question… Your weird reality kills you

              • I didn’t think either QB was franchise QB material but I did think Wentz was better than Goff. You dudes on here except EHL who had nothing but good things to say about Wentz are delusional. Let’s just hope this kid keeps it up, he looks the role and so far nothing has phased him. I’m more shocked at the defense than I am at Wentz.

              • It was already proven too you before that wasn’t the entire course catalog.

                You yourself saw what was the course objective was and it mentioned Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Sports Law, but ironically, that wasn’t a part of that Parks, and recreation curriculum – I wonder why??

                You’ve gone on a tanget talking garbage having no real accurate facts – and I have laughed as I’ve polished my framed degrees – if you want the full pedigree order it from the school.

                Why would I care what havacigar thought, or says???

                You post everyday, but I’m still waiting for some real insight other than you trying to undermine another posters opinions. Dude, believe me when I tell you that I am not sweating ANYTHING that you say….LOL!!

              • I do not think highly of the overall talents of Brandon Graham, and Lame Johnson, and that doesn’t make me a fool because you do.

                Lame has been cheating to be just average, and been caught twice. Is he as good as you think or is it the drugs??

                Graham has never been anything except what he is – a very energetic player, who makes a play from time to time – but is nothing special

                If you feel that way – your welcome to your opinion – but I don’t have to feel that way to be educated in talent evaluation – If you ask me, that makes you the fool.

  • Need more out of Barwin and Curry to compliment Graham. Curry recieved a big contract to rush the passer and has been invisible and his snap counts have been reduced and Barwin is a nice guy but IMO isnt a pass rushing DE,

    • The entire eagles line is more comfortable with the 43 except Barwin– he is a 34 OLB… He has put some pressure on and has worked well in some combo stunts but he is now the fish out of water the way cox, graham and curry were for the last few years- it will be barwins last year with the eagles and he will find a decent home in a 34.

      • Time to give Malcolm Jenkins his props. He is a stud and is playing as well as Dawkins. He is all over the field and if he could catch he would be the best safety in the league right now.

  • This is something we have never had here in Philly. A true franchise QB. We have had Franchise like QB’s, but they weren’t consensus guys. This kid will own the Eagles record book when he is done. I know it sounds like I am going overboard, but I truly see greatness in this kid. It’s like when you date a beautiful girl and then break up and date another one. Great gals and they make life fun. Then one day you see the ONE and you know it. She’s the one lol. Best analogy I could make. Plus this D is an EAGLES D, not that Billy Davis P*SSY D. Marion, Buddy, Bud and Jimmy would love this defense….This is a Defense that we can be proud of and Love.

  • Just watched Ike Reese talk thru several defensive plays against bug Ben …. D ends barwin and graham had such good outside pressure forcing Ben to step up and many times it was right to cox and Logan… Schwartz defense is based on tandem rush schemes… Very interesting.

  • So cliff wont give Graham any props but Olineman will.. [Gilbert] gave me a nice compliment after the game and just told me, ‘We’ll see you guys in the Super Bowl because ain’t nobody gonna be able to block ya’ll,’” Graham told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show. “It was kinda cool. It was kinda cool.” you are a fool parks and reck… a fool.

    • Gilbert was speaking about the Eagles Defensive Line as a whole – not Graham individually.

      I don’t see things through rose colored glasses Stevo – fools do. That comes from having a pedigree in Sports Management not Parks, and Recreation or havacigarism.

      • Cliff can you please stop with your made up degree. you told like 5 different stories about it. you dont the year you graduated, they didnt offer that degree on line at that time AND STILL DONT TODAY. just stop lying and stop hating on eagles players.

        bottom line is through 3 weeks graham is getting it the fuck done. EVERYTHING ELSE IS IRRELEVANT, hopefully it continues

        • you dont know the year…

          • 2003 Bachelor of Science, and Masters in 2006
            PhD in 2009 from Concordia Chicago – all online – which they offer today.

            I never graduated from University of Illinois – but was an enrolled student for a semester, and a half.

            Can we move on and talk sports?

        • You’re welcomed to believe what you want to believe as well Big Mhenski. I have nothing to prove to any of you. I know what I have accomplished.

          So if you think that – okay – Let’s talk sports, and see if the majority of what I say, about these prospects is correct, or not, – and if you guys know any better.

          Graham is playing okay – but it’s the effort of the ENTIRE Defense as a whole, and the defensive genius of General Schwartz that is kicking tail.

          I watched the Steelers game 5 times – I loved it
          But I also saw Graham put on his tail as many times as he made plays – But I guarantee you didn’t see it.

          • cliff its evident that you don’t really understand the game– as i pointed out earlier there is a plan for the line– who gets credited with a sack is immaterial– it is a group tactic– you are the only one on the planet (although you really aren’t of this planet) that doesn’t see the level of grahams play.

            • Graham is a moot issue to me. If that’s important to you than that’s your problem.

              My opinion of him doesn’t say I’m dumb, or out of touch with what an NFL Player is – He is playing okay, and the team is playing great. I could care less about Brandon Graham individually; He’s an average player overall at best.

            • LOL!! You haven’t pointed out anything except you are on Grahams jock, and I’m not – so to you that means I don’t understand football?? – You’re an idiot.

          • yea i dont believe you for a second but i dont really care either. just stop talking about it and i will

            im cool with talkin sports man you the one that always trying to talk about yourself… lets do it

          • “Graham is playing okay – but it’s the effort of the ENTIRE Defense as a whole, and the defensive genius of General Schwartz that is kicking tail. ”


            • well said henski– Cox and Jenkins are in the running for all-pro — 2 on defense with everyone else doing their job very well and thats the ticket– some on here think it takes 11 pro bowlers… it really doesn’t.


  • Ok cliff let’s talk football.

    Your boy josh Gordon just entered rehab about a week before reinstatement. Glad Eagles didn’t trade shit for him

    • Yeah, a shame to here about Josh Gordon.

      But, I doubt if the Eagles would have lost anything if they had traded for him. They likely would have had language in his contract , and any deal that would have protected them in case of a situation like this.

      That being said, I hope he can get himself together. I would still be open to have his talents on this team if he can do a Chris Carter, and change his life, and his attitude for the betterment of himself, and the organization.

      • Hear

  • Josh needs to get his life in order and hopefully checking himself in rehab will be the first step in that journey. I’m thinking he failed another test…or knows he’s about too. His career as a NFL player is not only in jeopardy, but in serious doubt.

    • talent isn’t the only factor in drafting players— josh gordon and johnny football are two prime examples of why the browns are the browns.

      • That’s right Ciggy.

        We have examples like Lame Johnson as well, who have perceived talent, and make choices for themselves, that the organization doesn’t see coming.
        Let’s not ignore, or minimize his two hiccups.

        Talent is the #1 factor in drafting, however the behavior, and attitude of the prospect, can’t be ignored. But, there are some GM’s that will take that chance – some work out, some don’t.

        • I am very critical of johnsonx stupidity

          • Not stupidity – but reality….He is going to be suspended right???

            Was he caught twice?? So is it stupidity on my part, or your refusal to be consistent on yours??

            Like I said, Let’s not ignore, or minimize his two hiccups, and give him a pass, when he himself fits into your analogy.

            • It’s a reality he is stupid….stupid players let their team down, he let the eagles down and they will pay. It’s a universal truth he is their best OL right now and he is out for 10…. It will hurt the team. Josh Gordon I believe has only played 35 games in his career lane Johnson in a year less has played 47 and will play three more this year .

              • Only in your opinion though….

                Josh Gordon, has an illness – addiction to marijuana…no question of his talent.

                Lane is an inferior talent, and needs to cheat to stay average. The opinion of him being the best RT, is mostly local – other areas would beg to differ.

                But what they have in common is they both are one more offense from being banned – staying in line with your analogy of course.

              • Games played is irrelevant. Josh Gordon, has already proven himself of the elite with an inferior QB, and leading the NFL in receiving, and a Pro Bowl Invitation.

                Lame hasn’t led the league in anything except maybe penalties, and hasn’t had a sniff of the Pro Bowl – which his NFL Peers also have a say in – and obviously disagree with you as well.

              • Hates Eagles active players

                Sucks the often suspended always high and drunk loser that never takes the field and continuously lets his teammates , his city and himself down

                Dude cliff root for the birds and stop sucking off this waste of tAlent.

                That’s like sucking off maurice clarett

                Stop u were wrong in wanting Eagles to move a draft pick for this real lame

              • I always root for the Eagles Big Mhenski.

                I’m just always open to improving the team, and never gullible or shortsighted about the overall talent on our roster.

                Josh Gordon, won’t be the only option for the Eagles. AJ Green may be available. Desean Jackson will be available, Calvin Johnson could come out of retirement – who knows, but all of them would add to the arsenal for Wentz.

                So would Joe Thomas, Larry Warford, and the right draft picks on the Offensive Line. I would much rather have Ziggy Ansah than Connor Barwin as well – all for the betterment of the team…..No hating at all. I want to win a SuperBowl.

              • Sucks the often suspended always high and drunk loser that never takes the field and continuously lets his teammates , his city and himself down …

                You mean like Lame Johnson – although he’s delayed his time away from the field through appeals???

              • Mhenski, the draft pick was conditional. Who would go straight up in a trade knowing the potential consequences???

                How do you think that would have hurt the Eagles??

              • Calvin Johnson is not coming out of retirement. And if he did I wouldn’t want him. He’s a dog , checks out too easy and frankly his talents diminished quick in Detroit. He wasn’t their best wr last year.

                Desean ??? God no never coming back. He’s a 1 trick pony and not worth it. No no no. would be nice for wentz to have a speed guy but it ain’t gonna be him.

                Aj green lol. He ain’t going anywhere. He is the bengals

                Alshon I could see but I wouldn’t be thrilled at that. He’s a Brittle wimp

              • games played is not relevant??? what world do you live in???? cuckoo for cocoa puffs… how can a guy help you if he isn’t on the field??? cuckoo

              • It is irrelevant when you’re comparing their overall talent.

                Gordon is an elite player high, than Lame is on, or off the juice….

                You better start thinking about getting Lame some help….

              • I know Calvin Johnson isn’t coming out of retirement – I was just throwing out other options than Josh Gordon.

                But that is laughable that you think the Lions had a better talent at WR – who Golden Tate??…How’s that working out for him this year??….He benefited from all the attention Calvin Johnson received from the defense….How can you not see that??

                DJax is a real option for next year – like it or not

                Who knows with AJ Green?…I didn’t think we could get TO – but we did…

              • Talent means nothing if you don’t show up on Sunday

              • right, and Lame won’t be playing on Sunday for the next 10 games. If he tries to cheat again, he’ll be roommates with Josh….

              • right dipshit…he let the team down…thats established but the funny thing is that even with the 10 game suspension he will play in more games this year then your boy…

              • LOL!!! Good that’s established, but I don’t want to hear you speaking about anyone else until you further establish the point with your boy Lame – for yourself.

                Like I said, Let’s not ignore, or minimize his two hiccups, and be hypocritical, just to give him a pass.

              • fake gm dummy…is this giving him a pass?

                October 2, 2016 – 10:30 am
                Profile photo of haveacigar
                It’s a reality he is stupid….stupid players let their team down, he let the eagles down and they will pay.
                October 3, 2016 – 1:40 pm
                Profile photo of haveacigar
                right dipshit…he let the team down

              • Great, just make sure you’re consistent.

                So, When you mention all these players that have been suspended, and let their teams, and city down, and are not worth a contract because of their history – From now on do not omit Lame Johnson’s name from any of those list.

              • Cliff the difference is simple.

                LaNe is a an EAGLE.

                Gordon is a loser addict that cant get out of his own way. 99% of us root for EAGLES not fantasy arm chair trades

              • Big Mhenski, I don’t see a difference. They both have issues.

                and I can’t emphasize enough, how much I could care less about any reference to me being an armchair GM,

                and I don’t need, or seek anyone’s approval, or otherwise to post my opinions, or trade scenarios. I have very nice conversations with others who choose not to be ignorantly critical.

              • Oh,Big Mhenski thanks for showing me how to put those pictures on my profile.

              • fake ‘gm’ speaking of people you have ‘nice’ discussions with on here where has fraudman gone? he got beaten up pretty badly on here about 10 days ago and went into exile– I checked the obits in the boone paper– no dead chimps…

              • He has his life, and I have mine, and I’m not concerned with havacigar – who isn’t running me anywhere. – Believe that…

              • cliff no problem about the profile pic.. what is that pic? cant see it lol?

            • I agree with you Cliff. It’s not even close in regards to talent between the two. If not for his substance abuse problem, Gordon is considered an ELITE talent at his position, who doesn’t have to apparently cheat to maintain it. Lane is an okay RT who has twice been proven a cheater. And he isn’t the best oline on the team. that distinction still goes to Peters.

              • The only person comparing their talent is cliff…. Gordon is a non-issue because he doesn’t play– he can have all the talent in the world but he isn’t on the field EVER–

              • Brewski, you obviously are someone that doesn’t see things through rose colored glasses, and isn’t partial to any player just because they are on our team.

                Lame Johnson, is a better talent that we have had at the right tackle position for a long time, but he isn’t dominating, or elite by any stretch of the imagination. Some on here exaggerate claiming he’s moving the entire line, when in reality the entire line is pushing the play in that direction – They just need to stop with the exaggerations.

  • 2016 stats
    Fletcher Cox 11 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 FF

    Brandon Graham 8 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 FF, ! FR

    Fletcher Cox is just playing ok…just like Graham

    • Why do yawl even reply back to Cliff he’s never gonna listen to u guys

      • its fun!!!! almost as fun as poking the monkey cage at the boone zoo!

      • LOL!!! Tell them again Z….

  • Here’s more inferior product. Stupid London games.

    What Indy fan wants to get up to watch their team at 8:30am? The product is shit. False starts, unnecessary timeouts, a drive with 5 straight penalties. The colts have dropped 4 wide open passes. Boring as hell.

  • Terrell Pryor is a stud at Wr

    • Redskins are pure shit, Detroit just kiss to Chicago, NFC east is ours easily

    • I am very suprised but I agree with you dag. Pryor is a big receiver, runs good routes and has shown good hands and good body control. I am not sure how long his contract is, but if he is on a one year deal, I would not be suprised to see him get some heavy looks in free agency.

      • Suprised because I didn’t think Pryor would be able to make to transition from QB.

  • Poor Browns. Just can’t hold on. Plucky…but in the end…they’re the Browns.

    I think the Pats just threw the game. They didn’t give a shit.

    Remember pre-draft when idiots like Kooltwit and TS were screaming that there was no QB anywhere close to being as good as Winston and Mariotta….it wasn’t even close they said….I wonder, as Winston tosses his 8th interception his year if they’re as sure of hat statement as they were….combined Winston and Mariotta have 13 ints so far this year….

    They’re showing a hooded Dez Bryant (from pre-game) going to teammate after teammate slapping hands and trying to “pump them up”. Not one of them turn their heads to look at him in the face. I think something’s brewing in Dalas. 🙂

    Go Chip Kelly!! 🙂

    Perhaps people were writing off the Seahawks a little prematurely. 3-1

    Carolina playing poorly in a big game on the road??? Wow. I am really, really, really surprised that happened.

    Anyone think Andy Reid can take the Chiefs into Pitt and win that game?

    I’ll set the over/under on terrible timeouts/coaches challenges at 2.5. I doubt anyone would take the under.

  • Chip Kelly blows as a coach. All of his gimmicks, schemes and methods are stale. He will be out of San Fran in two years due to a lack of leadership, innovation and the ability to truly coach men on the NFL level.

  • I’m a fan of DJax, but, I think we can get our speed guy in the draft. Sometimes you have to move forward instead of looking back to the past for a solution.

    My solution at WR for down field threat is a kid named John Ross III (5’11” 190) reported 4.25 40 time. Washington Huskies. Ross III is a starting WR and does more than get down field. Also plays ST’s. The kid can burn!!!

    • Eagle, I have been very consistent about Corey Davis of Western Michigan 6-3 210 for the last 2 years. He is my #1 choice at WR in the draft.

      Here is my only other prospect – Richie James of Middle Tennessee State 5-10 170 – plays exactly like Antonio Brown. Google him, and watch his highlights Eagle.

      • fake gm…since entering the league in 2012 Gordon has averaged 30 catches a season and less than 3 TD’s per year… get over him fraud.

        • Yawn, you bore me Ciggy….

          Anyone who thinks that Gordon is inferior in talent to Lame is an outright idiot – no matter what irrelevant stat he comes up with.

          Instead of wasting your time boring me by attacking everything I say with some stupid line of reasoning of yours – Bring to the table some prospects you like, that you think the Eagles could use, post your love for Graham, and Lame, or just shut up all together – until you have something of value to add to the conversation.

          • what good is gordons ‘talent’…he never plays! EVER…i never compared their talent….please find where i did mr. delusional…
            oh just googled jaylens birth father…. article about how his dad the pro boxer passed on his athletic and size genes… no mention of wackadoo.

            • Once again you sideswiped the point, and I never expect you to address any request for you to show us what you really know…..because you, and I both know your all talk.

              I’m done talking about my kids – But you are welcomed to continue to hate.

  • Cliff you going to Boston tomorrow or nah?

    • No Big Mhenski

    • But there is the picture of myself, and Jaylen at the draft. I have backstage photos with he, and his girlfriend as well…really had a good time.

      • damn you best be court side when they in philly, preferably with your model daughter !

        Curious so who was all at the draft table with you guys draft night?

        • My model daughter lives in Miami.

          I’ll be courtside a lot of games – My wife, my little kids, and possibly my grandkids.

          • I would think a model could afford to come see her brother / step brother play in philly with their dad but who knows.

            Anyways. Who was at jaylens draft table draft night?

            • Sure , absolutely Big Mhenski, if she had time, and her schedule allowed her to. I myself won’t be able to go to every game played in Philly, or Boston.

              To answer your question – Myself, his mother, step Father, 2 brothers from his step father, Isaiah Thomas, his grandfather, and his aunt.

            • and his girlfriend

              • Cliff all is forgiven if u get me decent tix for Celtics Knicks at Madison square

              • What’s forgiven!!??

                I give less than a darn about what you think, or say Ciggy, and you, and E0S, HAVE BEEN WRONG for years about a lot of non sense you’ve spewed. So what do I need to be forgiven by you for??

                I look forward to hanging, with Bigelion, Paulman, DCar, Eaglehaslanded, RealTalk, PDiddy, IrishEagle, Daggolden, and Greenfan in the future; The more insightful posters on GCobb.com……

  • Nigel Bradham arrested on weapons charges…. ugh.. misdemeanor but still why the hell??????
    go hunting with carson…. guns are fine as long as you do it legally there is no hunting in downtown miami

  • gcobb used to have phils articles….no more…. with it being a bye week I just wanted to revisit the ryan howard era…. guy was a dynamic player– just awesome. jimmy was the straw that stirred the drink but 6 was the drink… I was there the night he blew out his achilles, besides the loss it was crushing to him and the organization– people/critics absolutely under value or appreciate what he was like in the middle of that line up– for years you didn’t leave the tv or your seat at the stadium when he was due up.
    great career cut short by a devastating injury– he was an incredible player.

  • Just watched quite a bit of the All 22 against the Steelers- the OL is playing great, the play design is equally as great, the eagles are giving a number of different looks but are able to run any play out of each (unlike the LLCB)– Celek is a 6th OL when he needs to be and invaluable. As for you guys saying peters is still their best lineman…. I think if you watched the tape you may not be saying that. He is still a very good player but he is noticeably a step slower- getting away from the uptempo has helped for sure but …

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