• July 4, 2022

Thoughts On The Eagles’ Day 3 Picks

Mack Hollins

After going all defense on the first two days of the draft, the Eagles kicked off the final day by adding a weapon to Carson Wentz’s offense.

Hollins has a great combination of size and speed. At 6-4, he’s got a chance to grow into a big-time deep threat. I think there’s a chance he could develop into a legitimate starting receiver, but in the short-term he’s going to add another layer to the offense and help out on special teams.

Hollins’ selection (along with fifth-rounder Shelton Gibson) puts disappointing Nelson Agholor and Dorial-Green Beckham on notice, if they weren’t already. The Eagles may only keep five receivers, and with Alshon Jeffrey, Torrey Smith, and Jordan Matthews locks to fill the top three spots, there’s a great deal of competition for those remaining two positions.

Donnel Pumphrey

Well, the Eagles finally addressed the running back position. And they did it with a guy that probably isn’t good enough to be a featured back, and instead is yet another complimentary piece.

Nothing against Pumphrey, who I’m sure will be a fine player. But the Eagles just don’t have that three-down back on the roster, and at this point I don’t know where that guy is going to come from.

Shelton Gibson

Another speedy receiver, but more in the mold of a Taylor Gabriel, Tyreek Hill type player, which creates some exciting possibilities for the offense.

I see this guy coming in and replacing what Josh Huff was to this offense before his release during the season. He’ll run a good deal of gadget plays, jet sweeps, and hopefully give the team a spark off of the bench.

Nate Gerry

Hopefully this guy can play. The Eagles desperately need to move on from Jaylen Watkins as their third safety.

Elijah Qualls

Big body for the defensive line, he’ll get a shot to make the roster. The Eagles plucked Beau Allen out of the seventh round a couple of years ago, maybe Qualls can be their next gem.


Denny Basens

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  • Nate Gerry is going to convert to LB ..
    With all the Safeties and LB’s out there, I’m not sure why you try to convert a Player to a new Position which rarely works..
    Gerry weight 213lbs and will need to add 10-15lbs before he can compete and pay against NFL OL & Blockers
    He’s very instinctive, smart and a good physical player who lacks the athleticism and cover skills to play Safety at the NFL level but is strong down in the box and close to the line of scrimmage
    I think they believe with conditioning, added weight & strength and Time that he can become a Joker Type of LB, be a spy on scrambling QB’s,maybe blitz a little and play Special Teams.. I see him as a practice Squad Player and then maybe replaces Chris Maragos on the 53 Man Roster in 2018

  • Buffalo Bills announce the Termination of the GM Doug Whaley which was expected as Sean McDermott has been running the Show since he was hired while Whaley has not appeared in Public sinior the Senior Bowl
    McDermott will now have major imput with the Owners about who the next GM will be and I would assume it will be someone that McDermott has worked with or knows well.. Could Tom Gamble re-surface once again? Ryan Grigson ? Though both left the game with their Reputations questioned .. Would Ron Jaworksi be interested as he has ties to upstate NY but has so many Business and community interests in Philadelphia as well as his NFL/ESPN Jobs .. I could see McDermott reaching out to Jaws for advice or a list of quality Candidates .. there could be someone currently working at NovaCare that the Bills pursue…
    The Bills had a real nice Start of their Draft with their first 3 Picks
    CB Tre’Davious White , WR Zay Jones, OL Dion Dawkins area all Solid Players with upside, starting potential from Day 1 and high character, tough& smart guys that can help turn their Franchise losing culture around..


    • We are the ping ball champions, we are the ping pong ball champions of the world!
      It’s what we strive for

  • The Eagles should look into 2 deals for Kendricks

    Kendricks for Jeremy hill or

    Kendricks for Calvin Pryor

    • I see no Team taking on the remaining 3 Years of Kendrick’s Contract which is
      $6.5 Million for 2017, $7.5 Million in 2018 and then $8.5 Million in 2019
      ($22.5 Million Total). It’s one thing for aTeam to take on a Player’s Bad Contract for 1 Year but I highly doubt that any Team is going to take Kendrick’s Current for what he’s owed over the next 3 Years unless he’s willing to re-do his Deal
      Kebricks Dead $$ is $4.8 Million for 2017 and then Drops to $2 Million in 2018 so they will likely used him as their June 1st Designate Veteran Release where they can spread out his Dead $$$ over 2 Years
      If not, then they will have to suck it up and keep him around for the 2017 Season and then release after the Seaon where the dead $$$ hit is only $2 Million

      • About the only Chance is if some Teams incur major injuries with their own LB’s
        Causing a real need where Teams would call on Kendrick’s availability ..


    • DGB, Treggs and Paul Turner are all gone. The only thing saving Aghalor is the cap hit.
      Look for Mack Hollins to put on a show when he learns the play book and get some coaching to extend his route tree. Diamond in the rough receiver and special teams ace.

      • I hope so. Im ready for assholor to go

  • There should be some real good Competition
    One thing to take Note that all the Eagles Receivers will actually have a real WR Coach who can help Teach and Coach up some of these Players..No Offense to Greg Lewis, but I’m not sure if he knew what he was doing.. Look at his time with the Vikings before coming to the Eagles,
    Corradelle Patters, Jarius Wright, Charles Johnson were talented Receivers out of College that never really Developed under Greg Lewis tenure there
    Then he comes to Philly last Year and again, none of the Eagles Recevies looked improve or confident in their Play.. I’m not blaming Greg Lewis for Agholor,DBG and other Receivers failures last Season for Players have to be accountable too, but i’m not sure they received much help from Lewis .. Now that a real proven WR Coach (Mike Groh) is on board and who has a Track Record of Success and Experience should help the entire WR Corps.. But no doubt about it, the holdover Receivers from last Year’s Team have their work cut out for them and will have to really stand out and come ready to Play from Day 1 or they will likely be moving on.. The Hope is that all these Young Receivers can Play well and than maybe Howie can Trade an Agholor/DBG to a WR needy Team for Draft Picks next Year… Teams like the 49ers, Chargers, Bears NY Jets could all use help at WR and of course, who knows about Serious Leg/Knee Injuries to Players that happen around the NFL this Summer that can impact’s Rosters as it happens every Year

    The Early Line on Eagles WR’s (5 WR’s)
    Jeffrey,Smith,Matthews, Agholor & Hollins with Shelton Gibson going to the Practice Squad to Begin the Season
    ( I believe that Agholor has a strong Summer Camp and gains strength,confidence and the game and offense finally slows down for him where he can play loose and fast and let his natural god-given talents take over..at least this is what I hope..)

    I think the Eagles only Keep 5 WR’s on their 53 Man Roster
    (3 QB, 4 RB’s, 5 WR’s, 3 TE & 9-10 OL for 24-25 Players on Offense)

  • When looking at the Eagles Roster, Its scary to see how thin they are at LB
    If they get any Injuries to Hicks or Bradham, they are in deep shit..
    They need to bring in 1-2 LB’s that have some Playing Experience
    but right now for back-ups there is Najee Goode, who is a quality Back-up
    but after him, The Eagles have Kamu Gruiger-Hill (220bs), Joe Walker (236lbs), Don Cherry (240 lbs) and Draft Pick Nathan Gerry (209lbs and who is converting from Safety to LB)

    • Kendricks is here at least another year pman. he stinks but he will play if called upon

      • You’re probably right pdiddy, the Eagles can’t afford to eat $$$ right now and since there is little to no trade makret for Kendricks they may as well play him and hope he has a renewed mind-set and attitude.. Watch the Summer Camp very closely with him and see how much Practice Time he misses…
        If its like usual where he’s sits out 2-3 Days a Week, Shwartz won’t go for that and won’t play him for spite.. If Kendricks shows up and does his job and practices hard then he will Play him.. The thing that really burns my crawl about Kendricks is that he’s a very Talented Players and when he’s motivated and plays well, The Eagles Defense is so much better.. He just doesn’t bring it Week to Week or Game to Game or Season to Season and I hate watching Talent and Skill being wasted by a Player, who is indifferent to his Teammates,Coaches and Fans and is just out there when he wants ot be collecting a Pay Check.. This Schwartz Scheme should fit Kendricks Skill Set like a Glove, but you have to work hard and put the time in and so far, Kendricks has not shown the ability to give a F and do so, in my opinion.. ..

  • All in All, A Nice Job by Howie Roseman,Joe Douglas and the Scouting Dept for Identifying Players with Talent and High Football IQ’s with Hard-Working Ability and who seem to be Good Teammates and Support each other

    So what’s everyone think about Joe Mixon, Did the Eagles indeed remove Mixon from their Draft Board as Howard Eksin reported. They had a chance to Draft #43 but chose to Draft CB Sidney Jones instead, and who the Eaglesknow many for half to most or even all of 2017.. Maybe the Eagles would have made a move for Mixon if he continued to Drop ? Maybe CB Sidney Jones was just too enticing to not Take at #43, Maybe the RB Position was not important enough to address in the early Rounds
    Maybe the Eagles never truly had Joe Mixon im on their Board to begin with… It doesn’t matter now anyways, but it was no surprise or disappointment to me, that they passed on him at #43..

    • Re ; on Sidney Jones should be more like this “and who the Eagles know may not even play for part,half or all of the the 2017 Season based on his recovery from Torn Achilles”..

    • Gibson will get picked up if on practice squad the guy is more of a deep threat then hollins, Gibson is gonna surprise people him and Clement my favorite pick ups

      • I like clement to zilents will see how it turns out

        • Lets see how Gibson Picks up the Play Book and Blocks,etc,etc,
          I like both the West Virginia Players (Douglas and Gibson) and UDFA Center/Guard Orlosky too, who needs to get bigger but can push Wisnewski for the Back-up Center Spot.. He’s Probably a Practice Squad Player too 2017..

          • Paul have you seen Dee?

            • Whose Dee ?

              • Deeeeess nuts

                Hahahaaaa got eeeem

              • Jeez..can’t believe he responded…that’s why I didn’t!

              • Man I’ve been trying to get someone with that for years on here. Ha

  • Crazy as it sounds unless Gibson or Hollins show they can’t play. I think they both make the 53 man. I’m not sure who the odd man out will be, but I don’t think it will be one of them.

  • Unless Gibson can play Special Teams too..
    Its very Difficult to be a #5/#6 WR on a 53 Man Roster and not contribute elsewhere like on Special Teams..
    Gibson must also show that he can handle the Short Routes, Bubble Routes, End-Arounds, etc,etc (Which is basically what Agoholor does)
    is the #6 WR and is basically is going to be in the same Role of Agholor Ball) I like the kid and think he can be a nice player once he learns to do some of these othere things . but carrying a 6 WR on a 53 Man roster to only run the Deep Routes is not a Luxury the Eagles have in 2017
    Also , I want to go on the Record that I hate the Practice Squad Rule Policy in the NFL where another Team can scoop up any other Teams Player’s .. I think a Practice Squad Player should be able to go back and forth between the Active Roster and the Practice Squad for the Team that designates them on their Roster in August..
    In other word, If you are an Eagles Practice Squad Player named in August,then you can only be a member of the Eagles for that Season unless the Team Releases or Cuts You
    The Players spends all OTA’s, Summer Camps, Pre-Season, Knows his Teammates, the System and Coaches and Should remain that Teams “property” until the Season is up.. The Team has invested a lot in that Player as has the Player with that Team.. If they did this and expanded the Practice Squad Teams to 12 Players and allowed those Players to be activated due to injuries, suspensions, family emergencies, etc,etc it would provide a lot more flexibility with Teams Rosters and help groom a lot Young Players to really learn their craft and master a Teams system whereby they would have a better chance of making that Team the following Season

    • Gibson is in the squad book it

      • I don’t see Gibson making it through all 31 other teams to land on the practice squad. They would have to feign injury to and stash him on the pup list. I think he would have to play pretty poorly and Agholor would have to show dramatic improvement for that to happen. I think the last spot will come down to Agholor and Gibson…who also plays ST’s as a returner…or Jordan Matthews would be traded in order to get something for him before he becomes an UFA in 2018.

        • Exactly Eagles Matthews I believe is the odd man out. They will probably trade him for a 4 or 5th round pick. They are going to make it work that Gibson makes the squad. Unless like I said he is horrible in camp

          • Jordan Matthews not going anywhere

  • Gotta think mark Ingram available too

    • Ingram is not going anywhere, coming of a Career Season and in his Prime.
      AP has to prove that he can still even play and contribute and is probably a 8-10 Carry a Game Running Back at this stage of his Career and will be the Back-Up to Ingram..

      • Wouldn’t be so sure of that Peyton has always hated Ingram. They signed AP and drafted kamars. The writing is on the wall for Ingram

        • AP hasn’t played in 2 Years, He’s going to a completely different Offense and Playing with New Teammates,etc,etc.. Can he adjust, sure he can, but at age 32 and with little competitive play over the last couple of Years, he’s definitely not a #1 RB anymore and he won’t be counted as such by Peyton… Kamars will be the Saints 3rd Down Scat/Back-Return Man for 2017 as he learns their System.. by 2018 it will be Ingram/Kamars Show with AP probably not even on their Roster..

          Ingram’s Stats the last 2 Seasons

          2015 Stats – 166 Rushes for 769 Yards (4.6 Average) 6 TD’s Rushing with
          50 Receptions for another 405 Yards

          2016 Stats – 205 Rushes for 1,043 Yards (5.1 Average per Carry) 6 TD’s
          with 46 Receptions for 319 yards with 4 More TD’s

          He sure has been a Productive Player with the Coach hating him and
          why would they give him a 4 Year Extension in 2014 if Coach Peyton hated him.He’s 27 Years Old and Due $5.25 Million in 2017 and $6.25 Million for the 2018 Season before his Current Contract comes up, so he’s not making Crazy $$ for the Production he provides the Saints..

          Adrian Peterson is making $2.25 Million for 2017 with $4.75 Million slated for 2018 which includes a $3.6 Signing and Roster Bonus Next Calendar Year if he’s still on their Roster.. He’s basically a 1 Year Rent-A-Back where Peyton hopes AP still has something left in the tank.. If not, they cut the chord next January and part ways with no Financial Risk to the Saints and go with the tandem of Ingram/Kamara which is pretty promising..

          I don’t think Signing with the Saints was a good Move for AP,. It’s just not a good fit scheme wise in my opinion and he would have been better off with going to a Team like the Detroit Lions, TB Bucs or even the NY Giants
          The Saints Pass too often, their Defense stinks which puts them behind in many Games where it’s on QB Brees and the Passing Game just to get back in it..

          • Where can I find the cliff notes to that book?

            • Yes Coach has always hated Ingram.. That’s about that dumbest thing I’ve seen Posted on here In a while.. He sure touches the ball a lot for a Player not liked by Hi s Coach.. , Doesn’t Coach Peyton still design the Saint Offense and basically Call the Plays? It sure makes little sense to keep featuring a Player that the Coach doesn’t like.. GTFOH

              • Nice thanks now that I can understand. But it doesn’t understand his inexplicable work load some games or the old man Tim Hightower stealing half his snaps for a few games last year

              • he was benched against the seahawks. outcarried against the panthers and rams by hightower. had half his reps taken in multiple other games but an inferior talent but year they love him. love him so much they brought in ap and a drafter rb. lmfao

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