• May 19, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Giants

Eagles Survive Pitiful Defensive Effort, Clinch First-Round Bye

The Giants were in upset-mode today, and the Eagles came very close to dropping their third game of the season.

Jim Schwartz’s defensive unit was miserable today. The New York Giants came into this game one of the worst offenses in football. Depleted by injury, and plagued by mistakes, the Giants offense put out one of their best showings of the season, with Eli Manning dropping over 400 yards and three touchdowns. The Giants converted 10 of 18 third down attempts. They gained over 500 yards on the day.

This is the second week in a row where Jim Schwartz’s defense has really left a lot to be desired. Last week, the defense offered little to no resistance against the Rams for most of the game, and this week to allow an offense as pathetic and beat up as the Giants to put on such a show was embarrassing.

Yes, the Eagles managed to fend off the Giants during their final attempt at a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, but the struggles over the last two weeks are pretty concerning.

The Eagles are going to face a pretty good team in their first-round of the playoffs. Whether its the Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, Saints, or Rams, there’s a lot of good quality quarterback play coming the Birds’ way.

If Schwartz can’t figure out how to stop Eli Manning and his no-name weapons from carving up his defense, he’s really going to have issues in the playoffs.

We’ve seen the Eagles’ defense play much better than they’ve been the last two games, so we know they’re capable of a much higher level of play, but its concerning that the defense has begun to show these troublesome signs this late in the year.

Foles Does His Part

Nick Foles, making his first start as an Eagle since 2014, passed his first test with flying colors.

Foles completed 24 of 38 passes for 237 yards, delivering four touchdown passes, the most he’s had in a game since his seven-touchdown effort against the Raiders in 2013.

Foles was exactly what you would have hoped for. A solid veteran presence, capable of making every throw that the Eagles needed him to make. There were a couple moments where he showed a little bit of rust, but he was able to step right in and guide the offense to a 34-point effort.

Quick Thoughts


  • Stefen Wisniewski missed today’s game with the same ankle problem that knocked him out of last week’s game. Chance Warmack got the start and played the entire game at left guard. Warmack wasn’t great, but at least he didn’t play so poorly that the Eagles had to pull him for Isaac Seumalo again.
  • Great game by Jason Kelce, he’s really played at a tremendous level all year.
  • The offensive line as a whole gave up just one sack today.
  • Nelson Agholor made one of the toughest touchdown receptions you’ll ever see today, but made just as terrible of a drop in the second half on a play that would have given the Eagles a first down.
  • LeGarrette Blount was given a very minimal role, used only in short-yardage situations and to run out the clock at the end of the game. A little surprising considering that Blount had one of his best games of the year against the Giants back in September.
  • Zach Ertz had his biggest game in several weeks, catching six passes for 56 yards and a touchdown.
  • Trey Burton came down with his fifth score of the season today, impressive total from a second tight end.


  • Ronald Darby came down with a key interception in the first half that set the offense up with a short field, and broke up a pass in the endzone late in the fourth quarter.
  • The defensive line managed just one sack, with Brandon Graham the only player to get to Manning today.
  • Sterling Shepard abused the Eagles throughout the game, catching 11 balls for 139 yards and a touchdown.
  • The slant routes were open for the Giants all day, the defense never really adjusted to them.
  • Nigel Bradham led the team with 11 tackles, but also dropped another easy interception for the second week in a row.
  • Poor tackling throughout the entire defense for a second week in a row. This has got to get better moving forward.

Special Teams

  • Special teams had ups and downs this week. On the positive side of things, there were three blocked kicks. Derek Barnett blocked an extra-point on the Giants’ first drive of the game, Kamu Grugier-Hill blocked a punt, and Malcolm Jenkins blocked a field goal in the second half. From that perspective, special teams saved the Eagles’ four points, and set them up for seven more.
  • However, special teams also gave the Giants seven points in the second half with a costly five-yard penalty on a fourth-and-four, which extended a drive and led to a New York touchdown.

Final Thoughts

For all of the defensive struggles, the Eagles came away with the win, remaining undefeated within the division, and officially clinching a first-round bye in the playoffs.

The team is now one win, or a Minnesota loss, away from wrapping up the top seed in the NFC.

Nick Foles had a solid first game as begins to settle in to the starter’s role. Depending on if the Vikings lose to the Packers next week, the Birds may have everything wrapped up before they take the field against the Raiders on Christmas night.

Denny Basens

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  • I remember being uneasy about the defense early in the season, but was lulled into a false sense of security because we played bad teams that were playing from behind for the most part. Who would have thought that the 1st game without Wentz, it wasn’t the QB that was the Problem, this defense was awful. I don’t care if Schwartz does get a HC job this offseason – the defense has been abused for two weeks in row now. I don’t feel confidant about going on a deep playoff run right now and it’s not because of the QB.

  • Howie and Dougie delivered a successful season. Congrats to the Eagles they deserve these rewards, secured a playoff wildcard weekend bye.
    NY Giants made a massive mistake chucking Tom Coughlin just like Jacksonville did when they chucked him 15 years ago. The guy is a winner.

  • The defense was indeed offensive. .in a game that a statue in Eli was sacked once ..and was torched for 500 yards (not a misprint ) is a damn joke..this was a billy davisesque performance. .the past 3 weeks has shown that,this squad is very undisciplined with 10 flags,including a 4th down punt ,with encroachment. .i felt the game slipping away from the start,after we deferred..Im pissed,because are we going to have anly nick step up,and watch this implosion on the other side of the ball?

  • Everyone here knows that I am a bigger Nick Foles fan than most. Guy just seems to be a winner…..esp with Eagles. He was so good tonight.

    D HAS to step up. If D raises their game (no blitzing!!!!!) then Eagles are still in it!

    • Eagles gave up 21 points in the first qtr

      8 the rest of the game

      Eagles defense allowed a lot of yards in the rams game and ended up finishing strong and holding Gurley in check. Also ended up with the game sealing sack and fumble

      Eli was slinging it on us. It was concerning. But he also was the first meeting

      These Divison games ushaully go this way

  • I get that division games are normally closer in the NFC East and I’m ok with it. I’m not so sure that the Eagles D has really clamped down on anyone though. Yes, they’ve made a timely play or two, but by and large the last few weeks especially, opposing offensive miscues, or poor play calling has been our saving grace. Todd Gurley was running to the tune of 7 yards per carry, than all of a sudden they stopped using him. If not for special teams blunders and a overthrow this giants game is an L. Listen, I’m pleased things worked out the way they did and we won 2 of 3 but this defense is not imposing their will on anyone, not making proper adjustments and playing just plain sloppy. Some practice squad WR (king), cut as recently as September just ran through our secondary like Megatron and we had no answers. Here’s to hoping they pull it together, but the last few weeks have been less than encouraging.

    • I got a feeling they will get it together. They have the coach and leaders on this team.

      Thank god Sidney Jones is practicing.

      Rasul being out is a slept on injury for us also

      • Don’t forget we been on road for a month that will wear on you eventually

  • yeah the D has been giving up some points but they always make a play when it counts. I haven’t given up on them. They blocked a field goal today when needed, they stopped the giants at the end when needed, they got a turn over on LA last week when needed. This teams seems to find a way. Get the win next week then they have as good of chance as anyone coming out of the NFC. If Foles can put together games similar or better than today the offence will get some points. He is no Wentz but if he can lead some long drives they will have a chance.

  • DEAR SANTA:The final dallas game will be their superbowl. If its still a meaningful game id love st nick and his elves on dee, to sleighride over jerry and his girls and pack their coal for a long winter..seriously beat their asses. Good vs evil prevails ..as howie doug and his boys ..prepare for their quest.

    • Eagles do not have to leave home for a month.
      Maybe a month and a week if we win our first playoff game.

      We get another bye week.

      Played Carolina on Thursday night football. Then 11 days later played washington.

      We had our normal bye week.
      And we get another in the playoffs.

      This philly team gets 3 bye weeks. Maybe even another one if we go to the super bowl.

      Translation: this team is going to be rested!! This defense gets to play at home in front of their own crowd for the Rest of the year. If we don’t turn it around against raiders and cowboys then we should worry.

      Not too worried about defense yet.
      Really hoping that Sidney plays in his first playoff game. He will have the bye week to get even more ready

  • Eagles threw more screens this past week in the meadowlands. HC Pederson adjusted to his personnel, which is a positive. HC Pederson spread that football around the field. Seems like Foles was throwing everywhere. Offense still looks solid after one game without Wentz.

  • It appears Ron Darby is considered the weak link by opposing offenses and they are attacking him. Darby had one interception and had his hands on another in the end zone during Giant game. He has the talent to make teams pay for attacking him. McLeod is more of a concern for me. He looks slow. Big chunks of yardage are being gained because he can’t get there. I have real concerns with McLeod’s lack of speed.


    QB Carson Wentz – Starting QB – First Pro Bowl (MEH)

    RT Lane Johnson – First Pro Bowl

    G Brandon Brooks First Pro Bowl

    TE Zach Ertz – First Pro Bowl

    DT Fletcher Cox – Third Pro Bowl

    S Malcom Jenkins – Second Pro Bowl

    • wow, 6 Eagle pro bowlers. Wentz, Cox, Johnson, Ertz I agree are deserving.
      Malcolm Jenkins and Brandon Brooks not sure but (12-2) gets you awards.
      Raiders, next eagle opponent has 3 OL going to pro bowl. (That’s surprising)
      Richie Incognito went from being blacklisted pariah to pro bowl.
      Jadeveon Clowney went from bust to pro bowl.
      2 old dawg pro bowlers Terrell Suggs & Larry Fitzgerald –
      2 ex Eagle pro bowlers Shady McCoy & Alejandro Villanueva.
      Rookie makes pro bowl Marshon Lattimore.

      • More proof that Chip Kelly was a complete fraud and a boob. Traded away McCoy. Then had Alejandro Villanueva in his camp and did not have the forethought or insight to see Villanueva as an offensive lineman.

  • You gotta look at where our defense has played also. We haven’t had a month this bad in terms of west coast since September.

    @seattle @rams @ Giants is tough. Especially when you are playing 2/3 playoff teams. December eagles opponents rank on average 14th in PPG. By far the highest of any month this season.

    We played great teams, with great coaches and qbs.

    Eagles will figure it out with Schwartz.

    They started the game 0-6 on third down and kept giving the Giants too many second chances. That’s something this team hasn’t done all year. We have gotten off the field on 3rd down.

    The penalties are what’s killing this defense mainly.

    One week it’s the run (Gurley) the next week it’s the short quick passes. Every game is a different story.

    It’s not like u play the rams or @ Seattle every single Sunday.

    Defense should be better against Oakland and dallas

  • CT your correct, they had a tough west coast swing against more formindable teams and that is part of it. The other part is, I can’t help but wonder if as fans we didn’t overrated this defense and DC, by getting big early leads, and dominating some bad teams playing a last place schedule. If we’re going to make a run in the playoffs, we are going to play the likes of the rams and Seattle every Sunday. Although if the defense doesn’t figure things out, it might just be one Sunday. Look for Rasul Douglas to make his way back into the line-up this weekend, especially if P. Robinson is out. I actually like Douglas’ game and would like to see more of him. M. Hollins too.

    • Rasul was definitely a slept injury for us who has came along very nicely for us. I have no idea why mack isn’t starting over Torrey smith by now?

      Sidney I’m hoping with 4-5 weeks of practice makes his debut in the playoffs.
      Give the kid something To build off of this offseason going into next year.

      Darby Sidney and Rasul and Jalen heading into next season should be unreal secondary.

      I wonder if eagles draft safety this year?

      Or LB first round?

      • All depends on how the board falls with limited resources i.e. draft assets and capital. I don’t see the Eagles taking a LB in the first round though. O lineman, WR or RB would probably have more value (talent wise) when the Eagles pick in the first.
        Few linebackers I do like though:
        Leighton Vander Esch – Boise State 6’4″ 240
        Rashaan Evans Alabama 6’3″ 235
        Raquon Smith 6’0″ 230 Georgia
        If either one of those guys are available at the back end of the first I’d consider it.

        My main interests in the up coming draft class in terms of first round talent is the following:
        OT Connor Williams 6’5″ 315 Texas
        OG Quentin Nelson 6’5″ 325 Notre Dame
        RB Ronald Jones 6’0″ 205 USC
        WR Equanimeous St Brown 6’5″ 210 Notre Dame

  • Bryan Colangelo is looking like a dud as GM.

    • We should have never fired Sam Hinkie. I knew it was a mistake right when it happened.

      He should have been the one that seen The Process though beginning and end

      • Building your team around an oft injured super star is impossible- when you look at the elite teams consisting of elite players the stars played 75-82 games per year.

        • if the team was built around embiid they wouldnt have drafted jokeafor

          if the team was built around embiid they wouldve took ingram over simmons

          fact the team is “built” around simmons and they likely took fultz because he fit with them. there is nobody else that was put or built here bc of embiid except maybe reddict and thats a 1 year deal

          u sound stupid

          • This team is fine. Embiid is fine.

            It’s all precautionary I feel like. “Back tightness?”

            Keep the kid fresh for Christmas and that playoff push when Fultz hits the floor

            • Defend away .. maybe instead of built, what if I used the word relied on? “Keep the kid fresh”… you guys are amazing at the way you look at them. If Embiid was fine he’d be playing. LeBron will be 34 this month with like a million minutes played and I believe he’s played in every game and they will make a real run.
              Point is the sixers best player NOW (and I love Simmons) is Embiid…And he’s made of glass… games played numbers bare that out.

              • Oh and since we are talking semantics…. they certainly paid him like he had some importance to the team. And good for him!

              • HAC Lebron isn’t 275 lbs and 7’2. He doesn’t play the center position like that, although he can.

                Also, he is fine. Last time he played he dropped 36 points agaisnt Okc.

                Just like last season when he dropped 32 points in 28 minutes against James harden, and then they shut him down for the rest of the year to tank.

                We will be in the playoffs. That’s all that matters

                Sixers have had hardest schedule in the NBA to this point btw

  • Listed measurements:
    Anthony towns…7 feet 244….plays every game
    Embiid 7 feet 250… glass

    • James and Embiid both listed at 250….

      • Olajuwon from 22to 34 averaged roughly 75 games plus playoffs a year at 7 foot 255… 5 pounds heavier than china boy

  • Ben Simmons is a scared chump. Sixers defeated by Raptors. Lowry 8 free throw attempts and DeRozen 15 free throw attempts, Simmons 5 attempts. This is a HUGE problem. Refs handing free throw attempts like Halloween candy on Oct 31 and Simmons is too SCARED to adapt. Simmons is a scared chump. He wants nothing to do with the free throw line. Chump

    • man e0s u must not have watched the game. especially mid way through 4th. that game was rigged and derozens & lowrys ft attempts were not warranted. fact is refs rigged for toronto to win. disgusting no calls on raptors, disgusting calls on philly, awful offensive calls on ben being agressive

      holla when you watch a game

      • Mhenski – Simmons is a 25 point a game scorer being suppressed by his own lack of confidence down to 17 points per game. Until Ben Simmons gets 8 free throw attempts a game the Sixers are easy pickings. It is the only stat that matters for Ben Simmons. His entire game is penetration. Harden, Giannis, Westbook, Wall get the fouls then the free layups because the Robert Covingtons of the league start to concede layups for fear of picking up their 4th, 5th, 6th foul. If Ben Simmons gets his free throw attempts up to 8 per game from his current 5 then he gets 3 conceded layups by foul shy defenders. Embiid takes advantage of foul weary defenders like this currently. A by-product of Simmons getting more free throw attempts will be he won’t be hounded in the back court anymore either. Every NBA team full court presses Simmons because Covington and Redick can’t dribble wasting 24 second clock availability. Simmons doesn’t set aggressive open court defenders up for fouls because of his lack of confidence at the charity stripe.

        • Agree with all of what u just wrote. But don’t try and play like he wasn’t aggressive last night because he was aggressive as fuck and anyone helse o watched can attest a fix was in on that game and he kept getting no calls…

          Look I’m not sold on ben. Thought he was a pussy and soft as hell at LSU but he’s a toddler in the league. He’s also stuffing the stat sheet every night as a room. He has a pass for me for now. His game for sure gotta grow and I’m hopeful it will. Kids season so far is mostly better than most super stars in their rook year. So imma wait to piss and moan about ben Simmons.

          He’s actually been more agrressive and a better player than i thought I’d see year 1 so he on right track.

  • my prior post contained an error so imma correct it

    fact the team is “built” around simmons AND EMBIID

    • and its a mistake to build a team around a piece of glass, which was my original point- look i hope the dude proves me wrong but so far he looks as tho he should not be a cornerstone of a team that is supposedly building to an elite status- you process guys are ignoring some pretty scary facts about him–

      • Sixers only had one player in their entire franchise history who could sell tickets like Embiid is now, Allen Iverson. He is a cash cow. One Sixer mistake is they keep catering to national TV desires and force feeding Embiid minutes above obvious doctor recommendations to appease ESPN & TNT. Additionally Embiid is currently being saved for the Christmas game to appease ESPN. Hope the Sixers butt kissing the national networks desires pays off come playoff time.

        • One big difference…. AI actually played….
          He’s a China doll

          • Ok paulman of nba. What the fuck were sixers supposed to do? Not draft him and take Dante Exum? Not resign him and tank again? Trade him ? Christ ur a whiner. Stop kicking and screaming for fucks sake. What should they have done different ? What would you have done ? Jesus fucking Christ

            • Disbanded the team, quit the league…bury their head in the sand in disgrace. Losing on purpose for so many years may have created a karma who knows. I just get tired of the excuses from process people that keep saying, “rest the guy” “ he will be ok”….

              • Can we expect your crying to continue? Tank is over paul

  • Bryan Colangelo is now (1-8) since the Trevor Booker trade with back to back Raptor losses.
    Time to pull the plug on Brett Brown and Bryan Colangelo, times up.

    • LOL

  • Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope everyone had a great one!!


    Felt good getting that W and exposing the Knicks

    Here’s to Nicky boy dropping 7 again on the raiders in 3 qtrs !!!

  • All anti Kelce dummies, including Denny need to post an apology… the dude is the best center in football and they all wanted the guy that’s on the bench… DUMMY

  • Nobody is getting open. Even with Foles
    Having all day on a lot of throws

    Foles hasn’t been great. But two drops are hurting us

    • Don’t Love that we resigned Alshon. He’s not that good.

      Ps sixers need to trade saric and or Fultz and draft picks and get someone that can hit mid range shots

      • Henski, I admittedly don’t follow too closely but isn’t Saric a decent mid range shooter? Isn’t Fultz supposed to be able to hit a j

        • dunno what saric is supposed to be./ seems like he always throwing heavy bricks when he does shoot tho. fultz was supposed to able to shoot yea. also dominated the rock and drove the lane at will at wash so idk what the hell they gonna do with him… they r hiding him now…

          simmons is nice and all but he really screws up things with not being able to shoot

          b/c he cant shoot and is a pg i think he diminishes both fultz and sarics game

          and if our future is ben and joel i think you gotta find a PF that can defend and hit a mid range shot or get a mccollumn/lillard/schroeder and cash in assets like dario/fultz/and/or draft picks. i like dario but just dont see it working out who knows. i just wanna win and getting tired of them firing long shots instead of feeding joel low or ben continuously attacking low

  • There will be no apologies forthcoming from any g cobber anti Kelce dummies , that is not what judgemental Cobbers do. One or two anti – anybody , comments from a so called expert and the bandwagon is nearly empty . How many times have you read on this site, that I was really wrong bout that player.? Zero?Yes a big fat goose egg , Any drone can critizize any player . A drone or a gerbil usually do not stand tall and say I was wrong . And denny will be issuing no apology, You can bet on it!

    • Not 100% true, many of us admitted our blind passion and hope clouded our judgement of chip. Many have stepped up to admit Agholor is a good player after labeling him a bust (i always bought he’d be ok). I thought Freddy Galvis would never be a MLB player but am wrong as he is a decent player.
      But the Kelce venom was over the top from many and the guy is an excellent player.

    • i say im wrong all the time. its weird not to

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