• May 19, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Patriots

Victory! A Championship Worth Waiting For

You certainly couldn’t ask for a Super Bowl Championship in a grander fashion than what the Eagles delivered on Sunday night.

A shootout with five-time Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady? A game that went back and worth and went right down to the wire? A fourth and goal touchdown pass from a backup tight end to the backup quarterback?

Doug Pederson, who began the season having to listen to certain writers describe him as the most unqualified coach in NFL history, and reports that defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was looking to usurp his position.

Doug guided the Eagles franchise to do something it had never done before. His playcalling was absolutely masterful in the post season, and the Super Bowl was no exception.

Pederson had his trademark aggressiveness on display on Sunday night. The fourth and goal call to throw a touchdown pass to Nick Foles may be the one moment from this season that will forever be burned into my memory.

Not only was it a critical call to give the Eagles a 10-point lead going into the half, but it was an absolutely epic shot a Belichick and Brady, who failed to execute almost the identical play earlier in the quarter.

Doug Pederson wasn’t a popular hire when he got the job. But he’s now buried and obliterated the fear that he was simply here to be a puppet and Andy Reid-lite. He’s proven be a true leader, and an elite playcaller.

Nick Foles Shines As Super Bowl MVP

Nick Foles will go down with one of the most unusual careers you’ll ever see.

A guy who seriously considered retirement after his career was nearly ruined by Jeff Fisher comes back to the team that originally drafted him, spends most of the year on the bench, and winds up guiding the team through the playoffs with three performances that will likely get him another chance to be a starting quarterback somewhere.

Foles looked comfortable and confident in the Super Bowl, delivering some absolutely picture-perfect passes on his was to throwing for over 370 yards and three touchdowns.

Some of the throws Foles made were just jaw dropping. Among his best moments were threading the ball between two Patriot defenders to Nelson Agholor, floating the ball to hit Corey Clement in stride for a big gain, and delivering touchdown strikes to Alshon Jeffery and Clement.

Imagine next season, Carson Wentz, a franchise quarterback and MVP candidate, backed up by Foles, a Super Bowl MVP who has a career post season quarterback rating of over 100.

On a night where the Eagles’ defense could do very little to slow the opposing offense down, Foles needed to produce points on nearly every drive in order for the team to have a chance of winning, and number 9 delivered, big time.

Foles has secured his spot as an Eagles legend.

Quick Thoughts


  • Think LeGarrette Blount was ready for this game? Blount picked up 90 yard on 14 carries against the team that cast him aside, scoring a touchdown and ripping off a 36-yard run early in the game that set up another score. Blount was such an impactful addition to this team, here’s to hoping the Eagles considering giving him another go round next year.
  • Corey Clement picked up 100 yards on four receptions, including his key touchdown in the third quarter. Remember when it was a debate whether or not the Eagles would keep Clement or Donnell Pumphrey out of the preseason?
  • Nelson Agholor has become one of the best bounce-back stories in Eagles’ history. Agholor was left for dead by many (myself included) at the end of last season, and now he had nine catches for 84 yards in the Super Bowl.
  • Torrey Smith was frustrating at times this season, but Doug Pederson never gave up on trying to work him into the offense, and it really paid off in the post season. Smith had a huge hand in the win over the Vikings, and also chipped in five catches for 49 yards in the Super Bowl.
  • Zach Ertz finished his breakout year with seven catches for 67 yards, and the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter.
  • By the way, how laughable/disgusting was it that Ertz’s catch was under review for as long as it was?
  • Halapoulivaati Vaitai finished off an impressive post season with another solid performance in the Super Bowl. He had some large shoes to fill when Jason Peters went down, but he really came on down the stretch.


  • Jim Schwartz’s group really got torn apart in this game, getting shredded for over 600 yards by the New England offense. They offered very little resistance, and were burned by the deep ball consistently. They allowed Tom Brady to throw for over 500 yards, and allowed three different 100 yard receivers.
  • However, the defense still dished out some key plays that helped swing the game.
  • Malcolm Jenkins’ hit on Brandin Cooks is another image that’s forever burned into my memory. The hit, completely clean and legal, took the Pats’ top wideout out of the game early on.
  • Rodney McLeod’s pile-driving tackle on third down was such a key moment in the game. Forcing New England to settle for a field goal attempt instead of scoring a touchdown was a key moment.
  • Last but not least Brandon Graham was the only Eagle to get to Tom Brady on the night, and he sure made it count, forcing the Eagles’ only turnover that helped seal the win.

Special Teams

  • Jake Elliot, drilled all three of his field goal attempts, and in true Jake Elliot fashion, missed an extra point.

Final Thoughts

It’s so hard to find the right words to really put this title into perspective.

As Eagle fans, we’ve all been through so much to get this point. Along the way, we’ve debated and bickered about everything from who the head coach should be, to whether or not certain guys were the answer at quarterback, to whether or not Howie Roseman could really build a Super Bowl winner.

But now, regardless of whether we’ve been right or wrong in the past, the goal has finally been reached. We can all come together and celebrate!

The 2017-18 Eagles will forever be remembered as a team that overcame so much and kept fighting. When key players went down, there was always someone to step up and carry on at a high level.

A season that began in Philadelphia with the 2017 NFL Draft will now come to a close with a parade, the likes of which the sporting world has never seen before.


Denny Basens

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  • Denny this team has shown an unbelievable level of focus and discipline all season. This Super Bowl is bittersweet for me mainly because I’ve recently “sent home” some very important people who were diabolical eagles fans. Wish the man upstairs could have given them a few more months.

    Kudos to Doug Pederson the best head coach in the game. We’re set at qb for the next decade. We have a sb winning back up that now has a coach who knows how to use him. Best gm in the game. I smell a sick run coming.

    Way to show sportsmanship Brady not shaking the SB MVP’S HAND.

    • Although Wentz didn’t play this postseason, you know he has learned off of this. Taking it all in, knowing what it’s like to go a Super Bowl and the pressure and media that comes with it etc

      This team has the experience now. And that’s very very dangerous

      • That’s what really wild here, this team may just be scratching the surface of what they can do, the arrow is only pointing up moving forward.

        Wentz still has room to grow and improve on what he’s already done. Ajayi will get a full offseason in the system, and could do a lot more next year. Sidney Jones should be a starter from the get go next year, and add another layer to the defense.

        Other young guys, mack hollins, Corey Clement are only going to get better with experience. Same for Derek Barnett on the defensive side of the ball.

        Great time to be an Eagles fan…

  • I can not describe how happy i am. I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life. I’m kinda still numb to be honest. Once my wife and i fly into Philly for the parade, then it will hit. Many tears were shed in my bar yesterday…this i will never forget. FLY EAGLES FLY!

  • Nobody bitching at the run/pass ratio… lol
    Doug Pederson being lauded on every outlet as a brilliant play caller… funny how that happens

  • Aweomse write up Denny! I appreciate you! Man i can’t stop thinking about nick. Just the insane guts, heady plays, money throws, wow!!! It’s like he was the goat last night. Just bananas how come he was and on point play after play. Clutch 3rd Downs and 4th Downs. Mannnn many would’ve choked multiple times that 4th and long on the wrong side of the 50 was the game and the man just hit the staples that was easy button. Many great qbs would’ve slipped up at some point. Shit the greatest to ever play Brady ended up making the mistake. Just wow

    Serious question does Nick Foles get a statue some day?

    • Imo he set the tone of the game after Torrey smith dropped a pass play 1 he called his number again the very next play (i think )for a 1st down

    • I can’t get enough of the trick play. The snap to Clement, the pitch to Burton and the throw to Foles. Pederson the mad scientist!

    • Thanks mhenski!! Its been a hell of a ride, its just tremendous that the day that we’ve all waited for for so long is finally here!

  • So many story lines man just bananas. This is one of the only games ever i really want to watch start to finish again.

  • 43 passes
    28 runs

    That’s nothing to complain about and is a masterful game plan

    Perfect balance. Just like it was all year. Besides that week 2 chiefs game which is and will always be unacceptable

    • Trust me if they’d lost the whiners would be whiny about a 60% passing ratio… they did it in KC this year

      • You still running your mouth? How about you try stfu long enough to let others enjoy this win without your constant negative spin. You are a mirror of what you accuse others of. We won a damn super bowl. You and your punk-ass gang of simps have turned this place into a damn graveyard.

  • 3% drop in ratings from the 2017 New England Atlanta super bowl.
    Las Vegas took a loss for only the 3rd time on the super bowl.

  • After Chip Kelly killed this team by trading away all our key players a few years ago I stopped coming to this site and couldn’t even get myself interested in the games enough to watch Sam Bradford or Sanchez.

    Many of us were sick high on Foles and the possibilities this team could have been back then. It definitely has a sweetness to it seeing Foles get vindicated Sunday night.

    Pederson has definitely proved to be the man we been looking for as a coach! Just hope we can turn this into a few more years.

  • Super Bowl Champions bitches, just had to come back and post this from down in Duuuvalll. Damn it feels good.

    • Hey big lion! Well it looks like we have a REAL innovative, ground breaking, ballsy and unconventional coach. Not like that lying little chubby bastard.

      • Glad you said it for me Cigar, love this team but damn Doug Pederson is DA MAN. Next man up personified with this bunch!!!

        • Big u in key west?

          Anybody but me bummed the parade ain’t going to the stadiums like Philly did ? Standing on the side of the street is brutal. Especially with a 5 and 1 year old.

          • The reasoning I heard is they are ending at the art museum cuz it can house over a million…while the link is only what 60,000?

          • Nah Henski I’m in Jacksonville but you better believe I’ll have my family somewhere around the Art Museum on Thursday, no way I’ll have my two boys miss that atmosphere.

            • thats awesome big!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY IT!

              bummer on art museum, i dont wanna watch on jumbos in the freezing cold. oh well im sounding like a negadelphian here. my plan watch in south philly then jet and watch the rest on TV

            • Wussup Big?!?!…World champions baby…mission accomplished. FLY EAGLES FLY!
              I will definitely be at the parade…gonna start at City hall and work my way up to the museum to hear the speeches. Phinally got dat trophy!!!

              • Bro I was down here holding my tongue since Wentz went down because I knew the weapons we had and what Foles could do. Yo the Eagle fandom down here is crazy.

    • God to see you posting again BL. Feels good being a champion.

      • Didn’t want to jinx anything Brewski, man this team is special.

    • Fucking big where you been at guy miss you bro…..hey man we fucking champs

      • Big Z, world fucking champs already watched the game 4x’s. Like Embiid said Sixers up next. Hold up wait a minute Eagles are built for the long haul.

  • Other than my immediate family ,it’s humbling to have traversed the GCobb journey in lockstep with the bros of GC ..so elated that all the none sensical bs can be laid to rest at the foot of its gravesite..no longer wanting to know how it will feel ,to be crowned a champion..reality is so sweet ..and tomorrow is already in our sites..

  • With FA and being now a choice destination in the league ,we will let the champagne flatten,roll up our sleeves and get back to improving upon this great run..Number one certainty is the Eagles will now laughably be talked of in terms of being the Gold Standard ..Franchise QB stands as its symbolism of many great seasons to come..Howie has now added bulletins with a Super Bowl MVP .nick is deserved not to be chattel and possibly headed to Cleveland (purgatory) or as I predict ,back to Az where it all began ,in the desert ..cousins or four les will be the shiniest new toys for potential owners to throw $$ at ..what do we do with Peters? Smith? Can we sign Bradham …on a Super Bowl roster $$ draws agents like moths to a flame ..Howie ..times yours ..

    • man howie’s moves have always been teetering genious. so glad to see him get it done on his watch, with his people, with his players!!!!!!!!! That jagoff chip can eat all the horse shit in philly – coming in here and acting like total filth!!!! lets not forget bill bellicheck roasted the eagles for ditching him and then got bodied by his replacement!!!!!!!

      by the way lots of people calling the burton to foles td the philly special. I call it the SOUL SNATCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doug pederson executed that play brilliantly for a td after the pats flopped on it and with that 1 play doug snatched bellichecks soul and stuffed him in a locker!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mhenski..best two lines of the season posted on GCOBB…”Bellichick got bodied by Chip’s replacement” and “Soul Snatcher”.

      • It was a total troll move henski and it was glorious

  • Carson Wentz tore two ligaments ( MCL & LCL). Double trouble but both those ligaments are the outside ligaments. RG3 tore the interior ligaments and couldn’t recover competently. Start of the 2018 season is 9 months from injury date. Wentz is going to insist he start week one.
    Jason Peters tore two ligaments ( MCL & ACL ) One on the inside and one outside. He will probably always be a better run blocker than Big V but we will see how he back pedals on passing downs. Training camp battle with 80 to 20 % edge to Peters.
    Darren Sproles says he wants to return but he isn’t under contract. Neither is LaGarrette Blount. Finacially I don’t think both will be back maybe neither. Interested to see what happens here.
    Jordon Hick Achilles tendon injury, he should be be ready for start of season but the LB spot will have at least 2 draft picks in camp possible a first rounder especially if Bradham doesn’t resign. If the Eagles sign a LB in free agent I doubt that player will sign without a promise to be the starter and a high draft pick will be given playing time. This is where change could occur. I think Bradham cashes in on a bigger FA deal.

  • Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo leading candidate to be Minnesota offensive coordinator.

    • Have you watched the eagles QBs this year? …. guy should be hired this minute

  • Re-watch again and again…. everyone said Foles needed to make a couple plays … the guy made about 25 plays, tough throws, slide, audible… catch in the EZ… guy was fabulous…. hot air, songs, TS etc be hiding

    • Take frank Reich

      I’d rather promote Flip!!

      Qb coach is huge!! Especially in our cAse

      • Dude… you have zero basis and totally underscore Reich’s role is… he is an important part in all of this. Difillipo goes away, you win a SB with that performance then you lose a coach or two.,, bye bye Flip

    • but but but tsjohnson said this game was all doug. im so confused

  • Jeff Lurie blocked the New York Jets from interviewing John DeFilippo for an offensive coordinator position last year. I wonder if he allows DeFilippo to leave this year.

    • His contract is up…

  • Sixers on National TV ( TNT) tonight. 8:00 pm EST against Washington. Sixers have only committed 2nd round draft choices in trade talks not first rounders. Wonder if anything happens? This Markelle Fultz kid is really frustrating. Last game played was 10/23/2017. More than 3 and half months ago. (long enough to heal. ) Washington and Philly are the closest teams to Markelle’s childhood Maryland home. He should be playing in this game.

    • foles aint ready for the nba. his shot went to complete ass, hes a slug on D, etc. i dont expect him to play much or at all this year. GET LOU WILLIAMS. games gonna be bumpin tonight, expect a ton of eagles there. ill be there

      • haaaaa fultz… u see where my head still at ! I gotta think schroeder or mccolum or lillard could be got… make a move. collangelo blows tho. bring back hinkie!!!!!!!!!

        in other news if your a flag guy barstool sports got a sweet eagles flag up for sale memorializing the final score. pretty sweet for your house and./or tailgate check it out if u like flags

  • The tendency will be to keep the core players of a championship roster. So we need see where it’s both economically and a position of needed upgrade from the status quo. Will guys give a home team discount and will peters be an option. I’d assume Torrey Smith is gone with a cheaper version in our North Carolina pick. We need upgrade the back end and truly of all the holes ,none are pressing or obvious. That’s a hats off to Howie the fiscal warrior. He swallowed his pride and shit thunder and lightning

    • Of core players those not back… smith, foles and maybe peters

      • Hac. Blount.sproles.?bradham?robinson .? There always seems to be a surprise (didn’t see that coming) guys ..every year. The first question is ..where would nick fit .? Ariz. Giants (if Eli goes to Coughlin )Jacksonville -Minnesota or perhaps he’s a trade piece for a player ..and a lower pick. He goes to Az I’d hope for him or AR gets him back. Either way ,it seemingly strengthens the birds economically with less than 5 million for a back up ,perhaps a cheap sam I am

        • There will be some surprises without a doubt. Peters and Sproles, both of whom have an “empty” ring ….

  • I was crying like a baby….Still am at times…Greatest Super Bowl for the Greatest Fan base. we FN did it, World Champions and we always will have this.

  • Just ordered my Nick Foles SB LII Jersey. Need to find a way to get it signed.
    Man, I remember some of the clowns on here Koolbreeze, TS, Songsrme2 calling Howie Roseman a bean counter and Howie the accountant…well that bean counting attendant just engineered a SB Championship in 2 years time.
    Doug..who was called Andy 2.0 and an Andy Clone. Then Nick Foles…being called garbage, a stiff, a nice guy, nothing special, average at best, meh…well Foles just guided the Eagles thru a playoff run that culminated in a SB championship with him being the MVP. Then calling the Eagles an AVERAGE at best MEH team Funny, none of these clowns will dare come on to do a mea culpa or a simple congratulations to the Eagles. None of them were ever Eagles fans..just agitating Mike Vick following trolls. I read TS Johnson’s posts on cat scratch reader during the SB game. She said Foles is still not a good QB, did not want to hear anything about Wentz being good based on Foles’ performance and that Eagles fans are insufferable and will be even more so now that “THEY” have a championship.
    FRAUDS…all three of them.

    • Good call ehl. Am i looking at right jersey 89.99? Never liked the midnight green at all but think i gotta go green over black. I’m in. Never been a jersey guy but think i gotta.

      • Ehl what site u find that jerz at ? I wanna order now and pick it up somewhere tomorrow or have it delivered by then. Wanna pimp it for the parade.

        • mhenski…go to nfl.com or football fanatics.com

          • Both sold out. Got it at team fans store. Standard shipping tho. Good call!

    • It’s absolutely unreal to me that at a time like this anyone who claims to be an Eagles fan would actively seek to put down the performance of Foles, or any player or coach that had a hand in what this team just accomplished.

      I was one of the people that wanted to move on from Kelce before the season, and if it were up to me, I would have dumped Nelson Agholor for a sixth-round pick before training camp. I’m thrilled I was wrong about both guys. And I feel like a fool for having written both off. They’re both heroes forever now. Kelce’s post game rant is one of the memories from this game that’s permanently burned into my memory. Agholor, sick as a dog before the game, gets the IV and comes out and plays a huge role.

      This is the one time where we, as an Eagles family that have been through so much over the years should all be coming together and celebrating to the fullest.

      I truly feel sorry for anyone that can’t get over who and what they’ve been wrong about in the past and just let loose and enjoy this! Seriously, for God’s sake, the Eagles just beat the New England dynasty, going drive-for-drive with one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, and some folks aren’t absolutely elated by that? Good lord, wake up and join the party!

      • Can’t feel a fool. We all armchair bc we wanted to win and sick of the same old. I called agholor assholor last year and he was awful. Just really awesome to see Doug coach him through that and see him ball all year. Future is bright.

        We did it

        Need a statue of ST NICK!!!

      • They did it right Denny… they didn’t listen to the negative nitwits and did it

      • Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion on your team. Everybody does it. At times we’re right and other times wrong. Such is being a fan.

        • There’s nothing wrong with it. However, when you make personal attacks and or just flat out wrong..have the courage to come back to the same site which you made those statements and admit you were wrong or at the very least to give congratulations. The saltiness of these so called Eagles fans is glaring. Further, to maintain the position that a player such as Foles still is not a good QB after the playoff and SB performance is just asinine and exhibits pure foolishness and madness. You mad son..ttttellum why you mad!!!! LOL…haters hate!

          • World Fucking Champions

          • Nah…we’ll just agree to disagree. EHL. Many of the problem posters are still here. The place has been turned into a graveyard not because of different opinions on players or staff, but caustic, trollish, juvenile antics of some who feel they can dictate how someone roots for their team.

            Some of us have been here long enough to witness how disrespectful and negative these same posters were then. I’m happy my team won, but it ain’t in me to let bs and hypocrisy slide.
            I often disagreed with these so called fake fans you call out, but I respected their right to have a countering opinion because they were eagle fans like me. I personally like many(not all) more than some of these simps acting like this is their personal fan club.
            So congrats to my eagles and hopefully many of the old posters will come back to this place and bring some balance.

            • Coldbrew..you’re dead wrong. Koolbreeze stated that he was becoming a Vikes fan since Bradford was going there and because Howie the accountant was back in charge. Songsrme2 is a troll who disappeared at the same time Kool did (no surprise there) and TS is a Panther fan who just stated on cat scratch reader that Eagles fans are insufferable, now THEY have a championship they will be even more so…she was not a fan, just a Mike Vick fan who liked to troll.Further, this site is a grave yard due to lack of up to date material. I am mostly on BGN now but I come over to gcobb because I like to see what is being said about various topics from different posters. Other people left because they found other things to do and sites to visit.

  • Foles, the back up goes to the sideline and calls for the trick play… slight delay and Pederson says , “yeah ok”… unbelievable balls, trust and relationship…. special

  • Anyone hear if the old chipper kelly was man enough to congratulate ANY one in the Eagles team/ orginazation for our first ever Super Bowl trophy?? Im guessing no, as loquasis as he is, Im guessing nary a peep or a twitter saying nice going Eagles!

    • Howie stuffed that con man in a locker bro. He ain’t callin

      • I was a advocate for Chip at times. I remember not wanting to blow it all up after 3 years and give him a 4th year.. LOL!!

        I was wrong obviously..

        Not all chip Kelly was bad though. He brought Malcolm Jenkins. Darren Sproles. Resigned kendricks.

        Drafted lane Johnson, zach Ertz, Bennie Logan,beau allen, jaylan Watkins,Jordan Matthews, Jordan hicks and Nelson aghlor.

        Doug pederson also ran a lot of what chip Kelly ran this season, especially when nick foles came in.

        In a way chip Kelly had a lot to say about this roster, and we aren’t where we are if his fat asss didn’t fuck up the way he did

        • We should send Chip Kelly a ring….


          Chip took control over Howie for one year – HERE IS WHAT HE REALLY DID

          1. Let Maclin walk – at the time awful
          2. Signed Tim Tebow haaaaaaaaaa
          3. signed Byron Maxwell – haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
          4. signed demarco murray – haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
          5. signed a couple other stiffs
          6. Traded shady to buffalo for Kiko Alonso – ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!
          7. Traded Foles for BradTURD – EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
          8. drafted agholor, rowe, hicks – not bad
          9. cut evan mathis and trent cole
          HE DID NOT
          1. sign sproles
          2. sign jenkins
          3. resign kendricks
          4. Draft lane Johnson, zach Ertz, Bennie Logan,beau allen, jaylan Watkins,Jordan Matthews




  • I like the ring idea , with a mocked up caricature of a foolish looking chipper on it , And not only did the Dougster win the 1 st philly super bowl, but without a doubt, he outcoached the Zen master of coaching, in Belichick . Would anyone have layed a bet in Vegas on that happening the day Mr lurie name Doug as H.C. ? I have been following Eagle football since I was round bout 12 years old, and must admit all of these years with no trophy, took a toll on my belief it would ever happen, Thank you Mr Lurie , Howie, and the best coaching staff in the nfl.

  • Bill Pollian just said that HIS asking price would be HIGH, VERY HIGH…. like multiple ones and twos. He thinks Foles contract situation would actually bring that down but come on…. how bout a one, third and future two or something…. he says guy is a SB MVP….every team wants a guy that can do that.

    • I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY dont want foles traded but we real thin on picks this year. IDK. Carson has a history of injuries and may not be ready week 1. I wanna see foles stay and bad. if its just 1 1st round pick outside of top 20 im out. if its a 1 and 3 or better im in

      • I have had pretty much faith in howie/doug/joe from day one (my mea culpa… I was really excited bout LLCB)– I think they are building this team for a glorious run and 2-4 high picks would certainly help- OBVIOUSLY- I don’t want to trade a SB MVP, an honor completely deserved– guy just dropped dimes everywhere– that first td to Jeffrey was a helluva throw and catch– guy was money–

        • oh i was pumped for Chip. Bought all that hype of him being footballs greatest gift brainwash material hook line and sinker. when he axed howie, dumped shady for shit, got bradturd I WAS IMMEDIATELY OUT. was furious about howie… that guy been making moves for years

          • i think we have an “oh shucks” version of chip that is real to the core– chip a phony baloney– reached the job of his ultimate incompetence! could you imagine, the coach who WON’T LET HIS QB CALL AN AUDIBLE letting his BU QB call that ballsy play– just say, “yeah lets run it”– shit– he would have run something else just because.

          • Chip Kelly was not who I wanted when Reid was fired. I liked what i saw during the first season as his play design was refreshing. However, the second year i soured on him once DJax was traded…hated that move and the way it all went down. I did not trust him and was out on him being a viable HC to lead this team. DC’s picked up on his play calling and figured him out. Kelly showed no ability or perhaps desire to adjust and was exposed as a joke of an over matched coach.
            I was not sure about Coach P but I definitely was happily willing to give him a fair chance just because he was not Chip Kelly. He exceeded my expectation at this point. He’s everything LLCB was supposed to be and just out coached Bill Bellichick and ran circles around Matt Patricia making him look silly.

            Further, people laughed at Jeff Lurie for the emotional intelligence saying..Lurie was right. Props to him too for seeing the mistake known as Chip Kelly and correcting it.

            • LLCB not even allowing an audible shocked the hell out of me. He wanted a good culture/character in the locker room which I totally agree with BUT it is his responsibility to create it… that’s what Doug did this year

              • LLCB ruined any chance at having a good cultured locker room after allowing Riley Cooper to not only stay but extending him after his racist rant at the country music concert, then cutting DeSean Jackson. Jason peters had no desire to play hard for Chip Kelly and we all know why. The fact is there were plenty of players in the locker room who no longer cared for kelly after some of his personnel moves and the way he conducted himself as a non approachable stand offish person. Demarco Murray was Chip’s guy, and he could not stand Chip…complained to Lurie about him in less than a season. Chip couldn’t see the forest through the trees.

              • “Chip couldn’t see the forest thru the trees”….most accurate statement on Gcobb

              • I hated the Chip Kelly hire when it happened…always hated the idea of going after major college coaches, it’s a tough for most of those guys to translate to the NFL. After Kelly’s first season, I thought I might have been wrong.

                But his offense never evolved from what we saw in Washington on opening night 2013. Halfway through 2014, the rest of the league had caught up to it. And Chip never had a counter punch to how the league adjusted to the gimmick offense.

                When Kelly made the Foles-Bradford trade, that’s when I was 100% convinced he wasn’t going to work out. I hated the idea of giving up on Foles after had just a half a season of up-and-down play, I hated the idea of putting an injury prone failure like Bradford into a system that basically required the quarterback to take a physical pounding by design, and worst of all, I hated that Kelly threw a second round pick away WITH Foles to get Sam…the trade made sense to no one at the time. The only justification that people could come up with was that getting Sam was part of a larger plan to get Mariota. Not one person expected Bradford to open the season on the roster. And then, no Mariota trade happened (thank goodness, because chip really would have set this team back a decade) and Sam was the quarterback in that doomed season.

                Add in the fact that Chip continued to roll out the same tired tricks on offense, you had the recipe for one of the greatest letdowns in recent memory. Thank goodness those days are just memories now.

            • Denny..the Foles for Bradford trade made sense to koolbreeze and songsrme2….(both one in the same). They/he loved it!

              • And Denny here’s the proof!

                March 10, 2015 – 6:30 pm

                Here’s a few parting words Foles left for the stiff’s jock sniffers…….

                Foles addressed the media for the first time since Week 9 and when asked about next year he said “I expect to be back here. I expect to be the quarterback. I love my teammates and I expect to be back out there leading them.” Expect another off-season of “Is Nick Foles the guy?”

                Nick will now have new teammates to love along with a new team that he can “promise to get better”, after throwing off his back foot.


                Guys, what are your thoughts on what team Chip is in talks with so the Eagles can swoop in and get Mariota?

                March 10, 2015 – 6:39 pm

                LOL…the team is better

                Its addition by way of subtraction

                14-4, 27-2 all those numbers where meaningless to Chip

                Chip had a close and careful look at Nick Foles

                He agreed: Nick Foles is a bum and not a Franchise QB

  • Here is a classic post by koolbreeze. pay particular attention to the last two paragraphs. This is why he is the ULTIMATE FRAUD AND WELCHER.
    April 26, 2016 – 8:55 pm

    CTFU!!!!!! EHL you are a flip-flopping fool that simply puts your fingers up to the wind and goes in whatever direction the winds blow…The ‘Hate-Sam-Crew was and still is wrong…
    I’m not a wimpy,spineless flip-flopper that hides and wimps out anytime something does not go the way I predicted….like you do E
    My predictions followed a logical and reasonable pattern…the Eagles forked over a massive $36 million dollar contract with $22 million guaranteed…
    Anyone with half a brain would call that Franchise QB money
    Then through a series of lucky breaks and dumb moves-that Eagles Management have made on the fly- the Eagles found themselves with the second pick of the draft where they will now make what I am calling a dumb and stupid move…they will draft Carson Wentz…who I predict will be a bust!
    EHL, you are a complete fraud and idiot..the end of the day hasn’t come yet…the end of the day will be when Wentz is carrying a Super Bowl trophy at the parade down Broad St…until that day…you and your idiot crew haven’t proven a thing…and as I said…If we see that day…I will eat my crow in joyous celebration…I will say..”pass the mustard for my crow to eat about Wentz”…
    But until then idiot EHL…you haven’t proven anything


  • Concerning my mea culpa..Jason Kelce…my apologies, I said it earlier in the season, but it must be said again..Kelce is a flat out stud at Center. I was ready to trade him and insert Ike Seumalo..man that would have been a disaster. No SB w/o him!

    • You and I both were fed up with Kelce earlier because his play wasn’t becoming of a quality starting center. Thankfully his play improved tremendously and my suspicion is Pederson’s leadership, coaching/direction has much to do with it. Kelce’s poor play the last 2 years wasn’t a figment of any knowledgeable fans imagination. But we’re all glad that it improved. Just like sb mvp Foles play his last stint here didn’t help his prospects as a starter. He was rightfully replaced by Vick, but as we see know pop warner offense of llcb was as much to blame. Foles also looked horrible when given the reigns in St Louis. But in his defense, he was under the idiot Fisher.
      I’m happy he’s resurrected his career. Always liked him. He always (as I’ve stated numerous times) passed the eye test. Apparently he just needed the right coach and system to flourish.

      • Kelce was fine- he battled through an injury or two but his coaches KNEW, unlike you that he was the best option.
        Did Foles get replaced by Vick? I

        • Yeah, Brewski was the only fan that had problems with Kelce’s play over the last 2 years. I’m the only one that brought it up. You’re more of troll than any of the other posters you bark about constantly. And I acknowledge my mistake with the Foles and Vick comment. Vick beat Foles out fair and square before the season started. Vick actually replaced the sacred cow Kolb that you and many that still post here elevated to deity status until he flamed out of the league.
          But carry on with your revisionist history and selective criteria to what makes a legitimate fan.

  • I really wonder what Andy Reid thinks and feels about being a head coach for 18 years and not winning the super bowl. Yet, his understudy and OC at KC wins a SB in his second year with a bevy of injuries to starting players. I believe Reid is happy for Doug, however, the human nature aspect of it makes me wonder what else Andy is thinking and feeling. I know the people on Arrowhead Pride do not feel good about it.

  • The foles/LLCB debate has been settled permanently.. none of the Bradford people will post… dummy TS came on and lamely tried to diminish foles… but in the end, the Vick fans are gone… they were passionate and had their motives, it wasn’t stated but it was transparent… they had their reasons.

    • Yes the debate has been smashed and settled, but, the nostalgia of it all is still entertaining and quite amusing to me. The fact that they are all in hiding is sad. No honor at all!

      • Many trump voters will go in hiding when he’s indicted, many Hilary voters will go into hiding when her corruption comes out…l backing a loser ain’t easy

        • TRUMP IS A NAZI

        • The Hillary corruption? The corruption u have been brainwashed to believe ? The uranium 1 deal that was so corrupt it was investigated 3 times and came up goose eggs 3 times?

          Regarding conald oh he getting indicted. Can’t wait.

          • Hilary is no choir boy…. trump is a total idiot, over his head and completely criminal. She has been involved in shady politics for years…she’s great at it… he’s an amateur

            • zero correlation. ones has been the subject of a propoganda/brainwashing campaign with all criminal allegations being unfounded.

              the other a compulsive liar, a negligent scumbag, a traitor, a failed businessman, a crook, a scum of a human, filth of the earth piece of shit that will deserve everything coming to him

              • I 100% agree with paragraph number 2…. anyway..birds world champs… everyone signed…SB MVP is an asset , howie in charge


    I’ve been partying since Sunday, my voice is shot

    I have so much to say but I ‘ll keep it short by saying I am so proud of my squad, from top to bottom, from Lurie all the way down

    I’ve supported this team thru and thru

    We’ve come a long way

    We now have the Coach, QBs (plural) OL, DL and a defense with all arrows pointing up!

    We Are Champions!!!




  • U gotta be happy also for someone like Tre Burton. Who as a undrafted free agent is solidified in eagles history!!

    What a baller. Had 5 TDs this year and threw a TD in the Super Bowl

    Hope we keep him

    • With all due to Burton… Clement is the UDFA of that SB… historic day

  • WE





  • In hindsight Foles always starts this way. The knock on him was durability with his first stint in Philly. 2013 He had a pro bowl season ( 27-2). In 2014 Foles had a 6-2 record as a starter for the Eagles then was injured. 2015 is a toss out year, that team was so bad and Jeff Fisher is inept as an offensive leader. 2016 He was very competent as Alex Smith’s backup for 2 starts both wins. 2017 competent again and wins the super bowl. The only seasons Nick Foles was questionable was his Rookie year and that St Louis Ram season. The other 4 years of his career he was an above average NFL QB.

    • Above average?? WAY ABOVE. Trending elite

      The dude is 19-5 in philly outside his rookie year. Keep in mind we didn’t beat the Redskins for 3 years after we lost
      Nick foles.

      Skins beat Sanchez, Bradford(2) Wentz (2). Nick foles was our franchise qb before chip Kelly sent him away after going 29-2 including playoffs. Then came back and went 7-2

      At least I thought foles was gonna be the franchise guy!! When we got Bradford I was optimistic chip could work wonders with him since he was with the shitty ass Rams also!!

      Anybody at the parade! How is it?

  • Jason Kelce out here riding around on a bike in mummers gear!!!

    • And kelce with the greatest thing these ears have ever heard except for i do and my kids first cries. Wow!!!

  • Jason Kelce was lit…I love the song..
    We’re from Philly fucken Philly no one likes us we don’t care, we’re the Eagles fucken Eagles no one likes us we don’t care.
    LMAO…I have a new found respect for Jason Kelce..not due to the language but the attitude and understanding that Eagles fans have. All of the crap we’ve taken through the years from the national media and other teams. Who gives a fuck if no one likes us.
    Oh, and the shot at Mike Lombardi was priceless!!!

    • Kelce talking to fans
      Kelce riding a bike on the route
      Kelce high fiving everyone
      Kelce body surfing in the crowd
      Kelce with the best speech these ears ever heard

    • Jason Kelce isn’t wrong in his rant, I wrote some and/or read everything negative about his teammates and franchise right here in this comment section. I guess he gave quite a few of us the middle finger too as he sits with his super bowl championship teammates on cloud 9.

  • Garrapolo just signed a $137 M contract.. I’d say Foles is FAR MORE ACCOMPLISHED than Garrapolo… there are about 15 GMs hunkered in their office saying…hmmm, this guy can do that to Brady and BelicheT …. howie is having an expensive bottle of wine tonight…. back in the office tomorrow and put out the sign…”open for business “

    • 49ers are acting like they have Russell Wilson or Drew Brees paying that kind of money. wow. Howie’s eyes popped out of his head with the amount Wentz is going to cost in a few years. I would have franchise tagged garrapolo, and see how he looks after 16 games.

      • E0S…dude you have to change your moniker!

        • I tried, informed me I cannot change username. I guess I’ll have to retire eagles0superbowls and come back as “Mhenski-Havenoclue”. those two seem to love to pick each others’ noses.

      • Howie’s eyes are planted firmly in his head… didn’t bat an eye… it’s the cost of doing business…. he isn’t as shell shocked as you think cuz he wears big boy pants. The market bears what the market can afford to bear…I tried to teach you guys the math behind pro sports for years… but this class comes to Gcobb on the short bus.

  • NBA trade deadline passes and Sixers don’t make a move. A little surprise they didn’t add a stretch 4 PF for the 2nd unit. But happy Colangelo didn’t make any moves, little faith in his ability to build a team. Hoping they have a new GM in charge in the off season. Going to be tough to hold off Detroit from claiming the last playoff spot, hopefully another team takes a dive in the standings like Miami or Indiana.

    • Zero… STFU… your whining about Colangelo is EXACTLY like your 2016 Howie whining… EXACTLY!

      • I’m happy the sixers didn’t make a move.

        Just put Markelle on the floor..


      • Haveacigar – you puckering up on Colangelo’s rear end today is just like you head bobbing on Pete Mackanin’s joy stick. Anyone can win with Joel Embiid on their team. He is championship ready right now. Jerry West or Pat Riley would have the best record in the NBA right now if Joel Embiid was their player with all the assets Colangelo had at his disposal before he blew it. ABJECT FAILURE. He squandered 5 first round draft picks and 80 million in cap space and doesn’t have a point guard capable of crediting space for Joel Embiid. ( Ben Simmons is good at penetration and kicking out passes ( how does that help Joel Embiid)?

  • 49ers are taking a tremendous risk…Jimmy Garrapolo has only played seven games. How will he respond once DC’s get tape on him and game plan for him. It’ll be interesting.

    • The risk is worth it. The dude is a 2x champion and is like 7-0 as a starter.

      He has a damn good coach around him in my opinion. Jimmy G got the chance to learn for several games before actually playing and when he finally did he balled out!!

      Dude moves just like a more athletic Brady. He got the chance to learn off the best, and Bill B was IN LOVE with him. That tells u something.

      49ers with a few good FA signings (2-3 max) and a solid draft and they are set!!

      I like the 49ers over the cardinals and Seahawks next season.

      What if tre burton goes to San Fran?

      49ers made the right choice

      • I bet the patriots go to the super bowl with jimmy G starting at qb instead of Tom Brady

        In that conference and In that division? They also beat the titans, and Jacksonville with jimmy G under center

        • In other news

          It like like Frank R and Coach Flip are both goners..

          Oh well… at least we got a ring.

  • Bill Bel , and I believe Brady host a call in type of radio show , weekly i think. If it is on this week Would love to listen to it . . I was shocked to learn belicheck would partake in such a regular guy activity .Might be over for the season anyway,Dont know if they appear at same time but know they both have contractual deals up in beantown for radio shows, call in style!

    • eagles just dethroned the goats. just had an epic parade. jason kelce got it and repped the fans to the fullest and ur worried about the pats?

  • I just want to feel the pain from the pats for a while longer.I listened to and watched Jason 3 times , A speech worthy of a presidential candidate! greatest sports speech ever! Inspirationall and from the soul!

    • I love the euphoria!!!! Speech was a must listen multiple times, over and over again. But it’s not quite….”Today I consider myself the luckiest man on earth….”… certainly more fun! Lol

    • Cmon man. There’s no pain. Greatest qb and coach ever. Greatest modern dynsty if not overall dynasty. Who am i to argue with ya but i don’t get seeking out others pain, focus on our joy imo. I can’t even focus on work still today. Bananas. My daughter and i went to parade in south Philly then split to watch speeches on tv with my grand pop her great grand pop. The joy on that 88 year old mans face was enough to make me smile a lifetime.

      • The joy on the 88 year old Gent is another priceless Eagle super bowl story!So I guess you are more evolved than me, I love the pain from B.Belicheck , and from The smug fans , of The Patriots, I still remember the day that Belichek wrote a handwritten note to the Jets turning down the H.C. job after taking it ,
        Same thing His O.C. just pulled, Cheaters need to feel pain and I am one happy old timer who is overjoyed ,I saw an Eagle super bowl win before I pass on to the other side!And I hope you enjoy the off season !Bring on the Eagle fans joy and rejoice in the Pats pain/ they have done enough cheating and nefarious activity to last me what is left of my lifetime!That is a fact Jack!

      • Henski, GM Cliff just fell out of his chair reading that! LOL

        • More likely he’s sitting in that chair thinking about coming on and trying to convince everyone he’s my grandpop.

  • If Jimmy G is worth 137.5, what the f— is Nicky 6 worth lol?

    • Do not be surprised to read…”eagles have given nicks agent permission to work out a contract and trade”

  • Nate Sudfeld decision to leave Washington looks like a good career move a year later if he gets elevated to Wentz’s primary backup on a Foles’s trade.
    Duce Staley received an interview for the Eagle’s Head Coaching position but hasn’t even been considered by any other team as an offensive coordinator. A little surprising.

    • I always bring up Donnel Pumphrey, and Sidney jones of draft picks who didn’t play.

      But I always forget about Shelton Gibson

      Eagles are going to have some real depth and quality players next season who got a full season to watch and learn behind the scenes.

      Pederson would stay with these guys after practice with coaches to give them “extra work”

    • Sudefeld didn’t make a decision…. the eagles took him…. it was a good decision by your new best friend Howie! You suffer from stupidity and or amnesia!
      No crush on Colangelo…. just give him a minute to clear up the years of tanking before crushing him…. last I saw they were in a playoff race… which if predicted before season you’d be happy with

      • I read an article by Ruben Frank on CSNPhilly in September. The entire article including the header informed the reader how difficult Sudfeld’s decision to leave Washington for Philadelphia was.( Sudfeld’s word not Haveacigar’s opinion) I remember the article because Foles was injured during training camp and Matt McGloin was horrible in preseason so I was really interesting in Nate Sudfeld at the time. Once again Haveacigar conjuring up stuff in his head, as usual.

        • DUMMY…he was CLAIMED off the practice squad …. a practice squad players don’t have a CHOICE to stay or leave… you are a nitwit

        • From profootbal-reference he was cut by washington, he didn’t decide to leave– they decided for him dummy:

          November 2, 2017: Philadelphia Eagles activated QB Nate Sudfeld from the practice squad.

          September 4, 2017: Philadelphia Eagles added QB Nate Sudfeld to the practice squad.

          September 3, 2017: Washington Redskins cut QB Nate Sudfeld.

          May 9, 2016: Washington Redskins signed QB Nate Sudfeld.

  • perhaps the most unkindest disease on the planet is Lou Gerhigs disease A.L .S . had a close friend that contracted ,that dreaded curse , Took everything from him bit by bit . His vision still haunts me today.He seemed to turn to jelly , his wife had to hide his guitar seeing it on the wall made him cry, no one should have to live like that for an extended period.Jason has a beautiful Irish sense of humor , What an irrevarent, touching, truthful emotional speech he gave,

  • glad to read on bgn that the EAGLES were prepped for the pats cheating , but downplayed it as a team . . No runnning philly special at all in any kind of practice or walk thru, Sometimes the most soft spoken guys are hard asses inside, L ike Doug!

  • Just did some reading on our new backup QB- Nate Sudfeld– did the research cuz ZERO does ZERO. Anyway, seems he’s a very mature leader type- served a couple of missions in Africa- I assume mormon- anyway, there is a lot to like as a BU… we shall see with the QB coach going to Minny…. but maybe just maybe-

    • Haveacigar, you did research and still conclude you are correct ? smh
      I said “Nate Sudfeld decision to leave Washington looks like a good career move” ( I wrote that today)
      Your dingbat ass said, “Sudefeld didn’t make a decision…. the eagles took him….”
      I proved you wrong with an Article by Ruben Frank documenting Sudfeld coping with his “decision” to leave Washington for Philadelphia. In the article by Ruben Frank he clearly writes Washington was expected to add him to their practice squad. Sudfeld had a choice which practice squad he wished to continue his NFL career.Which leads us back to my comment written today.
      I said “Nate Sudfeld decision to leave Washington looks like a good career move”
      Your dingbat ass said, “Sudefeld didn’t make a decision…. the eagles took him….”
      THERE WAS NO TAKING (TOOK- your word) THERE WAS A DECISION WHICH SUDFELD MADE !!!!!!!!!!! To sign a practice squad contract with the Eagles over the expected practice squad contract Washington was to make. Again NO TOOK YES DECISION MADE by Sudfeld. I recommend you stop conjured up nonsense in your head.

      • Nope… he was hanging in the breeze

        • Here is the article by Ruben Frank of CSNPHILLY.
          “QB Nate Sudfeld makes ‘very tough call’ to join Eagles, leave Redskins”
          That is literally the title of the Ruben Frank’s article. You are welcome to read it and apologize to me.

          • What are the odds Nate Sudfeld is the opening day starter week 1?

          • He was cut!

            • haveacigar
              February 9, 2018 – 4:12 pm

              DUMMY…he was CLAIMED off the practice squad …. a practice squad players don’t have a CHOICE to stay or leave… you are a nitwit
              So finally, you have decided to walk back your conjured up nonsense?

              • Jeeezus H Christ…the Eagles just won the Super Bowl and you guys are debating whether Nate Sudfeld was cut or not..Nate Fucking Sudfeld…LOL.

                That really demonstrates how well the Eagles are doing/has done.

                Nate “not a fucking factor” Sudfeld…smh..lmao.

  • Every expert analyst before the playoffs ranked foles 12 out of 12 of qbs in the playoffs… losing to Bortles, Marriotta, etc….. I wonder how that would go now. I guess you’d rank Brady and Ben have won more SB. Breeze and Foles each one… hmmm

  • Sixers played well tonight in an easy home victory of the Pelicans. Embiid is special. He so dominate. Saric is playing great basketball. Happy to see the 2nd team hold onto that 28 point 4th quarter lead to enable Brett Brown to sit his starters in the 4th quarter for tomorrow’s back to back New Orleans/LA Clipper games. Last week Brett Brown was forced to reinsert his starters in the first leg of back to back games because they coughed up a twenty point lead in the 4th.

    • Sixers should be 28-25 after tomorrow!! It’s vital they end off on a great note right before the Allstar break! Give them great momentum for the next 25-26 games

      Markelle not getting on the court is huge and sets the process back. Would be nice to give him experience so they can get some
      Growing pains out of the way heading into
      Next season with playoff experience

      • Definitely CT but i reaslly want to be 30 and 25 at the all star break, with pistons om our ass we gotta keep winning, saric is the man right now…..at this point id just shut down fultz and pu a marco or praying tyreke is bought out

        • The sixers Tie there win total from last season at 28 wins.

          They have 29 games left..




    Marco Belinelli has signed with the Sixers!

    We’re making a serious playoff push and Marco is a baller!

    Lets Goooooo

    • Frank R to the colts!!

      Eagles to make resigning Nigel Bradham there top priority this offseason!

      Get it done! Out of Patrick R, Trey Burton, and Nigel he is the most important I feel like!

      And keep Torrey smith!!

  • The two coaching losses will be tough. They obviously were in sync with each other. I have to assume Duece will be OC? They guy has had HC interviews… seems like his time.
    As for who to keep… offensively 5hey committed to Alshon and Ertz…. there is only so much money… and they seem to be a plug and play team… I dunno bout smith, not sure what his number is.

    • Eagles at least got to keep Frank R and coach Flip for two years during Carson’s rookie and sophomore years.

      Those are probably the most vital years in a young pros career.

      We will be fine. As long as we have Doug Pederson and that DC Jim Schwartz, there will be no problems

      Promote Duce Staley and right off the bat u have another familiar face in the offense.

      We won’t lose a beat

      • Carson is a big boy now– he can coach himself-
        interesting to see if flip brings foles– he obviously knows how to coach him, won a SB with him, got a promotion because of him (partly)… with their defense…. foles etc… dunno.

        • Its interesting, cause the Atlanta falcons lost there qb coach and OC the following season after there Super Bowl collapse

          It was noticeable for sure.

          I think we have a better team then Atlanta. And QB. Not
          To mention our HC is a offensive guy and a play caller. Dan Quinn is not

          It’s funny. How many people laughed at me when I said nick foles is better then :

          Alex smith
          Ryan tannheill
          Matt Ryan
          Case Keenum
          Kirk cousins
          Eli manning
          Carson palmer
          Derek Carr
          Trevor S
          Joe flacco
          Andy dalton

          • I remember that… remember that the experts and the dummies rated him 12 out of 12 in playoff qbs …
            Right now if you compare body of work he is a lot better than cousins

            • He shits on Third Cousins in so many ways

              What makes Nick Foles so special is that he is Tom Brady poise.

              The dude never gets rattled and stays poised. The moment never is too big for him.

              He looks at football like a game. Nothing more nothing less. Some guys choke up in the big moment and the hype becomes to overwhelming.

              Carson is the same exact way. Those two being in the same locker room with all these ex Qbs (pederson, Reich, Flip) paid off big time!

              Thank god Howie blocked Flip last season!

  • World fucking champs

  • wonder who the Eagles will hire to replace Reich & DeFilippo? I’ve read articles that indicate Jeff Stoutland organizes the Eagle run game for Pederson. Duce Staley received a head coaching interview by the eagles. Seems logical that one of them get a bump in pay.

  • Marco Belinelli to the Sixers? TLC and Bayless can’t be happy about that.
    TJ McConnell is getting the most minutes off the bench so he is officially their sixth man. Wonder who will get more bench minutes between Marco and TJ in a few weeks. It looks like Brett Brown is giving Anderson minutes as Covington’s backup. Rotation is set. Brett Brown is giving his starters 33 minutes a game & 15 minutes to reserves ( TJ, Amir, Anderson, Booker, now Belinelli).
    NY Knicks next tonight without an injured Porzingis.

  • I need help serious questions about Wentz. Are you Eagle fans first over being just a Wentz fans.? Foles has to be traded immediately. What happens if Foles starts season and goes 4-0 or 3-1 and is lighting it up again in this system? Wentz is ready to come back week 4 or 5 do you then sit Foles? Say you sit Foles and the offense isnt the same and he struggles a bit. You know what kind of pressure Wentz would be under to perform, human nature looking over his shoulder, grumblings from fans and possibly in the locker room.. I gurantee Wentz, back to human nature, will do everything in his power to start week 1. . Remember Foles isnt 36 he is 29 and possibly could play like this in this system for the next 7 years. I mean I honestly dont care who plays as long as the best player plays because Im a Eagles fan first. Wentz is exciting talented highlight reel player like Aaron Rogers. I mean Im not saying Wentz cant win multiple SB. Foles is Bradyesque a deadly pinpoint system QB with not alot of physical talents. Guess what Brady has been to 8 and Rogers 1. Just saying.. I dont know the correct answer I want to keep Foles and I dont. Whats your thoughts?

    • It’s all about where Carson is going to be projected to return and how well his knee is healing. Also, what can the Eagles get for Foles. You have to get a good first round pick..top15-20 at least, then a future 2 or 3. Sam Bradford netted a 1 and a 3 with an injury history, no playoff appearances and just an average overall record (8-8) tops per season as a starter. Foles is a SB MVP QB who is 29 years old and does not have an injury history. Further, Foles showed growth as he slid in the pocket to avoid rushers, no throwing off the back foot while back pedaling.
      The Eagles will not just give him away for anything less than a first..book it!

      • Why we giving him away at all? You know what it is. With good protection and a good run game Foles is better than Wentz. If you need a QB who can make a play on his own Wentz is a better player. Which one would you rather have? Im mean Foles completes 70% of his passes and doesnt turn the ball over but wont run for 30 yards. Wentz completes 60% of his passes and makes 3 wow plays a game. I dunno. Brady or Rogers?

        • Lol, I love what Foles did against the Vikings and the Patriots, however, I am not prepared to say that he’s better than Wentz. Wentz’s overall body of work behind an unstable line in the beginning and middle of the year speaks for itself. Foles would not have survived that against some of the defenses we played this year. Let’s not forget, Wentz and the defense got us to 11-2 making home field advantage possible. I’d have to see Foles play a whole season under similar circumstances and conditions as Wentz did to compare the two.

  • I think he gets traded. Your point is a good one but I don’t think you can manage your team afraid of injury. Foles is at his highest value.

  • HAC im flip flopping now. Foles is only just turned 29 if he was 34, 35 I would feel different. Unless some teams blows me away with multiple picks Nicky 6 aint going nowhere. A 2nd round or even a late 1st round draft pick is nowhere near as valuable as knowing you have a SB MVP QB in the perfect system for him. You can do no better. If Foles happens to play lights out and for some reason ends up our QB next year I can franchise him. If he doesnt that means Wentz is lights out which is wonderful also and Foles was insurance for a year and he walks for nothing which Im ok with. If Foles would happen to lead us deep in playoffs and or SB I have Wentz on rookie deal and we could revisit moving him down the road.

    • I just think the birds are 100% committed to Wentz and you realistically only have Foles for next year- he is obviously valuable to them with Wentz being uncertain…. its a good problem to have – One QB who was on his way to league MVP and another who was SB MVP- I just think you have to explore trading him while you can- have his agent look for sign/trade deals from QB hungry teams- I think he’s better than Cousins who will break the bank this off season.

      • Wentz easily and it aint close, fanbase would riot over foles over Wentz, people need to realize wentz set the foundation for this superbowl run and foles finished it off for us

        • Aint even close? lol yeah ok

  • Nick Foles even gets doubted by Eagle fans because god forbid he may be better than Wentz in this system. lol. Just maybe just maybe Foles in THIS system is better. lol. He damn sure is more accurate. WTF else does he have to do 27-2 and lights out and leads us to 1st SB. Im a Eagles fan first I dont care who plays as long as he is the best player plays. There is no reason Pederson cant continue to out scheme defenses and Foles continues to complete 70% of his passess. Wentz was running around like a chicken with his head cut off makeing plays while Foles surgically destroyed defenses. lol. What a great problem to have Go Birds.

    • Nick foles is probably better then Wentz.

      U gotta ask yourself, who would u rather want? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers??

      Wentz is Rodgers
      Foles is Brady

      Give me the Qb who gets the ball out in 2 seconds. Doesn’t use his legs, and stays in the pocket 9/10 times. It’s the only way a qb stays healthy!!

      Why is Rodgers always hurt? And Brady is never hurt??

      Wentz has already got a broken rib, and torn ACL cause of his style. He also was hurt in college with a broken hand.

      I love Wentz. But he might end up being Andrew luck in terms on injury.

      Eagles will choose Wentz over Foles. And I understand why! I love Wentz. He’s more exposlocive and gifted

      But will it be the right choice?

      • Perfectly said

        • What a good fucking problem to have. lol. Trust me wont be mad eithier direction they would go!

          • Jeff Lurie and only Jeff Lurie is going to make this Eagle QB decision. If I have to predict I don’t think Jeff Lurie allows Carson Wentz to be shopped and would veto any trade proposal if another team offered a package where as I think Jeff Lurie will listen to what is Nick Foles trade value this off season.

            • What planet do you live on Wentz would never be traded… the discussion is should 9 be treaded.

              • Is this contagious ?

              • Some of the reporters think nick may just renogiate and take high end backup money … he comes from a rich family, is a simple guy and might just stay here as his family loves the area…who knows

              • Lotta crazy talk going on. I doubted Nick and was completely proved wrong but 11 is the starter going forward.

                This conversation probably proves that they should try to trade Foles as there will be 2 camps going into the season. I would prefer to hold onto him until you know Wentz is good to go, but he I would like to avoid a circus. Plus it would be good to give him a chance to start somewhere else.

  • Never would have thought a combination of Andy Reid and Chip Kelly’s playbook would take over the NFL. 3 offensive coordinators will be using this Pederson offense next off season. ( Eagles, Vikings, and Colts)

    • They can try to run the offense. But easier said then done. They don’t have THE Guy Aka Pederson.

      Colts are a disaster and have had 3-5 years of all time piss poor management. Terrible drafting and FA signings. OLine and Dline are awful with ZERO Depth. Linebackers are average at best. And Malik hooker will begin training camp on PUP

      Vikings are in a division with Aaron Rodgers. Also will have a first place schedule. Can’t see them doing it again. Not to mention who is there qb?

      Eagles will have a easier schedule this upcoming season based off this years win%. We had the 10th hardest this year, 19th this upcoming year with opponents win/loss 126-130. We have easiest schedule in NFC eAst.

      Take that with what u will.. but we get at home
      Away: Bucs Titans Jacksonville Rams Saints

  • Wow wtf eagles win the chip and all of a sudden everyone turns into cliff wtf is going on?

    • People are bored and have nothing to really bitch about in typical Eagles fan fashion. Winning is new to us and some are struggling handling it..so..they resort back to what they know.

  • Redskins- lose Sean McVay.
    Falcons – lose Shannhan, and Qb coach
    Colts – lose Bruce arians
    bills- lose Anthony Lynn
    Bengals- lose Hue Jackson

    None of those teams offenses have been the Same after losing there offensive coaches. Losing your offensive coaches and qb coach is bigger then losing your defensive coaches

    Defenses are meant to destroy and hit people. That’s why it’s easier to play in cold weather then offenses in January, February.

    Offenses come down to play design and choreography. Moving the ball and taking care of it is harder then trying to blow it up. Again, especially in cold weather where championships and playoff games are played

    Seattle- loses Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley.
    Arizona – loses Todd Bowles
    Carolina- loses Sean McDermott
    Houston – loses wade Phillips

    None of them lose a beat, and have still been damn good defense or gotten better. Defense is about violence and don’t get me wrong coaches are important, but not even close to offensive

    Long story short: We are going to see how Damn good Doug Pederson really is next season

    • I would argue that in many of your examples the HC was a defensive guy

  • You are right. O is much more difficult to scheme, coach, and prepare than D.

    It is a bit of a bummer that the Birds have lost two offensive coaches….and so soon too….couldn’t we have had a year or two before the poaching?

    That being said…..Eagles just won the Super Bowl!

    My hope is that when one, or both, of these guys fail as HCs (and history says that will happen) that they might come limping back to re-take their old roles…Patriots style!

    • I don’t think Reich is going fail, and if he does it’s because of one thing and one thing only.

      Is Andrew Luck okay?

      As a football fan. It pisses me off we have been robbed of Andrew luck by that trash ass organization

      Chris Ballad got his Guy. They will look back and thank the gods McDaniels was NOT there guy..

      He’s a ex player, and ex Qb. I mean damn the dude orchestrated the biggest come back in NFL history.

      And the good thing for Frank is that he has time. He will be in his first year and colts are still rebuilding, he will get 3-4 years minimum in that stacked division.

      There is just too much to overcome with that roster it’s gonna take 2
      Off-seasons to fix under Reich.

      We should drop Minniosta and Indy in Philly next season with new coaches at key positions and major qb question marks.

      • Colts are def. my AFc team next
        Season and I will be following them very closesly to see how frank

        Same with Flip.

        I’m just enamored with this whole
        Coaching staff because they are the ones who finally did it and brought the trophy to philly for first time ever

        It shocks me that coach Dave Fipp has never been interviewed. Not sure what his contract is but that man is a BEAST.

        • Sixers win there 8th straight at home.

          They are 15-7 since xmas

          29 wins the most since 2012.

          4-0 since the SB



      • I think Reich made a big mistake going to Indy.

        That team has had the 30th or so ranked D for years now. They’re completely shit. There is no offensive line. There is no RB. Their most productive recieving threat last year was Jack Doyle!!

        The cupboard is bare.

        Luck is…well no one knows where the hell he is hiding somewhere in the world getting experimental treatments on his shoulder.

        (and BTW – even if he is healthy…not having played a full season for 3 years now…..are you really that confident that Luck is even as good as people think he is? I don’t…..)

        Oh, and Irsay stumbles from one disaster to another.

        • Colts have a stone cold drug addict as their owner.


    Hankie is dead

    • anyone can win with Joel Embiid. He is a Superstar. He is a top 5 NBA player in the league and Championship ready right now. Brett Brown is treading water hovering around .500 with Joel Embiid. How? bad coaching. It is easy to win with Joel Embiid, Sixers should be top 3 in east. They shouldn’t be struggling around .500.

      • LOL!!!!!

      • Zero has replaced Fraudman when it come to negative non-sense that is not grounded in fact. The sixers are 1 game behind in the loss column of 4 seed Washington, they are 3 games behind in the loss column of 3 seed Cleveland– of their top 6 players 4 are 25 and under. They have 27 games left, I think 18 of those games are against terrible opponents (Nets 3 times, Hawks twice)–my prediction is 45 wins and a 5 seed.

        • Brett brown a loser!!!

          Fire him he can’t win!!!!!

          Half way through Simmons rookie season we now know he can’t play!!!!

          Simmons can’t play with Embiid!!!!!!

          Sixers must fire Brett brown now!!!!!!

          Heeeeee haaaaAaw!!!!!

          • Ben Simmons is the easiest player to replace in the Sixer’s starting lineup because he has no range and offers no protection for Joel Embiid. Simmons is extremely lucky Markelle Fultz is a bust draft selection because if the Sixers selected a pg in the draft that can make a foul line jump shot, Ben Simmons would be Dario Saric’s backup right now at the PF position. Joel Embiid needs 3 point shooters and a pg who can make pull up jump shots off the high pick and roll.



              • I’ll give my reasons –
                Brett Brown started Jaryad Bayless over Dario Saric for 6-8 games to start the season. ( horrible decision ) then he finally made the switch but continue to play the last 5 minutes of games with Bayless on the court and Saric on the bench. ( horrible decision) Now Bayless is out of the rotation. ( correct decision)
                Robert Covington struggles to pass the basketball into the post, it took Brett Brown 30 games to switch Saric and Covington feeding the post from the forward position. Last night Brown inserted Covington with 1.3 seconds left in the half to throw a full court pass and predictably he turned the ball over giving NY an uncontested 3 point shot. Covington has turned the ball over 3 times at the end of quarter in 2018. Under no circumstances should Covington be a creator including the in bound pass.
                When Trevor Booker gives Dario Saric a break at the PF position – Joel Embiid vacates the low post and Trevor Booker takes the block. ( horrible decision) as a result Joel Embiid then starts launching 3 pointers from the wing.( Embiid 3pt % is under 30%) Bad coaching

  • Nick Foles is unanimous choose on GCobb to be starting QB. You guys were right. GCobbers for years have said you cant have a mobile QB who runs around and gets hurt cant win SB. You need someone who stays in pocket reads a defense and delivers accurate passess @ a 70% clip. That was Foles. Them damn running QBs wonder what changed.

    • Don’t let it shock you if Nate Sudfeld is our opening day starter.

      The eagles love him. And so did a lot of other teams.

      Coach Flip has had nothing but damn good things to say about him today stating how
      He believes he’s gonna be a damn good qb

      He balled out against the Dallas starters for
      His first game ever.

      On this eagles team, with this system and coach Nate could be a baller and hold
      It down for philly while Carson gets healthy.

      Eagles would have traded foles for a first rounder,
      And then would end up trading Nate potientially as well in 2019!!


  • Denny Baskins , Your honesty as a writer is refreshing, but it is a good thing for Philly fans you are not a coach. You have my vote as a writer but please stay from even Pop Warner coaching , Start out as a wiffle ball coach, and work your our way up … ok Bro?You might be qualified to call a play on the philly streets like / Go long ,,and then go in between . the parked cars,Maybe you can coach up Johnny Maizell ,I hear John Boy wants to be a baller again,in the C.F.L. Enjoy the Eagles off season Bro!

  • For Gods sake Doug please stop telling people that interview you how you organize your offense, your secrets, your methods etc

    This is Doug showing his inexperience

    Stop talking!

    I hate Belicheat, but never will you hear him revealing anything he does behind the scenes to the media

    Doug, learn from that and stop talking so much!

    We still have a lot to prove

    He said he likes using 3 WR sets etc, now I don’t wanna see 3 WR set at all next year

    He has to know there are coordinators in a film room right now dissecting his offense looking for ways to stop it

    Doug, just stop revealing so much and keep growing as a coach…

    • None of these are secrets dude. You are showing your inexperience. All of this crap is on tape for teams to see all season. That is why they work on coming up with new plays all season for every game. I wouldn’t doubt him at this point.

      It is not like what Belichek does is any secret either. They run crossing patterns to pick players. They throw to their RBs out of the backfield as they rarely run the ball. They try to get Gronk into mismatches. None of these are secrets, but it doesn’t mean that you can stop it.

      • Bugsy, you’re bugging

        So telling the media your methods is okay because your opponent will see it on film anyway?

        Does that make sense to you?

        Let the opponent figure it out, dont give them anything

        Common sense

        Forget Belicheat, what other coach do you hear doing that?

        And no I haven’t read any Peter King articles

    • I assume that you are talking about the Peter King article. It even states that the Patriots knew that they like to go to Ertz on slants in the red zone, so they had a double team planned for 86, but the Eagles still motioned them out of it.





        FIRE DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • you chased Paulman away with all his content and all you offer is this ? Mock what a commented post, ? That’s it?

          • if i chased him away thats great, i didnt know i did but now that i know im proud of myself. one less fraud slangin shit at the wall writing moronic posts like pederson just F’d the eagles over and divulged top secret info.

    • You actually think that Jason Garrett, J. Gruden and P. Shumur are sitting in their offices, reading DP articles and saying, “hey now I understand what the eagles are doing?” — really?

      • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I see not much has changed from this site. Clowns still running around with multiple accounts commenting under everyone’s posts

    This site is primarily supported by 1 or 2 guys with multiple accounts hahaha

    I haven’t missed much of anything here

    Its also very funny to see the same clowns that hated Howie, Lurie, Doug, Foles and even Wentz are now defending such to guys like myself who actually supported the team through and through

    You can’t change now, those who were here from the start of this site remember all that you said. Now they win it all and you come to their defense like you’ve been supporting them?

    We don’t believe you, you need more people

    And those who did this know who I’m talking to…

    • What the heck are you talking about?

      Your take on Pederson talking to the media was ridiculous and you got called out on it.


      Jon Hart
      March 10, 2015 – 5:02 pm








      E.A.G.L.E.S EAGLES!!!!

    • zilents with the best post ever above

  • Just a little internet GM fun so dont get your panties twisted. If Cleveland would give you the # 1, #4 and next years number 1 for Wentz would you do it? You roll with Dougie P and Foles take Barkley #1 and maybe the QB you desire at 4 a Baker Mayfield or best player available? Would you do it? Foles is 29.

    • I think Jeff Lurie makes this decision. Howie will pursue trade value especially since he traded the eagles 2nd and 3rd round 2018 draft choices away for Wentz and Darby. Howie will present the options and Jeff Lurie will ultimately make the decision. But Howie will listen/shop Foles doing his due diligence.


    March 10, 2015 – 5:10 pm

    You idiot John Hart. They’re swapping picks in the SECOND ROUND, not the first.

    New Eagles QBs are Sam Bradford at 13 million and Sanchez at 4.5.

    18-30 Sam Bradford is now the Eagles starting QB.

    Bub-bye thoughts of Mriotta.

    March 10, 2015 – 5:11 pm

    No one can confirm which picks were swapped yet. Especially not gcobb.
    March 10, 2015 – 5:13 pm


    They’re swapping picks in the FIRST ROUND




    Jon Hart
    March 10, 2015 – 5:13 pm

    You’ll be apologizing soon
    Jon Hart
    March 10, 2015 – 5:17 pm



    • oh god this is too good:

      Jon Hart
      March 10, 2015 – 5:34 pm

      My source confirms Titans and Bucs are interested in Sam Bradford

      They’re at the top of the draft

      Were getting Mariota any way you look at it

      • Jon Hart
        March 10, 2015 – 6:33 pm

        Im hearing Bradford and a first will be shipped to the Titans for the 2nd overall pick

        Exclusively from my source

        I said a few post above Titans we’re interested in Bradford

        • Jon Hart
          March 10, 2015 – 6:45 pm

          The Eagles will sed Bradford to titans for that 2nd overall pick by tomorrow.

          JH’$ EAGLE$ NEW$


            Jon Hart
            December 10, 2017 – 9:39 pm

            No freaking way..

            Wentz gets hurt? Of all guys.. Wentz?

            Are we really cursed?

            Let’s hope it isn’t too serious, but from what i’m hearing its an ACL and when it was tested manually by the training staff it was loose..

            But those can be tricky..

            We’ll find out more tomorrow

            Let’s keep praying for Wentz

            Huge win regardless

            Gonna need the defense to play even bigger down the stretch and need Doug to run the ball even more, Doug was getting too pass happy this game and this Rams team is one of the worst in the league at stopping the run

            Need more balance

  • pdiddy
    March 10, 2015 – 7:20 pm

    I would have rather kept him then fucking Bradford wtf

    Jon Hart
    March 10, 2015 – 7:23 pm

    Diddy, titans want Bradford

    You’ll see. Gonna be a trade
    March 10, 2015 – 7:29 pm

    Titans want bradford youll see shut the fuck up jon ibwant you murdered if you were right in front of me i would punch you 1 million times in face …..i hate you everytime u say somethongbwe get fucked u are the devil

  • Jon Hart
    March 10, 2015 – 10:12 pm

    The Eagles will surround Bradford with weapons all over the field, Wr, Rb and protection upgrading that OL

    Here goes the genius/Mastermind, a few steps ahead

    And yes Bradford is a huge upgrade to Foles.

    This was all apart of the plan

    Look for us to add weapons on offense during FA


    Jon Hart
    March 11, 2015 – 6:45 am


    That was officially the 1st day of Free Agency

    The most active busiest day in NFL history

    A huge reason for that is Chip Kelly

    He’s willing to make the big move to improve the roster

    And teams know that

    Hes now in full control so the entire league is on notice

    It’s so early in FA that coming on here defending these moves is laughable

    And its always the same negative bum bitches complaining every year after every move like little babies needing a nipple to suck on

    Every move is well calculated. Nothing random

    Chip and Ed have a plan

    This is just a few pieces to the puzzle

    As much as you wanted Chip make all the moves in one day, it just doesn’t work that way

    It’s a process

    Everyone needs to just…


  • Ian Rapoport twitter – With the #Eagles having no immediate plans to hire an offensive coordinator to take Frank Reich’s job (potentially elevating both Duce Staley and Mike Groh to bigger jobs).
    no offensive coordinator ?

  • Eagles might not hire a OC at all.. believe it or not it actually happens. It’s very uncommon but it does happen

    In fact 3 teams went into last season without a OC. The brown, Texans, and 49ers.

    Hue Jackson decided he needed help and hired Todd Hayley.

    Meanwhile the 49ers and Texans were rolling when they got there qb.

    Eagles could promote Stayley or Groh, and be perfectly fine. Or keep them at there natural
    Positions and increase there input role on the offense

    I love the Press Taylor hire. He won a championship at Butler community college and has played quarterback in the past. He’s young (30) about 10 years younger then Flip. So he’s gonna be hungry.

    Nice to have another ex player step up.

    Mock drafts have us taking TE, RB or LB with our top pick.

    We pick at 32 then not again until 127. That’s a long time

    I’m starting to get on board with trading nick foles for a 2nd and 3rd, and starting NATE for a weeks 1-4 or maybe 1-6

    • You gotta get value off The Real MVP while it’s at it’s highest.

      Then get some value off Nate Sudfeld and hope he balls out!!

      draft a qb in 2019 to back up Wentz

      • I do like Sudfelds game. Has a lot of potential

        I know Foles has another year left on his contract

        I wonder if the Birds decide to just stick with him, just in case Wentz isn’t ready to start the season

        I do think they’re listening to offers but I don’t think they’re frantically looking to move Foles either..

        This will be an interesting time leading into the upcoming season…

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