• January 20, 2022

Eagles Sign Pro Bowl Center Jason Kelce To An Extension

Aug 24, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce (62) against the Miami Dolphins during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Aug 24, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce (62) against the Miami Dolphins during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles signed Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce to a one-year extension, for a reported $11 million dollars. Kelce was already under contract for the next two years for a total of about $13 million dollars, but wanted to add a year.  It was an extension, which came as a surprise to everybody including Kelce.

“Obviously, it’s a tremendous gesture by the team,” Kelce said according to the Eagles’ website. “They didn’t have to do anything like this. I’m really happy to be in Philadelphia — I have been my whole career. I love being part of this organization. For everything to continue to go this week, for the team to be how good it is, for the coaches to be as good as they are, I just feel extremely lucky to be in this situation.

“I thought, after I signed my second contract, that I didn’t know that there would be a third contract. I’ve always taken this one year at a time. Being a sixth-round draft pick, I didn’t have expectations, really. I was just like, ‘Let’s go to work and see how everything turns out.’ It’s pretty crazy when you look back at things to realize that you’re going on Year 9 and on your third contract in the NFL. It’s kind of a surreal feeling when you look back on it.”

Kelce, who is undersized at the Eagles center position, but he is without a doubt the best athlete, who plays the center position in the NFL.  His athleticism makes it possible for the Eagles to utilize him by putting him out in front of sweeps and screens.  That’s very unusual for a team to have the center leading a sweep or a screen out in the open field because you’re asking them to block speedy and quick linebackers, safeties and cornerbacks.  Usually that’s the job of the guards to get out in front plays in the open field.   Centers are not regarded as good athletes, but Kelce has good speed and quickness to get the job done.

The other area which Kelce shines is his smarts.  The Eagles quarterbacks lean on him to pick up the defensive front and make the necessary adjustments to get everybody blocked for a run or a pass.   Kelce is also very knowledgeable about pass coverages and blitzes. This is a great help to a quarterback because that it frees up the QB to focus on possibly changing the play.

I think Kelce could start a move away from big physical centers to smaller more athletic centers, who can operate better in space.  It’s definitely benefitted the Eagles.  Everybody runs quick screens to the wide receivers and Kelce is one of the best blockers in the league, when he’s getting outside in front a wide receiver.


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  • Dummies on this site have wanted him out for years… shows how little knowledge they have… dude is a stud

  • to be fair kelce himself said he sucked 2yrs ago so if kelce thought he sucked the fans didnt have a right to think the same

  • And the Eagles drafted Issac Seumalo to replace him…….I would have traded him for a draft pick…….and Brandon Graham wouldn’t have been resigned either

    • Because your a dummy.

  • The eagles made Kelce the highest paid center in the league and you dummies want to trade him for a stupid draft pick…. phony GMs with phony degrees over value picks… when you have a known commodity you ride him for as long as you can.

    • kelce was on a blocking sled, being under utilized and considered by many, undersized vs 300 + behemoths. A scheme , was recognized, and implemented, utilizing Kelces assets. Those who watched the transformation agree with HAC that hes resurrected his career, and as the signal caller proves invaluable. The birds are bringing their own, home to roost, a good sign that they value their own, which breeds a great culture and lockerroom.

      • Kielce struggled most during chips last year when unbeknownst to us was running an NFL team that never called an audible…,when a defense knows the play and there is no danger of a change… flood both A gaps…. high school coaches know that and obviously NFL D coordinator knew it too… Kelces problem was a terrible head coach

    • when you begin to know what youre talking about, then your opinion will be worth something. I say you still don’t have a clue.

      Theyre making Seumalo their starting LOG for the future, and have scraped moving him to Center…….This has nothing to with how well Kelce has played, because his play has been on the decline every year.

      Its not dumb to trade him for a draft pick, when Seumalo CAN start at center, and I can get TALENTED Player at another position of need……especially when he is beat up so much he is considering retirement.

      • Decline… I assume you don’t watch games or pay attention to what experienced coaches, analysts and players say… dummy fake ass liar

      • Dummy you CAN start at center…. they will start the player that gives them the best chance to win…. they feel that Kielce is better than Issac and Issac is better than a late round pic

  • Totally agree with you, HAC! Our line needs Kelce. He’s a a warrior and has been effective and healthy (even battling injuries while continuing to play). Glad he will be here a few more years. Howie also spread his current cap number a bit, which is always smart. Kelce will be a great help to Wentz. Now get him a WEAPON at WR and a WEAPON at RB!

    • Also, I love Alshon and Ertz, but they are not weapons. They are really, really nice pieces, but not gamebreakers and certainly not feared by defenses. Our RB’s are an embarrassment.

      • Who was the weapon on the SB championship team?

      • Idiot alert


    gmcliff says:
    May 19, 2014 at 10:23 pm
    JH, with all due respect, Joel Embiid, is nothing close to polished, nor is he anything close to Hakeem Olajuwon – He has years before he even develops into a consistent scorer – if he ever becomes a scorer, which I doubt….I don’t see it……

    I see a prospect who is going to be overdrafted based on presumptuous perceptions, that is destined to be a bust. I feel the same way about Aaron Gordon, and every rookie taken after Noah Vonleh…….

    • LOL!!! Is this the new name for EAGLESZEROSUPERBOWLS……OR MHENSKI ?

      Another know nothing idiot

      • Reading your quote from May 19… seems as though you are the know nothing idiot

        • dont pull a statement from the past and think youre a genius all of the sudden. If youre going to state it ….state it all.

          I also stated Giannis Antetekoumpo was the player the Sixers should have drafted instead of Nerlens Noel, whom most including HAC,, Mhenski, Eagles0superbols, and all the rest of the trollers, and their many identities,……..and DennisShreoder, instead of MCW….

          I don’t mind being called a dummy by someone who never has an original opinion, but criticizes everyone elses opinions, just to compensate for a lack of intelligence on his part.

          • who should the Eagles, and Sixers draft this year haveaseat???

            Please allow us to hear an original thought from your brain….for once…LOL!!!!

  • I would like the Eagles to trade up for Ed Oliver in round 1, while trying to hold on to the 25th pick, and trade down a few times for extra picks I the 2nd, and 3rd rounds

    1. Ed Oliver DT/DE – Houston

    2A. Jonathan Abram S – Mississippi
    2b. Chris Lindstrom OG/C – Boston College
    2c. Germaine Pratt ILB – North Carolina St
    2d. Miles Sanders RB – Penn State

    3a Tytus Howard OT – Alabama St
    3b, Vosean Joseph OLB – Florida
    3c. Justice Hill RB – Oklahoma State

    4a, Tristen Hill DT – Central Florida
    4b. Mike Bell SS – Fresno State
    4c. Joe Jackson DE – Miami
    4d. Isaiah Jackson CB – Houston

    5a Khalil Hodge ILB/OLB – Buffalo
    5b. BJ Autry OG – Jacksonville State
    5c. Byron Cowart – DE – Maryland

    6a. Oli Udoh – OG – Elon
    6b. Jacob Dolegala – QB – Central Connecticut State

    7. Derwin Grey – OG – Maryland

  • As far as the Sixers in the draft, I would trade Ben Simmons for Ja Morant…..

    Go after Kawhi, and Kevin Durant, and explore if either Butler, and or Tobias Harris would be willing to stay on a bargain contract…..

    With their own pick – Sekou Dombouyo – SF/PF – 6-9 – France
    2nd round – Fletcher McGee – SG – Wofford

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