• March 24, 2023

Howie Roseman, Unbreakable Trust

There is a disconnection between you and the Philadelphia Eagles; an uneasiness churning in the pit of your stomach.   At a period of time where football is desperately needed for an optimistic escape, Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman have dissected the passion of bleeding green.  Three years removed from Super Bowl prestige, to one of worst franchises in the league.  How can Lurie claim he wholeheartedly believes Roseman has earned to keep his job?

This ongoing public display of affection is an embarrassing look for the city of brotherly love.  A dysfunctional social identity is front and center, anything to do with the game of football has become second act.  Headlining the opener is Lurie playing the lead role of overprotective father, deflecting outsider opinion and making excuses for the failures of his son.  Despite the responsibilities that ‘should’ come with being the executive vice president and general manager, the media is forced to coddle Roseman to stay posh with Lurie.

Too weak to cut the cord; Lurie failed to do what was best for the Eagles and hire an outside perspective to rebuild the roster.  Draft night is Howie’s kryptonite; his infatuation with the personal connection to player makeup is a deficit for talent evaluation.  Free agency signings and premature extensions for players he grows personally fond of have not worked out since the Pro Football Writers Association named him 2017 Executive of the Year.  Howie is the quintessential fantasy football owner who ignores strategy and drafts his favorite players for that personal attachment to his team.  He likes to live on the edge, ignoring ADP and reaching for players is a way to show off his rebellious side.

The fan base deserves the right to be hesitant with their optimism moving forward.   Roseman has eluded the exit interview thus far despite failing at his job.  How could anyone predict how much further of a hole he would need to dig the Eagles into before Lurie has seen enough?



Jeff Kolsky

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March 5, 2021 3:53 pm

“One of the worst FRANCHISES in the league”????? WHAT?
They had a horrible season but to say “worst franchise “ … is lazy, piss poor hyperbole!
My god “3 years removed from SB”, 1 year removed from playoffs…an ugly divorce fro a QB which if ur keeping score is SOP these days… horrible take
For the record I am not a Howie fan but come the hell on

March 5, 2021 4:26 pm
Reply to  Jeff Kolsky

“Below average season”.. after a 4-12 season is not exactly going out on a limb.
The eagles have had down times under Lurie and ALWAYS turned it around quickly. You failed to mention that in your LAZY analysis. The season was horrible but the FRANCHISE is not “one of the worst”.
The HEALTH of the franchise is fine and if in fact it’s not Lurie will it the cancer out with a scalpel

Darry Strawberry
Darry Strawberry
March 5, 2021 5:39 pm
Reply to  HAC

agree with HAC. Horrible take

March 6, 2021 9:27 am
Reply to  HAC


you ignored the question….

What does the roster have talent wise that makes you think its a quick fix?

Let’s get into the “health” of the franchise comment.

A franchise so healthy that they upset the franchise quarterback by drafting a quarterback with a second round pick that everyone except Howie and Jeffrey knew would cause problems after Wentz himself admitted he struggled with the Foles dynamic in the past.

A franchise so healthy, they undermined their head coach by embarrassing him by forcing him to fire two assistant coaches that he wanted to keep.

A franchise so healthy, the general manager is completely absolved from any and all responsibility and is now on his third head coach, something completely unheard of.

A franchise so healthy, that their best players (Johnson, Brooks, Kelce, Cox, Graham) are all players that were signed or drafted north of five years ago.

A franchise so healthy, they could manage only four wins and were the only team completely eliminated by Week 17 in what was easily the worst division in football.

Yeah man, everythings cool and its still 2017.

March 6, 2021 10:31 am
Reply to  109876ers

1. Quick fix= a mix of young talent… Hurts, Reagoe, Goddeet, Sanders, Malaita , Dillard, #6… and admittedly a cross your fingers draft class plus a OL with 3 pro bowlers. Defense with a new outlook… some veterans cox, BG, slay
2. Healthy franchise… the coach/QB collapse is disturbing but not a sure sign the franchise is in disarray… and if it is it can be righted very quick as demonstrated by the disarray at chips departure
3. As fir Carson (I’m a fan) getting butt hurt by drafting a QB… packers moved up to draft a QB and Rogers had an MVP year… nfl is a big boy league. If he is that weak then good riddance. Further we are seeing QBs all around doing similar stuff.
4. Doug, again I’m a fan. Personalities clash, egos get involved… move on. Funny for all that people ripped him (NOT ME) those same people are crying for him now… weird.
5. The measure of health of a franchise is its ability to rebound. Howie and Jeff have done it. I hope this is a major adaptation to the changing dynamics of the nfl in relation to salary, QB etc
6. I do acknowledge that howie seems to want to prove he’s smarter than the rest and hope he goes more conventional… however if in fact Hurts is a player then I bite my tongue
7. 20 was horrible, the wheels fell off. If I had gotten my way howie would have been the odd man out. Since I (or anyone) have no inside info about the culpability of the collapse I have to say well 2/3 of the highest profile people are gone… now let’s see them without those guys
8. Health of a franchise is also measure in dollars, brand popularity, merchandise and net worth… the eagles measured well in these areas.. the overall health is very good.
9. The east is there for the taking. Dallas is a freaking mess, the giants and skins don’t have a QB… hell 3/4 of the teams in football are experiencing done sort of dysfunction…. uncertainty etc

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 5, 2021 5:28 pm

Big News with Kelce Returning,
With Brooks/LJ returning from Injury and under Contract could make the Eagles a Top 5-8 OL again which would be huge for Hurts or any QB playing behind them
The Eagles with OL Jeff Stoutland returning will have 3 very capable Backups in Herbig,Driscoll and the loser of the LT Starters job between Dillard/Mailata
When you have a Good, Experienced OL who are Healthy, Very good things can happen
I believe this changes the Draft Strategy a little bit and will be heavy on the Defensive Side of the Ball and especially the back 7 of the Defense
Kelce Returning is huge News for Coach Sirianni and the entire Offensive Staff
Now Herbig can focus the off-Season as the main Guard/Center Backup for the Future and Driscoll on Guard and Tackle and Dillard/Mailata at Tackle
As HAC mentioned above, with health and a nice Draft with another Weapon/Playmaker added to the Offense (Chase/Pitts) the Eagles will be a competitive Team next Season
In the NFL, if you have a good and healthy OL and DL, you will be a competitive Team even with Average + to good QB Play I terms of running the Offense and protecting the Ball and staying away/limiting the negative Plays/Penalties

March 5, 2021 5:52 pm

Welcome to the positive paul… I know it’s not a place in which you are comfortable but it’s very nice on the positive side… realistic, well thought out etc… it’s nice to see things from a global view not the toxics, blinders on side you usually see things… I’m sure you will post something completely opposite in the next couple days but I hope you enjoy your time in the positive.
You have to learn to look at things from a global/league wide/ nfl as a whole viewpoint…. the eagles are a top organization. They have swung for the fences and hit a home run, they have swung for the fences and struck out…. that is kinda what swing for the fences means…
you could play it safe and be the jets or something… if that’s your thing, more power to ya

March 5, 2021 6:05 pm

Any stupid dummy that complains about “winning a weak division “ is a stupid dummy…. or complain about not being a “great playoff team”… FOOL! (Sorry fraudman)
The giants won a terrible nfc East awhile back, many said it’s a joke they were in the playoffs, they went on the road for 3 playoff wins and the. To neutral site SB win… actually did something like that twice…
Bucs this year we’re on the road for the entire playoffs and win the SB..
If you are a competitor you don’t play for draft position (only pussies do that )… you play to win the game, division, playoffs and SB…
The eagles will compete this year…. go Hurts.

March 5, 2021 7:13 pm

The Eagles are a top 7 organization in the league. It’s not even a debate really…

Even when we did not have a ring, would you have traded places with the Saints, Bucs, Dolphins, or Bears? They all had a ring..

We are not the Lions, Texans, Cardinals, or Browns.

The Patriots were a joke before Brady, and were known as a Celtic town. The Colts were terrible also before Peyton.

The Eagles solidified any debate when they won there first ship… you can make the case as a top 5

March 5, 2021 7:38 pm
Reply to  CT

Welcome to the club CT… people enjoy pointing to negatives… it’s easy, low hanging fruit … lazy, usually fans who have unfulfilled athletic ambitions of their own. Jealous of the salaries and overly picky about the team they follow closely. If you stand back and look at league trends, at teams ups and downs the eagles are really a class act… they’ve had misses in a big way… but they were misses swinging fir the fence… look at all the “safe” in Vogue coaches that people on this site are pissed that we don’t get…. and the criticism of Doug and Andy in particular because they weren’t the hit names… it’s silly as hell. They refuse to acknowledge fact …the “run the ball” narrative…actually I think you incorrectly jumped on that one.
At any rate the birds can right this ship very quickly… remember that devoid of talent after chip eagles? NoQB, no McCoy, no Djax, chip running it into the ground? Remember? They won a SB 2 years later…

March 5, 2021 8:44 pm

I agree that 4-12 is an indictment of poor play, poor organizational skills and of course injuries. As an anomaly the Eagles erred in all three last year. However to summize that it’s a sweltering bonfire of a dumpster is folly. If howie picked a starting q b in the past draft , that is far from a “bust” draft. He signed slay ; no objections heard? The internal soap opera aside the birds are considered one of the best organizations with a proven winning tradition. To kick them to the curb off of a failed q b and a coach who was fired is not exactly an accurate assessment of their body of work.

March 5, 2021 8:52 pm
Reply to  Deserteagle

A “failed QB and coach”… dessert ok we can go there BUT that failed QB and coach brought a freaking super bowl

March 6, 2021 10:41 am

To the guys wringing their hands about the cap… doom and gloom. The saints just restructure 2 32 year olds…DDavis and C Jordan ….why according to pro football talk? Hmmm well they’ve been doing a lot of kicking the can down the road and because the salary cap got killed due to Covid they are in bad shape.
Now I, sure some of you guys who are very brilliant knew that for some reason the cap which all NFL GMs had project at around $210 for 21 was going to actually come in at $180… I’m sure you guys had that all lined up

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 6, 2021 11:38 am
Reply to  HAC

Both the Saints/Eagles Cap Situation’s were in terrible shape for 2021 well before Covid Hit..
Covid just made a bad situation even worse for both Clubs, you can toss in the Falcons and Steelers in this same bucket as well

March 6, 2021 12:04 pm

All teams trying to win… and all will bail out… eagles, saints and Steelers are all class acts. Falcons are next tier but also very good …again if you want to win the cap war that’s great… it doesn’t win championships but I guess that’s what gets you excited.
To win you have to go all in… to repeat which doesn’t happen often you have to really go all in… I don’t know why anyone would not do it.
I think the packers are one of those cautious teams… excellent team but too cautious… draft love as a conservative, forward thinking team which MAY be great for longevity BUT they have a HOF QB and could have drafted ….Queen or gladney to bolster the D, or Higgins or Pittman to help the offense… stupid IMO… and guess what haven’t won a SB in TEN YEARS! They have a HOF QB and it’s been 10 years? Too conservative

March 6, 2021 12:06 pm

Well of the cap was 210 (pre Covid projection) then all those teams would just need to tinker…

This is the feeling of GMs around the league… I guess you could argue with them

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 6, 2021 7:50 pm

Eagles were Approx $45 Million Over while the Saints were like $69 Million Over for the 2021 Season last Year at this Time before Covid
You can look up and track all NFL Teams Cap Situation for the current and 3 Future based on what players are under contract for each Team

A Good thing is that the Eagles are about $60 Million under the Cap for 2022 Season currently but with all these re-structures will reduce this figure as well as whatever extensions they give to younger Players like Goedart, Sanders, etc, etc so it’s always a moving process and every team will have to keep a little closer eye on things for there’s no guarantee that we see 100% Fan Attendance to start the 2021 Season…
There is a new TV Package that is currently being negotiated between NFL and ESPN,NBC & CBS which is expected to increase revenues from the last TV Deal so the NFL and its Teams will be in goid shape but there’s a good 1/3 to 1/4 of the NFL that have difficult decisions to make… restructuring 6-8 Contracts every year is not a good thing to do as the Dead $$ associated with dummy years will rise and most Teams like to keep their future Dead $$
under a certain % of their total Cap Space

March 6, 2021 8:54 pm

It means zero… teams try to win in the field… second guess cap assholes try to tear apart moves… those second guess guys are in their living rooms criticizing from afar… those guys are pussies! They are always right cuz they are hindsight fags

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 7, 2021 9:07 am
Reply to  HAC

It means you have a more difficult time upgrading your Roster when you consistently miss on your Draft Picks and are thereby limited in attracting Free-Agents to fill holes with a quality Roster when your bumping the Cap…

March 7, 2021 9:59 am

Missing on drafts means something… the cap is only an issue in the minds of fans. It was a lot of moan and groan for nothing. Howie deserves a lot of blame for his misses at the top of the draft…notably Jones, Douglas and JJ… he does a nice job at the back end and filling the back end of the roster. All his sins in the draft will be easily forgiven if: Hurts is a good QB, Reagor goes thru the year healthy and makes plays, Dillard actually contributes… of all those obviously Hurts is the biggest X factor.
Early prediction…. 10-6 in 21!

March 7, 2021 10:12 am

Fraudman I understand you are a chimp that throws his feces against the wall but look at your take on April 1, 2017:
If I’m Eagles, I’m trying to move Michael Kendricks and Nelson Agholor by the Draft for additional Draft Picks or in a package deal just to move up in a Round
I also would move Center Kelce if an Offer was good in Return ..

This proves you don’t really want to win…to you it’s about moves, not about actually playing the game. To recap you want to trade Kelce.. he was ALL PRO in 17, 18, 19. Agholar had 65 catches and 8 TDS in regular season and 9 catches in the SB. Kendricks had 77 tackles…
I guess fantasy GMs never have to win on Sunday… it’s really strange to me.

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 8, 2021 11:28 am
Reply to  HAC

All 20/20 Hindsight HAC

Post is April 2017, which is a opinion on these PLayers after the 2016 Seasons
Eagles were 7-9 in the 2016 Season with Rookie QB Wentz as they were re-tooling for the Future
No One Expected the Success of the Eagles for the 2017 Season, No One !!!

Stats on the above Players for the 2016 Season

WR N Agholor had 36 Receptions for 365 Yards and 2 TD’s in 15 Games (hardly worthy of a 1st Round Pick in Year 3)
LB M Kendricks had 32 Total Tackles in 15 Games

Based on their 2016 Statistics and Production or there lack of, I would have been fine with the Eagles
moving away from both these Players, In fact this is what the Eagles did within a year or two later ..
I have always liked Kelce but I prefer a bigger, more physical Center and still do
I don’t think Kelce even deserved an Pro-Bowl Status for his 2020 Season, Yes he was the Best Eagles OL by far due to Injuries to everyone else, but he had too many poor snaps, beat up the middle too often my my liking but that’s just me.. Sometimes Names, Player Reputations proceed their actual Play and I believe this was the case for his 2020 Pro-Bowl Naming, though he was and always has been a warrior, but this doesn’t mean I plan on having him play until his 35 and think that I can’t update and improve the Position and Team

Have a Cigar
Have a Cigar
March 8, 2021 12:01 pm

you prefer moving good players because you like draft picks as toys-its your hobby– I like players that contribute to wins.
a big slow center is why you and many wanted him shipped out 8 years ago. that isn’t even close to how the nfl run game is oriented these days- I’ve heard pretty serious discussion that Kelce has a reasonable chance of making the HOF yet shortsighted fans have wanted him gone for like a 5th round pick.

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 8, 2021 4:04 pm
Reply to  Have a Cigar

I just prefer a Younger, Healthier and More Productive Roster from To to Bottom
I’m not sentimental or really care about what Players have done 2-3-4-5 Seasons ago as that’s in the Past as their Best Playing/Healthy Days are behind them.. Keeping a couple of Veterans is needed but not where 30% of your Starting Line-Up is 30+ is not good ..
Eagles OL has 60% of it’s Starting 5 over 30 Years Old with Injury issues and Big Contracts in Brooks/LJ .. LJ hasn’t played a Full Season since 2015, yes, that’s right, since 2015 !!
Brooks is coming off back to back Achilles Tear for a 335 lbs OL
Football is a Young Man’s Game but if you’re a Great QB, You can Play for a while if your fortunate and lucky to not have major injuries and a Good OL and Coaches
Remember Good NFL Players do not have to be Old or Expensive to have a Good Team..

March 8, 2021 4:45 pm

Well the trades you proposed in 17 involved players in their 20s who were major contributors… so there goes that argument.. funny if you go thru nfl teams a high percentage of OL don’t play 16… those knees get nicked… but you probably also know that LJ is probably the most important eagle as the team win % is much higher with him in the lineup
point is you throw shit.. so much shit you contradict yourself, end up on both sides of every player or issue.
Teams have called about brooks who according to PfF has a contract that is extremely manageable for a player of his caliber… but in the toxic Boone zoo says it’s an awful contract….
go birds

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 9, 2021 2:25 pm
Reply to  HAC

LJ hasn’t played a Full Season since 2015 .. Another Player who’s been coddled and should have moved over to LT 4-5 Year ago but he didn’t want to do…
RT is the quickest learning OL Position to Pick-up and Learn and better suited for Young Players where your not paying premium $$$ for a RT …
You don’t pay a RT, Left-Tackle $$$, Its poor Roster Management, It just is …

Brooks Remaining Contract

2021 Age 32 – $14.5 M Salary/Bonus/Cap Hit – $13 Million in Dead $$ if Cut
2022 Age 33 – $17.5 M Salary/Bonus/Cap Hit – $9 Million in Dead $$ if Cut
2023 Age 34 – $17 M Salary/Bonus/Cap Hit – $5 Million in Dead $$$ if Cut
2024 Age 35 – 17 M Salary/Bonus/Cap hit – $2 Million in Dead $$ if Cut

Terrible Contract for a Player coming off back to back Achilles Tears in both his Lower legs as a 330lb NFL OL

March 9, 2021 7:04 pm

Pro foot focus calls it a very good contract for any team that trades for him… but you know more than them of course. Plus he played 14 games in 16, 16 games in 17, 18 and 19… they signed him BEFORE the Achilles you stupid fuck

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 10, 2021 7:56 am

It was his Contract Extension that he was signed to in 2019 when he still had 2-3 years left on his original contract he signed as a Free-Agent, that was dumb, I stated it then and standby it in 2021
You Never give an extension before you have to with an aging Player, let it play out
If they it play out from original contract when they signed him he would have been 30-31 Years Old and would not be in position to demand a large contract at that age?

March 10, 2021 8:56 am

no he restructured to clear cap space so that the eagles could use that cap space on other players to help them win… why are you against winning? who gave them a better chance at winning than brooks?

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
March 10, 2021 2:48 pm

Wrong again HAC, It wasn’t a Re-Structure in 2019, it was a new Contract Extension that Brooks Received
Two entirely different things… C’Mon Man , Pick Your Game Up a Notch ..

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