• December 5, 2023

Pre-draft Mulligan?

Picking at number six overall would have been my decision if I had any pull with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Disregard my opinion, it’s the overwhelming message from diehard fans calling into sports talk radio.  There is an uneasiness heading into draft night with what the Eagles will end up doing.

After a 4-11-1 finish to the 2021 season, there was no reason to get cute and move back in the draft.  After failing to select Justin Jefferson in 2020, the Eagles likely had a shot of selecting the best receiver in Kyle Pitts.  (explanation in my next article)  If not Pitts,  Ja’Marr Chase or Patrick Surtain, it’s not like the Eagles don’t have the desperate roster void of a top-rated wide receiver or cornerback.  Philly fans would be waking up next Friday to reading the A+ grade on NFL.com and ESPN complimenting the Eagles for getting the selection right after some questionable first selections in recent years.  (Derek Barnett, 14th overall in 2017, Andre Dillard, 22nd overall in 2019, Jalen Reagor, 21st overall in 2020)

The suit and ties elected to strike a deal March 26th, the future 2022 value of a 1st round pick ‘projected’ value far too enticing for Lurie and Roseman to resist.  The bloated egos of two men with below average physical stature who couldn’t make their JV High School football teams are so enamored by analytics and draft flexibility that it’s becoming nauseating.  Keep the ‘Fire Howie’ chants going at Phillies games, but fans should spread the love at Wells Fargo Center during Sixers and Flyers games as well.  Don’t fool yourself that Andy Weidl and Nick Sirianni are influential figures with the scouting and decision process.  Lurie and Roseman are still scared by Chip Kelly, and instead of isolating that incident, they have increased their domineering presence in the draft room.

It’s one thing for the Eagles to miss on drafting players, but if the Miami Dolphins were to trade pick #6 and get a better haul, how will the Eagles admit they failed not at player evaluation but with their business calculations

Jeff Kolsky

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Paulman Is Creepy
Paulman Is Creepy
April 22, 2021 12:54 pm

Spot on Jeff. Another case of overthinking it, refusing to take their medicine and simply make the pick. What’s wrong with adding a difference maker. Eagles bailed out the Dolphins, who did not want to miss out on a prime player. If Dallas ends up with Kyle Pitts, we can point back to this trade as their opportunity. Dark days ahead for the Birds.

Young American
Young American
April 22, 2021 1:18 pm

Why would a football executive CARE ABOUT AN ARBITRARY GRADE about a player In April? That is ridiculous? WTF? Why must you throw middle school locker room insults at these two guys? You sound like a middle school bully picking on nerds!
Lets let the plan play out– They’ve actually been pretty transparent the last few years (not 100% but):
1. When chip fired – Lurie openly said “its his team and he’s not relinquishing to people like chip”
2. This year he said- ‘when we were in a SB window we made a series of short term moves that didn’t work out great at the expense of mid-long term goals.”
3. When know it all fans were bitching early in Dougs tenure about going for it on 4th etc- they said ‘we are committed to analytics’
4. as for the recent drafts they’ve been horrible and over thought– no doubt but I contend (because a draft isn’t graded in April) that we have to wait on Dillard (I’m pessimistic but….) and Reagor- Between this year and next they have got to nail 8-10 starters and of those hi impact 3 or so.

Major Tom is still a Junkie
Major Tom is still a Junkie
April 22, 2021 1:33 pm

I actually like the Trade Back..
Way Too many Fans/Local Media get infatuated with the Top Rates Receivers every Draft Class
The Eagles have 6 Young WR’s on their Roster who have barely scratched the surface of their Talents so let’s see what Coach Sirianna, OC Steiken and WR Coach before writing off Reagor,Fulgham,Watkins,Hightower, Ward and yes even JJAW..
The previous Coaching staff was poor in developing Skills Players on both sides of the Ball so let’s see what happens and utilized a very stale and predictable route tree
I believe it will take a full season for Coach Sirianna and Co to get these Young Receivers Coached up with better passing schemes that will help these young Receivers catch the ball early and run in space
Eagles will no doubt add to the WR Room but it will be in middle Rounds and not early as they have too many other holes on their Roster which the Trams holds a higher Value on than WR Position so look for an OL/DL or CB to in the early Rounds

April 22, 2021 1:43 pm

“the previous coaching staff poor at coaching up”– Lazy and predictable– part of the reason you say some of these guys have barely scratched the surface is because they came from the practice squad to make some pretty damn good contributions— including an offensive player of the month– you can’t have it both ways– they must have done some coaching to get a guy who was cut in August by your pet team Green Bay to OFF player of the month– some credit to coaching.

Wham bam
Wham bam
April 22, 2021 6:56 pm

The route tree consists of 9 routes. There are on,y so many combinations. They weren’t stale. They broke down … as has been documented there were a litany of problems that all converged on the 20 season. Whether it was horrible QB play, OL, weak Undrafted/low level talent WR or coach call. It all combined for the shit in the field.
Pretending you understand “route tree” is gross… route trees work perfectly when all the things that went wrong actuallly go right…
funny the chiefs spent the entire year running “routes” wide open then in the SB with some key injuries they all of a sudden couldn’t get open. The saints,,, your pet saints looked atrocious in their one and done playoff “run” last year ..l 190 yards passing… terrible “route trees”…lol

Peggy O
Peggy O
April 23, 2021 6:13 am

Name the last Skills Players at WR and DB’s and LB’s that CoCh Pederson and Staff have developed into ascending Pro-Bowl Players ?
They have Drafted plenty of WR’s, CB & Safeties in recent Years and who has improved and become a good to great Player ?

There were 3 Good Coaches on the Eagles Staff since 2017, OL Stoutland, RB Duce and TE J Pelle who were all holdovers from Chip Kelly believe it or not….Doug P failed to hire a good Staff around him or Coach up the newbies around him….
DC Schwartz Scheme got older and more predictable with each passing Season with little to no creativity

Teen spirit
Teen spirit
April 23, 2021 9:31 am

Well I’d say with the lack of talent they made chicken salad out of chicken shit. They weren’t able to make coq a vin out of chicken shit.
As for Schwartz the eagles gave up the 9th fewest points in the NFL during his tenure. Well within the top third…. that includes of course a championship and a shit season so….
oh wait I thought frank was a good coach?
People have zero idea Peggy sounds as dumb as fraudman

Only the Good Die Young !!
Only the Good Die Young !!
April 23, 2021 10:32 am
Reply to  Teen spirit

I already mentioned that Frank and Defillipo were Good Coaches, their replacements left Doug on his own which was evident of the Teams 32-35-1 Record since Reich/DeFillpo left after their SB Win
Not Rocket Science here, Dougie P did an average job since 2017 with declining efficiency and productivity each Season culminating in a cluster F—- in 2020

Don’t you Let that Deal Go Down
Don’t you Let that Deal Go Down
April 23, 2021 10:37 am

“Peggy O” is a Traditional Folk Song performed by many Artists like the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Etc…

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 23, 2021 12:26 pm
Reply to  Jeff Kolsky

Hey Jeff,
I would say if they remain at #12
the RB,WR and Safety Position would be the worst Value Pick as a 1st Round Selection
(I’m not a Devonte Smith Fan at #12 and view him as a part time Receiver in the NFL
At 6’ 166lbs which is his official measurements from his Pro Day and I’m not sure he’ll last 3-4 Years in the NFL at his light weight

If the Eagles trade Back to the mid/later 1st Round then I could see them Selecting a WR, LB or DL which would be a better Value at that part of the 1st Round

Bottom line is they need 4-5 Good Players from this Draft regardless of where selectee Or r Position played, sometimes Organizations/Media and Fans get hung up
On “Value” of when a Player is Selected
Just Draft Good Players that fit your Teams Schemes/Culture and Fit and the rest will take card of itself…

Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue
April 23, 2021 12:40 pm

Not sure why a fan would be disgusted…. all positions are a need … QB is an asterisk…. apparently there aren’t too many DL that rate that high… that said will be a CB or WR

Dr Paul
Dr Paul
April 23, 2021 12:50 pm

Don’t Over-Analyze to the level
of Paralysis !! Get Good Players who Best Fit the Schemes/Culter and Fit !!

April 23, 2021 12:58 pm

“ The bloated egos of two men with below average physical stature who couldn’t make their JV High School football teams”.

Wow what kind of trash is this?

You’re a grown adult making fun of other grown adults physical stature. Jesus man what trash. Go back to middle school if you wanna be a shit talking, bullying, trash asshole.

Used to be HAC
Used to be HAC
April 23, 2021 1:08 pm
Reply to  Jackass


Howies burner
Howies burner
April 23, 2021 2:52 pm
Reply to  Jeff Kolsky

The 2 people involved did have an impact on 17? Right?
Just cuz they are Ivy League doesn’t mean they can’t do this…. Phil’s tough guy buddy never won one here, parcels only won 2… toughest guy ever…
It’s LAZY to be a middle school bully. They’ve done some good things… not perfect and at times frustrating… but come on we were a legit 4-12…. we sucked…they should own it and do…but do they have the means to turn around? Hell yes

April 23, 2021 3:10 pm
Reply to  Howies burner

Profanity was as necessary as u being a childish unprofessional jackass

April 23, 2021 2:07 pm

All positions are a NEED but I go CB … a couple of them 12 and a bit later

Paulman’s Top 15 Mock Draft
Paulman’s Top 15 Mock Draft
April 23, 2021 3:03 pm

Back to Football and Draft & Top 15 Selections

1) Jags – QB T Lawrence (Clemson)
2) Jets – QB Z Wilson (BYU)
3) 49ers – QB T Lance (N Dakota St)
4) Falcons – TE Pitts (Florida)
5) Bengals – OT Sewell (Oregon)
6) Dolphins – WR J Chase (LSU)
7) Lions – WR J Waddle (Alabama)
8) Patriots -Trade w/Panthers -QB M Jones ((Alabama)
9) Broncos – QB J Fields (Ohio State)
10) Cowboys – CB P Surtain (Bama)
11) Giants – OL R Slater (Northwestern)
12) Eagles – CB Jaycee Horn (South Carolina)
13) LA Chargers – OL A Vera-Tucker (USC)
14) Vikings – OL C Darrisaw (Va Tech)
15) Panthers – WR D Smith (Bama)

Victoria, Victoria !!
Victoria, Victoria !!
April 23, 2021 3:08 pm

Reports from Owner Jeff Lurie’s High School College Day, list him as 6-2, 228lbs with
17 Reps lifted at 225lbs …

Howie Roseman was recorded with a Top Score of 181 in a Bowling Tournament in 1987

Gene Genie
Gene Genie
April 23, 2021 5:22 pm

To the April SB champions here is a list…. First round picks are way over rated! the last 10 SB Champs and the number of starters drafted in round 1 by the team that won:
20- TB–3
19- KC– 1-
18NE– 4 (all in the late 20’s or early 30’s)
16- NE 4
15- Broncos 3
14- NE -7
13 Seatle- 3
12- Balt- 5
11- Giants- 5

Most of those chosen were OL/DL, followed by DB–
first round get a player who will be part of your system for years as a very good player– eagles have some misses BUT– Cox, Graham, Johnson and to a much lesser extent Barnett have been excellent picks– OL/DL who had some staying power and impact— holding out hope that Dillard, Reagor and Barnett will be these types of guys in 5 years.
point is– i don’t want D. Smith or Waddle– I think a CB who can play for 5 and sign a second contract will give us the best bang for the buck unless one of the top 2 OL drop way down.
Further analysis shows these teams have far more 2nd rounders and even 3rd rounders listed as starters–The NFL is a league of attrition and depth– 53 on roster- 47 dress- takeaway punter, LS, kicker and back up QB that leaves 43 game day players– lets say for arguments sake that given packages 30 guys on either side of the ball see SIGNIFICANT STARTING MINUTES (could be closer to 34) leaves 13 depth guys– gotta load up in the 2-4th rounds of contributors.

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 23, 2021 6:30 pm
Reply to  Gene Genie

I believe the Chiefs had a least 2 1st Round Players on that 2019 SB Team that they Drafted and not 1
QB Mahomes & LT E Fisher
They also had 1st Round Players in DE F Clark (Seattle) WR S Watkins (Buffalo) that Started on that Team as well

You asked for the latest party
You asked for the latest party
April 24, 2021 7:28 am

I said by the team that drafted them… yes Fisher but for some reason (injury) football reference didn’t list as a starter… but it did lust Wrntz as a starter?????
Anyway you agree a roster is built with a volume of 2-5 rounders
Eagles need some hits

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 24, 2021 5:10 pm

Fisher didn’t Start this past Super Bowl due to injury late in the AFC Championship Game, but Fisher did start at LT in the 2019 Super Bowl

They pulled you out of the oxygen tent
They pulled you out of the oxygen tent
April 23, 2021 5:30 pm

The real draft starts at about pick 33– thru about pick 160 or so… thats where champs are build– too simple for April SB champ, mel kipper dicks to pick the most talented– somebody find me Richard sherman at pick154, Brandon Brooks at 76, Jason Kelce at 191, Jalen Mills 233-THIS IS WHERE THE DRAFT IS–

Paulman Reports on Draft
Paulman Reports on Draft
April 23, 2021 6:23 pm

I agree 100% – the 2nd thru mid 5th Rounds is really how you build your Roster for the long term…
Picks 33 thru about 150 still yields Starters, solid Contributors, and the next Core
of Players on both sides of the Ball

Best Hit Rate on Starters in the 1st Round with the most Pro-Bowls and 2nd Contracts by the Teams that Draft them are OL and specifically OT’s or those occasional Stud Guards/Centers that go in the 1st Round
Next best Hit Rates are DT’s and then LB with Edge Rushers a 50/50 chance and Safeties
doing pretty well as it many are usually selected in the First Round

The Biggest Misses in the 1st Round are QB’s, WR’s and CB’s

I Listened to the Panthers GM/Coach Rhule speak today and their GM states they have 16 Players Graded with 1st Round Grades and then the next 40-50 players with a 2nd Round Grade and then another 35 or so with a3rd Round Grade so there are many good Players for the Eagles with their first 5 Selections (12,37,70,84 & 123) and really need to hit on 3-4 of these Players/Selections
I see 2 CB’s, 1 LB, 1 Interior OL (G/C) and 1 WR
with their Top 5 Selections
At least I hope they do .. could see a DL in there as well
The 3 Rd Day of the Draft will have the Eagles
With 5 Selections (1-5th, 3-6th and 2-7th Rounders) which I see 2-3 Selections for a developmental QB, A Kicker or Punter and RB

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 24, 2021 8:16 am

Huge Trade between the Ravens and Chiefs

The Ravens send “I want to Play LT”
OL Orlando zBrown and their 2nd pick in 2021 (#58) and a 2022 6th Round Pick to the Chiefs in return for the Chiefs
2021 1st Rd (#31), 3rd Rounder (#94th)
4th Rounder (#136) and a 2022 5th Round Pick

Or LJ ani Brown is a good Oal and has played RT most of hisCareer as the Ravens have all world Ronald Stanley as their LT and who is in a big contract, when Stanley was injured last year, Beiwn shifted over to LT and Played very well and declared after this Seadon that he wants to Play LT and Not RT even if it means leaving the Ravens
He’s is in his last year of his Rookie contract do the Chiefs can fit him under their 2021 Cap Situation so a WIn-Win for Everyone
The Chiefs have completely rebuilt their Oal from last year and will have 4 New Starters

This is Genocide
This is Genocide
April 24, 2021 8:51 am

Look at teams that win it all…it’s always the OL… the highlight reel guys can only do their stuff if there is an OL…
Thru all the eagles dysfunction…. it all comes down to the injuries of the OL…. a healthy line and they are division champs and we all have a different perspective… it’s always the OL

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 23, 2021 8:44 pm

For the Record, Halen Mills was a 3rd Round Prospect but many Teams took him off their Draft Boards due to a Domestic Abuse Case with an ex Girlfriend and also a marijuana charge while at LSU, in fact he was suspended by the Tigers Program twice during his career in LSU so the Wagle. Took a flyer with him that year in the 7th Round which they normally have stayed from… Credit to Mills for maturing and turning his life around and with help/mentor ship from both Malcom and Rodney from where he was in his College Days but let the fact remain, that Mills had a lot of Red Flags when coming out of College and many Teams had simply taken him off their Draft Board

This ain’t rock n roll
This ain’t rock n roll
April 24, 2021 7:35 am

That’s a
Credit to him and the birds. It’s the reason teams get goofy with prospects (rocks paper scissors) …. finding a diamond in the rough is key … Mailats in round 7 etc…. howie hadn’t been great in round one but he seems to do ok with late picks and guys cut by other teams

Paulman on Phillies
Paulman on Phillies
April 23, 2021 5:48 pm

Phillies Analysis as they approach 20 Games into the 2020 Season

Best Hitters – Harper,Gregorious, Segura and Reumalto

Biggest Disappointments -McCutcheon,
all CF’s (Haseley, Quinn)

Most Consistent Starter- Eflin, Nola
Most Inconsistent Starter – Wheeler (Hot & Cold)
Disaster as Starter – M Moore

Most Consistent from the Bullpen – S Coonrod,
H Neris, Alvarado

Disaster out of the Bullpen – Brogdon, Romero & Velasquez

Maybe Howard and Bradley can improve if healthy when they return

Bench Play has been a bit disappointing too in terms of Hitting.
Overall Defense has been decent, not great,
But ok..

Phillies need an everyday CF who can hit and get on base and set the table
McCutcheon needs to be moved down the order to 7th to reset the bottom of the Order
Do they bring up O Herrera or Trade for a CF ?

Can Youngster Moniak prove he’s a big league hitter just yet ? If so, maybe he can platoon with McCutcheon and Herrera and get 10-12 at Bats a Week

Kingery has been a disappointment as well and could have been that extra IF/OF and provide Depth, Hitting and Rest for the everyday Players while getting his 10-12,at Bats a week too

Paulman on the 76ers
Paulman on the 76ers
April 23, 2021 8:48 pm

On the 76ers,
Every w complains about Ben Simmons and his lack of consistent Scoring but it’s actually his excellent Defensive Play and Rebounding ability which makes the 76ers a good Team
But I guess we won’t see many Stories about this for so many Fans don’t understand what goodDefense is at the NBA Level …
Without Simmons, the 76ers are a slighty above Average Team who will struggle versus the Top Tier in the NBA

Sweet retart
Sweet retart
April 24, 2021 10:58 am

Without Embiid the Sixers r a lotto team and Simmons d which is a luxury is largely irrelevant. Ben is an offensive cripple who can’t run a half court set and whose offense has not evolved since high school.

And regarding story lines. A. Who cares about story lines? B. It’s all anyone talks about both nationally and locally but of course u got no clue about that cuz you don’t follow you just chirp from the rafters.

Simmons is not a franchise player and never will be until he puts in the work

We can be Heroes
We can be Heroes
April 24, 2021 11:50 am
Reply to  Sweet retart

I predict Morley will trade Simmons. I like him but he is way overpaid for his offensive output. Helluva defender, great in transition but to win in the NBA you need a dynamic half court player and we know damn well he’s probably the WORST half court player…. trade to Miami for Butler and Herro …. not sure Miami would do it but damn

Prime time
Prime time
April 24, 2021 3:43 pm

Yea I’d do that trade in a second but it’ll never happen. Look bens a stud but he’s also stunting Embiids success. They got this year and max 1 more year although ben got a max deal and ain’t a franchise player so trading him for value and star talent in return gonna be hard. I’d try to blow blazers away with a package for lillard. I’m talkin ben, maxey , 4 first rounders or something. Ben and cj would be nice. Portland likely gonna have to break up cj and dame soon. Who knows maybe we keep ben and trade a bunch of stuff for cj idk. Bens offensive crippled ness really hinders our ability to build around him and Joel simultaneously.

And regarding Paul’s Phillies and flyers analysis as my man Deion Sanders would say “ain’t nobody care” about them

Paulman Reports on Flyers
Paulman Reports on Flyers
April 23, 2021 8:52 pm

On the Flyers
I gave up on them some 25 Years Ago and they do absolutely nothing for me as a Philly Sports Fan and I love and played the Sport of Hockey thru my College Years and still enjoy watching the NHL on TV and especially the Playoffs,
But not this Team …

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 24, 2021 6:12 pm

76ers fading quickly and will likely finish as
#3 Seed for the Post-Season even with their relatively easy final 12 Game Schedule
They are not playing good ball and especially Defensively since Simmons went out
They are probably looking at a 1st Round Matchup vs the Celtics or Heat which will be a battle …

Dumb cunt
Dumb cunt
April 25, 2021 2:42 pm

Sixers fading quickly. Hahahahhaaa ur an imbecile. What a dumb negative twAt

Suffragette City
Suffragette City
April 25, 2021 9:01 am
Reply to  Jeff Kolsky

I don’t understand why eagles fans have given up on Dillard? It makes zero sense. He had a rough couple of games as a rookie and then got injured. As for Sanders I don’t see the eagles paying him, they should just use the hell out of him and let him walk. Packaging players doesn’t seem to happen much around the draft but if they could move up by moving Ertz that would work.

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 25, 2021 9:21 am
Reply to  Jeff Kolsky

GM Jeff,
Ravens are reportedly Signing Free-Agent Villanueva of the Steelers to Play RT and replaced the Traded OvBrown so they aren’t likely to trade for an unproven Player like Dillard who is a natural LT to begin with

As far as Traded Veteran Players in the Draft,
It will be more difficult to do this Year due to many Teams being up on their Salary Cap for 2021 and Teams would need almost $9 Million
Under their Cap to Fit Ertz Contract for 2021 plus Ertz wants a new Deal as well which would be hard for most Teams to do this decreased Cap Year
Teams who can use and Fit Ertz under their Cap would be Teams like the Jaguars, Bills, Colts, Seattle and Texans ..
I could definitely see the Eagles trading Ertz plus their 84th Pick to the Jags for their 65th pick as I don’t believe moving Ertz and a 2nd Rounder to get back into the 1st Round is realistic due to the Value Teams hold on their 1st Rounders

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 25, 2021 9:28 am

If the Eagles do Select OL in the 1st Round
(Slater or Vera-Tucker) then I could see the Eagles trying to move veteran Lane Johnson where on Day 2 in the Draft
The Eagles could move Mailata over to RT which may be his ultimate Position in the NFL
and especially if Dillard shows he’s a legitimate LT in the NFZl as he was Drafted for

2022 Starting OL could be
LT Dillard, LG Slater or Vera-Tucker, C – Seumalo, RG Brooks, RT Mailata
With Driscoll,Herbig and a later Draft Pick as Backups

Paulman Reports
Paulman Reports
April 25, 2021 7:39 pm

Another Stinker from the Phillies Today who
Are 5-10 after their 5-1 Start to the Season and many of their losses have not even been competitive Games
The NL East is not as Strong as many in MLB predicted with a bunch of .500 or below Teams so far….
I called for 81-81 Record in 2021 and so far it’s been playing out this way…
Need a CF, LF and 2 solid Bench Players and about 4 More Pitchers for their 4th/5th Starter Spots as well as their Bullpen
Stinko as a Team after the opening Week of the Season

May 16, 2021 9:48 am

And not so happens))))

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