• May 24, 2022

McNabb Was Not At His Best

I know it's early but I just finished watching the Giants lose to the Cowboys on the Sunday night game and both Tony Romo and Eli Manning were lighting things up.  I know McNabb isn't 100% but he surely doesn't look like the best QB in the division.

You can see McNabb isn't 100% and the Packers defense is outstanding.  I knew they were good but I had no idea they would shut down the Eagles offense the way they did.  McNabb wasn't at his best and the receivers surely were shut down. 

This doesn't look good because I don't think the Eagles defense is as good as they looked.  The Packers offense which was filled with rookies is one of the poorer offensive units in the league.  They had a rookie wide receiver, rookie running back, and rookie fullback starting.

Despite all of that, if the special teams hadn't given this game away, it would be remembered as a game in which the Birds played well enough to get an ugly win.  This was a rare thing in the Reid era for the team to lose a game because of special teams. 


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