• May 27, 2022

McNabb’s Legs Affect His Throwing

Donovan McNabb couldn't have had worse timing in his comments on HBO about race playing a part in the criticism he receives.  He's struggling with his return from his ACL surgery which should have been expected.

I'm not shocked that he's struggling in his return to action.  He will get better as the season goes along because his legs will get stronger.  I think the Eagles should have started this season with an emphasis on the running game while knowing that their starting quarterback was only 9 months removed from knee surgery.

A quarterback's legs play an extremely important part in his throwing.  A quarterback throws with his legs.  Your balance is crucial when you're throwing and maintaining balance is more difficult when your legs aren't one hundred percent.

If there is any problem with a quarterback being balanced then it's going to affect his throwing.  If the quarterback's legs get tired it will hurt his accuracy.  When a quarterback throws the football, his legs play a major part in the activity.  You can see that McNabb is no where near being 100%, when you saw he could barely stop after he scrambled for a first down.  I think they're asking him to do too much, while knowing that it's going to be a while before he gets to full strength.


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