• December 8, 2022

Brady Crying About ESPN Coverage

Tom Brady was crying earlier this week about ESPN's coverage of Spygate. 

He usually doesn't have trouble with coverages but he's been complaining that ESPN is just reporting things and saying things to fill up time. 

I listened to his comments and first he says he didn't see any of ESPN's coverage of Spygate then he talks about what the guys said.  Which is it? 

I understand him being bothered by this but I don't think ESPN has done any more about this than they have done about any other story.  They follow controversy which is their business.

The bad guys in this situation are Bill Belichick and his staff not ESPN.  Notice none of the players have gotten Belichick for disgracing their names and reputations. 

This whole thing stinks because normally cheating like this which involves more than one or two guys, leaks out.  It will leak out especially quickly in an organization.  You know the way people talk.  I'm sure Brady either knew about the cheating from first hand knowledge or he heard the rumors about it.

Who's kidding who?


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