• July 3, 2022

Jones Still Trying To Figure Out T.O.

The soap opera in Dallas continues according to Jason Cole of Yahoo sports. 

Cole talked to some sources in Hawaii, and they said Jerry Jones has been inviting veteran Cowboys players over his house and trying to find out how they can continue to work with Terrell Owens.


I knew that Jones would do everything he could to keep Owens around because he needs star quality and media attention to sell out that 100,000 seat stadium he’s getting ready to open.  As much as it seems like they need to get rid of Owens because he’s got the team divided, Jones won’t do it.


Here are two key paragraphs in the article.

“According to two sources here where the Pro Bowl players and coaches are staying, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has had some veteran players come to his home in recent days to discuss how the team can work out problems with Owens. Jones is hopeful he can manage the situation with Owens and repair the troubled relationship the wide receiver has with numerous teammates, including quarterback Tony Romo.

Sources say that among the issues players are having with Owens is his refusal to talk to other players on offense and acknowledge them in the huddle, in the locker room or at other team functions.”

Does any of this nonsense sound familiar?   Owens was doing this same nonsense here in Philadelphia.  Don’t get me wrong this guy is a legitimate Hall of Fame receiver but he’s also a foolish baby who has the ability to split up a football team.

This is also the real reason former NFL head coach Dan Reeves wasn’t hired a Jones’ special assistant.  Reeves sealed his fate a couple weeks ago when he talked about what are the keys to having a good football team.


“I think you’ve got to have people with great character.  The key is trying to look inside of players and trying to see what makes them tick.   You want people who will stand together in the face of tough circumstances.  If you’ve got people going in different directions you don’t have a chance.


You don’t need wide receivers who only care about how many catches they have.

The Cowboys had too many distractions during the season.  That really hurts the football team.”



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