• May 22, 2022

Charlie Should Have Sent The Runners In The 8th

Jeter completes the double playIt was the eighth inning, the Phillies were trailing 3-1, Jimmy Rollins was on second and Shane Victorino was first with one out and Chase Utley was at the plate.

He had a 3-2 count, which normally means the manager is going to send the runners if he has a contact hitter at the plate and some speed on the bases.

He had Utley at the plate and he rarely strikes out. Rollins and Victorino were on the base pathers and they’re two of the fastest baserunners in the league.

Therefore, Charlie had both factors working in his favor. 

The only reason he would not send the runners would be because he feared Utley lining into a double play.  That possibility was remote, so he should have started the runners.

If he had started the runners, the Phillies would have had runners on second and third with two outs and Ryan Howard at the plate.

Manuel didn’t send the runners and Utley hit into a double play.  Yes he really beat the throw to first but that’s not the point.

I think Charlie has got to start the runners in that situation.  What about you?

Jeter completes double play


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