• October 7, 2022

Westbrook And Concussions The Main Topic Of Interest

Chargers tackle WestbrookI know the Eagles have an important game against the Bears on Sunday but most of the talk at the Nova Care Complex today has been about Brian Westbrook and the two concussions which he has suffered this season.

His teammates were talking about him and his importance to the team but they all emphasized that it was most important that he get himself healthy.  Any talk of him playing again wasn’t even mentioned.

Donovan McNabb talked about the problems former players have been having because of concussions suffered years ago.

Andy Reid said that Westbrook was “in a good place” on Monday when he talked to him, but they’ll learn much more today when he’s examined in Pittsburgh by a neurosurgeon and expert on concussions.

The Eagles know that concussions are radioactive right now so they’re going to be over cautious about letting Westbrook get back on the field this year.

All the T’s will have to be crossed and the I’s will have to be dotted before Westbrook played again this year or next year.

Reid said he would let us know as soon as he finds out what the concussions experts have to say about his condition.

Westbrook being gang tackled


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