• May 27, 2022

Notes from Flyers 2-0 win over the Rangers

Here are some quick-hit thoughts from the Flyers win last night over the Rangers:

James van Riemsdyk is starting to prove why he was drafted 2nd overall in the 2007 draft.  It was obvious that this kid hit the rookie wall earlier in the season, but he has clearly made strides of late.  He opened the scoring with what proved to be the eventual game winner on a breakaway in the first at that gives him five goals in his last eight games and twelve on the year.

Mike Richards was the best player on the ice tonight.  Had he not scored the late second period goal, I would have still said he was the best player on the ice.  Richards took the game over at both ends and played like the leader of this hockey club.  This team thrives off of his energy on the ice.  He needs to keep playing like a man possessed because when he is at his best, the team is at their best.

Ray Emery gets the shutout despite a goal review to determine whether the Rangers scored with .1 seconds remaining on the clock.  Emery’s shutout was hardly Brodeurian but he made the saves needed to get the W.  This was a perfect game for him to find his legs.  The Flyers played flawless hockey in front of him tonight and it allowed him to make some routine movements and rarely have to worry about any rebounds because the defensemen did a good job keeping him clean.

The refs did a great job officiating tonight.  They missed a high sticking penalty that cut Timmonen but other than that blunder, they really let the teams’ battle and it was as “old time hockey” as you can get nowadays.  They could have easily ruined the game when Carcillo and Gaborik fought but instead, they treated Gaborik like a mortal and there was no Crosby treatment.

First Period – No Penalties.

Second Period – 44 minutes in penalties.

5-minute majors for fighting: Carcillo vs Gaborik – Carcillo (Unanimous)

5-minute majors for fighting: Hartnell vs Avery – Hartnell (Unanimous)

5-minute majors for fighting: Carcillo vs Avery – Avery (Close one)

Third Period – 12 minutes in penalties

5-minute majors for fighting: Asham vs Voros – Voros (Close one)

Getting back to Carcillo vs Gaborik…  The Rangers telecast along with the Rangers players and coaching staff were irate that Dan Carcillo fought their superstar player, Marian Gaborik.  Tortorella called the act “gutless” and sarcastically said that Danny Carcillo is a “real brave guy.”  I really have mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I can see the Rangers’ point of view.  If Sean Avery fought Danny Briere I guess I would be heated too.  At the same time, the replay clearly shows a scrum in front of the net.  Tollefsen and Dubinsky start to push and shove and the replay clearly shows Gaborik coming to the aid of Dubinsky and he is getting ready to grab Tollefsen.  At this point, Carcillo obviously targets Gaborik and from there, they exchanged shoves and the normal face washing and it isn’t until Gaborik actually grabs Carcillo by his throat that any thing really manifests and the first glove on the ice is blue and red, not black.  Okay, so I no longer have mixed feelings.  If you want to get involved with the big boys in the scrums you better be prepared to act accordingly.  At the same time, if you are Carcillo and you fight a superstar, you have to be prepared to fight the big guy once you get out of the box.  Carcillo is later challenged by Avery who is seeking retribution and he does the right thing, he sticks by his actions.

Nick Randazzo

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