• August 16, 2022

McNabb Takes No Shots At Philly During News Conference

Donovan McNabb just finished his first news conference as the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins and he turned down a few opportunities to take shots at Eagles fans and the Philly media.

Throughout the interview the Washington sports media tossed him questions about how bad he had been treated during his stay in Philly. McNabb avoided making any crtical remarks about the Philadelphia area.

“I felt that I was treated fairly [by the fans],” McNabb said.¬† “For eleven years, I just wanted to say thank you for displaying my talents.¬† It was a great ride.”

He made it a point to change his focus to Washington and his future with the Redskins.

“This is a different stage from the norm and what I’m used to,” he said. “There are days in life you go through change, you find a light at the end of the tunnel here with a great organization that wants to win and wants to win now. I’m surrounded by a great group of players that are willing to put in the effort to win a Super Bowl.”

McNabb tossed a bouquet to Andy Reid when he talked about having played for a Hall of Fame coach.

“For 11 years playing under a future Hall of Fame coach and now playing under another Hall of Fame coach”

Again he refused to say anything negative about Philly and expressed relief that the trade was finally completed.

“I‚Äôm just happy that it‚Äôs all over from where it all started at the end of the season to where we are now,” he said. “There was never any burden on my shoulders [in Philadelphia]. I was part of a lot of different things in my 11 years to be surrounded by a lot of great athletes, but it‚Äôs over. I‚Äôm here and starting a new chapter in the book of Donovan. I look for great things to happen.”

McNabb said that playing against the Eagles will be nothing special.¬† “I don’t look at it like it will be any different than Dallas or the Giants … Another opportunity to face a quality opponent and bring home a victory.”

When he was asked about his contract, the former Eagles signal caller said, “That’s not my focus.”¬† McNabb said he was just happy the trade speculation is over. “I’m very excited about that.¬† [The contract] may take care of itself.”


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  • Love the way mcnabb took a shot at eagles not running the ball…….i guess it really wasnt a shot just some facts….Mcnabb is my boy and i hope he wins a ring over there to shut all the eagles fans that wanted him out up.

  • McNabb was a class act (or at least the real version versus his online persona). But, now he is dead to me. I hope the Birds wipe their you-know-what with the Foreskins this year.

  • showing your true colors dawkplex1221, you are no eagles fan, go down 95 and root for those PIGS.

  • Hey Donovan, get some aerobic workouts in. You will be running for your life in DC.

  • Heres how I see this coming season thus far…

    Eagles go 8-8
    Giants go 10-6
    Dallas go 11-5
    Redskins go 11-5

    Eagles Sign Marc Bulger as their 3rd string QB

    Kevin Kolb get his ACL torn in his 3rd game and Marc Bulger gets the starting job.

    The Colts will NOT make the playoffs this year and the Texans will make it for the first time.

    The superbowl will be the Redskins and the Patriots after they pick up Brandon Marshall.

    Mcnabb wins his first ring in next years superbowl.

  • Hey Vricchini, you sure do sound a lot like Paulman. hmmm….

  • Its hard to see my QB for 11 years in that Burgundy. He was always a class act here in Philly. Philly fans are so backwards. If he was always in to something, tattooed from head to toe, and surrounded by controversy he would’ve been a star in Philly. But since 5 carried himself like a model citizen, was articulate, and responded to criticism in a politcally correct manner he was ridiculed by the fans of this fair city. The irony

  • I want him to win a Super Bowl. Just not before us. The issue is that he may be in a better position to win one within the next 2-3 years than we are. I just want to see him on top at least once in his careers. The Eagles will last forever and he’ll be gone soon, especially since we have win them all (any for that matter). But anyhow, I did like how he took a shot at the Eagles for not running the small. Whether you like or dislike him, that was the truth. If Shanahan brings a championship there with McNabb within the next 3 years and our QB isn’t that great or even looking like it, Reid will be gone.

    Did anyone think about the real possibility of Vick being our QB? Remember, we are just one injury away from that. And if Kolb plays very poor, and the team swears they aren’t rebuilding and think we are a playoff team, I can’t see Reid letting Vick sit on the sidelines while watching Kolb struggle. Not saying Vick would be better, but say in the first 6 games we are 2-4 (just as a example) and Kolb looks shaky at times. Does Andy let Kolb continue to struggle and just bank on 2011 and beyond or does he insert Vick to try to rescue the season?

    I’m only asking this because they swear they aren’t rebuilding and a team that’s not rebuilding wouldn’t chalk it up.

  • keep 5……. it’s amazing because many of the fans here base so much on emotion than anything else. Of course it’s not everyone but it’s a lot. The same people that was outraged to see Dawk leave (who left as a free agent) are happy to see McNabb go and people revere Buddy Ryan and Cunningham but despise Reid and McNabb. I will never ever get that.

  • The McNabb apologists are back. It is the fans who traded him.

  • I thought Buddy was a failure here as was Randall.

  • VRicchini…You are a Moron! u seriously believe that the skins will make it to the dance. Talk about holes, that team is like swiss cheese based solely on their O-line. Let’s face facts, Nabb is extremely more likely to be injured than Kolb (17 games ring a bell?). Heck, while you’re at it, throw in Portis, and Parker as potential injuries as well as both of them have a history of it. Your point is based on complete jackass opinion and is downright autistic.

  • Foreskins in super bowl……ha….ha….ha….ha…….you get the point.

  • Scorp I agree 100%. Its a lot of things about the fans that I don’t get. The way they act you would think the Eagles would have had 3 or 4 rings by now.

    Reidsucks Randall was a failure? He wasn’t the greatest Eagles QB but he was far from a failure.

  • Either way you look at it both Kolb and McNabb will be seeing alot of turf this year with the likes of D. Freeney, J. Allen, A. Spencer, J. Peppers etc…coming to town. If both our OL’s don’t show up we’re looking at a long season…

  • Just remember, McNabb had 8 TD’s and 7 INT’s in his first 6 starts. Growing pains are just a part of the game for new QB’s

  • Autistic? What does an impaired ability to process information and express oneself have to do with his post? Pick a better insult, that one doesn’t really work,

  • Wellwellwell….. yes but McNabb was a rookie and was behind Doug Pederson and a poor coaching staff. Kolb is going into his 4th year after sitting behind a potential HOF QB, good coaching staff and in the system. Having said that, he will still have growing pains but it shouldn’t be nowhere near as bad as someone making their first start in their rookie year.

  • Just state facts…the man WAS a Pro-bowl player this year, the man DID lead the Eagles to the playoff, the man IS a class act. I wonder how he can still be so hated, yet Jaworski couldn’t hold his jock, but is revered, are you kidding. Some of you really show your true colors, and I mean that literally. On to Baseball season, go Phillies…Kevin Kolb…the verdict is out on you Mr. Texas, I hope you are as ready as they think you are. If you are not, bye, bye Andy Reid in 2 years.

  • McNabb was like the 500th alternate and he SUCKED in the Probowl. I don’t hate him Just as of last year I was ready for a change.

  • McNabb is hated? That is stupid.

  • @Regal, I agree…ProBlow (yeah..I said it) nods mean NOTHING now. I’m so tired of hearing..”McNabb was in 6 ProBowls.” Well, 4 of those 6 were as an alternate, and 2 I believe he wasn’t even the first alternate. I guess D Gerrard should be a hot ticket since he’s a 4 time ProBlower.

  • vricchini says:
    April 6, 2010 at 11:30 amHeres how I see this coming season thus far…

    Eagles go 8-8
    Giants go 10-6
    Dallas go 11-5
    Redskins go 11-5

    Eagles Sign Marc Bulger as their 3rd string QB

    Kevin Kolb get his ACL torn in his 3rd game and Marc Bulger gets the starting job.

    The Colts will NOT make the playoffs this year and the Texans will make it for the first time.

    The superbowl will be the Redskins and the Patriots after they pick up Brandon Marshall.

    Mcnabb wins his first ring in next years superbowl.

    Predicting a Kolb injury. You’re just an Idiot!!

  • I agree, pro bowl appearances can be deceiving (i like the Garrard comment), especially now, since its played before the super-bowl and is filled with even more 2nd and 3rd options. You’ll start to see a fair amount of players getting in by exception and pro bowl appearances will lose at least a bit of their luster if they continue the “before the Super-Bowl” pro bowl game.

  • @WellWellWell
    6√ó Pro Bowl selection (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009)
    dude made the Pro Bowl 4x in his 1st 5 years in the league and that’s nothing ?

  • Hmm. So Kolb sucks so bad that it will take a week 3 acl injury now to ensure he is not able to do what 5 did not.

    McNabb will likely NEVER win a superbowl and very likely not this year.

    I agree with Brian Baldingers assessment. Also if you are Andy Reid and the eagles you have the opportunity to control McNabbs destiny by beating the Deadskins every time you play them. If You are Andy Reid you can now either look really good or really bad. Have more success with 4 and people will eventually put all short comings on 5. Fail with 4 though and 5 looks like a victim of bad coaching.

  • YES!! YES!! YES!! McNabb era is finally over!! McFraud is outta here. The mental midget has been sent packing!! He was a mental midget who was blessed with insane talent but the capacity of a 5 year old to handle stress!! See-ya.

  • I am amazed at the McNabb lovers and haters. Take him for what he is – a very successful QB who’s talent was shoehorned into the exact wrong system. If his coach would have built the offense on Donovan’s strengths (playmaking vs. accuracy, deep ball vs. touch), he could have won several Super Bowls in Philly. Shanahan will do a better job at that, even if Don’s running game is gone. A balanced offense with enough deep balls will do Donovan right. Kolb’s style is a better fit for Andy’s offense. We’re gonna see if he can be more successful than Don – I think Banner and Roseman’s jobs depend on it. This was their trade – Reid clearly did not want to trade him.

  • And, yes, Donovan is a class act. Never in any trouble. Didn’t take any shots at Philly. He may have been a bit sensitive at times, but I’d rather have that than a Jeff George type moron….

  • better get those legs going #5 you are going to need it with that O line down there.

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