• May 21, 2022

Garcia Makes It Clear That He Wants To Play For The Eagles

Jeff Garcia is not beating around the bush, he’s making sure that not only the Philadelphia Eagles know that he wants to come back to the Birds, he wants to let the fan base know that he wants back in.

He made it a point to make sure everybody knew that he was willing to be a mentor to the Birds new starting young quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Garcia sent an email to the Associated Press which included the following comment:

“I would welcome the opportunity to return to Philly and be a part of the Eagles’ organization and to be in front of those great fans again,” Garcia wrote. “I know that I would be a great addition/mentor for Kevin as well as many of the other young guys on the team. Time will tell.”

I remember when he signed with Tampa Bay after the year in Philly and immediately went to Florida and started raving about how they were the best fans in the league.

I understand, the man is unemployed and has to say what the man has to say.

The big question facing the Eagles is are the willing to have both Michael Vick and Garcia on the roster at the same time.

I don’t think the Birds want two veterans backing up Kolb.¬† I think they want a veteran and a young developing quarterback in back of Kolb.

They have spent a good deal of time this off season, looking at college quarterbacks.  I expect them to draft one late in the draft.

The bottomline is that the Birds will only sign Garcia if they get rid of Vick, so stay tuned.


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  • Considering they will be doing everything possible to shield Kolb from the game (Vick WildCat/unprecedented running attack) they need to hold 4 QBs. I can guarantee, if Kolb starts for more than 6 games there will be a double QB injury situation.

  • What ever Butch. Please stop injury for 4. I just hope we unload Vick during the draft. Move Vick out and bring Garcia in for a year. I want no part of shuffling quarterbacks in and out of the game. Kolb like any other quarterback deserves to just go out and play.

    The wild cat would only make sense if Vick were the full time starter and you could run audibles in and out of it as your base offense. I will turn in my fan card the day that happens.

  • Considering the guy’s older than MacNabb was, I don’t see why they would bring him in. And on a personal note, I came out of the closet today.

  • @RS, now you need to change your name to SucksReid. IDC if Garcia is older than McNotanEagleanymore, he’s not the #1 or even the #2 guy. He’ll be a support roll and he’s got the competitiveness and work ethic to support Kolb for the future.

  • I agree with WellWellWell. Garcia would not be a bad #3. If we dont sign Garcia we should draft Todd Tompkins, he once threw for 2 TDs…to himself…on the same play!

  • let’s be honest here for a second. funny garcia is older than vick and the guy that left town. also, vick and garcia know they are one or ints from being named the starter. kolb if you think about it can not get off to a slow start because is playing for a contract and would two veteran qbs licking their chops to get the top spot. good luck kevin.

  • Why haven’t they signed him yet if he wants to play for them so bad? They could use a veteran backup for Kolb (Vick won’t do). He was very successful in this offense. The only bad thing I can get from them signing Garcia, and the only reason why that I can think of why they didn’t sign him yet, is because the second Kolb starts playing bad, everyone will be calling for Garcia, but no matter who is on the team (Vick, whatever veteran backup they choose to sign, if any), they will be calling for them if Kolb struggles. Eagles need to get it done.

  • Why don’t they put Vick in the backfield as a wishbone back or as a wideout? Throw him or toss him the ball. This way if the corners come up he throws if the corner covers he runs 6 yards evevytime.

    They used him studidly last year.

  • Just a fake on Jacksons side will make the corner think and open him up for a big game.

  • Mattdaddy that kind of stuff might work sometimes but unlike in college ball where not every player is fast in the NFL every player is fast so option pitches and the like just aren’t high probability plays. Just think about how many times you have seen a reverse or double reverse get blown up for disasterous results

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