• September 27, 2023

Addition Of Bryant Means Roy Williams’ Days As Cowboys Are Numbered

Somebody had better let Dallas Cowboys overpaid wide receiver Roy Williams know that his days as a starter are numbered.¬†¬† It doesn’t stop there.

Once rookie wideout Dez Bryant gets acclimated to the new offense, Williams’ days as a Cowboys will be over.¬† Dallas didn’t need to draft a wide receiver in the first round, but they couldn’t ignore the amazingly talented Bryant, as team after team ignored him in the first round of the draft.

I think he was the steal of the weekend, as long as they can keep him out of trouble and focused on football.  He was rated as one of the top five players coming out this year, yet the Cowboys were able to get him with the 24th pick.

Bryant is a beast and I don’t see any way that the underachieving Williams can hold the youngster off.¬†¬† Jerry Jones gave up too much to bring Williams to Dallas, then he gave him one of the richest contracts in the history of the league.

Now Jones and the Cowboys front office have realized that they made an expensive mistake.¬† Their top receiver isn’t Williams, instead it’s Pro Bowler and former free agent Miles Austin.¬† Williams drops passes, runs poor routes and comes up missing in big games.

On the other hand, the former Oklahoma State star wide receiver, Bryant reminds me of a young Terrell Owens or in many ways, Austin.  Like Owens and Austin, Bryant is big and quick with great hands.

Defensive backs have trouble tackling Austin and they’re going to have trouble tackling Bryant.¬† There’s no way in the world that all of these little defensive backs in the NFL can deal with the 6’2″ and 215 pound, Bryant, who I consider to be a big monster with speed.

We’ll see how it all works out, but you can be assured that Williams will playing elsewhere in the near future.


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April 24, 2010 11:37 am

our midgets will be able to knaw at his ankles.. chop chop