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Reid And Roseman Will Try To Shine In 4th And 5th Rounds

Andy Reid, Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles plan on adding some serious talent today during the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds of the draft.

Many of you are asking what was the thinking of the Birds in the making all of the trades last night?  Why do you need all thoes picks in rounds 4 and 5?

The Eagles believe this is a very deep draft and they’re going to try to prove it today.¬† After the first round, their strategy has been to stack up picks in the fourth and fifth rounds, where they think they can find talent which other teams have ignored.

‚ÄúWhat you do, you sit and you evaluate the strengths of the draft by round. We felt like the latter part of the second round, I‚Äôm saying once you pass the first round, the latter part of the second round into the third and fourth rounds were the strengths of this draft. Obviously time will tell, but we put ourselves in a pretty good position if that‚Äôs the case, if we‚Äôre right and accurate there, for tomorrow‚Äôs draft with all those fourth round picks, fifth round picks and sixths and a couple sevenths that we have.”

“Then, we‚Äôll just see. Like I said, time will tell whether we‚Äôre accurate there or not, but we try to be very aggressive. I thought [general manager] Howie Roseman did a phenomenal job again today and his ability to accumulate these picks. It‚Äôs fun to watch how he goes about that.‚Äù

They have four picks in the fourth round and two picks in the fifth round.¬† You can get good football players in the fourth and fifth rounds but it’s easier said than done.

Today, it will be Reid and Roseman’s job to find the good ones and draft them.

In all the Eagles  have a total of nine picks today.  They have – No. 105, 121, 122 and 125 in the fourth, 134 and 146 in the fifth, 200 in the sixth, and 243 and 244 in the seventh.

There are still of the players left on the board.¬† I don’t necessarily think it would be a good thing for the Birds to draft them.

You know the Eagles like Fordham quarterback John Skelton.¬† He’s big with a strong arm, but he won’t be ready to play for a couple of years.

I like Mike Kafka of Norhwestern over Skelton.  I think he fits the west coast offense with his accuracy and savvy.

I would like to see them take Georgia Tech’s Jonothan Dwyer but we know the Eagles don’t like big, powerful running backs.

USC defensive end Everson Griffen is a talented pass rusher but he’s been¬† inconsistent and he takes plays off. The Eagles are getting the “you can’t have too many pass rushers” mentality and I agree with it, so can’t rule out the Birds taking him.

I like Jerry Hughes who is a speedy pass rusher from TCU coming off the corner.

Florida tight end Aaron Hernandez has showed he’s a good receiver but isn’t impressive from a size and speed stand point.¬† The Eagles don’t need this kid.

Maryland offensive tackle Bruce Campbell showed he’s a great athlete at the combine but he needs to be developed.¬† I don’t want to see the Eagles take Campbell.

USC tight end Anthony McCoy is very talented but he tested positive for marijuana.  I like this kid but the Birds have enought tight ends.

USC running back Joe McKnight has great speed and ability but he never lived up to his billing.¬† I don’t think he will be a good player for the Birds.

Are there any players that you would like to see the Eagles grab in this final day of the draft?


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April 24, 2010 7:08 am

The Birds have hit on a few gems in the 4th and 5th rounds before, so this might not be the worst strategy ever (although it wouldn’t be the route I would go).

Avant, Herremans, Buckhalter, and John Welbourn were all 4th rounders and Ingram (who I think will be good once he recovers), Celek, Cole, and A.J. Feeley were 5th rounders.

There’s talent there to be found, but let’s see if Reid and Roseman can track it down.

April 24, 2010 11:10 am

Being little more than a extension of “nickles” Banner Howie is out there trying to find players in the later rounds and has even traded some very good early draft picks where there were players on the board that this team could have used.We got FLAT OUT SMOKED by the Dallas Cowboys( have the eagles forgotten about those 2 games because i sure as hell have not) the last 2 games of the season and really needed some impact players to come in and start but the philosophy here is load up on the later rounds, that way if one of those players make it you have them locked in at a lower salary and that will help the eagles in there yearly quest to win the salary cap bowl- zero super bowls and counting !

April 25, 2010 6:57 am

Clemenza – have you ever heard of a ‘front 7’? I’m not sure if you have, because your posts make you sound like your favorite sport is hopscotch and you are more familiar with the roster of ‘my little ponies’ than any NFL team. But guess what – we drafted 13 players – 4 on O, 3 in the secondary, and 6 players for the front 7. Not to mention that we added Tapp and Simms, Marlin Jackson and we’re getting Stew Bradley back. Sure, we lost Sheldon Brown, but that’s a sh*t-ton of added speed, youth, skill, and talent to our D that Dallas smoked. We got the top DE and one of the top Saftey’s in the draft. Don Corleone would be very disappointed with you. Stick to teaching Michael how to make a decent spaghetti sauce.

April 25, 2010 10:21 pm

I am so excieted to see Training Camp this year. I cant wait for lehigh. I bet there is a little more hitting than in years past. No old timers club just Stud or Dud Man up or ship out!!!