• August 17, 2022

Are The Small Eagles Big Enough To Deal With The NFC East?

When we last saw the Eagles, the Cowboys were running for over two hundred yards and their big and physical receivers were having their way with the Eagles small and passive secondary.  

Their offensive line was getting manhandled and unable to block the Dallas front seven but we won’t deal with that in this article.

Although the Eagles drafted some good football players and improved their pass rush, they didn’t do anything to get better against the run or add size and aggressiveness in their secondary to deal with the division’s big receivers.

The Eagles plan for winning football games is fairly simple.  They expect to get ahead of their opponents by having Kevin Kolb throw the football to what is an outstanding set of weapons, which will force their opponents to throw the football.

Once they get the lead, they’re going to rely on Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole, newly drafted rookie defensive end Brandon Graham and the rest of their speedy defense to hold that lead with a feverish pass rush.

This isn’t anything new for the Birds. ¬†It’s similar to the mentality of the Indianapolis Colts which means Kolb has to be great and his receivers have to be great game and game out for this strategy to work.¬†

The Eagles drafted safety Nate Allen to their secondary but he’s not going to intimidate anybody coming across the middle. He’s regarded as a good pass coverage safety but he’s not much of a hitter.

The corner they drafted Trevard Lindley is supposed to be a good cover guy but not much of a tackler. 

I know that Stewart Bradley is returning to the line up and they traded for Ernie Sims but I’m concerned that they don’t matchup well in the division against the Dallas Cowboys strong running game and big receivers.

The same is true with the way they matchup against the New York Giants.  Even the Skins may cause problems because of their size advantage.

If these teams can put the ball on the ground and control the football by throwing to their big receivers, I see trouble ahead for the Birds in the division.

Don’t get me wrong, the Eagles have a good football team and I think Kolb will have success while stepping into an ideal situation, but the Eagles are a small football team.

The defensive line is small, their linebackers are small and their secondary is small.  The Cowboys, Giants and Redskins are going to run the football against the Birds and throw the ball to their big receivers. 

What cornerbacks or safeties do the Eagles have to deal with trio of 6’3″ receivers Miles Austin, Roy Williams and Dez Bryant in Dallas? ¬†What about New York’s 6’2″ Hakeem Nicks or 6’6″ Ramses Barden? ¬†Even the Redskins unaccomplished group of wideouts, 6’4″ Malcolm Kelly and 6’2″ DevinThomas could cause problems because of the matchups?

Who knows the Birds may jump ahead in the football games and nullify the size disadvantage, but we saw last year in the final two games against the Cowboys that there is a size problem and it hasn’t gone away.


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  • With nothing but speed on the outsides it appears the Iggles have faith that Bunk and Patt will be singled up on the inside allowing them to have big years. If they suck it up, look for that position to be the next one addressed in the draft. Remember we said NO to the Redskins when they offered us Albert Haynesworth for McNabb. Its a big season for the interior linemen on this team.

  • To me it looked like they outsmarted themselves trading around so much after 37th pick. But, the goal is to stay competitive and they do a fine job with that.

  • Nah dude, this draft was exactly what the Dr. ordered after having opposing O-Lines bitch slap us again and again and again..Nothing but speed, power and tenacity coming at ya from the outsides. Victor Abiamiri and Juqua Parker dont buy any green banana’s. And you too Trevor Laws, get on the field or get going!

  • I’ve been asking the same question for a long time. The phlosophy of a smaller, faster ‘D’ is history because receivers are so big and physical, except ours. I’m a long time birds fan, and love when they win, but when I see all these teams getting bigger and more physical, I ask why not us? It really is possible to be a fan and admit what doesn’t work.
    If we start getting bigger next year, we will be starting about three years after the rest of the division.
    That said, go birds.

  • I didn’t like the trade with Cowgirls. Couldn’t we have used Sean Lee? I didn’t understand Lindley in the 4th. That looked like a panic move to me. They may have gotten some value in the 5,6,7 rounds but I felt 4th was bad. Of course they know more about those players than I do but I have a suspicion that they screwed it up in the 4th. Why can’t we use Bruce Campbell in the 4th? We need depth on the OL too. The division is getting bigger and we are getting smaller. Our DTs don’t give us any push up the middle and we are going to depend on small DEs for pass rush. Not sure about this.

  • Dallas ran all over us, the Giants ran over us (when healthy), and you know Shanahan is going to run the ball. It is my opinion that if we fail to take an immediate lead, and if the opposing offense doesn’t panick when we do take a lead, we could get killed by the run. I still believe that balance remains a necessity in the NFL. An offense may excel at either running or passing, but both phases of the game must be effective. I never liked that we had smallish defensive players, especially along the line and at linebacker. I think we always wore down late in the season, especially against top teams.

  • I swear this team does not know how to draft. At 13, Earl Thomas was on the board. You take him. With the 37th and 55th and the two third round picks you use two of these picks to move up and select best available corner. Maybe trade with the Jets and get Kyle Wilson and then you move back up and select Carlos Dunlap. In the fourth round you select Everson Griffen. Tell me this would not have made sense? That would make four 1st round grade players out of this draft. Instead they blew their load on Graham, selected a junk Safety and a bunch of other junk players. Ten players were selected. Four might make the team. What an awful draft. Time to get bigger on the Dline. Call Washington about Haynesworth, send Bunkley and next years 2nd round pick for him. Also, call Oakland about sending Vick, Asante and next years forth for Asomugha. We need to matchup with Dallas and the guys we got now won’t do it. Also, give our homie Terrell Owens a call. We need a big receiver. He could play the slot or we can go 4 wide with him. Do something Eagles because your light years away from winning anything. This set of players will get 3rd o 4th in the division. Get ready folks, its going to be a long season. I recommend boycotting everything from training camp to games to memorabilia. We need to show them that if their not for real, were not for real either.

  • not sure how well we drafted as i am not one to rate talent beyond the 1st round let alone the top 10 picks. but i will tell you this the more picks you have the better chance you have hitting on players. so lets hope all these picks prove to find a few diamonds in the ruff. we needed depth and a couple starters on defence. i think it was accomplished. a pick up of released players which is bound to happen in the next little while may help too. overall i think the eagles had an interesting weekend but none the less a successful one. time will tell. and i will tell you this, once the regular season starts i will know who all these guys are and have high expectations. fly eagles fly.

  • scrapdawg12….you are an absolute idiot! How do you know the Jets would have made that trade? Dunlap and Griffen fell as far as they did for a reason. If you watched the draft you would know why….they are LAZY and only project as a 1st rounder but don’t play or act like one. Haynesworth is worthless, if the Eagles didn’t want him a month ago, why would they now? The Raiders don’t need Vick now….pay attention they traded for Campbell. TO wouldn’t help us b/c who do we bump down the depth chart, and do you think TO would come here to be the 4th WR. I hope you boycott everything Eagles b/c you are not a true fan. I’m sure boycotting them will hurt their wallets. Either be a true fan and support the team and their moves or go be a Cowgirl fan. The Eagles have made some questionable moves this offseason, but to come out and say boycott them is just plain STUPID!

  • This team needed to trade that lower 2nd round pick because the Eagles needed more than just one player like Sean Lee. With followi-up trades, the Eagles turned the 55th overall pick (a late 2) into all of the following…

    – Daniel Te’o Neshaim, DE, Washington

    – Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern

    – Clay Harbor, TE, Missouri State

    – Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson

    – Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

    – 2011 5th round pick

    It was Brilliant. They are cleaning house and adding multiple players that could be very good.

    Read more here —

  • 1st 2 picks I grade an B (I think trading a #24/#70/#87 to get Graham was a bit too much though,
    which then caused the Eagles to outsmart thmeselves and trade their #55 pick to Cowboys to get a 3rd Rd back… We helped the team we are chasing, fill a need at ILB to take over for K Brookings in a year or 2 with S Lee, I don;t understand it.. This was a very deep draft at CB and we choose that #19 Rated CB in the 4th Round after having opportunites to grab a top #12 ranked one with our 3rd Rd pick, I don’t understand it… Instead Eagles select DE Teo Neishmann at #86 when again most projected him to be a 4th round player at best..I don’t understand… Then we have a need for a blocking TE since we have very good pass receivers in Celek and hapoefully a heatlhy Ingram, and the Eagles turn around a draft TE C Harbor from a Division II school who played in a spread offense and weighs 240 lbs and was not asked to block much….
    I see the DE position stacked now with a very similar,smallish players in Cole,Tapp,Graham,Parker,Teo, Sapp…which when you consider the DT’s of PAtterson,LAws on the smaller side is not a very physically imposing group…
    I see the OL need for quality depth across board not even addressed.. No Young Center drafted to be groomed for J Jackson’s eventual replacement, No depth behind Peters/Justice (unless we all think K Dunlap is the answer) I see a lot riding on Stacey Andrews to be that very good player that the Front Office has told us about ..
    I was very disappointed with the 4th Rd selections ( I do like R Sapp/R Cooper/C Scott in the 5th/6th round picks)
    I was hoping for a better CB who is more physical and can tackle well,(P Cox,D Franks,W McFadden) I was hoping for OL Depth (M Petrus,J Jerry,M Johnson) and a more physical,blocking type of TE with Size (Quarless,MCCoy,Pitta) to help out with the running game then who they selected.. They did upgrade their LB corp with Sims,Clayton,Sapp so with the return of Bradley will be a very athletic group… I am still concerned about the CB & S postions in the short-term…

  • Ovreall Draft Grade a C +
    watch out for 49ers, Seahawks,Cowboys,Saints who all had better drafts in addressing needs and obtaining quality players a better values..,

  • Please folks – compare the size of Brian Dawkins to Nate Allen. According to NFL.com, Brian Dawkins is the same height and 3 pounds heavier that Nate Allen. Dawkins was significantly smaller when he was drafted. Since everyone’s freaking out about size, let’s look at Graham – compare to Freeney, Dummerville, Hugh Douglas and of course, Trent Cole. Dallas did crush us, but it was way more than a size issue. Our LB core (2 deep at MLB) was depleted and relying on young, inexperienced players playing out of position. I’m not worried about size because I think Romo will have a lot less time, Jones and Barber (or whoever they run at us) will be a lot less effective, and Witten won’t be as effective v. Clayton/Sapp/Fokou/Allen/Bradley covering the TE. I could be wrong. But harping on size is misguided in my book.

  • There goes Schiller constantly shilling for them. Did you realize that Flozell Adams manhandled Cole in the last two games? Size does matter. If the tackles get a lock on the undersized DEs, the play is over for them. I can live with Graham but why that guy in 3rd round? Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Who plays opposite to Asante? They should have come out of the draft with at least two CBs. Then again, what do I know? The trophy case in Novacare is full.

  • personally, i thought those dallas games had more to do w/ the decimated O-line.. we had a patchwork up there and the offense couldn’t find time to do ANYTHING.. anytime you leave your defense on the field for that long, they’re not gonna hold up.. i don’t care if they’re 11 clones of goliath.. i can’t really speak for this year’s draft except that it looks like we plan to do the same thing to opposing teams with our pass rush.. another point is that when you’re blitzing every other play, you get predictable and of course we’re not gonna hang w/ another team’s WRs or TE’s when we’re short-handed out there.. if the D-line alone can do most of their work on the other side of the line of scrimmage, don’t you think that starts to solve a lot of the other problems? i can’t predict the future, but i think i see what the strategy is and i don’t disagree with it… crossing my fingers and knocking on wood in hopes of us not getting hit by the injury bug 2 years in a row

  • i agree with shiller. harping on size IS misguided. the OL/LBs didnt even show up for those games. if you think being small in the nfl makes a player suck, then i guess all of you think desean jackson sucks. or steve smith ect ect ect ect ect. didnt your fathers ever teach you – its not the size of the dog in the fight…???

  • Reid sucks – I agree with you about Schiller – there he goes using perfectly good facts and information to dispell whiny posters who have no clue what the heck they are writing about. How dare he. When I am ranting and posting nonsense, no one better post any information available in a simple media guide or NFL.com to prove me I have no idea what I’m talking about. How dare the Eagles look at building a team similar to how New Orleans and Indy were built – we want the NFC east circa 1985 – we want to win games by a score of 10-3, except offenses today seem to be just a bit better.

    Read one of those crazy draft guides at a Borders last night just to see how accurate they all were about who would be picked by which team – interesting note – this guide graded the results of the 2009 draft by each team – guess the eagles draft grade for last year… go ahead guess…. stupid clueless national media guides gave the eagles an A? clueless. I mean don’t they know MacLin was a bust, and McCoy didn’t make the pro bowl. Some stupid comment about how if Ingraham turns to recover from his knee surgery it would move up to A+. And the fact Harris and Foukoua contributed, meaningless.

    But again a question I will be asking till someone can tell me the answer – where can I find a chart, or a guide, or something that tells the average ht/wt by positions in the NFL. I have nothing to compare Graham to because 6’3 26ish seems to be pretty normal size for DEs, where as 6’5 325 seems to be pretty normal size for a OT, so where can I find the info – are there any 290 lb DEs.

    And one last thing – Shanahan likes to run yes – But he always had the lightest average (under300 lb) O lines – go back and look. The Broncos always used that zone blocking chop block scheme.

  • i agree navy..I love it when people also say Reid is fat so he must be fired. there all so smart.

  • I liked Graham and Allen and nothing much else. Time will tell. I suppose all these quick, relentless players with high motor are needed to catch all those Lombardi Trophies falling out of the trophy cases at Novacare.

  • jimmy mac and navyeaglefan:

    Let’s go out and intentionally plan to injure the defensive linemen we face by chop blocking. It’s womanly, it’s vicious and, apparently, you feminine, short-sighted egg heads have never been chop blocked. I have, and I have never been closer to intention to murder. How dare you! Chop blocks keep surgeons in business, and ruin careers. But you guys keep cheering, OK, because it’s just football. Well so was the V-wing.

  • G:

    I agree, and it may be Reid’s undoing. I’m not big on Bradley, either, although you are. He’s only slightly better than Barry Gardner.

  • Good point about the saints navy. Many keep comparing the smallish d to the colts, but yeah, if you look at both the superbowl teams this year, where’s the huge ‘size’ players? DIdn’t the Saints win the superbowl with a coverage/smallish/fast LB picking off Payton Manning?

  • It has become a passing league, the Eagles have prioritized getting players to pressure the opposing qb. They revamped the lb position with trades and drafted pass rushing ends. The offense has to score early and often, but it has always been that way here. Do I worry about the secondary? Yes, but part of that concern is due to the fact that it is in transition still from the dawkins years. The new players have to come in and produce, so we will see what happens. Had our two 2nd round picks from ND come in and been better I feel like the Eagles would be in a very different position.

  • nsidous – um – I went to Navy. What type of offense does Navy run – the triple option. The starting O tackles are about 260 lbs – guess how Navy blocks the triple option – say it slowly…. c.h.o.p blocks. So next time Navy beats Notre Dame or takes Ohio State into the 4rth Q, or spanks Mizzo State in a bowl game, I’ll let the coaches know you think its feminine – by the way So Air Force chops, Rice, I think Georgia Tech and so does West Point. It is how smaller, quicker, more disciplined teams (and how Mike Shanahans Denver teams) create holes, they chop people and then let gaps be created. In high school – I was a two way all District one player OG and DT (there was a kid from Bishop Egan that was two way all state and went to Boston College and then played in the pro last name Murphy got all the glory and press), so against a few teams I got chopped (Abington ran the wishbone), you need to be an athlete, use your hands, it slows you down, keeps you from just firing off the ball, forces you to read more – makes you passive. In college I played guard, and yes – I chopped (never in practice unless we were going against AF and Army that week, becuase they both chop blocked in the game) I remember our NG blew a fit about getting chopped in practice and worrying about getting hurt – Army’s center got him on the thrid play of the game and destroyed his knee. As a line coach I also teach the chop block, I have no issue with teaching it, or using it.

  • Okay, keep talking about the Colts/Saints smaller defenses and how those teams are at the top. Fact is Colts have a HOF QB and the Saints QB will get there too. These teams win on offense, outscoring the other team, not with stellar defenses. If these teams didn’t score 30 plus each week, they would lose. The Vikes have a big physical D and do a great job stopping offences.

  • Enzone – good points and part of the catch 22 of posting on this board. No one said NO or Colts were on top – said they were in the superbowl. I have repeatedly pointed out that the Saints and the Colts were #25 and #18 in team D this year – the reply typically went along the lines of ‘they came up huge in the big game – when comparing those Ds to our last years team D. So I am caught in pointing out our D was in fact pretty decent last year, except they tanked against Dallas (small in big games). I mean we beat both NY and the redskins 2X last year and the Giants 4 of the last 5 – 3 in NY and some snapperhead up above wrote the Giants ran all over us – the first game against Dalls we held them to about 70 yards rushing. Now I am not buying into this whole ‘smaller’ thing yet, becuase I don’t know where to find data that supports the fact our D ends are smaller (or any of our positions) -I think Schiller up above makes a point of saying – hey look at Freeney, Taylor, all the other big name DEs (to which the reply is they are special, but if they weren’t we wouldn’t know about them). It seems to me we are going for team speed on D, pass rush, and people that pursue the ball. I love speed – speed kills. You can do a lot more things wth speed then you can with size

  • So we do agree, they were on top, as the top teams are the only ones in the SB.

  • I agrre with the premise that the more pressure you can put on the opposing temas QB’s the better..
    but you still have to cover today’s big,fast,athletic QB’s and TE’s.. I don’t see where the Eagles upgraded themselves in this area that has a lot of question marks… Does a Secondary of Sammuel,Hobbs,Mickell,Harris,Allen,Hanson,Lindley,Patterson,M Jackson strike the fear out of any WR’s,QB’s or Offensive Coordiantors when putting in a game plan…I would think teams with good offensive weapons and coachig will be licking their chops…

  • @ navy

    Why exactly is Maclin a Bust after 1 year? An d McCoy didn’t make the Pro Bowl so that makes him a bad pick? For one we don’t run the ball so its tough to get yards when you don’t have the carries and plus How Many RBs make the Pro Bowl their rookie year?…Not many..You are a complete moron covered in seaman…You have no facts to prove these players are busts…Both showed a lot of potential for the future

  • What is all of this ‘fear’ sh*t!?! I want someone who will cover, intercept, breakup passes, and tackle – all those things. But fear is not something I’m worried about. Yeah, a guy should be afraid of a big safety getting a clean powerful hit on him, but it doesn’t matter if that Safety can’t track angles and cover, hence he’ll get burned and be in the wrong place all of the time.

  • Weapon 20X – read my post again – it was pure sarcasm. I think the Eagles do an OUTSTANDING joob of drafting and have been pointing out that in every major publication the Eagles contnually get high marks for running draft boards. Several posters were hinting at the picks and making comments about how the birds can’t draft – so I was sarcastically agreeing with them…. you really need to get a clue before you jump in stomping with both feet – now looks like you have the seaman looking substance (egg – get it – play on words, joke, or is subtle humor lost on you) on your face – you must be the only moron that didn’t get that

  • enz – not sure what you are leading to – but Saints went what – 13-3 and won the SB – sounds like a solid argument they were on top – I do think they should send the NFC championship game refs christmas cards for the next 50 years or so. I’ve got no problem with someone saying the colts are one of the top teams in the league either

  • Honestly, the whole size issue is a bit overplayed … look at the ends who went to the Pro Bowl last year:

    Mario Williams – 295
    Kyle Vanden Bosch – 278
    Shaun Ellis – 285
    Jared Allen – 270
    Julius Peppers – 283
    Trent Cole – 270

    I 100% guarantee you every one of those guys (except MAYBE Williams) was around 265 when they were drafted. Lineman always bulk up in the NFL like 15-25 pounds after they join their team.

    Now admittedly, some of these guys are much taller than Graham is, but that just makes Graham bulkier. But really, the only thing being short does is make it harder to throw up your hands and knock down passes. I actually think it might give you a leverage advantage as a rusher.

    So I think the whole undersized thing is a bit overdone.

  • nsidious..Whaa..?? Are you schizophrenic or something? Who are you and do your Dr’s know your missing? WTF are you talking about chop blocking lineman? Are you friggin nuts or something. Read my posts asshole. And BTW I played football for the USMC. Not bragging, just saying you absolute moron.

  • I never said shit about chop blocking. Pick your battles better douche bag.

  • I do agree with the faster guys we will be able to get more pressure on the QB but that’s not always a given. Here’s my thing, I read a whole bunch of people tout how fast Kolb will be able to get the ball out his hands and not get sacked. So if Kolb will be able to do this against the defensive fronts of the other NFC East teams what makes people think that other QBs can’t do it to us? Those teams have big fast and physical guys on their teams as well but they won’t always be able to get to the QB. Same thing with our team. We won’t always be able to get there and the good QBs in the league will still make plays.

    Every time we play the Saints, they do 3-step drops and short passes and run the ball to keep our defense off of Brees. So I am all for the fast DEs but we will need guys that can get off blocks and some guys in the secondary that can cover and make tackles. I just don’t like how some people say Kolb will get the ball out quick but don’t use the same logic when defending our defense and act like no other QB will be able to get the ball off.

    Having said that, I hope everything works well for us though. We will see.

  • Jimmy – Mac – yeah – not sure where the nsidious guy was coming from – people have this vision of what Mike Shanahan WAS and then they try to project it onto the Redskins – I thinkhim and lostmy weapinX are the same person, just depends on if the light is on or off –

    Scorp – I think the key is to be able to get some pressure – make the QB uncomfortable – even in a three stepp drop with only 4 rushers and then have speed/cover guys to tackle the short passes – I think – help me out someone – that the great Tampa Ds were built sort or kind of like this. LBs that fly to the ball etc.

  • I remember when Michael Erving was killing the Eaglee, So we drafted B Dawk and Bobby Taylor (A tall Corner) to shadow their tall Receiver. But, this organization knows more than all of us. Remember this draft when the Cowboys continue their broad street mugging of our midgets at corner. This is going to get ugly….and by the way, did they address the revolving door in the center of our offensive line? Maybe we can plug “honey buns Sr.” (Andy Reid) in there….hell we went three years with a restaurant host as our primary returner and and broke a whodini plugged in at fullback. Com’n Andy it’s time to earn your keep. “TIMES YOURS”.

  • Wow – where to start – so when faced with a big WR (Irving) they drafted a tall QB – that sounds like a good thing – let’s remember the last 4 Eagles cowboy games – we destroyed them on the final game of 2008. he first game of 2009 – our D just fine – but somehow – even with the aid of instant replay – the refs couldn’t get a simple 1st down call right – so bad that the head of NFL refs admitted after the game his boys blew it. We go spanked the last two games of 2009. Why – first and most importantly in my mind – our Center blew his knee out. With Jackson – you had a chance, without him, our OL was a mess. By the end of 2009 we had how many LBs out hurt? Sheldon was hobbling on a bad leg, Hobbs on IR. No excuses, it was what it was. Team went 11-5 – stop fixating on one or two games and trying think about one team – got a 16 game schedule plus the playoffs – need to be able to beat them all. And by the way – the year they brought the resturant host back to return punts – so what is this huge fascination with going back 2 years ago, three years ago and saying – we didn’t have this or we didn’t have that – what don’t we have this year – a center – Cole, McGlynn, and Shipley until Jackson back – Shipley was the best center in college a couple years back. The cowboys aren’t going to mug anyone if the eagles can generate pass rush –

  • I hate you can’t edit – of course I meant tall CB (and wasn’t Dawk already here)

  • TO dave on above postiing…
    Great point about the loss of Center J Jackson the last few weeks of the season..
    My Question is, what has this smart and aggressive FO of the Eagle done about grooming a replacement for him… Please don’t tell me AQ Shipley is the guy either ( he was released from the
    Steelers practice squad and the Steelers have had a weak O/L group the last couple of years)
    With J Jackson out probably the first month of the Season, then N Cole slides over to play Center ..
    What happens if Stacey Andrews is not effective, or J Peters gets hurt and T Herremans has to slide over to play T … where is the quality of depth along the O/L going to come from….(other teams practice squads…)

  • Paulman – you will forever be Paulman to me – can’t answer that – and I know nothing about Shipley other then he won that award a few back. I have no idea what the plan is other then to try various combos – my gut call if I had to make it right this second – Cole starts at center – Jackson to PUP to see if he can get right by mid season. Andrews at Guard (lets assume for the rest that Justice, Hermanns and Peters are OK) If Andrews falters – then the better between McGlynn and Shipley at center Cole over to guard – didn’t Jackson spend a couple years on our PS? Did Giles ever sign his tender?

  • Now if we have a last year with Peters and his knee – Hermanns and his foot, Andrews can’t play – yeah – might be screwed

  • I think they do expect McGlynn,D Reynolds,Shipley to compete for back-ups at C/G spots and last years draft pick F Tupou to battle with K Dunlap for back-ups at OT..I think M Jean-GIlles did sign his
    1 year tender and will be in the mix at Guard as well
    I do think they need more bodies in camp across the line and hope that Stacey is healthy and rarin’ to go and in good shape and from all reports so far, he is, which is a very good sign..

  • navy- Yeah Cuz sarcasm comes across on a post…NOT…see how I put NOt to justify the sarcasm

  • Gotcha – no worries mate – in case you haven’t gotten the gist of most of my posts, i am an eternal optimist that thinks the Eagles are the best organization, the best team, and has all the best players. i think at the start of every year they are gonna go 16-0 and win the super bowl – and I am not being sarcastic.

  • Big linemen cant handle speed.

  • navyeaglesfan

    Obviously we disagree. I agree with that DT that got hissed off after it happened to him, and I’ll stand with the opinion (obvious) of the guy who got injured by the Army center. There are dozens that it happens to each year, and I think it should be made against the rules. I regret my calling you (and jimmy mac,)names, I got too hot about the issue. All due respect for your athletic exploits and your service. Nonetheless, I will not coach the chop block, and have contempt for coaches that do on game day.

  • navy, many of us out here get the sarcasm, no problems, keep it coming.

    Does anyone out there have a concern that some of the problems that we have had on the defensive line (and obviously the FO feel that there is a problem with all that they devoted in the draft) is due to the change in defensive line coaching last year? Rory Seacrest screwed up every position that he has coached on this team but continues to be employed and promoted. I do not know the guy from Adam, but from his performance I do not understand why they continue to believe that he will get the job done. They went out and got a great coach for the defensive backfield, but left this guy. It is something that concerns me going into this season.

  • I agree Greenfan,
    I am not sure how R Segest keeps his job on the Eagles staff year after year…
    If the D/Line underperforms again and all these young DE’s are not coached up and quickly,
    then this draft will be a failure as will the Eagles defense for the next 2-3 years…
    I think they better hire a coach or 2 to assist DE Coach R Segrest for I’ll be honest with eveyone,
    this fella (Segrest) scares the hell out of me for what his record of production has been as a position coach and they got a ton of new,potential very good players on the DL…

  • PM – GF – I was just back looking at the stats of last year to look up something about big running backs killing us, and again, not seeing where this issue of ‘the problem’ is. The Eagles did a very decent job against the run last year, in 16 games 1 back (Gore SF 107yds) got over 100 until playoffs. We did real well against jacobs. The big issue seems to be lack of pass rush from our DTs – but I think that is more of a scheme thing then a player thing (they rotate out). I think the biggest issue has been Abrami not becoming what they hoped he would be, a second D end to draw attention from Cole – I don’t know anything about Segrest so no thoughts on that

  • the eagles allowed (8) out of (16) regular season teams to run over 100 yards last season, and the debacle of the playoff game (198 rushing yards) is the last memory many of us have. I know that the injury to Bradley and the rotating MLB’s had a big effect on this performance, but by NFL standards the eagles are smaller then average along the DL front (I do not have the NFL average so if you have info the contrary I may have to eat crow) .

    I agree with what Big Red said this past weekend, whereas a strong pass rush from the DL will lead to better play from all other defensive positions. If you do not need to rely on a blitzing scheme to get pressure your whole defense can defend better.

    Segrest do a really poor job with the special teams after Harabaugh left, and then had the DB’s and last year moved to DL. Comments that I have heard ex-players make lead me to believe he is a nice guy but not a very good position coach. We need a great DL position coach i we plan on using speed to overtake the large OL’s in the NFC East.

  • Yeah – but greenfan – some of those over 100 games included QB scrambles etc. They were overall 9th in the league against the run – you can break down the stats how you like. And I agree – what happened in Dallas was a disaster – both games, but in some way having a horrid offense those two games really made it tough on the eagles –

    as for the size data – I don’t have that either – I don’t know the average of any teams starting LBs or DLs or what is included – but 6’4 265 MLBs that can run 4.43 40s dont grow on trees and you usually have to decide which is more important for your scheme, speed or size (yes, both are ideal) – hell, if I were two inches taller, 40 pounds heavier, and could run the 40 1.5 seconds faster – OK 2.5 – OK 3.5 seconds faster – I’d play too!

    So bottom line – I guess I agree on all your points – They brought in an ace ST and DB coach – maybe it will rub off on Segrest or McDermett can spend more time working wiht him>

  • yup, I really like the upgrades in the ST & DB coaches, and hopefully it will raise the level of everyones performance

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