• August 12, 2022

Eagles Focused On Speed, Aggressiveness And Improving The Pass Rush

After taking a close look at the Eagles 2010 draft choices, I can see a focus on speed and improving the pass rush.  The Eagles seem to believe that getting to the quarterback is the most important aspect of playing defense in the NFL.

1st Round – 13th – Brandon Graham – defensive end – First he needs to win the starting job at left defensive end. ¬†Then the Eagles need this young man to beat single-blocks by right tackles to the point where offenses can’t force teams to pay attention to him.

2nd Round Р37th РNate Allen Рsafety РThe Birds need Allen to win the starting job and become a playmaker in the secondary.  He needs to earn the trust of the coaching staff and his teammates by shutting down big pass plays deep and making tackles in the open field.

3rd Round – 66th – Daniel Te’o Nesheim- defensive end – He needs to earn or at least contest for playing time on the defensive line. ¬†He needs to be a monster on special teams.

4th Round – 105th – Trevard Lindley – cornerback – The Birds would be elated if he were to earn a starting job but they at least need him to earn a spot on the team’s nickel and dime defenses.¬†

4th Round Р112th РKeenan Clayton Рlinebacker РClayton must compete for playing time and he needs to be a contributor on the special teams.  He has to show them that his tremendous speed and instincts to find the football should make them find a way to get him on the field.

4th Round – 122nd – Mike Kafka – quarterback – Kafka must learn the offense and development himself to the point where the coaches feel comfortable with him running the offense.

4th Round – 125th – Clay Harbor – tight end – Harbor must prove that he’s the best blocking tight end on the football team. ¬†He also must learn the offense, so that they feel comfortable working him in the game plan. ¬†He needs to contribute on special teams as well.

5th Round – 134th – Ricky Sapp – defensive end – Sapp must first earn a spot on the football team then press for playing time as a pass rusher. ¬†They’ll probably ask him to be able to play both the left and right defensive ends. ¬†He must be a major contributor on the special teams.

5th Round Р159th РRiley Cooper Р wide receiver- Cooper must master the offense and gain the coaches confidence that he can do his job in the offense.  He needs to show he can catch the football across the middle despite taking hits.

6th Round Р200th РCharles Scott Рrunning back РScott needs to make the football team by learning how to run routes out of the backfield and catch the football.  He must learn to pass block and know what to do in all situations.  He must also contribute on the special teams. 

7th Round – 220th – Jabar Chaney – linebacker – Like the other backers, he must make the football team by learning the defense, then compete for playing time and become a monster on the special teams. He’s got tremendous speed and athleticism for an inside linebacker.

7th Round Р243rd РJeff Owens Рdefensive tackle РOwens must first earn a spot on the football team then compete for playing time as a backup defensive tackle.  He must earn the right to be a backup by proving him can help the defense against the run or as a pass rusher.

7th Round Р244th РKurt Coleman Рsafety РColeman will have to make the football team by impressing the coaches immediately during training camp, needs to pick off three passes and knock somebody out.  He must show he can run with NFL wide receivers and tackle running backs and tight ends in the open field.


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  • I’m thinkin Owens and Coleman don’t make the team and Gaither, Mays, Abiamiri, and Laws get the axe

  • SOLID.

    if 3 or 4 of these guys contibute anything this year this draft is a success.

  • I am all up for speed and agressivness..
    You still ahve to be physicla in the trenches and need a Secondary that is going put fear into opposing WR’s when coming in to their space… I don’t feel Eagles upgraded enough in these areas well enough
    to compete with the Cowboys,Giants,Saints,Vikings,Packers,Falcons,49ers and even Cardinals just from the NFC let alopne the Colts,Jets,Patriots,Chargers,Ravens,Steelers from the AFC… ,

  • One of the worst drafts the Eagles ever had. Brandon Graham instead of Earl Thomas? R U kidding me. Eagles should of took Earl Thomas then moved up to get a corner like Kareem Jackson or Kyle Wilson. 3rd round Carlos dunlap…4th round Everson Griffen….I don’t believe in 5th, 6th, 7th rounders…they don’t make the team anyways. Drafting those 4 players I just mentioned I would of gave us an A…drafting the 10 players we did draft…D or F based on the fact 5 may make the team. The Dends they drafted are horrible. Eagles need to broaden their spectrums. Drafting the same type of players is not winning super bowls

  • @scrapdawg

    You are a complete idiot. Don’t believe in late rounders, eh? Tom Brady, Trent Cole, Marques Colston, hell Moise Fokou isn’t a stud, but he’s damn good for a 7th rounder. Let’s not even start on undrafted free agents who became stars. You write off players without even giving them a shot in training camp all because of his draft rank? It truly is a miracle that someone as retarded as you is able to turn on a computer, let alone find a website.

  • The difference between Nate Allen and Earl Thomas is not as large as the difference between Brandon Graham and the best DE in the seond round. This draft is soldif because it looks liie 5+ of these guys will make the team and get decent playing time.

  • here we go – now WRs have to ‘fear’ our S and CBs – I don’t care if anyone ‘fears’ Asante Samuel – they can yell ‘I ain’t afraid of you’ as he takes off running with another pick because the DL isn’t giving the QB time to do double moves and look off the DBs and pump fake. To me it seems pretty simple speed kills – more pass rush equals more turnovers – better cover men means fewer completed passes. Can’t wait till the mini capms start to see how they put it all together

  • I also don’t believe in Brent Celek, Trent Cole, Quintin Mikell, Jamaal Jackson, Omar Gaither, …

    I for one am surprised at no OL. Jackson probably won’t be at full strength by the season opener, so they’re going to be understaffed on the line.

  • How much of a difference is Earl Thomas to Nate Allen? Not much I’d say. In the 2ns rd the Eagles had no chance of finding anyone nearly as good as Brandon Graham. What the Birds did made so much sense.
    On the other hand, what scrapdawg12 was talking about makes no sense. No real need to even elaborate.

  • Horatio – I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, santa or my fairy god mother – what the hell does I don’t believe in Trent Cole or Celek mean?

  • Act a Fool, you just made me laugh pretty hard

  • NavyEagleFan, that’s a response to “I don‚Äôt believe in 5th, 6th, 7th rounders” from above.

  • I just want to point out to scrap that 1 player is rarely worth 3. If the bust ratio is 1 player out of everyone drafted REGARDLESS OF ROUND then getting more players in a year like this one where WE NEEDED A SHIT LOAD OF PLAYERS to take to camp is an excellent move. I guess Scrap would prefer we get 4 players in the 1st – 3rd round and bring in 20 Rookie Free Agents.

    Think about how many guys with potential and talent we are bringing to camp this year. This is exciting man.

  • Horatio – gotcha – my bad – now I see what your saying – tough with out he ‘reply’ to follow threads. That said – good call.

  • I hate no edit function and reply to post!!!!

  • Earlier post missing –

    If 1 of 3 players are busts (I have no clue the ratio) then geting 13 players is way more effective than getting 3!!!

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