• July 2, 2022

My Draft Grade For The Philadelphia Eagles Is A B-

I like the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles aggressively attacked their need for an improved pass rush and a dominating defensive end on the other side away from Trent Cole.¬† I didn’t think they needed to give up so much to move up and get Brandon Graham but I give them credit for getting their guy.

I’m pleased by the fact that Andy Reid and Howie Roseman weren’t satisfied there, the Birds continued to draft defensive ends, Daniel Te’o Nesheim in the third round and Ricky Sapp in the fifth, because they realize that it’s easy to miss on these defensive ends.

I hear they’re going to use Te’o Nesheim as an inside pass rusher at the tackle position on third downs.¬† This is drafting for today’s NFL game which is all about the passing game.

It shows that they know how important it is that they must be able to rush the passer effectively with their front four and not depend upon blitzing.

I thought the drafting of the Nate Allen was a good move because it addressed a weakness the Eagles have.¬† They didn’t draft another safety until the seventh round, when they grabbed Kurt Coleman,who probably won’t make the team.

Allen is a good pass coverage guy, but he’s not a¬† hard-hitting type intimidater, which I think they need.

I don’t like what they did to address their needs at the cornerback position.¬† They only drafted Kentucky cornerback Trevard Lindley.¬† They failed to properly address their needs at the position and there’s a good chance that they’re going to pay for it.

I’m not overly excited about the linebackers they drafted,¬† Keenan Clayton and Jabar Chaney, because I don’t think they’re any different from what they already have on the roster.¬† They can run and they’re small.

I like the drafting of a quarterback,  Mike Kafka, and a tight end, Clay Harbor.   They needed depth at these positions.

Wide receiver Riley Cooper will make the football team and could fill a valuable role as a target in the red zone.

I don’t think running back Charles Scott has much a chance of making the football team.¬† Defensive tackle Jeff Owens seems to just another guy.

I like some of the things the Birds did in this draft, but there are other  places where I thought they missed it.

I’m going to give them benefit of the doubt and hand them a B- for this year’s draft.¬†¬† Of course this is with the assumption that the players which they drafted early, Graham, Allen, Te’o Nesheim, will be able to live up to what is expected of them.


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  • Not addressing the CB an d the interior of the OL will come back to haunt this team for then next 2-3 seasons I believe…
    The Drafting of 3 DE’s in Graham,Teo’ and Sapp tells me that Abriami is a goner for sure (maybe they will have him move inside since he doesn’t have the quickness or explosion to play DE) and I would not be all that surprised if late Draft DT J Owens makes Laws a better player or replaces him all together..
    I also did not like the selection of DB Lindley, thought they should have used their 3rd Rd selection
    and grabbed either CB B Ghee or CB K Thomas and then grabbed another one with one of their 4th Rd selections like CB A Owusu-Ansah, D Franks, P Cox or W McFadden…
    The lack of reinforcements for the O/Line is another concern. I thought there was some good value left along the O/L like Guard M Petrus, C/G M Tennant, G T Hawley, OT’s E Wang or B Campbell that it would have been smart to use 1 of their 6 picks in the 4th/5th Rd to grab one of these players.
    Then again, this is why I have a Day Job …

  • I also wish they had moved Vick for a box of rocks.

  • I think they truly believe in the corners they have on the roster (Hanson, Hobbs, etc.). They added depth and that was all they felt they needed to do.

  • No market at all for Vick and I don’t see anything changing unless once camps open,some teams are hit with injuries and are desperate,but he will play 2010 on the Eagles and move on in free-agency afterwards..(hopefully, he has a few big plays in him this season)

  • i give the birds draft a c+. graham is a good player but i do not think he was worth moving up 11 spots. when the eagles did that i thought it was for thomas, or the top two guards on the board. graham is no better than a rotation guy right now with cole and tapp projected as starters. allen is a great pick in my opinion. he can do the things thomas does in coverage. huge problem with trading 55 pick to the cowboys and them selecting sean lee. lee would been a good pick for the eagles because our lbs are still the weak point on the defense, even with trading for sims. teo‚Äô the de from washington is reach but he maybe another rotational guy on the d line. kafka the qb was a good prospect to develop over time at the qb position. cooper, sapp, and scott are huge steals for the birds in the rounds where they were aquired. the reason for the c+ grade is because the eagles did not address the o line issues and out of the 13 picks i do not see many of them having huge impact this year. their impact for this team may felt in a year or two.

  • Sorry but I dont get this concept of the Eagles could have waited at 24 to get Graham. All the draft ratings Ive seen have had him from the 12th to the 15th best rated player. And all those mock drafts from everyone like Kiper, Mcshay, Mayock didnt mean anything the teams took who they wanted. So how does anyone know if the Eagles could have gotten him at 24????????????????????????????

  • I agree with you, TEF … hindsight is 20/20 so people look and see the Giants taking Pierre-Paul and Tennessee taking Morgan and they assume those are the guys they would have taken regardless of what the Birds did.

    Well that’s silly … I’ve heard MULTIPLE reliable sources say that there’s no way Graham would have been there at 24. That the Giants almost certainly would have taken him over Pierre-Paul if he was still on the board when they picked.

  • There is no doubt that DE Graham would have been selected already if Eagles stayed at #24
    The Giants,Falcons and Patriots were all very high on him as were other teams…

  • G give Charles Scott a chance. He was a beast and should of left his junior season. He broke his collar bone and he has some things to improve on but he just might make the team.

  • you guys are missing the point here. graham is a good player. the issue is the fact he is going to be a situational pass rusher. these type of players can had all through out the draft. jumping up 11 spots means your getting impact player who is going to start right away. also, graham is another under size pass rusher,when the giants, cowboys, and skins have huge o line and are teams who want to pound the ball with the run game. i am just being objective in looking at this draft.

  • Once I realized that we traded our pick at 55 for 5 players – including a QB, WR,LB, DE and TE I was good with the whole draft. Everyone is down on Lindlkey, but he was really good in 08.

  • Scoot

    How does a guy that led college football the past 2 seasons in tackles for a lost not play everydown he stops the run and gets to the QB he is a beast. He is in the back field every play.

    If you dont know anything about him please stop talking about him.

  • Dixie, quality over quanity. Most of those guys won’t even make the roster. I rather draft 5 guys that will be on the team and develop into good players than draft 10 and only the first 3 are worth keeping. But that’s just me.

    TEF, I agree but he will have to demostrate that he can play consistently against the NFL rushing attack and not just college. He may be good for all 3 downs but he will be getting pounded especially in the NFC East. He just needs to show that he can play at a high level against the run against NFL tackles. We will see.

  • I give them a C+. I don’t like the fact we didn’t address O-line and CB with all those picks. Obviously, this means that they are content with what they have but it doesn’t mean I have to be content especially when both positions were abysmal at times last year. But we will see. I hope they prove me wrong. I’m really getting tired of say that.

  • Scorp – how does 1 CB – LIndley – equal 0? Can you give me 0 million dollars (by your standards)? And there you go again know stuff that will only be known months from now. I know you’re honestly expressing your opinions, but you make yourself sound like a total fool.

  • Well he does go to Delaware State…

  • tef the problem is if graham was picked in the high 20’s or late teens then ok. but remeber we traded and sign tapp to a contract. so, basically tapp and graham play the same position. keep in mind this the nfc east not the big ten. as with what happen last in three games with the cowboys are d line is small with speed but will get pound when teams run the ball.

  • Schiller because IMO ADDRESSING a position doesn’t mean just drafting the position. We certainly addressed DE because they main a concerted effort to get DEs. But in my opinion had they grabbed one more CB I would feel like they addressed it. You draft one guy at that critical position doesn’t mean you addressed anything especially with the failure rates of these players. Addressing the position can mean just drafting for you, that’s ok, but not for me. Of the 13 guys they drafted I would have like at least 2 of them to be CBs and 2 to be o-line. So they didn’t address either. Disagree all you like.

  • The Eagles are not building a defense to stop the run, they have built an offense that they feel will be prolific enough to score early and often. If they get a lead, they force teams to be one dimensional and they are built to pressure the qb when teams have to throw every down to catch up to the Birds. They obviously believe that a team willnot be able to go 3 yards and a cloud of dust all the way down the field over and over frequently enough to top the Eagles offense. Bearing that in mind, the draft makes sense. This team is not going to be Baltimore or the NYJ, they are built to be more like the Saints. I hope.

  • how well did this defensive stragey work in the last 11 years? no superbowls.

  • Scootatoot- you mean the defensive strategy of drafting 3 DEs 2LBs 2 Safetys a CB and a DT. That defensive strategy, along with adding a DB, 2 LBs and a DE in FA? Yeah, we’ve sure seen that one before…..

  • Scootaboot are you listening to yourself? You are giving the Cowboys way too much credit… They did nothing against the Vikes & hav 1 playoff win in over 13yrs…. The saints & colts D line is as small as the Birds. M Shanahan likes smaller O linemen, the giants have one of the oldest lines in the league and terrible run game.. As far as the draft goes, Who cares about rankings of players, the birds saw there guy and moved up and got him… If you notice something about these picks, they all have high motors and great heart.. They were able to keep both 2nd picks, got the 3rd best Safety in draft and acquired more good talent with pick 55. T Neshim(Just as good as Piere Paul, look it up),M Kafka(More career starts than Clausen, and Dad coaches Football), R Cooper(51R, 971Y, Big physical WR that everyone has been screaming for) C Harbor(1 of the most rounded TE in this draft. 30reps on the bench, 4.6 40 and is a ok blocker).

  • Yeah we lost 1cb Sheldon(Replaced with 1cb Lindley & maybe M Jackson need be), loss 1Safety Jones(Replaced with 3S, N Allen, K Coleman, M Jackson)… Loss 3LBs, Trotter, Spoon, Gocong( Replaced with 4, E Simms, A Hall, K Clayton, J Cheney ).. Loss 3DE Howard, Babin, Clements( Replaced with 4DE, B Grahm, D Tapp, D Neshim, R Sapp).. The last area we need to worry about is the O Line.. J Castillo is one of the best in the bis.. Andy mentioned that players drafted in past yrs have to step up… J Peters was an undrafted former TE. Herremans was a late rd pick and who knew much about him at the time.. J Jackson went undrafted, when healthy is one of the most reliable C in the league. N Cole, another undrafted player who played well at guard last yr… W Justice slipped in the draft and was considered a potential bust b4 last yr.. They gave him a chance & look what happened. If their is 1 area to trust Andy and staff in its the OLine.. McGlynn, Reynolds. Shipley, Tupou, Andrews, Dunlap, etc time to take charge…

  • Added a couple RFA Tackles. Now this is like getting them in the 7th round but. All in all the birds have added 24 yes 24 rookies to this roster to come in and compete. That means that at a bust rate of 1 in 3 we get 8 players at 1 in 4 we get 6. If we get 6 plus players that can contribute to this team we are in excellent shape.

    We should have an improved team in 2 phases of the game out of this draft. Defense should be much faster and more aggressive. Special Teams should be very improved. Now if our offense can improves at all we have a team that was 11-5 last year and should win at least 10 this year. I think we have a real shot at competing for the NFC east title and from there who knows.

    Also while this team will likely be better this year I expect a HUGE improvement in 2011 if there is a season. If no 2011 season we are young enough to really light it up in 2012.

    As we all know the birds will win the Superbowl in 2012 as the world ends (just kidding)!

  • Redskins__itches

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