• December 2, 2021

Brandon Graham Is Lining Up With 2nd Team, But That Won’t Be For Long

Right now Eagles number-one draft pick Brandon Graham is lining up with the second-team defense but don’t expect that to last too long.¬† The Eagles gave up a total of three draft picks, so they could move up 11 spots and get this Wolverine pass rusher.

They didn’t do all of that, so he would a great seat to watch Eagles games.¬† He’s not going to be backing up long, despite the fact that veteran strong man Juqua Parker isn’t interested in giving up his starting position any time soon.

I could see by checking Graham out for a practice that this young man is quick has speed along with great body control.  I love the way he uses his hands to keep himself free.

The big offensive linemen in the NFL, hate dealing with guys like Graham who are¬† short, quick pass rushers that will rush so low that they’re willing to go underground to get to the passer.

I don’t know if he can rush the passer like Indianapolis’ Dwight Freeney but he’s surely built like him.¬† Graham is a former fat boy who lost the weight and became a monster in the process.

Charles Barkley has the same story.¬† If a player’s legs are strong enough to handle 300 plus pounds, you can imagine what they can do with only 260 pounds to move.

I can’t wait to see him employ that “Freeney spin” on some of the Eagles offensive tackles.¬† I wanted them to do some one-on-one pass drills at the practices today but they were only in shorts today.

I’m also anxious to see him getting up the field on the left side and Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole getting up the field on the right side.¬† Can they make opposing quarterbacks quiver when they’re on the hunt?

The Birds have been looking for a passing rushing partner for Cole for too long.  I hope Graham is the guy.

The rookie will miss the team’s practices on Saturday and Sunday because he’s¬† headed back to the University of Michigan for a graduation ceremony tomorrow.

That will give him a chance to get in his playbook and study all of the defenses and adjustments which Birds defensive coordinator Sean McDermott threw at him for a couple of days.

Graham knows he needs to spend more time in his playbook.

“I need to work on getting in my playbook a little bit more.¬† The biggest problem with me is, I’ll get there and I’ll hear the call in the huddle, but I forget about everybody else making checks behind me, I’ll just be like, that’s one thing I have to work on”, Graham said in an interview after practice today.

In truth, the looking at the playbook isn’t what he needs to do.¬† He needs to beat his man on 3rd and long.¬† If he does that the Eagles got their man.¬† It’s as simple as that.


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  • Hope he turns that “Freeney spin” into a Graham Slam!

  • @ well well well I like that! if I were you I would copyright that phase! lol
    if I hear Merly or Mike Quick say that im your witness that they stole it from you.

  • Speed kills.

  • Just read that Abiamiri might be finished, having had microfracture surgery in February. Reportedly, he can’t run until August.

  • Man I can of feel bad for VA. He can’t catch a break. The guy supposedly had potential but there’s no way to know if that was ever true or not because he constantly kept getting injured. At least they provided themselves with so many options with this draft.

  • microfracture is a really big deal, kind of a last resort, trying to restart some cartilidge growth in a joint. It doesn’t last forever even if it works. Runyon had it last year, and is planning ahead. He put an elevator in his new house because he knows in a few years he will not be able to do the stairs. I hope it takes for VA and he can at least contribute this year.

  • I think the fact that Victor Abiamiri had microfracture surgery explains why the Eagles drafted so many guys who can rush the passer. I don’t think Abiamiri is in the plans anymore.

  • Sadly, you are probably right G. Always good to hear from you when you pop in on the threads.

  • I agree WIth G,
    VA appears to be snakebitten similar to like J McDougle was,
    They never got their careers off the ground ot could stay healthy long enough to show anyone or themselves that they could be productive NFL players which is a shame, but like the old adage states,
    the “train will ride on without you”, they have given him 3+ years and it’s just not meant to be, time to move on … (which soon we may be saying or reading the same things about T Laws unless he picks it up big time.._

  • This years draft was a great one..Know why?..Theres no way all the guys drafted at DE are gonna be bums..At least one of em is going to be a Pro-Bowler. And if we get that…The Eagles D of old..Coupled with this sick, and yes I do believe Kolb won’t hinder it, offense. The skies the limit.

  • amen.

  • Let’s Roll!!!!

  • I think Graham,Teo’,and Sapp,will all see lot’s of playing time along the D/Line (Sapp will be moved all over the place from Joker,Sam,DE on 3 pt stance to standing up and blitzing from a variety of spots) I also think DT J Owens is a dark horse and could move to the #3/#4 DT spot and replace Laws on the Roster and push Patterson in a year or 2 for a potential starters spot..
    N Allen will be a starter by mid-season if not soone and TE/HB Harbor and WR Riley willl make the squad and contribute on Special teams this season and will possibly get on the field in certain situations (Red-Zone,3-4 WR Sets, Double/Triple TE’s sets)
    CB Lindley is the player I am not so sure about, if healthy and he picks-up the Def Schemes quickly, I can see him competing as a Nickle back witrh Hanson/Patterson and will definitely play Special Teams. He may surprise me (and I hope he does) but I am not sure that he has the consistent speed to be a NFL starter, but only time will tell.. (he appears to be better suited for more of a a Cover-2 type of scheme,due to his lack of speed, which the Eagles do not use much and rely on more press,man to man schemes which is new Secondary Coach D Jaurons philosophy and background.

  • Swoop can stay..but that top-heavy, inflatable Eagle mascot looks retarded and must go.

  • I mean seriously, I’m watching Eagle highlights from 2009 on NFL Network and that friggin thing is just embarrassing. It looks like it cost ten bucks. I’ve been to birthday parties in Darby with better costumes. And if you dont know, now ya know.

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