• July 4, 2022

McNabb Apologizes To Philly For No Super Bowl Title

Former Eagles quarterback and current Redskins signal caller Donovan McNabb was on local ESPN radio 97.5 with Via Sikahema and John Gonzalez this morning.

“The things that I set out to accomplish and bring back to Philadelphia, I wasn’t able to, and I apologize, more than anything, to the people of Philadelphia, not bringing a Super Bowl to ’em, but it didn’t happen, and I look forward to trying to achieve that goal here in Washington,” McNabb said to the hosts and their radio audience.

That’s ultimately why he’s not still here with the Birds, but I don’t think he needs to apologize.¬† I don’t have a problem with him apologizing but he doesn’t owe anybody an apology.

All a player owes is his best effort.¬† No one can guarantee anything in sports.¬† Sports is the ultimate reality show because nobody knows what’s going to happen.

Donovan said he wants good things to happen to Kevin Kolb and the Eagles.¬† “I haven’t really been focused on what’s going on in
Philadelphia. My focus is just obviously being in D.C. I know Kevin as a person just works extremely hard and wants to be the best. As a player, he displayed a little bit of that obviously last year. So I wish nothing but the best for him.”

He said he enjoyed playing with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, “They’re exciting players, very excited to have an opportunity to play with them last year. Kevin’s stepping into a great situation. I’m happy for him, more importantly that he gets the opportunity being able work with them for three years. … my focus right now is just being in Washington and creating that camaraderie that we need to be successful in the D.C. area.”

McNabb says everything is still cool between he and Eagles coach Andy Reid, “Andy and I still have a great relationship.”

As for how he wants to be remembered, the Redskins quarterback answered that question just like he responded to it at the his Redskins news conference.

“I want to be remembered as a guy who provided excitement, who gave them a chance to win every time he stepped out on the field, one that they had trust, knowing that I would¬†do the right things, and most importantly, one that¬†won¬†ballgames.”


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  • what a little sissy..u see how much of a girl he is..he was prolly a whiner in the huddle instead of a leader..

  • Classy move. He doesn’t need to apologize but just by him doing so lets everyone know verbally that’ he’s just as disappointed that he didn’t get the job done. Everyone always wanted to talk about his demeanor and how it looked like he didn’t care. He care more than any of us could care. Even with the criticism of idiot fans he still extended himself to say he’s sorry he let us down. Classy guy.

  • Ya know, with moves like that how can ya hate the guy? He didn’t have to say that and he did. It’s a bitter situation. Of course he was awesome. Yet he he always came up small in the big one. It bothers us and obviously it bothers him.

  • Real nice Silencer…Kick the man on his way out the door. Classy…

  • He has a fund raiser coming up in Philadelphia for juvenile diabetes. Maybe this is just a business move.

  • in my opinion mcnabb has nothing to apologize for in his years as eagles qb. honestly if the guy would have had a running game and good wrs at the start of his career he would have a few rings by now.

  • Mcnabb shouldn’t apologize for anything…it’s the organizations fault there was no Superbowl brought home. He carried the team for years without recievers when the superbowl was wide open for any team to grab. Now, there’s weapons he’s traded. Get it with the Redskins Mcnabb and we’ll break open the champagne. Bring us one from D.C.

  • BTW Mancini, that Flyers game 7 win was JUST FOR YOU. Enjoy it, dick.

  • we were over this guy 4 years ago, can we please stop giving him air time?

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