• May 22, 2022

Flyers Must Start Out Strong And Be Consistent Against Montreal

The Flyers accomplished the impossible in the Boston series, so there’s no reason they can’t do again against the Canadiens.¬† I hope they come out strong tonight and don’t put themselves in another tough situation.

They can deal with it, if it happens though because a team that can¬† come back in a seven game series where they find themselves down by three and come back also when they’re down by three in the seventh game, you can’t ever give up on them.

You can belive the Wachovia Center is going to be emotionally-charged tonight and an early Flyers lead will make things very difficult for Montreal.

Nobody will be shocked if the Flyboys get the job done again in this round, but it’s going to take some outstanding play against a team which has beaten both the Capitals and the Penguins in previous rounds.

The return of Simon Gagne has a been a major factor in the Flyers about face but the importance of Danny Briere and Mike Richards couldn’t be overemphasized.

They’ve also gotten some clutch performances from James van Riemsdyk and Scott Hartnell.

They’re probably not going to destroy the Canadiens with scoring but the Flyers¬† forwards must take advantage of their opportunities.

Somebody wrote me last night on the GCobb.com Facebook page when I was on 610-WIP and said it was fate that Brian Boucher got injured when Michael Leighton was ready.¬† I don’t know if it was fate but the Flyers have gotten consistently solid play from their goallies and that needs to continue.

He knows he can’t play like he did in the first period of the seventh game against Boston but he rebounded then and I think he’ll be ready to play well in this series.


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  • This Flyer’s team is nuts. After watching that last series you can say all you want about having to do this or that, their true strength is their coach. Their the hot team left in this playoff and their healthy. Usually thats a great combo.

  • Though I have been very critical in the past about the Flyers lack of performance,teamwork and heart come Playoff time, this year they have been playing extremely well,confident and loose and with a ton of heart and I do agree that their coach has a lot to do with it and they have a lot more hard-nosed players who play as a team, then having big-names in recent years past.. This will be a dog-fight of a series with goals and opportunities probably hard to come by, whoever takes advantage of these few opportunities will most likely win… I still don’t like Ed Snider but support the Flyers Players,Coaches and Fans .. Go get ’em…

  • G, did you really write this article? I’ve only seen Nick writing articles about the flyboys on here? You like the Flyers now?

    Mancini, keep your praise. We don’t need one word of support from you. All you’ve ever done is bash the Orange Crush, so don’t change your tone now. Keep on hating, we don’t need encouragement from jokers like you. I’m surprised half your post didn’t include Carolina in some way. Pathetic.

  • Great game today! Keep it up Flyers!!!!!!

  • Paulman, you are truly funny. It’s like your constantly running for office on this site.

  • Thnx JimmyMac..
    I am still trying to refine my “Routine” for when I go on the Tonight Show later this summer…
    As far as puiblic office goes, I have no interest,no time, for me at this stage of my life …
    I enjoy all Sports Jimmy and am a Philadelphia Fan through and through whether it be the
    Eagles,Phillies,FLyers and Sixers…I just cannot stand or stomach Ed Snider who happens to own both the Flyers & Sixers for how he has mismanaged these franchises over the last 20 years..
    but am happy for the current players,coaches and fans who are on a good roll right now…

  • Hey Paulman, what did Ed Snider ever do to you? OK, the stepchild Sixers suck, but you’ve gotten your money’s worth with the Flyers. He’s kept it interesting and was never cheap. “Cannot stomach”?

  • To FS1960
    I was in line to be the next Zamboni Manchine Operator for the Flyers years ago and Mr Snider fired me (just because I took his daughter out to the movies and pizza) thus ending my career with the Flyers and as a “Zambonist” forever… (Now you understand my anger and disdain for the man…)

  • Classic.

  • Paulman… a lot of organizations need a guy like Ed Snider; he’s about as loyal as one can get and at times too loyal to hometown guys, but he’s always had an open checkbook and always cared enough to TRY to improve the product. He’s stayed in the area, made a HUGE impact on the community’s well-being (the Carnival benefit, youth hockey, etc etc) Yes, he’s made some errors and doesn’t have the best knowledge of hiring GM’s, as he’s been too faithful to Philly players… Clark, etc. But he did get Keith Allen at the right time who put the team together that won the cups and has permanently put a stamp on this organization as a hard-playing organization. He’s got the right guy in Holmgren right now who seems to be more analytical about getting the right mix of players: he drafted well and brought in talent youngsters and finally hired the right coach with the right system to take advantage of the talent. Snider does not try to run the “shop” itself; he stays out of the way unlike Snyder down in D.C.
    Snyder doesn’t know squat about basketball and has gotten some bad advice on which GM, thus there has been a carousel of coaches… picked by the GM’s, not Snyder.
    You pick on Snider, yet look how many years ALL the Canadian-based teams have floundered going through GM’s and coaches before having real success. Detroit has been the most consistent team and FO in the last 15 years… it’s tough to beat out a Scotty Bowman. You don’t know bleep about hockey FO’s in this league. And the bottom line is that the Flyer players truly LOVE & RESPECT Mr. Snyder! Snyder has opened many a door to former players in areas of business and employment.

  • PS: Wish there was edit feature as I saw Snyder misspellings too late.

  • Ed loves the Flyers. You can tell he doesn’t care too much about the Sixers, but he loves the Flyers and does his best to make them a great team year after year. I feel grateful to have an owner like Ed.

  • Paulman, not only would I have fired you as well, but I would have hired a hit man. Stay away from my daughter!

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