• August 15, 2022

Ed Snider Should Have The Same Attitude Toward The Flyers & Sixers

It looks like the decision has already been made by Ed Snider and the 76ers front office to keep general manager Ed Stefanski, but I think it’s a mistake as far as I’m concerned.

Snider and his front office should establish the same demanding “play hard” mentality on the Sixers, which they established with the Flyers.¬† I don’t see any reason Snider should step away from the Sixers but he must be just as demanding of the people who run the basketball team and he is of the people who run the hockey club.

If Ed Stefanski were running the Flyers he would have been fired during the season.¬† We all know that Eddie Jordan would have gotten the ax, if he had been coaching the Flyers.¬† Snider will endure losing for a while with his hockey club, but he won’t tolerate lack of effort and intensity.

Stefanski did a decent job in the draft last year by picking a promising point guard Jrue Holliday and forward Marreese Speights, but he also did a terrible job of picking Jordan.¬† I don’t see any reason that he should have hired Jordan other than the fact that he was his friend.

Jordan emphasized his Princeton offense, but never talked about the defensive end of the floor, where the men are seperated from the boys.¬† Effort and committment to winning are required on the defensive side of the floor.¬† Stefanski couldn’t see that the talent on the Sixers squad wouldn’t fit the Princeton offense.

They clearly didn’t have the shooters or the passers to be able to run the offense.¬† Here you have an athletic basketball team, which should be able to play good defense, push the ball and run the floor, but he brought in a coach to play a slow plodding style.

The other problem with Jordan was the fact that he wasn’t able to establish a mentality where the players know that they must play hard all the time and especially on the boards and on the defensive side of the floor.

Playing hard every time they step on the floor must be established as a foundation to build a winning team.  We saw that go backwards with Jordan.  It was an unforgiveable mistake.


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  • I think Ed Snider should hire me (His #1 Fan) to be the GM of the Sixers and turn this Franchise

  • Maybe he would if the NBA would change there stupid A$$ salary cap rules. I dont care what anyone says Ed Snyder is the best owner in this town. He is the only one who doesnt care about spending money on players. Remember when there was no salary cap in the NHL who was always number 1 or 2 in the league in salarys. You got it, it was your Philadelphia Flyers. The guy wants to win if only he could buy the Phillies and Eagles.

    If he owned the Phillies Lee would still be here and Werth would already be locked up.

  • T_E_F, i would beg to differ. I think Mr. Snider has been riding those 2 Cups for 30+ years, and is almost Daniel Snyder. He was one of the richest teams in an uncapped league, would not get a goalie or a solid 2nd line all through the Lindros years. The Flyers could have been the Yankees, winning year after year, but he was too tight with his old pal Clarkie, who was incompetent as a GM. Spending money on players does not matter if they can’t play dead in a cowboy movie. Remember Chris Gratton? The year they could have had CuJo, but would not pay? B. Shanahan as they 2nd line center, nope, wouldn’t pay. He was one of the last owners to get in on European players because he and Clarkie wanted more big, dumb, slow Canadian boys from Medicine Hat. He is no better at all than Jeff Lurie, last Cup appearance was against the Red Wings, remember how that went? they were picked to go to the finals alllllll those years, and never got it done, over and over and over. Snyder came here, and made a boatload of money off the people of Philadelphia. No different than the owner of the Birds.

  • Anderson Silva. You cant be mad at a guy who spent and spends the money on players at least he trys to win every year.

  • The Eagles spend money very consistently. They have gotten the biggest name free agent on the market in quite a few years. Spending money is not the issue, winning is. I was not even born when they won a Cup. The Eagles spend and get hated on (not by you), I do not see why it is a different standard for the Flyers.

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