• June 25, 2022

Kevin Kolb Knows It’s Just A Matter Of Time: “You’re just renting time from the NFL”

I’ll give Kevin Kolb credit, he’s been paying attention to what has been going on since he has been in the NFL.

Kolb knows you can’t take any of your time in a starting job for granted and that unless he leads the Eagles to Lombardi Trophy after Lombardi Trophy, it’s just a matter of time before the Eagles are looking for somebody to replace him.

“You’re just renting time from the NFL. So I want to make this thing count, make a run and go win a Super Bowl,” said Kolb.

He knows that talking about a Super Bowl Championship is the way to talk here in Philadelphia and if he doesn’t find a way to help this team win it all, then before too long he’ll be wearing another uniform.

“Renting time” is a different way to put it, but it’s accurate.¬† Don’t think that watching Donovan McNabb accomplish all he did and still be traded didn’t make an impression on Kolb.¬† He realizes that going deep in the playoffs and making the Pro Bowl doesn’t mean anything here in Philadelphia.

It’s wise of Kolb to not be making all kinds of grand predictions like some of his teammates because going out there and doing it is enough.

Kolb said McNabb invited him to his youth football clinic which will take place on Saturday, June 12, at the Memorial Sports Complex in Marlton, N.J.
“He called to ask if I could make it,” Kolb said after practice Monday. “I’m going to be doing¬†my own camp so I won’t be able to make it.”

former Eagles teammates Brian Westbrook, Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, Todd Herremans, Jamaal Jackson, Jason Avant, Quintin Mikell, Bobby Taylor and Chad Lewis to help out at the camp, as well as several of his new Redskins teammates.

Here’s a PhiladelphiaEagles.com video with a focus on three veterans Kolb, Michael Vick and Ernie Sims.


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  • It’s amazing to me that the Eagles,Media and Fans gave 11 years to McNabb to bring home a Championship without reaching the Pinnacle and now many are ready to write-off Kolb’s carrer before he starts his 1st Season as Starter or claim that they will give him 3-4 games to prove himself..
    Are you kidding me…. GIve me this 2010 Season to truly evaluate Kolb’s future as the long-term QB for
    the Eagles anything less is purely speculation on all sides..

  • He’s talkin’ the talk! A fresh personality. Why are so many people pissed? Those people missing 5 and crying about it are analogous to Patty Hearst joining the SLA after they locked her in a closet and tortured her for a long time. We grew so accustomed to almost making it to the superbowl that now we are upset that we might not just miss it again!

  • start vick

  • Wow FS1960,
    Patty Hearst and the SLA… You are really starting to show your age …. ha ha
    I was thinking more of Paula Abdul leaving the “American Idol Show” to be more analogous for
    todays younger crowd …..

  • Aaron Rodgers has been a beast since taking over for Favre but he has only gone to the playoffs once and didn’t even win a game but you don’t hear Green Bay fans wanting a new QB. There will definitely be some ups and downs with Kolb, especially in his first season or two. Give it time people. This is a young team with a TON of upside. I think our defense next year is the biggest question mark.

  • it didnt have 2 be a rebuilding yr thats my fuckin point resign mcnabb and try 2 win with an actual oline that will protect d5 to actually let him use all the weapons he only had 1 yr in his life which was last yr but he had no oline last yr. u people make me sick y tf r u trying to be so patient now

  • btc our defense last yr was the big ?

  • btc24 I couldn’t agree more about the defense. McDermott needs to do a much better job this year. The D-backfield is really a crap-shoot. We have a playmaker in Assante, but by refusing to press recievers at the line he allows for QB’s to defeat our blitz with an underneath route.

    I believe that with our draft this year we are looking to get more pressure from our line and not rely so much on blitzing schemes and gimmicks. If we are able to get consistant pressure from our D-line it will make all other aspects of the defense better, but the larger recievers in the divison are also something to be concerned about.

  • phillywill, our defense got destroyed by the Cowboys and just about everyone was a liability in coverage. Even with McNabb at the helm this year, you can’t possibly tell me they were a title contender?!?!?!

  • I am always amazed when people say that, Kolb, or anyone else for that matter, will bring this city a Superbowl championship or that McNabb did not bring us a trophy.

    Whenever I hear someone place the blame or attribute a win to a particular person, I can’t help but think that they have little understanding of the game. Yet, that type of statement is made often.

    Teams have won Superbowls with the likes of Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler and Mark Rypien.

    Did Peyton Manning lose this year’s Superbowl? Was he the goat? Prior to the game, he was being talked about as the greatest QB of all time. However, prior to winning Superbowl.XLI, it was said that he “couldn’t win the big one.” The same holds true for Elway.

    If Reid doesn’t have the right players and scheme, it doesn’t matter who is quarterbacking. This is the ultimate team sport and anyone who thinks a single player is responsible for winning or losing is only fooling themselves.

  • Paulman, you say the Eagles’ fans gave “McNabb 11 years to win a championship.” I find that statement incredible. Was McNabb the coach? Was he also the GM? Did he call the plays? Did he make personnel decisions? Did he play running back, offensive tackle, cornerback, center, kick returner, wide receiver? Did he play all 22 offensive and defensive positions? Did he play special teams?

    I think it would be more accurate to say we’ve given “Reid” 11 years to win.

  • drummer…..he played air guitar.

    but seriously, I would agree that Reid is more responsible for the lack of a SB championship than #5. There needed to be a shake-up, and after the club choose to extend Big Red, it was a done deal that McNabb would be gone. All things considered I would have rather have seen a new coach, but once that decision was made, we could not keep doing the same thing year after year. Hopefully we will see the coach improve with the play calling, time management areas that he has been terrible at in the past. He was exposed this year as having been the beneficary of an incredible defensive coordinator, now we need to see him step up his game and build a team with the young talent that he has in place.

  • You are Correct Drummer,
    I should have stated the AR as the Coach-Decision maker and McNabb as the Franchise QB were given 11 years to bring a Championship and definitey it is ultimately AR’s job and Front Office to have a good enough roster and talented players to win a Championship or at least legitimately contend for one and with 5 NFC Championships Games and 1 Super Bowl Appearance in 11 years, I guess you could make the argument that they have achieved this… but what has held this time from getting over the hump… Lack of Rushing,Lack of Pass Rush, Lack of execution on short-yardage,red-zone opportunites,lack of accurate passing, turnovers by the offense and not enough caused by the defense, penalties, injuries and the list goes on and on…


  • Fyi,
    Eagles released Punter D Brooks earlier today..

  • Paul, I agree.

    I’ll be the first to admit that Donovan had his faults, but I do believe that he could have gotten us there earlier in his career. Those years he played without receivers and a running game were wasted, in my opinion.

    Hopefully, Reid won’t insist on passing 50 times a game, because Kolb has shown potential. It is helpful that Reid has finally assembled offensive weapons. Unfortunately, our defense still has question marks, but the recent drafts offers hope.

    Because of our youth and defense, I’m cautiously optimistic. Realistically, however, I would expect us to make a splash next season.

  • yes btc i agree it didnt matter if d5 threw for 500 yards and 5tds we would have given up 7 tds but supposedly we have upgraded the d this is what im saying our oline comes back we upgrade the d d5 has weapons for the 2nd time in career (1st was last yr but oline was atrocious TO yr dont count as weapons maybe weapon) and u tradem for a bunch of nerf footballs thats is my poit btc if it wasnt his fault ytf is he the casualty or the scapegoat if d5 went i feel andy shouldve got fired too not an extension

  • yea drummer those yrs with no wideouts were a waste and so what does andy do to fix it after yrs of nonsense of not needing a num1 wr or great wr’s he goes out and drafts some wr’s lol and i know he drafted wr’s be4 stinkston fredex mcmullen and the rest of the bum gang what i should have said when he finally gets the wr picks right he trades the qb that took the grunt of his stubborness in yrs past by not having any freakin wr’s this is part of my hatred for the front office and i cant root till andy is gone

  • I have to give Andy Reid credit…….He knows how to keep his job in tact. By going to Kolb, the blame goes to Mcnabb, and if the season goes bad, we can blame Kolb’s inexperience yet stay optimistic looking at the up side of a young team that can only get better. This guy have brought himself another 5 years. I feel sorry for Kolb…If I was Kolb I would demand a high caliber Center now! A starting corner beside Asante now! A balance attack on offense now! A punter that can actually punt now! If there’s one thing I can blame Mcnabb for is being quiet when he had the power to stand in his early years. When he started complaining it was too late. Reid will cover his A$$…it’s that plain and simple…Reid have learned to survive in the “Not For Long” league. You know what? Philadelphia deserves Andy Reid. Andy is the hand pulling the string of cheese, knowing if he’s a player short….. that buys him another contract. “HE’S A GENIUS”

  • songs, I agree. Andy has been able to keep his job by making McNabb the scapegoat and has bought a few more years because Kolb is inexperienced. Reid is the one I wanted gone. He wasted McNabb’s youth with garbage skilled players and pissed away the last couple years with garbage defensive drafts. The next couple years will tell us a lot about Andy and see if his stubborness gets him a one-way ticket out of Philly.

  • And people, stop it with the Aaron Rodgers stuff. I hope Kolb is as good but just because the situations are similar does not mean the players are similar. If people want to look at it like that, then McNabb is Drew Brees then. He was let go from a team for a young QB and he went on to win a championship somewhere. How does that sound? Just like McNabb isn’t Brees, Kolb isn’t Rodgers. Stop it. And besides, Rodgers would have still been riding the bench is Favre didn’t waffle on retirement.

  • scorp, in that same vein, tell those guys to shut up with the McNabb is the new Elway garbage. People need to get over the trade and move on. The team needed a change, it should have been the coach, but ended up being the QB. The Kolb haters are way premature.

  • Deep down, I think Kolb knows he’s not the guy. That’s the only reason I can see him self-justifying some of the comments he’s been making before they came out of his mouth. Sure it’s great to be “Realistic”, but it’s insane to hear starting QBs talking about “Renting Time” in the career the first year they are out or being ok with competing with a QB that’s already been deep in the play-offs and voted to several Pro-bowls. Qbs that know they’re capable don’t take time to talk about who was in front of them and don’t waste time talking about who’s behind them except to say that they respect them…

  • d5 got booed draft day green r u serious is it not fair that be4 kolb starts ppl hatem join d5 world

  • butch- vick has a 2-2 career playoff record and (3) pro-bowls playing seven years in the NFL. His 76 career QB rating and and 54% completion record are below your average NFL QB. Combine this with the (2) year layoff and there is no reason to just hand him the ball.

  • never have I ever heard so much made about 30 people booing 11 years ago. give me a break, Mike Schmidt heard it for years and years (yeah, Philwil, he was white too).

    This guy and his fans are more fragile then a china doll and will never get over a few boo’s. I still hate the fact that the team traded Dawk, but do I write about it everyday and say that it was a racist motive that caused the team to make the move?? GET OVER IT

  • vicks stats r skewed he has every rushing record out maybe he would fit since we have no rushing gm maybe he could give us our 1000 yard rusher out the backfield from the qb position lol then maybe some of these 80 passing plays per gm might be 50

  • so dont bitch about ppl not accepting kolb this is my point ytf does he have 2 be accepted be4 he has done anything i was just drawing a parallel to ur last qb of 11 yrs.

  • i could care less about you eagle-hatin posters “accepting” kolb. I never said anything about accepting Kolb, I said that I thought all of the Kolb haters were premature. There is a difference.

    so Vick’s stats are skewed. so i guess he should have his own criteria to be judged? How about wins and loses? In 6 years with Atlanta he is 38-28-1 as a starter. He averages 135 yards passing and 46 yards rushing per game. Which of these stats are skewed as you say?? What am I missing?

  • same way i thought mcnabbs hate was premature hey however u wana slice it its the same pie wtf and vicks record is great considering he took over a 1-15 team cmon man im not even wasting my time with u lol make sense

  • yeah I can understand, you don’t want to waste your time because you have no case.

  • how i stated my case what do u mean u said vicks recordwas terribel and i said considering he took over the worse team in football he was a number 1 pick u know not a trade down and a over valued pick in the 2nd round like ur boy kolb so unfortuantely for vick he didnt go to a team with a pro bowl qb and great work ethic he didnt come into a stable coaching situation he was in essence like we saw here for sometime the entire offense for a lil while in atl and ur other argument like why r people hard on kolb already i said ask the mcnabb haters who hated em be4 he even took a snap whats the problem

  • Green, I agree that it was time to move McNabb. I don’t think he would have ever won a championship with Reid. For some reason, whenever McNabb was in the game, Reid called pass after pass after pass, regardless of down and distance, regardless of McNabb’s health, regardless of the running game’s success, etc.

    Reid makes me scratch my head so often. Does anyone recall when Buckhalter was averaging 9 yards a carry (2 years ago), and Reid stopped giving him the ball. This occurred numerous times. Reid was questioned by the media about why he stopped giving the ball to Buckhalter. Reid would say that he’d do a better job, then Buckhalter would return the following week and average 6 yards a carry, only to have Reid stop giving him the ball in the 2nd half.

    Does anyone recall when we driving against the Rams in the 2002 NFC Championship? With two minutes left, the Eagles were running the ball down Rams’ their throats. Runyan begged Reid to keep running the ball. He told Reid that he “owned” his man. We ran the ball inside the 20, only to have Reid call a pass which, of course, was intercepted.

    McNabb had brought the team back in the 3rd quarter with a TD to Pinkston. He did that despite being under relentless pressure from the Rams.

    Our defense was getting killed. In fact, the Rams ran 22 of the 28 plays in the 3rd quarter, but McNabb’s scrambling kept the drive alive for the go-ahead score. The Rams took the lead again, thus setting the stage for the big let down.

    I just hope Reid’s play-calling gives Kolb a better chance to succeed. Kolb already has a better set of weapons, but if Reid doesn’t adjust his play-calling, when we play the good teams, I think we’ll be exposed.

  • I think u all need to shut up…ur arguments are repetitive, there meaningless..phillywill..ur a moron..do u read what u write..its comic..get off McChokes Jock..all u bitch about is what Andy didn’t do for 5..between 01′-03′..they Offense was apparently good enough to make it to 3 championships..all I hear from u are excuses for 5..Andy didt get 5 any weapons in the past..now its OMG we can’t protect him now..blah blah..and resign his old ass..how about Donovan ” don’t hold the ball for nine hrs and get rid of the ball…wait he can’t..his accuracy is on the level of jamarcus Russell. ..how about..are weapons wer OK…not the best but OK..they worked because YOUR boy who u want gone so bad made an offense work with the weapons. ANDY!..how about Mr.td- into ratio translate that cool state into the playoffs…it was time for chunky I blow junks in games to go…might as well call him Willy Beaman.

  • McNabb played air guitar and smiled to much while he was constantly not winning big games. At press conferences he played with his nose. Like I said before, we booed Jaworski, we booed Randall, we booed McNabb, and we’re gonna boo Kolb. And Vick is not a story of redemption or a hero, he’s a dog-killer. He’s not Rocky, he’s more like Hannibal Lechter.

  • If you really think about the 11 year run during McNAbb’s time,
    The Eagles outside of 2004 and maybe 2008, just really were not that good enough of a Team in all phases of the game Football to be Super Bowl Champions.. In ealry years, shaky Offensive line and
    2nd tier WR’s, middle years some poor play-calling,turnovers,lack of agressive coverage by DB’s
    and in recent years, again, shaky play-calling,lack of rushing game, lack of consistent pass-rush,
    shaky Safety play and the inability of Eagle defense to shut anyone down when it matters…
    Time for a new start with some new players which is exactly what the Eagles are doing now
    (though some of us called for this to start a year sooner) but I believe they are now on the right
    track to re-load as a competitive team for a Super Bowl run..

  • the problem that i see is that kolb is the kyle orton type of qb. he not elite enough at the position to win a superbowl. at best with the way the offense is constructed 8 games could be the maxium amount of game he win in season without a running game and a great offensive line. if this experiment goes bad the eagles will be in the market for a qb in the top 5 of the nfl draft in the next year or two. can anyone say locker or barkley?

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