• July 4, 2022

Kevin Kolb And The Eagles Young Offense Is Eager To Get To Work

Tomorrow the Eagles will have more OTA’s (organized team activities) with both the rookies and the veterans on site for the work and these workouts are much more important now than they have been in the past.¬† Yes, it’s still very early, but teams have these workouts for a reason.

When Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook took part in these workouts, they weren’t nearly as important because the team was a veteran squad with a sprinkling of young players on the roster.¬† This year’s group is young all over.¬† They need to have good practices to establish their confidence.

The Eagles young offense led by new starting quarterback, Kevin Kolb is anxious to get out there and get into a rhythm with the passing game.  They know the way the plays are drawn up on the blackboard, but Kolb and his receivers need to get on the field and establish their chemistry.

Kolb needs to get the opportunity to run play after play with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, LeSean McCoy, Jason Avant and etc.¬† Kolb is at his best when he’s getting the ball out quickly and throwing it accurately.

I can tell by the way he reacts to mishaps of the earlier camp that he’s eager to get in some good work with his top guys.¬† Kolb and his receivers have to read each coverage the same. They must anticipate the same things and have an idea where he’s going with the football.

He needs to complete throw after throw.  The receivers need to experience have success again and again.  They want to get to the point where Kevin knows where they going to be in each and every situation.

These mini-camps are really passing camps because the players wear shorts, so they really can’t do much work on the running game.¬† It’s the passing game which will focused on during the four days of work this week and the four days of work next week.

This week’s work is important because didn’t have a lot of success in the first mini-camp and the rookie camp was at times a comedy of errors at times.¬† Although it’s very early, you want to get the habit of playing well.

I’m sure Kolb and his receivers want to establish consistency with each other.


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  • It’d be great if they could establish some consistency.

  • Looking forward to this weeks OTA and summer camp in general,
    At least this off-season, they have time to work on and figure out who the Center and FS Starters will be
    Looking back at last year as camp was approaching, everyone thought the Andrews Borthers would be starters at RG,RT and that Q Demps would be the Starter/replacement at FS for B Dawkins which he clearly was not ready to take over… Hopefully the injury bug from last years camp will hit some other team and let the Eagles stay heathly, But this is muchdifferent with lots of new faces and Starter Positions up for grabs… This Eagle Defense can potentially have new starters at FS,CB,OLB,DE,DT,
    and the Offense has to settle on a Starting C, (until J Jackson returns which may not be to mid-late October) and then there are lots of battles for back-up positions at TE,4th & 5th WR,and back-ups for RB,QB, O/L …Should make for a great OTA’s/Summer Camp/Pre-Season time…

  • Agree. This spring/summer seems to be the most interesting in a number of years. A number of last year’s backups will have a very tough time holding onto their jobs as there is a LOT of talent and potential in this year’s draft class, but the rooks must prove they know the system come training camp and preseason and become consistently productive. Oh yes, it would be nice to get through this entire year with no longterm, season-ending injuries!

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