• July 4, 2022

Eagles Center Jamaal Jackson resumes running

Philadelphia Eagles center Jamaal Jackson told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that he recently started running again on his surgically repaired ACL.

“#Eagles center Jamaal Jackson said today that he recently resumed running. Jackson is recovering from a Dec. ACL tear,” McLane tweets, using the appropriate hashtags.

This is good news for the Eagles, but I still think he’s a candidate for the PUP (Physicall Unable to Perform) list. If he’s placed on the PUP list to start training camp, they can add him to the active roster at any time during camp. If he starts the season on PUP, then he can’t be activated until they are six games in.

This is a very, very big deal for the Eagles. They need to figure out what they are doing at the center position or it is going to be a long season for Kevin Kolb and the offense. Remember they started getting abused up the middle after Jackson went down.

I don’t care how many weapons you have on the outside, if you are getting pounded up the middle, you are toast.

Nick Cole is definitely not the guy to be the center, because as G. has noted previously, he simply can’t make the calls at the line. So that leaves AQ Shipley and Mike McGlynn. Do you feel safe with either of them? Training camp will tell us a lot more, but this situation is very unsettling to me.

Micah Warren

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  • What good veteran centers are available out there (besides Kevin Mawae)? Something tells me that the Eagles are okay with McGlynn. Haven’t seen much of him, but he might bring some good nasty attitude to the o-line and seems relatively intelligent.

  • Sounds Good G..
    Maybe he can play FS or CB once he gets up to speed….

  • If they had any sense they would have signed Kevin Mawae several weeks ago…but with him being 39 8 Pro Bowls as a center including last year means NOTHING. Idiots and buffoons…the whole lot of them.

  • Yes – I have confidence in both Shipley and MCGlynn. Jamal Jackson was an undrafted free agent from a Div IAA school (Delaware State) . Shipley is from Penn State and was voted the outstanding center in all college football – the knock on him is he is not ‘typical’ size and shape of a pro center (short arms) Centers need to be smart and quick. McGlynn comes from Pitt where he was an outstanding O Lineman. They would both do fine.

    Butch Mawae WAS a great center – about 5 years ago –

  • butch, as I’ve stated before, an in depth, play by play analysis was done of Mawae which determined that he played very bad football last year. How can you ignore that just because he had previous success and is available. Read this article and then tell me that the Eagles are plain stupid for not signing this old and not so good anymore center. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2010/05/15/perhaps-the-real-reason-no-one-wants-mawae/

  • Butch, as I’ve stated before, an in depth, play by play analysis was done of Mawae which determined that he played very bad football last year. How can you ignore that just becaue he had previous success and is available? Go to profootballtalk.com, and put in Kevin Mawae in the search filed – the first article explains this. (this site won’t let me post a link). Then tell me that the Eagles are ‘idots and buffoons’ for not signing a guy who just doesn’t play well anymore.

  • You think Kevin Mawae can play better than Nick Cole did in the dallas games?

    Mawae is better Center in the west coast offense than any of our centers….period.

    even at 40

    We need to stop making excuses for this organization and hold them to getting a center that’a a center….not a damn project. While we are on that….who have replaced Brian Dawkins? Anyone? They told us Demps, then signed a bum that’s no longer on the team, then drafted someone we hope is servicable. What about the replacement for Brown? Hobbs? Marlin Jackson? no he was brought in on the cheap and is probably done for good. Let’s throw Macho Harris in the mix. This team will be playing from behind with this secondary. Get use to it.

  • All need to take this in account about K Mawae status,besides his age..
    He is very active in the Players Union and in fact is a sitting member on the Players Union Board as Player President. With the Owners/Unions not really talking to each other about hammering out a “CBA” deal, No owner/team is going to offer him a contract plain and simple.. It is what it is ..

  • Song, you are being ridiculous. Sheldon Brown was a second round pick, drafted to replace troy vincent ( or bobby taylor). Nate Allen is a second round pick, and he’ll play free saftey. They tried with a few guys that didn’t work out – you want to hold them accountable for not picking the ‘sure thing’ – that definite replacement, you know, like the easter bunny and santa? There is no such thing a sure replacement, but you think there is. They also drafted Lindley this year, who was rated as a second round talent. You know he won’t develop into a good corner? Really? I’m not saying he will, but you are being ridiculous. Mawae never played in a west coast offense so that comment is BS. And Shipley and McGlynn are centers so what are you talking about? Mawae has 0, count them, 0 offers from an nfl team this offseason. That’s tied with you and me. Think about that.

  • schill…they had a sure thing at safety and didn’t PAY HIM!!!!! Dawk would have been better than anything they were attempting to replace him with. They made a horrible decision.

  • schill, I bet you was behind Andy when told everyone he was fine with James Trash and Todd Stinkston. Wake the hell up!!!!

  • I said it time n time again…unless we have an undercover stud at center we all don’t know about…Kevin mawae would be great for the year…ask Chris Johnson.

  • G:

    It’s a good point. The C is the anchor of the offense, no doubt about it. I’m willing to give McGlynn and Shipley a long look. I’ll have to visit camp a couple of times a week to see what this team really has at several positions. I can’t wait.

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