• December 2, 2022

Bud Selig Shouldn’t Step In And Change The Call On Near Perfect Game

I know umpire, Jay Joyce might have missed the call in the final out of a near-perfect game but I don’t think MLB Commissioner Bud Selig shouldn’t step in and change the call.

I know you’ve heard about the incident by now but righthander Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers had a perfect game up until the 27th out.¬† A ball was hit to the right side of the infield to first baseman Miguel Cabrerra, he fielded it and fired to Galarraga who was covering first base.

Umpire Joyce was in great position for the play and called Cleveland Indian Jason Donald safe on the spot.  It looked like he missed the call but watching it again Galarraga might have double caught the throw from first baseman Cabrerra.

Joyce said after the game last night that he missed the call and he regretfully cost the young righthander a perfect game.

There was a mob of Tiger players on the field after the play protesting the call.

I don’t think the commissioner should step in and change the call because they don’t do this in other cases so why should they do it all of sudden in this case.

I do think Major League Baseball should bring instant replay to the game and plays like last night’s will never happen again.¬† They can put a time limit on the delay of a replay and limit the number of times it can be used during a game.¬† It should be utilized in much the same way that the NFL does.

Selig can’t step in now if he’s not going to change a call during the World Series, which he won’t do.¬† Umpires are humans and they miss calls all the time.

What do you think they should do?


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June 3, 2010 8:51 am

I thnik the call should be changed. We’re not talking about just any old out at first here, it’s a PERFECT GAME! The 21st perfect game in MLB history, 3rd this year and 4th in 135 calendar games. Not only that, Galaragga only threw 87 PITCHES, I believe that’s the most perfect perfect game out of all 21!!! The play wasn’t even close and the runner was out by a mile. So instead of being apart of MLB history he gets a 1-hit shut out (also the first of his career) and he’ll be carrying around a DVD of this game in his pocket to prove he’s the 21st pitcher in MLB history to throw a perfect game! Galaragga knew he blew the call, the Ump knew he blew the call, everyone in the world knows he blew the call but because there’s no instant replay in baseball this record is now stained by this egreigous error. I’m sure Joyce is a good Umpire but this is just terrible and the League needs to make this right!

June 3, 2010 8:52 am

Sorry Galarraga’s name is with 2 r’s, not 2 g’s…sorry.

June 3, 2010 10:10 am

I agree with WellWellWell. MLB needs to fix this. This isn’t even a semi close call. Dude was out by almost a full step. Galarraga should definitely be awarded the perfect game that he threw.