• May 24, 2022

Blackhawks rip Pronger after win

Sadly, it’s over. The Chicago Blackhawks were the better team, but the Philadelphia Flyers forced them to earn everything they got. The Flyers’ run was absolutely amazing and they should hold their heads high for taking this city on such a wild ride. We could discuss what happened and why until the cows come home, I just keep trying to think of a Stanley Cup champion that ever had their starting goalie pulled twice during the final series. But whatever.

Four games into the Stanley Cup Finals we were talking about Chris Pronger for the Conn Smythe trophy. A couple games after that? Not so much.

But apparently, the Blackhawks have big-problems with Pronger. I’ve heard Pronger criticized and hated from the fans over the years, but I always figured it was because he’s such a stud in the back end that he got people riled up and frustrated. But the Blackhawks players really seem to hate him.

At least Adam Burish does. This is a post-game interview that he gave and you’d think that he’d take the high road since his team just won the Stanley Cup. Not so much. He calls Pronger “the biggest idiot in the league” and says he’d like to punch him again.

This is all well and good, I don’t mind this stuff. But….Adam Burish? Did Mike Emrick say your name even once in the Finals? If Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane or Duncan Keith want to mouth off, I’m fine with it. But Burish?

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Micah Warren

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  • who in the hell is that guy? what a tool.

    with that being said, pronger really was a different player in the last 2 games. big disappointment.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard a player after beating another team in a playoff take cheap verbal shots on opposing player publicly, especially by one who I’m not sure even had more than a couple minutes playing time. Talk is cheap, bud! Consider also the ignorant lady interviewer who should know better than leading interviewee on and bring up the stupid Tribune article. It’s about enjoying the win, not playing the opposition with your mouth. Pronger was simply worn out the last couple games; no player played nearly as much as he did throughout entire playoffs.

  • This kind of reminds of that Couple from TV with the household of kids…
    Kate and ???

  • thk God hockey is over lmao

  • Not to mention that this guy is absolute vapor on the Blackhawks team. He was a healthy scratch in the Cup series and his total production ALL YEAR..ready…1 goal (as a right winger even) and 4 asst. He couldn’t hold the bag Pronger keeps his jock in. And for him to say Pronger was terrible??? I hope the Hawks come back to Philly next year and this douche nozzle plays. Pronger would whoop his ass!

  • Philly tabloids should put his ulgy mug on the front page titled Adam Girlish…talk is cheap!

  • Watch the Flyers trade S Gagne and J Carter to the Blackhawks for this guy….
    By the way way, why is no one giving me a hard time for calling the Blackhawks to win the Cup in 6 games… Tell old man Schiller that Paulman can predict the future…

  • Paul..what happened…did Andy Reid take over as the Flyers GM. HEY SCHILLER…PAULY CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE….he’s been informed.

  • The Series went pretty much how I expected and was one of the best finals in years..
    The Blackhawks had just a little more Depth,more Speed, were more Physical and had more consistent Goaltending which is usually what it comes down to..
    Considering the Flyers got very little from Carter,Gagne, Lapierre all series long, they gave the Blackhawks all they could handle… (Claude Giroux,David Leino are future Stars in the NHL)

  • I wouldn’t go too far with the better goaltending. How many games were decided by 1 goal? I give the flyers a helluva lot of credit for giving it all they got. It was a great series. Anyone hear how Leighton went to the Phitins game last night and was cheered at the game! Class in defeat..true fans there…

  • David Leino? Paulman this proves yet again you are full of hot air. Shut up will you?

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