• May 27, 2022

Philadelphia Sports Fans Shouldn’t Worship Sacred Cows

I don’t believe in sacred cows but it seems that the Philadelphia sports media and many Philadelphia sports fans believe in them.

I’ve been accused of being biased in favor of Donovan McNabb but the main reason I have made it a point of supporting the former Eagles quarterback is because of the way he had to play great or face criticism while the sacred cows are protected whether they play well or not.

My thinking is, if you’re not going to fairly criticize everybody, then I don’t want one guy to be picked out and have to face all of the criticism.

If the Eagles offense doesn’t play well then McNabb was a choker or gutless, but if Brian Dawkins and the defense didn’t play well, then everybody would look the other way and not talk about it.¬† The Eagles defense forced a total of one interception and one forced fumble in four NFC Championship game losses and one Super Bowl loss.

That’s five games but only two turnovers.¬† That’s choking because that defense was one of the main reasons the Eagles made it to the championship games, but didn’t play well in those games.

That’s worthy of criticism but it never was the case here in Philadelphia.¬† Dawkins and the defense would get a free pass while McNabb and the offense carried all the blame for the losses.

You tell me one time during those big games when Dawkins took over the game.¬† I hear about how he’s such a sure Hall of Famer but McNabb isn’t one because he didn’t come through in games.¬† That’s a double-standard.¬† Why shouldn’t both guys be judged by the same ruler?¬† You can’t call out McNabb without also calling out Dawkins.

I respect Dawkins and what he achieved here in the city.¬† I think he’s a Hall of Famer, but I think the same thing about McNabb.¬† These guys both had great careers here but came up short when it came to winning a Super Bowl.

I hear people accuse McNabb of not being any good and also being a choker.¬† If you’re not any good and you don’t play well in a championship game, that’s not being a choker, it’s not being any good.¬† Some people hate McNabb so much they want to say that he’s not any good and he’s also a choker.

Dawkins was and is truly a great player, so it’s right to expect great players to play great in big games.¬† He’s a surefire Hall of Famer, but if you were to ask him, he would tell you that he was disappointed that he couldn’t make a big play to turn around those big-game losses.

Now we see the same thing with the baseball team.¬† I hear and see Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Jimmy Rollins, Jayson Werth, Brad Lidge and Raul Ibanez getting ripped constantly, if they’re not playing well, but Chase Utley can be awful but you won’t hear any criticism coming his way.

He’s always hurt if he’s not hitting the ball well.¬† If he’s throwing the ball into the stands like that bad stretch he had a few years ago, then everybody reasons that something must be wrong.

I hear people say that Utley is the best player in baseball despite the fact that his batting average was .332 in 2007, .292 in 2008, and .282 in 2009.¬† This guy’s batting average dropped 50 points in three years, but you would never hear any criticism of him.

He’s a Superstar player and should be held accountable like every other player on the team.

I hear people predicting he’s going to be the league MVP even though his batting average has been going down steadily year-after-year.¬† Have you heard anybody focus on the fact that his batting average has been dropping so sharply.

Right now he’s hitting .256, but the same people who rip other players will defend Utley by saying he’s hurt.¬† Lidge was hurt a year ago, but did he get a free pass. Lidge didn’t cry about his injuries even though he was hurt all year long.

After the season, he had surgery on his elbow and his knee.  Nobody gave him a pass then and nobody is giving him a pass now.

You can’t say that Utley should get a free pass because of the World Series championshp a couple of years ago because Lidge was perfect that season but is still called on the carpet.¬† Hamels, Howard, Rollins and Werth also made major contributions to that championship team, but they’re criticized when they don’t play well.

Double-standards like the ones I have pointed at, damage the image of the city’s sports media and fans.¬† Dawkins and Utley know when they don’t play well.¬†¬† They see their teammates get savaged for not performing but see themselves get through scott-free.

If you’re going to be tough on everybody, then people respect you, but if you’re going to call out some people and not call others, then people see it and it erodes your reputation.¬† Tough and fair is good but tough and biased is bad.

McNabb didn’t bring a championship here, but Dawkins didn’t either.¬† Howard, Hamels, Rollins, Werth, Lidge and Ibanez aren’t get the job done right now, but Utley isn’t getting it done either.


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  • Utley is hurting somewhere,
    I have posted numerous times for a couple of weeks that he is not using his lower body//legs when
    batting/swinging, He is just “arming” his swings which tells me he’s hurting again and is probably in the hip area where he was injured and had surgery after the 2008 season..
    He is a big reason why this team is slumping and playing itself right out of playoff contention..
    How many times has R Howard had to lead off an inning since Utley is making the 3rd out and leaving what few runners are getting on base..He should get checked out,rested and placed on disabled list if neccessary, he’s a true profesional and a real warriror, but when your hurt, your hurt and right now he’s hurting the team by not being close to 100% at all…
    My move if I were GM, right now today, is to trade RF J Werth to the Boston Red Sox for
    RHP Reliever/Closer D Bard and 3B M Lowell. (Phillies will loste Werth to Free-agency after this season anyways)
    Then I move Polanco to B while Utley recovers and is placed on disabled list. Then I play 3B Lowell
    (who has always played well in the PHiladelphia and would hit 15-20 homers at Citizens Park)
    I put Bard as Closer and rotate with Lidge, I flat out release D Baes and when AJ HApp is ready I call him up and demote K Kendrick to the Minors…
    If the Phillies are committed to winning now (which I believe they are) they have to do someting big,
    and immediate, if they wait to July it will be too late..by the All-Star game, I predict a below .500
    record by the break and approx 8-9 games and in 4th place in the NL East..
    The way the NL is shaping up with improved teams like Red/Padres/Braves the Phillies will have to
    the NL outright to make the playoffs for there will be no wildcard team from the NL East this year..
    The Wildcard will come from NL Central (Cards/Red) or NL West (Dogers,Giants,Rockies,Padres)
    who are have better records and are playing better ball than the Phils. The Way the Phils are playing and with this brutal stretch of the next 20 games, not only will they becahsing the Braves..but will have to leap-frog over the Marlins and Mets just to catch the Braves and I don’t see that happening..
    The Braves pitching is too strong and deep… I love how Utley plays and hope he can get back to 100% healthy and get back to playing his typical type of ball, but right now he’s really struggling and I believe it’s due to injury for he’s too good a ballplayer and hitter to be mired in a 6 week slump..
    It’s a what have you done for me lately type of world in sports today and the Phils are put together to win now, so rest Utlely now and make the moves to have a shot for the 2010 season..and hopefully Utley can be recovered,healthy for the Sept/Oct stretch and if not, then for future season..

  • I haven’t had that much to say about anything…ever..Paul..I’ll give you this..Your relentless,,And when people are critical of you, you get worse..You have single-handedly hijacked this forum..Well done.

  • And G, sometimes you can really tell you went to school in Southern California..Cause here in Philly we like Champions..No, we love champions..And we hate excuses..Chase dropped the F Bomb on National T.V. during their Championship Parade culmination and cracked Harry Kalas up in the process..Yeah..I guess that buys him a pass for his current slump. Also Chase almost single-handedly beat the Yankees in last years World Series..Too bad him and Cliff were the only ones that showed up..And now your trying to throw stones?..Your coming off like a jerk with an agenda and I dont like it.

  • Will Kevin kolb get the utley treatment??


  • yo like does any 1 read the 2nd article on the page u know the 1 by Pman like ur articles are longer than g’s no1 reads that garbage lmao

  • yes big E i agree lmao eagles FO is schiller sacred cow u know the 1 with 0 SB’s

  • Some good news for you Jimmy and other posters..
    I will be on vacation for about 10 days starting next week,so no Paulman posts for a while…
    (I will be getting my ya-ya’s out before I leave though so bare with me for a couple more days…ha)

  • I personally love sacred cows, espically slathered in cheese, fried onions and mushrooms..and if the mood strikes…a little pepperoni!

  • lil pizza sauce wellwell

  • PM enjoy your vacation and stay out of trouble. You should have a lap top for occasions like this. Hope you don’t get the DT’s

  • A family wedding up in Collingswood,NJ, then up to Cornwall,NY for a family graduation, then down to
    Ocean City to see mom and then spend a couple days on the beach and catch up with some friends.. No laptop for me, and the only way I see myself getting the DT”s is if I go to Fishtown…
    Have a good one ..

  • I do agree. When everyone else isn’t hitting the ball, they need to be traded. But if Utley isn’t hitting, he must be hurt. That’s crap. If he’s hurt then he shouldn’t be playing. As long as he is out there he should be judged the same way as the other guys. He didn’t win the championship on his own in 2008. The double standard in this city is ridiculous across the board. I still hear people calling WIP still saying how Randall was better than McNabb and if Randall had better coaching. Yeah who knows what would have happened if Randall had better coaching, but he didn’t so you can’t judge a guy by what you can’t change. If McNabb would have had playmakers around him for most of his career……. This town always cling to players who they feel exemplify the personality of Philly and trash good players if we feel he’s not Philly enough.

  • There’s a whole lot of truth in this article. I think I’ll save it.

  • I think people born and raised outside of Philly sometimes see things more clearly. I’m Philly born, Philly bred and when I die, I’ll be Philly dead, but I have always seen double standards wherein Philly athletes are concerned.

    When you consider that this city cares so much about championships, one would think that we would do all we could to make our athletes comfortable. Instead, Philly is one of the toughest places to play in America. We have a well-deserved national reputation. Of course, some insist that the entire nation is wrong and Philadelphia is somehow right. I strongly disagree.

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