• August 15, 2022

Why Andre Iguodala Should Be Traded And Other Post NBA Draft Thoughts

Last week congratulations were in order for the Los Angeles Lakers for winning back to back NBA titles via a classic game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics.  As the two most decorated basketball franchises gave the world bit of nostalgia, the Washington Wizards celebrated their future by drafted Kentucky guard John Wall No. 1 overall.

Now that the NBA draft has come and gone, basketball gurus are focused on a pending free agency era that will likely cause a huge power shift in the league (except for that team with the gold home jerseys in Southern California).

Who’s going where?  Which max contract players are going to pair up together the next 4-5 years?  Which teams that prepared their cap space for this are going to get shafted?

The answers to these inquires among others will begin to come to fruition beginning July 1.  Here are some thoughts and predictions I have regarding the remainder of the NBA Offseason.

•    I believe we’ve seen the last of Phil Jackson as a head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers or any other team.  The most successful coach in history ended this past season with a record setting 11th NBA championship.  Getting to that level consistently has taken a huge toll on him and I think he’s just too tired to pursue a fourth “3-peat”.
•    If anyone should want Phil Jackson to continue coaching next year it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers.  They’re in need of a competent head coach and will lose out on one Byron Scott to the Lakers if Jackson retires.  Hiring Brian Shaw for his first ever head coaching gig is not the answer.
•    Rasheed Wallace has never been considered a role model, but he should serve as one to Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson.   Both future Hall of Famers should know it’s time for them to just walk away.
•    Dwayne Wade is not going anywhere this off season.  Not even to Chicago.  Nobody can sell him a better future than his current Miami Heat.
•    I asked a few of my friends the other day who would be the better player in 3-4 years, Lebron James or Kevin Durant? The majority, including myself, said Durant because he’s the more likely of the two to improve his game.
•    Looking at my local NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers, Andre Iguodala MUST BE TRADED this summer for two reasons (neither of which is Evan Turner). First, Iggy’s presence interferes with the development of Thaddeus Young at his natural small forward position (Starting him at PF hurts the team, I don’t care what Doug Collins says).  In the long run, Young will be the better of the two. Second, while he’s clearly better off as a second or third option, the second A.I. thinks he’s on the same superstar level as the original.  He needs to be somewhere he can be put in his place (Miami??)
•    Whether it involves a sign and trade involving Michael Beasley or not, Chris Bosh will pair up with Wade in Miami.
•    Another player not leaving their current team is Dirk Nowitski. Nobody his going to outbid Mark Cuban for him.
•    As hard as they worked to clear cap space and market their franchises, the Chicago Bulls, New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks are going to lose out in the free agency period.  The eventual signings of the Carlos Boozers, David Lees and Joe Johnsons of the league will be perceived as huge failures publicly.
•    In Chicago they have a playoff team, Derrick Rose, a huge media marker and lots of cap space.  They also still have Jerry Reinsdorf running the organization.  This is the same man who dismantled one of the greatest dynasties in sports history. As quickly as the Bulls assemble a contender, they break up the roster.  Think about it. Since Michael Jordan left, what marquee free agent has said “I want to play for the Bulls”.  Because of Reinsdorf, no notable player or coach has finished his career in the Windy City.  That includes the greatest of all time.
•    Prediction: Ray Allen will sign a three year deal with Oklahoma City. The third year will be a team option.  This will be a lethal addition to an already potent squad.
•    In my opinion, the Nets and Knicks are making fools of themselves. They’re promoting the celebrities and the biggest media market in the world.  Can they build a winning organization? Lebron and Wade will both get a ton of money and they wouldn’t mind the popularity they would receive in the Big Apple.  But, neither wants to sit around and watch Kobe Bryant keep collecting Jim O’Brien trophies.
•    Tyson Chandler is foolish to even think about opting out of his last year.  He’ll never see $12 million a year again.
•    After their return to glory, age has caught up to the Boston Celtics.  Two Finals appearances against the Lakers and one championship had to be worth it.
•    As unattractive as it is, Elton Brand’s contract can be traded.  There are teams out there that could use his services.  San Antonio and Charlotte come to mind as potential trade partners.
•    I know it’s been fun these past seven years, but welcome back to lottery status Cleveland.
•    The Oklahoma City Thunder and Sacramento Kings will improve in 2010-2011 more than any team except one……
•    Prediction: Lebron James will sign a max contract with (drum roll!!!)……The Washington Wizards. Even with the pending trade to take on Kirk Hinrich’s contract, the Wizards could still make moves to attract Lebron to the nation’s capital.  I think a sign and trade with the Phoenix Suns involving Amare Stoudemire and Gilbert Arenas is very realistic. Regardless of what the Wizards say, Arenas and No. 1 pick John Wall won’t be a good fit together.  The Suns will want something in return for Stoudemire and they need to prepare for the eventual departure of Steve Nash.  With Wall and Stoudemire, Lebron James will be attracted to potentially forming the best “Big 3” over the next 5-6 years.  Wizards coach Flip Saunders is not to be underestimated either.  Although he’s never won a championship, his record speaks for itself.

Overall, this NBA free agency period is setting up to be one of the craziest in history.  Just about every team has prepared for this year each in their own way.  The unpredictable will occur beginning Thursday.

Haran Knight

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  • Iguodala does not need to be traded. He needs a coach that will allow him to use his strengths. He needs to just slash and attack the court on offense and play good defense. Only a crappy coach will continually run plays and an offense that has him outside all the time. Doug Collins will get the best out of him. As for Young, let him be the 6th man. He’s not too good to come off the bench. In the NBA you need good depth and sometimes better players come off the bench because they have free reign with the second team and they can go out there and run the floor when there in. If anyone thinks that you can’t have both Iguodala and Young then you don’t want a good team.

    Some notable players who can start in the league but come off the bench: Ginobili, Odom, JR Smith, R. Wallace, Jason Terry, Ben Gordon.

    Young doesn’t have to be your starter. He is your first player off the bench and you PF when you want to go small and run. Iguodala is your best player even with all his shortcomings but it’s the truth.

  • Young is a terrible defensive player but can score in spurts. Iggie is not a jump shooter and has trouble creating his own shot. Neither player was used properly.

  • Exactly BigE. I don’t get this whole notion that you stunt the development of Young by not starting him. This is not the NFL and he isn’t a QB. You need quality bench players to win in this league and on a lot of teams the 6th man if often better than the starter but because of their roles one starts and the other doesn’t. Every championship can be attributed to very good bench play. Doug Collins will have iggie using his strengths which is attacking the court and getting out on breaks. He’s the starter because he can play better defense at that position and guard the 2 as well. Thad can’t guard anyone.

  • T Young should be fine off-the bench as a 6th man. He’s a 18-22 minutes a game type of player at this young stage of his career and if he gets you 8-10 Points with 4-6 Rebounds a game, that’s about what you can expect from him… He needs to kepp focused ad bring high energy to the court when he plays… I think he will do well in this role and playing for Coach Collins.

  • Iguodala must be moved. I’d look to trade him for Al Jefferson straight up. Same amount of $, and Jefferson is 25 yrs old. Iggy is a complete fraud and the benefactor of the the best player on a bad team. Thaddeus will be a better player than Iggy if he plays the 3. He’s a much better defender, and he will develop properly if he sees starters minutes…..which won’t happen with Iggy the fraud on this team.

  • haha the wizards
    i like that go out on a limb

  • Get a Iggy for Melo deal done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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