• January 20, 2022

DeSean Jackson Suffers Back Injury In Afternoon Practice

Just the thought of¬† Eagles Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson being carted off the field is scary to Eagles fans but that’s exactly what happened this afternoon at Lehigh University.¬† He caught a pass from Kevin Kolb with Asante Samuel in coverage and went to ground in pain.

He got up slowly with assistance and was helped onto a cart and taken into the team’s training facility. The trainers are working on his back right now.

It has been officially called a back injuries and rumors have circulated that he’s having back spasms which sounds like the truth.

I don’t know if Jackson had been nursing a tight lower back when he came into camp but it’s not out of the question.¬† The good thing is, it’s not a leg injury of any kind and the Eagles don’t have any games that count for more than a month now.

Check back to GCobb.com for updates on the injury status of DeSean Jackson.


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  • Hopefully, it’s just his body getting used to football again and not something that’s going to be nagging him all year. Anyhow, injuries doesn’t bode well for him getting more money. Each time he goes down that’s more reason for the Eagles to be hesitant.

  • Hope he’s ok, sounds relatively minot thought you can never be sure about the “back”
    WR Kelly Washington was a very good signing by the Birds yesterday..He is a very good Special Teamer and inside WR who is more physical than Hank Baskett, I believe K Washington becomes the 5th WR and Baskett is released shortly

  • Get well Djax…we need you buddy. Not all Eagles fans feel the same way about you buddy. Some have reasons to doubt your physical capabilities and don’t think you’re worth it. I’m pulling for you kid. Hang in there.

  • thats what i get for laughing at dez bryant.

  • I think it would be better for everyone if the eagles just trade DJax to the Skins. That will work out out for both teams. The Eagles can avoid paying him and the redskins can pick up a great player that can continue his great career with a franchise QB in Mcnabb.

  • Thats kinda funny Songs, I’m just not singing to that one!

  • Are you so simple minded songs, that you blowoff the facts that he is under contract for years, makes money, and the league is in a chaotic cba standoff? Or do you just enjoy the schmuck who likes to stir the pot role? Which is it? Give us an example where the eagles had a rising star playing under his rookie contract who the didn’t lock up for more. Their track record says they would do something if this were a normal year in the nfl and it indicates that they will once its sorted out.

  • Schill, I Djax played for the Skins or Cowboys…they would have paid him by now…PERIOD!

    If a team want to pay a player they find ways..it’s just that this CBA thing give this FO an excuse to do what they do in a normal contract year….That’s garbage…They can give him a 30 percent increase with a large signing bonus which will hold him until the CBA is worked out.

    Pay him or trade him to the Redskins and they’ll show you how to sign a player under these circumstances.

  • He doesn’t want a 30% increase. Chris Johnson just got a bit more and he’s still unhappy. Desean knows its best for him to be paitient and keep his mouth shut. He’s not complaining but you are. There is no evidence that he is unhappy.

  • schill, you knit wit…you totally ignored the key points in my last comment…everyone knows DJax don’t want a 30% raise therefore they should do what I suggested. Give him a 30% raise …ALONG WITH A BIG SIGNING BONUS!!!!!!! to hold him off until the CBA get worked out….then they can work out a long term deal.

    He’s not talking….for a guy that talks all the time …that’s UNHAPPY!


    sounds like a plan to me

  • Songs you may have a valid point because like expected Djax numbers will go down this season with Kolb as the starter in MY OPINION. I think Avant is too good of a player to be a 3rd option at WR. Line up Maclin, Avant and Cooper and that pick like you said will have lots of value next season. Or they could look at signing Champ Bailey next year. He is a free agent.

  • So Songs,, its obvious at this point that your content with being this site village idiot..your posts are ridiculous but angling towards humorous..Hey whatever..a laugh is a laugh.

  • Every other team finds a way to compensate their best players even through the CBA negations etc. Our FO may have a lil something in the works, but the CHEAP BASTARDS are trying to take the short-change way out; a few bones thrown Jacksons way wouldn’t hurt. We shouldn’t even be having this discussion by now. The “FO-CHEAP BASTARD” syndrome is starting to take effect on individuals throughout eagle nation – Beware, try not to catch it. You CHEAP BASTARDS are starting to expose yourselves, do you really want your playmakers happy enough to help us win a superbowl, or have the Banner gang sucked you in too far? Which is it, to win or not to win? Get a grip Schmuckettes.

  • Rocko – I trully appreciate the Monday morning humor – great way to start the week. Let’s take a look at the Afc east (because the Nfc east doesn’t have an offensive player nearly as good as djax). Let’s take the jets – darell revis is right now staging a major holdout and center nick mangold is also pissy. The pats? Oh yeah, tom brady is upset with his contract and he’s acting like djax – show up to camp and keep quiet. That’s just one division. But you think the eagles are unique and cheap.

  • Asante, peters, bell, simms all got good money coming in. Which team pays their fullback more than any other in nfl history? Are celek, avant, herramens, justice, bunkley, cole, bradley, etc…locked up with long term deals? Is mike vick payed in a cheap way? And even besides all that, you really think desean isn’t going to play as good as he is capable of till he gets more money? Ha, yeah right. The only things that can keep him from lighting it up are injury and effective double teaming and even good double teaming will mean success for maclin, avant, cooper, celek, shady…..you get the idea. Jackson will get payed more soon enough and the eagles won’t suffer on the football field because of the cba holdoff situation at all in the meantime. Jackson also knows that taking a little more money now will hurt his chances of getting a lot when he gets his extension later. He knows that in this unique situation, its wise to be patient, you on the otherhand…

  • Schill you are pointless. asante,peters,simms,and their fullback was not drafted with the team……poor examples…they are part of the issue ..you overpay free agents but play hardball with the players already proven on the team…THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!….They should have PAID BDAWK…..they should have PAID SHELDON BROWN…….they shaould PAY DJAX!!!!! PERIOD….NO EXCUSES….FIND A WAY TO GIVE YOUR BEST WEAPON THE MONEY HE DESERVES……They knew this CBA thing was coming……….PAY HIM!!!

  • wow songs – you are just…. what’s the word…

    OK – I’ll play – give me your proposal for how you would ‘correctly’ compensate Jackson in the current no CBA arrangement – length of contract amount of money, signing bonus – how woul dyou do it with your monopoly money.

    Lastly – Bradley, Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppard, Celek, Jamal Jackson, Hermanns, Avant, etc. were all drafted by the eagles and then signed to long term very lucrative (at the time of the extension) contracts – you pick the couple of the very many (Bunkley, Patterson, Justice) that the eagles didn’t draft – your comment about overpaying free agents is 1000% off, just wrong – they repeatedly refuse to overpay unless its a player (like a pro bowl CB like Samuel) – the eagles rarely play ‘hardball’ but typically wrap up players early in their careers – a move they surely would have made with Jackson if the CBA were not an issue – and yes, they knew it was coming – but the issue had to do with how many years he had remaining in his contract before he coul dbe extended. Do you homework and learn the rules of the game before you start posting nonsense

  • lion navy..give djax a 2 year deal…. his base contract a 30% increase with a 10 million Dollar signing bonus.

    he would have 4 years with us wih an opportunity to sign him after the CBA is worked out

  • I don’t think you can give him a two year deal because it wouldn’t technically be an extension – just a rewrite of the last two years of his original rookie deal – I also think there is an issue with the number of years left on Jacksons rookie deal …..

    Bottom line – as history has shown with this FO – good young players like Jackson (Cole, Celek, Westbrooke (twice by the way)) etc.) get long term extensions. The issue isn’t as cut and dry as typing pay him in all caps would make out – I am sure every paper in Philly would be putting forth brilliant ideas how the eagles could extend and compensate one of the best young players in the game.

    Paulman – your good at this contract ‘stuff’ is there any way you can give Jackson a one or two year contract – Kolb got a one year – but he was also in the final year of his contract – –

  • SONGS…riddle me this…ur crying for the Eagles to trade DJax to Washington to be with your man-crush or the Cowboys who’s probaply your team right..then why didn’t either one of those teams draft DJax in the 1st round the year he came out?

  • Schiller is right-and this should be read by just about ever “regular” here-SONGS is just the fool who likes to spout Eagle hate for the sake of getting us all riled up and play into his nonsence. He throws up “facts” and “argument” for the sake of seeing his name in type on this blog. There is no room here for his useless, Eagle bashing, FO blaming, banter. I’m sorry I even wasted the few minutes of my life writing this however if it helps one or some of you here from getting sucked into the pointlessness that is responding to SONGS then I’m better for it.

  • And don’t I feel stupid for responding to him before writing my own warning…fail…I should learn from my own mistakes.

  • I actually agree with songs about the eagles overpaying for free agents and that the birds deal drastically differently with free agents v. extensions. Duh! That’s an NFL wide issue and its a huge part of the whole CBA labor stalemate BS. The birds have to play the game because all teams do. Songs my free agent examples were in reference to rokkos ‘cheap bastards’ comment. And you sir need to get over djax. He will get his big payday and he knows it. The best way for him to ensure that it is very big, is to wait and not be a nag. He knows that and is resigned to it. You on the otherhand are all hot and bothered about another man’s salary in a complex unprecedented market dilema for some reason. Meanwhile jackson will be fine on the football field so why don’t you have a beer, get laid, and move on with your life?

  • Songs, the crux of your argument is “ignore the circumstances and give me what i want! It’s not fair!” (Insert crying in whining voice). GROW UP

  • If Songsrme2 gets laid and has a beer,
    I bet it’s his first time… maybe that’s why he has his “panties in a wad” all the time ….
    To Navy, I am not sure about D-Jax Contract status, I think there was in Interview with J Banner on
    Eagles.Com that explained his situation the best that was on back around Draft time..
    I don’t think you can extend a standard rookie deal under the current CBA until after 3 years of service are up.. There are a lot of players caught in this similar situation.

  • schill..if DJax get injured this year or numbers goes down…..you think he’ll get the same contract he’s worth now?

    yes or no?

    don’t give me a comment filled with conjecture in an attempt to avoid the answer.

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