• January 17, 2022

Riley Cooper Has Been Very Impressive So Far

For anybody who isn’t sure about it, I’ll tell you right now that Riley Cooper is here and he’s going to play this year.¬† He’s a big receiver, who is deceptively fast and catches any and everything that’s thrown his way.

He’s had an outstanding camp so far and has stood out more than any of the other rookies.

A big receiver like Cooper is the kind of wide out, former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh was thinking about when he designed the west coast offense.  His receivers have to be able to catch the ball over the middle, take the hits from the linebackers and safeties, then run with the football.

Today he got into a fight with Ellis Hobbs but didn’t back down.¬† He’s got to have that attitude as a big receiver.¬† Defensive backs are going to try to intimidate him so he doesn’t use his strength and size on them¬† when the ball is in the air but he can’t back down from the challenge.

So far he’s been using his hands to pull, push and frustrate the defensive backs who have been trying to cover him.

He’s a smart young man, who has picked up the offense very quickly, which is forced on him because Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have been lining him up everywhere.¬† I’ve been very impressed.

He still has a long way to go, especially with the fade route and slant in the red zone.¬† He could do a better job of extending his arms to catch the high pass.¬† Some time he glides out of his breaks rather than exploding out of them.¬† Still he’s in good position to get playing time in his rookie season.

Here’s a conversation I had with the young man after a practice earlier in the week.


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  • Where does this leave hank baskett? can he now be traded of a potential pick or do they have to release him? asuming that cooper is signed. Is it possible that cooper can be our 3rd starting WR?

  • This guy is for real; learns everything thrown at him and you can tell he craves it. Plays deceptively fast. The receiving corps this year is going up another notch since scouts struck gold with Wiley Coop-yote.

  • Recent signing yesterday of WR Kelly Washington means the end for Baskett,
    He’s faster,more physical and is great on special teams.
    I see Hank getting his release and then working out for Chargers and Raiders out west for a spot…

  • Yes Iggles I agree. He’s deceptively fast and he has a nasty attitude. You can tell he likes to scrap it up with d-backs by trying to push off etc and isn’t afraid to get in the mix (just don’t cost us any penalties Coop). He has the attitude of a nasty bastard, which is what need. keep up the good work Coop. About time we finally have some damn good receivers.

  • “A big receiver like Cooper is the kind of wide out, former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh was thinking about when he designed the west coast offense” Your so right G. Dwight Clark a great 49er receiver wa 6’5″ and caught every thing near him. Reid’s west coast is somewhat bizarre.

  • Can we say this guy is our new Chad Lewis?

  • Chad Lewis was a tight end and slow so if anything he is new and improved and not a Mormon.

  • Why would he be “our new Chad Lewis”?

  • this could be good value…hear me Banner? trade Djax and plug this guy in…you’ll have good value and no headache when a great player ask for a raise.

    I’ll be pleased with a trade to the redskins …djax for a first rounder, we can trade down to the cowboys for an even greater value next years draft.

    If someone would have told me our franchise QB would have been traded for Allen an unpolished safety in this years draft…I would have bet the house..

    banner trade djax…we have…COOPER!!!

  • How exactly is this guy Chad Lewis? Because they are both white? Not even close, Vricchini.

  • I was going by what G said as he catches everything thrown his way and Chad Lewis was that kind of guy. I cant remember us having someone like chad lewis since he retired so thats why I compared him to Chad.

  • He’s already been dubed…Sooper Cooper!

  • With this guy on the roster it makes our RZO look that much better. Cooper Ingram/Harbor Washington Celek BEAST!

  • well theres always porn

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