• July 6, 2022

K-Rod needs surgery on his thumb, Mets want to void his contract

For those of you Phillies fans that are big into schadenfreude, you’ll love this. I mean, I just couldn’t make this up. You probably heard last week that New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez physically attacked the father of his girlfriend in the Citifield clubhouse after a loss.

That’s old news, but this gets better. He was suspended for two games without pay for the incident (probably a light sentence considering), which I’m sure you heard about.

Well now, he needs surgery on his thumb to repair a torn ligament….that he suffered when he was beating up the father-in-law. He’s not with the team in Houston right now, and that’s probably a good thing considering what his teammates would like to do to him.

You think it was dumb of Ryan Madson to kick a chair and send himself to the DL? Madson has nothing on K-Rod.

The surgery will probably end his season (who needs a closer when you aren’t winning anyway?) and according to an SI.com report, the Mets would like to void his contract. He signed a three-year, $37 million deal in December of 2008, so they would really just be voiding the rest of this year and 2011. It could save them some $17 million.

I wouldn’t expect that to happen though. The baseball players union is a force to be reckoned with. No matter how wrong you are, they tend to make sure the player wins.

Omar Minaya and the Mets front office really do try to do a good job of putting a good product on the field. They really do. But man, if something doesn’t always go wrong for them. Whether it’s Mo Vaughn, injuries or this, it’s always something.

Let’s? Go? Mets?

Micah Warren

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  • Good for him and the Mets..
    Micah, whats your thoughts on the Jets/Giants game tonight which I am very interested in for many reasons..
    I will be looking at some the Giants younger players from the last 2 Drafts Years
    OL W Beatty, OG M Petrus on the Giants side and OG V Duccesne on the Jets side..
    Also for the Giants LB C Sintim, S A Rolle, MLB H Bullock and their 2nd Year TE T Beckham
    and 2nd year RB A Brown
    For the the Jets, their young CB K WIlson (who I wanted to Eagles to select)
    Should be a good hard hitting game for bragging rights to the new Stadium between 2 very good teams who will be fighting for a playoff spot like the Eagles..

  • You know who has a big opportunity tonight, Paulman? I’m going to be watching Ramses Barden, who I heard is starting tonight. Steve Smith and Mario Manningham are out for tonight. BIG game for Barden.

    Are you referring to Vladmir Ducasse? I think he’s second string right now and swimming a bit. They have high hopes for him though.

    Will be fun to watch!

  • Exciting game last evening…
    The Giants Back-up QB’s (Sorgi & Romar) looked pretty good after a slow start by Sorg
    but WR V Cruz and D Hagans looked like All-Pro’s out there….(Barden didn’t do much that I saw)
    The Giants O/Line looked a little shaky in pass protection but the Giants QB’s did a nice job of getting rid of the ball quickly.. My RB A Brown ran hard and played pretty well but is appears the Giants are really becoming more of a a Passing team than the 3-4 yards and a pile of dust offense that many are accustomed to.. They have some good young WR’s on that squad..

  • we should try to pick up k rod next yr lol

  • Please don’t give Amaro any ideas…
    The Phils do need to address the Bullpen and add at least 2-3 quality arms for them to be successful for 2011 Season

  • we need a closer though i feel like its 93 all over again holding my breath every 9th inning

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