• May 17, 2022

Reid Will Use Vick In Wildcat Role Again, In QB’s Last Year With The Eagles

Michael Vick’s roll out to his left this morning in the red zone drill, looked a lot like the play he scored on, in the game on Friday night.  Vick has his legs back, but he still has a way to go in developing his quarterback skills in the west coast offense.

Yes, he did turn the ball over twice on Friday night, which would be costly in a regular season game, but he also showcased his talent.

This will be Vick’s last year with the Birds so the Eagles will try to get what they can out of him this year, in order to feel as if all the trouble they went through in acquiring and having him on the team was worth it.

Reid’s lack of confidence in Kevin Kolb at the start of last year’s training camp is the only way to explain, why the Eagles signed Vick.  Once Kolb showed his ability in his two starts a year ago, the Vick signing seemed unnecessary.

Looking around the league, there are a lot of mediocre quarterbacks starting in the NFL,   I think a number of teams would much rather have Vick as their starter than the guy they’re currently starting, but it’s too late to move him now.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg aren’t going to tolerate the out of control play which Vick demonstrated when he fumbled on Friday night.  They don’t want him to try to do too much and turn the ball over.  That was also the case when he started playing playground football on the interception he threw.

On the plus side, when Vick left the pocket on Friday night, he looked like the guy who used to scare defenses throughout the league.  He’s a better quarterback now, because he’ll give the play a chance before tucking the ball under his arm and taking off.

He showed he can go through his progressions, and get the ball to the short or intermediate targets.  He’s now capable of setting his feet, getting balance and delivering the football to the right guy.

Vick can still make the deep throw as we saw with the pass to Riley Cooper, but I think he’s a better quarterback than the guy who led the Atlanta Falcons to the NFC Championship game.

It looks like the former number one pick will be used in short yardage and red zone situation this season.  The Eagles will be taking a major chance in doing that because Vick will also be serving as the team’s number two quarterback.

Reid’s decision to use him in wildcat, short yardage and red zone situation could get him injured then force the Eagles to hand the ball to rookie Mike Kafka if Kolb were to go down with an injury.

“Not at all,” Reid said after the practice on Sunday. “I have no problems putting him in there in the Wildcat. You remember last year where I kind of had to juggle things with three quarterbacks. Really, Kevin Kolb was No. 2, but I had to keep Vick activated for the Wildcat stuff. I don’t have to worry about that this year.

“I’m not worried about it.”

Reid is intent on taking risk, to get as much as they can out of all the trouble they went through in signing him.

(This article was originally written as if Vick had another year under contract with the Eagles after this season.  It was edited once we learned this year is his last year under contract with the Birds)


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  • Vick could be a good QB in this league again. Even better especially with his speed and now a better understanding of how to play the QB position. I don’t think the west coast offense suits him best but there are a hand full of starters I’d take him over because I know he will do whatever he possibly can to win games.

  • At 30 years of age,
    I am not sure what kind of Value/Marker there will be for Vick come 2011 Season..
    Look around the NFL and see what teams in the league that really need to address their QB position that have already done so
    I see the Buffalo BIlls and Seattle Seahaws as franchises in need of a QB and maybe you can add
    49ers/Cardinals,Jags,TItans,Vikings in the mix depending what there current

  • Vick looks alot better and his speed looks to be almost back. I knew from the time we signed him that he has always been a freak of nature from a physical standpoint and with rieds guidance as a qb he could have a really nice end to his career wherever he may end up. I think along with him celek weaver ingram ect our red zone attack SHOULD be lights out this year barring rieds semi bordline retarted red zone play calling

  • With his Salaray Demans,his Age and off the field baggage,
    I don’t see another franchise looking to bring M VIck in as a #2 Back-up QB..
    He’s not the answer for a team that’s rebuildings (Bills,Browns,Cheifs)
    About the only fit I can see for him would be a good team already like the Vikings, 49ers or Cardinals
    for 2011.. Teams that are already pretty good that have questions about their QB’s and would be the type of Ownership.Coaches that would bring a Vick in.. outside of that, not too many suitors would have the interest in him

  • As far as getting value, adding another year to Vick does not increase his value. His greatest value will come closer to the end of training camps, and obviously if a starting QB goes down with injury.

    I am not convinced that Kafka can handle the back-up role yet. His arm looked weak, and obviously his lack of NFL experience are against him. If the birds are looking for a back-up so they can trade Vick, I figure that a veteran like Garcia could do the job until Kafka or others are more seasoned.

    However, if Vick is going to be on this team, I say use him in situations that cause defenses trouble. Come up with a Miami or Cleveland style of wildcat and use the special athlete that have.

  • Vick isn’t under contract for next year — the Eagles CAN’T trade him. Unless you think they will slap him with a franchise tag, assuming such a thing exists in the next CBA.

    Best hope is comp picks (again, assuming they still exist), and that is limited to a 3rd in 2012, and only if he gets a really big contract.

  • Vick only signed a 2 year deal. How can you trade someone who is not on your team?

  • How exactly do they ask for a second round pick for a free agent?

  • Seriousy what are the chances that in the same game, Vick goes down on one of the 5 or 6 plays that he has, AND THEN Kolb goes down.

  • Isn’t Vick a free agent after this year? Do the Eagles extend him and then trade him? Doesn’t he just go the FA route so he can start somewhere next year like he wants? I think the only way to get something for him is to trade him this year, which I see as unlikely.

    I also have an idea for Mr. Vick. He should learn to punt. Think of the “wildcat punt formation” and what fun that would be 😉

  • Rumor has it that the Cardinals want to trade a future 1st and 3rd round pick for Maclin.. Would you do it?

  • Only if the Cardinals would take JJ Arrington back… good grief…
    A 1st and a 3rd Round I would do in a heartbeat for almost anyone on the Eagles Squad..

  • Paulman, I hear you but a 30 year old QB is not the same as a 30 year old RB or most other position. He’s already better than several starters in the league and I hear you about the off the field stuff but quite frankly, he hasn’t done anything since he’s been out of jail. You can’t keep judging a man by his past. By next year, it will be 2 years and there will be a team out there that says “Ok, maybe this guy has finally gotten his life together in the past couple year”.

    Every team that you think has addressed the QB position may have for now, but that has nothing to for next year. With Favre you never know, but I highly doubt we see him next year. If I had to pick between Vick and Tavaris, I’m going Vick. Arizona has question marks. Leinart isn’t guaranteed to be the starter. He could lose the job week 3. Washington may need a QB if McNabb doesn’t extend his contract. Jacksonville because Garrard isn’t the answer. The Raiders are always an option. San Francisco as well.

    You’re right, he’s not the answer for a rebuilding team but he is the answer to put butts in the stands and win a couple more ball games until you get your franchise QB in place. If he performs well this year, he will have options.

  • Anyone ever think that we could see McNabb in a Vikings uniform next year? We all know this is the last year on his deal and if I was him I wouldn’t extend to stay with the skins. If Favre does come back this year, I do doubt we’ll see him next year. Which mean Minny will need a QB. McNabb would be the perfect one for Childress and they’ll go back to run first with Peterson and those weapons out there on offense and a pretty good defense. If he goes there and gets to a Super Bowl or win one, we all might as well jump off the Ben Franklin. Just wanted to throw that out there but it’s a good possibility.

  • But I thought this was Vick’s last year. They signed him for 2 years last year so he’ll be a UFA. Unless they felt Kafka was good enough now and they want to move Vick before the season starts. But other than that, if I was Vick, I wouldn’t sign a deal and hit the FA marker because he’ll get a job and a chance to start someone. Even if it’s oakland.

  • Good for Vicky perhaps, but is of little value for birds, given his free agent status.

  • This is Vick’s last year under Contract with the Eagles
    Vick will be a free-agent after the 2010 season and free to sign with whomever he chooses to.
    I highly doubt that the Eagles will re-sign him, Kolb is the QB for the future and KAfka will be the eventual back-up…

  • Vick is an UFA next year. The only way the birds get anything is through either a trade before week 6 this year or a compensatory pick should vick sign with another team. There is one insane way to do get a trade next year but that requires Franchising vick if the tag remains under a new CBA. That won’t work because that’s far too much money to get a good pick back in return.

    If vick is still here after preseason and week 6 he will either sign somewhere as a UFA or be here as a backup at a greatly reduced salary or be the Big name in the UFL.

  • If I were in the front office I would be looking to package 7 for 3rd rounder and / or a young Center with potential. I just don’t believe you get a 2 for him. Possibly from 49ers given that Vick is better than Alex Smith.

    As to trading Maclin- Hellllllllllll NOooooooo. You want to keep the Maclin and Jackson pairing for a good long while. We finally have a tandem that offers great potential and you don’t sell that kind of talent. We have 4 Awesome Receivers with 10,18,81 and 14(yup I’m bathing in the cooper koolaid) These guys all offer something different in their game and I like that. Heck I would even be for keeping Hall as a 5th WO/KR for this year. (I put Kelly Washington and Hank Baskett in the if there is room bin, but I would rather keep a guy like Sapp or a LB if he can play special teams)

  • I love the Vick as a punter Idea but it seems to me we once had a great QB that was even better than vick at running and also punted. Hmm what ever happened to that guy???

    I miss good old number 12

  • Yeah. Unless they trade him now or Kolb turns out to be a grease fire….which isn’t out of the realm of possibility (See my username)…Vick is GONE. The team option was for year 2; which has been exercised. Vick will flourish this year in the role he is in…gimmick player with occasional snaps as QB. He was never a great starting QB and probably never will be.

  • The bees tell me that Jeff Garcia is still available in the event of a trade (Sarcasm folks, Sarcasm).

  • FYI,
    Brian Westbrook just signed a 1 year Deal with the San Francisco 49ers which appears to be a very good fit for him since they have F Gore as their #1 Back (who has history with injuried himself) and really don’t have they back who can come out of the backfield to catch passes
    If you recall, their back-up RB G COffee just reitred unexpectedly last week leaving the 49ers thin at RB.. This is a very good signing for an up and coming team depending if their QB (A Smith) can elevate his game some. but they have a very good young O/Line, TE V Davis and WR M Crabtree and solid runner in F Gore… lots of weapons on Offense now to go with a solid D…

  • I think they are expecting to start Vick at some point during the season. Otherwise they would have traded him for whatever they could have gotten since he’s unrestricted after this year and isn’t going to sign an extension to be a back up.

  • I agree with your comments Scorp.


  • To Scorp,
    I probably should have worded my earlier post..
    Theres a big difference of being 30 years old QB when your playing regularly as opposed to being relatively inactive like VIck has going on 4 years now. Vick is past his playing prime and still has juice in his legs to run around and scramble.. But missing 2 years all together for development and then be a “Wildcat Option” and back-up for these last 2 seasons is not going to attract many suitors for being a #1 option for another club..

  • Basically Vick is this year’s contingency QB in the event Corn on the Kolb turns out to be less than average at QB and Kafka is next year’s #2. Andy Reid, somewhere in the back of his mind, is thinking should McNabb do extremely well and fends off the long term Redskins contract offers he would be the biggest name free agent available at a position the Eagles would need to fix. Before bristling at the thought think about how many birds have left, been nudged or pushed out and have come back and think about how important it was to Reid to make sure McNabb was happy with the place he got traded to.

    I’m starting wonder if it was all a ruse from the beginning just to allow Reid to back the pressure off of himself regarding keeping McNabb since it’s clear now that the brass and many of the fans wanted the guy gone.

  • this isnt the nba i dont recall to many top flight qb’s retiring before 35
    he clearly has a good 3 to 5yrs left with nice athleticsm and probabably 8 or 9 yrs of being able to play if he learns to run a team
    qb’s play much longer than any other position than like kicker
    but all in all no1 knows but im a betting man i’d go with the over over under 4 yrs

  • Yes physically I would agree with you,
    My whole point is that being relatively inactive for 4 years of your prime, means you become out of sight,out of mind and just will not attract too many supporters or teams.. If most Teams/GM’s feel
    Vick is not a Pocket QB and is strictly back-up/wildcat material who hasn’t played much, why take on a player like that with a bigger salary,more baggage,etc,etc, who you can get a M Bulger,C McNown, J Garcia, JP Losman, R Fitzpatrick,T Smith, or some young Athletic QB if you want to have a little WIldcat in your offense etc,etc for much cheaper and without potential fan backlash to do the same thing as Vick provides… Until Vick learns that he can “master” an Offensive System and really be a Pocket QB (who can also run) there will be very little demand for him at this time..

  • I get your point Paulman but in the NFL, backups hardly play. They get the same amount of workout that Vick is getting. What makes someone who’s the backup for Peyton Manning anymore capable? We can argue that Vick has more playing time then that person so therefore those 2 years that he was out really means nothing. Or what about McNabb being injured for back to back seasons. That’s almost 2 years missed. So whether a person misses seasons because of injuries or other reasons means nothing if they are in football shape when they return. We see QBs who been gone for a season or 2 and then come back. These things are not strange for NFL QBs. In my opinion, those 2 years don’t hurt him as much as you think it did. Yes he did hurt, but not as much. But this Michael Vick may be better than the Vick before he went to prison. He may not be as exciting but if he can run an offense more efficiently and make better decisions while still having the athleticism he has, that makes his potential a lot higher then many of the QBs playing now. Some team will recognize that and he will be a starter in the league. Don’t underestimate how someone can progress with hard work and a good coaching staf.. You never know, those 2 years from the game may have been the best thing for Vick in the long run.

  • That’s what I am saying Scorp,
    Why Pay Vick $2-3-4 Million per year to be a Back-up/WIldcat QB… It’s not going to happen
    WIth his lack of recent play, I don’t think there are too many in the NFL that feel VIck is a viable #1 Starter caliber or just not a right fit for them Offensively.. He is receiving solid coaching now from presumably very good QB Coaches in MM and AR, so unless he shows he has mastered an offense as a “Pocket Passer” which I don’t think he has shown yet and has the next couple of Pre-Season games to show everyone, he will be nothing that a super athletic, playground type of QB that runs the Wildcat plays and that’s about it and teams are not going to trade High Draft picks or pay him a large salary to do that when they can get younger,cheaper college QB’s to do that that have more upside…

  • But again, I think you’re still overstating “his lack of recent play”. If scouts and other team coaches see him out there in camp and in the preseason under a good coaching staff, that may be better than what they have. And then you combine that with his athleticism and the plays he is capable of maknig to someone that’s good enough. All he needs is one team. He doesn’t have to be an option for every team in the league. 2-4 million isn’t a lot for a guy who you may want as your starter. We never know how this season is gonig to play out. If he makes big plays with both his legs and arms, desperate teams and coaches cannot ignore that regardless of what anyone thinks. We’re not talking about running the west coast offense. We’re talknig about winning games. if he took an Atlanta team to the NFC Championship with ONLY his athleticism what can he do when you combine that with actually know the game a little better? Even missing 2 years and being a backup, he will still win you more games than these starters: Jason Campbell, Chad Henne, David garrard, Tavaris Jackson, Alex Smith, Matt Leinart, Matt cassell, Josh Freeman, Matt Moore, Sam Bradford (or whoever is starting in St Louis), Trent edwards.

    Would it be pretty? No. But he will win you more games. Over the next couple games he will show the ability to check down to receivers instead of always running. You underestimate his hard work and most importantly you underestimate, Andy Reid and the rest of the coaching staff.

    I may be wrong, but you sound so jaded that it seems like you can’t possibly imagine him actually becoming a better QB after being in a system for 2 years. If Kolb can sit on the bench for a couple years and master an offense, I have to think that Vick can sit the bench for 2 years and just learn how to play the QB position a little better than he did. He’ll be a starter again in this whether you like him or not. As long as the Raiders and Buffalo Bills exists, he had the opportunity to be a starter. Period.

  • but most teams that have made their choices at QB (Bucs,Raiders,Browns,Dolphins,etc,etc) are not going to pull the plug on their young QB;s anytime soon for they have too much time & $$ invested in them already (similar to the Eagles and Vick currently)
    teams that could be interested would have to be good teams already that need better play from the
    QB position to take them over the hump… Maybe the Vikings,Cardinals,49ers,Seahawks could be those teams come 2011 but I highly doubt it

  • One last point before I put this issue out to the pastures..
    If there were Teams/GM’s that think that M Vick is really a #1 Starter material,
    then they would have to wonder why he isn’t for the Eagles.. IF Vick was that good and goign into the 2ns Season with the Eagles Coaches and System, then why wouldn’t he get the edge over a QB who has 2 career starts… .AR and MM are well repsected around the league for their judgement and coaching of QB’s and probably most around the league feel that if Vick can’t be a #1 in Philadelphia this year, what makes Vick a # 1 for their team….

  • vick isnt the starter for the same reason they traded mcnabb
    they rather commit to a 25 yr old or 26 whatver kolb is
    but that doesnt mean vick wont qb another 5-8 yrs

  • melo on trading block y cant we get him we have most talent to trade
    iggy m thad for melo iggy and lou iggy lou and thad cmon bring melo to philly eddie stefanski

  • Melo will be going to the Knicks to play with Amare

  • i know awful

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