• August 14, 2022

Stacy Andrews Not Happy About Wells Talk, Says He Never Wanted To Play Guard

According to Philly.com, Eagles right guard Stacy Andrews is perplexed about the talk that the recently acquired former Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Reggie Wells is being brought here to take his job. There have also been reports that he’s being shopped around the league.

“I felt like I was pretty solid in there [against Kansas City, his last preseason action], but I guess they felt otherwise,” Andrews said. The veteran guard thought everything was fine and that he was doing a good job of getting acclimated at the guard position.
The former Cincinnati Bengal is quick let people know that he signed here to play tackle and was moved to guard.  Had he known that the Eagles were going to have him play guard he would not have put his signature on the contract.  The older brother of former Eagles guard Shawn Andrews, Stacy makes it clear that he never wanted to play the guard position.
He makes a very good point about something that the Eagles didn’t pay any attention to.  At 6′ 7″, Andrews has the build of a tackle.   He played his best football as a pro while playing tackle.  I can understand that it’s not easy to get underneath people to drive them off the line while being so tall.
Height is an advantage when you’re playing on the corner at tackle, but it’s somewhat of a disadvantage when you’re playing the guard position.
That’s why I think Andrews is going to be traded elsewhere to a team that believes he can answer their problems at the offensive tackle position.
The Eagles are trying to patch up a mistake.  They either should have never signed Andrews in the first place or should have never moved him to guard. He’s not playing well and obviously not happy playing the position.  Something had to be done and it had to be done quickly.
You can see the writing on the wall.  I believe Wells will eventually find his way on the field at the right guard position for the Birds.
“We’re adding a player that has started several seasons in the National Football League and has played at a very high level during the course of his career,” head coach Andy Reid said. “He has experience at several different positions along the offensive line, and he will be a welcome addition to that group. You can never have enough depth at that position as you go through an NFL season.”
This is rather late to be putting together the offensive line, but they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do.  Maybe Wells can talk left tackle Jason Peters into playing with more of a sense of urgency.


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  • all around good move by the eagles

  • this is a excellent pick up for the eagles!! Please and I mean please get rid of “STASHA” “ANDREWS”, with all this “I didnt want to play the guard position”! PLEASE save that non-sense for DR. PHIL and just admit and man up that you are horrible at guard and tackle wouldnt make a difference because the guys on the outside linebackers in a 3-4 scheme will eat him up and chew this bum and spit him in a mason jar!! another mistake on the eagles behalf by signing this guy and hopefully someone will make a trade which i highly doubt and if you release him thats money wasted and hes laughing 2 the bank saying to his brother “SHAWNA” “Hayyyyy we got them eaglessssssss”!!

  • Wonder if Stacey is aware that just about everyone in the Eagle Organaization is unhappy about his
    play so far as an Eagle… he is simply is not quick enough (especially laterally) to play at the NFL level and especially on with the Eagle Offense where the main emphasis is pass-blocking and getting out on screens,etc,etc.. He was a bad sign to begin with for Andrews only area of strength was really straight ahead pile blocking (when he was healthy) which doesn’t fit the Eagles Offensive scheme. Most believe (myself included) that he was pursued to help keep his brother (Shawn) motivated to play football again and we all know how that turned out..
    A team who could possibly be interested would be the Panthers who have RT J Otah still injured and could be in the market for a straight-ahead blocker like Andrews since they are a predominantly a rushing Offense, but they usually do not sign other teams problems or pay big $$$

  • Hmm. Whats the maximum effective range of an excuse? Why would someone want to trade for this guy? Maybe the giants will attempt the “great whine…I mean wall of Andrews 2.0” My luck it would actually work there. Show this bum the door.

  • He’s not a bum; he’s still damaged goods with a non-fully recovered knee. It’s not about Andrews’ performance; it’s about extremely poor decisions in the FO. We’ll see how it goes for Jamaal because 330lb on an unproven knee, blocking massive nose guards and tackles from that center stance is going to put a LOT of pressure on the joint.

  • Oh my God. Just get this guy outta here already! You don’t wanna be here. You’re not good at football. We don’t want you here. Sounds like an easy decision.

  • Anyone know about this barnes guy. DE/LB from the ravens the birds just traded for?

  • Yes Regal Eagle,
    He’s a very active player with a nose for the football, a very good Special Team player also..
    He’s that inbetween LB/DE at about 6’1″ 250 lbs and can run and leap and can play with his hand down and rush the passer or drop back in pass coverage (though he does need work in that area)..
    He’s played mostly in a 3-4 Defense (Ravens) so it will be curious to see where he actually fits…
    This trade is a little suprising for it tells me a couple of other things are going on

    #1) They are very disappointed in D Tapp and don’t feel Tapp’s good enough to make an impact
    #2) That they wanted to add/updgrade with LB and probably say goodbye to both Fokou and T White
    #3) Maybe another trade in the works with J Parker moving on to fill another need or get a some draft picks back..

  • Tell you what……Why not change the scheme to fit the players..How about that?

    If players streghth is pile driving forward and not pass blocking it would be advantages to run the damn football.

  • Songs,
    Andy’s frustrating when he tries to outhink the room and see if guys can play a new position for the Eagles. I think he is a DE / TE / LB / SS / C.

  • And the Andrews brothers circus has left town. Yes!

  • My praise of Hall after the first preseason game didn’t seem to carry through the other games.

    10 rookies have made the team. I still say this a the dress rehersal for next year. A team ready to contend for a Super Bowl dosn’t pick up 10 rookies even if Howie Roseman becomes the next Ozzie Newsome of the draft.

    This team can be very good, but the defense and Kolb have to develop to be elite. Both will probably not make the jump together. The team had 11 wins last year, but was far from really being that good.

  • He wants to be in New York with his brother. It all starts with drafting and sigining injured players.

  • ************Trade Alert************

    Eagles trade OL S Andrews to the Seahwaks for a late Round Draft pick in 2011
    Outstanding move to get rid of him before the Season started…

    O/Line to look like this from L to R by the 2nd/3rd weeks of the Season
    Peters,Herremans,Jackson,Wells,Justice as Starters and Cole,MJG,McGlynn,Howard, Dunlap as back-ups which is pretty good (not spectacular, but a good solid group)

  • Wells lost his starting job in training camp. I wonder why.

  • Hello Big E
    Wells lost his spot when Cardinals signed Free-Agent 8 time Pro-Bowler Alan Faneca in the spring
    Wells started and played in every game in the last 4 years, not 1 Eagle O/Lineman can say that.

    Steelers Cut Veteran Center J Hartwig..

  • Now they have traded Andrews to the Seahawks for a late round pick in 2012 ….can you all see now that this organization have no idea what they are doing?

    They haggle over every dollor when it comes to paying proven players that have contributed to the team and then shell out a 36 million dollar contract to a bum recovering from major knee surgery, and expect cohesiveness in the locker room. They are sporadic as well as incompetent and you can’t believe anything this organization says. If you are managing the cap then the last thing you would do is give so much money to an injured player. You give out 1st round money and receive a late round pick in return by the seahawks…”Boy”..Well I guess now that Mcnabb is gone and they have improved the roster with Kolb, a draft with all those picks, and free agency we could look forward to an even better ROSTER this year….topping “The best Roster in the NFL” of 2009.


  • maybe hanson is next lol! cuz maxine jean gilles is gone and i hope they do not resign him because he was another water log who never got any push with the run!!! the eagles are answering my prayers with cutting demps and trading stasha andrews!! good job front office 4 making the move to put the these bums on the curb like thursday trash!!! and hanson your day is comming very very soon unemployement as the peanut boy trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol Songs, “we’re just trying to put our players in a better position to win ball games”!

  • Who gives a shit? Let’s just win some games.

  • Right on J Mac!

  • jimmy mac says:
    September 4, 2010 at 9:59 pmWho gives a shit? Let’s just win some games.
    you spell potato without an E

  • At least the Eagles F/O cut the chord with Stacey Andrews after giving him 1 full year to recover from Knee Surgery only to realize that he is not a NFL Starting caliber O/Lineman instead of compounding the problem and keeping him on the roster. This is why more and more teams just simply stay away from these big-ticket Free-Agnecy signings anymore
    It’s better to Draft them,groom them from the get-go, coach them up and finally let them play
    and continue to develop..If they don’t have it or stay committed within 2 years (maybe 3 at most)
    then it’s time to cut the chord and move on and get more players thru the pipeline..
    You look at a guy like Macho Harris who is a good all-around football player with a nose for the ball,
    He simply is not quick enough to play versus NFL WR’sRB’s,who are too fast for him..So where can you play him, a players overall Speed is never going to improve, maybe with expereince his positioning,reading of plays,learning the nuanaces of Off & Def schemes will help keep a guy around a little longer in the NFL over just flat out talent, but in this day and age of Football, you have to be about to run to stay with these guys or you won’t get on the field and especially if you play a DB position. Q Demp has the natural talent and speed to play in teh NFl, what he seems to lack is the focus,discipline and the mastering of the system (which in his 3rd year, he should have been able to do but continued to be out of position,undisciplined,etc,etc) I am sure he will hoook up with another team and maybe play a couple of years in a back-up role, but Eagles gave him 3 years to develop where he had many opportunitites to grab a starters spot sin ecDawkins left, but Demps was never able to handle it.time to cut the chord and let a young player like a 7th Rd K Coleman have the opportunity and who is making the most of it.

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