• August 14, 2022

Eagles 5 Most Surprising Roster Moves On “Cut Down” Day

If nothing else, there is certainly one thing no one can say about brand new Eagles general manger Howie Roseman: the man is not boring.  Roseman’s first “cut day” as the Eagles’ GM yielded two trades and releasing two former starters as well as keeping 10 draft picks and two more rookies not drafted by the Eagles. I was highly critical of the Eagles’ decision to keep 13 draft picks because I figured there was no way more than seven or eight rookies actually made the roster.

Clearly I underestimated the youth movement in Philly as a grand total of 12 rookies make up the 53-man roster. That’s an insanely high amount and it could result in more long-term success than anything immediate.

There were several surprises out of Philadelphia this past Saturday, but let’s take a look at the five most surprising and intriguing.

Trading Stacy Andrews to Seattle

The move started to look inevitable on Saturday, but only a week ago no one would have guessed that Andrews would actually get traded. Some were calling for him to be released, but I doubt even they thought there was a chance he wouldn’t be an Eagle.

In the end, the Eagles wound up getting peanuts for Andrews (a seventh-round pick), but the move saved them $5 million and with the addition of Reggie Wells from Arizona, keeping Andrews around was no longer necessary.

Trading for Antwan Barnes from Baltimore

About four hours before the roster is supposed to be trimmed down, the Eagles continued making moves and actually adding guys. Barnes, a guy who played outside linebacker in the Baltimore Ravens’ 3-4 scheme, is actually someone Andy Reid has had his eye on ever since he came out of college back in 2007.

Reid has a way of eventually getting his guy, and he made it very clear he wanted Barnes. In Philly, Barnes will likely play more defensive end than linebacker, but his versatility could prove very valuable.

I had a hunch they might trade for a defensive end or linebacker, but Barnes was not a guy who ever even crossed my mind.

Cutting Macho Harris and Quintin Demps

Demps, we were told, was going to be the heir apparent to Brian Dawkins. But, unfortunately for us, that went down the drains after Demps proved he was a total blockhead during the 2008 NFC Championship game.

The next year, after Dawkins was allowed to walk to Denver, Demps was slated to take over at free safety, but couldn’t hold on to the job and was replaced by Macho Harris, a fifth-round pick out of the 2009 draft, before the season even began.

Now they’re both gone and there doesn’t seem to be an Eagles fan in Philly or anywhere else ready to shed a tear for either of them. Good riddance, you both played like six-year-olds and never realized the potential everyone saw.

Keeping Kurt Coleman as the Lone Backup Safety

Originally I thought the Eagles could keep three safeties, but I figured the guy would be Demps due to the fact that the Birds were lining him up at both safety positions and were using him as the primary kick returner during the preseason.

I happened to be right with my first instinct about keeping only three safeties, but it turned out to be seventh-round pick Kurt Coleman who got the nod as the primary backup.

Roseman hinted that the Birds might still add a safety, but for now Coleman is the man should either Nate Allen or Quintin Mikell go down.

Keeping Hank Baskett Over Kelley Washington

I’m repeating myself at this point, but it’s something that needs to be said. Reid must start paying more attention to the special teams, but he refuses to do so. Someone has to tell him that the best special teams coordinator in the league (which they have) is completely useless if he doesn’t have guys to work with.

Sure, Baskett is a decent special teams player, but nothing like Washington who has turned it into a niche. Washington, along with White, made it seem like Reid was taking a renewed interest in the third phase of the game, but now they’re both gone and the team will be relying heavily upon their rookie linebackers to step up.

Honorable mentions:

Keeping Rookie Corner Jorrick Calvin

I was actually less surprised by this than most, figuring there was little chance Reid cut the guy before getting to really see him some more. He was impressive enough against the Jets that keeping him just made sense.

Trading Tracy White to New England

White was a free agent for how long, so why didn’t the Patriots just sign him when he was still on the street rather than sacrificing what will likely be a seventh-round pick in 2012? It’s not much, but they could have had him for nothing about a month ago.

King Dunlap Sticks Around for One More Year

Why not just cut Dunlap and keep Kelley Washington around? Reggie Wells can play right tackle in a pinch and Nick Cole could slide in at right guard. Or, for that matter, Austin Howard likely would have little trouble making the transition.

Keeping Dunlap just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me and the only thing I can think is that Reid and offensive line coach Juan Castillo see too much raw potential in Dunlap to cut him loose just yet. But was it really worth sacrificing a guy like Washington or defensive tackle Jeff Owens?

Bob Cunningham

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  • Good Stuff Bo,
    A little harsh on Demps, who had a good rookie season but definintely regressed each season,
    M Harris was no surprise, he can play a little CB/S but neither at a NFL Level due to an lack of speed
    Keeping 10 OL, 10 DL , 7 LB and 6CB is a bit much and only having 3 S and 5 WR is proabbly a tad light..
    I expect them to make a move today/tommorow for 4th Safety (DuJuan Morgan,A Alfava,G Anderson Come to mind who were cut by their teams yesterday)
    The do have some depth at hand could trade a Parker/Tapp from the D/Line or a J Hanson from CB
    and or flat out waive,release OT K Dunlap tio open up a couple of spots , they are not done dealing
    I would like to see a blocking TE added or WR K Washingtonton brought back
    hopefully they can place DT J Owens, WR D Collins, RB Martell on the practice squad for Ithink these players have some peotential to help this team out down the road.

  • great stuff my brother keeping queen dunlap doesnt make any sense!!!!! the eagles didnt have any faith in him last year cuz they put todd herramans in the tackle position over him last year when peters got hurt!!!! they should have kept kelly washington if you ask me he played well enough on ST and at reciever but they keep HANKY “PANKY BASKETT” who has alot of distractions with his sooo call “wife”/ kendra “everybodies been up in her!!! come on eagles who else is going to give us a solid blue collar wr who plays hard can give us a great enzone celebration lol! Baskett over washington doesnt make any sense to me we released him last year for a reason and hanson your day will come for you to get your one way outta philly buddy i can see it now!!!!!!

  • With these moves the Eagle’s are admitting some mistakes which they bashed on this site for never doing. Ya win some, ya lose some. move on.

  • 5-11

  • FYI, fantasy league is all set to go. Draft is Tues @ 9PM. If you will not be there, please set your autopicks.

  • I have a question for anyone/everyone:

    During the Reid/McNabb era, do you think Reid had more deficiencies as a coach/GM or McNabb as a QB?

  • The trade of Andrews for a bag of doughnuts and the cutting of Demps and Harris really show what a mess the Brian Dawkins fiasco was. Some of the money that was over-paid to Andrews should have been used to keep Dawkins. The Eagles have tried to replace Dawkins with Demps, Harris, and Sean Jones; all 3 are now gone. The off-season moves from last year look like garbage now. I have a bad feeling that Jason Peters is going to get Kevin Kolb killed this year.

  • Drummer, you the answer to the question…
    Reid had more deficiencies as a coach/GM than Mcnabb had as a QB…Mcnabb masked Reids deficient offense with big play ability …and he covered his GM duties by using his legs when Reid thought it was alright to run an offense without good receivers.

    This season tells the story

  • If Demps wasn’t an injury prone player in addition to looking like a bonehead at times he probably still have been here just for his return ability, but that combination is a lethal mix. I can see the Baskett decision A.) Because Andy Reid always liked the guy and he has a couple of big play under his belt. B.) Since DeSean Jackson is going to be healthy for about 6 games it makes more sense to keep a receiver that has more than a season and a half playing real games in this system. (Avant hasn’t been looking that great so far which is crazy, but that just makes more of a case for keeping another someone with a good grasp of the system for the time being anyway)

  • all the above drummerwinslow look andy reid’s decision making though the past years have been suspect!! as far as him having success through the years yes i can say he has but andy reid never had a killer instinct as a head coach/gm/or mcnabb as a qb!! andy reid’s decision making as a coach as far as balance have been suspect and other teams have figured out our scheme as far as playing arena leauge football like we are the philadelphia soul!!!! im not going to get into his personal life a fews years back with his sons but as far as him and his deficiencies all the above brother!!! count how many times jimmy johnson bailed him out through the years and count how many game winning drives mcnabb had through the years!!!!! KILLER INSTINCT he lacks buddy ryan rex ryan bill cower the faces of KILLER INSTINCT!!!!!

  • Jroc, how would you rate Reid as a GM?

  • @drummer
    At the end of the day as all coaches say “The players are the ones actually on the field that do the work.” Just based on that without looking at anything else you would have to believe the deficiencies lie within coaching and management, because they hire and train the personnel.

    Add to that the obvious lack of Pro-Bowl WRs over the years, consistent lack of a legitimate running game strategy, the inability for the defense to show up at the end of the year, being consistently undersized at every position and justifiably worn down, where the blame lies is pretty glaringly obvious. It’s just a matter of people excepting the fact that having a nice handful of exceptional talent made up for the deficiencies of the FO.

  • Songs, I agree with your opinion. To go a step further, would you have traded McNabb?

    While finding a franchise QB can be nearly impossible (i.e., Denver is still trying to replace Elway), finding a winning coach can prove equally difficult. Reid has grown (slowly and painfully) over the years and might actually be at a point where he can put it all together.

    If we had kept McNabb, how long would it have taken to implement a new coach’s philosophy? My guess is it would have been 2-3 years.

  • Butch, thanks for answering. I agree.

  • While I agree that Reid had more deficiencies, I believe the franchise had to trade McNabb at the end of the season, only because they failed to fire Reid a year earlier.

  • I disagree with the asertion they absolutely had to trade Mcnabb with a year left on his contract. By not knowing how the CBA would affect our team going forward, I feel the FO should have put everything into challenging for a superbowl this year. We should have sured up both lines and the safety position with Mcnabb in place and let him play for another contract extension. We still would have had the opportunity to compete for a championship. We should have hired Jeff Garcia as a back up and let the vick experiment go. I have “0” confidence in this front office building with a new system in place and they are so stupid to accomodate Mcnabb and send him to a division Rival to remind us constantly of how big of a Mistake it was..”we will be reminded when this Redkins team with a stout defense and a franchise QB is in the playoffs” And don’t hand me the garbage line that the redskins don’t have receivers for Mcnabb learned very well how to excel without receivers with Reid at the helm.

    Kolb should be holding a clipboard….this season will be telling.


  • DRUMMER WINSLOW i believe andy reid lost some of his duties as far as GM a few years back!! he had too much on his plate and i believe he was trying to be the offensive cordinator,GM, we havn’t had balance since the three headed monster through the years we had suspect wr trash pinkston na brown fred mitchell! so if you ask me his GM roll i preach again suspect!!!

  • i believe kolb is ready!!!!!to tell you the truth mcnabb hasnt been hungry the pass few years not scrambling throwing the ball with three defenders on a reciever and throwing the ball and setting up his recievers to get blasted by a defender, shoe string throws need i say more!!! mcnabb was worried soooo much on what critics have to say about him “is he a qb”! winning games and winning superbowls make you who you are!! hell ask trent dilfer how he feels about winning a superbowl! lol

  • jroc…good…so we can expect a better season with a better record than last year….right?

  • Gotcha, roc.

  • Songs, if McNabb played out his final year, he would become a free agent and the team would have gotten nothing for him.

  • Roc, I agree that McNabb was worried about critics. After all, he took the blame for everything that went wrong with this team.

    As for him not being hungry, I have to disagree with that. He’s suffered through too many injuries for me to question his desire. For example, If I were McNabb, I’d have taken my $100 million and retired. Instead, he went to DC because he has something to prove.

    I doubt McNabb intentionally threw balls at his receivers’ feet or purposely set up his receivers to get wacked. I do believe that after being hit so many times and suffering so many injuries, he had become nervous. For the past few years defenses bragged that they knew what plays were coming and in my opinion, that’s no different than Kolb trying to complete passes behind our currently porous offensive line.

  • yes i believe so i expect good things from the eagles every yeari just think andy reid has to except he has personnel and they all have to do there job as well!! do you think fellas that we should have passed up on max jean gilles and got hartwig in free agency??? what do you thing songsrme2??

  • Who’s Hartwig?

  • I feel you drummer and yes taking hits can make your judgement shaky but did you see a few years back when jeff garcia was the qb when mcnabb was out!!! he made me think that he should be the the starter instead of mcnabb! he was firery and he looked like he was having fun out there (garcia) mcnabb beating his chest with the “my bad passes”! and look at the phillip rivers and the peyton mannings and drew brees and tom brady’s they are firery and if you didnt block 4 them they will pull your helmet on the sideline and tell you “block or you will be serving me gatorade for the rest of the season”! you didnt see that in mcnabb just the same blank stare on the sideline!!!! but the most part mcnabb wasnt hungry enough as far as that aspect getting in players faces but through the years mcnabb has been one of the most least sacked qb’s if im not mistaken so the o-line for the most part did fairly well with protecting him!!!

  • we need to start asking why Kolb have been a total diappointment during the preseaon instead of trying to strain at an knat when critqueing Mcnabb… Mcnabb have shown more success than any QB to ever wear green and by pointing out his shortcomings… you’re raising an imposible bar for Kolb. Kolb is not looking good,,,,are you concerned? If this guy is garbage what does that mean for the future of this organization?

    the answer is too much to bare…Isn’t it?

  • Roc, for some reason, Reid had a more balanced offense whenever McNabb wasn’t playing. Garcia didn’t come close to taking the beating that McNabb took. When Garcia was quarterbacking, the team leaned on Westbrook.

  • During two of his worst injuries, McNabb showed incredible toughness. He threw 3 TDs on a broken ankle and played through the incredible pain of a sports hernia, despite Reid calling pass after pass, week after week.

  • Drummer, are you prepared to deal with an unsuccessful Kolb?

  • yea your right songsrme2 he hasn’t shown much because stasha andrew’s made tank williams look like shawn rogers out there and jason peters needs to get it together with these bone head penalities it just looked like to me he didnt have faith in the o-line game one against the jags he looked great the game vs kc, kc was doing plays that they are going to do in the regular season lol! they schemed for a preseason game against us and you see that from time 2 time with a team who has a horrible franchise for soooo many years!!! kolb will be fine we need more balance with the play calling more like 55/45 not 80/20!!!!!

  • Songs, Kolb hasn’t had the protection which would allow him to excel.

    Realistically, McNabb didn’t have the protection needed either (because of Reid’s predictable play calling), but he developed “escapability” while playing with those dog toys in the Arizona desert each year. Unfortunately, Kolb hasn’t had the opportunity to develop those instincts. However, if this offensive line doesn’t come together quickly, Kolb will get his chance to hone those life-saving skills (or die, trying).

    As far as I’m concerned, McNabb was judged/treated unfairly. However, that’s no reason to do the same to Kolb. The ball’s in Reid’s court. I hope he doesn’t get the kid killed.

  • yea thats why westbrook is the way he is now and i hope he retires soon before further damage!!! as far as donnavan you can look at his press conferences and look at him after games like he just didnt care like hes frustrated with the organization and when garcia was qb dante stallworth was getting #’s out there which brings 2 me that the team didnt totally lean on westbrook it just tells me mcnabb was leaning towards westbrook 4 many years if it wasnt for him and donnavan throwing screen passes to him mcnabb would’nt be who he is now!!!! trust me it sure wasnt him throwing to pinkston and thrash and freddie mitchell no it was westbrook and chad lewis who bailed him out through the years!!!!

  • Roc, I’m not certain that the pass/run ratio is as big a problem as it I thought it to be some years ago. However, we definitely need to be able to run the ball in short-yardage situations and in the red zone. Just the same, I’d prefer your 55/45 ratio.

  • Jroc…are you prepared for a losing season? What losing record would be acceptable for you?

  • Roc, you think McNabb’s receivers bailed him out? Aren’t they supposed to catch the ball? If McNabb’s receivers aren’t getting opeh, how is he supposed to complete passes.

    When McNabb had T.O. and Pinkston, he broke the TD to INT records and went to the Superbowl.

  • 8-8 becuz this schedule is really and i mean really tough we play the colts fellas and peyton manning gave jim johnson nightmares!!! but i think the eagles turn a new leaf this year and atleast and a strong possibility go 10-6 winning the division now i could be wrong but i bleed green baby and i have faith in our players and for the future to come

  • yea your right drummer on that behalf about mcnabb and the recievers but he had wayyyy more weapons last year than he’s ever had in his career and what happened he couldnt throw a crossing route pass to baskett when we played the cards in the playoffs and it was one of those off to the races pass but nooooo mcnabb couldnt get it to him and look what happened another season with out the chip!!!! and i know drummer you remember that!!!!! and last year we got better adding weaver into the mix getting maclin and what happened more beating his chest saying my bad fellas my bad i’ll get you next play!!!! com on mcnabb was good not great and trust me i love this brother and hes givin us some of the best seasons as our qb but change had 2 come the FO seen him diminish and i seen it as well if he was on the rams would anyone be talkin about this issue about mcnabb maybe a little but now he is with washington we should panic now?well be fine without him i have faith

  • i think kolb should not throw the ball alot maybe 25-30 chances and we run the ball giving mccoy 20-25 carries weaver bout 10-12 and bell about the same! if you have more balance the less three and outs you have and a few years back i think we were one of the worse teams with three and outs and on bad field position on our own 20yd line. if you ask me sean payton got it together and who expected to say the saints will win the sb nobody in there right mind will tell you that. they have average recievers and nobody expeceted colston to be who he is with him being drafted so late.. they built a team who had chemistry alot were either undrafted.. balance is the key 2 success and if you ask me the saints had balance last year and guess what it worked 2 there advantage!!!!

  • Jroc…you are out of your damn mind….There’s no way possible thisteam win 7 games with this schedule. You want Kolb to throw less than Mcnabb? Why?

    Kolb is more accurate and can give mor Yac..Right?

    He can hit a receiver in stride and avoid the ground ball…right?

    Let’s air it out …for Kolb is a much better QB than Mcnabb…..Right?

  • yes he is a better qb than mcnabb and your right about airing the ball out but i think its his first season as a full time starter and when mcnab was the starter he didnt get alot of snaps at qb right or wrong? this will keep alot of pressure off of him and maybe game after game when he gets comfortable then he can wing the the ball as much as he wants to. but my thing is songsrme2 that teams expect to rush three and drop back 8 against us and thats whats been happening against other teams found out the scheme greg williams had when he was the defensive cordinator for washington at the time and they were sucessful!!! trust and believe i have faith in the eagles and i do believe injuries on other teams play a roll in teams records. who knows songsrme2 tony romo could get an injury and be out for the season same with mcnabb or eli thats why nfl is what it is expect the unexpected leauge!!!!

  • kolb can be the next arron rogers and i can see it in him!! you gotta build a system that works for him to make him better we have the recievers and we have the rb’s but the oline i believe the eagles are doing that now to help this qb be sucessful cuz if not the FO will get alot of zingers thrown at them that we should have kept mcnabb!!!!

  • I’ll have to agree with Jroc on this one Drummer. AR just doesn’t have that “killer instinct” like coaches such as the cowher, ryan’s, or even belichick. McNabb had his share of faults with dirtballs and too much laughing/playin around etc, but really had no real weapons besides TO. Furthermore, AR never really utilized the ground game like it should have been used. We lucked up and got a big back like weaver but those other coaches would of saw that early on during our championship runs and got #5 that help early-on. Then (though we can’t do anything about it) we trade our probowl QB within the division right at the time he finally gets weapons and develops rapport with them. I believe the “Turk” needs to visit AR. I’m tired of his coaching style. He’s better utilized as a Qb coach, not a team coach. I kind of believe in the back of my mind that roseman feels the same way. Also, am I the only one that feels that the 7th rd safety pick, Coleman; is playing much better than the safety we drafted for the #5 trade? Knowing AR, he’ll probably keep his Mcnabb-trade pick in the game before coleman if allen was screwing up (not that I hope thats the case) because he’s a stubborn bastard.

  • lol rocko rock on brother rock on!!! rocko your preachin my brother i like that!!!

  • Rocko, I agree with your post.

  • JRoc, we didn’t play the Cards in the playoffs last year. We played Dallas (without a center), and if memory serves, the Eagles broke their own scoring record last year.

  • Jroc, I’m not saying that he is or isn’t, but how can you see that Kolb is the next Aaron Rogers? Bobby Hoying played more than Kolb and many swore he was the next Montana.

  • Rocko, if you read my earlier posts, you’ll see that we agree with one another.

  • I know we played the cards 2 years ago when demps was making stupid decisions by bum penalties!!!! im saying that mcnabb had weapons from 2004 till 2009! and you know what he didnt eat. thats all im saying and records dont mean anything its all about that chip!! bottom line ask marino he has all the records but no ring! mcnabb had talent around him and a defense for many years to back him up!! if my memory is correct wasnt he the one throwing up in the huddle and all season he threw only 8 picks all season long but in the sb he threw 2 picks that cost us the chip!!!! mcnabb couldnt handle the big games im sorry 2 say he was doing the stupid guitar hero crap before the game last year and he ended up looking like mili vanilli when we found out they had no talent! and what vick do one play threw the ball 2 maclin 4 a td. mcnabb was backed up by andy reid for soooooo long and finally the FO made the right decision and got rid of him!!!!!

  • he was the team captain but through the years either b.dawk or trotter were the ones jumping down the players throat if they made a mistake on the field!! but not donnavan and you can look at westbrooks face on the sidelines like he was pissed primarily cuz of the play calling and dmac’s poor accurcy and decision making! you what im talkin bout drummer you know the mcnabb happy feet throws a randy johnson breaking ball to the recievers socks lol!!!! com on i rather see mcnabb as a redskin than sam bradford any day good choice by philly we knew that when kolb was drafted mcnabb will have his day and you know what his time finally cam!!!!!

  • Wow Bob, you really don’t like Demps or Harris. You act like one of them ran over your dog. Agree with the Dunlap/Washington argument.

  • JRoc, I disagree. McNabb had talent only during the Superbowl year.

    What did Brady accomplish with Hank Baskett? He not only couldn’t get on the field, but New England cut him after only 1 year.

    Do you consider Donte Stallworth, Reggie Brown and Jabar Gaffney weapons? Didn’t Reggie Brown also get cut? McNabb proved that when he had weapons, he was more than capable. Also, Westbrook was injured his last 3 seasons. I completely disagree that McNabb had weapons.

    In 2009, not only did the defense fall short, but the offensive line broke down. Isn’t that the same reason why Kolb scored no TDs during this entire pre-season? Why is it the o-line’s fault when Kollb’s the QB, but McNabb’s fault when he’s at the helm? Don’t forget, the offense broke its own scoring record last year.

    I don’t know who was “jumping down throats” nor do I know how to read faces, but I do know that despite the lack of weapons, poor play-calling and numerous injuries, McNabb went to 6 pro bowls, 5 NFC Championships and 1 Superbowl. Now, if you’re saying that the team accomplished that because of Trotter and Dawkins, then we should expect the same this year, seeing how our defense looks pretty good, right?

    It’s kind of unfair to say the QB is the most important player only when they lose, but when they win it’s because of other players on the team.

  • baskett never went to ne he went to the colts!!! and reggie brown got traded!!! yes your completely right that the d was horrible in 09 but what about the other years and without recievers and all the nfc championships we went to you know what obviously there was talent on the team!!! yes nfl is a team sport and like i said before we might have broke the scoring record but records dont mean a thing so your telling me in 5yrs on jepordy they ask a question what year did the eagles break there scoring record!!!! NOOOOOO, more like what year did the eagles win the chip thats the question i want to hear. and yes pooooor play calling did play a roll in alot of our seasons i give you that but 11yrs. come on man!!!! not one chip most franchises wish they had a coach to qb relationship like reid and mcnabb now in days a qb and coach relationship only last what maybe 1-2 seasons topps!! you hardly seen any emotion with mcnabb and even the fans of philly realize that with him after the losses. yes hes been to the pro bowl but alot of that was a reserve pro bowl either injury or the qb was playin in the sb he let us down in tampa twice, he let us down against carolina, he let us down agianst the cards and against dallas!!! and NE need i say more his best season throws 2 picks when it really counted!!!!! yes he had greg lewis and freddie mitchell and pinkston etc. but you know what we dominated our division in that era going 13-3 ,12-4 so obviously he had talent!!!!!!!

  • It’s obvious to me that he WAS talented, not that he HAD talent.

  • Regardless, Baskett and and Brown went on to continue doing nothing. They might as well have been cut.

    McNabb went to 1 pro bowl as a reserve.

    Our receivers couldn’t even get off the line of scirmmage against Ricky Manning.

    The NFC East was very weak when we dominated, and we dominated because of McNabb and Westbrook’s play, although Westbrook disappeared during more than a few playoff games.

    McNabb carried the Eagles. but when you hit the playoffs, it’s virtually impossible to carry a team..

    I still don’t understand how you blame one man. If the receivers can’t even get open, but the coach keeps calling passes, only bad things will happen.

    McNabb had a No. 1 receiver only once, and he went to the Superbowl with him.

  • im mean he had talent around him it might not have been the best of weapons but i know that when it was game time westbrook drawed double teams in almost every game we dominated that division for years man!! can you admit that mcnabb was good but not great!!! take NE they didint have biiiig name wr on there team maybe deon branch troy brown, bethel johnson, they were almost mirror images of our wr core but you know what they won when it counted and the eagles FO is the same as NE FO pay less you do your best!!! drummer you know that mcnabb and i tell you was the best thing since slice bread 2 this franchise and did it ever occured 2 you that eli manning has won a chamionship before donnavan!!!! that tells me something and i know you never in your mind will think that that will ever happen. mcnabb had a solid oline blocking him 4 his whole career runyan, tra thomas, fraley,mayberry, need i say more so obviously he had talent and they gave him time 2 make decisions to make a play!! mcnabb wanted the big play to get all the rush limbauh’s off his back and people saying he is not a pocket passer… he wanted to prove something to his critics and now he wants to prove something to philly you heard the press conference when he went to washington “aparently im tooo old”! read the lines brother and last year mcnabb’s biggest goal was to get celek to the pro bowl noooot winning the chip but giving celek a probowl nod!! read the line brother stats dont mean nothing!

  • i never blamed donnavan i just think it was time 4 the eagles to part ways with him he seen it comming when we drafted kolb! mcnabb getting injuries and him getting older and he wanted a longer contract which aint happening with this franchise!! and we did have weak wr’s i know that and yes we had the michael jordan and scottie pippen combo NO! excuse me im sorry karl malone and john stocton of football them not winning the big game getting close but no cigar! do you think trent dilfer is happy ummm! “yes” he is becuz he didnt make a mistake that would kill the ravens in the sb! so you tell me in 2004 mcnabbs mistakes didnt kill us in the sb! i dont put the entire blame on donavann andy reid with the play calling and the FO play a big roll as well. I agree with you on that aspect but come on how many times do i have to hear from giant’s, skins, and cowboy fans telling me “you a philly fan it must be tough 4 you your qb #5 chokes every year”!

  • it sucks bro it really sucks to hear that in my ear. I like donnavan and i hope he has success with the redskins but as far as him being great i dont think so… he couldnt run a 2 min. drill if his life depended on it, he didnt even know that double over time its a tie at the end but you been in the leauge all these years but you never knew that like i said gooood not great!!!!! you mean to tell me all the over throws and ground balls he threw that he was great come on it was time 4 him 2 go if we have won games without donnavan at center and you know what look at the stats we do have well over 500 record without him so we can win!!!!

  • My bad Drummer. When I clicked on the page I was skimming through and came across the question you posed, skimmed through more and came across jrocs answer to your question. I’m with you too Drummer!

  • Jroc..when this team scratch to barely win 5 games I wonder what lame excuse you’ll have.

    You’ll probably change your name to post after the season

  • man you gotta have faith and i believe we have a good team this year!!! even brad childress said we are not rebuilding were reloading!!! have faith and no i will never change my my post name i like kolb and some of these games are games we can win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jroc…Do you believe this team is better than last years team?

    If you believe this year’s team is better….shouldn’t your expectations be higher than 8-8?

  • i believe we are wayyyyy better this year and i expect 10-6 this year come on dallas dont seem 2 have it together this year and the redskins yea there d might be good but they are learning a new defense which takes time for a team 2 learn a whole new system.. and for the giants there secondary hasnt changed a whole lot aswell from last year what they add in rolle who got beat alot in arizona woooooowww!!! we can win this division if you ask me just have more balance on offense and not be predictable!!!! and i love the addition of dick juron as the secondary coach yall 4 got about him he will have this team like how the bears were in the secondary some years back… if you ask me we’ll be fine!!

  • Jroc…the team las year was 11-5…you predict a 10-6 season

    Tell you what…here’s my email……phillyraww at aol.com

    i’ll pay 30 times any amout you name that this team will not win 9 games.

    That’s one less than you predicted.

    put your money where you mouth is….I’ll pay 15 times any thing you put up that this team do not reach .500

    come with it!

  • lol!!! we can do it brother doesnt matter 2 me jazp757va@yahoo.com we will win 10 games your going by this schedule crap on how tough it is and so do the giants redskins and cowboys have a tough schedule’s as well so where am i wrong at so your telling me either dallas the g-men and redskins have a better shot at winning this division more than us!! our whole division has a tough tough schedule!

  • Wow,
    After reading Songs Posts long enough

    Why should the Eagles even suit up and play… They should just pack it in and forfeit every game…
    Song’s you are byond ridiculous, lets play the damn games and see what happens, The only thing I know for sure is that anything can and usually does happen every Sunday across the NFL
    Games are won and lost every week, The Eagles have as good as a chanc as any one of the 31 other teams, This year like most years is up for grabs.. If Eagles can Start out 3-1 (versus Packers/Lions/Jags/Redskins) They will be flying towards a very good season, If they struggle 2-2 or worse, then it’s probably a long year for them.. but let’s wait and see what they can do on the field for every team has question marks,issues,injuries,depth concernes,unhappy players,etc,etc

  • paul you are 100% correct thank you for that post!!!! songs will be singing another tune when we go to the playoffs this year!!! songs i dont understand! you have hate towards this organization becuz mcnabb eating chunky soup was good and hearty for our franchise!! and a grown man having his MAMA back him up when something goes wrong!!! cone on songz get over it we are good now and years 2 come!!

  • Jroc..we’ll be in contact to make these wagers happen.

    Hopefully for your purse Kolb is everything the organization been selling.

  • he is worth it everything and we have vick as a back up and vick didnt have weapons in his career in atl except alge crumpler and he had roddey white one season and warrick dunn!! so imagine if vick had these weapons that we have now!!! mcnabb had his chances get over mchasbeen and come to reality that we have a good team this year!!!! your hyped about mr chunky soup and by the way that shit made my stomach hurt when i ate the crap!!! the same thing mcnabb did made my stomach hurt year after year of failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I believe we beat Greenbay and other good teams and make it to the playoffs. That’s what I believe. I can talk as much junk about “this player/that player”, and the stupid moves AR and the FO makes but now it’s time to put up or shut up starting this Sunday. I’m all in with my boys this season and I don’t expect nothing less than what we were getting when #5 was here. Kolbs the Qb, I’m all for him. If Vick’s the Qb bc of an injury/poor play; I’m all for him. I’m all in for the defense, offense, and special teams. There will be stupid plays, stupid coaching decisions, and penalties; as well as great plays, good coaching decisions, and calls that swing in our favor. The 53 man roster is basically set. Lets all get on the wings of this big bird and “FLY EAGLES FLY – E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES”! This is our year gang ( I basically have been saying that since I was a kid, only to be let down) I hope this year is different though.

  • rock on rocko im with you un like songs4gays he hates the eagles and thats the vibe im getting from him!!! lets go eagles we’ll be good this year lets go birds

  • Bottom line, I’m holding Kolb to the same illogical SB or bust standard we held 5 to. Anything less is a failure I don’t care if he’s Dan Marino. Donovan has already had a better career than 90% of the qbs that have ever played in the league and we criticized him like he was Jamarcus Russell. I do think it was time to let him go being that fatboy was staying and it was obvious that he’d lost the team via his “youth” comments after the cowboy game. That being said I know there will be some bumps along the way but I expect results sooner than later. The organization claims it’s not rebuilding so why should we cut them any slack? Playoffs this year, NFC chip game the year after, SuperBowl in three years. That is the curve. Failure means death by a thousand cuts courtesy of the worlds most passionate fans. Kolb better be prepared to win or face the same fate as his predecessor. Anything less will have me seriously questioning the “motives” behind some peoples fandom.

  • If you hold Kolb to the same standards, should he not receive 11 years to accomplish a SB win? How many failures as a favorite in the NFC championship game should be tolerated? Are 3 enough to judge him a bust? Is being a junior varsity Jim Kelly good enough for anybody? The bottom line anyway is that the old qb did not get it done when he had the opportunity, and now he plays somewhere else. He does not play here anymore, I have already forgotten his name. Why stick up for him? He never had your back, he is still whining like a woman about how he was treated, blah blah blah. He is happier elsewhere, good on him, but he is going to end up a Dan Marino. Always a good player, but every conversation with him included will end with, “never could win the big one”. Let it go, he is gone, never to return, sold his house, hit the road, not an Eagle anymore. Forget him.

  • Why should he get 11 years if he’s so much better than 5? I will not tolerate any NFC chip losses just as many people did not tolerate it when 5 was here. As I said I am fine with mcnabb leaving I’m just not fine with the double standard many of you are applying to the “Kolb Era”. All I’m saying is we held the last guy to illogical standards why shouldn’t we do the same for this guy? If being one of the top ten qbs in the league and going to the playoffs with a chance to win it every year is not good enough for this fan base I can’t wait to see what happens if Kolb is not Tom Brady and Manning all rolled into one. Don’t get me wrong I root for the green so I really do hope kolb is the player we need him to be. The timetable I gave previously is a fair one. Three years from now will be his 7th in the league. That should be enough time to lead us to the promised land. If he doesn’t I hope to see the same level of vitriol aimed at him as Donovan had to deal with. I want to hear from all the girlymen who bitched and moaned every time mcnabb made a face or played air guitar, All the Cataldi-ites who care more about what a player says than what he does on the field make sure you’re ready the first time kolb doesn’t bend over backwards to kiss your ass. (Jeff Garcia) I reserve judgement until the season is over, regardless to record we will know if he can play or not by February . Go birds!!

  • I really do not care he is gone. I am sick of the drama, I am sick to death of talking about him. Seen the show, saw it enough to be tired of it. I defended him for years and years, just do not have the energy or motivation to do it anymore. The NFC game vs. the Cards did it for me. Soooo many open recievers missed over and over. Then a petulant comment shifting blame after the game. I could handle the dirt balls because I saw the correlation between them and his low interception rate. But I just don’t care anymore, if we are 8-8 i will not say anything negative, because at least it will be new and different. The same old thing was just not going to get it done, so risks needed to be taken, and going with Kolb is by far the biggest risk. If a step back had to occur in order to have the potential to go forward two steps, so be it. I think the old qb is a tremendous athlete with plenty of physical courage and a solid deep ball thrower, but I feel his mental weaknesses are going to prevent him from ever being what his natural gifts suggest he could have been. I will hereby never make a comment regarding him again. Here’s $3400, now I have to turn my back on you.

  • But as far as Cataldi-ites go, I have begun to call the sponsors of that show and tell them that I will never ever purchase anything from them as long as theyadvertise on the Morning Show. He is not from Philadelphia, he laughs at the people here while he spends the millions he makes poisoning the airwaves. At some point there needs to be a revolt against him and that cackling, bitter, fat pig Rhea. I live for the day that we have a real sports talk am radio show again.

  • just throwing this concept out there but you can be a better team and have a losing record. A couple of years ago the steelers won the super bowl in 05. The next year they lose the majority of their vets, go 8-8, and two years later win a bowl with a new coach.
    Favre leave green bay, green bay turns to an unpopular aaron rodgers, they go 6-10, last year they look better, and this year most pundits have them as the class of the nfc.
    Record is not everything. Progress is everything. I could handle a crappy year if it means we are that much closer to a championship. And if Kolb plays well they will be an elite team in the near future. I think with this schedule we have this year it would be amazing if they could make the playoffs. But i just don’t see it. I would say 8-8, +/- 2. And the benefit to having a crap season is that you get a top end pick

  • Drummer i’m with you man…Kolb is allegedly more accurate, gets the ball out quicker and allegedly a better fit for this offense right? So therefore if this defense is better than last years and Kolb has more offensive weapons than any team in the Mcnabb era, than we should be better right? I would like to see Manning, Brees, Brady or Rodgers go to the playoffs with a future hall of famer named James Thrash as your number 1 receiver. Jroc, you make some good points but read between the lines of what Drummer is stating 🙂

  • A message to Concrete and Drummer… I thought I was alone on this Mcnabb vs the world stuff but I can clearly see i’m not…..GREAT POINTS guys!!! Go Birds!!!

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