• July 6, 2022

Young Eagles Are Hyped And They Think They’re Ready To Go

DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin were yelling their approval to the first team defense when they picked off a pass during the defensive drills.  Asante Samuel was howling all afternoon and picking off passes.  They think they’re ready, but you never know until you play the game.

There was a lot of hooting and hollering at practice.  It was one of their loudest practices, which says something about their emotions.

Nate Allen is so excited he just stood for a moment at his locker and smiled.  Brandon Graham is always smiling, so there’s no reason to mention it.  Graham is the happiest young dude I know.

People will try to tell you that they know what’s going to happen on Sunday when the Eagles host the Packers, but the truth is nobody knows.  The Eagles coaches who know they players inside out, really have no idea what it’s going to look like on Sunday. Most of them will get no sleep on Saturday night.

This team is excited to be playing but excitement doesn’t necessarily make you play well.  You have to be mentally focused and emotionally hyped to play good football. It’s like a good recipe, you need a certain amount of one and a certain amount of another.

Sometimes teams get up too far emotionally, then go out and make mistake upon mistake. Young teams are prone to do that, so the Eagles don’t need to get too emotionally-charged.

The ball needs to bounce the Eagles way in that first quarter on Sunday.   They need something good to happen.  This young squad needs to get on top of the Packers.  I don’t know what would happen if things started out badly.

I thought they practiced well this week.  Kevin Kolb seems to be on top of his game and the game plan. The offensive line doesn’t need to turn anybody loose.  I wouldn’t surprised if Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers sends a corner blitz early to try and get a free shop on Kolb to try to disorient him.

Capers was the inventor of the zone blitz.  He invented it when he was the Pittsburgh defensive coordinator.  They would drop defensive line to one side to prevent the quick throw and send linebackers, defensive linemen and cornerbacks from the quarterbacks blindside.  The sped up the retirement of a number of quarterbacks.  I hope Andy Reid gave Kolb that history lesson this week.

Running it early would be the safe way to go for the Birds, then Capers will have shown most of his hand.  Reid can’t let the kid get blindsided early in the game.  If it happens I hold Reid responsible.

At the practices, the receivers were catching the football consistently and the mistakes seemed to be at a minimum.  Still young teams are hard to read.  If they have some success early, they gain confidence and start to blossom.  If not they can go the other way.

I do feel confident about this young defense.  I think they’re going to give up some points, but I also think they’re going to force some turnovers.  A young defense doesn’t have to be concerned with timing and precision.  All they want to do is seek and destroy.

I feel good about the thought of Trent Cole attacking Aaron Rodgers from his left side and Brandon Graham attacking him from his right.  This was missing from all those Eagles prior playoff teams.  Relying on the blitz is not the way to win a championship.  The only way you beat good quarterbacks is getting after them with two outstanding pass rushers with seven guys deep in coverage.

The Eagles must tackle well when the Packers catch the football.  Both Donald Driver and Greg Jennings are capable of catching a short pass, breaking tackles and taking the ball the distance for a touchdown.  This must not happen.


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  • We already know GB isn’t stupid enough to let Cole go 1-on-1 so he’ll be double teamed. If Graham can break out early, GB will have major problems and go into max-protect mode or become more 1 dimensional with running more.

    I see 4 sacks on Sunday. Each having 1 will be Cole, Graham, Bunkley, and Antwon Barnes in the 3rd qtr.

  • Dear Eagles Defense what do I want to see from the Pack offense? Fear is what I want to see….eye popping, lip sputtering, knee clanking, hip wiggling, butt pooping fear……..If you could do that for me I would be really happy, thanks buddies.

  • I hope that our front four can knock the tar out of 12 and make him wish he was still wearing a red jersey. I don’t even care if we get 2 or 3 roughing the passer penalties Early in the 1st quarter. Beat this guy up. You know they are going to try and beat Kolb up. If we can rattle his cage early and often 12 will become just another guy. If he has time he will start believing he is everything the media says he is. I just wan’t everyone to remember how mortal Tom Terrific looked when the Giants kept ringing his bell over and over again.

  • Every team in the league is feeling optimistic right now. I’d be more interested in the team’s pulse after, say, game 11 or 12. Personally, I have certain reservations. We’ll see.

  • Im happy that the Eagles did what they did in the off season…It needed to happen..you get old and slow fast in this biz..if there’s going to be growing pains Im content to deal with them.

  • Did you notice when Dwight Freeny, and Robert Mathis trying to get through to rodgers and rodgers just lit them up and they are probably the best DE Tandum in the league So good luck trying to beat him up

  • Regal, Jimmy I’m with you on both points brothers, one more day of hard work for me and then its Pack crushing time. If your scared bird people say so……$%#$%, then get over it.

  • Fire ANDY REID! he must be fired if we ever want to win anything

  • Monolith an Regal; “Nuff Said” – Punishment is the name of the game from this point on. Make offenses fear our defense.

  • To Charon
    I did watch the Colts vs Packers a couple of weeks back also..
    Remember, that was DE Mathis 1st action of the pre-season from coming off injury and DE Freeney appeared to be playing at 75% top-speed so I would not go by that only.. But the bottom line is that QB Rodgers is in complete control of that Packer Offense is looks confident,ready and able to lead them for the next 6-8-10 years… I am hoping that Kolb will look like that by next year after getting his feet wet as an NFL Starter…

  • Well all that’s well and good in practice but I want to see it in real games. The emotions can go 1 of 2 ways: It’s positively affects them and they play out of their minds or they are too amped up to concentrate and make a lot of mistakes. I think they will start the game on fire with emotion and will slowly cool off and even out as the game goes on. It wouldn’t surprise me if they won because of it, being home and the whole 50th anniversary and it’s supposed to rain too so you never know how the weather can shift things. Definitely wouldn’t surprise me. But I don’t care anymore about how much they’ve been talking or what they did in camp, preseason or practice. It’s time to do it for real.

  • Yeah Jimmy, that’s the exact mindset that keeps Andy his job. Let’s just give them a pass and hope we are competitive. Because that’s what winners do.

  • scorp, did songs takeover your soul and now he’s posting through you? You’re hung up on old negative phrases about the FO and the team. That’s a DAMN SHAME. That’s reality, not a mindset. You want them to have a mindset that if you do everything right, everything will go perfectly? How far will that get them!?

  • I remember when our secondary was the strength on defense. I wonder what has happened to that fierce secondary? I think that when you have great areas of a team the FO and coaches need to draft right and use FA to replace the players so there’s no drop off in an area and this FO have shown they’re inadequate..

  • our front office should sit in class and learn from the Ravens “golden standard” of how to treat exceptional players, draft to replace players for the system and sign players of need. When is an agressive organization we can learn from.

  • AMEN songs! Also a rush from our d-ends would be nice, but as I stated earlier we are gonna need some type of pass rush from Laws or DIxon, cause Patterson is below average at rushing the qb, and Bunkley is a little better not much, although I love Bunk against the run,, We need Dixon and Laws to step up!!! As for TEO-ultrasheen whatever his name is, dude should still be in his bed sleep looking at the ceiling wondering when he’s going to get drafted.

  • Correction , I meant help from our d-tackles would be nice. 🙂

  • Songs you are a hater. Any reasonable fan realizes that players age and break down. They also cause problems when the lose their minds TO and the Andrew’s Sisters. The eagles have done a decent job of getting young players in here. If you think this FO doesn’t want to win you are delusional. If you think that the FO is just a bunch of greedy @##$$% then you would still know they want a winner because nothing would make more money faster in Philadelphia and the surrounding area than A SUPERBOWL CHAMPION EAGLES TEAM. You think people spend money now wait and see what happens if the birds win it all.

  • Songs, enlighten us, what’s so great about the ravens? You want kolb to aspire to be the next trent dilfer? Or you want perenial contender? Why the ravens?

  • Shiller…what the hell you’re talking about?

    I said The “Ravens Front Office” can teach “the beagles” front office how to run a TEAM. They take care of their exceptional players and draft perfectly for their system and i’ll tell you if Kolb became dilfer that would be an improvement from what we’ve seen from him so far…And yeah…the Ravens hvae a Superbowl. A new franchise that moved to Baltimore have built a powerhouse while we were bragging about our “Golden Standard”.

  • Give us an example, who have the ‘taken care of’ – and how have they been a powerhouse since the superbowl? How many years ago was that? How many years did they take to get a QB after dilfer? And didn’t they F up getting TO when he came to us? Yeah, you would have been REAL happy about that as a ravens fan…..The Ravens fans feel like they’ve been owned by the Steelers for many years.

  • Poor young eagles……..tsk tsk. Get rid of Andy, tell him to take his 4th rd qback and def coor with him. Thanks Don for the great fun years.Cross our fingers with a new young stud Qback and new coaching staff plus all our fine talented players and i think the future looks great. God bless you Mike V. your gonna get some real nice ink now. go sign that big contract out at the west coast with the opportunity Phila. gave you, and make us look good.

  • holy crap who called that last play right into their strength mathews lololol pleeeeease send andy out west. wayyyyyyy far away……

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