• August 16, 2022

Asante Samuel: “We don’t know what we have yet”

Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel didn’t mince words after practice when asked about how good this football team will be this year.

“Well, I mean, last year is last year and each year is a new year for players. It’s a cutthroat business, so we are excited to see what we have. We don’t know what we have yet. We think we know, but we just have to go out there and put it all together and see what we really do have.”

You can read a lot of things into what Samuel had to say, but I’m not going to do that.  It sounds like the Bill Belichick influence on him.

He admitted that you don’t know how a guy is going to play until he gets out there in a game that counts.  That’s part of the fun of these moments.

Notice that I said these moments and didn’t make the mistake that I’ve heard others make and say that’s the fun of this season.  This season won’t be fun if we’re getting our butts kicked every week and getting embarrassed as a city in front of the nation.  Fun is winning.  Losing isn’t fun.  It’s fun now because it’s all curiousity and no negativity.

Of course before Samuel could get all of his words out of his mouth, somebody was throwing his words up in Kevin Kolb’s face and asking the quarterback whether he agreed with him about not knowing what they have yet.

“Oh, absolutely. This is our first real test and it’s a dang good one because they’re good. We’re looking forward to it. We have plenty of confidence in this room. Look, it may be a deal where we don’t know what we have; it’s a lot better than what we thought. You know what I mean? Even though we have all the confidence. It can go both ways and we’re looking forward to putting it on the field and seeing what happens.”

Kolb got his first taste of being the team’s starting quarterback because that means having to respond to everything his teammates say.


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  • Exactly what many of us said and were called downers and negadelphia for spoiling the fantasy bubble
    world that some fans cannot leave.

  • This game sets the tone for the rest of the season. lets go out there and stomp their throats. This is it right here. It’s time to see what we got.

  • This speaks volumes and that’s not a voice of confidence…Just don’t know

  • It is what it is until it isn’t and then it is what it is again!

  • Exactly BigE. Some people choose to live in that bubble and act like everything is just perfect but the truth of the matter no one knows. I’m sure we all hope for the best but at the same time, knowledgeable fans look at the entire picture and not just one side.

  • As a fan I dont like this comment. I remember when the Jets came out last year week 1 and said “We are GOING to beat the patriots. We are sick of losing to them and now its their turn to lose to us” and what did they do? they won. I like attitude! where is that in this locker room! you mean to tell me Riley Cooper is the only freakin guy that got some swag to him! a F”N Rookie.

  • Songs, nothing Kolb says will ever suit you… ever! And neither he or most here could give a rat’s “antlers” what you infer. His confidence is not from within; it’s founded on the One Above.

  • No big e and others, you said the eagles will suck and that kolb and the young D will be bad. That’s a far cry from what asante said, that nobody knows yet. I hope you can grasp that

  • That’s quite different than what the Young Tongues were sprouting off during the off-season.. I prefer this realistic approach much better. Quiet confidence is better than loud cockiness when you have no basis for such cockiness. Swagger is developed from success and, as it stands right now, we have none.

  • Do rats have “antlers”?

  • I thought they had A#%es and not antlers (just wondering).

  • I agree losing is not fun, darn painful if you ask me, i for one handle it rather badly to tell the truth. I have one more day to dream the wonderful dream, then I can keep it real to for a few days until the next game. This team has just enough talent and this organization has had just (I say JUST ) enough success to warrent some koolaid drinking on a limited two cup per person rule, so well yep I am going to drink my two cups until we get the freaking hoha stumped out of us, THEN I AM GOING TO COME BACK HERE ON THIS SITE AND ASK YOU GUYS WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING, until then……save me a sip boys. Seriously we are not perfect I am no fool and I have my concerns, But anyone think the Cowgirls are who people say they are? NA, Redskins Na Na? Vikings? We in the hunt boys. That is really the only promise that anyone can give you and the only reasonable demand. You have a RIGHT to demand a good season and a good team…demanding a superbowl come on. We have Right to want a SB, hell demand a winning lottery ticket, partnership with your boss company, lunch with the president cause you pay taxes.
    Later fellas got to go earn the bill money. Oh by the way…..Antlers? AHHHHH Go Eagles Hang in there BigE brother.

  • 9-11 Let us remember, Godless this great nation, its wonderful people and keep us eternally save.

  • Well, even though Samuel is not a team guy and likes to think he’s Deion Sanders when it comes to contact he at least gets points for being honest. (points for his usual skid of interceptions too, can’t ignore those)

  • Monolith, I see where you are coming from and I understand. It’s ok to drink the koolaid but then come down to earth after proven wrong. This issue with some people is they drink the koolaid then make excuses when things go wrong instead of just owning up and say “we just aren’t good enough”, or “I was wrong”. And others take the opposite approach because they’ve been burnt my this team for a long time. They prefer to be skeptical until proven otherwise. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that either. I think what this organization has done has warranted fans feeling both ways. Neither is right nor wrong as each side clearly has legitimate reasons. The key is, admitting you were wrong or coming back to reality if the team does prove you wrong.

  • There is nothing wrong with saying that you are unproven. That does not mean you lack confidence it means you are a realist and don’t want to sound like the braggarts in NY (JETS). Shut up and show me. Show me Show Me Show me.

    I think our defense will shock some people this year. I like what I have seen so far. Oh and to the haters (songs and co) I realize they are undersized and built to stop the pass. That’s ok as long as they use solid technique. I would also like some bigger players but speed is impressive and creates chaos. This is not the NFC east of the past either.

  • Only the Saints and Vikes no what they have now and the rest of the teams either have a good idea or no idea. Oh well. The D needs too just play fast and tackle and i think we have the talent too stop there offense. Yes they hung 40 plus on the Cards but this isnt the Cards and its Philly and my Birdbrains up there will be bringing the rukus all day. Who the heck is geeked like me right now!!THE WHOLE D-WARE VALLEY!!Phills…Birdgame…SHINE!!

    Songs 43-17pack
    Vrich 28-17 birds
    Paulmandomis 27-26 birds
    BirdoBeamon 28- 17 birds
    Erock 24-23 birds

    Predictions…bragging rights for days fellahs..bring em..


    schiller says:
    September 11, 2010 at 12:02 am No big e and others, you said the eagles will suck and that kolb and the young D will be bad. That’s a far cry from what asante said, that nobody knows yet. I hope you can grasp that

  • Huh? All you guys predicting the Eagles to win “Toto we’re not Kansas anymore.” My two cents 30-21 Eagles, Akers 3 FG’s. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it, mark it down Erock.

  • i wonder is the eagles Songs favorite team?
    he sure has a way at expressing it.
    I think songs is really Mcnabb expressing his hate for
    the eagles since he wont do it in public.

  • OK Biggie fries, so you’re telling me that you’re willing to characterize your position on how the Eagles will perform this year as neutral, unknown? As not negative/doubting, but truly neutral? If not, then yeah, you were being negative. Asante didn’t say he thinks they’ll struggle, he said that nobody can know until they prove themselves in regular season games.

  • Schiller, I don’t answer to you regarding my observations about the Eagles chance of success or failure. and if I choose to disagree with coaching, playcalling and player selection and evaluation, that is my perogative. If someone says the Eagles will be 8-8 is that negative or must we all say Super Bowl to pander to your standards. The only player I thought was not a fit was Chad Hall because of his speed and I do not like Cole at center and I’m still not sure the Eagles have enough to pressure the passer with four down lineman. Like I said in my previous posts time will tell. The Biggie Fries tell me a lot of whats on your mind.

  • Packers disrespect Eagles:
    I went out on the Packers home page and they said “the 60 title game in Philly was historic for both sides.”
    “The Eagles never won another crown while the Packers never lost another post season game under

  • Big E, it’s a shame

    If our team “stink” this year the organization and Reid get a pass because it’s Kolb first year and after telling us we are an improved team with a better QB…..the same same QB will be used as an excuse.

    This is very confusing and can only be done in philadelphia…it’s called “double talk”.

  • Songs- I don’t have a problem with the Eagles as I have been a fan for longer than I would admit. What I have a problem with is Marty and Andy not wanting to have a balanced attack not this 70-30 crap. The bull about being a passing league is nonsense. You can’t be a winner without a good running game to run clock if you have a lead at the end of the game and to be able to be effective in the redzone with play fakes. Many games have been affected because of Andy giving up on the run if it doesn’t work right away, but he will pass all day until they get a completion. A coach who is 5 of 26 in the last five years
    is not doing his job effectively.

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