• May 19, 2022

It’s One Down And Fifteen To Go For The Birds

After the Philadelphia Eagles celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their last NFL Championship, I think it’s safe to say this organization will go at least 51 years without a title.

The fact that the Eagles lost to the Green Bay Packers 27-20 in the season opener wasn’t that tough for me to swallow.  It’s how they lost the game that irritated me.

On 4th and 1, calling a Michael Vick run play from the shotgun was about as foolish as it gets.  What amplifies the stupidity of the call is the starting center and fullback both went down with injuries (more on that later).  Plus, Brent Celek may have worked on his blocking but it’s not his strong point.

In addition to that one ridiculous play, here’s my take on the Eagles Week 1 performance.

  • I previously advocated that Donovan McNabb be traded because it was obvious head coach Andy Reid wasn’t going anywhere.  My confidence in Reid hasn’t increased though.
  • This Eagles defense is going to be good.  It’s unfortunate that they started to wear down before halftime.  Holding Aaron Rodgers under 200 yards passing and forcing 2 interceptions was huge.
  • I have to give credit when it’s due.  Joselio Hanson had a pretty decent game.
  • If you think Vick is going to be the Eagles’ starter any time soon, you’re only giving yourself a headache.  Kolb was horrible today before his concussion, but he’s going to have to learn the hard way.  This is going to be a long process with him.
  • Both Kolb’s struggling under pressure and Vick’s ability to run was manifested by one common denominator: This offensive line is not good.
  • This game would’ve been much worse if Ryan Grant didn’t hurt his ankle.  He was just getting warmed up when he went down.
  • There are four defensive players I’ve repeatedly said could be upgraded on (Mike Patterson, Quintin Mikell, Akeem Jordan, and Omar Gaither).  I think today’s game showed why.
  • It’s been said that Reid has been in ‘no nonsense’ mode.  Could it be because he feels his job is on the line despite the contract extension?  An eight win season is expected, but anything less that six warrants a coaching change.
  • Allowing Kolb and Stewart Bradley back in the game was highly irresponsible.
  • Jason Peters continues to prove to be a horrible trade acquisition and contract signing.
  • It’s only week 1, but doe anyone wonder about the 2009 draft if the Eagles didn’t make any trades involving their first round picks?  They could’ve had Michael Oher and Hakeem Nicks.
  • The starting wide receiver numbers (DeSean Jackson: 4 rec/30 yards and Jeremy Maclin: 4 rec/38 yards) aren’t going to cut it.
  • Why was Eldra Buckley on the field when he fumbled the ball?  He’s not a fullback.  What happened with Mike Bell?
  • There has to be a way LeSean McCoy gets more touches.
  • I’m not a fan of Antwan Barnes at all.  I would’ve preferred rookie Daniel Te’o-Nesheim be activated.
  • Healthy or unhealthy, the Eagles are atrocious in the penalty department.  That said, the offensive pass interference on Celek was a bad call.
  • Bobby April has his work cut out if he’s to show Philly he’s such a good special teams coordinator.
  • Anyone who thinks the next two games (at Detroit Lions and at Jacksonville Jaguars) are automatic wins needs to rethink that assessment.

It was too good to be true that the Eagles entered this season with minimal health problems.  A season can change in a blink of an eye.  After three quarters, five starters are hurt.

Kolb and Bradley have their share of tests to perform to prove they can return to the field.  Jamaal Jackson and Leonard Weaver are likely done for the season.  While he heals his bruised knee, Peters needs to figure how to stop hurting his team with mental mistakes.

Patience, Eagles fans!! This long season may have just got longer.

Haran Knight

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  • I’m just relieved that no one can blame McNabb, the best QB to ever don an Eagles uniform.

  • Since McNabb isn’t around to blame, some people have begun to blame the opponent. How ridiculous is that? Kolb has stolen money just like the Andrews Sisters.

  • Actually, I’m enjoying the blame game. I’ve got no problem watching some die a slow painful death. Eventually, you’ll run out of excuses and admit this one fact:

    McNabb won in spite of Reid.

  • My guess is that with all the publicity relative to head injuries, the league is going to look very close at the Kolb/Bradley situations… Jackson loss is gonna be a killer.

  • After Vick was picked up by the Eagles, I recall Kolb saying that he welcomed competition at QB (although he had already been anointed the starter).

    I’ll bet he still welcomes competition, because he was getting popped yesterday – and left the game with headache.

  • They had an entire off-season and all of the pre-season and THAT was the offensive play that they came up with to start the game?

    Songs & Phillwill should be pleased to know that much of what they talked about all summer came to pass in the FIRST HALF.

    You always hear comments about Reid prefaced by, “if there is one thing he knows is quartrebacks, since he had so much success with Brett Farve and Donovan McNabb”…..well that is a bunch of sh**. If he had tried, he could not have put a new qb in a worse position to succeed. The offensive line was exposed last year as a major liability, did the guy even draft a young OL or pick up a free agent (not until after the rosters were set and they need a body to replace the 2nd Andrews). Back to Kolb….Reid then decides that it is a good idea to keep trying this rediculous wildcat, taking a young qb on and off of the field. They guy cannot even get into a rythum if he was capable.

    The eagles will never win a superbowl with Andy Reid running the show. The funny thing is that now with Howie put in place as the Joe Banner yes-man, it has the possibility to go down-hill even faster.

  • I am sick.

  • greenfan…….amen. I feel your pain. I do believe that is just the beginning of a long few years. It might take an ownership change.

  • Wow, I’m surprised that nobody is jumping to conclusions after one game in which the horribly injury plauged eagles almost beat one of the best teams in the league.

  • Can everyone please give it up about McNabb? Did anyone watch the Redskins/Cowboys game? Yes, the Redskins won but it sure didn’t anything to do with McNabb. He had a 63.4 passer rating and no TDs. He looked like the McNabb we were used to here in Philly, throwing bad passes at his WR’s feet. Kolb looked like crap yesterday but it’s one freaking game against arguably the best team in the NFC. A lot of the blame needs to be on the o-line who forced Kolb and Vick to run for their lives.

  • schiller, yeah, you can try and say that many are jumping to conclusions after one bad game. That might be fair, but what about the last 3 regular season games? This team and coaching staff came out, and on their FIRST offensive play they had an illegal formation?? How does that happen? Don’t they script the first 15 plays?? This was the FIRST play of the season, you don’t think they would have practiced and practiced it….plus…THAT was the best hey could come up with??

    Look, Reid has had success. Was his success due to him drafting a qb that was able to perform well over a decade, and maybe hid some hideous playcalling and game-management? Maybe, but like it or not this is all HIS (being Reid) doing. Personally I believe that Kolb can be a good quarterback, but it certainly did not show in how Reid put him out there.

    Reid may have a “system” of how he does things, but sometimes it makes sense to take a look at what you have and adjust your system. Kolb should have played more in the pre-season, but Reid stuck to his script. He tried to avoid a controversy by naming Kolb the starter, but by jerking Vick in and out of the game, it does not allow the young qb to get his confidence and the confidence of his teamates rolling. This is caused by what the coach does, not the players.

    So again schiller, maybe it is premature or maybe it is 12 years of watching a coach make the same mistakes over and over and never learn from them. All fans knew last year that it was doubtful that the team would enter this year with both Reid and McNabb. The FO, for reasons of their own, made the move to extend Reids contract. They have made their decision, and now we all have to live with it until his contract is up (because we all also know that they would never fire hm and have to pay two coaches at the same time).

  • Good stuff Haran,
    This team is in worse shape than I thought, it’s going to be a long season…
    Schiller, the game was over in the 3rd Period when the Packers let up both defensively and offensively, Rodgers stopped passing to open Finely and WR’s and they basicall ran the ball to eat some clock, on Defense they backed off of a press coverage and played a sorft cover 2 zone.. Did you notice that once they had C Woodson out of press coverage that D-Jax actually starting to make some plays.. The Packers eased up off the pedal, but it was good to see the Eagles at least battle to the end and make a game of it and make it exciting at least..
    and at

  • Nice points greenfan.

  • Paulman, the game was not over in the third quarter, that is an absolutely pathetic statement. Greenbay may have let up and thought it was theirs, but if vick runs the ball in like he could have, its a tie game. Tie games don’t end in the third quarter so don’t give me that bs.

  • Yeah and the run game never goes out of style. We were doing pretty well against the packers offense until they decided to run the ball. I don’t care what anyone says, the run game never goes out of style. Good teams are able to run it when they want to.

  • i refuse to believe GB let up. with contracts incentives and the competitive nature of these athletes, no team lets up or pulls their foot of the gas. Do you think Rodgers wanted to throw another pick? Defenders get hurt when they dont play full speed, so the whole argument/statement that they let up is BS. Vick came in and played extremely well and was efficient when throwing the football and extending plays when he needed and credit is due for his effort yesterday. Vick was able to succeed bette rthan Kolb bc he has the ability to create plays with his feet and he does a damn good job of it. Kolb seemed to lock onto one receiver and follow him through his route completely ignoring his progressions. O-line struggled. We will get better it was game one, its along season. Clay Matthews is a beast, guy played out of his mind yesterday.

  • Really disappointed in the kick-off team, and special teams in general. I had believed that with the change in special teams coach that we would have had improved, but again we are seeing long returns and great field position putting more pressure on our defense. I know that it is only the first game, but if we are going to keep giving up big returns, it will be a long, long season.

  • honestly the only thing that really bothered me was that call on 4 and 1. How the HELL do you run up the middle when you have 2 injuries there. Spread the damn field and give vick an oportunity to make it with running or passing. DUMB. Thats reids bad in game ajustments.

  • BTC…Thank for putting out Mcnabb’s QB rating after his team beat the Cowgirls…Since you have the stats would you bless us with Kolb’s rating?

    “Newsflash” kolb don’t have a concussion…He played the same way before he thought he was an athlete and got ran down by a 300 pound lineman.

    BTC..will be waiting for that rating on Kolb.


  • schiller is an idiot. Don’t try to spin it like we lost because of injuries. We would have gotten blown out if Kolb would not have gotta hurt. Period. His injury was the best thing that happened yesterday. I was at the game and many fans left early because they figured the game was over. We if Vick doesn’t come in, we don’t score 20 points. So don’t use you lame spin when one of the injuries is a direct reason why we could have tied this game.

  • btc24, I’m not going to defend McNabb too much anymore since the season has began, but he’s in a new city, new team, new offense, new coach. So there will be some struggles there. And Kolb will have have struggles too but to this degree? Seriously? Don’t compare stats or situations.

  • dawkplex1221…not only did they run a qb sneak, but they ran a qb sneak out of a shotgun formation on 4th and 1.

    Truthfully, Buddy Ryan did a better job of telling Randell to “go make some plays” compared with this group. QB sneak from the shotgun?? Sometime I think these guys should be coaching 10 year olds in the Bert Bell League.

  • I’m not trying to say Kolb played well; he certainly didn’t. At no point during my post did I try to say Kolb played well or even will play well for that matter. But to bring up McNabb as if he would have done any better is the dumbest thing that’s been posted all morning!!!. McNabb didn’t do squat against Dallas and Green Bay’s defense is far better than Dallas.



    They didn’t pull up in the 3rd Quarter….Vick escaped many rushes and made plays…they were agressive and if Kolb would have continued he would not have escaped those same pass rushes..Stop making excuse..

    Kolb is a damn bum..This is what the philadelphia eagles fan deserves.

    Don’t fire Reid!!!!!

    He have won in the past.

    Trade vick so he can win someplace else…

    Philly need Reid, Kolb, Banner and Lurie…”THE GOLDEN STANDARD”

    There will be mutany if Reid continue with Kolb….Bank on it!

  • It doesn’t matter who’s back there now. This OLins is gonna get someone killed soon. Horrible, just horrible. More penalty yards in the first half than offense?!? That’s pathetic. The Eagles played bad yesterday, really bad. Kolb looked like a deer in the headlights, the OLing did it’s best impression of a sive, and the playcalling…if you can call it that….wtf, was it Britt Reid calling the plays?

    I’ll still be rooting for them come Sunday but they gotta get these simple things cleaned up and fast.
    And Washington won in spit of McNabb, he didn’t look that great.

  • This week, it’s the Packers let up offensively and defensively. Okay, perhaps you’re right, Pman. We’ve got 15 more weeks and you only need 15 more excuses. I’ll help you out:

    The sun was in our eyes.
    The dog ate our homework.
    It was too hot.
    It was too cold.
    Our receivers had too many drops.

    Okay, now you only need 10 more excuses. No need to thank me.

  • Wellwell, once again, McNabb gets no credit. He made plays. Of course, he doesn’t have the weapons that Kolb has, but he won. He didn’t throw any INTs, while Kevin did his best to break a single-game record.

    When will you understand that McNabb won in spite of Reid? McNabb suffered a lot of injuries because of Reid and he eventually became tentative. However, he was never as tentative as Kolb. Could Kolb throw 3 TDs on a broken ankle? Could he play through a sports hernia? Can Kolb even play with a headache? Can he play with the defense arriving in the backfield simultaneously with the ball and the defense knowing which plays are being run?

    Vick used his elusiveness – just as McNabb did. Of course, Vick will eventually get killed, because Reid cannot run the ball and he can’t stop pass rushers with his predictable play calling.

  • Kolb’s rating was 56.2, slightly better than the 37 he had his previous outing. However, I’d lay a dollar to a donut had he not gone out with a headache, his QB rating would have been much lower.

    At the end of the day, McNabb is 1-0 (with a weak offense) and Kolb is 0-1 (with more weapons than any other QB).

  • btc..what the hell are you looking at? Mcnabb would not have done better?

    The Eagles would have won this game inn the 1st half if Mcnabb was behind center…Kolb makes the team worse.

  • Remember, we were told that the Eagles had all these picks to “wheel and deal’ for the draft? We were loaded..We were told Tapp was a great pick up in free agency?

    Where was the big plays by the pick ups yesterday? Teo- inactive – Tapp – inactive.

    Did they wheel and deal for a center knowing their top center was coming off of a major knee injury? No, we were told Nick Cole would be adequate with more reps…..When will the Eagles fans wake up?

    this front office have masked their incompetence for years with the Rhodes defensive holdovers and the drafting of Mcnabb.

    Now, we are starting to see what this organization is about… If Kolb was black he would be benched..period.

  • Kolb needs to get some hard mileage on him and that was it yesterday. Seeing Mike play like that should be all the motivation in the world for getting a W agaisnt Detroit.We need a W and thats all im thinking about. Kolb is the guy and it’s not going too change until he is just inept when he’s being given time and guys are open. 3-4 is a b!tch too block man. Cowboys showed that last night. Good for Don…he’e gone so who cares aboutwhat he woulda done and yack yack. The slant too theout was there on the outside.Can i get a tailback too run the 4th and 1 for a 1st?

    Stew should be sat until the Skins.
    Mcglynn needs too study.
    I like what i saw from Maclin.
    Is Jason Peters retarded.
    Weaver showed me why we bleed green.
    The Eagles can beat any team in the NFC East if they fix mental errors and execute.

    GO Birds…beat Lions.

  • Paul, “Did you notice that once they had C Woodson out of press coverage that D-Jax actually starting to make some plays?”

    Here’s what I noticed: Once Vick made some plays with his feet, it forced the corners and safeties to pay attention to the run, thereby opening up opportunities for other players.

    What are you talking about??? Stop making excuses!!!!

  • it took songs 1 game to start the racial sh** again

  • btc24 i have to respectfully disagree with you. McNabb would have done better. I think scorpiodsu made a good point. McNabb didnt set the world on fire but he also didnt kill his team with far fewer weapons. I think he acquitted himself well considering new team, new coach, new scheme and no weapons versus the “Young Gunz” that everyone was crowing about in the offseason that Kolb had to work with in the first half. Dallas has a dynamic and imposing defense as does Green Bay so to say that McNabb doing better is the dumbest thing you ever heard is kind of an overstatement. Maybe you think McNabb would not have done better but its not the dumbest thing you ever heard. To everyone else I say if Kolb is healthy he deserves to start. Im not blind; I do see how much better they looked when Vick was in but if Kolb is truly the Eagles future then they HAVE to find out what he really is and what he can do. If he doesnt show improvement over the course of the season then you had better damned well find out NOW, this season so you can have a plan going into next year.

  • Erock:

    Initially, Kolb had time. Protection was not a problem. It became a problem for Vick after Jackson was hurt.

    If Kolb should have been picked off 3 times, how do you figure he’s the man?

    You like what you saw from Maclin? What did you see?

  • Ok schill 1st off if vick starts the gm like he should have we win.2nd if he runs it in on the play u talkn bout we r still down 3 .3rd i dnt give a rats ass about injuries 1 of the injuries almost make us win the gm if kolb dnt get hurt we lose by 40. I cant believe i come on here n say injuries u sound like a gmen fan or cowgirl fan . We win if we dont run a fuckin qb sneak from the shotgun on 4th n a yard n a half. Especially when ur qb just ran for his life 3 previous plays n is tired evone i said is abum playd like 1. Almighty kolb bum ass ellis hobbs n bun ass eldra buckley . Did u c shady blow tha blk 1st qtr on 3rd down bwest as 3rd down rb makes that blk with ease .

  • Oh gosh…how silly to make this racial ALREADY!…Give it a rest Songs. You are like a chef who makes a great dish and then serves it on a trash can lid. You can make some good points and then obscure it with nonsense. I was following along with what you said then you spout that crap..you should have stopped at front office incompetence.

  • Erock u gotta love kolbs moxy lmao

  • 0 TD passes during both the pre-season and regular season and he goes out with headache after half a game. Am I missing something?

    Yards after the catch – what is that?
    Reading the coverage quickly, thereby creating less pressure on the offensive line – huh?
    Accuracy – The most accurate passes went to Green Bay.

  • IM starting to wonder if the way you stop Desean Jackson is with press coverage…Mike Jenkins of the Cowboys did it for two straight games to end last year and now Woodson took D Jack out of the game essentially. I hope his weaknesses dont get exposed (i.e press coverage, physical corners)..If so then the brain trust is going to have to come up with a way to get him free.

  • Troy, I agree that Kolb should start. We gave up far too much. He’s either got to prove himself to be either the next Aaron Rogers or Ginger Rogers.

  • Songs, you’re an idiot. Please keep that racial stuff off this board.

  • The way to stop Jackson is with a good pass rush. It doesn’t matter whether you get open, if the QB can’t get the ball to you.

  • Songs, I agree. I think we should try to keep the topic to football, exclusively.

  • troy, that’s exactly how you stop him. If you can get your hands on him, you’ll easily overpower him. The thing is not every DB can do that so for the ones that can they are successful against him. Here’s the other thing, without McNabb’s arm and ability to extend plays Jackson doesn’t have the time to get down field to fight off defenders. He will have a lot more downfield opportunities with Vick because of his elusiveness and arm. With Kolb it’s a different story. I been saying it for months, Kolb is the worst thing that could happen to Jackson and a new contract. Not because Kolb may be bad but because the type of QB his is right now. Jackson will regret the day he said the team is better off without McNabb. He’s definitely not. It’s easy to hit players in stride when they are wide open. No so much when you have to fight off pressure and still make a play down the field.

  • Who is making excuses Drummer/Scorpion
    What I am saying is that the game was essentially over by the 3rd Period, and the Eagles just are not very good right now and will take a big hit with these inmjuries to Weaver/Jackson.
    The final could have been worse if the Packers kept it pushed to the medal, but they eased up after leading by 17 pts so not to rub it in to Coach AR.. It was nice that Vick led them them to a couple of drives to get some confidence & some offensive rhythm going.. but don’t tell me that the EAgles almost beat them.. that’s ridiculous as
    What did WR D-JAx/J Maclin do when the Packers were playing their normal “Press Coverage” instead of a soft cover 2 that they playined in the 4th period once they were up…
    Also, back to the 4th & , IF anyone watches the replay LT Peters and LG Herremans actually made good enough blocks against the Packer Defenders for Vick to get the 1 yard but it was the failure of TE B Celek who failed to block LB Matthews JR and allowed him to get inside and undereath and stopped Vick for a loss on that play.. B Celek played a horrible game too, this Eagle is plain and simple, just not very good across the board.. Maybe McNabb did cover a lot of deficiencies..
    But I will give Kolb and this offense the entire season to show that they are capable NFL players and have what it takes to get the Eagles to a Super Bowl..
    Here we go with all the weapons crap the Eagels have and most observors probably have them ranked 3rd out of 4 just in the NFC East alone and about middle of the road in the NFC teams behind teams like Cowboys,GIants,Packers,Vikings,Saints,Falcons,49ers & CArdinals

  • I agree Kolb should start because we have to know. Unfortunately, that may come at the expense of having a real bad season. If the FO would have just come out and tell the truth that this is a year where they are only focused on developing Kolb rather than winning a SB, I would respect them more. Of course, I wouldn’t like it but I’d respect them for being honest. But with all the talk of this team still going to be good or even better without McNabb, letting Kolb still play over Vick clearly says that we aren’t worried about winning now. If they were, Vick would be the QB mostly because this O-line will get Kolb killed. Vick is the better QB for the team right now based on the status of the o-line. But Kolb has to start for them to know what they have. Because they don’t know just like we don’t. They might think they know but they don’t know.

    We’re in for a long drama filled season. Imagine if Kolb really does suck and is only a backup QB and you traded McNabb and let Vick walk. That would be probably the most disaterous thing that’s ever happened to this franchise and it has to cost Andy his job.

  • Paul you got me mixed up. I didn’t say you were making excuses. Schiller on the other hand is.

  • Scorp, so you think losing weaver, jackson and bradley doesn’t hurt the team? If so, you are a moron.

  • I liked the fact that he kept his head…made some nice grabs and looks like a real deal stunner.

    I meant Kolb is the man..as in he will be the starter if he recovers. I think he’ll be cool. Kick Detroits tail in….and yes i still like his attitude and am not ready too write a book on him yet. Some of his throws he makes look easy. The o-line has too put in some extra work.

    So the rest of this division looks awesome right? GTF outta here.

  • We need a better call there Big Red!!!! Toss too Mccoy and let him get outside away from Clay. Quick out was there too. Just don’t understand a friggin dive too Mike on that play.

    This is such b.s. talk when we’re one game in and had some pretty bad injuries and still lost by 7. TOO THE MEDIA DARLING SSUPERBOWL PICK!!!

    Talk football!!!x’s o’s.Come on…strategy!!! Beat Lions…get in the W column.

  • Sorry Scorp,
    I meant Shiller/Drummer..

  • troybad..so what you’re saying is it’s worth wasting a season to find out if Kolb is the future?

    and if he’s not…it means we wasted a season with better talent behind him.

    Do that make since?

    When he have the opportunities to shine against formidable foes..he fails every time.

    We talk about Mcnabb in big games..but ignore that this bum can’t win the regular season games to get to the big game. Sit his ass down and give him a tylenol and clipboard..he’s an overpaid waterboy with the athleticism of Betty White”. Hell she can run faster than that stiff. Let’s not waste anymore time with this….the best players should be on the field and he haven’t done anything to warrant a grace period.

  • No I didn’t say that. But that’s not the primary reason. Green bay lost their starting running back just when he started heating up but that didn’t stop them from gashing us in the 2nd half. My point is don’t point to injuries when one of the injuries is the reason the game got competitive.

  • songs you may be correct in your assesment of Kolb, but from his “body of work” there is no way that you can possibly be sure.

    So you are saying that, after trading your former qb to a divison rival, you give your chosen qb (1) half of a game against a very strong team. Is that what you are saying?? You are a fool

  • i apologize for bringing race into this fellas…it’s just frustrating…Why is Kolb the quarterback?


    He’s not the best quarterback on this team……The best player of any position should be playing..why are we coddling this guy? He’s no where near the talent of Vick…even with Vick deficiencies he’s a better QB than Kolb…Kafka is a better QB than Kolb.

    We need to move on…The defense is strong and this team is battling…we need a field general the players respect and raise their level with. Let’s not sacrifice a season for a guy that might not be in the league in a few years…why are we waiting for this guy Kolb again?

  • Green…Kolb don’t have a body of work…that’s the point.

    The league have the card on this guy…he’s not built for a man’s game.

    Telll you what….start him..With this offensive line Andy refused to upgrade, I’ll soon get what we need anyway. Kolb will not make it to game 5 if he starts….that gives us a chance to put vick in and at least be respectable.

    Damn…what happened to the “GOLDEN STANDARD”

  • Songs Pack 43-17
    B.B. Birds 28-17
    VRICH Birds 20-10
    Paulmandomis Pack 27-26
    Erock Birds 24-23

    Good call P-domis

    I dont think Kafka’s better then Kolb. Your a lil over the top today Songs. I KNOW YOUR FRUSTRATED MAN,Im there too.You have some legit beefs but imnot ready too pull the plug on the guy. Kolb throws the ball better then Vick in many ways.But the dude cannot get outta the way of the rush and i wanted too see how he held up against a pounding. Well…jeezuz. Playing the Lions is the best thing for this young guy. Get a W and let the fans look at a whole game of stats. i dont think theres a q in the league that comes back in after getting smashed like that. Dude wrecked Kolbs day.And then Celek let him man him up….THATS YOUR BOY!!!

  • songs I agree, the best players should be playing, period.

    I believe you were joking saying that Kafka is better than Kolb.

    Bottom line, as a fan, I was cheering like crazy when Vick gave us a chance in the second half. He single handedly moved the offense with his legs in ways that Kolb, or most other NFL qb’s can.

    That being said, the Packers, who are a very good team and should be given alot of the credit for how poorly the birds played at times, gameplanned for Kolb. Take a minute and remember back to the days when Vick was a starter and teams gameplanned for him. Remember the NFC championship game, the only one that Reid has won? The defense game plan was to make Vick beat you with his arm. It will not take long for these teams to pull out the old gameplans and make adjustments if he is our starter.

  • songs…that was exactly my point, what do you have to judge him on at this early stage??

  • Reid definitely is a lot more tense this year
    You could see it on the sideline shots

    The best part of the game was the Retro uniforms

    They ought to go back to them

    48-49-60 that was their winning colors

  • Song’s where have you been and I thought you were an Eagles fan…
    This is the deal that the ownership had from Tose to Braman to Laurie when they all purchased the
    Eagles was to alternate between having a black or white QB for a decade at a time.
    Cunnningham in the 80’s
    Hoying,Pederson,Detmer,Feeley in the 90’s,
    McNabb in the 2000’s
    Now starting in 2010’s going with Kolb

    Now back on a serious note.. Did anyoen notice that Tapp/Teo were both inactive

  • Paul, you’re making excuses. You’re essentially making an excuse for the team’s complete lack of success under Kolb, as opposed to its success with Vick. You’ve implied that Vick somehow had it easier, when, in reality, he had it more difficult.

    1. By the time Vick took over, he was without his starting center.
    2. The team was dejected and had given up under Kolb. Vick had to jump-start them.
    3. NO team in the NFL goes into prevent mode in the 3rd quarter with only a 17-point lead.
    4. Let’s not forget that a Vick TD was called back. There’s no way the Pack went into prevent.
    5. Mike Vick was running with the defense’s backs turned to him. They had to come out of press.
    6. Jackson came to life only after Vick got him the ball, which Kolb was unable to do.
    7. The question marks were about the Eagles’ defense, not their offensive weapons.

    What are you talking about? It seems you’re making it up as you go. Do you actually believe what you’re typing? If so, you’re either in complete denial or you’re secretly Dave Spadaro.


  • Drummer you’re right. And even if Green Bay somehow did take it easy in the 3rd quarter would they “turn it on” after seeing Vick moving up and down the field? The thing is they got caught off guard. They did not ease up. If it was up to them, they would have scored 40 points but our defense played pretty decent and the offense didn’t give up with Vick. For god’s sake, Jackson and Celek didn’t even catch a pass until Vick got in the game. I don’t want to hear all those gardbage excuses. Just say we aren’t good enough and leave it at that. I don’t need to hear about how Green Bay took it easy. If that’s the case, maybe the team gave up on Kolb in the 2nd quarter. But of course no front office apologist will look at that perspective.

  • that thought that Green Bay took it easy in the second half is crazy. They had a gameplan for Kolb and now had a different style qb to deal with. They were playing just as hard in the second half.

  • And it only took 1 half of football…

  • Boy do I wish we had an Orange QB. We’d have no problems then.

  • We need a coach who can truly evaluate, manage personnel, and adjust during the games. They spent so much time bringing Vick’s QB skills up to snuff, that Reid forgot that Kolb is supposed to be #1, not #1a and Vick #1b. Aikman and other commentators kept pointing out the fallacy of the current QB scheming. This game is not a Kolb disaster; it’s a Reid disaster.
    I’ll say it now as I have in past… Reid needs to go. Lurie needs to start his behind the scenes search NOW.

  • And from what I can tell, even with “St Mike” coming into the game…we still lost. What’s done is done. Lets eat some humble pie and move on to Detroit.

  • Kolb sucked in the preseason as well with no Td’s. Reid is the problem for annointing him the Qb after they traded fabulous 5. This is the most ridiculous coaching staff in the entire NFL. There was no qb competition during the offseason and we really need a coach who will seriously put his best players on the field to win. Kolb is not one of them and Vick is. I can’t see any other coach in the league who would be this selfish at the cost of his team and his fans. I’m starting to think that if Reid or Kolb is here when the contract for djax runs out (if he hasn’t signed an extension by then, which is unlikely), then he would leave and go elsewhere to play for true winners. Ask yourself this question, If this were Cowher, Shanahan, Ryan or Belichick, would Kolb be the starting Qb or Vick? Reid doesn’t really want to win if he puts kolb over vick back in. If he does, I’ve already prepared for a long season of hit and miss games etc. I’m disgusted by AR and this westcoast offense. We need a new coach and offensive system. It will become useless for me to continue to come here and write if he puts garbage like Kolb back in the game. As a die-hard fan, I seriously mean that. Im tired of wasting my time talking about the same ol same ol. I can already see where the conversations here will be going in merry go round circles talking about the same thing; Reid /kolb. This is starting to be to repetitive talking about the coach and his stupid decisions instead of wins and good coaching decisions.

  • See Rocko…. back to reality LOL.

  • WWW, yeah that’s true but if you’re going to spot a team like packers 17 points, not too many QBs would come back. The point is he single handedly put like back into the team and the stadium. Now whether he should start or not doesn’t refute the fact that he was the best QB on the field yesterday and that includes Mr. Rodgers.

  • At the end of the day Kolb will either bounce back and become a good NFL QB which is good for us or he will stink and Reid gets fired, which is good for us. Reid is the change that should have been made. But he’ll get his sooner or later.

  • this team will not fire Reid, they will not eat his contract and admit they were wrong.

  • Exactly, ! couldn’t agree more Scorp.

  • Speaking of being fired, whoever let Bradley back on the field should be fired. With everything this team went through last year with BWest, are you telling me they don’t know the symptoms of a concussion?

  • Now, I’m hearing that Kolb had only 30 minutes of football to prove himself. My mind must be deceiving me. I thought he’d been here 4 years. Who was the QB that couldn’t score during the pre-season. I would have sworn that I saw him against Baltimore, KC, and New Orleans, but my sight is not what it used to be.

    If Kolb had done ANYTHING well, I’d support him. But he failed both physically and mentally.

    1. He couldn’t outrun or out-maneuver pass rushers;
    2. He made poor decisions and threw the ball up for grabs;
    3. His passes were weak on the out patterns;
    4. He played scared;
    5. He was easily injured; and
    6. He has shown no accuracy, yards after the catch, quick release, quick defense reads, or passes in stride that was so often promoted.

    Exactly what am I supposed to pin my hopes on?

    After 4 years, I would expect SOMETHING – not COMPLETE FAILURE.

  • Scorp, I agree. However, much like the Tower of Pisa, I’m leaning toward him stinking and getting Reid fired.

  • To Drummer,
    I am not making excused and don’t know why you think I am.
    I stated the entire Offense stunk inthe 1st half with Kolb/Vick or whoever was playing..
    The PAck D swarmed the middle and CB extroiadinaire C Woodson was following and basically shut down D-Jax who never got any separation on the intermdiate/short routes
    Now fast fowards to the end of the 3rd Qurter and the Pacjkers now have a 17 point lead and game in heand, then they stop blitzing and play a soft cover 2 defense which allowes Wr to run free on short crossing routes adnd Kudos for Vick getting the ball to the eopn Wr and for also making some great throws to Celek down the middle and to Avant in some small windows.. but I think everyone is overreacting that becase Vick led them to 10 points versus a prevent Defense, that all of a sudden, he is the answer for the Eagles Offensive woes but it goes much deeper that that.. This O/Line is average at best, The young Guns are gus that, you and not fully loaded yet… Once a team gets a 3 score lead on an opponent, you tend to play soft and give up the short stuff in front to allow time to burn. No if Vick ran the ball in for a TD in which he had N COle in front of him on that 3rd Pas splay deep in the Redzone then only a FG would have been needed but instead he thre it to D-JAxk ni the back of the End Zone where there were 3 defenders arounf him..Vick coulf have walked into the End Zone. Then on 4th and One final play, TE B Celek missed a block on LB C MAtthews who only had the game of his life.. why isn’t anyone giving Celek, who made one nice catch, but did nothing else and his blocking is flat out terrible …
    The Eagles and fans are stuck with Coach AR until 2012, so get used to it..

  • drummer, since you have been watching him for 4 years, give us your informed assessment (nevermind, you already have). You must have been at practices, right? No, you were basing things on the 1/2 game in Baltimore or the KC and NO games, right?

    I don’t like what happened yesterday as much as the next fan, but to say the guy doesn’t get a second chance is crazy. Gee, I thought all of you Vick fans were into second chances??

  • Here’s the excuse:

    Now fast fowards to the end of the 3rd Qurter and the Pacjkers now have a 17 point lead and game in heand, then they stop blitzing and play a soft cover 2 defense which allowes Wr to run free on short crossing routes

    The Packers did NOT have the game in hand. Because Vick was running downfield, with the defensive backs and safeties turned in the wrong direction, they had to change their coverage.

    You keep using the excuse that the Packers had already won the game, when they had not. In fact Vick had a more difficult set of circumstances, and the Packers knew that he had had success moving the ball.

    What part don’t you get?

  • Green, if Kolb had done ANYTHING well, I’d support him. But he failed both physically and mentally.

    1. He couldn’t outrun or out-maneuver pass rushers;
    2. He made poor decisions and threw the ball up for grabs;
    3. His passes were weak on the out patterns;
    4. He played scared;
    5. He was easily injured; and
    6. He has shown no accuracy, yards after the catch, quick release, quick defense reads, or passes in stride that was so often promoted.

    Exactly what am I supposed to pin my hopes on?

    BTW, I’m not a Vick fan. I don’t think he’s a good quarterback, which makes the case for Kolb even worse.
    After 4 years, I would expect SOMETHING – not COMPLETE FAILURE.

  • Paulman, Vick had his eyes down-field looking for receivers, as Reid has been training him to do. All of his receivers were to his left and the opening was to the right. He can’t see everything.

    Why would you fault him for doing what he’s taught? It would have been nice if Kolb had done ANYTHING he’s been taught.

  • Green, I’m basing it on 4 years of training and the assertion that Kolb was ready. So, we could get rid of McNabb. I could understand if their assessment was a little off, but the kid did NOTHING well. I would hope that after 4 years of study, there would be some sign of progress. Perhaps I missed it. Did you see any?

  • Paul, you keep using the excuse that the Packers stopped blitzing because they were winning, but in reality, they stopped blitzing because Vick was running past them. Stop making excuses!!!!

    Vick faced the same set of circumstances as Kolb, but Kolb failed miserably. Stop making excuses for him.

  • Drummer, didn’t see much positve yesterday, with respect to Kolb. I hated the gameplan that MM and AR came up with, but as far as his performance, not much positive. If you want to look at things like that, you need to admit that the two full games he played in last year he had very good numbers and did well for his first starts in the league. Sow which ones do we base it on? My only gripe with your post was that you had already judged him a failure. I hated yesterday as much as anyone, but can’t see pulling the plug already. On a much smaller scale, look at how Winston Justice did in his first action with the birds. I was shocked that they stuck with him, but in the end it looks like he has developed into a decent OL.

  • For the record, again, I am not a Vick fan. I don’t view him as a good NFL quarterback. But he’s been in this system for 1 year and he ran the offense better than Kolb (who’s been in the system 4 years).

    It’s Kolb who got all the work during the off-season. It’s Kolb who took snaps during two weeks of preparation, and it’s Kolb who did absolutely NOTHING.

    So many writers and fans bragged that Kolb could read defenses better than McNabb, was more accurate than McNabb and would hit receivers in stride, unlike McNabb. Shouldn’t I have had an expectation of something positive? Kolb has done none of those things in 3 pre-season games and one regular season game.

    Kolb has, in fact, done just the opposite. He’s made bad reads and thrown the ball all over the field, and the only people who have caught his balls in stride played for the opposing team.

  • Green, last year, Kolb beat a bad KC team and threw 3 INTs against New Orleans in a 44-28 loss. I disagree with the assessment that he did “very well.”

    As for the game plan, I agree with you there.

  • @ drummer…easily injured? I’m 6’2″ 280..let me run your ass down from behind, pin your arms and drive your noggin into the ground and see how easily injured you become real fast.

  • This team traded out of the 1st round 3 years in a row, I believe. Each time, we were deprived of starters and/or talent for McNabb. During one of those years, they had to have Kevin Kolb. They saw something in him that would make him great. After 4 years, I don’t expect greatness. I’d settle for pretty good, but what I’ve got is well below average.

  • Paul, you are a complete excuse maker for the “copper standard”..You claim Vick did his damage while in a prevent defense?

    Prevent is when a team rush “3” lineman with 2 linemen in the game and Six…count it Six cover men.

    That’s a prevent…you banner plant.

    Vick showed something you don’t learn in a classroom….”HEART”.

    Boy……are other fans like these pathetic fans settling for a team that have clearly lost it’s way. If kolb had one throwing yard for every excuse he would actually be a productive QB…He’s a bum with no heart.

  • Wellwell, getting hit by lineman is part of playing QB in he NFL. Besides, isn’t that how McNabb was categorized, despite throwing 3 TDs on a broken ankle and playing through a sports hernia and other injuries? Why should Kolb be any different?

    In reality, Kolb didn’t even make it through his first game as a starter. Do you think, he’ll make it through a season? I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet that he doesn’t make it through a season.

    As for you running me down. You couldn’t catch me! But, you could probably catch Kolb.

  • OK, so we’re (mostly) a bunch of pissed off Eagles fans today. Now we all get to come up here and play Mr. Armchair QB or Coach and speak on what we know should be done with the team, the QB, the coach, the LT or OLine. Truth is we don’t know anymore than the Eagles Organization no matter what we think. Be pissed..eat the loss…suck it up…and move on to Detroit.

  • Songs, “If Kolb had one throwing yard for every excuse he would actually be a productive QB.”

    That’s pretty funny!!

  • This sport is for athletes. If you’re too slow, you’re going to get your head driven into the turf. If you constantly get driven into the turf, you’ll get injured. If you constantly get injured, you’ll be labeled “injury prone.” Right now, Kolb is well on his way to that label. He can’t get away from pass rushers and has been hit pretty severely in his last 3 games.

  • Wellwell, we knew enough to know that Reid needed top receivers. We knew enough to know that Reid needed a running game. We knew enough to know that Reid needed size and athleticism at the linebacker position. We knew enough to know that he needed linemen this year. THAT’s the truth!!!

  • And despite all of what we knew he still put together a winning team didn’t he?

  • Don’t argue with Paulman. No matter how dumb it is, he will write anything to dispell the fact that Vick can still play QB in this league. He’s been against Vick from day 1. So right now his excuse is Green Bay stopped playing. Even though we were coming back, they still decided to take the 2nd half off. As dumb as that sounds, he’ll stick to it because of his opinion of Vick. So just stop entertaining him. I don’t care what Paulman says, everyone knows that Green Bay defense didn’t take it easy. If anything, the offense took it easy by running the ball and controlling the clock. This is the hypocritical stuff I’m talking about. These guys want everyone to rally around Kolb but don’t rally around Vick. The way I see it, I’m rallying for WHOEVER where’s the jersey. And I’ll point out when ones stinks and others don’t.

  • WWW, depends on your definition of a winning team.

  • Look, I’m not going to argue with everyone up here…we all know we sucked yesterday and we all can pontificate as to why. Blame the QB..coach etc..yadda yadda yadda. Truth is it doesn’t matter what we think because we’re not the ones running the team.

    I’m just as angry as the next guy…well, maybe not SONGS, he’s always mad, but I’m gonna move on and get psyched for Sunday. Yesterdays gone and Sunday is right around the corner.


  • Wellwell, I’m with you there. Go Birds!!!

  • Oz, a man after my own heart!

    In reality, my greatest concern is not with Kolb’s poor play. It lies with the coach.

    As I said before the season began, it is my opinion that Reid has set up both McNabb and Kolb for failure. For example, after the two games against Dallas last year, it was apparent that the middle of our o-line was atrocious. Although we had an abundance of picks this year, the line was not addressed. The coach should have recognized the following:

    1. The straightest distance between two points is a straight line and if pressure comes up the middle, there is nothing a QB can do.

    2. If you can’t snap the ball to the QB, the play can’t begin.

    3. It is possible to permanently ruin a QB’s confidence and career in his first season.

    4. A QB gets hit hardest when pressure comes to him head on.

    For the above reasons, Reid should have addressed the line in some way.

    Today, I’ve focused on Kolb’s poor play because McNabb unfairly received a lot of the criticism for Reid’s shortcomings in previous years. I’m not saying McNabb didn’t have faults, but Reid’s faults not only outweighed McNabb’s, but also contributed to McNabb’s faults. I believe that if I point out Kolb’s shortcomings, people will eventually begin to shift the blame to Reid (because people like Kolb).

  • Sorry, that should be “shortest’ distance.

  • erock..’kolb do not throw the ball better than Vick……i seen everything I need to see..

    He throw better spirals with a red shirt on…not game day…

  • Saints 44 points is a defense issue, he moved the ball well had +300 yards on the future SB champs and was ball hawked by a team that ball hawk a whole lot of good QB’s. KC stunk? Yep they did but a lot of other teams beat them and did not put up the numbers the Eagles did. I agree with all of you Kolb showed nothing in the Pack game, horrible is the word. You make good points fellas, you just have to be FAIR…FAIR, don’t throughout evidence that doesnot support your arguement so that you can have an case for your view. The fact is your case is very strong based on the Pack game.

    If you score a perfect practice SAT score of 1600 (what ever it is now) twice, then during the actual test you score 500, I can’t say you are stupid, you got some issues going on for sure, but your not stupid. Kold has some issues going on, that has changed his essence from last season, the coaches better find it, and get it right, right now. Kolb stunk, doesn’t mean he stinks. If he isn’t the one then make him a back up or let him go like linert. But truth be told I want him to succeed on the merits and standards of the NFL, I will say a prayer for him, just I did for vick. (Not a big religion person so that might really get someones attention up there uh?)

    Keep speaking your mind boys its all good in the end we are Eagles and damm the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants, I have no love at all.

  • Hahahahahahaha schill n injuries every yr. Erock even funnier and yes kolb has shown me alot too.

  • Hey did he not look like young eli manning. Fadeaway no look throw ups but eli had a 6-7 wr . Not throwing fadeaways off his back foot to 5-8 wrs. I think he may close his eyes sometimes n does like 3 hail mary’s n says an our father before he chucks it in to triple coverage. I mean thats gotta be how he is avoiding these picks.

  • Monlith, well spoken.

  • Monolith, well said. Kolb stunk on Sunday but does not stink in general (or yet to be determined). Good point. Have we seen enough of Omar Gaither to say that he stinks? The defense is completely different with Bradley out.

  • who’s the better qb
    kolb or vick ?

  • PW- vick played better yesterday

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