• August 8, 2022

As Long As Peters Is Eagles Left Tackle, There Will Be A QB Controversy

Kevin Kolb had a horrible beginning as the Eagles starting quarterback. There’s no arguing that. His performance has brought into question his ability to play under pressure and being smacked around a few times.

My response to that question is: How many quarterbacks are built (mentally and physically) to get hit the majority of the game?

There are very few signal callers I can label as ‘tough’ quarterbacks. Donovan McNabb, Ben Roethlisberger and Brett Favre are the current guys that come to mind. Aaron Rodgers is moving quickly into this category as well.

As far as the best quarterbacks in the league, let’s look at today’s top 3 and you’ll see something in common.

1. Peyton Manning-Still one of the best, but a lot of his success has to do with his trust in Ryan Diem, Jeff Saturday (who Manning probably strongly petitioned to return) and formerly Tarik Glenn. Charlie Johnson is currently earning his stripes at left tackle.
2. Tom Brady- Brady will probably go down as the second best QB in history to Joe Montana, especially if he wins another Super Bowl. He’s had the luxury of playing behind Matt Light, Steven Neal, Dan Koppen and Logan Mankins (who will get a contract extension before Randy Moss does).
3. Drew Brees- The Saints are the champions because they have the best offensive line in the league. Jahri Evans, Jonathan Goodwin, Jonathan Stinchcomb all earned Pro Bowl nods. In addition there’s Carl Nicks and Jermon Bushrod. No wonder Brees is comfortable stepping up in the pocket.

One huge key to a quarterback’s success is his level of trust in his offensive line. This is especially true when it comes to the center and left tackle positions.

The center is supposed to manage the snap counts and blitz pickups. The left tackle is responsible for the quarterback’s blind side and usually has to take on the opponent’s best pass rusher.

This leads to the current state of the Eagles’ offensive line. I’ve said numerous times that it doesn’t matter who they have at quarterback, if this offensive line isn’t stabilized (which it isn’t) there’s not going to be much success when they have the ball.

Do you think Michael Vick wanted to rush for over 100 yards yesterday? He probably did, but that’s not the point. He did what he had to do with his abilities because his protection was mediocre.

Winston Justice had some trouble when Clay Matthews rushed from his side (particularly the play Kolb got hurt). Nick Cole and Todd Herremans were okay.

Mike McGlynn stepped in, but he’s not going make anyone forget how huge it is that Jamaal Jackson is likely gone for the season. Remember, the Eagles have to face nose tackles Albert Haynesworth and Jay Ratliff twice still.

Now, on to Jason Peters. The left tackle is supposed to be the most skill offensive lineman. Due to the fact that the tackles are farthest from the center and QB, awareness should be a requisite.

I don’t care how many Pro Bowl appearances Peter’s has made, an O-line cannot be successful if their left tackle is leading them (and perhaps the team) in penalties.

By doing that, Peters is constantly pushing the offense back and forcing them to become more predictable. As a 7 year veteran, it’s difficult envisioning him improving anytime soon.

Last year, when the Eagles traded for Peters it made sense because they wanted a seasoned veteran who could possibly help McNabb win immediately. That obviously didn’t happen.

Now that the Eagles have shuffled their roster to get younger, the move for Peters looks to make little sense. They could’ve drafted Michael Oher (who’s starting for the highly favored Baltimore Ravens) which would’ve been a longer term deal. It also would’ve made more financial sense.

I don’t think an offensive line anchored by Jason Peters is going to earn any quarterback’s full trust. Because of that, as long as Peters is an Eagle we’ll never get to give a fair assessment on Kolb whether it’s good or bad.

Haran Knight

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  • So out of the crap play by the O line you point out Peters for penalties. Yeah its not good but for F’s sake that’s just the weakest line of thinking I’ve ever seen. And thanks for the virus. Not coming back.

  • Yeah man…you gotta fix this crap with the ad’s on this site. Every other refresh I get hit hit a virus and I’m tired of haveing to keep up with this. Get the site straight.

    And to fix the Peters roblem..the soloution is Austin Howard.

  • But wait, I thought Kolb’s quick release and fast decision making was going to offset some of the offensive line problems? Isn’t that what was said? Who told that lie? Most importantly, who believed that lie?

  • Good post Scorp and you are correct. They have all the excuses ready for Kolb. I even heard today on WIP that 1 Shady needs to be a better blocker and hasnt run over 40 yards in a year…ummm THEY GIVE HIM THE BALL NOT EVEN 10 times! Then, Gargano, said the Pack in a prevent Defense when the got up 17. Come on …all you reid swallowers….even the great one himself said they were in a nickel all game. Even when the messiah was in. Were they in he prevent 4 and 1? Enough is enough. Its not Kolbs fault. How more times do we have to have end a game WITH 0 TIMES OUTS AND WE CANT GET 1 YARD WHEN WE NEED IT.??????

  • AR used the time outs with 5:11 remaining because we needed 2 scores to tie. It’s hard enough to score once under 2 min for this team so by using them early he saved a bunch of clock and asked the D to make the stops for him. Almost worked. What would we all be doing if we’re at the 2 minute warning with 3 TO’s and down by 17…wtf would it matter then. Why is it the unwritten rule that you must have all 3 of your TO’s at the 2 min warning???

  • The QB sneak from the shotgun was just AR trying to be sneaky…”They’ll never believe that we’ll do this from the gun..get them totally by surprise..” And with Vick…why throw it to DJax in the endzone and not try to run it in himself…he is St Mike after all right?

  • I’m actually not upset with the final play call as much as the formation. I like the idea just didn’t like the formation. Without Weaver to hit that left side and Jackson to crash over there it makes it way more difficult. I would have liked to see him spread them out in a 5WR set and let Vick snap the ball a towards the sideline until he finds a crease. While that’s going on you have your WR coming with short drag routes and McCoy just sits and finds a soft spot to sit. So now you have more options and you moved the pocket for Vick and your skilled players should be able to find a spot 3 yards off the line. Not a bad play call as much as execution though.

  • scorp, good call, moving the pocket was necessary for a QBs success running the ball especially with 8 guys in the box. Vick is a great athlete and operates best in space, having the option to throw wouldn’t have hurt either.

  • It has nothing to do with Jason Peters. The fact that Kolb has somehow been put in the place of being the unchallenged, unquestionable starter without having played his way into that role along with Vick who was never given the opportunity to openly compete for the starting job is what has manufactured this new QB controversy.

  • Why pick on Peters who is the best LT in the game per the genius who has ruled this team for over a decade?

  • Good points all, but the thing is i don’t even think that they planned on a future with vick, he was I believe a goodwill pick up that they felt would give them some upside and positives befor he moves on. Vick was here but not part of the long range plan. Should he have been viewed more long range I don’t know maybe, but that is why there was no competition. Things are changing now for sure.

  • Kolb was the Eagles vision good, bad or indifferent, if they could have moved vick they might have early on, so later they decide to hold him and hope to sprinkle in some of that upside and maybe even master that wildcat thing that the Dolphins has so fasicnated AR and MM with. The fact that your back-up came through so brilliantly was the whole point in keeping him as the off season went along, good move I say.

    Anyway I am burnt out either way, my mind is not set forward for the Lions lets make them our scapegoat for our rage.

  • Look guys…it’s time trust Reid. After all he have won many games. He know QB’s and offensive linemen and must believe in him when he don’t draft or pick up a replacement when his starting center have major surgery. Reid told us how he coveted Peters coming out of College and that he’s one of the best Tackles in football. How was he to know that football teams rarely let a real good left tackle into free agency or that Peters have a counting impediment? come on guys.

    Reid knows qb’s and seen the fire in Kolb’s eyes many days in the tape room and loves the fact that Kolb rarely make the same mistake twice. Kolb seen his ass getting handed to him and stayed in the locker room, for he didn’t want to make the mistake stepping back on the field after it was clear he head no business out there. Andy’s observations are right on…Damn..Andy we’re behind you 100%. trade out of the first round next draft…I’m sure there’s an NFC east team that can use another first rounder and can give you some value in later rounds…..Kolb is the example..Mcnabb didn’t need more talent around him..did he? Kolb was still on the board and you seen you could get him in the 2nd round. boy Andy is smart..Andy even said he was offered more for Kolb than Mcnabb this off season and yet traded Mcnabb..This Reid guy is a genius!!!!!

    We’re behind you Big Red….With a big ass boot!!!


  • I have to admit that I agree with you SONGS

  • Butch what a fantastic point you made! He was handed the job without having to fight for it. I love that statement! Ozzman you made a great point too. I was listening to WIP and heard the same thing from “the Cuz Gargano”. Nothing but excuses and minimizing Vicks play talking about Green Bay in a prevent. The lose any and all credibility when they blatantly slant the truth! Don’t get me wrong,; I still think if Kolb is the so called future that he needs to start when healthy but let’s not make excuses for his poor play. We need to find out if he can play and one half of one game is not enough time to truly evaluate anyone.

  • Butch and others, when Donovan was given the reigns – was it after ‘open competition’ – no. What about with Manning, with Rodgers, with ….. fill in the blank. That’s not how it works in the NFL. Coaches pick a QB to groom for their #1 spot based off of potential/skills/tape…etc… and they go with that guy. If you either have nothing but scrubs at QB (see teams like Denver, Carolina, Zona, etc.. this year), then you have an open competition between your similarly non-skilled backups. But when a team (coach/FO) believe in a guy they’ve been grooming, and believe he’s ready, you go with that guy. Did Washington have an open competition w/ McNabb? St. Louis? That’s just not how it’s done. If Kolb were to go out for the season with an injury, would it be open competition between Vick and Kafka? Hell no. There’s a pecking order. If there had been ‘open competition’ between Vick and Kolb this offseason, Kolb would’ve won because they loved him in practice and the FO likes him better as the future QB for the eagles.

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